From now on, to be right with Me requires disobeying the Supreme Court.

Law not based on Me is no law at all, but lawlessness. And it must be disobeyed. Amen.

Behold, I Am not pleased with Supreme Court Justices Gorsuch and Roberts who have abandoned Me to rule that abominable sin is protected behavior. By their ruling they offend Me. And by their ruling they impose an obligation that My people of America disobey Me! Who are you going to obey? Will you obey a mere man who dresses in a robe, but who is My subject and still dies and answers to Me? Or will you obey Me, the Creator, the Author of Life, the One Who decides every man’s fate? Dreadful, most dreadful is it to fall into My hands, and to have offended Me in life.

I will now tell you what shall become of the Supreme Court, and all the courts of the land, whose judges are monkeys and apes! No one will obey you anymore! You will issue pronouncements and they will go unheard and unenforced. Nothing you say now matters anymore. Use your law books for toilet paper now. For at least in that usage some sort of value will be derived from them. Laws will no longer be obeyed or enforced. I Am the Lord! A complete breakdown of society will occur. And I will see to that all this people who sin against Me by their wicked rulings find they are speaking to the wind. And no one will hear them anymore. Amen.

Do not, therefore, regard the one who breaks United States law as a lawbreaker in My eyes. For United States law I now required to be broken. The one who abides by My law breaks United States law. And the one who obeys United States law breaks My law. Hence it is no longer possible to both abide by the law of God and also the law of the United States of America. That time has passed. The homosexuals and the monkeys who support them have taken over the courts. Hence, do not expect to find justice in any court of law from now on. Rather, seek to settle the matter between yourselves from now on. Do not seek remedy from the courts, for Satan’s monkeys rule now in their long black robes, playing judge, though not knowing the true meaning of that word. Amen. For I have judged and rendered My verdict. No court ruling will be obeyed in the land from now on until America has been sufficiently purged and purified of all Abominable sin. Amen.

Lord Larimar, why do you think it is that your girlfriend Hyacinth is still here? Why have We not taken her away, as We said We would in the previous post? Answer Us! Her glorification required more time on this earth before she was made ready for heaven. Good, you have acknowledged her impending death. She is to die and be brought to My Kingdom. We will reveal her passing from this world. But before she goes, she will confess again to a priest. Amen. For she is to be granted that grace so as to be made spotless before Me. Every grace counts. Nevertheless, once you know she has departed, you are assigned to pray rosaries and divine mercy chaplets for her as often as you can through day and night. And then, within fourteen days of her passing away, she will enter her Kingdom in heaven, and from there she will pray for you. Amen.

Eric, there is a mystery I will now reveal unto you, the true reason why Sandra needed to be taken away from you. You see Cassandra was closer to the ways of the flesh than you. Had she been permitted, she would have married you in the flesh and had offspring by you. But then, you would lose your many graces, and the angel of prophecy would no longer dwell in you. Amen. Hence, when the time came for your true calling to enter celibate marriage, the girl you helped, who had strong desires for you, had to be taken away. Amen. For you are to have companionship, but not sex. You are to marry, but not consummate that marriage. But that you have the capability to consummate it, but elect not to, qualifies it as a valid marriage, and thus, My priest will be able to validly pronounce you married.

But if you are to marry, but not to Hyacinth, then to whom do you marry, you shall now ask? Does her race or ethnicity bear any significance, lord Larimar, if you have no offspring by her? No, it bears no significance, for your genetics will not be combined with hers to form new life. So her race, her color, and her ethnicity matter not at all. You will remain a One-King Dynasty. Your wife will bear no child, and you will never know her by sex. But she will meet you soon. And you will be engaged to marry her when you go with her to France to fulfill your assignment to visit Lourdes and Nevers, drinking of the miraculous waters and gazing upon the incorrupt saint. Amen.

Before this girl enters your life, Cassandra will have been taken from it, and you will have observed her departure by spiritual means. Amen. It is accomplished, lord Larimar. Your last good deed to your wife has been done. And she will now be taken to the next world. But before she goes, a visit will she have with her priest, and he will hear her confession, and she will receive absolution for all her sins. I will see to it that this priest helps her make a full and complete confession. For great is it to have had gone to confession on the day that you depart from this world. Amen.

Now, O’ Lord, what name do you give to the girl who is to come? The one I am to enter into perfect, stainless, perpetually virgin marriage with, who shall she be? And by what name shall she be known by here before she is given to the Larimar king in perfect virgin, platonic marriage? I will now tell you her full name. Let it be known to all Mankind. The one who is to marry Eric Robert Dunstan is called: Ariel Eleanor Sarah. Amen. Lord, do you say this is her true name, or is it her name only in a mystical sense, and not to be taken literally? All prophecies are mystical until the true reality has become manifest. Amen. Never expect any prophetic utterance to have a literal fulfillment, but wait and see how all fulfillments align with prophetic revelations. Amen.

