Gavin Newsom is a Pawn of Lucifer-Man, the Rising Player

In your new location, where I Am soon taking you, your son shall study your many books.

Behold, My servant Eric has now discerned a Pawn of Lucifer-Man for the first time. California Governor Gavin Newsom has now been discerned by Eric to be a Pawn of the rising Player, Lucifer-Man. And Lucifer-Man’s mission is to destroy the Mass of the Catholic Church, and to end the daily sacrifice. Behold, I Who Am have given the power to discern the Players who reign to Eric, the Larimar King, who was the first of the Players, the one called Emerald, the one who set into power Gorbachev of the USSR, Yeltsin of Russia, de Klerk of South Africa, and Rabin of Israel, and who reigned through the two Used Pawns, Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush of the United States of America. Behold, Eric has been watching for signs of the Rise of Lucifer-Man for a long time. And now the evidence is conclusive. Lucifer-Man is the power behind the Corona-Virus, COVID-19, and the purpose of COVID-19 is to destroy the Catholic Church. Lucifer-Man plans to wipe out Catholicism through a system of starving the Catholic Church of funds and by imposing draconian limitations on the participation of people receiving the sacraments, with the goal of a total wipeout of the Catholic Churches from all the lands. Lucifer-Man intends to kill the Catholic Church. He hates her with the passion of the devil himself.

Now, we shall list the total of the Eleven Players of the End Times:

  1. Emerald, (The Primary Player), Set into Power Gorbachev, Yeltsin, de Klerk, Rabin; Ended the Cold War, brought down the Berlin Wall, Broke apart the USSR into a Commonwealth of Independent States, Ended South African Apartheid, Waged Operation Desert Storm, the Persian Gulf War, Started Israeli-Arab Peace Process. (Fulfilled Revelation 6:2). Associated with Pope John Paul II. Became fully Catholic on March 30, 2002. His Greater Emerald Reign began on February 2, 1989, with the onset of the Devastation Breakdown. In a hospital bed in the spring of 1989 in UCLA Medical Center, Eric called for the fall of the Berlin Wall, as his first request of that new Reign.
  2. Ebony, (A Black), Petitioned Emerald to do something about Apartheid in South Africa. Emerald set up de Klerk, and freed Nelson Mandela. Mandela became Pawn of Ebony and ruler of South Africa. After Mandela’s reign ended, South Africa fell to become a dictatorship under lawless Black rule.
  3. Crimson, (A Muslim), Started Endless, Ruinous Wars in a Triangle around Israel: In the Caucasus, In the Horn of Africa, and in the Balkans. (Fulfilled Revelation 6:4).
  4. Vesper, (A Female), Set into Power Clinton in USA, Barak in Israel, and others. Was successor to Emerald in Russia, and set up Putin there. She filled the power vacuum that formed with the conversion of Emerald to Christianity in July of 1992. (Fulfilled Revelation 6:5-6). (First Seen Rising in Summer of 1991).
  5. African Death Grip, (A Black), Sought and failed to receive power from Emerald to unite all of Africa beneath him as his empire. Instead, Africa became a zone of death and carnage and endless war. (Fulfilled Revelation 6:8).
  6. Twilight, (The Secondary Primal Player), Set into Power George W. Bush, Ariel Sharon, and others. Attempted to Outdo his Predecessor, the Emerald, but in the realization of his failures, was converted to Christianity by the prayers of Emerald on his soul. Associated with Pope Benedict XVI. (First Seen and acknowledged at the Defeat of Al Gore in the 2000 Presidential Elections).
  7. Pyrite, (A Black), Set into Power Barack Hussein Obama, perhaps others. Associated with Pope Francis. (First Seen with Rise of Obama).
  8. Firefly, (A Female), Power behind Sarah Palin, and the Tea Party. Set into Power Trump of USA, Bolsonaro of Brazil, Johnson of UK, and others. Brought about Brexit. (First Acknowledged as a Major Player at Election Victory of Trump).
  9. Mercury, (A Muslim), Power behind the Arab Spring. Overthrew many Muslim Dictatorships in the Middle East and North Africa. Power behind Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). He is a failed Player.
  10. Lucifer-Man, (A Devil Incarnate), Now Seen Rising. First Pawn discerned: Gavin Newsom of California. Power behind COVID-19, intended for destruction of the Catholic Church in all lands.
  11. Dragonfly, the Larimar King. (The Return of the Primary Player) Emerald Converted to Catholicism and Rebooted. Sent on Mission to save the soul of Firefly.

