Eric approves of Netanyahu’s plan to annex West Bank lands.

Let all who are Predestined among Israel come forward to find their salvation in Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, the Holy One of Israel Who was to come. Amen.

Lord Larimar has now given his full approval, without reservation, to Netanyahu’s plan of annexation of West Bank lands. How he decides to do this, how fast, and to what extent, Eric grants to the Israeli government to fully decide on their own. And Eric recommends that Trump not force any decision made by Israel, but to support whatever decisions they make on the territories that they occupy and as to what lands Israel will choose to take for themselves. For Eric has learned from watching the fates of Emerald Pawn Yitzhak Rabin and Twilight Pawn Ariel Sharon, that it is not advisable to be responsible for the loss of any land on the part of Israel to her Arab enemies. Amen. Therefore, the word of wisdom is that only if one is either a Jew, or a Jewish convert to Christianity or Catholicism, or else someone who is native resident of Israel, should dare to get involved in figuring out or implementing any potential solutions for the problems facing Israel. Amen. For whosoever attempts to lift that stone will badly hurt themselves. (Zechariah 12:3).

That is why I let Lazurite take care of all preaching to Israel. I no longer tell Israel what to do. And whoever attempts to tell Israel what to do is walking on thin ice, and which it cracks, they will plunge into their icy doom. Rather, the wisest policy on Israel is to give them blanket support in fulfilling the Biblical promises God made to that nation, veto all United Nations motions against them, and then let them reign free on their own lands. For whoever blesses Israel will be blessed, and whoever curses Israel will be cursed. (Genesis 12:3).

But Lord, what do you say regarding these words I have written? I approve your wise remarks, lord Larimar. And I grant you control over all decisions that the United States makes regarding Israel in the United Nations for the remainder of your reign. Amen. Lord, let there never be repeated, on my watch, the failure of a sitting U.S. President, as Barack Hussein Obama so failed, to defend Israel in a United Nations vote against her.

And describe my reign, O’ Lord. Over what and where and for how long do I reign? I anoint you to serve as ally to Firefly. And your name in this alliance is Dragonfly. Amen. Firefly is the Player behind Trump in the USA, Bolsonaro in Brazil, and Boris Johnson is the United Kingdom, and perhaps others not yet identified by Eric, the Larimar king. Amen. Dragonfly will stand with Trump and defeat his challenger, Joe Biden.

And now is the time to launch attacks on Joe Biden, for he is assured of the nomination for President in the Democratic Party. He is to be attacked on his sexual predator past. And he is to be attacked using the prominent Democrat primary challengers’ words spoken against him used against him again. Look at all the charges Kamala Harris leveled against Joe Biden during their primary battles. Refresh those charges against him back into the public’s memory and air them again. Do this now while the bets are still high in play favoring her pick to be Biden’s VP. Kamala Harris made some very nasty, racially bigoted attacks against Joe Biden. Now is the time to remind these all to the American people. Amen. For a house divided against itself cannot stand. And whatsoever woman is chosen ultimately to be Biden’s VP pick, immediately begin sowing discord and disagreement between the two on the ticket. Demonstrate that the two will not work together as a united team. And bring up Tara Reade’s allegations to this woman chosen for VP and force her to address Reade’s well corroborated claims against Joe Biden. However she chooses to address those claims, whatever words she uses, those words and her reaction to Tara Reade’s allegations against her running mate will doom the ticket. Amen. Attack Joe Biden in his weak spots. Note that with all the many deaths in Biden’s family that it seems his family is under a curse, and then speculate on which of his evil deeds God has cursed him for. I will give you a hint. He has sinned heavily against Israel, has supported the mass murder of the unborn, and he supports the gay agenda so much so that his own sexual orientation should be called into question.

And how long am I to reign, O’ Lord? And over what am I to reign? You and Lazurite are given special reigns over certain lands as specific prophets of these End Times. You, lord Larimar, rule over the vast Kingdom of Larimar, spanning all of North America, though excluding Greenland, Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies. Rather, the Kingdom over which you reign consists of all the lands and islands belonging to following lands:

Kingdom of Larimar, ruled by King Eric.

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. the contiguous United States of America.

Amen. And your official languages of your vast Kingdom are:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French

As for Lazurite, his Kingdom, over which he reigns as Steward to the King of kings and Lord of lords, Who is set to return soon, consists of all Israel and all of the lands of the Levant, in accordance to this widest definition:

Kingdom of Israel and all the Levant, ruled by Lazurite, steward to the King of kings and Lord of lords.

  1. Nation of Israel and all her occupied territories
  2. Nation of Palestine and all her lands
  3. Egypt
  4. Libya (Cyrenaica)
  5. Crete
  6. Greece
  7. Turkey
  8. Cyprus
  9. Syria
  10. Iraq
  11. Lebanon
  12. Jordan

And his official languages include the following:

  1. Hebrew
  2. Arabic
  3. Greek
  4. Aramaic

And both of these End Times prophets reign from today, Saturday, June 13, 2020, to the unknowable time I take them away to heaven. For they are the End Times prophets, and they are to preach on earth My final message to all Mankind. Amen. And Lord, do you advocate that Israel annex all the lands she now occupies? Yes, she must reoccupy all the lands of her inheritance, and drive out all Gentile peoples from those lands with the exception of the Christians and the Catholics. Amen. For the Christians and the Catholics must be recognized as separated sects of Judaism, as they were once recognized in times of antiquity.

Now, do I, the Lord, give the green light to Benjamin Netanyahu to gobble up all the lands as he so pleases in the West Bank for the state of Israel? Yes, but he must not recognize any lands as belonging to an Arab or Palestinian state in those lands. For the statehood of Palestine must never be recognized as independent from Israel. Rather, as in the model of the American Indians who in their reservations in the United States of America are recognized as semi-independent nations, but not as sovereign nations, so also must the lands upon which the Palestinians dwell be recognized as reservations in which exist a dependency to Israel called Palestine, but this dependency must never granted the status of sovereign nation. Hence, I permit Netanyahu to gobble up as much land as he pleases for Israel proper, but not to ever recognize the sovereignty of any Palestinian state, neither in the West Bank nor in Gaza nor in any other land made a homeland for the Palestinian peoples. Amen. Hence, the Palestinian peoples are to be regarded as citizens of Palestine, a dependency to Israel whose citizens are distinct and separate to the full fledged citizenry of Israel, who exclusively have the right to vote in Israeli elections. Amen. Hence, the Palestinians have their own regionally elected government and Israel proper has her own elected government, and all the voters of both governmental entities are kept distinct and separate. Amen. But Palestine is forever a dependency to Israel and can never claim independence. Rather lands can be forfeited by her to Israel proper in order to better maintain the security and defense of Israel and her people. Amen. Also, should any Arab neighboring nations attempt to invade Israel, the opportunity can be then taken to acquire more occupied territory for Israel for eventual annexation, as were the Golan Heights and east Jerusalem annexed into Israel proper. Also, the Palestinian dependency may not be allowed to place its capital anywhere in the city of Jerusalem. They must never be granted any claim to any part of that city. Amen.

