Eric, a celibate, virgin saint forever.

You serve under the command of John, My Apostle, one rank below him in My fleet. Amen.

Behold, I speak. I, Eric Robert Dunstan. And I have chosen to remain as I am, a celibate, virgin saint. Amen. And since God does not call me to enter the priesthood, I will remain a layman, in perfect celibate virginity and continence. Amen. For I have found the Way. And the Way does not go into a woman, but into the Kingdom of Heaven. And no one can enter heaven while impure.

Behold, this morning, arriving an hour before the scheduled confessions, my confessions were heard early and I received absolution for all my sins. That was at Saint Bruno Catholic Church. And then this evening, at the 5 PM Vigil Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe, I received communion for the first time in 88 days. My last Mass and communion was on Tuesday, March 17, 2020, Saint Patrick’s Day, also at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church. Amen. Hence, I am back in both a state of grace and in communion with the pope in Rome. Amen.

Lord, I do not want the Churches to close down or the sacraments to be discontinued again. Mary, Mother of God, and my Lord Jesus Christ, please do not let the Churches close down again. Amen. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord? I will not let the White City fall. I will not let the orcs overrun Gondor again. You, lord Larimar, I have an assignment for you to accomplish. For you are the last hope of Gondor. Amen.

How am I to save Gondor, O’ Lord, for I do not even bear a sword? You are not a swordsman, but a wizard. And you are the greatest wizard in Rivendell. This is My assignment for you, O’ legendary Blue Wizard, Larimar. Speak, O’ Master, for Your servant is listening. What works do you require of me to prevent the Churches from being shut down again, O’ Lord Jesus Christ and Mary, Mother of God?

Only one work do We require of you to save all the Churches throughout all the land. And it is this. I am listening and I hear nothing. Speak, O’ Lord, for Your servant is listening. What work do I do to save all the Churches throughout all the land? I am listening, O’ Lord. I am waiting to hear that work I am supposed to do, O’ Lord.

Lord Larimar, you are to plant more ferns and other cool plans in your greenhouse, converted from your fish aquarium. I will provide for you to get the necessary plants. Lord, Blue Hills Nursery is open from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. hopefully they are back open for business since the COVID-19 Shutdown. But Lord, how does my planting of more ferns and other cool plants in My aquarium greenhouse prevent the Churches from being shut down again? I just checked, O’ Lord, and I found that garden centers, nurseries, and greenhouses are considered essential businesses. Hence, I will go there tomorrow after Sunday Mass. Amen.

But, O’ Lord, how is it that such plants planted in my aquarium prevent the Churches from being shut down again? I will now tell thee, O’ Larimar King. Am I to meet the girl I am to marry at this nursery, O’ Lord and Master, even though I am resolved never to marry and never to lose my virginity? Is it Your intent that I am to marry, O’ Lord? For I heard from the Lord that I do not marry.

If We gave you an order to do something profoundly difficult to save all the Churches throughout all the land, what would you do? I would set out to do that difficult deed. And now that We instead say something simple, you question Us? Remember Naaman the army commander who went to see Elisha the Prophet to be cured of his leprosy. (4 Kings 5:1-27 in Bibles with the 4 books of Kings, or where these books are split between 2 books of Samuel and 2 books of Kings: 2 Kings 5:1-27) And initially when he was told to bathe in the Jordan seven times, he left in anger, thinking that the prophet was doing nothing for him. But then his servant came to him and reasoned with him, saying that if the Prophet had asked him to do something profound or difficult, surely he would gladly do it. And thus, all the more, that God has something simple for him to do, he should do it, and then see that he is cured. And thus, Naaman plunged into the Jordan seven times, and his leprosy was immediately healed. In the same way is this task that We set before you. It is a simple task for you that is easy to do. Do it, and the Churches that you attend or go to to receive the sacraments will never be shut down again. Amen.

Very well, O’ Lord, the White City will not fall, for I will get some more ferns and other cool plants to put into My aquarium greenhouse. Amen. Now, O’ Lord, tell me this. I have resolved never to marry. And you have told me that such is my fate. Elaborate on this decision, O’ Lord. Explain it in terms that I may come to a greater understanding. Amen.

