Eric speaks on a great many things

Eric is commanded to master Spanish, and the Spanish world will be opened up to him.

Behold, I hereby grant Eric to speak on a great many things. Amen. So, speak your mind, Lord Larimar, and I shall correct you in any errors that you say. Amen.

Lord, President Donald John Trump is contemplating the use of overwhelming force to crush the uprising in America of a bunch of thugs and looters, all of whom are allegedly protesting the death at the hands of the police of some counterfeiter and drunkard who may have merely just received his due fatal penalty and what was coming to him as payback for his unlawful behavior and his wasted life of sin. But what do you say about this, O’ Lord? Is my assessment of the situation correct, O’ Lord?

Lord Larimar, We will not mention the name of the sinner who died, for he is unworthy of that honor and distinction. And I hereby give the full green light to President Trump to harshly crack down on the protestors, for they are all clearly lawbreakers and troublemakers. And they are all rallying in protest of the death of a lawbreaker. Why unite the struggles of a whole race with this lawbreaker who died? It only lowers the image of that race in the sight of the people who have the power to make a change for good.

Lord, what is the basic problem found in the African American communities? Why do they keep on uniting themselves behind lawbreakers who die at the hands of authorities and then go on to riot and loot and pillage in their names? It is because, Lord Larimar, many of these Afro-Black people are in dire poverty. They have no future and the only way they see out of their hole in the ground is to seize the opportunity to loot and pillage when it comes. Such looters would be better put to use by subjecting such people back into slavery, in the form of penal slavery, where they may be worked to produce some form of good for society. At least then there would be some accomplishment to show at the end of their lives than the mere amassing of dirty wealth though dealings in drugs and the having of bastard children outside of wedlock.

So, O’ Lord, what follows this? What becomes of these protestors and rioters who are committing crimes and breaking the law? They become enslaved into the penal prison labor systems and become registered felons. I will see to it that all those offending lawbreaking protestors are to be removed from society and processed into the criminal court systems where they will be denied the right to vote. Then, with the many peoples of the African American community being prosecuted and put behind bars and serving time in the penal labor systems, along with all those given felonies onto their criminal records, the Black minority voter block come election day will have become significantly reduced.

Now, I shall speak. Lord Larimar, the fate of the African American people is to go extinct within the next five generations, which is a span of about a hundred years. Hence, in one hundred years the Ebonics speaking African American Black peoples will have gone extinct. Note the distinction I make between Ebonics speakers and the speakers of the Caribbean Creoles, such as the Haitian Blacks. The peoples of African descent coming from the Caribbean do not have the same fate as the Ebonics speaking Black descendants of slaves in the USA, for the peoples of the Caribbean have learned the discipline of working hard to obtain their goods in life, and are dedicated to working hard for a living. It is only the African American descendants of the slaves endemic to the USA who are decreed by Me, Who Am Lord and God, to go extinct within five generations from this current age.

And by what past model do You justify this rapid decline of the African American peoples, O’ Lord and my God? Lord Larimar, look at how fast it took for the Spanish conquistadors and rulers of the Caribbean to drive the native American Indians to extinction on those islands. The Whites arrived in 1492, and within one century, the native peoples of the Caribbean had all but vanished. However, some of the populations of the various nations of the the Caribbean do still retain varying amounts of trace minority genetic descent from the original native American Indians who had once lived there. In Puerto Rico, for example, the people currently living there are about 12% native American. But in Haiti, the people are nearly purely derived from African slaves. And that is one reliable way you can use to distinguish a Haitian Black person from a Black person living in the Dominican Republic next door, both countries being located on the same Caribbean island of Hispaniola. The vast majority of the citizens of the Dominican Republic are described as Afro-Mestizos, having much mixed racial ancestry. while the vast majority of the citizens of Haiti are mostly of mostly pure Black African descent. That is a key distinction. Afro-Mestizos in the Dominican Republic have many ethnic features found in Whites and native Americans blended into their African blood that distinguish them from the pure races of African descent found in Haiti. Very few, if any, of the Black peoples of the Dominican Republic are of pure African descent.

So then, O’ Lord, following that model, you are saying that, even with the coming extinction of the African American peoples of the USA, it will not be a complete wipeout of their genes from the American gene pool? There will still remain certain genetic traces of that African American legacy found within the populations of America, and that the American gene pool will retain trace amounts of DNA derived from past African American slaves? That is correct, Lord Larimar.

And remember this most important fact, Lord Larimar. Due to the common practice of the raping of the slaves by the White males of society against the enslaved Black women, who had no legal right or power to resist them, during the time of slavery in the United States of America, the result of that influx of White male DNA into the African American populations is that a full 38% of African American males today have direct male lineage going back to White men in Europe. But the percentage of direct White maternal lineages in today’s African American populations is significantly lower, due to the very severe threat of lethal punishment against any Black man should he elect to father children by a White women, which was once enshrined as law in the United States of America.

