The solution to the Black man’s problem, as shown by Jesus Christ.

Many are the books of Eric’s vast library. And he is anointed to serve Me as prophet and scribe. Amen.

Behold, I Who Am, the Lord Jesus Christ, have come to speak through Eric, My servant on a great many things. First, let us address the great news attracting issues of the day: How to solve the problems posed by the Black race? And I shall give you good and workable solutions, without pouring blame upon innocent White policemen who are only doing their duties in keeping America safe.

The riots perpetrated by many of the minorities in recent weeks is unacceptable. It is not acceptable to get attention to your cause by doing damage to your neighbor’s property. Nor is it acceptable to partake in the looting of the neighborhood store. All these things are severely objectionable in My sight and will be dealt with immediately. I, the Lord, will immediately punish severely all who have partaken in the plundering of the neighborhood shops and stores out of their so called frustrations of racial inequalities. No one is ever equal to anyone else. Let that be very much understood. No one can ever be made equal to anyone else. And whoever tries to equalize two people sins.

The possessions I will to give to any particular individual are by My decision. Let no one attempt to try to correct My decisions. Amen. Now, the main complaint of people of the minority races is concerning the preferential treatment they see other people receiving compared to their own treatment at the hands of the law. Do I allow this, you ask? I will reveal something to you. Blacks in authority are no better than the Whites in authority. Just look at the situation in South Africa. There, the Blacks were complaining for generations about Apartheid and prejudice and racism and unequal treatment compared to other peoples. Well, shortly after Eric the Emerald, through his Pawn Frederick de Klerk, ended South African Apartheid and gave all the Black people of South Africa the right to vote, the Blacks voted in their own, and now we see the Blacks in authority doing the very same crimes and atrocities that they themselves bitterly complained about at the hands of the Whites during Apartheid, but now against the White minority, no longer in power. For whatever people are in power, there will be abusers among them, and they will abuse those who society rejects. There is no way to correct this, no matter what laws are passed, or what people are put in charge. for inevitably, the wicked come to rule and the wicked abuse those beneath them.

For understand this, My Black brethren. My Kingdom is not of this world. Instead of trying to make this world a better place, you would gain more profit if you sought to wash your robes white in the blood of the Lamb and to make thyself presentable to the King of the Universe, the Triune God Who sits upon His throne. For this world and this age will end. But of My Kingdom, there is no end. So do not go about seeking justice against this policeman or that mayor. For do you not trust that I, the Lord God, will see to it that every person is given his just punishments and rewards at the End of the Age? For Am I not God Almighty? Therefore, as I said to the man who asked me, “Lord, let me first go bury my father,” I replied to him, “Let the dead bury their dead, but you go and proclaim the Kingdom of God.” In the same way, I say, “Let Me take care of all vengeance, and you, instead, must be about the business of My Kingdom, which is not of this world, but the next.”

For My Kingdom is already among you, but you do not see it. And it is invisible, just like the Holy Spirit is invisible. Just like the air that you breathe, you cannot see, but without air, you would die. In just the same way, the Kingdom is all about you, but unseen, but you can partake in it if you meditate and contemplate. And the first steps in entering My Kingdom by meditation and contemplation is to let go of all your hate. Let go of all your offenses. You may have an extensive book of all the wrongs people have done to you over the years. Let all of that go now, and you shall be free. Forgive your enemy and pray for him. For only by doing this can you break out of the endless cycle of hatred and revenge. You break out of it when someone does something bad to you, and you don’t strike him back. You don’t seek to get even. Try this, and you will find the solution to all your problems. For these are the first steps to entering into My Kingdom. Amen.

And the solution to the Black problem is not to try to fix something you see wrong in your neighbor, but to turn inwards, and fix that very same problem you saw in your neighbor in yourself. If everyone were to practice these teachings, violence would decrease, and people would find better ways to resolve their differences than in wars and battles. But realize this very important fact. My Church cannot be changed to be like this world. And such is why there shall always be war going on in this world between those who belong to this world and those who belong to My Church. Amen. It is an inevitable fact. And Whoever comes against My Church is going to get smashed by the Rock, upon which My Church is founded. Amen.

Now, Eric, go do that particular piece of work you need to get done tonight. Amen. Lord, I have begun it. And now I am free to write. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord, concerning President Trump? For it is my will that he win the elections coming this November 3, 2020. For I know that great horrors would unfold if a sodomite or an abortionist like Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi were to take over. The orcs must not be allowed to take down the White City, O’ Lord! Good, lord Larimar. You are a good judge of character. The White City will not be destroyed. But there nevertheless will be many casualties in the coming great disturbance in the realms of Mankind. For I Am going to destroy many. But that you now elect to stand with Firefly and her Pawn, Donald Trump, in this coming election battle, that symbol of you two, a reigning Player and a former, triumphant Player, standing together against the insidious Democrats, will turn the tide, and by the combination of the efforts by you two, as well as by the many who come forward to do battle, there will be victory come this November 3rd for Trump and his many fellow Republicans. Amen. A great victory will be seen in the Republican Party because differences were laid aside for the sake of the greater good. Amen.

