Eric, the Larimar King, shall prophesy for many years to come.

Today, I reveal another meaning to the Seven Golden Lampstands and the Seven Stars in My right hand. Oracle of the Lord! Amen.

Behold, I Who Am have tested Eric and have yielded gold. Eric, you have passed the test of obedience. And you have passed our test to see how you would perform under conditions that did not favor you. Now We shall speak.

No, lord Larimar, you are not put under anyone in heaven to obey as your master and lord except for Me, as it is with all in heaven. For you have but one master, and all of you are brothers. (Mathew 23:8-10). And the only other placed above you is Mary, My Queen Mother. And this is as it is with all who enter My Kingdom.

Neither do I have any need of a fleet admiral nor any admirals at all. My angels are all I need for serving as My military might for My Kingdom. (Matthew 26:53). Your purpose now, O’ Larimar king, is to serve as My prophet for My Kingdom. And that you have elected to remain a virgin and celibate layman means that you are excellent for My position of you in My Kingdom. For the angelic spirit of prophecy given to you elects to only dwell in virgin souls, and in no others. And he will now never depart from you. Amen.

Furthermore, We have arranged for you to possess a Kingdom in the hereafter. It will consist of many lands and many Kingdoms. For you will be a grand King, ruling over many Kingdoms and many nations. But Lord, how do I rule over other nations if everyone is equal under You as brothers? I shall explain it to you. No one is made anyone else’s Master, for I alone Am Master. But I delegate My authority and My throne, similar to how I have established the positions of pope, bishop, and priest in the hierarchy of My Catholic Church. I delegated My authority through them so that My Religion may be well organized. For without an organization, everyone does as he sees best. (Judges 21:25).

So I am to be a kind of emperor, O’ Lord, one that rules over many Kingdoms? No, lord Larimar. Just as I Am called King of kings and Lord of lords, but not Emperor of emperors, neither are you called emperor, but only king. For My Kingdom is One people, One flock, and there is no division among them. Such is why I Am called a King of kings, and why My Kingdom remains a Kingdom and not an Empire. And such is why, though you will be put over many other Kingdoms, all the people you are delegated to rule over remain My One people, and hence, a part of My One Kingdom. Amen.

Lord, I am happy to be granted this great responsibility. For in the scriptures, you award to the one who produced ten gold coins with his one gold coin given to him ten cities. But what have I done by which you award me, not ten cities, but many kingdoms? (Luke 19:16-17). You, lord Larimar, were not given but one talent, but rather, were granted rulership over the whole world as the Player Emerald. Over both Superpowers during the Cold War did you rule. Through Gorbachev of the USSR and Yeltsin of Russia, and through United States Presidents, Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush, you ended the Cold War. You, as a world power, were great, and you did not go corrupt nor become Antichrist par Excellence. Instead, at the height of your power, you converted to My Religion. First, in July of 1992, you converted to Christianity. And then on Easter Vigil, Saturday, March 30, 2002, you entered into full communion with My pope in Rome. And since then, you have ascended. You have become devout to My Mother Mary. You now pray a Rosary each day. And if you ever miss a day, you make up for it on the following day.

Hence, you are given a Kingdom of rulership over many Kingdoms solely because when you had this power in this world, you obeyed My angel standing next to the Virgin Mary at her visitation to you in early December of 1996, and you told no one that you were First Rider of Apocalypse, until the command was lifted at the beginning of the Age of Mary on Sunday, July 23, 2017. For you had a great and vast Kingdom in this world, and you gave it up for Me. You did not acquire this great and vast Kingdom by doing any deal with Satan. Rather, you set up your first Pawn, Gorbachev, when you were but a child, following My teachings in the Holy Bible about moving mountains with faith the size of a mustard seed. And you realized your power in the year 1989 when you saw your requests being answered and carried out. And you saw you had an army of angels who obeyed you.