Now, as for the Ark of the Covenant, it exists in Ethiopia. And when the conversion of Israel occurs such that they have become a largely Hebrew Catholic or Jewish Christian people, I, the Lord God, will announce the return of the Ark of the Covenant from Ethiopia back to the nation of Israel, after having been snuck out of Israel by King Menelik I, son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, at King Solomon’s permission, with a replica of the Ark placed in the Jewish Temple, intended to remain in place only temporarily until the Ark was to be returned back to Israel. Amen. This transfer of an ancient, most holy, Israeli artifact back to Israel, having recognized Jesus as their Jewish Messiah, will be a most widely watched event in modern history occurring between two nations sharing ancient Judeo-Christian roots, cultures, and peoples. Amen.

Now, one last thing I wish to say. The Jewish nation of Israel will indeed be nearly wholly converted to Christianity or Catholicism by the time of My return. Amen. And the people of Israel will be worshipping Me, their Lord Jesus Christ, the I Am, the One Who, before Abraham was, Am. (John 8:56-58). Now what shall be said of Israel and of the people who are to inhabit her in the Age to come? All Israel shall be saved, all whose names are written in the Book of Life, which belongs to the Lamb Who was slain, from the foundation of the earth. (Revelation 13:8 & Romans 11:25-29). Amen. And this last Word I will say unto thee before closing this post is this. The woman who fled into the desert in Revelation, chapter 12, refers not just to the Virgin Mary, the Mother of Messiah, Jesus Christ, but also it refers to the nation of Israel, who through great pain has given birth to her salvation, the Lord and the Word of God, Whose salvation is now being restored to the Jews. For Christianity and Catholicism are Jewish sects. They have always been and always shall be. Amen.

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  1. An introduction to סדר נזקים and opening Sugia of בבא קמא

    The steady decline in civic engagement causes the social fabric to unravel, and trust in society to decline. Such trust can only develop when people share a common connection, maintain regular contacts and collaborate with each other. The collaboration of people within society, forging associations outside one’s circle of confidants, (known as bridging). The trust emerging from these processes of either bonding (with like-minded people), and/or bridging, represents the ‘social capital’ – the glue that holds society together.

    The social capital of civilizations – ‘civil society’, a concept which fits within the general category of דרך ארץ. However, when Yidden within g’lut societies, assimilate and fervently embrace foreign cultures and customs as their own, the social cohesion of society as a whole, falls into disorder falls and anarchy. Multiculturalism, another name for Jewish assimilation, ‘civil society’ among Jews quickly collapses. When g’lut Yidden assimilate to foreign cultures and customs, the social cohesion among our people degrades unto social hostility.

    Multiculturalism, another name for assimilation by Yidden. When Jews take a hostile attitude towards our home country and its cultural traditions, this disgrace compares to dark clouds which forewarn the approach of a storm. Dark skies above, currently describes the horrible assimilation and intermarriage rates among American Jewry. Shallow reactionaries condemn anti-semitism, and ignore Jewish assimilation, as the primary cause of Goy expressions of hatred and violence against Jews.

    Mass Jewish assimilation to foreign cultures and customs defines the Jewish experience in both America and also Europe. The necessary sense of “we”, the Cohen people, has suffered tremendous damages. Consequent to Jews despising our brit inheritance and embracing foreign cultures and customs alien to the Cohen people. Jews live their lives in g’lut, as Americans or Europeans inclined to the Jewish persuasion. Jewish society in g’lut has experienced a tremendous decline. The social fabric of communal shared involvement and activities has shred into subcultures – who do not trust one another. Orthodox want little or nothing with Reform. To dauven in a Reform temple, amounts to the equivalent of crying out to HaShem in a church or mosque.

    Practicing active citizenship entails building a network which requires citizen participation in society. Based upon shared civil rights and entitlements. Granting citizens a stake as an incentive for them to involve themselves as partners within their communities. Citizenship requires a fluid, dynamic of communal involvement. A classic example: the IDF requires its young soldiers to function autonomously, creatively, in collaboration with others. Torah culture, as yet another example, establishes a method of social inclusion, wherein people create the experience of becoming the architects and actors of their own lives.

    The revelation of the Torah at Sinai did not impose a set of rules, comparable to the Code of Hammurabi. The Xtian abomination perverted the Torah unto a rule book which the noise testament authors referred to as “the Law”, as their justification by which they reject the Sinai revelation and favor the false messiah Jesus son of Zeus. But according to the Talmud, Israel heard only the opening two commandments. Thereafter the Yidden demanded that Moshe return unto the mountain and receive the rest of the Torah revelation.

    Moshe orally heard the 13 tohor middot and thereafter derived the 611 commandments through this tohor logic system. Moshe later taught the Torah to Israel, an avodat HaShem which required no less than four repetitions. The Talmud makes a repeated רמז to this, every דף of Gemara begins with 4 lines of Rashi and Tosafot above the opening line of Gemara. The Talmud, like the Chumash – both – highly edited and polished texts.

    What of the עשרת הדברות? This aspect of Sinai never actually occurred! Why did Moshe edit the Sinai revelation in such a ‘deceptive’ manner? Chag Shevuoth just passed, what does the עשרת הדברות come to teach? Sinai represents Moshe’s petition to Par’o for Israel to travel and worship our G-d. Par’o hardened his heart like generations of Israel have repeatedly stiffened our neck. The metaphors to hardened ones’ heart, or stiff necked people – both refer to the tuma Yatzir within the hearts of all Yidden. Just as the plagues destroyed the social fabric of Egyptian society, so too profaning the עשרת הדברות. A clear straight mussar by which the generations of Israel recall the salvation from Egyptian slavery.

    The crown of Torah faith, acceptance of both the blessings and curses of the oath brit faith. Meaning either we build the social fabric of our nation or we destroy the social fabric among our people. Blessing, we rule our land with righteous justice; curse, we endure oppression in g’lut lands as stateless refugee populations scattered hither and thither in chaos, without a country we call our own. Come the Chag, every year our hearts cry: Next year in Yerushalim.

    The תוכחות תשובה mussar contained within the עזרת הדברות, has the k’vanna to cause lost generations to return and acknowledge the remorse and regret we feel within our hearts. Acceptance of the revelation of the Name – לשמה: not to assimilate to foreign none Cohen cultures and customs. This יסוד goes hand in glove with not making a false נעשה ונשמע oath, keeping shabbot, honoring our parents, abhorring murder, adultery, theft, false witness, and צר עין\לשון הרע.

    Moshe edited the revelation of the Torah to communicate the horror of responsibility that Israel accepted; our lives either weave together the social fabric of the Cohen nation, or our rejection of the Cohen ways, as did Esau, results that we come to despise and detest the civil and cultural bonds which binds us as a unique people, separate from the Goyim.

    The Xtian abomination which declares Torah as a book of laws totally perverts and distorts the Sinai experience all together. No surprise here, seeing that the Goyim to this day do not accept the Torah. They reject the Torah and embrace some other replacement ”revelation”.