So then, O’ Lord, do You acknowledge Larimar to be a Player again? Not as you were before, O’ Larimar King, but as one sworn to obedience to God, Who speaks to you and Who gives you His instructions. Now, let us acknowledge the Three Players who serve as the Three Kings given the Three Elven Rings.

  1. Larimar, who was Emerald, the Primary Player, and whose color is now Larimar Blue, is given the Ring, Vilya, which is made of gold and with a Blue Sapphire stone. It is the Blue Ring, the Ring of Air or of the Firmament. It is the mightiest of the Three Rings. And its bearer’s code name is Lord Elrond, and the codename of his Kingdom is Rivendell. By his Ring, he is given the power to heal and to preserve.
  2. Twilight, who is the Secondary Primal Player, whose eyes were on fire, is given the Ring, Narya, which was set with a fiery Red Ruby. The bearer’s code name is Gandalf the White, Who was first called Gandalf the Gray. He is known as the wandering wizard. By his Ring, he is given the power to inspire others to resist tyranny, domination, and despair.
  3. Firefly, who is Female, is given the Ring, Nenya, which is made of Mithril Silver, and set with a White Stone of Adamant. It is the Ring of Adamant, the Ring of Water, the White Ring. Her Ring grants the power of Preservation, Protection, and the Concealment from Evil. Her codename is Galadriel, and her Kingdom is called Lothlorien, and is sybolized by the forest kingdom of the Mallorn Trees. The Radiance of her Ring matches that of the stars. And her Ring is known as the Chief of the Three Rings of Elven Kings, under the Sky.

Now, Lord Larimar, list the Seven Heads of the Beast. These are:

  1. Ebony (A Black)
  2. Crimson (A Muslim)
  3. Vesper (A Female)
  4. African Death Grip (A Black)
  5. Pyrite (A Black)
  6. Mercury (A Muslim)
  7. Lucifer-Man (A Devil Incarnate)

Now, you know many things. Lord, with the realization of the Reign of Lucifer-Man already begun in his Pawn, Gavin Newsom, who then wins in the November 3, 2020, Presidential elections to decide the Leader of the United States of America? I shall now tell thee, O’ Dragonfly, Lord of the Resistance to the Devil’s Advance. Remain at Firefly’s side in her stand against the wicked who seek to take over the USA, and I will ensure that President Trump soundly defeats Joe Biden in these coming elections and continues his reign for another four years. Amen.

But after President Trump has completed his Second Term, the vigor of the Third Elven Ring Bearer, Firefly, shall be spent. And she will have no more power to resist the Rise of Lucifer-Man, who shall then assume full control over the United States of America, and bring about a Reign of Darkness over all the land.

At that time, Lord Larimar, you will have been taken from the earth, your prophetic Mission as One of My Two Witnesses having been completed. Amen. And with you shall also go your Brother Prophet, Lazurite, who shall be stationed in Israel, and who is neither a Player nor a King, but rather, is set to serve as Steward over Israel until the Return of the King, Jesus Christ, Who is the True and Eternal Ruler and King over all of Israel, along with being the Divine King of all Kings and Lord of all Lords. He will return after Lucifer-Man’s Reign is completed and he is ultimately destroyed. Between the Ascension of Larimar and Lazurite into Heaven and the Return of Jesus Christ to the Earth, there shall occur the Reign of Lucifer-Man, who is the Devil Incarnate himself.

