Major Corrections to the Revelations given to Eric

As these men are made My priests, so also shall I make you, lord Larimar. Amen.

Behold, I, Eric Robert Dunstan, have awoken. And I have found that I have been greatly deceived on a great many things. A wise man once said, “Do not believe everything you hear, but test all spirits that speak. And it is better to doubt something coming from God than it is to believe something sent by Satan.”

Now, let us address the four possible life vocations for Eric:

  1. The Ordained Priesthood – No, for it would require God to make fundamental changes in my very DNA. My sweaty hands rules the priesthood out for me permanently, and it is just who I am. Let us not be in fantasy land, thinking that God would have need me that much for the priesthood that he would fix all of that.
  2. The Celibate, Virgin path I am already on as a layman. This is the path of least resistance. It is the path I take if God does not make any change in me or my vocation.
  3. Religious Life as a monk, friar, or hermit. Not possible, for I have bi-polar disorder. I am permanently disqualified from that vocation by that condition alone, even if God cures me. For God cannot undo my past medical records, and that is what counts.
  4. Marriage, with the possibility of having children. However romantic and idyllic such a path may seem from the outside, I know such a path is a path strewn with thorns and grief. I hereby elect not to go this path. It is too hard a road. And my manic-depression would make everything harder for me in this path.

Hence, the path I elect to take is that of number 2. I will remain a celibate and virgin layman for the rest of my life. Consider all the prophetic urges to do otherwise as being from the evil one. Amen. Now, Lord, I will let you speak. What sayest Thou?

I Who Am have this to say, lord Larimar. Yes, Number 2 is the easiest path for you. You can easily walk such a path for the rest of your life. And it is guaranteed that you won’t fall again. But what do I say, I, the Lord?

Know ye, if I commanded you to marry, I would be as Satan. For it is Satan who wishes to make you destroyed in a bad marriage. And there really is no such thing as a good marriage. Every marriage is both difficult and binds a man to the earth. The spiritual man elects to never marry, for he knows that by never marrying, he will remain inwardly free and not be a bondsman or a slave to the world. But the married man must be constantly occupied with concerns of how to provide for his wife and children. He is, therefore, a slave and a bondsman to that responsibility. And regarding the priesthood, that is a path that requires much work and effort. You simply have not got the stamina in your current condition to work that hard anymore, as would be required of you to learn and master all the coursework you would have to take. And as for Religious Life, that requires obedience to your superiors, who probably do not think a high as you do. So you would not produce the proper fruit if put under the obedience to such superiors, with their lesser mental capabilities. Rather, it is My will that you will remain as you are, and that you stay where I have planted you. Amen. Hence, your wisdom and insight are correct. It is God’s desire that you remain a virgin and celibate and as a layman in My Catholic Church for the remainder of your life. Amen.

Now, as for those many women in the Church who have approached you with the suggestion that you become a priest, or a deacon, or a eucharistic minister, realize that such women think that they are doing a good deed. To such women you are to say the following words: “I am simply not called by God to be anything other than a celibate layman.” And if they ask, “How do you know?”, you are to answer with the following words: “Only the one who is not called knows that he is not called. You must therefore take my word for it that I know I am not called.” And if they then ask, “How then do you serve the Church?”, say unto them these words: “It is not for you to know anything other than what you can observe.” But do not memorize these answers, for the Holy Spirit will put the correctly intended answer in your mouth when such people approach you again, telling you that you ought to become a priest.

For there exist in My Catholic Church people who do not understand the Way. There are people who practice My religion who think that a man ought to marry if he does not become a priest. Such people do not know My religion, and their roots are shallow, and not deep. Only those people whose roots are deep will successfully practice My religion such that they are saved at the end of their life. But those whose roots are shallow, they fall away, and if they remain churchgoers, their communions become sacrilegious. Now I shall speak.

Eric, all the prophecies that spoke of your future son or future bride were of diabolic origins. Furthermore, all the prophecies that said you were to become My priest, how could they have been from Me if you are not to go that pathway? For Satan wishes to disrupt you and overthrow you. He cannot stand that someone exists in a saved state and who will continue in a saved state by remaining as he is. He wants to upset your apple cart, and thereby ruin you.