But when you confessed that you were Antichrist on that fateful night in July of 1992, all the angels who followed you were seized with fear and fled from you in terror. And why do you think that was, O’ Larimar king? Why, O’ Lord? It was because it was revealed by that act that you were to ascend from being a great worldly power to a great power in My heavenly Kingdom. Amen. Just as the demons greatly feared Mary, so also do they now greatly fear you. Satan loathes coming to you to attempt to deceive you, for you have mocked him by uncovering him in his countless plots against you. Great is his ridicule and the scorn that he is afflicted with when, in his attempts to deceive you, you discern that he is Satan, and rebuke him. I tell you truthfully, Satan and the devils dread you. For you were once of their number, and you were once highest in his kingdom, but you came to Me, and were saved. For it is written, “A Kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.” (Mark 3:24-26).

I will now speak unto you, O’ lord Larimar. I, the Holy Virgin Mary, have come to speak. That you are of stainless virginity has now been achieved. You can never and will never fall again to the temptations of Satan to be made impure. And hence, you are now fully in my possession. And I will use you to further glorify my Son’s Kingdom and to make the earth ready for the Lord’s return. These are your three assignments. Do them all faithfully, and your reward in my Kingdom shall be great. For you are now in the service of the Holy Virgin Mary. And you must do as I say. I am ready to do your assignments, O’ Mary, Mother of God. And to you I shall obey.

(1) First assignment: Declare, in this post, that you denounce the COVID-19 epidemic and that you command it to end and dissipate entirely. And it shall obey you. Amen.

(2) Second assignment: When you are cured, go to France, and visit Lourdes. Drink of the water of the spring there uncovered by my servant, Saint Bernadette. And then, when you have drunk your fill, go to Nevers and gaze upon the incorrupt body of Saint Bernadette. It is she, not the Apostle John, who is made your commanding officer in the Kingdom of Heaven. Obey her when she comes to you to issue your commands. Amen.

(3) Third assignment: Pray and do penance for the arrival of Caesar Sandra Nikee into heaven. For as of this hour, I declare her passed away. Amen. And she will be in purgatory until you have made sufficient indulgences for her to pay her debts to sin and make her eligible to enter into her eternal glory. For she is a saint you have saved, but the work is not over until she enters into heaven. Amen. Do not leave her to suffer in purgatory. Rather, do the required penance and indulgences to free her from those fires. Amen.

O’ Mary, Mother of God, I promise and vow that I will carry out all three of your assignments to the letter. And let us start with number 1:

I hereby denounce COVID-19. Let that disease completely end and dissipate, leaving not a trace of itself behind. Good, lord Larimar, you have made your decree. As of this hour, its dissipation shall begin. Amen.

As for assignment number 2: I fully accept Saint Bernadette as my commanding officer, for she is the one saint that I have vowed and recognized as My superior since the early days of the Eternal Emerald Reign, which began with My entrance into communion with the pope in Rome. Amen. And I renew my promises and vows to visit Lourdes, to drink my fill of the waters there, and then to visit Nevers to see the incorrupt body of my commanding superior, Saint Bernadette of Lourdes. Amen.

And as for assignment number 3: I will immediately begin praying rosaries and divine mercy chaplets to free Sandra from purgatory once I finish this post. Amen. And I will not cease this devotion until it is revealed that she has entered into her glory in heaven. Amen.

Now, lord Larimar, we permit you to go and eat some dark chocolate, and then come back. Your cures will take place very soon. Amen. I am back, O’ Holy Mother Mary. What sayest thou? I say this, O’ Larimar king. Hyacinth is your first great masterpiece. Make masterpieces like her from now on, and you shall be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen. For she was outside the Kingdom and did not know me, and you brought her into the Catholic Church and you taught her devotion to me, the Holy Virgin Mary. And she learned to pray to me. And her prayers were answered through you. Amen. Most glorious is the reward for having brought such a saint into glory and to never have abandoned her. Amen. For many were the enemies who sought to convince you to abandon her, but you ultimately remained with her and helped her to the end. Hence, great is the monument we in heaven have built for Cassandra. And in her glorification, your name is written therein as its foundation. Amen. So great is the glory you have brought to our Kingdom of Heaven that the Kingdom cannot contain it, but must burst forth with its radiance to all Mankind. For today a saint has entered her salvation. And we in heaven will announce her passage from purgatory and her entrance into heaven. Amen.