Eric, I have a question. Ask, my Lord. I guarantee I will answer and not say I don’t know. What is the spiritual significance that you are to marry Ariel Eleanor Sarah? Answer Me! Her name literally means: “Lioness of God, God is my light, Princess.” I will now sleep on it, and have an answer for you in the morning. Amen. Ok, I am up. Ariel is the poetic name for Jerusalem. (Isaiah 29:1 & 29:2 & 29:7). And Ariel was the name of the mermaid princess who married Prince Eric in the Walt Disney animated romance classic, The Little Mermaid. Sarah was the earliest named Matriarch of the people of Israel, and wife to Abraham, the father of many nations.

I am back again, this time in the wee hours of the morning. And it is still night. Lord, another item of significance is that Ariel Sarah is presented as the name given by Eric to the girl Eric is constantly waiting for to arrive throughout the fourteen unpublished and secret books of The Chronicles of Eric the Emerald King, also called The Emerald Trove. But this is the first time a third name, Eleanor, has been added to it. Amen. Whether this name mystically represents this girl, or whether it matches or does not match, I realize it does have some spiritual significance. Now I have spoken. Now I wish to hear from You, O’ Lord. What do You say about the significance of this name that You have now given to this girl I am marry, O’ Lord?

I will now tell thee, O’ Larimar King. The name of Ariel is indeed used by Isaiah to poetically refer to My Holy City, Jerusalem, where King David, King Solomon, and the ancient kings of Judah were buried. Note that you will not be buried in Jerusalem, but you will be married to the girl who represents her. Hence, Ariel Eleanor Sarah is a reference to the Holy City and to My Jewish people. Hence, realize that she is Jewish. And since I, the Lord God, do not send you someone who is not saint, as you have requested as your one requirement for the girl I give you, the one I have elected to give you is a Jew who practices Catholicism. Such Jews are called Hebrew Catholics. And that you are to be a figure representing the Christ come back to marry His people, the Jews, you may not touch your bride in any sexual form or manner. For you must be like Jesus, Who was perfectly continent and perfectly celibate. And Jesus the Bridegroom now Comes to marry His original Bride, His Jewish people to whom He was first sent to gather for the Kingdom of God.

For Jesus was sent only to gather the lost sheep of the House of Israel. (Matthew 15:24). Only due to Israel’s rejection of Him has he sent His servants to gather people for heaven from the Gentile nations. But once their full number has entered in, and I tell you that it now has, the gathering of the lost sheep of the House of Israel into My Kingdom does now commence. And so it has begun. But Lord, what about Pope Francis declaring that the Catholic Church may no longer attempt to convert Jews to Catholicism? Pope Francis has done this without consulting with either Me, nor the Holy Scriptures, nor with Holy Tradition, nor the decrees of previous popes. Rather, what Pope Francis has done is to attempt to create a new religion, one founded on himself, Pope Francis, rather than one founded on My anointed Rock, My Apostle Peter, My first pope. I thereby reject Pope Francis. He is rejected from My presence. And his death is now imminent. Rather, I have elected a new pope to take over, one who was made Cardinal by a pope who honored Me, Pope Benedict XVI. And that is American Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley, Archbishop of Boston, and a man fluent in these eight languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Haitian Creole, and Latin. He will be made pope soon, and he will be that holy pope who is to reign at the same time that My Great Catholic Monarch reigns, who was prophesied to come by the saints. This Great Monarch has come, but he is not French, but American. And his Kingdom is not in Europe, but in North America. Realize and accept that Truth is never confined to the letter of any prophetic utterance, but rather, the student of prophecy must think outside the box, if he is to find Me and to correctly interpret My Holy Scriptures and the prophecies of the saints. Eric, the legendary Blue Wizard, Larimar, is this Great Monarch. And Pope John XXIV, who shall be Cardinal O’Malley, shall be that holy pope who is to reign alongside him. Amen. Hence, let us see again the Popes and the Players they represented during their reigns:

  1. Pope John Paul II: Represented the Player Emerald, ruler behind Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush.
  2. Pope Benedict XVI: Represented the Player Twilight, ruler behind George W. Bush.
  3. Pope Francis: Represented the Player Pyrite, ruler behind Barack Hussein Obama.
  4. Pope John XXIV: Pope to come to represent the Player Larimar, ruler whose Pawn over America will come after the second term of Trump. Amen.

Lord, then Larimar is to have a Pawn ruling America again, as he once ruled through Pawns when he was Emerald? I will set up a new President who shall rule America once the wicked have been destroyed under the second term of Trump. And this new President shall coincide with the reign of Larimar and of the new pope.