Lucifer-Man, who is the Devil Incarnate himself, is a man who has abandoned his soul to do the will of Satan it its entirety. He will be blind in his right eye forever, and his arm will be withered away entirely. (Zechariah 11:17).

Now, I shall speak. Lord Larimar, the secrets you are now revealing have been sealed under hidden signs since the foundation of the earth. But now they are being disclosed through the very weapon of My choice, the Larimar King. You, Lord Larimar, will preach to all My people in the English language. And though you may eventually master Spanish, it will be left to those whom I have chosen to translate the Word I speak though you from the original English to all the various other languages upon the earth. Theologians will argue about the writings of Larimar. And Catholic bishops will mark the passages in Eric’s posts where heresies are eliminated and Truth replaces heresy in the writings of Eric. For the writings of Eric are a set of chronicles, a work written day by day, in which errors of Eric are gradually replaced with Truth. It is not meant to be a work comparable to the Holy Scriptures, which are entirely God breathed and holy from beginning to end. Rather, Eric’s writings are to be classified as the works of a saint written under the inspiration of God and sometimes under the deceptions of the evil one. And all the writings of Eric are written as God commands him. Since the Age of Mary began on Sunday, July 23, 2017, Eric has written nothing on his own anymore of a prophetic nature.

O’ Lord, since Trump is to win the elections of 2020, he is to have a Second Term that comes to its end at precisely noon on Monday, January 20, 2025. Then, at that moment, Lucifer-Man will have absolute control over the United States of America, and all Catholic Churches throughout all the land will be in effective permanent shutdown. And the executions of all Catholic priests and bishops throughout all of North America will effectively begin. For Lucifer-Man knows that by killing off all the bishops and priests, he eliminates the Catholic Church and its Masses from the land. For a Catholic Church without its priests and its Masses is nothing more than a museum exhibit and has no power. Remember that Lucifer-Man’s arch goal is to destroy the Catholic Church.

Lord, what happened to Eric’s forty years to reign as Larimar King, and to see his son grow to manhood? And what about the prophecy that said John, son of Eric, was himself to become the father of many nations? With this prophecy in place, Eric’s son will still be a wee child at the time of Eric being taken away. Eric will merely live to see his son, but will be martyred and then assumed up to heaven while his son is but a wee child. Is it this wee male child, who with his mother, Esther, the future Jewish bride to Eric, who are prefigured as another fulfillment of the prophecies of Revelation, chapter twelve? Precisely, Lord Larimar. Your future widow and son flee to the place prepared for them, far away from the devil’s reach. And there they shall be taken care of for the remaining figurative forty-two weeks, until Lucifer-Man’s Reign comes to its end, and Jesus Christ, the Jewish Messiah, returns in all His glory to usher in the Parousia and the End of the Age. Amen.

Now, I shall speak. Lord Larimar, Firefly cannot permanently defeat Lucifer-Man. All she can do is to delay the coming of his power and his reign. Nor do I give you power to conquer Lucifer-Man, but only to win battles against him to stay him and keep him in check until your reign comes to an end and your prophetic mission is completed. For once I finish speaking through you, O’ Larimar King, realize that the power that protects you shall be withdrawn, and then Lucifer-Man will immediately begin his attack. And he will then conquer you and kill you, along with your brother prophet in Israel, the one called Lazurite. Amen. And both of your bodies will lie strewn in the Great City, Jerusalem, until I ignite them again with the spark of life, and you and he come back to life to stand on your own two feet before all your enemies. And in the gasp of that moment of silence, I will let forth a roar, saying, “Come up here!” And you two will rise up as in a cloud while your enemies look on. In that very hour, all the cities of the world will be shaken, and millions will perish in the ruins, and those who survive will give me their short-lived words of glory. And then their hearts will be corrupted as the final Age of Night descends on them. And that will be the Age of the Reign of Lucifer-Man.