And do not be like the modernists who think all the elect go straight to heaven when they die. For perfection at death is rare. Vast are the numbers of My elect who must spend time in purgatory to pay for debts to sin not expiated by their good works on the earth. And the average stay in purgatory is correct as you heard it before: Forty years on earth pass by on average for those who die saved to be admitted into heaven. Amen. And many, I tell you, have no one to pray for them. And so they linger for eons, suffering in those fires to pay the last farthing before they are admitted into heaven. (Matthew 5:26 & Luke 12:59).

But I, the Lord, Am pleased with you, O’ lord Larimar. And to show My appreciation, I will now define your eternal Kingdom as it exists in this world and will continue on for eons to come in the hereafter. Amen. Your Kingdom is defined as such:

(1) Kingdom of Larimar, ruled by Eric, of a One-King Dynasty, celibate and virgin forever, prophet, king, and lord. Amen. And his kingdom is ruled to contain all the following lands, plus the lands beneath the seas between them. Amen. For the seas are no more in the earth that exists in eternity. Amen. (Revelation 21:1).

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. the lower 48 States and the District of Columbia in the United States of America.

And the list of eternal languages in Eric’s Kingdom to be recognized there forever as official languages of his eternal Kingdom include these three:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French

Such concludes eternally the definitions of your vast Kingdom, O’ Larimar king. And to this Kingdom, nothing may be added to nor subtracted from for all eternity unto eternity. Amen.

And Lord, will you also define any of the other Kingdoms on the earth? Will you show the reality or existence or validity of any of the other definitions of Kingdoms made previously by the Larimar king, O’ Lord and God? Amen.

I will now speak of the three Asian Kings, mentioned earlier, but whose revelation shall now be made known to all. Amen. Three prophets have I set up in Asia, each expert in his own written languages of his own nation. These three Kings and their Kingdoms shall now be defined in full. Amen.

(2) Kingdom of China, in which I have stationed the Prophet called: Bombyx. He writes in the written language of traditional Chinese. And his Kingdom includes all of China and also Taiwan. Amen.

(3) Kingdom of Korea, in which I have stationed the Prophet called: Jade. He writes in the written language of Korean. And his Kingdom includes all of the Korean peninsula, both the northern state and the southern state existing there. Amen.

(4) Kingdom of Japan, in which I have stationed the Prophet called: Pearl. He writes in the written language of Japanese. And his Kingdom includes not only the Archipelago called Japan, but also the Northern Mariana Islands, the four southernmost Kuril Islands, and the Archipelago of Hawaii. Amen.

These three Asian prophets are also called the three Asian Kings. And their secret written testimonies will make their written languages eternal. Amen. And in each of their written languages, the full Catholic Holy Bible exists as translated in full. Not every major non-European language has such a distinction. Amen.

Lord, such is great! Are there any other prophets who are writing Your Word in secret testimonies, making their written languages also part of the eternal phase? Yes, in Latin America there are two: One for the Spanish speaking world, and one for the Portuguese. Amen. These are defined below:

(5) Kingdom of Spanish Latin America, ruled by King Jadeite. And his lands include all of Spanish Latin America from Mexico to the southern tip of South America. Furthermore, all of the Spanish Greater Antilles also exist in his Kingdom. Amen. This includes Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. Amen. And he writes in Spanish to serve his constituents throughout the Spanish speaking world. Amen.

(6) Kingdom of Portuguese Brazil, ruled by King Cacau. And his lands include all of the vast nation of Brazil in South America. And he writes in Portuguese to serve all of the Portuguese speaking world. Amen.