Lord, it seems that SpaceX has been successful so far in its first space mission of bringing men from American soil on American made technology to the International Space Station on its spacecraft called the Dragon 2, or Crew Dragon, and that this accomplishment was completed during the Trump Administration. What sayest Thou to that? Let their mission be a success, O’ Lord Jesus and Mary, Mother of God. It will succeed, lord Larimar. And America will be officially weaned off of its past dependance on Russia’s Soyuz technology to get men and women into space. Amen. There is also another company developing its own, similar solution for getting men into space, Boeing and their CST-100 Starliner. They also will succeed, and they also will win contracts to serve in supplying NASA and the space programs of other countries such vessels for delivering men and women into space. Also, private companies with ambitions to enter space will do deals with both SpaceX and Boeing in achieving their own technological goals in space. And these will include setting up privately funded space stations, serving for technological research and development, manufacturing in space, and space tourism. For new technologies are making it less expensive to make one’s own space station as a viable possibility for well funded entities to make ventures into space. And such developments will herald the age of the floating cities. Amen.

Now, O’ Lord, do I have a long time left to live and reign, as in decades left, or is my time short, in a matter of no more than a few years? For if I am to become a priest, it would seem that my life has many years left to go. Lord Larimar, you do not have many years left before I take you to your higher calling. In this world you will serve Me as a priest. How long I give you to so serve is for Me to decide, and not for you to know. Just know that you are called to serve Me and I will place you where I will for you to serve. And yes, there will be homeless people at that area, and you shall help them, even from your own personal resources. For you are a man who lives that decree of the Lord: Should any man have two tunics, let him give to the man who has none. I will have you serve Me as a priest in a place where I have decided you are to serve. Amen.

Now, as for serving My people, do I intend for you to serve sex offenders and those most rejected in society? I will decide the people you are to serve. For you will be a man of the cloth, sworn to obedience to your superiors. You will go to where you are sent. Amen. Now, do I intend for you to remain in your current job, working as a developer and system administrator. Yes, you will remain in that position. For I am not changing your field of work. I Am not taking you out of your current field of employment. But Lord, what about my entering into the Seminary this summer as prophesied? You will do the work I give you to do. I am curing you, but not in the presence of any priest, for it is My decision that you not become a priest. Amen.

Then, let us look at the many various options of my vocation:

  1. The celibate, virgin way of serving God as a layman.
  2. The celibate, virgin way of serving God as a Religious, such as a monk or hermit.
  3. The married route of entering into the marital embrace and having offspring.
  4. The priesthood, which is now ruled out by God.

Such are the four possibilities. And I am currently on the path of number 1, that of the celibate, virgin way of serving God. Amen. But what sayest Thou? We, the elect in heaven, allow you to marry if you so choose. All the vows you made to Us that you remain celibate and virgin, we excuse you from, should you wish to marry. Amen.

Lord, if there is a girl that comes from God and that you will me to marry her, I will agree to marry her. Amen. Good, then it is settled. A girl is coming from Me and shall enter your life soon. You will be obligated to marry her and have children by her, for We are sending her to you. And you will know that We have sent her. Amen. For a good tree produces good fruit, whereas a bad tree produces bad fruit. By her fruits, you will know from whence she has come. Amen.

Lord, what becomes of Hyacinth? For I am still helping her. Yes, you are. But not for much longer. For before you see the girl We intend to give you, Hyacinth will have departed from the planet, and We will ensure that you are made aware of the moment of her passing from this world. Amen.

Lord, do I remain where I now live? Or do I move to another location? Like a potted plant, you remain where I put you. But I am soon taking you out of where you now live. You are being moved to another location. For the moment you are cured, you will be moved. Amen. But Lord, will this be an orderly relocation, one done in this world, or will it be by a supernatural means, by which I am sort of transferred by God from one location to another? All the books you possess you will take with you in this relocation. And it will involve renting a room within a house. Amen. So I do not rent a whole house, but just a room within it, O’ Lord? That is correct, lord Larimar, for you are to serve Me as a humble and poor man, and not a man of great spending and of great wealth. But lord, how do I fit all my books into such a living quarters as a single room? You will be given a closet area in which all your books may be stored. Amen. Do this, and you shall live and prosper.

Lord, given this, it seems that I cannot bring all the books that belong to me to this new location, for it seems that there would simply be not enough room for them. But what do You say? Storage in that house in which you rent a room will be provided for you to store all your books. In addition, you will have your computers set up in your room, and your door to your room will be secured with a lock. Everything has been decided by Me. And I have decided everything in advance. Amen.