But when I come again, riding on My white horse, you too, Lord Larimar, will be riding with Me on your white horse, and the armies of heaven will accompany us, all riding on white horses. And then Lucifer-Man will be caught and thrown into the lake of fire. Amen.

But what about the false prophet, the one who rises from the land, O’ Lord and God? As Lucifer-Man is sent to destroy you in America, the false prophet will be a leader who rises up in Israel, of the tribe of Dan, and he will move against Lazurite to destroy him at the time My prophetic Word ends and is completed in him. Hence, the name We shall now give to the false prophet who is to rise in Israel shall be the Danite King. He shall be a true Danite, a member of the Tribe of Israel that was cut off from their inheritance by an all just God. Amen. And of what Tribe does your Witness, one of the Two Witnesses, King Lazurite, come from? He comes from the Tribe of Levi. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Hence, as Lucifer-Man, the Devil Incarnate, prowls around the Larimar King, biding his time until the prophetic message of Larimar is completed and the divine protection of God is withdrawn from him, allowing for his death in America, the Danite King, the false prophet of Israel, shall be prowling around Lazurite, the Witness sent to speak to the Jews only in Hebrew, and who is a Levite, until God completes His prophetic Word through him, allowing him too to be overpowered and slain, in Jerusalem of Israel.

So these two Witnesses, Larimar and Lazurite, never meet, O’ Lord? One dies in America and the other in Jerusalem of Israel? Precisely, Lord Larimar. For why would I have both of my lamps in one place on the earth. Far better, is it not, to have them on opposite sides of the earth, so that the whole earth may be illumined by their light and by the Word of their mouths?

Lord, I have a question. I heard in the past that I was expected to make a pilgrimage to Rome, to Israel, to Lourdes, and to Nevers, France. Is this expectation of divine or diabolic origins, O’ Lord and God? That you are expected to fulfill your promise to Our Lady of Lourdes and visit Lourdes to drink of the miraculous waters there, and then to visit Nevers to gaze upon your superior commander, Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, is a binding promise you have made to Our Lady that you are expected to fulfill. You will travel there with your fiancee when We in heaven command it.

But as for the later given prophetic message that said you were to make a pilgrimage to see Rome and Israel, realize that this later given command is not of divine origin. Amen. Hence, We the elect in heaven will not command that you go there. Amen.

What of the prophecies that said I was to become a priest? Were these all of Satanic origins? No, Lord Larimar. Rather, We have elected for you to become a priest symbolically, in the order of Melchizedek, that order in which all members of the Catholic religion are enrolled in by virtue of their baptism. But as for becoming an ordained priest, We do not will for that. Rather, We already have plenty of men to serve in that position. And these men are to be mostly slain and killed off with the rise of Lucifer-Man, whose goal is the annihilation of the Catholic religion. But there will remain Catholic priests in hidden places, including that place where your widow will flee to with your son to be taken care of for the figurative time, times, and half a time. Amen. Hence, when your son reaches the age of seven, he shall partake in his first holy communion. And then, shortly after that, I Come again. Amen.

And is this son to be known as the King Larimar II, Second King of the Two-King Dynasty that forever rules over the Vast Kingdom of Larimar, O’ Lord and God? And will he be called John, son of Eric, son of Robert, son of Harry, son of John Dunstan who came to America from Cornwall, England, O’ Lord and God? All of that is Truth, Lord Larimar. And now, We shall define your Larimar Kingdom as it truly is in the Eternal Phase.