Yes, lord Larimar. You were neither destined for the priesthood, nor for married life. Instead, you are to remain a celibate, virgin layman for all eternity. Amen. Good, lord Larimar, you have accepted your fate. Amen.

Lord, the Blacks are continuing to protest, to riot, to loot, and to destroy. What is to come from all this fury and rage? The Blacks will receive nothing for their outrages except for further beatings, arrests, felonies, jail time, and prison terms, followed by their re-enslavement through the prison labor system. If the Blacks think that by doing something negative that they can achieve or receive a positive, then they are criminally mistaken and need to go to prison where they can rethink their life, as they work there as a slave and accomplish something of value for a change. Amen.

How enslaved must the Black race become in order to pay for all the damages that they did in the recent riots, O’ Lord? I tell you Truthfully, lord Larimar. If the Black people truly stood by their slogans, saying, “Black lives matter!” they would not be in favor of aborting babies in the womb. Instead, they are low-life liars and gutter trash, criminals, rapists, thieves, and murderers. And none of their concerns will ever be addressed. Instead, large segments of the Black people and other protestors will be transformed into slaves to serve in the prison labor system of the legal penal slavery industry. Amen. They are going to go to prison, and there they will both pay for their upkeep and also the damages they have done by serving as slaves in prison. Amen.

Hence, I recommend that Trump act to contain the Black masses, but not to crush them. Rather, let them peter out naturally, and then gradually arrest those who partook in the riots, and do raids on their houses until the needed number of slaves has been met. Treat the Black neighborhoods where the riots took place as slave hunting grounds to serve in the needs of acquiring and arresting young Black men to serve as slaves. Amen. For the Blacks have now done so much damage in their riots that no one needs to listen to them anymore. Let their rage burn out, and then, when it has died down, do your arrests and raids on Black homes in the riot areas to take away the young Black men who partook in the riots into custody to serve for the needs of slavery through the legal means of enslavement known as penal slavery in the prison labor system. Amen.

Hence, get your allotted quota of slaves that you need from the young Black men who partook in the riots. For they have energy to be put to work. And they have strength that needs to be harnessed and put under a yoke so as to make something useful out of such otherwise useless people and wasted lives. Better to make a Black man a slave rather then to allow that Black man to waste his life doing rap music, drugs, and women. Amen.

Now, O’ Lord, some of the Black men have argued that in some incidents of police killing Black men, that some policemen are bad cops who cover up evidence, and who do not take adequate care of the Black men that they have shot who were running away from them. What sayest Thou to that? There are indeed bad cops who must be removed. But often the Black man pointing the figure of accusation does not realize that he is pointing three fingers back at himself. For all these Black protestors with their grievances are hypocrites, all condemning what they themselves are already guilty of. All the Blacks are doing in shouting and screaming for justice is just stirring up trouble for themselves, and the only justice that they can ever receive is their imprisonment and enslavement into the prison labor system. Amen.

Hence, the way to deal with the Black rioters is summed up as: C.A.I.E. or CAIE, as seen detailed below:

  1. Contain – First you contain the riots, like containing a brush fire.
  2. Arrest – After things die down you do targeted arrests against those who rioted.
  3. Incarcerate – You then get the rioters sentenced to prison for all their violations.
  4. Enslave – You enroll them into penal labor, where they effectively are slaves again.

Apply this solution methodically, and you will exert effective control over the Black population centers and the African American community in general. Amen.

But Lord, what of the sizable Black voter block looming in the coming elections. Lord Larimar, not all the Blacks riot, loot, burn, and pillage. There are some Blacks who obey the law and who seek for Trump’s policies to remain in effect rather than for the return to the Obama failures that Biden would represent.

Now, Lord, Joe Biden says abortion is always wrong, but not only does he advocate abortions as a viable choice for others, but he supports federal taxpayer money being spent on performing abortions. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord, to that man’s twisted and tortured logic? Yes, lord Larimar, Joe Biden does do elaborate gymnastics to argue that he stands for the Catholic Church while actually standing diametrically opposed to her and opposed to Me, just like Obama, the ultimate Abomination. Realize that Joe Biden has been automatically excommunicated from the Catholic Church for his direct role in the advocacy and support of abortions as a politician. And all who cast a vote for Biden receive the blood of the millions of the dead unborn poured out upon their heads for their collective guilt in the abortions.

