Puer Madonna launches his attack on Joe Biden, going for blood.

I have established My son, Eric, to speak. Whosoever seeks to touch him shall die. Oracle of the Lord!

If you have read the previous post, you will know that Eric, the Larimar king, is now called Puer Madonna, a name given to him from heaven, for he is a child of Mary, the Holy Virgin Mother of Jesus Christ. And one of the missions of Eric is that he attack and destroy the Joe Biden campaign and render them neutralized by the time of the election. By doing this, he will ensure Trump’s victory, not necessarily in the majority of votes, but definitely in the electoral votes, which is where it counts according to the United States Constitution. Amen. Now, pay attention to this recent development:

Joe Biden has now locked in the Primary Votes to be assured of the Presidential Nomination in the Democratic Party. Hence, now is the time to attack and to attack hard. For Joe Biden is sure to be the nominee, and nothing can change that now, unless he chooses to resign in disgrace. Now many are betting money on what woman this sexual predator will choose to be his Vice President. And the most money is being placed on that racist bigot, Kamala Harris. Now, if big money is being put on a single bitch in the fight, then they must have some inside information that leads them to that conclusion that Joe Biden has already chosen her as his side kick to stand by him in the Presidency. But why he would pick Kamala Harris remains a mystery, for she heavily knocked him down before all of the African American community during the Democratic primaries, and she herself will provide nothing to get the Black vote, but rather, her choice will drive many Blacks to the Republican ticket. At least the Republican ticket candidates, Donald Trump and Mike Pence, did not advocate keeping Black men in prison as Kamala Harris did so that they can continue to serve fighting the fires as prison labor, rather than to release them early on parole as the new law required. Black people regard Kamala Harris as tough on Blacks, not tough on real crime. If Kamala Harris is chosen for Vice President by Joe Biden, there will be a torrent of accusations of her long past of racial decisions that she has made in her long history as prosecutor and district attorney of California, including her decision to keep Kevin Cooper on death row even after the DNA evidence had proven his innocence. Hence Kamala Harris makes the policemen who killed George Floyd look like choir boys in comparison. Kevin Cooper, a Black man, was only saved from the unlawful execution because the story was leaked to the New York Times and her reputation was put at risk. Read all about Kevin Cooper here. Sharing in the guilt of punishing this innocent man knowingly includes Kamala Harris, as well as two governors, Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom. I say, Let Kevin Cooper go free, and let the prisons be restored to the open prison design made by Kenyon J. Scudder, whose prisons served to rehabilitate people back into society, rather than to turn them into monsters and to make them serve as prison labor, the new legalized Negro slavery. His ideas were abandoned after Kevin Cooper, an inmate, walked out of that open prison and was deliberately framed for murders he did not commit, an accusation later proven false by the DNA, in order to make the public turn against Kenyon J. Scudder’s prison designs and turn the public to choose hatred and slavery as the means of treatment for prisoners from that point onward.

For the government of California is controlled by those who advocate for prisons to serve for the purpose of supplying slave labor rather than for correctional and rehabilitation purposes. And they want their slaves so badly that they will imprison the innocent to accomplish their goals. Kamala Harris is just the Black part of this devil that rules California. You see, Californian Governor Gavin Newsom has been identified by Eric’s spiritual insight as a Pawn of Lucifer-Man. And Lucifer-Man is the name Eric has given to the Player that comes after Firefly in succession. And Eric’s spiritual insight has identified that Lucifer-Man is a devil incarnate. For it is by Gavin Newsom’s draconian decrees that Catholic Churches are to be limited to have no more than 100 people gathered for Mass. He acts like he is concerned for your safety. Actually, he is intent on destroying the Catholic Church. He only allows the Catholic Churches to reopen now because Trump declared religious services as essential services, which is what they are. For when you are in a time of crisis, the last thing you want to do is to stop going to Church. When the going gets hard, the last thing you want to do is to stop praying to God or to stop gathering in His name. Churches were the predecessors of the hospitals. And they serve the same purpose in the spiritual sense. But no disease can be successfully treated without also treating the spiritual needs, and that requires the Church and her sacraments. That Gavin Newsom opposes Churches, and regards them as having no more significance than a rock concert indicates the depraved mind and Satan serving mentality behind everything Gavin Newsom does. Gavin Newsom is a forked tongued red devil. Amen.

