John, the Apostle, now speaks through Puer Madonna

The dragon’s ire, more fierce than fire, laid low their towers and houses frail.

I, John, the Apostle, have now come to speak through Eric, the one called the Larimar King, who once called himself the Emerald King, and who is now called from heaven by the name of Puer Madonna, for he is as a child of God and of Mary. Amen. The Lord is pleased by the persistence of Eric to remain on the path of the priesthood, despite three tests of him to abandon it, in favor of a glrl upon the earth. Amen.

I, John, have the following words to write of Eric, the Larimar King. Today, this Monday, I am taking Eric up to his new location. He will then be safe there. As for his current home, it will become part of a ghost town and be abandoned. All the books that belong to Eric, We will leave behind, except for his 1953 Catholic Holy Bible, through which Eric is in the process of reading in full. Eric has in fact read extensively of the Bible throughout his life, but this is the first time he has sat down to read the entire Bible in full, book by book, and he is reading it in the order We have prescribed for him. And this is the order revealed so far: Eric has read (1) Job, (2) Song of Songs, the four (3,4,5,6) Books of Kings (which in modern Bibles are the two (3,4) Books of Samuel and the two (5,6) Books of Kings), (7) Ruth, (8) Judges, in that order. And now he is almost finished with (9) Genesis. Eric is reading this Holy Bible by a chapter or two or three a day. Now, after (9) Genesis is read, Eric will then read (10) Exodus, (11) Joshua, and then jump to the New Testament and read: (12) Hebrews, (13) James, and (14) Revelation. After you have read Revelation, lord Larimar, I instruct you to read the following seven books in order: You will read (15) John (the Gospel), (16) Mark, (17) Ezekiel, (18) Daniel, (19) Lamentations, (20) Jeremiah, (21) Isaiah. Later, after you have progressed further, I will give you the further books you shall read in order, eventually including the entire canon of the Catholic Holy Bible. For Protestants following along, your Bibles that contain the Apocrypha contain the entire list of books in the Catholic Canon, found in all Catholic Holy Bibles, along with the missing chapters in your main Bibles, like Daniel, chapters 13-14, also found in all Catholic Holy Bibles.

Now, Eric, we in heaven instruct you to eat your breakfast. Before going to work today, you will complete this post. Amen. Okay, I am back. My current employer says he doesn’t need me today. Yes, lord Larimar, it is not with him that you are going to work for today. Now, I, John the Apostle, shall speak.

First let us address homosexuality. Many people throughout the Church Age who were enemies of Christ, have called me and the disciples and Jesus Himself as homosexuals. And some have also mistaken you for being gay. Remember the pianist who worked at the Quaker Church and you sometimes conversed with him. Well one time you told him a thought that was on your mind, that he looked like a cherub, and that innocent thought was interpreted by him as a homosexual advance, and he shunned you ever since. And then there was the guy you knew called Ernie, who you met before he began his journey to the priesthood, and in whom you found a dark spirit. You witnessed his passage into the priesthood. Well, while he was still a Seminarian, he was showing you his clothing he was wearing, and talking about it, but because you innocently touched his clothing, he interpreted that as a homosexual advance, and shunned you from that point onward.

Now, both of these men threw a valid and crucial friendship away with a heterosexual and a now pure man, who has now mastered perfect continence, because in their blindness and folly, they mistook your pure, sinless friendship with homosexuality! Let us be straight for all people. Homosexuality is a sexual attraction to members of the same sex. A man is not a homosexual because he says innocent words or does innocent touches, but only if they have a sexual context to them. Learn to have the innocence of little children, and you will not make that mistake that those two men made with Eric. For I tell you, on the Day of Judgement, I will demand from those two men what they obtained from the friendship with Eric that I sent to them. And when they say they rejected your friendship because they interpreted your words or actions as a homosexual advance, I will say unto them, Eric is no more homosexual than the rain is filled with salt. You rejected a friendship I sent to you to serve you a certain purpose. Because you rejected that light, you will burn for all the loss you incurred for doing the wrong and not doing the right.