Now does Biden have a chance to win the elections, O’ Lord? Or will I, by my standing with Firefly, ensure that Trump wins and Biden loses? Trump will win, O’ Larimar king. And now I shall give you proof. When you are cured shortly, you will realize that I Am and that I sent you to speak these words. Now, remain in Me and I will remain in you. Amen.

The full measure of the Gentiles has entered into My Catholic Church. I need no more converts from the Gentile nations. Rather, My focus now is entirely on the Jews. For We are in the short time of the devil’s release. And he knows his time is short. And that his why he has got his people to carry out his concerted effort to destroy My Catholic Church throughout the world by closing down all churches in the name of fighting the Corona virus, COVID-19.

Your days are numbered, O’ Larimar king, and they are almost complete. When 1260 days has passed since you became My servant at the beginning of the Age of Mary, on Sunday, July 23, 2017, you will expire and breathe your last. Lord, 1260 days from Sunday, July 23, 2017, brings us to Sunday, January 3, 2021. Now, you know when you die, lord Larimar. Amen. You live long enough to see the Triumph of Trump, and then you pass away and are seen no more in the land of the living. Amen.

Lord, was I some sort of significant prophet that you have given me exactly 1260 days to prophesy and no more? Yes, you are the Witness to the Gentiles. And your days of witnessing to them is ending. After you are taken away, all attention will be directed to your brother prophet in Israel, the other legendary Blue Wizard, Lazurite. Amen. And he will prophesy in sack cloth and ashes until his time, like yours, expires 1260 days from his calling to prophesy. Amen.

Now, O’ Lord, do I continue to prophesy here when I am cured? Or do I cease all prophesying? You will write only as you are commanded to, lord Larimar. And this is your command: Widen your nets, for you are about to catch a very big fish. Amen. You are about to be given all that you have asked for, down to the very least cure you have requested. But of sex and offspring, a monument will be erected in heaven for you that is better than any son or daughter ever could be. (Isaiah 56-3-5) Amen. For you are to die virgin and celibate and in a state of perfect continence. Amen.

Now, as for your place and position in My eternal Kingdom, I have this to say. I, the Lord, announce that you, O’ Larimar king, are a ruler of vast lands and kingdoms in the Age to come. I hereby grant you the rule over North America. All of Alaska, all of Canada, and all of the lower 48 states and the District of Columbia of the United States of America do I deliver into your hands to rule over forever as a One-King Dynasty. Amen. It is a rulership that never ends. Amen.

As for all the other islands and lands that you once fancied as parts of your Kingdom, these are handed over to other rulers that I set up. But as for you, your Kingdom has now been eternally set. And that you are its first King is a matter of eternal deliberation. It cannot be changed. It cannot be modified.

As for Lazurite’s Kingdom, realize that he is set as Steward over the Beautiful Land. He is not its eternal King, but rather, he serves as its steward. And for all eternity shall Lazurite serve as Steward to the King of kings and Lord of lords, in the Kingdom of the Chosen People. Amen. And the definitions of his Kingdom are without end. Amen.

And many will be the Kings I anoint to rule over My Kingdom in the lands of the new earth, a land without any sea. (Revelation 21:1). Amen. But as for you, O’ Larimar king, your fate is sealed. And that you are eternal ruler over your North American Kingdom is both unalterable and unchangeable. I Who Am have spoken.

Now, today you will go to Sunday Mass, and afterwards, you will get your new ferns and other cool plants for your aquarium greenhouse. Do this simple task, and I will see to it that no Catholic Church that you attend or go to for the sacraments is ever shut down again until you are taken from here and brought up to heaven in a cloud. Amen. For you have found favor in Me. And I Am with you unto the End. Amen.

But as for My people of this generation, they will wake up to find all My Catholic Churches in complete shutdown throughout all the lands. And only in Israel will My Catholic Churches remain in operation. And that is why the whole world will be gathered against Israel. Amen. And My servant Lazurite will prophesy in Israel, also for 1260 days, until he also breathes his last and ascends to heaven as Eric will have, in a cloud, as his enemies look on. Amen.