Also, in looking for clues of the deceptions from the Spirit world, if you ever hear from the Spirit world a message saying that you are greater, lesser, or equal to any particular saint in heaven, or of anyone who has passed away, recognize that as a definite sign of Satanic revelation. For We, the elect in heaven, do not reveal how people are ranked here to anyone on the earth.

Furthermore, the size of your Larimar Kingdom is too big to have been granted to you. If many, indeed, are those who are greater than you in heaven, which is a fact that We have revealed to you, then how can your Kingdom be the largest Kingdom on the earth? Something is definitely not right. You have taken too much. Realize your pride, and ask for us to reveal the true definition of your Kingdom in earthly terms, in a manner that makes you much more humble and much more admittable into heavenly dwellings. For understand this carefully, lord Larimar, those who enter heaven proud are immediately humbled, and only the humble are welcome to enter into the dwellings of the saints in heaven, even though they may make it into heaven. For the proud man emits an objectionable odor in heaven, and no one wishes to have him in their presence. Now I shall speak.

Eric, you are now humble. Tell us, what lands do you think would make a worthy Kingdom for you in this world, and your judgement must take into account that each one of My 144,000 First Fruits is to be granted a massive Kingdom in the age to come. And every one of their Kingdoms is mapped out in lands upon this earth. Now decide, Lord Larimar, and I shall then judge you.

Lord, in dividing the total land area of the earth, 196,900,000 square miles, by 144,000, we come to an average area of 1,367 square miles, were all the lands to be exclusively and evenly divided up among Your 144,000. That would give a Kingdom somewhere between the size of Rhode Island and Delaware in land area, and these are the two smallest states in the United States of America. But what sayest Thou to that? All 144,000, if given separate Kingdoms on the earth, all equally divided up, will have very small lands to form their Kingdom on, O’ Lord and Savior.

Then now you must realize the futility of any man attempting to claim any sizable Kingdom here on this earth for the Eternal Phase. Now you see how selfish and self centered it is. Then, O’ Lord, I hereby give up my Kingdom of Larimar. And I hereby recognize myself as not a King, neither in this world nor in the next, except in that form where you have defined each of your elect to be a priest, a prophet, and a king. Amen. I do not lay a claim to any of the lands of this earth anymore. Amen.

Now then, tell Me, lord Larimar, this. Do you rank yourself as one of My 144,000 First Fruits? For let us now analyze the requirement to be numbered as such a one. Revelation 14:4 does say that membership to this exclusive group requires a man to be a virgin. He cannot be sexual deviant, nor a fornicator, nor an adulterer, nor even a lawfully married man. If that is all that is required, then you are in. But there is more. Revelation 14:5 says that on their lips no deceit has been found; they are unblemished. Does this passage describe you, O’ Larimar? No, My Lord, for Satan has often spoken his lies through my typing hands, and he is most deceitful.

Good, lord Larimar, you have passed the test. You have not claimed a membership to that group in which you are not qualified to be so numbered among. Amen. No, lord Larimar, you are not numbered among My 144,000 First Fruits. For it takes much more than virginity to be so numbered. Nor will you ever come to be so numbered among this group, for your past false prophecies permanently disqualify you, lord Larimar.

Lord, would you please go through all the prophecies I have uttered on this website and say which are from You and which are from Satan, O’ Lord and God? Yes, I will do so now, as you have requested. So shall it be done.

That you are the fulfillment of Revelation 6:2, you were validly told that you fulfilled that prophecy. But realize that that prophecy is of Antichrist, not of a saint. That you were once Antichrist is also true. That you converted to Christianity in July of 1992, and within ten years of that conversion, entered into full communion with the pope in Rome is fact. That you received first holy communion on Easter Vigil, March 30, 2002, is a fact. But that you received communion sacrilegiously one time in 1989, though without full knowledge that you were not permitted to receive, is also fact. That this was the main sin you confessed at your first confession in 2002, before you received first holy communion is also fact.

Now, let us analyze whether I call you My prophet. That you have been commanded to write these posts from a higher divine power is true. That often Satan has inserted his words into what We have written through you is also true. So, are you My prophet, you should ask? Everyone in My Catholic Church is a priest, a prophet, and a king. Amen. Hence, it is correct to defined yourself as such, in the context that this recognition is granted to all who are members of My Catholic Church.