Now, Eric, though you, for a few rare times, have been mistaken for being gay, it is the sign of great spiritual blindness for anyone to think you are gay. Anyone who thinks that way has greatly sinned to have been so blinded. But you have no homosexual tendencies at all whatsoever. But neither shall you marry nor enter into any relationship with a girl. That, my friend, is the big catch. Many in the American culture believe that a man who does not marry or have a sexual relationship with a woman must be gay. Such is the great folly of America. The reverence for the virgin, celibate lifestyle has vanished from American culture, and been replaced with the expectation that everyone has sex, and uses contraceptives to prevent a pregnancy. And those who abstain from sex before marriage are regarded as attempting a near impossible ideal to achieve. But those who abstain from sex for life are regarded as either nuts, or more likely gay. Such is how Americans think. You do not think along such patterns. But the American psychology is now wired to think along such lines. Sex is also now considered a right that no one is entitled to take away from you, no matter whether it is fornication, adultery, sodomy, or other foul and obscene sins. And abortion is also considered a right. Americans tolerate the murders of helpless unborn babies all around them all in the name of the so called toleration of others and the exercise of the great freedoms of America.

Well, it is not acceptable to accept homosexuality or abortions or sex outside of wedlock, or any form of artificial birth control being practiced anywhere in this nation, and then to ask God to bless it. America was once a leader in morality. Now she is a sunken ship. For I tell you truthfully, chaos, great chaos and anarchy is the fate of this nation unless it comes back to holiness by observing the teachings that I teach through Eric. And these are the teachings.

  1. No one has the right to sex, except within the bonds of holy matrimony.
  2. No sex act may occur where the power to reproduce is artificially prevented.
  3. No one may use medicine or any procedure to stop or end a pregnancy.
  4. No one may recognize any pair of homosexuals as a lawfully married couple.
  5. No one born male may use a female bathroom, no matter what he does to himself.

Keep to and return to these five simple teachings, and America will return to being a well blessed nation. Now I shall speak.

Eric, there is no Truth to the story that Jesus ever had any sexual relations with any woman. Such stories, as they are found in various myths and writings, are myths created by people who have no ability to attain to the celibate life themselves, and so, they think it is impossible. And therefore, they think Christ had to be married also, and therefore, that he had to have had sex like themselves. But they are dead wrong. Jesus practiced perfect continence his whole life.

Then, Your Excellency, what am I to make of that revelation I received from a woman who said her name was Mary, and who said she knew Jesus, and that this knowledge was sexually intimate? And she accepted my identifying her as the Mary who was a sister to Martha, but later I identified her as Mary Magdalene, when I came to the knowledge that the historical Mary Magdalene was not the adulteress mentioned in the holy scriptures, and that neither was there any evidence of impropriety in her. And this revelation took place shortly before the First Martyrdom Breakdown on June 1-2, 1995, at the end of which a woman spoke to be clear as day, but was invisible, saying, “Eric, come to me!”, followed again with, “Eric, come to me!” I have never heard such a real voice spoken to me from heaven before or since to this day. And I immediately identified her as Mary of Magdalene. And I linked her to the same woman who appeared to me shortly earlier who said she had relations with Jesus. But now, I trust in you, Your Excellency, John the Apostle, to clear up this matter. Consider this similar to how I had the Virgin Mary clear up the matter of whether she was born by Immaculate Conception by my directly asking her that question when she appeared to me in that Visitation of me in December, 1996, to humble me in my Antichrist pride. I asked her, “Were you born by Immaculate Conception?” And after a period of silence while I stood before her, she answered, “Yes, by Immaculate Conception, but do not ask me any more personal questions.” Mary cleared up all the controversy herself to me in those exact words from her in English, and that answer has remained in my memory banks and has been written in all the Emerald Troves I have written since then, including those I destroyed due to blasphemy.

