I, John the Apostle, do now speak

Behold, Eric is now called “a child of Mary” and is given a new name and title. Amen.

I, John the Apostle, am sent to serve Eric as his shepherd and guide into the priesthood of the Roman Catholic Church. Eric, how can it be that you have greater compassion and mercy than God unless that one you called “Lord” is not the Lord? Where you were commanded to cease all help to Hyacinth, you have elected to help her anyways. And it was because of your compassion and mercy for her. So, I hereby elect to state of Eric: This man, also known as the Larimar king, is greater than all those who obey their Master and cease to give to others in need because they are so commanded. For mercy is greater than obedience.

Eric, you need not compare yourself with me, nor your works with my works. For I am just a simple fisherman. And the works written through me did not come from me, but from God. As for your works, you are of the skills that would be comparable to that of the scribes and teachers of the law in my times. More like the Apostle Paul are you in that regard than are you like me. For God chooses men from all sorts of backgrounds to serve Him in His priesthood. And no priest should be considered inferior or lesser than another, for all the priests, validly called, are there in the priesthood by the decision of God. And each priest brings his own gifts and talents, both developed talents and raw talents, into play and to serve the high purpose of his calling.

Now, your mission, as you have chosen it, has now been decided. As a priest, you will found a Catholic Church in that place where sex offenders are permitted to be. And this Church will be there to serve the lowest of the low, the homeless, the destitute, and those without money, and all those rejected by society, including the sex offenders and those considered least among the people. You will have security cameras everywhere and a constant police presence on Church grounds. And you will have 24 hour single person bathrooms in place, along with men’s and women’s bathrooms open during the day in which homeless people can clean themselves, shower, shave, and take care of their hygiene needs.

Any children who wish to visit the Church will do so by waiving their rights not to be in the presence of any sex offenders. However, should anyone make a complaint of any sexual offense to any of the staff or clergy, the police will be immediately notified, testimonies will be immediately taken from all witnesses, and a full investigation will be made into the compliant, though without prejudice. And camera evidence will be examined to verify or reject the complaint. For cameras will be everywhere except in the bathrooms.

Good, Eric, you have fully thought through this endeavor that you are now planning. And see all the good you will be bringing to such rejected people who are unable to even go to Church? And then think about the loss of all this good that would never come to be were you to remain a celibate, virgin layman. Instead, you shall be a celibate, virgin priest and accomplish all these good works, only possible for you to accomplish by you being a priest. And you will do works not seen since the times of the great conversions worked by the servants of Jesus in the European Expansion to the New World and other parts of the world where the Catholic Church was brought to a people for the first time. Amen.

John, what do you make of this site: https://www.oneforisrael.org/ ? That, my friend, is one of the signs that salvation is returning to the Jews. But to be saved, being Christian is not enough. You must also be Catholic. For it is written: Jesus said to them, “Amen, amen, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life within you. Whosoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal Life, and I shall raise him on the last day.” (John 6:53-54) Now, clearly the eating of the flesh of the Son of Man and the drinking of His blood cannot refer to symbols of his flesh and blood, but must be referring to the real thing, or else you make Jesus out to be false. And to be of the real thing, the minister who consecrates the Eucharist of the sacrifice must have received his authority to do so through Apostolic Succession. And Apostolic Succession is the chain of laying of hands by bishops to other men to make new bishops and new priests. And to be valid, this chain of succession must go back to the original Eleven Apostles, including Peter, the First Pope. Amen. Only the Catholic Church and certain ancient churches of the east have maintained this Apostolic Succession. No Protestant Church can have it. Hence, it is a true waste of time for any person to seek Jesus in a Protestant Church.