    How does the Torah define the key “hair” terms: truth and love? For example: The Torah commands concerning shabbot: לא תעשה כל מלאכה. The Talmud makes a limited definition of מלאכה with the comparison to the 39 primary labors required to build the Mishkan. This rule, rests upon a simple יסוד: You cannot hang ideas upon key words that have no clear definition from the Torah.

    Truth: the Torah links this concept to a unique path. The legal term halaka, interestingly enough means path. Our sages hung the key term halaka by how they understood the Torah definition for truth, the 8th middah of the Oral Torah revelation. Thousands of halakot the Talmud derives. These halakot, in their turn serve to define yet another Torah “hair”, called “mitzvot”. Mitzvot exists as a 3rd generation understanding of truth. For example: the Torah commands מלאכה and the Talmud understands מלאכה, that it exists as the singular for mitzvot – as expressed through halakot. Tens of thousands of halakot. A novel explanation for the key Gemara term “Mountain hanging by a hair”.

    Love requires ownership. A man cannot love that which he does not own. The act of acquiring property requires a pulling unto oneself, and not a transfer of money from party A to party B. Jewish marriage requires an act of acquisition of the woman by her husband. Just how does a man acquire a woman? An act of love, the man gives the woman priority within his life. This mitzva learns from the Torah commandment: כבוד אב ואם.

    The Creation of the Universe, our Torah opens with this subject! (Translations of the T’nach, by themselves alone, truly sow confusion). The first word of the Torah בראשית contains the רמז (words within words) of ב’ ראשית/two beginnings. Our Torah includes 2 Creation stories? Rabbi Yechuda – the author of the Mishna – about 210 CE – teaches concerning the acceptance of the kingdom of heaven – the mitzva of kre’a shma – the language for לב, found in both the first and second paragraphs of the kre’a shma – לבבכם and לבבך – respectively. What does the additional ב come to teach?

    Rabbi Yechuda, in his Mishna of ברכות teaches a יסוד כלל, in order to accept the yoke of the kingdom of heaven, this mitzva requires the service of both the Yatzir Tov together with the Yatzir ha’Rah. Just how does the Torah define: Good and Evil? Recall the tree in Eden. Tohor – as opposed by Tuma – spirits and actions. Actions refer to “works” ie מלאכות! That key term required to keep and honor shabbot. What distinguishes אל from רחום from חנון etc, etc, etc? [A famous quote made by Yul Brynner in the movie “The King and I”]. If you can not differentiate between one tohor attribute from another, then you cannot self actualize these middot into your life. If a person fails to self actualize tohor middot in life, then that person has yet to develop דרך ארץ required to accept the Torah revelation at Sinai.

    In Tractate Pirkei Avot of the Mishna Order of נזיקין, rabbi Yechuda teaches דרך ארץ precedes the Torah. A person can not keep and observe the Torah commandments without דרך ארץ. This idea learns from the sworn oath brit Israel cut at Sh’cem in the days prior to the wars required to conquer the land. This metaphor represents a straight משל\נמשל mussar. Just as Israel could not conquer Canaan without דרך ארץ so too a person can not obey and keep the Torah commandments without דרך ארץ. In short, the ב’ ראשית within בראשית together with the spelling of heart as בב comes to teach that a man can not accept the yoke of the kingdom of heaven without דרך ארץ.

    The Torah begins with the letter ב. Notice the construction of that letter, it blocks above, behind, and below. Theology as a rule pretends that it can see above, behind, and below. Above – theology about the Gods. Below – noise about the devil and Satan. Behind – authoritative pretense jabber about the Creation of the world. The Talmud advice which challenges all feigned knowledge – “Train your tongue to say, I do not know”. Never once in the whole of the 20 Volumes of Talmud does any page therein make least reference to the Name of HaShem – the first commandment of Sinai. A note of comparison, the Name revelation of Sinai, never once included in any Xtian Bible translation nor on any page of the Muslim Koran.

    The Talmud – its scholarship – endeavors to bind prophetic mussar with ritualized observance of mitzvot. [Mussar, a difficult concept to define. What distinguishes a “rebuke” from criticism? A rebuke comes from within a persons’ heart whereas criticism comes to the ears from the speech made by another person.] Mitzvot define the k’vanna of Torah commandments. This term k’vanna – exist as the “hair” that holds a, so to speak, mountain above the ground. To understand this “mountain” of subject matter requires a working definition of the “hair” that lifts that mountain between heaven and earth.

    Comparative cultural analysis – Greek philosophy developed the skills of rhetoric. It employs an undefined “hair” by which to deceive and rule the masses with religious or political jargon. For example: in 2008 Presidential politics, Obama employed the rhetoric of “Change”. Obama never defined this key term whereon he hinged his Mandate to POTUS (President of the US). Theology employs rhetoric all the time, when it violates the restrictions of the letter ב. The most vile example, the absolute narishkeit of Monotheism.

    Monotheism violates the 2nd Commandment of Sinai, as the Bible and Koran violates the 1st commandment of Sinai. If, so how then does this commentary explain the Talmud not making even one reference to the Name 1st revealed at Sinai to the Cohen nation? Talmud, which means learning, its comprised of the Mishna and Gemara. The style of the Mishna from beginning to end: Case/Rule. This style makes the Mishna a common law system. The focus of this common law legal system: justice.

    The courts of Mishnaic law: lateral common law courts. Meaning, in matters of Torts, for example, (Torts law concerns compensation for monetary damages based upon this יסוד: אדם מועד לעולם/Man always guilty of damages done to the property of another). Justice has everything to do with human domestic conflicts and nothing to do with theology. Therefore seeing that the Mishna limits its address to the subject of justice, it never once digressed into the subject of theology and debates about the Gods. What distinguishes a lateral court from a vertical court? Making a cultural comparison, the vertical Star Courts – which contributed so greatly to the American rebellion against the British Crown.

    In vertical courts: the Judge and the prosecuting attorney both received their salaries from the State. The response of American revolutionaries, they introduced the Jury system, which partially removed the decision making process from State bureaucrat employees. Just prior to the fall of Jerusalem to the Romans, rabbi Zakkai arranged a meeting with Roman general Vespasian. The rabbi recognized that Jerusalem would fall. Vespasian gave the rabbi three requests. But hands down the most important request the rabbi made, he asked permission to establish a lateral common law court ie Sanhedrin. Vespasian agreed.

    In a Torts court of 3 judges, as in a Capital Crimes court of either 23 judges or 71 judges, the State does not pay the salaries of the judges nor the prosecuting attorneys. In the simple Torts court comprising of 3 judges, one judge assumes the role of prosecutor, the second judge: the role of defense attorney, and both of these opposing judges argue the case at hand before the 3rd Judge.

