The Destiny of Larimar, and of the Prophet like him, Lazurite of Israel

Today, this Pentecost Sunday, begin the Reigns of Lords Larimar and Lazurite. Amen. Behold, these are the Two olive trees and two lampstands who stand before the Lord!

Behold, I Who Am shall now reveal the ultimate destiny of My servant, Eric. And note this, O’ Lord Larimar. I elect to write though you in this post. But in the future posts to follow this, I will not write again through you until you have been rendered cured of all your afflictions and set up into your eternal station as My prophet and set to serve Me as one of My Two Witnesses. Amen. Hence, I hereby announce that today you shall receive your cures. Amen.

Lord, will You verify my fate You will for me? I had these four distinct possibilities:

  1. to Enter the Priesthood of the Roman Catholic Church.
  2. to Remain a Layman in perfect virgin celibacy.
  3. to Enter a Religious Order as a Monk, Friar, or Hermit.
  4. to Enter a Marriage to a girl and raise a family.

The path I am to take is number 1, right O’ Lord, to become a priest? Am I correct, O’ Lord and God? No, Lord Larimar. The path I intend you to take is number 4. You will marry and have a prophesied son, in the course of your service as one of My Two Witnesses. Amen.

For that which I prophesy cannot be undone. Let us now review the ancient Emerald prophecies that you received from Me in your previous life. And by your previous life, I mean that age in your life before you entered into communion with My pope in Rome and became a part of My Catholic Church. Here are the unforgettable prophecies that We have uttered to you in that distant past:

  1. You shall see your son.
  2. When you stop masturbating, you shall receive a girlfriend.

Now, Lord Larimar, go and eat some dark chocolate, and then come back and We shall reveal everything to you. Amen.

Good, Lord Larimar, you are back. Now, I shall reveal all things. It was from Satan that you were to be regarded as equal to Saint Bernadette in the Kingdom of Heaven. Rather, she is miles above you, in both rank and glory. Well were you to vow to Me and to all of Heaven that she is forever to be regarded as greater and superior to you in the Kingdom of Heaven. For this vow served to destroy your Antichrist pride. Amen. And for no one else have you made such a vow. And this is understandable, for your mind is without equal. And so you could not make such a vow for any soul unless your mind clearly saw and recognized another soul as superior to you.

And so, are there not other souls who are superior to you in heaven, you ask? Or is Saint Bernadette the only one, under Mary, who is superior to you in the Kingdom of Heaven? What do you say, O’ Lord Larimar. I say that I do not know. But what I do say is that all I know is my own soul. For I have not partaken in the reading of the books of life regarding other people’s life stories, nor of entering into other people’s lives. Hence, My knowledge of humanity is solely of myself. For I have not been invited into other people’s homes whereby I could come to know other people as I know myself. Hence, I do not know my relative status with others. I do not know anyone else’s true relationship to God other than that of myself.

Lord Larimar, it is correct that you are unaware of the merits that I, the Lord, see and acknowledge in all other souls. And it is correct that you only know yourself. But I shall nevertheless answer the question that I have posed to you, Lord Larimar. Many, I tell you, in My Kingdom of Heaven, have merited greater than you, O’ Larimar King. Hence, it should have been a dead giveaway as to the Satanic nature of that revelation you received that said you were ranked second in command to My Apostle John, and that no creature reigned above him but Mary. I do have a system of rankings in My Kingdom. But that ranking system contains many saints in high places above you, Lord Larimar.

Understand, Lord Larimar, that Satan wished to fool you into thinking you would receive all these high ranks and privileges by merely refusing to marry the girl We give you and have the prophesied son by her. And as for that offer from Mary that you were to be celibate and virgin for life, look at the exact promise she made you. Did she say you are to be Immaculate? No one, I tell you, can achieve that state on earth other than the one who was set apart for that predestined grace from the moment of her conception in her mother’s womb. The Immaculate Conception refers to Mary only, and no other upon the earth will ever be called Immaculate but her her alone. Therefore, that revelation that said that you, too, were to be called Immaculate should have served as notice to you of the diabolical nature of that revelation.

Lord, I worship You! I know You are my true Lord. For what You say makes sense. And You have cleared up many things for me today so far. Now I have this question. I had previously guessed that one of these four Cardinals would become the next pope:

  1. Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who would become Pope Benedict XVII
  2. Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley, who would become Pope John XXIV
  3. Cardinal Pietro Parolin, who would become Pope John Paul III
  4. Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, who would become Pope John XXIV

And I asked and was told that it would be the Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, who would become the next pope, and that he would take the papal name of John, and become Pope John XXIV.

