Black Abortions say Black lives don’t matter.

Let those who say, Black Lives Matter, stand with Mary and be Pro-Life. Amen.

If you support the right of a woman to choose to abort her baby, then you do not agree that Black lives matter. For Blacks are the main victims of Abortions in America. And if Black lives in the womb don’t matter, then neither do they matter after birth. For how can any Black man hold up a sign that says, “Black Lives Matter,”? and also be Okay with Black women aborting Black babies? For such is an outright hypocrite! Either stand with Pro-Life movements in ending abortion and then proclaim that Black lives matter, or else stand with the Abortionists and say, “I don’t give a damn about Black lives!” For I tell you Truthfully, No Black who deliberately partakes in any abortion really gives a damn about the life of any Black. Amen.

Lord, what is Your will for me today? Continue to do your job, lord Larimar. Your pathway into My priesthood is now set. And so, my act of impurity has not thrown a monkey wrench into the plans of God? I Who Am already know what shall take place upon the earth. Nothing you do will ever surprise Me. But I always expect you to seek to do right. Now, that sometimes you fail, that is when I Am teaching you and bringing you to a higher development. Realize that all failure in life is an opportunity to grow and to learn.

Now, O’ Lord, explain your teaching on impurity, purity, and the requirement of sexual purity for going to heaven. Yes, lord Larimar. I shall. The natural path is to be impure, and to go into women, and to have a sex life. But the spiritual path does not follow the natural path. For the end of the natural path is hell. All natural paths end up in hell. To enter into heaven, you must be better than a natural man. Only the spiritual paths lead men on routes that lead them to become fit for heaven. And all spiritual paths lead away from sex and sexual activity.

You can get to heaven if you have had a past life of sex. For God looks at where you are now more than where you once had been. Lord, can God forgive a man or a woman who partook in an abortion, not realizing or being aware of its full evil? Yes, but realize that whosoever aborts a baby, forever will the blood of that baby fall upon that person’s head. And there is no rest, day or night, for the one who has partaken in the butchery or abortion of a baby in the womb.

Lord, then how can such a person hope to be saved? He or she who is responsible for consigning an innocent human soul to the top of hell, which is where the Limbo of the Infants is located, can ascend to no higher than the bottom of heaven, should he or she be forgiven and saved. Amen. Hence, it is possible to be saved, but woe unto that one! In purgatory shall they remain until I come again. Amen.

Lord, someone might accuse You of hating those who have committed abortions. What sayest Thou to that? The act of committing an abortion is a sign of one’s reprobation. For how can such a soul expect their heavenly Mother to help them enter into Paradise if they themselves have deliberately prevented their own child from having any chance for salvation and from even seeing the light of day. Amen. And no one can get to heaven without Mary’s help. For all graces flow through her.

But Lord, so many Black women and men are then already beyond the ability for you to save? That is correct, Lord Larimar. The Black race has largely disqualified themselves from standing with Me to be saved. Hence, I have prepared My Hispanic people to come in from the nations to the south, and to replace the filthy Blacks. For the Black lives that are rejected by Me do not matter, as far as My elect are concerned, though the lives of all eternal souls are a matter of My divine concern. And I have rejected all Blacks who have taken the butcher knife to their unborn child. Amen.

Now, what do you call Barack Hussein Obama? Barack Obama is the prince of the Infidels and lord of the Abominations of the earth. Now I have spoken at length. And I have condemned the wicked, all who stand with Obama, the Black demon of hell. Amen. For whosoever stands with Obama has received the mark of the beast on their forehead or right hand. Amen.

Lord, who wins in the elections at November 3, 2020? Nancy Pelosi becomes the next head of state come noon, January 20, 2021. For the elections will not succeed. And there will be breakdowns in the polling. It will be impossible to declare a winner. And thus, the default is that, without a winner declared, that the Speaker of the House assumes control of the White House when the current Presidential Term of Trump expires. Amen.

But Lord, Nancy Pelosi is a demon. This may be all part of Lucifer-Man’s master plan of taking over the United States of America. Good, you have acknowledged the plan. Such is why you must be taken from where you are to your new location. And in your new location, I will protect you. But your family will become vulnerable to attack. Now I have spoken. Go as you are ordered to. Enter the priesthood as I enable you to. And realize that I Am with you, and that you will become My priest. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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