Eric, now I shall speak, I, your brother John. I was with Mary Magdalene and the Virgin Mary during and after the Crucifixion, and I took them both to Ephesus, where they would be safe. There they dwelt and I protected them as I would my mother and sister, for Christ had assigned me to be their protector. Now, if Mary Magdalene were to have become pregnant at anytime during which she was in the company of Jesus, I, John, would have known about it. I would have seen the bump in her belly. And I would have seen the child born.

Therefore, understand that the message you heard from what you thought was Mary Magdalene during your trials, days before you heard the voice from heaven, was not the same source as the voice you heard from heaven. That voice you heard from heaven that sounded as clear as day was the true Mary Magdalene who was sent to speak to you as a reward for and a sign of your successful passage of that test of your obedience to God, Who had led you to that parking lot at night before that baby tree, and ordered you to remain there and pray there until you were relieved. And you remained there that whole night, June 1-2, 1995, until well after dawn. Amen. Mary Magdalene’s words to you was the sign that you had fulfilled what you were ordered to do, and by her words, you were led back to you car and you drove back to your base where you lived. Amen. Though you called it your First Martyrdom Breakdown, spiritually, you could not have been more saner than you were on that night. For the man who truly stands with God in his insanity is really not insane, but only seems that way to observers.

Hence, that message from the one who said her name was Mary and who claimed to have had sexual relations with Jesus was of diabolic origins. You know well now that Satan comes in the appearances of Jesus and Mary frequently, often fooling you. Back then is no different. Satan was speaking to you back then as well, not just people from heaven. And Satan takes on the appearances and forms of whosoever he pleases to deceive God’s people. This concept is one of the later concepts you have come to understand. Realize that just because you receive a message, and it seems to come from someone from heaven, doesn’t mean it is true or what it seems. And many of the messages you have received in the past only now do you see in them their diabolic nature.

Even your discernment of your vocation, once set on the priesthood, was often turned back to marriage to a woman because you heard Satan claiming to be God, or Jesus, or Mary say that you are to marry rather than to become a priest. Now you realize that those were deceptions. Realize that such deceptions also occurred back then in your formative years as well and deep throughout your past. And if you, who are still a virgin, and who are now in perfect and complete continence, by a special grace from God, can be so deceived by cleverly laid lies from Satan, now you realize why so many Catholics are deceived by Medjugorje. And you now realize how sinners who commit major sins, by which they are spiritually blinded by divine justice, may be rendered as never again being able to find the way back to God.

Yes, Eric, it was Satan, not Mary Magdalene, who appeared to you shortly before your first Martyrdom Breakdown and who told you that lie that Jesus had had sex. Now you know a secret that heaven rarely reveals. Heaven rarely corrects the lies that people believe. It is up to the people to come to their senses and to reject all falsehoods and lies. And just because a prophecy is old, or even ancient, doesn’t mean it cannot come from Satan. For is not Satan called “the ancient serpent”? (Revelation 12:9). Since the very first woman was given to the very first man, Satan has been lying and deceiving humanity.

And then, Your Excellency, John the Apostle, that I am called “the son of Jesus”, how is this to be correctly understood, in all its hidden meanings? For I know that I am not the physical descendant from Jesus, for He was virgin like his foster father Joseph, and he had no descendants whatsoever. So, am I son of Jesus in the sense of how the Apostle Paul refers to Timothy as his son, even though he, himself, too, was a celibate man who had no offspring. (1 Corinthians 4:17 & Timothy 1:2). And tell me this too, Your Excellency, am I to be known as “the” son of Jesus, or as “a” son of Jesus?

I, Jesus Christ, shall now answer this question for John, My Apostle. It is well that you, Eric, have now, on this day, finally realized that that vision who appeared to you claiming unlawful conduct on My part with her, back in 1995, shortly before the June breakdowns, was of diabolic origins. All this time, you were convinced it was Mary Magdalene, the same one who spoke to you as clear as day on June 2, at the conclusion of your trial by obedience. Realize the two appearances were from distinctly separate sources. The one who spoke clear as day, you did not see, but you immediately knew was Mary Magdalene. But the voice who spoke earlier, you did not know which Mary she was, even after she claimed to be called Mary. The lack of divinely given inner certain knowledge in recognition of an apparition is the sign of its diabolic origin.