But since I now have an audience with My True God, please clarify this prediction. Am I correct or am I mistaken. And note that I do not need to be told who is to be the next pope. All I ask for is to know whether this that has been revealed to me is also of diabolic origins, or whether it is of God. Please answer and clarify this for me. Did this revelation come from You or from Satan, O’ Lord and God, Who I now know is directly speaking to me. Amen.

No one knows who is to become the next pope but Me. And I have not revealed it to anyone. So this revelation that it shall be Cardinal Christoph Schönborn is not from Me. Nor have I revealed the papal name that the next pope shall take to anyone. Nor have I revealed when Pope Francis shall die. Now regarding Pope Francis, who is the true pope at this time, do you believe? Is it Pope Francis or Pope Benedict XVI? It must be Pope Francis, for it is written that the gates of the netherworld shall never prevail against Your Church, which You have founded on Peter. Correct, Lord Larimar. And what is the punishment allotted to the one who opposes the Vicar of Christ? They get toppled, O’ Lord. Precisely. Lord Larimar, Pope Francis is not My pope by accident. He I put there by My own election. And he will continue to serve Me as My pope until I Myself have decided that the next pope is to come and be anointed to serve.

So, O’ Lord, does Pope Francis do Your will in Your Catholic Church? And are his acts and changes to Your Church from You, O’ Lord and Master? No pope can bring changes to My Church. All a pope can do is to change the discipline. But no pope can change what My Church teaches. And if you believe that a reigning pope is changing anything, study what he is doing more closely, and you will see that there is no change being made to My Church other than a change to discipline and attitude.

But what about Pope Francis writing into the Catechism of the Catholic Church that capital punishment is contrary to the gospels where one is called to love one’s neighbor and to forgive one’s enemies? The Catechism does contain the current body of what My Church understands of My teachings. But the Catechism itself is not an infallible document. See and realize that Pope Francis can never and will never use his papal infallibility to make such a statement. And as for capital punishment, that has been clearly taught infallibly as a viable option granted to civil leaders to punish wrongdoers according to their discretion. No change can be made to that teaching. And Pope Francis cannot undo that teaching, which is written in the scriptures themselves. Amen.

Lord, what about the current shutdown of all the Catholic Churches? They will reopen when I command them to. And I will then flood them with blessings. For I do not forget My Catholic communities. Also realize this. The Catholic Church cannot be wiped out anywhere if My believers there remain faithful to Me. Only in those places where My people abandon Me do I abandon them. Amen.

Lord Larimar, realize that this shutdown you are seeing was prophesied in the Book of Daniel as the act of ending the daily sacrifice. Now, does this mean that We are nearing My Second Coming? Yes, it does. But does this allow men to have a general idea as to when to expect My Second Coming? No, it cannot. For no prophecy in the scriptures, nor any revelation given to Man, whether called a public or private revelation, can be used to reliably know when I shall come again, nor to even make a deadline to it. I Am Coming soon, but no one can ever know when it shall be until I Come. Amen.

Hence, the neat pictures that the Protestants make about the Church Age, the Seven Years of Tribulation, the Pre-Trib, Post-Trib, or Mid-Trib Rapture of the Church, and the Thousand year Millennium, are all garbage and a total waste of time to dwell on. For although such an understanding is derived from reading the Holy Scriptures, it is derived with Satan as their guide. And Satan guides the many to completely mistake the meanings of My Scriptures such that you have a people who consider themselves Christians and who are convinced of their own righteousness, but who in reality are false Christians who have been deceived in a great many things. Only he who remains in My Catholic Church, and subject to My pope in Rome, will be able to survive the afflictions of this world and the deceptions of Satan to be free from all fatal errors.

And although I guarantee that the one who remains subject to My pope in Rome and in a state of grace will be saved, I do not make the promise to any sitting pope that he himself will also be saved unless he, too, remains subject to the Holy Spirit and to his office as My pope and to all the Magisterial body of doctrines and dogmas and infallible decrees established by My previous popes before him. Hence, he cannot try to change anything I have established as unchangeable and expect salvation at the end of his life. Amen.

Now, this I wish to say unto you, Lord Larimar. The prophecy of the popes attributed to Saint Malachy is a well proven forgery and should never be incorporated into anyone’s body of beliefs. The City of the Seven Hills to be destroyed was taken from Revelation, chapters 17 and 18. And the correct interpretation of that Biblical passage is that it refers to the whole world of sinners, and not merely to Rome. And you also know that the Vatican City has nothing to do with those seven hills, by the virtue of not having being founded on any of them, but rather, is located on the opposite side of the Tiber River from the original seven hills upon which ancient Rome was built. Amen.