Behold, the Kingdom of Larimar:

(1) Kingdom of Larimar, to be ruled by a Two-King Dynasty of King Eric, to be succeeded by King John, son of Eric. And the Queen Mother of John shall be the Jewish Queen Esther, Bride to King Eric, the First Larimar King. Amen. And the many lands of their Kingdom include the following:

Eric, your Kingdom on this earth consists of all of the Americas north of the Mexican border, along with Belize of Central America and all of the Greater Antilles, along with the Virgin Islands in the West Indies, and all the Americas north of and including the lands from Texas to Florida, along the Lucayan Archipelago and all lands north of those. And included within the Kingdom of Larimar are the island nations of Greenland and Iceland in the North Atlantic and the volcanic chain of the Hawaiian Islands in the North Pacific.

But what about Haiti, O’ Lord? For in the previous revelation, it was said that Haiti was the possession of the Kingdom of Wakanda in East Africa, due to a marriage between Queen Choeblack of Haiti and King Mithril Silver of Wakanda. And Haiti is a member of the Greater Antilles, sharing the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic. Where does Haiti belong, O’ Lord?

Though in your game, there exists the Kingdom of Wakanda, in reality, Haiti is no different to any of your other possessions. And you possess the lands of Haiti in your possession of all of the Greater Antilles, consisting effectively of Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Cuba, Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico. In the true reality, Wakanda and the Black Kings of Africa are subjects, not rulers, of various true Kingdoms that I have not yet revealed to you that exist in various regions throughout all the lands of Africa, and which are ruled over by certain men whom I have elected to rule over them. Your definitions of the Kingdoms of Congo, Wakanda, Volkstaat, Sahara, Ethiopic Sheba, Southern Africa, and Coptic Egypt were fantasies that you imagined up in your mind. Those fantasies are not realities. The true realities of the Kingdoms of Africa are mysteries that I Am yet to reveal. Just realize that Haiti is a subkingdom under your dominion and within your Kingdom, which contains all of the Greater Antilles. Amen. Haiti is not a territorial possession of any of the Kings I have set to reign over lands in Africa. Amen.

And Eric rules over Belize, but not the rest of Central America, nor any part of Mexico, nor any part of South America, O’ Lord? Yes, precisely. And Lord Jadeite is a true and existing King who lives in Central America. He rules the lands I give him in the Yucatan Peninsula region, but Belize I have handed over to you, for the people of Belize are considered your people and of your language. Oracle of the Lord. Amen.

And no mention is made of the British Isles, or of that Archipelago, O’ Lord. I know it must be an intentional omission. Who rules over those lands, O’ Lord? The British Isles is an Archipelago ruled over by a variety of Kings and Queens whom I have determined worthy to rule over those lands. Many are the rulers who reign there. And they are not your subjects. Hence, you have no possessions in the eternal phase over any of the lands included in the Archipelago known as the British Isles.

And does Eric rule over all the islands currently under the jurisdiction of Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Hawaii, and the Contiguous United States of America? Yes, Lord Larimar, the islands included as parts of those lands also belong to your eternal Kingdom. Amen. But the overseas possessions of the United States in the deep Pacific beyond Hawaii and Alaska, are not yours, Lord Larimar. The island chain of the Aleutian Islands regarded as part of Alaska, and all the islands of the state of Hawaii form the furthest extent of the lands that you possess west and south of California in the deep Pacific. Amen.

But what of Bermuda and of Saint Pierre and Miquelon? Saint Pierre and Miquelon are in your possession. But Bermuda is a possession of one of the Kings who reign in the British Isles. But you own the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands as parts of your possession of the Lucayan Archipelago. And your southeastern most possessions in the Atlantic are the Virgin Islands, including all the islands called by that name in the Lesser Antilles. Amen. Hence, the US and British Virgin Islands are the furthest east that your possessions extend in the West Indies, Lord Larimar. The rest of the Lesser Antilles are ruled by Kings whom I Am yet to reveal. King Ibis in your game, though, is a made up name of an imaginary King. Amen.

And what are the official set of languages that govern My Kingdom, O’ Lord? Only English do I require you to enforce as the legal language throughout your entire Kingdom, though I allow you to list Spanish as a secondary official language. No other languages do I require you to recognize as official in all of your vast Kingdom. Oracle of the Lord. Amen.