But Lord, that is not for another four years! I can wait that long. For many years of purification of My people in America must pass before I once again install a ruler over them to reign under the power of My Larimar king. Trump has been sent to disobey the wicked who make bad laws and to slap the wicked in their faces. He deliberately and openly disobeys law and goes unpunished because I have rejected the laws and the court rulings of this nation. Therefore, make no mistake about it. President Donald Trump will win a second term, and a Republican shall succeed him in the elections of 2024. and he shall be Pawn to Larimar in America. Amen.

And as for the Black votes, I will convert those Blacks who are faithful to Me to follow and vote for Trump. But I recommend for the Republican Party to concentrate not so much on winning Black votes, for the Blacks are in decline, but on winning Hispanic votes more, for the future political power in this nation will be from the rapidly rising Hispanic population. And they are mostly Catholic, and they must be courted to vote for the correct Party, the Party that is Pro-Life and Anti-Gay. Amen.

I will deal with the Supreme Court in My Own Way. The United States of America survived Dred Scott. And it will survive the brief pro-gay mistake it has made, a mistake that will cost America dearly of many lives. But after I Am satisfied by the death and destruction of many American lives, I will install My ruler, the Pawn who represents Larimar, to rule over America after the second term of Trump. Amen.

As for the Black Lives Matter movement, I will demand from the members of that movement their blood to pay for their blood guilt in all the abortions they have been guilty of by voting for and supporting pro-choice candidates, those who advocate the taking of unborn life. For the Black Lives Matter movement is terribly guilty on their part in supporting the mass murders of the unborn. And in their hypocrisy, they claim to stand for Black lives. No, by no means will they be allowed to endure. As they have killed the millions of the unborn, so too will I mow them down and slaughter them. And then they can argue with the devil in hell, as he tortures them for all eternity, that Black lives matter. Amen.

I have now completed My Words through you, O’ Larimar king, for this post. Quickly reread this post and correct all errors. And then I permit you to ask questions. Amen.

Question 1: Lord, the COVID-19 Virus will be dissipating soon, as I have decreed it. But this dissipation seems to be taking some time to kick into action. What sayest Thou to that? As the legions of evil spirits, as they were cast out of the insane man to make him sane, went instead into a herd of swine to cause them to rush down into the sea and drown, so also is the spirit behind COVID-19 behaving as it is cast out. (Mark 5:1-13). Realize that the wicked ones go out violently as they are cast out of My people. So also is it the case with COVID-19. Violent will the spirit behind this sickness be as it passes out of My people. But make no mistake about it. COVID-19 is declared as over. And in a flash of a moment, it will entirely vanish. Amen.

Question 2: Lord, I have obeyed Mary, and she has decreed it. What now comes of my obedience to her? Do I come under the obedience of one of your servants in heaven who are to be sent to serve as my guide? The Holy Virgin Mary is your Queen Mother. And she will direct you to obey one of her servants, whom she has delegated authority to to guide you and rule through you on her behalf. Saint Bernadette will appear to you. And she will give you your instructions. Obey her, for I will provide signs that will show that she is from heaven. And by your obedience to her, you will conquer the demon behind the homosexual movements of this generation and crush them. Amen. For the homosexuals and all their kind must be beaten back and crushed. And if the laws now side with Satan, the laws must be disobeyed. Amen. For no law that protects a homosexual right are you obligated to respect. Amen.

Question 3: Lord will gay marriage and abortion become outlawed again in the near future, as they once were against the law in ages past? Yes. And you will establish it as a matter of fact that this law is not dependent on the decisions of those appointed to serve in the Supreme Court, but rather, are a matter of supernatural law that is above the rulings and judgments that men are permitted to make. The error that the United States Constitution made was the premise that they could authoritatively rule while not based on and ruled over by God. Let no nation and no people make such a mistake. And to demonstrate what happens to a people who do so, I will set a fire burning in the Supreme Court. And it will burn up all the past rulings and all their body of law until they are returned to recognize that they have no authority except as I grant it, and all their authority to rule is based on Me and what I say in the Holy Scriptures. Hence, separation of Church and state is a putrid maxim that will be cast out with the destruction of the homosexuals and the hypocrites. Amen.

Now, lord Larimar. You are to serve Me as Prophet and Ruler. And you are protected by Me and by the seraph I have set in position to defend you. And let this warning serve for anyone who seeks to destroy My servant Eric. For every attempt on the life of Eric, I will demand the lives of ten of their loved ones from all the families of those who seek to attack My servant Eric to pay for their attempted crimes against My anointed with the shed blood and deaths of those they love. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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