Now, let us discuss the girl you are to marry and have this prophesied son with. Do you have a long life with her, or a short life? What do you think, Lord Larimar? I believe that I am to live to see my son, and then be taken away to heaven. Amen. No, Lord Larimar. We henceforth give you forty years in this world to live with your wife and son and to raise him to manhood and to guide him to wisdom in My Catholic Church. You are not leaving this life early to go to heaven, Lord Larimar. Amen.

Now, speak, Lord Larimar. Where do you marry her, this girl We intend to give you? Do I marry her in Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, O’ true Lord and God, the One I now know is the True Lord? Yes, you shall marry her there, at Saint Catherine of Alexandria Catholic Church. Amen. And now, We shall ask you this final question about the girl you are to marry. Is she a Jew? Yes, O’ Lord, for the time has come for salvation to return to the Jews, for the times of the Gentiles have been fulfilled. And this marriage is to be a sign of Christ coming back to His original Bride, whom He had abandoned due to her transgressions of rejecting her Messiah. Am I correct, O’ True Lord and the One who now tells me all Truth?

I hereby declare unto you, Lord Larimar, that the girl you shall receive is called Esther. And she is a Jew who also belongs to My Catholic Church as a Hebrew Catholic. Amen. Now I have completed My prophetic utterances to you. You may reread this post, and then you may ask Me any questions you so desire to be answered. Amen.

Lord, I have now reread the entire post. And I have these questions to ask You, O’ Lord, Who I now know is truly God. Ask, My servant.

(1) It was written in the past prophecies that I should limit the children I have by the wife I am to receive to just this one, who is to be called John. And that once he is born, I am to have no more sex or children, for John is to be the sole heir, for only one son was of the promise. Do you validate or invalidate this teaching, O’ God Who I now know to be directly talking to me?

I confirm what you have heard, Lord Larimar. For it is My intention that only this one son is to be born to you, and that he is to have neither sister nor brother to distract him in his training to be My saint in My Church. And he will consume the books that you have in your library. He will master many languages. And he will become a giant in the literary world. Dwarfed shall you be in comparison to him in knowledge and understanding of a great many things. Amen.

(2) Lord, it is known that I am the fulfillment of Revelation 6:2, and also that I am one of the two fulfillments of Revelation, chapter 11. Do you confirm this, O’ Lord? And also, does this son I am to have, who is to be greater than me, fulfill anything in the prophecies, O’ Lord and True One Who is now speaking to me?

As is the prophecy of Jacob, that he is to be called Israel and was destined to be the father of many nations, so also do I prophesy and promise that such is to be the fate of your one son, whose name is to be called John, son of Eric. It is this John, son of Eric, who shall repopulate this earth after I have totally annihilated the wicked from it.

And as for the prophecies that you fulfill, realize that those fulfillments made by you are fleeting in the historical record. Many, I tell you, have come before you who have also fulfilled those same prophecies. And many, I tell you, shall come to be after you who shall be called to fulfill those same prophecies in future ages that are yet to play out upon the earth. For no prophecy in Revelations has only one fulfillment in history except for those fulfilled only by God. Amen.

But My Words through you, Lord Larimar, shall be entered into the eternal record. They will never be forgotten, for they are from Me. And they will come to pass. Amen.

(3) I know that I am speaking with the One Who is Truly God. Now I have this to ask. As we progress through these ages, it seems that Man’s natural heritage is gradually being consumed. And major species are gradually being rendered extinct. Rainforests with many rare and unique lifeforms are being wiped out. And the coral reefs seem to have no future as the unstoppable global warming renders the seas too acidic for them to survive. And thus, catastrophic seems to be the fate of this natural world of the earth upon which Mankind depends. But what do you say, O’ Lord and True God Who I know is now speaking to me?

Let the dead bury their dead, Lord Larimar. But you are to do the will of the One Who sends you. This natural world and all its wonders is secondary to the importance of saving human souls for My Kingdom of God. Therefore, do not be concerned nor alarmed by the rapidly accelerating extinctions occurring now upon the earth, called by geologists as the sixth great extinction event in the history of life upon the planet earth. You rightly see that Man should be mindful of how his footprint impacts the natural processes as they exist on the earth. But realize that My will shall never be frustrated by the failures of any man. And if I will it, I shall restore to any land its living treasures such that it shall, once again, be a land of great biodiversity and of natural beauty in the sight and service of the men who maintain it. Amen. But as for you, your job is to serve Me as Prophet. And apart from that job, you have no other divinely appointed calling, other than to sire the one son who is issue from your loins. Amen.

As for the prayers you made for the success of SpaceX and its successful launch of its Dragon 2 spacecraft to bring two astronauts to the International Space Station as a test flight, for what amounts to be the first time, since the end of the Space Shuttle program in America in 2011, that she has sent men into space using American technology and launched from American soil, such is critical for the success of your nation in today’s high tech world. And yet, even here, I do not command that you pray or concern yourself in such matters that men attempt to accomplish in this world. I merely answered your prayers so that men will know that I Am. For I tell you this, Lord Larimar. No technological pursuit can succeed here in this world unless one of My servants prays for it to succeed. Amen. And I answer all such prayers, not because the technological pursuit is important in My eyes, but rather, so that My people will know that I Am.