    This same rule applies to the larger Capital Crimes Courts. 11 prosecuting attorney’s against 11 defense attorney’s arguing the Case before the Nasi/head of the Court. The rabbi established his Great Sanhedrin in the city of Yavne. The Romans destroyed the Jewish state of Judea with the capture of Jerusalem. Consequently, no State existed to pay the salaries of the judges of the Great Sanhedrin in Yavne.

    A lateral Common Law Court had never existed prior to this tremendous chiddush made by rabbi Zakkai. For example: when king Solomon’s court ruled upon the live baby – two prostitutes – dispute, clearly Shlomo did not favor the establishment of a Sanhedrin court during his reign. This key council of wisdom given by Moshe’s father in law, based upon a simple reading of the T’nach, this commentary argues that virtually all the kings of both Yechuda and Israel failed to establish a Sanhedrin Federal Court system of justice within the borders of the Republic of the Tribal States! The 42 Levitical cities failed to establish Yeshivot law schools by which to supply the Torah court system with qualified judges.

    Haskalah represents the Jewish assimilated version of emancipation which viewed the bonds of masoret as a form of “serfdom”. This assimilationist movement walked in goose step with late 18th through early 20th century European governments who permitted Jewry to depart from our long ghetto imprisonment. The legacy of discriminatory laws dating back to the Rambam international Civil Wars, post Napoleonic Europe gradually repealed or replaced. At least on the surface, to euphoric Yidden, it so appeared. The Haskalah Movement, which developed shortly thereafter developed the derisive term “Orthodox”, by which the besmirched old school Yidden.

    Masoret Judaism represents the ‘Old School’, in the ‘modern world’. As if each new generation did not view itself as the ‘modern’ generation. Alas the Rambam false version of halaka prevailed following the public burning of all Talmudic manuscripts in France. Post Nepoleonic Orthodoxy literally embraced the Muslim curse, we became the people of ‘the Book’/Shulchan Aruch. Rabbinic leadership lost both its vision together with its originality. Orthodoxy viewed the Industrial revolution world comparable to how settlers who migrated in conestoga wagons viewed Injuns on the warpath.

    The failure of rabbinic Jewry, primarily due derivative consequences of the international Rambam Civil War, we completely failed to distinguish [much less educate] between Moshiach דאורייתא from Moshiach דרבנן, as distinct and separate mitzvot. Jewish mystics compounded the error, they introduced utter none sense into the preexisting Moshiach chaos. The mystic theology of Moshiach ben David and Moshiach ben Yosef.

    Baying at the heels of Haskalah came the tuma pack of Reform hounds. Reform shares a common root with the Sabbatai Zevi false messiah disasters which plagued Yidden, comparable to the catastrophes which shredded the social fabric of Egyptian society in the days of Moshe. Reform ‘theology’ preached that Jewish g’lut had terminated. That Berlin now existed as their adored Jerusalem!

    The difficulty to rationaly communicate with brain dead idiots, combined with the irrational fear of the unknown, spiced up with the tragic loss of the essential vision leadership necessary for Masoret Yiddishkeit to correctly respond to a world which, almost over night, switched from an agriculture/rural to Industrial/urban based economies. All these factors – so to speak – built the rail lines leading to Auschwitz. Hashem alone redeemed Israel out of Egypt, and Hashem alone caused our people to experience the horrors of the Nazi gas chambers. No other God, not in the heavens, earth, or Seas, resembles this profound revelation.

    The tuma Reform planted the seeds of כרת within the hearts of Yidden. Their ‘theology’ preached that Berlin, now stood as the equal of Jerusalem. When the Zionist ideal raised its head, traditional Yidden rabbis fell headlong into this horid tuma Reform pit. The tuma which brought כרת destruction to the Wildereness generation likewise included the כרת of Shoah during the 20th century. Our rabbis instructed, as their Yiddishkeit version of Torah, that to remain in g’lut, a מקום that Jews cannot do the commandments, these “rabbis” – comparable to the “nobles” which Moshe sent to spy out the land, both this and that preferred g’lut, over the rigours of conquering our homeland.

    Courage – אמץ לב, an absolutely requirement during times of war. Thr need to dedicate דרך ארץ tohor middot unto HaShem applies to all times and seasons – war and peace. This כלל defines the יסוד upon which stands the entire Order of נזיקין. With this introduction, this commentary hopes to learn בבא קמא.
    השיבה שופטינו כבראשונה ויועצינו כבתחלה, וחסר ממנו יגון ואנחה, ומלך עלינו אתה ה’ לבדך בחסד וברחמים, וצדקנו במשפט: ברוך אתה ה’, מלך אוהב צדקה ומשפט.

    As the families of Levi transported the Mishkan, its vessels and parts, so too does the generations of Yiddishkeit transport the tohor middot of דרך ראץ. Yechuda encountered chariots of iron in valleys within the lands he possessed a Torah responsibility to conquer, and that Tribe failed to obey the primary precondition of Torah acceptance. Civilizations rise and collapse because the people of those societies ritualized the foundation which separates those people, and their special unique cultures and customs unto empty ritualism.

    In America today, for example, foolish leaders argue that the Bill of Rights does not apply in a world with machine guns. They willingly seek to deprive all later American generations of the visions of the founding fathers which separated the colonial experiment from European history. These self serving political opportunists and reactionaries despise the very qualities which make America both unique and truly great. These criminal cowards employ rhetoric wherein they pretend to serve the science of archeology. America to them as become a dead fossil civilization, comparable to ancient Egypt or Babylon.

    What effectively sums up the collapse of Judea under the Romans, Yiddishkeit slowly transformed itself unto strict observance of halalic ritualism, totally disconnected from the masoret of our prophetic mussar. Come the rise of the industrial revolution, Western Jewry, under the leadership of Reform and other foolish idiots, discarded our Torah inheritance as useless archaic ritualism relevant to a much earlier Age, which has no significance to the Modern era.

    The opening sugia of our Av Mishna בבא קמא concludes towards the end of :דף ג.
    גמ. מדקתני אבות מכלל דאיכא תולדות. תולדותיהן כיוצא בהן או לאו כיוצא בהן? גבי שבת תנן אבות מלאכות וכו’…לא שנא אב חטאת ולא שנא תולדה חטאת.

    What Torah definition given to חטאת? Mitzvot learn from other mitzvot. חטאת, to this commentator, it learns from the ashes of the Red Heifer. As the latter cleanses טומא מות, so too justice and Shabbot separate Israel from the Goyim. The precondition for the Cohen nation to do service to HaShem, we agree by oath brit Sh’Cem and Rabbeinu Tam tefillen, only to do such service in tohora. Observance of halaka, divorced from prophetic mussar, limits itself to observance of strapping black boxes upon our arm and head, [the four parshiot arranged in the order established by Rabbeinu Tam as contrasted by the Rashi order of tefillen], mindless that the order of the latter reflexts the oath brit sworn at Gilgal.
    תנן אבות הטומאות: השרץ, והשכבת שרע, וטמא מת וכו’.
    The priority of order, does it not seem rather odd. No. That Mishna goes from common occurance to death and violence.
    דף ב: דאילו אב מטמא אדם וכלים ואילו תולדות אוכלין ומשקין, אדם וכלים לא מטמא…ת”ר ג’ אבות נאמרו: בשור, הקרן, והשן.
    The language of the Chumash merits consideration.
    וכי יגח שור …ומת וכו’ אם כפר יושת עליו ונתן פדין נפשו ככל אשר יושת עליו.
    The primary issue of the Torah concerns justice for damages rather than the agent that causes damages. A significant and important distinction. Our Gemara builds upon a concealed יסוד. Our opening sugia in two immediate instances has paved over basic primary points by which it seeks to learn damages. But the subject of damages exists upon a hidden foundation of tohor and justice.