This has been a journey, lord Larimar. For the remaining 29 weeks of your life, you will no longer speak to the people. For the time you speak publicly has ended. Amen. Hence, this is the final post you will write here. Amen.

Now, as for what you do to continue to prophesy, I will direct you on where you shall write and where you shall make known My Word. Any last Words, lord Larimar, before We conclude this post forever? Yes, O’ Lord. Am I to be hidden now, from sight and from mind, until I am taken away? Correct, lord Larimar. For I have kept your posts hidden. Few there are who know of this website. And few know that you exist. Now I have spoken sufficiently. Your status as a Prophet who speaks on a public forum has ended. From now on, all that you write will be kept secret, as it was prior to the Age of Mary. Amen. And I have this to say unto you also: John, My Apostle, I have sent to serve you and to see to it that no harm ever comes to you in your remaining days on the planet. He serves you now, for in heaven he is your superior commanding officer. And you shall obey him as a lieutenant to him one rank beneath him. And your position in My armed forces is high, as just one rank below John, My Apostle, who serves Me as Admiral of My Fleet. Amen. Hence, you now know your title in My armed forces is to be as Admiral, which is one rank below Fleet Admiral. Amen. These words are trustworthy and true. And they are accomplished. Amen.

Also, that you are one of My 144,000 First Fruits is fact. And that My First Fruits are limited to just 144,000 is poetic mysticism, but not fact. Amen. And that only virgins can be numbered among the 144,000 is to misunderstand. The highest grades of the 144,000 are in fact virgins. But the lower grades are open to those men and women who never defiled their marriage bed. Now I have spoken at length. Ask any last questions you have for the public record, lord Larimar, and We shall conclude this post.

Are there animals and plants in Paradise, the Kingdom of Heaven, the new Earth, O’ Lord? Animals and plants were created to serve Man. But of what need has Man of animals and plants when he is immortal and no longer needs to eat, or to make shelter or clothing for himself? Animals and plants do not exist in the Kingdom of Heaven. For heaven is a spiritual place. And the place for animals and plants was only for the lower realms, the realm of physical matter. That realm is totally gone in the next world, and with it also vanishes all animals and plants. Hence, in the Kingdom of Heaven, which is spiritual, you will not see any animals or plants. Amen. Rather, you will open up to a whole new world, a world of pure spirit. And you will see God. And your resurrected bodies, glorified and transfigured, will be all that remains of the substances that once existed in this world, but the physical substances will be entirely gone. In their place will be spiritual substances. And all such resurrected flesh will be of a higher, spiritual nature. Amen.

Lord, when this age ends, does Eric get his own planet to rule, like Venus terraformed? Many of My subjects will be assigned to rule their own dominion, which includes their own planet. But as it was in this world, no longer will it exist in the next. It is not as the Mormons would have you believe. There is no repeat of Genesis on any planet that I give to any of My servants. Rather, I recreate all things new. (Revelation 21:5). Higher up on the spiritual gradient, and no longer of the physical realm, will all these eternal planets exist that I will award to each of My subjects who is worthy. Amen.

And, O’ Lord, does time end shortly after I and Lazurite are taken away? First I go, followed sometime later by Lazurite. And then after some tribulation has occurred and is past, the sign of the cross with Your sacred wounds appears in the evening sky? And shortly after that, do you Come, O’ Lord? And then does all time here in this world come to an end? Yes, as you have said it, so shall it occur. Millenarianism is a heresy. Do not believe the Protestant misinterpretation of Revelation, chapter 20. For I tell you Truthfully, that Age of Millennium when the saints reign with Me on earth as part of the First Resurrection, has passed. And We are now in the short time of the devil’s release from his prison. Revelation, chapter 20, is of a mystical event, and its fulfillment was mystical, as are all the prophecies and their fulfillments contained in that book. Amen. Now, go to Church, lord Larimar. For this post is complete. Amen. And from now on, after this post, your writings will remain secret, unless I command otherwise. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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