Now, Lord, what sayest Thou to these statements that I, Puer Madonna, have made, in order to destroy the Democrats in opposition to President Trump? Keep making them. Like a flood gradually eating away at the base of the edifice, the entire structure Satan has erected against Trump will collapse and many will be those destroyed as a consequence. Amen. For though you may have very little traffic in your website, many are those who have signed up to receive your posts directly into their email boxes. I tell you truthfully, you may think that you are writing to the wind, but I tell you this fact. Many are watching and monitoring what you are writing, ever seeking a way to accuse you of a crime. But no one may lay a hand on you, My son. And the reason is that I stop those who try to dead in their tracks.

You see, Puer Madonna, you are My Oracle that I have set in place here in Southern California. And your purpose is to write whatever I command you to. And you will not stop. No one will stop you. And anyone who dares, I stop him. Remember that foul mouthed man who verbally attacked you while you were walking your dog many months ago? Did you notice how you never saw him again? Meditate on that, O’ Larimar king. For I destroy and I kill those who attack or threaten My son, whom I have commissioned to speak. No one may lay a hand on a hair upon your head and live.

For I was hungry, and you gave Me to eat. I was homeless and impoverished, and you showed Me mercy. What you did for the least of My servants I count as having been done for Me. And by your continuing mercy for Cassandra, I have made her prayers powerful. Remember that pain in your right knee had come back and you mentioned it to Cassandra. Well she prayed to Me and to My Mother Mary that it heal. And We heard her prayers and We healed your right knee. No longer do you have any limp in your right knee. Furthermore, We have healed Cassandra as you have requested. She will be able to continue to work in her job at the hospital. For those who are unfamiliar, Cassandra is the name We have given to a girl Eric calls Hyacinth. But do not give way to thoughts of romance. Eric is not leaving his path to be a priest. And Cassandra has vowed to Us that if Eric never marries, neither shall she. She has thus vowed to keep her virginity for Jesus if Eric never marries her or anyone else. And how strong is her vow, you ask? Strong enough to move mountains. For greatly has this saint been transformed from a Protestant Churchgoer to a fully practicing Catholic, deeply devoted to the Virgin Mary. But one day I will have them meet, after they are both consecrated to Religious Life, Eric as a priest, and Cassandra as a nun. Note they first met online on Saturday, October 7, 2017. exactly 77 days after Eric first began receiving Messages from Me on Saturday, July 22, 2017. Note the day after these visions started, Sunday, July 23, 2017, was the beginning of the Age of Mary. And Eric was immediately transformed from opinion writer to My Prophet directly serving Me. Note also this, Eric has never capitalized on any of his writings. For only false prophets do that. Amen. The true Word of God, when spoken, is given freely, and not sold exclusively in a book. And that is why Emeralogy.com has absolutely no advertisements on it. Amen. And anyone may visit here, free of any charge.

Now, do I advocate for Eric to cut down the Democratic enemies of Trump with the ferocity of a mighty attack dog, you ask? I have sent Eric to attack, and he attacks. Others will follow him and join into the attacks. And there will soon be a swarm of these wolves bringing down all the big game of the Democratic Party that are arrayed to oppose Trump. There are many willing and able to attack and fight. All they are waiting for is for a leader to lead the attack. They will find Eric a suitable leader. For they will see him charge the enemy and cut them down and sustain no battle wounds. As in Desert Storm, many will follow Eric into battle. Eric was mostly about bringing peace between peoples. And thus, he ended the Cold War, brought down the Berlin Wall, ended South African Apartheid, and started the Israeli-Arab Peace Process. But one war occurred during his Greater Emerald Reign, that time when he wielded great powers as Antichrist. And that was the Persian Gulf War. Unknown to many, Eric triggered that war, not for the sake of war, but to put the Israeli-Arab conflict into the Newspapers so that he could read about the conflict and devise a solution. But the Truth was that he wanted Saddam Hussein to leave Kuwait and avoid war with the West. So much so was Eric desiring to avoid war that he appealed to the higher powers that they send Jesus to appear to Saddam to convince him to leave Kuwait. But heaven answered saying it would do no good. Then Eric, not yet a Christian, nor belonging to any particular religion, but one full of much religious knowledge, requested of the higher powers that they send Muhammed to appear to Saddam Hussein to tell him to leave Kuwait. After that, Saddam reported the dream he had of the Prophet Muhammed, who came to him to give him military advice. But while Muhammed failed to get Saddam to leave Kuwait, the dream somehow convinced Saddam that Islam was real, and thus, many years later, when he was convicted of crimes in a kangaroo court run by the Player Twilight, and was sentenced for execution. his last words as he was executed was the Muslim Prayer, saying, “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammed is His Prophet.”