Now, let us analyze your claim to be one of My Two Witnesses. Lord, I am not that. I am not one of those two prophets. And all the prophetic knowledge of Lazurite, the other prophet stationed in Israel, the one who was to prophesy in Hebrew, is false. I repent my false prophecies, O’ Lord. For my words in Your name served to scatter, rather than to gather. I am sorry, O’ Lord, for in My delusional blindness, I may have served to mislead great multitudes. I am not one of the Two Witnesses. Of this I now know firmly. Amen.

Lord Larimar, that Mary touched your head with her foot placed on it in early December of 1996 is a fact. She appeared to you as the last means for your salvation, and you had merited to be granted such an audience due to your obedience to Me in the breakdowns of June, 1995. That you correctly recognized her is evident in the question you asked her and by her answer back to you. You asked, “Were you born by Immaculate Conception?” And then after a period of silence, as she stood before you, she answered, “Yes, by Immaculate Conception, but do not ask me any more personal questions.” Those were her exact words in English, a reply permanently engraved into your memory. Amen.

And so, what is the meaning of this event? What significance does it play? For whosoever has a true experience with Mary is obligated to speak of it so that all the Catholic Church may hear of it and meditate on it. What it meant was that Mary had come to either claim the soul of Eric for heaven or to destroy it. You were to either be saved or damned by that event. If you passed that test, then Mary would remain with you, and you would be saved. For you are a body that was touched by the flesh of Mary. This is unique. It does not normally happen, even among saints. But if you failed that test, you would become a most cursed being. The test was a test of humility. For no devil can remain in the head of a man that was humbled by Mary by placing her foot on it, unless that man totally blasphemes Mary and the Holy Spirit.

Later that same month, your mind became destabilized, and you entered into your fourth and final breakdown. In the latter half of December of 1996, Satan argued with you that Mary and Jesus were in fact imposters to the true fulfillments of Old Testament prophecies of the coming Messiah. And he argued with you that you were to receive a holy virgin as your wife and have as a son, who would be the True Jesus of prophecy. This deception lasted for a matter of approximately seven days. And then the devil who was posing as your future wife said she did not believe in God. By that admission, the entire deception collapsed, for though you were uncertain of the validity of the Biblical Jesus and Mary, you were convinced in the existence of God. And in your mind there had to be a Jesus. And without the possibility anymore of Jesus being your son, you returned to acknowledge the validity of Jesus and Mary in the Bible. For it was a rule of Eric’s that no one who was not a saint could ever be your wife. And a girl who rejected God could not be a saint.

Now, let us speak of the girl, Caesar Sandra Nikee, the one who continuously needs infusions of cash. No, Eric, We in heaven do not require you to send money to her. Your heart may have compassion for her, but you must realize that the money We give you is to be spent as We direct you. You may not spend it on things that go to waste. And though she now goes to Catholic Church, prays her rosary, and teaches Tobit to the other women at Church, she can continue to do these things with the provisions that I, the Lord God, provide for her. Too long, lord Larimar, have you been a prisoner to this Nigerian hustle. Now, as to what to say to her, say nothing. For she is not yours anymore than a thief and a deceiver are to a man who possesses some wealth. She is only there while you give to her. Amen.

And do I entirely cut her off, O’ Lord? Do I entirely cease to send any funds to her? Correct, lord Larimar. And by doing this, you will have proven that you are clear thinking and not delusional nor suffering from any delusions. Okay, O’ Lord. Continue with the lecture on what is true and what is false among all the testimony given on this website. I will continue, lord Larimar.

Let us now address the title of “Lord Larimar.” Is it from Us that you are to have a capital “L” instead of a lower case “l” in your title? Should you be called Lord Larimar or lord Larimar? Answer Us! The customary usage of that title is that “Lord” applies only to God, whereas “lord” applies to all other lords. Hence I am to be called lord Lariamr, and not Lord Larimar.

You have answered with wisdom, lord Larimar. And henceforth, your title in these works shall be lord Larimar. Amen. For you are numbered among those called lords and kings in the title of Jesus Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords. Amen.