    By what means of mussar can we judge the halakot learned from this Mishna. After king Shlomo built his Temple, he held a great feast which resembled the feast conducted by the king in the days of Ester. The latter feast, a lying spirit prevailed and swept Hamon as second to the king, comparable to Yosef in the days of Egypt. Did king Shlomo in fact construct a building made of wood and stone לשמה? Based upon his latter years, wherein his wives turned his heart away from serving as a תולדה of the house of David. There in that case clearly the תולדות did not follow after the אבות.

    The prophet Natan with clarity informed David that he did not require construction of a house of wood and stone. HaShem does not compare to a man. How then does a wise king interpret the final Will and Testament of his father? Shlomo interpreted the commandment of the king to focus the energies of the nation upon constructing a fancy building. Alas had Shlomo weighed the words of the prophet Natan he would not have erred and made such a shallow reactionary interpretation.

    Civil Wars plagued the Davidic kingdom from its inception. In the early days of Shlomo’s reign peace prevailed. In that narrow window time frame, the king could have established the Torah as the Constitution of the Republic. The king could have established the Sanhedirin courts which includes the mandate of these courts to judge the laws and regulations established by the governors of the Tribes through משנה תורה/legislative review.

    During this narrow window of opportunity, Shlomo could have established the law schools within the 42 Levitical cities. King Shlomo foolishly accomplished nothing in these matters. Instead he exhausted the nation to build a grand pyramid, he squandered the national Will of the nation to once again renew the Sinai brit לשמה. Consequently Shlomo – the fool – set the stage for the rebellion of the 10 Tribes against the Davidic kingdom; he set the chief corner stone of g’lut. עיין the mussar rebuke wherein the prophet הושע ז: א – יב plants the seeds of t’shuva within the hearts of the generations of O’lam ha’Ba.
    וכי תיאמא דברי תורה מדבריקבלה לא ילפינן.

    Alas the generations followed the foolishness of Shlomo, they focus to this very day upon a Moshiach דרבנן rather than making Moshiach דאורייתא the יסוד of their Yiddishkeit! The prophet Shmuel anointed David Moshiach, but Moshe anointed Aaron Moshiach. The Torah requires that the house of Aaron dedicate tohor דרך ארץ as the יסוד of avodat HaShem. The Yidden practice the custom of crying out the 13 tohor middot in the month of Elul, but no Yeshiva makes any effort to learn what separates one tohor middah from another. Tefillah has become degraded to a ritualized event rattled off 3 times a day. Our rabbis have for to long squandered the energies of the Jewish people. As if reading words, remembered by rote, qualifies as the avodah by which the Torah commands not just the house of Aaron to dedicate tohor middot Holy unto HaShem.

    For way to long have Jews sat and mourned on ט’ באב. Our people moan and groan over the destruction of a house made of wood and stone and completely ignore the prophetic mussar to walk before HaShem through the dedication as most holy – defined tohor middot whereby we conduct our daily affairs. Ritualized halaka, dandified into relious codes of law, trivializes the kabbala mussar which our prophets have commanded all the generations of O’lam ha’Ba.
    אלה מהו דתימא כי פליג רחמנא בין תם למועד
    Our sages apply both these terms to Man. They do not limit them to an ox. Our Gemara compares a Man to an Ox, satire of the first order! Nothing compares to the disgrace a person feels when the suddenly wake up and realize the have walked through life totally oblivious of the lives of the people around them. A hard, even brutal mussar.

    This concludes the opening sugia of our Av Mishna בבא קמא.

    The 2nd sugia of our Av Mishna בבא קמא contains 51 lines of Gemara and concludes on :דף ג.
    דף ג. תולדה דשן מאי היא … פרק שני. כיצד הרגל מועדת לשבר בדרך הלוכה. הבהמה מועדת להלך כדרכה ולשבר. היתה מבעטת או שהיו צרורות מנתזין מתחת רגליה ושברה את הכלים משלם חצי נזק.

    Our Gemara conducts a רמז debate: damages do they primarily come from Man or animals? אדם מועד לעולם. An animal, in some cases, enjoys the חזקה of a תם status. The subjects of justice and damages, both exist as important ‘controls’ within the Torah itself. How does the social fabric of society maintain justice in the face of damages?

    The midda a generations searches out mussar and דרך ארץ, herein determines the strength of the ethical social fabric ‘containment force’ which protects a civilization from falling into anarchy, chaos and Civil War. Civilizations do not rapidly deconstruct from well managed and orderly unto gang violence and gangster mob rule. The reverse situation equally applies. Wise rulers understand this reality. An Administration of understanding searches out, and establishes the definition of that key “hair” which lifts up the nation as a whole.

    Justice brings forth fruits of peace. Peace requires terms and preconditions by which disputing partners can once more trust one another. Persons make “peace” with family and friends, but never with enemies. Empires collapse when the social fabric of those societies rips and tears itself to pieces. Nothing uproots and destroys the social fabric of society faster than public injustice and oppression at the hands of the rich and powerful unto the weak and poor. The eternal language which the Torah speaks: justice – righteous justice, tohor justice. Justice: lives as the good name of our nation.

    Nothing quenches the parched throat better than the tohor water of justice.
    ישעיה נה:א. הוי כל צמא לכו למים, ואשר אין לו כסף לכו שברו ואכלו ולכו שברו בלוא כסף ובלוא מחיר יין וחלב
    Business wealth and military prowess does not protect any nations comparable as does domestic internal justice. But justice cannot prevail when a mashgiach kashrut receives his salary from the store owner whose kashrut he also guards.
    ישעיה ה:ד. מדוע קויתי לעשות ענבים, ויעש באשים. ותנן פרק שלישי בבא קמא. נשברה כדו ברה”ר והוחלק אחד במים, או שלקה בחרסית, חייב. רבי יהודה אומר, במתכוין חייב באינו מתכוין פטור. גמ. אמר רב יהודה אמר רב לא שנו אלא שטינפו כליו במים. אבל הוא עצמו פטור, קרקע עולם הזיקתו
    Our Gemara learns אבות ותולדות damages, and the subtle shades which distinguish one from another.
    בבא קמא פרק ב. מה ברשות הרבים חצי נזק, אף ברשות ננזק כצ נזק. אדם מועד לעולם, בין שוגג, בין מזיד בין ער, בין ישן. ותנן פרק שמיני סנהדרין. היה בא במחתרת, ושבר את החבית, אם יש לו דמים [רש”י: אם אינו ראוי ליהרג] חייב. אם אין לו דמים פטור.