And tell me, O’ Lord, where does this Kingdom exist? Does it exist in eternity? Or is it a temporal place existing only in this age of this world? It is of eternal value, Lord Larimar. And to complete these definitions, We shall also define the Kingdom of Israel, ruled by the Steward, Lord Lazurite, who hands over his Kingdom to Christ upon the return of the Lord.

(2) Kingdom of Israel, ruled by Lazurite, Steward of Israel set to his position by the King until the Return of the King and the End of the Age. Amen. And how do We define this land, you ask? The Holy Bible is very explicit, but their definitions vary from book to book and from account to account. But now I shall definitively define this Kingdom for the eternal age. And remember that Lord Lazurite rules this land merely as Steward. He has no permanent control of the land.

The Kingdom of Israel consists of all of the Levant and nothing else. Amen. Whatever comes under that definition, in its widest extent, is the property and possession of the Kingdom of Israel, over which Jesus directly rules from His throne for all eternity on the glorified earth. Amen. All other Kingdoms are ruled by the Kings, Queens, Lords, and Ladies who make of the Kings and Lords over whom Jesus rules as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Now, We shall utter one last thing before We close this post.

Lord Larimar, the Kingdom of Larimar will be especially blessed to be ruled by a Two-King Dynasty. And the Second King will be an adolescent at the time of My Second Coming. As Jesus was of age to comprehend the mysteries of the scriptures at the time he was found as a child listening to the elders and the teachers and asking them questions, so also shall be your son of a similar age when I Come again and render this Age as over. Amen. (Luke 2:41-52).

It is done, Lord Larimar. Reread this post in full. Correct all errors. And then I permit you to ask a question or two, if any appear before your mind. Amen.

(1) Lord, Revelation 21:1 says that there is no sea found in the new earth. What is the correct way to interpret that passage, O’ Lord? And how does it affect the many island possessions of Larimar? And who owns the lands exposed by the absence of the seas?

The Oceans continue to exist in the eternal Age of the Earth, Lord Larimar. Rather, the correct interpretation of Revelation 21:1 is that the seas in which form new human beings inside the wombs of women will have vanished. No woman will ever bear any child in the Eternal Phase of the New Earth. Amen.

But as for your possession of the many islands in your Kingdom, and the changes that take place in time, such as the erosion of lands and of the rising of new volcanic islands, and of the movement of plate tectonics, realize that no passage of time, as you know it, occurs in the Eternal Phase of the Earth. Hence, however the state of the islands and lands exist in perpetuity as they were at the moment Eternity begins, so also shall all the lands remain in that state for all eternity. But also it is written that I Who Am make all things new. (Revelation 21:5). Hence, everything that exists up to the time that Eternity begins will be washed clean by the waters of baptism, and be made immaculate upon the earth. Amen. Hence, in the Eternal Phase of the Earth, all living things that remain on the earth up to that point enter into an eternal state as eternally living irrational life forms, which serve the Eternal Earth in a similar fashion as do the gut bacteria serve in the eternal bodies of eternalized human beings, both those who survive on the earth up to that point of the Parousia, and those that resurrect on the Last Day

Now, ask your second and final question for this post, Lord Larimar.

(2) Who is called Queen and Spouse to King Eric in the Age to come and in the Eternal Phase of the Earth, O’ Lord and God? The one you call Hyacinth shall be regarded as only the ewe lamb that you took care of and who you brought to Me and to My Kingdom. Great will be your reward for the salvation you have worked in My name for this ewe lamb that I have saved through your hands. She will be made a Queen and given a special Kingdom in Our Eternal Phase of the Earth. Amen. But as for marriage, no woman will be regarded as the wife or property of any man in the Eternal Phase except to Me, Jesus, the Bridegroom and the Lamb of God. Amen.