Lord, will I also receive a raise in pay? Your pay will be doubled, lord Larimar, and you will be changed in status from a 1099 to a W2. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His servant. Amen. Good, you have acknowledged Me. And you know that what I say is the Truth. Now, go and study the languages I will for you to study: Spanish, Latin, and Greek. And read your 1953 Catholic Holy Bible, where you have now begun reading Exodus, the tenth book you are reading in your pathway through the entire Holy Scriptures. So far, you have read: (1) Job, (2) Song of Songs, (3,4,5,6) the four Books of Kings (1,2 Samuel and 1,2 Kings in modern Bibles). (7) Ruth, (8) Judges, (9) Genesis. Right now you are reading (10) Exodus, reading between one, two, or three chapters a day. After (10) Exodus, you will read (11) Joshua, (12) Hebrews (13) James, (14) Revelation, (15) John, (16) Mark, (17) Ezekiel, (18) Daniel, (19) Lamentations, (20) Jeremiah, (21) Isaiah. And as you approach the end of those books, I will assign you more books, until the entire Holy Bible has been read. Amen.

Lord, since I am to remain in the computing industry and technology career, should I invest any time also studying the systems computer language called Rust? Study, what I give you to study. For you are really working for Me. Your computer job is a facade. Your real job is as My scribe and prophet, and in those disciplines does your future lie. And when this job ends in the computing field, you will be well prepared to enter the fields prepared for you that more directly align you to serving Me. For the knowledge of Rust will quickly go obsolete, as technology continuously rapidly changes. And older men cannot keep up with all the changes taking place. Their brain capacities are not fit for the never ending learning of new languages and technologies. But as for your skills in Spanish, Latin, and Greek, these will become useful in the position I elect to put you in when you are set up to work as I call you in a future career you are to have that directly serves Me.

Lord, is it true, as previously revealed, that You are Coming again shortly after I am taken away from this world? Yes, for you are the End Times prophet. And through you do I reveal much End Times prophecy. And you are not alone. Lazurite is another End Times prophet who is sent to preach to My people, the Jews, in their native Hebrew. Amen. Now, ask one more question, lord Larimar, and We shall conclude this post.

Mankind has been on the planet for some 2 million years, and as the species Homo sapiens for some 200,000 years, but civilization had only existed so far for about 12 thousand years. And Christianity has existed for only about 2000 years. So, O’ Lord, it seems things and changes are going on and developing at a faster and faster rate. Does all of this suddenly end full stop with an unknown, but sudden end to all things and the sudden beginning of the Age of Eternity? And is the Age of Eternity an immutable Age and of an immutable Kingdom? And what is My Kingdom there, O’ Lord?

Good, lord Larimar. You have learned many things. Indeed, Mankind has evolved slowly and gradually developed into a faster and faster changing species. Much of that change is taking place within the brains of Mankind. And yes, Mankind continues to evolve to this day. But those who are sexually sinful do not partake in this rapid ascendancy of Man’s mental development as he enters into the Eternal Dominion. For heaven is mental, not physical. And heaven is already here, in the minds of those who serve Me. But will there be a sudden end to all of this activity on the earth, you ask? Once My Kingdom is full of all the allotted number of souls recorded in the Book of Life, predestined to enter in from all eternity, all that you see here in this world will come to an end. Amen.

As for your Kingdom, lord Larimar, realize that it is called Rivendell, and that it is situated deep and high in the fifth dimension. And remember the five dimensions:

  1. length
  2. width
  3. height
  4. time
  5. the gradient of spiritual substance.

And your Kingdom in this world consists of North America, consisting of all the lands of Alaska, Canada, and the Contiguous United States of America, and all nearby related islands belonging to those lands. Amen. Such is the Larimar Kingdom. And you are its first King. And your son, John, shall be its second King. And while he is still an adolescent, I will come again. Amen. Hence, you have years left, but not a great many. And when I take you and Lazurite from this world, the world and its inhabitants will have only a short time left before I come again. Amen.

And yes, Eternity and all within the Kingdom there are immutable and decided from all eternity, down to the least measure of reward for deeds done by all My elect. Amen. And when any member of My Kingdom dies and enters into heaven, he enters into his immutable reward. Heaven is eternally alive, but never changes. And all who go there were decided to go there from all eternity. Hence there are two Books: The Book of Life which is immutable, and the temporal book of souls currently following Jesus, from which names may be added to or subtracted from. In the immutable Book of Life, your name is there. And your future son John’s name is there. And your future wife’s name is there. But as for the possibility of any other names of potentially others predestined to arise in your family, I will not say. Amen. And as to whether you are to have many children or but one son, I will guide you in your decisions when the time comes. Amen.

And the location of your marriage shall be Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, in Saint Catherine of Alexandria Catholic Church. Now I have spoken at length. You may go now and do as I have commanded you. Read what I command you to read. Study the languages given to you. And meditate on My Word. For your position as My prophet and scribe require deep and pure concentration. And by your obedience to Me in your sex life with your wife, you will lose nothing in your spiritual interior. The Lord Jesus Christ has spoken. Amen.

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