    Self actualization of tohor middot, an individual seeks to experience life in a way which achieves an optimal development of individual and even group emotional maturity. Development of a hierarchy of tohor middot. Merit acknowledges Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy (literally “healing through meaning”). Chapter one, page 22, of Man’s Search for Meaning: Experiences in a Concentration Camp.
    “While these ordinary prisoners had little or nothing to eat,
    the Capos were never hungry; in fact many of the Capos
    fared better in the camp than they had in their entire lives.
    Often they were harder on the prisoners than were the guards,
    and beat them more cruelly than the SS men did. These Capos,
    of course, were chosen only from those prisoners whose
    characters promised to make them suitable for such procedures,
    and if they did not comply with what was expected of them,
    they were immediately demoted. They soon became much like
    the SS men and the camp wardens and may be judged on a
    similar psychological basis.”

    The logotherapy bases its יסוד upon the basic foundations: freedom of Will, Will to meaning, and meaning in life. Searching for tohor middot essentially defines the sum total of Yiddishkeit. In the camp, the Meaning in life, meant the will to live.

    The privilege of actually smoking cigarettes was reserved for the Capo,
    who had his assured quota of weekly coupons; or possibly for a
    prisoner who worked as a foreman in a warehouse or workshop and
    received a few cigarettes in exchange for doing dangerous jobs. The
    only exceptions to this were those who had lost the will to live and
    wanted to “enjoy” their last days. Thus, when we saw a comrade
    smoking his own cigarettes, we knew he had given up faith in his
    strength to carry on, and, once lost, the will to live seldom returned.” p.26.

    There was another group of prisoners who got liquor supplied in almost
    unlimited quantities by the SS: these were the men who were employed
    in the gas chambers and crematoriums, and who knew very well that one
    day they would be relieved by a new shift of men, and that they would
    have to leave their enforced role of executioner and become victims
    themselves. p. 29

    I tried to take one of the old prisoners into my confidence. Approaching
    him furtively, I pointed to the roll of paper in the inner pocket of my coat
    and said, “Look, this is the manuscript of a scientific book. I know what
    you will say; that I should be all I can expect of fate. But I cannot help
    myself. I must keep this manuscript at all costs; it contains my life’s work.
    Do you understand that?”
    Yes, he was beginning to understand. A grin spread slowly over his face,
    first piteous, then more amused, mocking, insulting, until he bellowed one
    word at me in answer to my question, a word that was ever present in the
    vocabulary of the camp inmates: “Shit!”. At that moment I saw the plain
    truth and did what marked the culminating point of the first phase of my
    psychological reaction: I struck out my whole former life. pps 32,33.

    In Maslow’s opinion, self-actualizing people possess the necessary skills required to resolve polar dichotomies such as ideas like ‘freedom’ and ‘determinism’. This ‘dialectical relationship’ functions as the hallmark of ‘creativity’ that transforms the mind, so to speak, into a battery, necessary to release the qi or ATP produced by the major internal organs into the bloodstream.

    Self-actualization through the art of meditation entails interpretation of this art. Interpretation of the dream most fundamentally defines self actualization, based upon the principles of Jin Shin Jyutsu Is. To self actualize tohor middot by means of meditation entails the establishment of memory bias (encoding, elaboration, and retrieval) toward tohor spirits and actions. Clearly the first step to accomplish this entails learning wherein a talmid develops a definition of tohor middot. A purpose of meditation, it seeks to implant a memory bias which produces both powerful feelings and self-perceptions. Therefore meditation works to link tohor middot unto the 10 Prime emotions.

    Fear/אמץ לב to the stomach/kidney. Anger/Joy to the liver/spleen/pancreas; Grief/Love to the heart/lungs. Shame/Hope to large intestines/small intestines. Guilt/Freedom to gall bladder/bladder. Chinese medicine does not include the pancreas, while the Japanese view the heart as taboo.

    The k’vanna of tefilla – the dedication of the 7 facet soul unto HaShem through the sanctification of מדות דאורייתא וגם כנוי מדות דרבנן. Torah educates in the hope that perhaps the majority within our generation can outgrow our juvenile immaturity of youth. Goyim, as a rule, do not attach protecting their reputations and good name to fear. Rather often link feelings of jealousy unto their growing arousal of fear. But among traditional Yidden, fear and grief go together like the mixed metaphor of pigs and slop.

    Physical dread does not compare to a spiritual awareness of how actions affect tohor middot Spirits. Possession of fear of heaven understands that the consequences of evil actions, they bear striking resemblance to the mitzva of גט. The tuma of Deicide guilt produced profound effects upon European behaviors. Repetition of an idea – both good or evil – modifies human behavioral patterns.

    One of the faces of avodah zarah: limiting the Gods to what a person personally believes, limiting the Gods to 3 physical dimensions effectively forges an idol. Israel has an oath bris with our God, discerning the distinction between an oath vs.a personal belief as an act of faith. The Torah oath brit alliance defines Yidden faith. It distinguishes Torah from alien belief systems whereby the Goyim worship their Gods. Idolatry compares to the scientific method, both limit the reality of the gods to 3 empirical dimensions.

    The פרדס heuristics strives to develop a teachable sh’itta through introduction of a crisp logic which connects a chain, a sequence of ideas and values. This פרדס heuristics, based upon Torah knowledge and a mussar/halaka warp/woof experience. This definition of halaka despises the Hellenist Reshonnot assimilationist scholarship; it abhors the lie of their cookie cutter halakic claptrap ritualism.

    Maturing the emotional mind, in essence defines the avoda of דרך ארץ. It, so to speak, seeks to transport the Mishkan through the internalization of tohor middot unto the major internal organs which produce basic emotions. T’shuva, its classic Talmudic definition: a person does not behave like a dog who returns and eats its own vomit. Worlds separate a person making a mistake from a person under similar conditions, repeating the same mistake over again. By affixing tohor middot unto internal organs, which produce basic emotions, emotional maturity seeks to do t’shuva upon the emotional mind, a key definition for דרך ארץ.

    Prior to the destruction of the Jewish state by the Romans, Jews had our own country. G’lut radically changed the Jewish world. G’lut Jewry, we had no country of our own, [like the Balestinians today], refugees neither have, nor enjoy political rights. Shallow Democrat reactionaries declare that illegal aliens should enjoy Constitutional rights. The whole point of US citizenship, citizens have rights. If a person can illegally cross the border and become citizens of the US, this action negates the concept of citizenship. It undermines the Constitution of the United States. This political opinion held by many democrats qualifies, according to this commentator, as treason.

    After the Romans destroyed Judea and renamed it “Palestine”. [The EU loves the name Palestine b/c it validates ancient European imperialism in the Middle East]. G’lut transformed the lives of Jewry. Our refugee populations, scattered across the Roman empire, originally sold as slaves, we as a people enjoyed little or no rights. We had to negotiate “rights” with each new Prince or lord or church dignitary. The Church dominated the social and political realities and politics of medieval Europe.