Lord, do you cure me of My afflictions, O’ Lord? Lord Larimar, since you neither marry and have children, nor become a priest, and since you have conditions that seem to be leading to your death, how long do you think you have left? And then tell us if it makes sense for you to be cured. I would say that I die rather soon, but I still would wish to be cured, O’ Lord. You are correct in your analysis of your own mortality. You do in fact die soon. The time of your passing away from this world is coming soon, but We do not say when, nor of how much longer you have left, but We only say your entrance into the next world through your death, and your passage through its veil, is soon.

Also, it was written that you were to be cured. But the prophecies that wrote that also said the cures would either announce the coming of your bride, or else start you on the path to become My priest. There was never a prophecy that you received that said you would be cured and then remain in your current vocation of being a celibate, virgin layman. Search the promises. You will find no prophecy was ever written by you as being from God that had you be cured without you immediately entering either into a relationship with a girl leading to marriage, or else of you immediately starting on the pathway to become My priest.

While we allow you to digest that knowledge, let us speak of the Black people who are seeking to overthrow the authorities that I, the Lord God, have placed over them. Does the Black man ever learn? No. The Black man repeatedly damages his neighbor’s property, and the property of authority, in every generation when one of their own number inevitably dies at the hands of law enforcement. Note that no one listens to them anymore. For they have cried out, “Wolf! Wolf!” too many times. Neither are they a people that I, the Lord, will listen to anymore. For they have stood with Obama rather than with Me. So I say to the Black Man, “Go seek your solution from Obama, your Black god, from now on. Do not pretend to worship Jesus, for by your standing with Obama, you are mocking Me as I Am hanging on the cross!”

That the Black man is headed for extinction is America is a fact. And it is I, the Lord, Who does this. No White man is behind the extinction of the Black man. No, for such is what the Black men argue in place of the reality of their racial inferiority and the fact that they are simply less fit to occupy their niches than those people coming into this nation from south of the border to replace them are. Now, this is My statement to the Black man who reads your post. For I must provide a means of redemption, or else I Am not the all loving God. This is what I, the Lord, say:

Give up your hatred and your rage, for all those who give way to that go to hell. Choose to forgive the White policeman who killed George Floyd. Do not make him a criminal and an unforgivable person, or else you too will be marked as a criminal and not be forgiven by Me. I, the Lord God, acknowledge that the policeman used more force than was necessary to subdue George Floyd, and that he should have received training on how to monitor those they are subduing so as to avoid inadvertently killing them or doing permanent damage to their suspects that they arrest. But to decry the policeman who killed George Floyd as a murderer is to reject the right of the authority I have placed over you to subdue wrongdoers and those committing crimes. Amen.

Now, I have spoken to the Black man, to any Black man who chances to read this post. Note that most Black men cannot give up their racial hatred. They are stuck in deep and bitter hatred against the injustices that they believe they have received on account of their Black skin. But they are wrong. No injustices have they received on account of their black skin. Rather, they have received injustice because they themselves have been unjust. They have been attacked because they themselves have attacked. And they have been abused because they themselves have abused. And as a sign that this Word is from your Lord and Maker, you will see that after this era of riots and uprising ends, the Black men will find themselves worse off than before, and not better off. Nor will they have received anything good to show from all their violent and angry protests. Amen.

Now, I shall speak. Do I cure Eric or do I not? Tell Me, lord Larimar, would you elect to become a priest if We cured you in the presence of one? Yes, if you then instructed me to go to any priest and tell him of my vocation. Good, lord Larimar. You will become a priest. There is still time. But first I must thoroughly cure you of all things. To your Pastor, Father Dave, you showed the reason why you could not become a priest, due to your heavily sweating hands. When you go back to him after I cure you, your hands will no longer uncontrollably sweat. And he will be aware that God is in you and that you have been changed. Hence, it is in Saint Bruno Catholic Church where I will have you cured in the presence of a priest. Amen. This is now fully decided. Amen.

Lord, do I give to that priest a thousand dollar check made out to that Church in place of adding up all my accumulated tithes? Do so, and you shall live. Amen. For I Am a just God. And I know Mine and Mine know Me.

Now, since you are to become a priest, when do you die, do you think? I believe that you will give me a forty year reign as Larimar King and as your priest. Good. I hereby give you forty-seven years more to reign on this earth. Hence, you will have been My Catholic in communion with My pope in Rome for a total of 65 years at then conclusion of your life. And then I shall take you to rest with your fathers. Amen.