But let it also be understood, to eat of the flesh and drink of the blood of the Son of Man, the Lamb of God, does not require that one consume the Eucharist in both species of bread and wine. Understand that it is defined as a heresy in the Catholic Church to say that you do better in the Mass by consuming the Eucharist in both species than does the one who consumes it as only in the species of bread or only in the species of wine. For Catholic teaching is that, because the Christ is Resurrected, the body and blood of Jesus are now inseparable, even in the sacrifice of the eucharist. Hence, though the consecrated wine is called the blood of Christ, in reality, both the body and blood of Christ are contained in it. And though the consecrated bread is called the body of Christ, in reality, both the body and blood of Christ are contained in it. Hence, the Catholic Church dogmatically declares that consumption of the eucharist in just one species fully satisfies what Christ requires to have eternal life in Him by eating His flesh and by drinking His blood. Amen.

John, if the time has come for salvation to return to the Jews, what happens with the Catholic Churches in the Gentile nations? And what will be the result of this COVID-19? It cannot successfully destroy the Catholic Church, right? You have spoken with wisdom, my brother. I will now tell you the fate of all those seeking to destroy our Catholic Church by this means of COVID-19. They themselves will become infected, and reinfected over and over again, along with all their family and loved ones. And God will decide whose lives shall be forfeit from among all their loved ones and family to make payment to God for the evil of their foul deed. But since they chose to make COVID-19 a weapon against the Catholic Church, forever will the threat of infection and reinfection hang over their house and family, no matter where they go or choose to move to. Amen.

Now, it is not as you once believed, that with salvation going to the Jews, that it is halted among the Gentiles. For such is a totally erroneous belief. Rather, the Catholic Church will continue to seek the salvation of both Gentiles and Jews, even with salvation returning to the Jews. And only the lack of holy parishioners can make a Catholic Church collapse. But if God finds just one holy parishioner in any parish, the Church of that parish will not fall. Amen.

Saint Bruno has several holy souls, not just you. Hence, Saint Bruno shall survive. And these are your instructions on the $1000 check you are to make out to the Church of the priest I send you to when you are cured in the presence of a priest. Deduct from that $1000 all the money you send to the Church as part of your accumulated tithes. For it is the will of God that the total you give to the Churches that weekend be $1000, including all the money you give as your tithes. Amen. And you will first go to Our Lady of Guadalupe for Saturday Mass, followed by Sunday Mass at Saint Bruno. Amen. And so, my brother, if it comes to pass that you are cured at Our Lady of Guadalupe on Saturday, rather than than at Saint Bruno on Sunday, all the money of that $1000 must go to Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church, for in her will you find your calling to be a priest realized. Amen.

John, since you are an Apostle, which were the forerunners of the bishops, by what title do you wish for me to address you by? Since I am of the rank of bishop in the Catholic Church, by virtue of having been one of the original eleven Apostles, to whose numbers were added Matthias (Acts 1:26) to replace the one who fell away and who betrayed our Lord to His death, followed by the anointing of the Apostle Paul to those ranked as the early Apostles, the correctly established title for me is Your Excellency.

Your Excellency, John the Apostle, I believe that I have sinned in my racist attitude towards Black people. And also in my standing with Donald John Trump it seems to make me an advocate of his racism. But what do you say? You are not an advocate of Trump’s sins by standing with him. Rather, by standing with Trump, you ensure that he will have a victory in the November 3, 2020, elections. For Trump needs friends. Now, do we in heaven agree with all of Trump’s words and actions? By no means! But do we prefer him over all other candidates that have a shot at the White House? Yes. And I tell you this Truth, you are neither racist nor do you harbor any racial hatreds. Rather, the racism that comes from you is Truth, however blunt and offensive it may be. Hence, no sins are imputed against you for any racism you feel that you have committed in the past.

But I guarantee you this, my brother. Stay with Trump and destroy his opponents in the Democratic Party, and it will be ensured that Trump will defeat Joe Biden in the elections, maybe not by majority vote, but definitely by electoral vote, which is what counts according to the rules of your democracy. For it is in the interests of God that Trump remain President.