    The Prime population centers of g’lut Jewry, they lived in Western Europe and the Middle East. The rise of Islam of the 7th century, likewise exerted a strong dominant influence upon Jewish refugee populations.

    After the church became the dominant religion of the Roman empire, the competition of Greek Gods the church declared as taboo. But taboo did not stop with Roman Gods named as replacement for the Greek Gods [replacement theology dominated the Roman social fabric long before the Church attempted to impose itself as the “new Israel”]. This tuma taboo initiated the period history known as “the dark ages”. Greek philosophy of Plato and Aristotle, the Church withdrew access to this knowledge from the entire world.

    The mitzva of lighting the lights of Hanukkah, Jews to this day rejoice upon achieving political independence as a nation, not known since the destruction of the kingdom of David by the Babylonian empire. The B’hag holds that the lights of Hanukkah qualify as a mitzva from the Torah itself. Which mitzva or both, to rule the land as an Independent nation or to limit interpreting the Written Torah strictly and only through Oral Torah logic? Israel came out of Egypt to conquer Canaan. But prior to this Israel accepted the Oral Torah revelation at Horev on Yom Kippur, 40 days after the golden calf. Prior to Hanukkah , Jews in Judea lived as a Banana Republic dominated by Greek empires.

    After Alexander the Great died, his empire immediately divided between his commanding generals. Alexander destroyed the Persian empire. Judea went from serving [as a Banana Republic] of the Persians to more of the same under the Greeks. A key advisor to Alexander, Aristotle. The Seleucid dynasty of the Macedonian Empire, the lights of Hanukkah remember. The Romans would destroy both the Macedonian Empire and Judean political independence.

    The Hasmonean dynasty, it ruled after Jews defeated an internal Civil War between the P’rushim and the tz’dukim. Before establishing the Hasmonean dynasty, the Machabees, Jewish rebel warriors, had to first defeat the Macedonian Empire. The Machabee leaders made an alliance with the P’rushim [The rabbis of the Talmud followed the practices of the P’rushim which the new testament Jesus son of Zeus so utterly despised].

    The debased house of Aaron embraced Cohen cult which history labels by the title tz’dukim. Just how does a Banana Republic work? A foreign government appoints approximately 2% of a conquered nation’s people unto positions of authority, and makes them fabulously rich. The other 98% of the population live in dirt poverty and oppression, while that foreign government absconds the wealth of that conquered banana republic. The 2% native overlords, the foreign conquerors, they establish this 2% as the caretakers of the conquered nation. [Side note: Menachem Begin told off Carter at Camp David, he would not permit Israel to become a banana republic of the US. Carter thereafter despised both Begin and the Jewish state].

    The Persians and later Greeks preferred the Tzeddukim to occupy this 2% function over their Judean banana republic. The Machabean revolt prevailed and the rebel leaders then installed themselves as the new Hasmonean dynasty. The fly in the ointment: these new self appointed Jewish kings, immediately after assuming the throne, broke their brit alliance with their former P’rushim allies, and cut a new alliance with their former tz’dukim enemies.

    A new Judean Civil War erupted thereafter. Only a dynastic dispute between brothers who disputed the crown among themselves terminated this Civil War – which lasted for some 100 years. Both fools invited the Romans to resolve their dynastic dispute. The Roman solution, they dissolved the kingdom and placed Harod as king of their new Roman banana republic.

    The P’rushim viewed the Torah as the basic law: the Constitution of the Jewish Republic. Jump now to the period of history of g’lut Jewry. Jews scattered across Europe and the Middle East existed as stateless refugee populations, we had no country of our own. The Jewish Torah scholars of this era go by the title, the Reshonim. Arab armies have invaded Europe and rediscovered the long lost writings of Plato and Aristotle and other ancient Greek thinkers. The Dark Ages end, and the curtain of the Renaissance rises! The church, now firmly established, no longer feared ancient Greek ideas as it did during the rule of Diocletian, Maximian, Galerius, and Constantius as Caesar.

    But just as the Jews of Judea fought a Civil War opposing turning Jerusalem unto a Greek polis/city state, much later assimilated Hellenist Reshon scholars – like the Rambam and Abraham Ibn Ezra, and many many others, mostly from highly assimilated Spanish communities – embraced Greek Philosophy. The lights of Hanukkah generally absolutely reject ancient Greek philosophy – specifically these lights proclaim the miracle, they despise Greek logic formats, as a tool to interpret either T’nach or Talmud. Use of ancient Greek logic to interpret ancient Hebrew texts, in effect negates the kabbala of פרדס scholarship.

    The Rambam dominates Auchronim Talmudic scholarship. Rabbi Karo effectively crowned the Rambam as King among Reshonim scholars! Jewish day schools totally ignore the international Civil Wars which culminated in the burning of 24 cartloads of hand written Talmudic manuscripts in Paris; the expulsion of all French Jewry – which destroyed the Rashi/Baali Tosafot school of Talmudic scholarship; the pulverization of German Jewry; the expulsion of Spanish Jewry; the forced ghettoization of European Jewry; the mass exodus of Jewish survivors from Western Europe unto Eastern Europe etc etc etc. A major fubar [ US marine slang ] to say the least. This disastrous Rambam Civil War, together with its disastrous consequences, totally swept under the rug by Jewish revisionist historians.

    Reshonim scholarship has a tremendous influence on how Jews view the Torah. The harsh conditions of g’lut which our forefathers bravely challenged. These incredibly difficult conditions forced our rabbis to adapt. Could Reshon scholarship denounce ancient Greek opinions during the Renaissance? G’lut Jewry, the living conditions of their lives, a completely different reality prevailed than that which confronted the Machabean Judeans.

    Spanish Jewry in general and the Rambam in particular could never have denounced ancient Greek philosophers, whose writings the Goyim views almost on par with the authority of the Bible itself! Nor could this famous physician denounced monotheism as avoda zarah. Islamic theology would never have permitted such hutzpa. Islam would permit the Rambam to posok Xtianity as avoda zara.

    The Reshonim could never serve as the chief lieutenants in a revolt against Goyim kingdoms, like the manner by which rabbi Akiva endorsed Bar Kokhba. They had no other choice but to somehow transform these tuma ancient Greek philosophies unto tohor. But the price they paid, the Talmudic concept of weaving halaka together with prophetic mussar aggadita, the Rambam code completely obliterated. Did the Rambam make a brazen attempt to subvert the Talmud? Based upon his writings, he does not appear to possess such cleverness. The prevailing times during his youth, terror and total political anarchy, shaped his purview.

    The Rambam fled Spain with his life hanging in the balance. The deep subtleties of Talmudic logic, he simply never learned. After the Paris burnings the Rambam code defined the meaning of halaka. Post burning scholarship strove to harmonize the Rif and Rosh halaka with that of the Rambam. Karo preferred commentaries over logic. This ‘alea iacta est’, it compares to Caesar crossing the Rubicon…how Jews thereafter learned the Talmud —- forever changed. T’nach and Talmud ceased being Constitutional documents which established the model of lateral Common law jurisprudence.