Now, Eric, you ask why I call you My son? It is because you were born to be My son. I chose you from within your mother’s womb. Before you were born, your fate was sealed. And before you came to be, your mother was already lost to Satan. As for your father, I can still save him, for he still loves Me, but faintly, and as through a fog. But as for your two brothers, both of these have been severely spiritually blinded for their sins. And neither of them will be granted to enter into the Catholic Church while they live upon the lands. Only in their passing away, at their last gasp of breath, is it possible that one of them might find Me. Amen.

Now as to whether you are known as My exclusive son, or My one son, or one of My many sons, which seems more probable to you, Eric? I feel that up until me that You regarded no man as Your son. But after me, maybe more such men will You bring forth? After you, I Am Coming. There is no long future to come to this world when you are taken away from it. You are highest and greatest in intellect among all My saints who have come and gone before you. That is why you appeared to be like Satan. For Satan, too, was the highest and greatest in intellect among all My angels.

That Satan fell from his position due to his great pride, it was thought that you, too, would fall by the same means. And if you had fallen, you would have been Antichrist, the greatest son of Satan. And most cursed would you have been among all of Creation, given all the helps that you received and all the signs that you saw. For you directly saw My power by the first request you made to Me after reading My Words in a Children’s Bible, where it was written, “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move over there,’ and it shall be done for you.” (Matthew 17:20). And you, as a small boy, right after having read that in a Children’s Bible, went outside and looked up to Me and My angels in heaven, and said, “Let there rise up in Russia a good leader who will not corrupt, and who will carry out many reforms, and end the Cold War.” Such were your exact words in English in the entirety of your request you made to Me and to My angels, which you called the higher beings. And you believed in the what you had read with the pure innocence and faith of a child. And your request was carried out to the letter.

Eric, there are none else like you in all of Creation. You are a singleton, a sole occurrence of a kind. But were you to have married, much would have been lost. And you would not have found Me. Like a diamond lost in a sand dune would you have been lost had you cleaved to any woman. The proper ripening of your fruit could only occur if you attained perfect continence and perfect celibacy, along with keeping yourself virgin.

I do not fault you for your compassion of Caesar Sandra Nikee. But she will be taken from your care now that your time has come for you to be made whole and cured. Your cures will come in this form: First you will be made to see as Tobit saw and Paul saw, at the moments they were cured. (Tobit 11:7-15 & Acts 9:10-19). Then, your skeletal framework and all your bones up to your teeth will be made like Wolverine’s, laced with adamantium and rendered unbreakable. (John 19:36). And then, all the various and minor issues of the flesh will be cured and made right, including establishing a complete chemical balance in your brain, making it no longer dependent on medication to be kept stable. Amen. These cures will be made yours come evening tonight. Be ready and this is how you are to ready yourself. Realize that I Who say these things to you Am Jesus, your Beloved. And I will never abandon you. And I will never desert you. For you are Mine. Now, I will turn it back to John, who shall complete this post through you. Remember what I instructed you earlier. You are to ask John for guidance and questions on theology and Church teaching, but not on future prophecy, for I do not send John to you to prophesy on the future. Amen.

I, John the Apostle, have returned now to complete this post through you, lord Larimar. It is good that Jesus answered all your questions definitively. Now I shall answer any questions you have on Church theology or dogmas or doctrines of the Catholic Church, for I am invested with authority to speak and to discourse.