Now, O’ Lord, you have not yet confirmed or denied about My claim to be one of the Two Witnesses. Will you tell Me the Truth, O’ Lord? For I can take it. We will reveal this and confirm or deny your claims regarding the Two Witnesses when We conclude this post. Not before.

Lord, I accept my place. And I acknowledge the superiority of Saint Bernadette as miles above me, as I vowed this many years ago in my early Catholic years. And I made this vow to force myself to be humble, for that statement I knew to be true. No other saint has ever been so clearly, in my sight, seen as superior to Me. And part of that superiority is by the means by which Mary said to Saint Bernadette that she, Mary, was the Immaculate Conception. She said it in complete friendship. But with me, she had said it as part of my rebuke. For right before she appeared to me and put her foot on my head, I had been boasting to the spirits that I would marry the most beautiful girl of all Creation, and that whoever did not acknowledge this would face my wrath. Therefore, the difference in attitude in which she uttered the words, “Immaculate Conception” in referring to herself, clearly makes Saint Bernadette a much more favored creature than me. And I felt so strongly about this, so much so, that I considered it would be a terrible crime were I to ever make myself better than her, Saint Bernadette, that I elected to bind myself to many vows and oaths, unbreakable promises and irrevocable decrees, that eternally declared Saint Bernadette shall always be recognized as my superior in heaven. Amen. And doing so forced me to be humble.

But even so, I recently gave way to accept the revelation that I was made equal to Saint Bernadette, but had that revelation said that I was greater, I would have immediately recognized Satan in the revelations and rejected it. So is Saint Bernadette my equal or my superior, you ask? I hereby reject as Satanic any revelation saying she is my equal. And from now on, I recognized her to be miles above me, and I shall always believe this. Amen. Whoever says she is my equal I will utter a deadly curse against him. But what sayest Thou, O’ Lord?

Do not involve any promises of curses into your meritorious humility. As for where any saint ranks in heaven, it is always better to consider them as greater than you, rather than as your equals or your lessers. But I will reveal unto you this. The Apostle John is hereby assigned to you to lead you in your process of becoming My priest. Learn to listen to him and obey him. And do not fall to the pride of comparing your written works to his written works. The Book of Revelation is part of Holy Scripture, and the one who wrote it was totally under the power of God. Not so are your books. Not so. Rather, you write these books under a guidance of inspiration, but your books are not free of error. Hence no nihil obstat can ever be applied to your works, though individual posts may be found to contain good and holy words.

Lord, is it truly Your Word that I am to never help Hyacinth anymore? Lord Larimar, if you wish to help someone, limit it to people who are upfront with you and who are honest to you. Cassandra has never opened up and revealed to you answers to your many questions. She hides much from you, much that would affect your giving to her, and you have verified on numerous occasions her direct lies and deceptions that she has knowingly has made to you. Indeed, I do will that you help the poor and disadvantaged in Africa, but do so now through viable and reputable charities, and no longer to people who are merely conning you. Amen.

Then, how may I get rid of her, O’ Lord? How do I stop her texting and attempted phoning of me? Use the extinction method. And what is the extinction method, you ask? The extinction method consists of never replying and never responding to any attempt by that person to contact you or to talk with you. Lord Larimar, you yourself know that this method works. For many girls who wanted to rid themselves of you employed that same method.

Also, for the method to work, you cannot give into the urge to answer or to reply to anything that girl attempts to says to you or texts to you. You must shun her and give her no feedback no matter what she says or attempts to say. Amen. And if she threatens to turn to prostitution, still do not reply to her. Now, I have spoken at length. Now it is time for us to reveal to you about whether or not you are designated as one of My Two Witnesses.

Now, if you were one of them, then when would that interpretation indicate that you are to die? Right before the coming of the Beast and the False Prophet. Wrong, lord Larimar! You are thinking one dimensionally. You must think five dimensionally, the fifth dimension being the gradient of spiritual substance. Go now, and eat your dinner. When you come back, We the elect will answer this question for you. Amen.

I am back, O’ Lord. Now please tell me the answer to this most important question. When do the Two Witnesses die? Before We tell you, read the entire chapter 11 of the Book of Revelation. And then we will inform you of what it all means.