    A great abra kadabra flash! And Yiddishkeit morphed into modern g’lut Judaism. Like on par with how post Civil War America transformed itself from a Republic unto a democracy; America remains a republic, but by way of a subtle shift of priorities, Universal suffrage replaced States Rights.

    We Jews accept responsibility for European barbarism that produced the fruits of the Shoah. The revelation of the Torah at Sinai warned that g’lut would produce Shoah fruits. The stateless refugee Arabs who style themselves as “Balestinians” exist as stateless refugee peoples who have no country. Jews lived that cursed existence well over 2000 years.

    The Old Testament Xtian reference to the T’nach, represents a long standing slander, an expression of Church arrogance. The language fails to differentiate between the Prophets from the Holy Writings. The 1st word of the Torah בראשית, by way of רמז/words within words/ means ברית אש. Translations, all very poor, when learned by themselves alone. No Xtian bible translation obeys the 1st commandment of Sinai. Limiting בראשית to “In the beginning” removes with the 1st word, the depth of the Torah. If you build on a bad foundation, the whole structure built thereon, only worthy for collapse.

    Jews, we have returned, conquered our homeland. Xtians wait for the 2nd coming. G’lut has gone from the Jews unto the “new Israel” replacement Xtian theology.

    So the 1st word of the Torah contains brit … and brit does not mean covenant. The Talmud distinguishes its learning from Greek rhetoric as taught in בבא קמא – the first Masechta of נזקים, with the fundamental idea called “a mountain that hangs by a hair”. This euphemism rejects ancient Greek rhetoric. What constitutes a hair, as contrasted by, a mountain? This metaphor “hair”, it refers to key words upon which speakers “hang” thereon, a mountain of other ideas and concepts. For example: In the 2008 Presidential election Obama employed classic Greek rhetoric to get himself elected into Office. The “hair”, which he never once defined, but upon which he hung all his hopes to get elected … “Change”.

    בבא קמא teaches that rhetoric represents itself as a first cause for damages. An example: how does the Torah define טהר? This key term within and throughout the Torah, from it hangs concepts like: faith, hope, and love. The famous three pillars of new testament theology, with “love” being the greatest. A religious rhetoric in its most טמא form. The term טמא does not really translate unto “defiled”. This abstract term, about 25% of the Talmud addresses the meaning of this obscure composite subject. The subject of tohor and tumah — hands down the most complex and difficult concept in the whole of Sha’s. Neither tohor nor tumah have single word, simple translations like the KJB clean/unclean – employs.

    The subject of tohor, a basic יסוד, upon which stands both the T’Nach together with the Talmud. The word סוד means hidden. A foundation of a building by definition – “hidden”. This idea “hidden” has small connections with mysticism. Where as רמז implies word within words, סוד expands to יסוד. These 2 opposing Torah principles one contracting, while the opposing other expands.

    Torah does not compare to the code of Hammurabi. The latter exists as a simple code of law. A “hair” of the Torah, what separates the meaning between a prophet and an Angel? The Torah refers to Moshe using both metaphors. Rhetoric by definition hangs mountains by hairs … undefined key term. As such, this language makes a concealed reference to Greek tuma – rhetoric. What separates commandments from mitzvot … mitzvot from halakot? Persons who do not differentiate these key terms, they can easily accept the slander made by the apostle Paul. His letters referred to the Torah as “the law”.

    An example: A Jew cannot do any Torah commandment outside the borders of Israel. Mitvot and halakot we can do, but Torah commandments – NO. The Pauline language: “the law”, naturally non Jews who never accepted the Torah revelation, [proof these non Jews rely upon some replacement revelations, be it the new testament or the koran], obviously non Jews qualify as “not under ‘the law’”. Jews, we ourselves – in g’lut – equally qualify as “not under ‘the law’”. This noise testament religious rhetoric, that refers to the Torah as “the law”, it misses the purpose of the Torah revelation at Sinai.
    ולמלשינים אל תהי תקוה, וכל המינים כרגע יאבדו, וכל אויבי עמך מהרה יכרתו, והזדים מהרה תעקר ותשבר ותמגר ותכלם ותשפילם ותכניעם במהרה בימינו: ברוך אתה ה’, שובר אויבים ומכניע זדים.

    As this commentary utterly detests the noise testament abomination, in a similar vein it views king Shlomo. Did that king obey the last commandments of David? In the opinion of this commentator he did not. The construction of the Temple learns from the repetition of the middot of the Mishkan. Parshat בהעלותך, there the Torah teaches keeping פסח. The removal of חמץ separates between the basic needs a person requires to live from the luxury of what a person wants in order to feel personal satisfaction with life. The mitzva of פסח centers upon the generations making this fundamental distinction.

    Parshat בהעלותך repeats this key mussar. Compare צפניה: א:יב with מלכים א ט:יג.
    והיה בעת ההיא אחפש את ירושלם בנרות ופקדתי על האנשים הקפאים על שמריהם האמרים בלבבם לא ייטיב ה’ ולא ירע …ויאמר מה הערים האלה אשר נתתה לי אחי? ויקרא להם ארץ כבול עד היום הזה.
    The language שמריה, understood as complacency. Something like the חבד teaching that the only avodat HaShem that remains: simply to polish the buttons! The avoda of דרך ארץ equally applies to all generations. דרך ארץ hardly qualifies as that of a simple butler domestic worker.

    In matters of business 2 basic rules generally apply across the board: (1) You get what you pay for (2) Lowest bidder syndrome. King Shlomo required top quality workmanship and he paid minimum wages for services received. This character flaw, expressed itself when all Israel came to validate his son as king. King Shlomo made many political alliances through marriage. Yet when the kingdom of his son went to war against Egypt, a primary ally through political marriage, not a single ally from any of those numerous political marriages sent their armies to the kingdom of David, to fight Egypt. The political marriages – לא לשמה, so too and how much more so, the building of the Temple – לא לשמה.

    Why does the Book of שמות place such priority by repeating the middot of the Mishkan? Torah contains רמז depth, building the Mishkan – these middot obligate all generations to dedicate middot of דרך ארץ, to self actualize dedicated tohor middot in all human social relationships unto HaShem. The internalization of tohor middot, to the degree that a person modifies his behavior, this wisdom compares to changing the course of a river by building a dam.

    Building internal tohor middot – this wisdom obligates equally all generations of bnai brit. The mussar of the Mishkan, through its repetition, it serves as the source for משל\נמשל mussar instruction. Tohor דרך ארץ obligations requires much greater wisdom than building a grand pyramid made of wood and stone. The dedication of tohor middot unto HaShem defines avodat HaShem through דרך ארץ as eternally most holy. True justice requires the solid יסוד of דרך ארץ. The Capos מלשינים have neither fear of heaven nor דרך ארץ.

    Herein concludes the 2nd sugia of our Av Mishna בבא קמא.


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