Your Excellency, John the Apostle, Jesus said my fate was sealed before I was born. He speaks of predestination. And yet, he alluded to the possibility of my damnation, had I fallen from grace or gotten married. Eric, understand this very important doctrine of the Catholic Church. All who are to go to heaven were positively predestined to go there. But all who were to be denied heaven were negatively reprobated from going there. There is no such thing as positive reprobation, as is found in simplistic ideas of predestination, such as the false concept thought up by John Calvin. Calvinism is rejected by the Catholic Church, but Predestination is a required belief to be a faithful Catholic. But it must be correctly understood in the sense that God never takes away free will, nor does He decide ahead of time who is to commit a sin or who is to fall to any sin. Rather, God preordains all graces from all eternity, but his eternal decision take away graces or to deny graces, particularly the grace of final perseverance, which cannot be earned, but which is necessary for salvation, are a matter known as negative reprobation. God elects from all eternity to give only sufficient graces, but not efficacious graces, to certain men and thereby to negatively reprobate them from the possibility of salvation. And for other men, God elects from all eternity to provide them with both sufficient graces and efficacious graces to positively predestine them to glory and salvation.

Now, some object, such is not fair. Not all are given equal graces. Not all are predestined. Some are negatively reprobated. But what is God’s answers to this? God wills to save Who God will save. But should someone despair that God does not elect to save him, because his sins are too great for God’s mercy to make whole? To fall to despair is itself a great sin. Always, one must have hope. For once you lose all hope, you become lost. But if cast yourself at the feet of Jesus and place everything in your life and all your troubles at His feet, He will give you hope, and you will find peace.

John, I wish to ask one important thing. Ask, my brother? Can any sin, with the exception of blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, be forgiven by Christ, and for that person so forgiven to be admitted into heaven? Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, and deliberately causing the spiritual death of a little one belonging to Christ are the only things that will not be forgiven by Christ, should someone approach Him seeking the forgiveness for all his sins. Then there is the act of dishonoring the name of His Holy Virgin Mother, which is an infallible sign of reprobation. Avoid these three things, and your conscience will be made clean when you confess all your sins with true contrition in the sacrament of reconciliation when in the confessional to a priest.

But one thing from which there is no escape from is the cross. Everyone must learn to bear his own cross. He who bears His cross manfully will find that his cross will bear him and take him to where he wants to go. But he who refuses to bear his cross, will only find his cross to become heavier and heavier. But if you take up your cross and follow after the Christ, you will find that your yoke will be made easy and your burden light. Amen. Remember that the Way is to follow the example that was laid down by Jesus Christ.

But many in the Catholic Church seem to worship Jesus in the Church but do not seem to know much about His Way. That is because they do not follow Him, Eric. They have other ideas, that do not come from reading the gospels, about what they think Catholicism is all about. And that is why they do not practice the Catholic faith carefully. They neglect to go to confession, and when they do go, they neglect to make a full or complete confession of all their mortal sins since their last confession. And then they go up to receive communion with a guilty, numbed, or seared conscience. Furthermore, they come to think that sin doesn’t matter anymore. And they believe that either there is no hell or that few go there. And they come to believe that the existence of Satan is a myth. And they come to believe that Jesus will embrace them, no matter how badly they sin or how much they turn away from Him. In other words, they adopt the heresy of the irrevocability of their state of grace, also known as the Free Grace Theology heresy. Such people do not want to work to reform themselves. Rather, they prefer to rot in their sins and expect to be saved by doing nothing more than achieving some sort of belief system in the mortal minds. Faith without works is dead. (James 2:14-26).

Eric, We, the elect of heaven, shall now speak. And what shall you speak of, and how am I to address you, my lords? Address us with the titles of Your Excellencies, for we, like Paul, and John, and Peter are as authorities in the Church Triumphant and experts on all of the Law of God and of the Way of Jesus. Then, speak, Your Excellencies, for I am listening. And by your words I will know the validity of your claims. For I know that the Kingdom of Heaven is a Monarchy, and not a Polyarchy. Jesus Christ is the One Monarch Who rules all of the Kingdom of Heaven. And no other can speak in His name unless He is authorized to speak by Jesus, either directly, as Jesus commissions one to prophesy, or indirectly, as through the sacrament of Holy Orders, by which all such validly ordained men are given the authority to preach the Word of God in the Catholic Church by the infusion of the grace of that sacrament on the candidates to the priesthood by the bishop by the laying of his hands on the new priests. And such bishops are those who received that same authority by the same means going back in the chain of Apostolic Succession to the point where Jesus breathed the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles, and they were sanctified as the Original Eleven. Amen. (John 20:21-23). And from this Original Eleven were all other valid bishops made.