Lord, that seems to explain why the Blacks descended from the slaves in the United States of America are so messed up. They are the descendants of the worst of the White race, the rapists and the perverts, all those perverse White men who took advantage of a people without rights to live out their sexual fantasies with. And their Black victims had nowhere to turn to to seek justice. They could not call the police, because the law said that they were slaves and that the slaves had no rights. And even the United States Supreme Court ruled, in Dred Scott vs Sanford, that the Negro had no rights that the White man was obligated to respect. With this kind of serious negative reinforcement by White authority lording it over the Black race, and with the White controlled courts always taking the side of the White aggressors against any and all Black victims who dared to make complaints, it is no wonder why the Blacks of today have learned to rebel rather than to obey.

Isn’t this the case, O’ Lord? Lord Larimar, I have given the Afro-Blacks, as you call the people of Black African descent, in the United States of America, the chance to turn to back Me and to enter into My true religion of Catholicism to become true Christians and correctly practicing Catholics. But few have converted, and they have mostly preferred to remain in their lost Black Protestant churches. Hence, they are a people I have rejected. And I Am now resolved to replace them with a people who will be and remain faithful Catholics to Me, the Hispanics from Latin America. Hence, the Hispanics are moving in and the people of African descent in America are headed for extinction. But of course, there will always be trace amounts of ancestral genetic material of the Black African race that will persist in the American genome. Realize that this same effect was observed when I had the Neanderthals wiped out by the modern humans who arrived into Europe some several tens of thousands of years ago. The modern humans found a native population of humans in ancient Europe who were vastly different from them, and also who were genetically less fit than the invaders. And so they were wiped out. But nevertheless, trace amounts of Neanderthal DNA were retained in the modern European White populations. Hence, though the Neanderthals as a people were utterly wiped out, some viable interbreeding did in fact happen between the two peoples before the eventual complete wipeout of the Neanderthal occurred.

Hence, evolution is a sloppy process, Lord Larimar. And there is even the occurrences of cross genetic transfers that do not follow the expected lines of lineal descent, which can result in evolutionary jumps. This usually occurs through retroviruses, which insert copies of their genetic material into the genomes of their hosts, and, if this genetic material is passed onto viable offspring, such results in the new genetic material having been permanently added into the human genome that may have been derived from the gene pool of another species. It is scientifically believed that such retroviruses aided in the rapid evolution of the placenta in early mammals. Anyways, such genetic transfers across unrelated lineages of species help to better explain the rapid transformations in evolutionary history that cannot be explained by merely the mathematics of simple random mutations and natural selection. For always the Truth is stranger than fiction.

Lord, what would you say to President Donald John Trump as he deliberates on how to contain and suppress these rebellious rioters and protestors? I Who Am shall now speak.

President Trump, realize that this problem with the African American Black people is an endemic problem. They are a race of people in terminal decline. And part of the process of their eventual termination as a racial lineage involves outbreaks and fits of rage and explosions of anger as they slip into extinction. Dying species and races often go out with a bang. Therefore, the wise man does not concern himself with such matters, but lets the natural evolutionary processes do as they shall to naturally wipe out all the less fit of society. Let them go extinct naturally. Your task is better served by merely maintaining control over society and ensuring that law and order is respected. Crush the rebellion and arrest the people caught looting, but do not seek a perfect resolution to this problem. Rather, seek to drive these impoverished protestors back into their ghettos and let them rot and riot away there in their slums until they realize that they have ransacked and destroyed the very places where they live. Seek to contain them rather than to outright crush their spirit. And do not address their concerns and demands for equality. For no one can be made equal in this world to anyone else and no one ever shall be. And any people who demand equality are seeking an impossibility. But this concept cannot be explained to a people who cannot think. Hence, let them rage, and seek to merely corral them back into their slum neighborhoods. Let them destroy the properties and wealth of their own Black brethren and people. But keep them from destroying the properties and wealth of those people who live outside their race and community and of those people who are not partakers of the lawlessness of those riots. Amen.

Eric, go to bed. We will continue this discussion at dawn tomorrow. Amen. For you are tired. And you are not to discontinue any of your medication until you pass through the veil of your being cured. And you have obeyed Us well in this area. Amen.

I am back, O’ Lord. And it is predawn. Good, Lord Larimar. Now, we shall discuss why Affirmative Action has such a negative effect, rather than a positive effect, on the psychology of Black people. The Democratic liberals who promote Affirmative Action, in the form of providing certain advantages to a certain race, only serve to make the statement that this race they seek to prop up is an inferior race, and that it is unable to stand on its own and compete on a level playing field with all the other applicants of the other races and peoples for jobs and for admissions into colleges. It serves to destroy the ego of the successful Black Man to have it in the back of his mind that he only succeeded because he was given artificial benefits based on his race, and that without those benefits, he may likely have not had the success that he did. Hence, the liberal left in the Democratic Party are not doing the successful Black man any favors by promoting Affirmative Action.