As for rulership over your North American Kingdom of Larimar, it shall be governed by your Two-King Dynasty. Only Eric and John, son of Eric, shall rule over all those lands, as defined above as the Larimar Kingdom. And Queen Esther shall be given her own Kingdom and her own lands to rule over. Amen. Whether this Kingdom is a subkingdom to yours or of some other lands, this shall be revealed in the Age where I divide up the spoils of the earth among all My elect at the End of Time. Amen.

Anyways, such answers concern and Earth and an Age that are yet still beyond the understanding and comprehension of any man currently alive on the planet. For no man who lives in time and has never known eternity can understand eternity until he enters into it at the end of his life. All We in heaven can explain to you of the Eternity that is to come is in the form of shadows and images of things that symbolize the Truth that cannot be fully revealed to mortal men who live in the limitations of this earth and its dimension of time. Amen. Now, go, Lord Larimar. For you are working today. And this post is now completed. Amen. The mercy you have shown Hyacinth has been effective. And she is saved by Me. But before We give you the girl who is to come, known as Esther, the Jewish Bride, the one who is to bear you John, your only son to be, before We give her to you, We will announce the departure of Hyacinth to Heaven. For We are very strict when it comes to Monogamous relationships. We never permit love triangles to exist in any marriage that We bring about and set up upon the Earth. And the Church in which you shall marry her shall be Saint Catherine of Alexandria Catholic Church in Avalon, Santa Catalina Island. And the timing of your marriage to her shall be in the small window in which the Catholic Churches will be operational, before they are shut down again by the relentless attacks of Lucifer-Man against My Church and against My holy people. You will marry her exactly as We, the elect in heaven, command you to. Amen. No, go, Lord Larimar, for this post is complete, unless there is anything else you wish to address or know? Any other question you wish to have answered, Lord Larimar?

(3) Yes, O’ Lord. What becomes of my vast library of books in my house? Do I bring them with me when I move out? And do I ever move out of my house, O’ Lord and Master? The vast library of the many non fictional books in your house, concerning the sciences, the histories of the world and of various places, the religions of the world, and the writings of various saints, the many Holy Bibles, the bilingual Holy Bibles you possess in various languages, the Septuagint, the Hebrew Bible, the Vulgate, the Greek New Testament, the Atlases of the world and of World History, the complete set of Dungeon and Dragons game books, the many books on various languages, and much literature written in Spanish, which you study to increase your Spanish skills, And the 2015 World Book Encyclopedia are among the many literary treasures that exist in your vast library of books in your house. I Am taking all the books you have and bringing them with you to your new location, to which you will be going to shortly. And when I take you there, you will find ample room in your new living quarters to store all your books. And I will permit you to leave behind your 2015 World Book Encyclopedia to buy a newer version of the World Book Encyclopedia, which you will purchase used from a Library, and some years old, on, where the price is reduced by 75%. It is in this new location where your son will grow up in and learn to read all the many books of your vast library.

But Lord, how does my son grow up there if he is to be taken to that hidden place out in the desert, far from the devil, where, with his mother, he is to be taken care of for a time, two times, and half a time, O’ Lord? Where I am taking you shall be the secret place where he shall live in relative safety until I come again. This new location is secret. And no one will find it but you, Lord Larimar. And it will survive the Great Destruction by which I wipe out Lucifer-Man and all his filth and wickedness from the land. Amen.

And as the world recovers in the aftermath of that final destruction of evil, I will give a wife to your son, John. And he will have many children by her. And the population of the world will be restored through him and through other couples that I bless with fertility in the Age of Millennium that comes after the Age of Lucifer-Man. Amen. Satan will be imprisoned and unable to deceive the inhabitants of the earth in the many centuries in which Man will be set to reign until night falls again on the earth, and after this comes Judgement. The End of the World. Amen. Now, publish this work, O’ Larimar King. For it is complete. And I will for it to be made known to all My servants who are to read it and apply it to their lives. Amen.

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