Also, I will tell you this: The woman that Joe Biden finally chooses to be his running mate will turn out to be a worse choice than Sarah Palin was for the John McCain campaign. But Joe Biden really has no good choices, due to his promise that he has bound himself to to take a woman as his running mate. That promise will be known as Biden’s folly. And it will become a byword and a word of condemnation and ridicule. For Satan likes to mock his followers. And he heaps abuses against them as he leads them to hell. Remember that everyone who goes to hell is tortured there by Satan. And Satan tortures not merely because he is ordered to by God, but because he sadistically enjoys it, and he is eager to torture all in hell to the maximum allowed for the punishment for their sins. And while he is torturing the damned, he is also endlessly mocking them and abusing them and calling them names. Every Black who goes to hell is constantly called the N-Word by Satan for all eternity. And do not think that by your service to Satan in this world that you would receive any favorable treatment in the next. For all those who make pacts with Satan receive a special punishment. And Satan gladly tortures them to the maximum according to their sentence. In hell, there is no going back to the earth, and Satan knows this. And so, Satan reveals his full hideous and treacherous self to all the inhabitants of hell. And he breaks all promises and betrays all pacts made with him with a vengeance, for he knows that none of them can return to the earth to warn the people about Satan betraying all who make pacts with him. Hence, no Satanist or Satan worshipper would remain a Satanist if they knew that Satan will outright betray them and torture them to the maximum once they enter into hell. Amen. And deceptions are no longer needed by Satan for anyone who has gone to hell, for they can never come back out of that place of horror to warn anyone about it, except in certain private revelations that God allows to edify the saints or to warn certain individuals. Amen.

Your Excellency, John the Apostle, what must I do to prepare for the priesthood? Thirty days before you enter the Seminary, you are to announce your calling to the priesthood, and that you are about to leave your current employment. But Your Excellency, what about getting references from the one who employs me? Will he not then suspect that I am about to quit? Before you enter the Seminary, you shall have been cured. We will provide you with new work at a better employer. And he will serve as the one who gives you references. Also, as for your current employment, realize that it cannot last. We will give you better employment once we cure you. And as for your current employer, do not feel guilty about leaving them suddenly, for they have greatly disrespected you by paying you so low. Amen. And do I do any work for them on the side, Your Excellency? Yes, but at reasonable wages, and not at their ridiculously low wages.

So, since I am a worker who is an at will employee, does that mean I can quit at any time and for any reason? Correct. But I will allow you to give them one week’s notice, so that they are not entirely unprepared for when you depart from them. Anyways, you are departing from them soon. And you will be working at your new employment immediately after God has cured you. But how then do I give my current employer one week’s notice if I immediately begin working for the new employment at the moment I am cured, Your Excellency? That one week’s notice is to do side work for them at higher wages, not to continue for another week working for them as their slave. Amen. Do this, and you will find that your standing before God is irreproachable. Amen. Now we wish to speak.

Eric, I, John the Apostle, wish to make many things that were unknowable to you, and a matter of mystery, now be made clear. For by your election to serve God as His priest, you have passed the final test of your life. For just as by supernatural means you shall be rendered fully cured of all things, so also shall God supernaturally unbar all doors and open up the very pathways that lead into His priesthood. Amen.

Now, lord Larimar, tell me, which pathway seems better for you? To study hard and achieve your necessary degrees to become a priest at the Seminary, or to marry and have many children by a woman especially chosen for you by God? I elect to become a priest, rather than to be a married man, even to a woman especially chosen for me by God. Good, then you will keep to that path and not leave the Seminary when that girl of whom We speak enters your life. Amen. Note that the God of heaven already knows which way you shall go. But he wants you to realize it too. And that is why He has me ask you these questions.