But what do You say, O’ Lord Jesus Christ, to Saddam Hussein’s last words, and the Muslim prayer? I say, Muhammed truly thought himself to be a prophet of God. He certainly did not willingly serve Satan or a false god knowingly. But, as the Koran itself indicates, he was mortal and of mortal flesh. And so he died and was buried. Now, some say Islam is a man’s religion, whereas Christianity is a woman’s religion. Well another Truth to say is that hell is a male dominated place, while heaven is a female dominated place. Many men who are Muslims are ever seeking to die for their religion, because it is the only guarantee they have, according to their religion, to their being accepted into Paradise. Such is the sad picture of life as painted by the Koran. Nothing can guarantee your passage into heaven except by a martyrs death in the name of Islam. But what do I, Jesus Christ, say about all of this? For the Muslims hold Me to be one of their prophets, though they reject My gospels as corrupted books. Where Islam fails is that it insists on itself as being the final Religion with the final Revelation. And the failure in that is that it is false. For if it were true, Islam would not have evolved into the two separate Sunni and Shiite religions, with no recognized authority to say which is correct. And there would not have evolved Sufism, and other breakaway descendants of Islam. Nor would there have developed 20 to 30 different versions of the Koran, with no one having the authority over all Muslims to declare which Koran was correct. Hence, there is no point in quoting the Koran to a Muslim, because he probably uses a different Koran.

Basically, understand that a book that promises nothing to its followers and that demands everything from its followers, can be put aside without fear of any loss to study the so called corrupted gospels about Jesus and the rest of the Christian scriptures, called the Holy Bible. Now, if the Catholic Church were the True Final Religion that had the True Final Revelation, you should expect it to have constancy. It should not change, nor split into different denominations without there being a central authority to declare who is right. And if you look closely at Catholicism, if you study it, you will see that its popes serve to keep the Catholic Church founded on the Rock. And all those who split away from the Catholic Church are declared cut off by the pope. They are never recognized by the Catholic Church or its pope as equally valid religions. Rather, all religious groups that break away from the Catholic Church are cut off from God’s people, and none of their members die saved, unless they somehow return to Catholicism before they die. Such is what you should expect for Jesus to be the True Final Prophet, as the Christian Scriptures claim, rather than Muhammed, who appeared five hundred years after the Age of Public Prophecy had ended with the death of the last Apostle, as defined by My Church. Hence, to recognize Me as your prophet demands that you study My gospels. And if you study My gospels, you will realize that I Am and that My Religion that I founded five hundred years before Muhammed was the final Religion with the final Revelation.

Lord, explain the Age of Mary, which began on Sunday, July 23, 2017. I will explain everything to you now, lord Larimar, for you are entitled to know everything. As you have heard, when I send My Mother to a person or a people, I Am sending them their last means of salvation. The Age of Mary is that final outpouring of spirit upon the people, in which young men will see visions, and old men will dream dreams. (Acts 2:17). And the Age of Mary is a global phenomenon. All of the earth was changed at that moment it began. Now, I have a question for you. Ask, O’ Lord. What number of houris would you require for you to die for your religious faith in Me, Your Lord Jesus? No houris, Lord Jesus. Rather, I lay down my life because I love You, O’ Lord. That, My Muslim friends, is power! All Muslim leaders must rely on the promises of numerous houris to get a Muslim to die for their faith. But this Christian, Eric, a Catholic, dies for no woman to be made his lover in the afterlife. Meditate on that, My Muslim friends, and then tell Me which religion is more powerful?

So now you ask, can I give you any estimate as to when I shall return, since We know that this is the Age of Mary, and therefore that this is that mortal Age containing the final means of salvation that I now Am giving to the people? Yes, Puer Madonna. Go to sleep. And when you awaken, the answer will be yours. Amen.

I have awakened, O’ Lord. What sayest Thou? There is no correlation between the timing of the Age of Mary and the timing of the Second Coming. Not only can years yet come to pass, but decades, centuries, and even millennia before I return. Amen. Remember that each generation is a fresh new people to Me. And each generation can receive their own Age of Mary and not realize that such has also occurred before, in a past when I tested Mankind before. The reason I give the Age of Mary now is so that people have the opportunity to repent before I cut off the time of mercy and strike all the transgressing world with blood and fire raining from heaven. And what sins are demanding this punishment, you ask? There are two:

  1. The sins of the acceptance of two homosexual men, in all their filth, as a lawfully married couple, which is an obscene abomination in My sight, and the forcing of this wicked filth to be recognized as a lawfully married couple by all who provide public services outside of specific religions. Read about what I did to Sodom and Gomorrah to understand the great wrath I have against all who do this. (Genesis 19:1-29).
  2. The sins of killing the unborn is highly objectionable in My sight. Great curses come down from heaven to all nations that enshrine a woman’s right to slaughter and murder a human being within her womb. An egg fertilized by a sperm becomes a fully human entity the moment that the zinc spark occurs. That spark is My sign that a human being has come into existence. And woe to the one who kills it deliberately.