And the argument made by some Black people that they cannot get a job in White society unless the White employer is forced to hire him, that, My friends, produces a toxic employer-employee relationship. And such a litigious attitude partially explains why so many people of the Black community are both unemployed and unemployable. For what employer would want to hire such a toxic employee to work for him? All such potential litigators so poison the work environment and the hiring departments so much so that, by their toxic attitudes of seeking to force their way into getting hired with the threats of litigation if they don’t get what they seek, potential employers, in order to remain viable companies, have devised certain workable legal strategies to successfully reject any such potential litigating applicants without exposing themselves to legal troubles. And the ways they do this involve asking certain carefully worded question about their previous employment, asking about any gaps in their previous employment, and by asking for reasons for why one left one’s previous employer. And then they conduct all the research they feel they need to make into the past employment of that applicant to verify all that was said in the interview. But if they find any evidence of past litigations done by that applicant against a previous employer, they may seek to find legal justification to reject the applicant without exposing themselves to litigation. Hence, any such applicant with a history of litigation against their employers will be hard pressed to convince a potential employer to hire them. And even the perceived potential threat of litigation in the hiring process sets off alarm bells in the potential employer that results in many people in the Black community finding themselves both permanently unemployed and unemployable.

Now, go eat, Lord Larimar. For I tell you that you are not going to work today. Instead, you will remain here to complete this post. Amen. I have eaten, My Lord. Now, I wish for you to explain my fate, O’ Lord. Tell me of which of the following four fates do you have for me?

  1. The priesthood
  2. The celibate life as a layperson
  3. The Religious vocation, such as that of a monk, a friar, or a hermit
  4. The married life, where one potentially has children

Which of these four fates do you say is mine, O’ Lord and God? The fourth fate is yours, O’ Larimar King. You are to be given a wife and have one son by her. After this son is born, you are to live the celibate life with your wife. And by this odor of austerity and celibacy you will be enabled to achieve the heights in the Spirit that I intend for you to achieve, even as a married man. For the sex life is not conducive for achieving heights in the spiritual life, but only through periods of abstinence from sex, as recommended by the Apostle Paul. But you and your wife will be beyond the weaknesses found in those addressed to by the Apostle Paul. For the woman I Am giving you will have the same sexual disciplines and desires for holiness as you. Hence, you and your wife will have sex only to produce your one son, and then stop having sex after he is born. Amen.

Now, tell me of my future employment, O’ Lord. And I know that if a Black person were paid as I am paid, he may have reason to believe that he was being racially discriminated against. But I, as a White man, know I am not being discriminated against according to my race, though I am paid very low. You are correct, Lord Larimar. You make so little that there would be a possible justification for litigation, were you to have been receiving the same pay as a member of a minority race. But remember that lawyers litigate over everything under the sun, not because they think they will win, but because they are paid to litigate, and whether they win or lose they receive their pay. Now I shall tell you of your employment future.

You will remain in your current low pay, high tech, position for the time being. And you will learn and master all the many skills involved in your line of profession that you are now in. In time, your employer will come upon more money, and your pay will be substantially increased, for he will not want to lose you as an employee, who are now a highly skilled and irreplaceable technical person in his company. But as for now, learn My discipline and accept the pay that I give you. Amen.

Also, realize this fact. All those people who are highly paid are prisoners to their sources of wealth, while those who are poor and who are paid low are not under any such bondages. Remember the Words of Jesus: It is harder for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Hence, do not seek wealth and riches in this world, but accept the pay I give you, so as to not become a prisoner of your wealth and be condemned when you pass from this world to the next.

And I notice that you still send help to Hyacinth. Continue to do so, for such acts of charity are completely selfless acts in your account. You give without seeking any sort of direct return. But your heavenly Father knows what you give in secret, and for that you will be rewarded. For almsgiving wipes away a multitude of sins. (Tobit 12:9). And having little with righteousness is better than having an abundance with wickedness. (Tobit 12:8). It is better to give alms than it is to store up gold. Hence, what you are doing with Hyacinth are recorded down as meritorious deeds by the angels into your book of life. They will never be forgotten and can never be forgotten. Amen.

Lord, since I am Your prophet, but do not become a priest, what written languages, if any, do you command that I learn, O’ Lord and God? Learn Spanish, Lord Larimar. Your skills in Spanish are very good. Continue to read literature written in Spanish to increase your Spanish literary skills. And I wish to make the Spanish world open up to you. So, continue mastering Spanish. As for Koine Greek and Classical Latin, I permit you to casually study those languages. But realize that you do not have time to master them. For your duties as My Prophet supersede all the benefits that you could obtain by mastering those ancient languages. Now, go and help Hyacinth. And publish this post as it is. You will begin writing your next post when you get back. Oracle of the Lord! Amen.

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