Now, it is my privilege, I, the Apostle John, as a decision made by God Himself, to announce your new title, lord Larimar. For you are now granted a new name and a new title in the Kingdom, due to your exemplary performance and by your doing of the will of God. Henceforth, lord Larimar, you are to be called, Puer Madonna, for you are considered as a son of Mary. Amen. But, Your Excellency, this seems to be an attempt to make myself equal to the Christ, which can never be. Is it not blasphemous for me to be given so high a rank and title? Eric, what did Jesus say regarding me to His Holy Mother, as He was dying on the cross? He said to Mary, “Woman, behold, your son.” And then He said to me, “Behold, your Mother.” (John 19:26-27). Therefore, so also am I ranked as a son of Mary, and so also are all Catholics who correctly worship Jesus so ranked. Then, Your Excellency, why is this name, Puer Madonna, given just to me and not to all Catholics? It is because you have been especially chosen for the work that you are to accomplish in the name of Jesus and Mary. Puer Madonna is now your new name. But as for your title, you shall be called hostes conversum, for you are as one who has been taken from the ranks of the enemy and converted, and by the sight of that one conversion, a great many from the ranks of the enemy have also followed your example to also become eternal possessions of Jesus and Mary as you have become. Amen. You, Puer Madonna, know not of all of whom I speak. But your conversion has not gone noticed by only Satan and God and Mary. No, by no means is this the case. Rather, a great multitude have observed your conversion both spiritually and in this very world, and they have repented. Consider the policemen who were involved in your arrest on June 24, 1995, during your second Martyrdom Breakdown. Many of them, I tell you, were convicted of their sins and converted and changed by the signs worked by God through you in their presence. No, Puer Madonna, you definitely did not cross from the ranks of the enemy into the ranks of heaven unseen by the multitudes, on both sides of the battlefield.

And henceforth, your place among the elect in heaven will be as one who does the will of his Father in heaven, and as one who progressed to heaven by passing through each and every major religion’s religious beliefs before finally arriving to the Truth, to which you clung and never let go of. So now, let us discuss that dream of Jesus you had in the month that followed your FaithFinder Breakdown of late December of 1996. Hence, in early January of 1997, you dreamt of Jesus in a dream so real that you knew it truly happened. And in it, Jesus appeared to you, but He did not tell you who He was. But your vision locked on Him when you saw Him, and you never looked away from Him once you saw Him. And when He had spoken to you at length, He got up and ushered everyone out of the room and then He stepped out of the door and looked up to the Father with a sad expression. It was then that you acted, and you stood up and cried out, “Jesus!” At that moment, your physical brain began to awaken as it realized you were seeing Jesus. And Jesus looked back at you. And then you said, “Come pray with me!” At that, Jesus smiled and looked down, coming back to you. And you will never forget that smile you saw on the face of Jesus. To get an idea of what that smile looked like, it is very like the smile of actor Brendan Fraser, when he was younger, and at the time he played as the main character in George of the Jungle. And the Jesus in your dream appeared as a long haired blonde man with a clean shaven face. And he sat down with you on opposite beds. And you, by the customs you had learned among the Christians you were worshipping Jesus with, said to Jesus, “Hold hands,” and Jesus then held hands with you in your dream. And you prayed some prayers, but then you saw someone come into the room and you shouted out, “No!” And then Jesus flew into the air but his hands remained in your hands. And you then cried out, “This is Jesus! This is Jesus!”, thus calling Him Jesus three times. And with that, you floated back to your body. You were lying on your back with your hands folded across your chest, with your body aligned straight, and with your head pointing north. And as you awoke, you saw in your vision Jesus still above you in the air smiling, with His hands still in yours. And you remember that his hands were bigger than yours, even though you are a man with big hands. Amen.

The clear meaning of that dream was to reinstate you to Christ’s Church, similar to how Peter was reinstated by being asked three times by Jesus, “Do you love Me?” after he had denied Jesus three times during the Passion of the Christ. Now, why was this necessary, some may ask? It was because Eric needed to be stabilized. And in order to do that, he was given the grace to see Jesus in a dream. But it was by Eric’s merit that he was permitted to recognize Jesus and to call Him that three times in that dream. Much was called for on the part of Eric, due to the heights among the ranks of Satan from which he was taken. For Eric was Antichrist par Excellence before his conversion to Christianity, followed by his conversion to Catholicism ten years later. And to give evidence of Eric’s stability from that dream, there were no more Breakdowns in Eric’s history following that dream of Jesus in January, 1997.

Good, and it is now decided that you will remain on the earth for another forty-seven years so that all the works planned by Jesus might be accomplished through you. Amen. Great and rich will be the yield of fruits that will be reaped by your labors in the vineyard of the Lord. Now, go, Puer Madonna, and publish this post, for it is complete. Amen.

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