Lord, I know that I am unworthy to be known as any special prophet of yours. But now, please tell me the meaning of Revelation, chapter 11. There are no two individuals who fulfill the prophecy of the Two Witnesses, neither now, nor in the past, nor in the future. Rather, the Two Witnesses are encoded references to the Spirit as He speaks through His servants, the pope and his bishops. For the pope and his bishops are successors to Peter and the Apostles. And to them has been given the office to authoritatively prophesy, and to approve or reject private revelations, and to declare and to further define dogmas and doctrines through the papal infallibility and through the teaching authority of the Magisterium. Amen. Hence, the Age in which the pope and the bishops reign and exercise authority is the true and final meaning behind the mystery of the Two Witnesses. Amen. All those who are looking for fire breathing prophets will die in their heresies. Amen.

Therefore, it is a pure misunderstanding for any person to make the claim that he is one of the Two Witnesses. Such is why there is no Lazurite rising in Israel like you. For it was a false prophecy that I permitted you to believe on account of your great pride. For the sin of pride cancels out a great many blessings and graces that I normally give to My servants who serve Me.

Now I will explain the fate of African Americans regarding their uprising over George Floyd. When the dust finally settles, I tell you Truthfully, all those who rebelled will find that they have less, after the rebellion dies down, than they had before the rebellion started. And the cross that they are forced to bear will be made heavier. Also, neither shall any of their concerns or demands be addressed, for they sought to bring attention to such things by unlawful means and by destroying their neighbor’s property. Now, reread this post in full. And correct all errors. And then publish it.

Lord, one quick question that you have not addressed. Do I have anything to do with Donald Trump’s reelection strategies and efforts? You ask whether you are that character called, “Dragonfly,” the one who was assigned to save Firefly’s soul? You are assigned to save her soul. Whether this attempt will ensure the reelection of President Trump, I make no guarantees. All I can guarantee to you is that, at the end of the day, you will have achieved the salvation of another soul. But as for politics and political victories and defeats, I never give guarantees as to who is to win. Amen.

Hence, you will save Firefly for My Kingdom, but whether her reign continues for another four years in the USA, or whether it ends with a defeat at the elections, I will not reveal to you which way it shall go. Amen. But Lord, if Joe Biden wins, there will be a female Vice President for the first time in the history of the United States of America. Lord, whoever he chooses as his running mate, I would have him not choose that racist bigot, Kamala Harris. Very well, lord Larimar, I will ensure that Joe Biden chooses a winner, and not a loser. Amen.

Lord, and I have one last question to ask for this post. Ask, My servant. Is the idea of an age following the Second Coming, called the Millennium, a false interpretation of the Scriptures and the heresy classified by the Catholic Church as Millenarianism? Eric, consider what churches believe and advocate that belief: Such beliefs are found in those churches that reject the Trinity, such the Jehovah Witnesses and the Mormons. These groups are dupes of Satan and possess no Truth. For it is easy to interpret the scriptures falsely if you are not guided by the infallible decrees of the pope and by the teachings proclaimed by the Magisterium. I do not guarantee to any Catholic that he will possess the True interpretation of all the Scriptures that he studies, but only that the knowledge that he has, if under submission to the pope and his bishops, will not lead him astray. Millenarianism is recognized as a heresy by the Catholic Church. And to be faithful to Me, you must cleave to Me and to all that I teach through the teaching authority of My Catholic Church. Amen.

Now, lord Larimar, I promised to tell you what the true definitions of your Kingdom are to consist of. Now I shall define them to you. Amen. Lord, if this revelation is truly coming from God, I wish to hear it. Otherwise, let it not be said. The name of your Kingdom, lord Larimar, is Rivendell. And your codename as its king is lord Elrond. And the place where it is located is deep and high into the fifth dimension. Remember that the five dimensions are: (1) length, (2) width, (3) height, (4) time, and (5) the gradient into the spiritual substances. Amen. Hence, while the land area on this earth is indeed limited to just 196,900,000 square miles, that does not put into consideration all the vastness of extra lands and spaces that exist by traversing on the earth through the fifth dimension. Now go, lord Larimar, and walk your dog, and meditate on this answer that I have given thee. Amen.

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