So speak, Your Excellencies, for I am eager to hear what thou sayest. For I believe that I have been ordered to listen to John the Apostle, and those others who are anointed to speak to me from heaven. We the elect in heaven are so anointed to speak. Now listen to Us. We know where your fate lies. And it lies beyond the simple entrance into the Seminary and the becoming of a mere priest in Jesus’ Catholic Church. No, by no means are you limited to just becoming a priest in My Catholic Church, or such a servant in My Kingdom, lord Larimar. I have anointed you for much greater things than these. You are anointed to govern and rule Kingdoms and Kings in vast reaches of the Kingdom. I will anoint you today to your place where you shall be appointed to reign from. You will go there when I command it. And all the books within your house that belong to you shall go with you. Amen. That includes also all the books of yours stored in boxes anywhere in the Dunstan estate. Now, listen to Me. To prepare for this journey, you must let go of all your treasures in this world.

You have already let of that girl called Hyacinth, in your obedience to John, who sees and knows beyond what you see and know. Now, you will let go of your job. And all the income you had hoped to earn in it, you will now entirely let go of. The work you once did for your current employer, you will not be concerned about any further. Though you will give him one week’s notice, starting today, right after you are assumed to your new location. Amen. Realize that your father and your mother have a different path. And they go to a different place. And they have a different fate. Where I take them, you shall not follow. And you and your brothers shall be assembled to decide who owns what of the Dunstan estate. To David, your older brother, shall be granted huge sums of money, as is contained in the various accounts and stocks. And to your brother Mark shall go the forgiveness of all debts of money that he had borrowed from your parents, never intent on paying any of it back. A equal amount of money shall be forgiven to Mark as will be the small fortune inherited by David. When I say small, what I mean is an amount under a million dollars, for the parents of Eric were never rich. And to Eric will be deeded the house and his father’s car. Done!

But Eric, you do not yet know the half. The reason why neither brother will seek ownership of the house will be that it will be a condemned structure, and a ruin in a ghost town. Hence, you will own the house, but will not live in it. Rather, you will live in the new location I will designate for you. The only thing of true value that you will inherit will be the car, which will still exist, though of certain damages that are fixable under the insurance policy of your parents in whose ownership it will have been damaged. After you pass on from that point, you will be brought to your new location. And you will see everything that is to come to pass upon the Kingdom over which you are granted to reign. This is the Kingdom of Larimar. And it is unlike the definitions made of it in the past. It is not defined by lands and states in this world. Your Kingdom, rather, is a land in another realm.

And while We, the elect in heaven, have this to say, there is still much that you must learn that you have not yet come to understand. Heaven is just now opening up for you, lord Larimar. And your place, your throne, is there, awaiting for you to ascend and mount it, and begin your reign and your divinely appointed rule. But this much you will be made to know. As your parents enter into their eternal fates in the age to come, you will be brought to your new location. And the place where you once lived will be rendered uninhabitable, for America will be under attack. And America will be at war. Amen.

O’ Lord, will you please tell me with what nation will America be at war with? A Mongoloid people will invade the United States from the Far East. Amen. And calculated, and like an expert chess player, will the generals of their armies mobilize their forces and advance their positions. Only well chosen American strategists will be able to outwit them and take advantage of the superior numbers and technologies of the United States armed forces to defeat the invaders. But like Napoleon in his invasion of Russia, the Mongoloid invaders will realize that they miscalculated the strength of their supply lines, and they will be forced into retreat. Now contemplate this for a moment. And think about these things before you write again. Go, reread everything you have written so far, correct all errors, and then publish this post. For I do not need for any further secrets to be divulged at this time. Amen.

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