And now, We shall address the seventh Prophet, the one who is My steward in My Kingdom on the earth. He is the greatest of the Prophets. Amen.

(7) Kingdom of Israel and the Levant. And this Kingdom includes all of Israel and all of the Levant at their widest definitions. For the Kingdom of My people Israel is vast, and not small. And I, the Lord Jesus, Am its direct eternal King. But I delegate to rule it on My behalf, My steward, whose name is Lazurite. And he is the second legendary blue wizard, second after the Larimar king, whose name is Eric. My prophet Lazurite, whose name is revealed to be Nathaniel, is assigned to speak to My people the Jews in Hebrew, in which he is expert, and in no other language, with the possible exception of Aramaic. For in these languages are the ancient scriptures preserved by the Jews. And My servant Lazurite is the only Jewish Prophet among My seven Prophets of the End Times. Amen.

Hence, the Seven Prophet Kings are listed as such:

  1. Eric of the Larimar Kingdom of North America: Writes in English.
  2. Bombyx of the Kingdom of China: Writes in Traditional Chinese.
  3. Jade of the Kingdom of Korea: Writes in Korean.
  4. Pearl of the Kingdom of Japan: Writes in Japanese.
  5. Jadeite of the Kingdom of Spanish Latin America: Writes in Spanish.
  6. Cacau of the Kingdom of Portuguese Brazil: Writes in Portuguese.
  7. Lazurite, Steward to Israel and the Levant: Writes in Hebrew.

Hence, the final Seven Prophets write in these Seven Prophetic Languages of the End Times: English, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, and Hebrew. Amen. Now, I have spoken at length. The rest of the earth will be divided up among lesser prophets, kings, scribes, and rulers. Amen. For in all seven of these holy languages is My full Catholic canon of the Holy Scriptures found fully and completely translated. Amen. Now, I shall speak unto you, O’ Larimar King, of things not yet addressed.

You, lord Larimar, have progressed greatly in My Kingdom. And now you are stainless. You can no longer fall to impurity. And you have been restored to full communion in My Catholic Church. And you have done that simple deed that I commanded of you yesterday. You went to Blue Hills Nursery and bought three new different kinds of ferns to add to your curved glass aquarium, converted into a greenhouse, with its LED lights on it always on, and with the plants within always producing oxygen in the process of photosynthesis. Amen. Well done, lord Larimar. And for your reward, all the Churches within your Kingdom will be fully restored and never to be shut down again to the end of your reign. Amen.

Now, when is the end of your reign, you should now ask? It is very simple, lord Larimar. You remain in this world until I come again. Amen. For a curse and a blessing have been given unto you. The curse is that you can never die. And the blessing is that you will never die. Amen. Hence, you remain here in this world until I come again. And you will remain as My prophet, serving Me in prophesying to all the world in English until I come again. Amen.

And what of those who would seek to destroy the Larimar king, or any of the Seven Prophets of the End Times, O’ Lord? I have my fiery seraphim guarding all Seven of these End Times Prophets. These Seven Prophets and their Seven Seraphim protecting them are the fulfillments to mysteries of the Seven golden lampstands and the Seven stars in My right hand. (Revelation 1:12 & 1:16 & 1:20). For prophecies in the Book of Revelation and the rest of the Holy Scriptures are not limited to just one fulfillment. Amen. Now I have spoken in full. Go, lord Larimar, and reread this entire post. And then publish it, and go to work. For you are working today. Amen.

And your career as Developer and System Administrator does not come to an end. It will persist, for by working in your high tech, but low paid, position, you give glory to your God in heaven and you serve Me. For I Am well pleased. As for your brothers, I will provide for them as I will provide for them. But none of them will be blessed as I bless you. And none of them are destined to find Me or My religion for the remainder of their lives in this world. Amen. But as for your father, he shall be cured within the hour, and he shall be led to serve Me correctly, as I command him. Amen.

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