Lord, tell me where do souls go that die in the womb? All souls of babies and infants who die unbaptized, and all the unborn who die go to Me, but not to heaven. I look after them in a place where I reserve them until Judgement. At the hour of Judgement, their voices will be heard against those who slew them. For every member of the race of Mankind has a right to be heard at the Last Judgement, and not just those who make it to birth, or to the age of reason. And woe to those who are guilty of killing the unborn. Woe to those who used artificial birth control that killed the unborn. All those human beings slain by those artificial means of birth control will be present at the judgements of those who killed them. Every human being who was slain before birth will have a say at the judgement of the one who slew them. And I will listen to them. And terrible will be My wrath upon those who slew them. They had better wish to have a long life, so as to put distance between themselves and their horrible impending judgement, for realize that no good deed is possible that can atone for the killing of even just one of my little ones! Their guilt will never wash away, not even if they confess it, for their confession is not recognized.

Lord, do you mean that no one who has killed an unborn and confessed it, whether the killing was by surgical procedure or was unseen by such things as an implant or the pill, are ever forgiven of their foul deeds? That is correct, lord Larimar. For the blood of their victims remains on their heads forever. The loss of any eternal soul demands the eternal loss of the soul of the perpetrator in divine justice as fitting punishment to pay for it. I never recognized the resort to the sacrament of confession as a means of washing away that sin, for the sacrament of confession was not designed to wash away that sin. But what about Pope Francis now giving all priests the authority to hear confessions of abortion and to grant the penitent absolution for their sins? That absolution only grants them the right to partake in the sacraments without sin. But the debt to sins is never washed away by any absolution.

But what about baptism and what about the offer of remission of sins and all punishment of sins through the means provided at Divine Mercy Sunday, the Sunday after Easter? By doing those outward signs as provided by either the sacrament of baptism in entering the Catholic faith, and by receiving the eucharist at Divine Mercy Sunday, do not work for those whose consciences are dirty. The sacrament of baptism forgives all sins and all punishment for past sins, but the innocent blood shed of other human beings can never be removed from his head. It is a debt that cannot be removed, neither by sacrament nor by the power to loosen or to bind given to the priest, the bishop, or the pope. When I died on the cross, I made atonement for sins of Mankind, and I restored Man to friendship with God. But I never made it possible to use My shed blood on the cross to atone for the shedding of the blood of My innocents who die in the womb. Such is the reason why I said, “It would be better for him to have a millstone around his neck and to be cast into the sea than to have caused any of My little ones to die the spiritual death.” (Matthew 18:6 & Mark 9:42 & Luke 17:2). To be denied birth is to die a spiritual death.

Now I shall tell you the ultimate fates of all the unborn who perish. Into the lake of fire go all who are subject to the second death. And all those who must pay with their eternal soul the eternal debt of having shed the blood of innocent human life will go first into that pit of fiery hell. And after them will go all other sinners who died in mortal sin. And after those will go all those who reached the age of reason but were never reconciled with Me and who remained under the penalty of Original Sin. And after those are all disposed of, I will shut the door of hell, and set as its eternal guards, the souls of all the unborn who died, and all unbaptized infants and babies, who died, none of them eligible to be pardoned from Original Sin. Hence, there does exist that place called the Limbo of the Infants. And it is a place of eternally guarding the door to hell, but never suffering the from the fires therein. For the fires of hell were made for punishing actual sinners. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Now, O’ Lord, tell me this, if we might be at the End of Time, but we might also be years, decades, centuries, or even millennia away from the time You come again, doesn’t the awakening among the Jews to the reality of Jesus as their Jewish Messiah indicate that We are coming close to your Second Coming, O’ Lord? Eric, no sign given to Mankind can be used to measure how far away My Second Coming is. Nor can any sign be used to calculate a deadline to it. Amen. As for your place in salvation history, realize that you will be regarded as the American fulfillment of the prophecy of the Great Monarch, which is a legendary Catholic myth regarded as prophetic, but which has no scriptural basis to it. But it will be fulfilled by you, though much of that myth will not be seen as fulfilled by you. For example, you are not French. And you have no association with France. Nor do you walk with a limp anymore, for I have cured you of that. Nor will your death be necessarily followed by the rise of the wicked one. But if he does arise, he is not necessarily the last. Now publish this post, lord Larimar. For you have accomplished your mission through it. And should anyone seek to attack you, realize that he will find himself bleeding internally, and soon after that, he will be dead. Amen.

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