(4) And so your next question I will ask for you, Lord Larimar. And it is this. What is important in the United States of America in My eyes? Which, of the current things and events right now taking place in it, directly concern Me? And what things in it do I command you, Lord Larimar, to carry out and do and to be concerned about, here in this nation in which you now live? Do tell me please, O’ Lord, for I know that this knowledge I am hearing now comes directly from the True Lord and God Who now speaks through me. Amen.

I know of the command that I am to serve You by going by the name of Dragonfly to destroy all of President Donald John Trump’s enemies in the Democratic Party in order to ensure his victory in the November 3, 2020, Presidential elections, and to grant him success over his opponents in order to bring about the changes that matter to You, O’ Lord. And I also know that I am not to attack any of the Republican opponents of Trump, but only those in the Democratic Party. Is this part of the answer to Your question, O’ Lord?

Now I shall speak. You are correct to say that I have given you the name of Dragonfly, and that you are sent to serve Me in the conversion and salvation I have planned for Firefly, who is the spiritual power behind Trump, concentrated in an actress on the earth, whom you call Firefly. It is such actors and actresses that have such powers that are called Players by you, O’ Larimar King. But I, the Lord, refer to them as merely actors and actresses to whom I have granted temporal powers to influence leaders and world events for a short time. And back when you were such an actor, you went by the name of Emerald. You are never returning to that status that you once had, that of being what you call a Player. Nor will you ever be granted again the power to set up rulers in this world, whom you defined as Pawns. And Firefly is currently the reigning Player, and Trump in the USA, Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, and Boris Johnson in the United Kingdom are the Pawns you are aware of that have been set into power by this Player called Firefly. Your mission as Dragonfly is to save Firefly’s soul. And you will do this by standing by her side in her war against the liberal left in America and by ensuring that her political enemies in the Democratic Party are neutralized.

And do not look surprised that all this effort is to go into the saving of just one soul. Did you not pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet on Twilight, that Player behind President George W. Bush and Ariel Sharon, in order to save his soul? And by the salvation you worked on Twilight’s soul, the war that was slated to erupt between the USA and Iran under the Administration of U.S. President George W. Bush never occurred. Rather, by your conversion of that Player, even his Pawn, George W. Bush, converted to Catholicism after his term ended in office. Hence, what you are doing has profound effects on salvation history. You are My master actor, Lord Larimar. You have served My purposes on the world scene since that time you decided to seek knowledge from Christians as to who they say you are.

Back then, you were told from the mouth of the Christian who you spoke to on that fateful day in July of 1992 that you were Antichrist. He who told you this did not realize that he was speaking to the one he was speaking of. That you chose to go and speak to him is a mystery of your predestination. It could not have been predicted by anyone outside of God’s Divine mind that the Antichrist would elect to speak to a Christian and thereby come to the point of repentance and the salvation of his soul. That night, you confessed to Me that you were Antichrist and you then made the decision to become a Christian from that point onward, and not to be merely just a reader of the Holy Bible. But your role as a Player did not end there yet at that point. Rather, you passed from what you later called the Greater Emerald Reign into the Watered Down Emerald Reign. And your first act as Player in your Christian era was to complete your setup of your final Emerald Pawn, Yitzhak Rabin, over Israel, by ordering the Shas Party to join his coalition, giving him a majority in the Knesset. Amen. Hence, it is an article of faith and truth that the Antichrist converted to Christianity the moment he assumed control over Israel, and thereby ceased to be Antichrist and became a servant of God as the power of his Emerald Reign entered the Beautiful Land.

Great and profound was this event, O’ Larimar King. It affected nations, kingdoms, kings, and powers. The battleground between good and evil was drastically changed by the events that played out on that night. But your greatest night was to take place later, in those breakdowns called the Martyrdom Breakdowns of June, 1995. There, Lord Larimar, you were given your ultimate tests as to how far you would go to obey Me. That you obeyed Me in total completion, despite all apparent possibilities of your destruction, ensured your salvation O’ Larimar King, and within seven years of that test, you were incorporated into the communion of My Catholic Church by entering in on Easter Vigil, Saturday, March 30, 2002. Amen.

Hence, you, Lord Larimar, are a lethal weapon of the Lord that I now wish to deploy in this world, not as a Player, but as one I have anointed to serve Me as Prophet. And you have been well trained for this role. You fear no one but Me. And I Am well pleased by your obedience to all I have commanded that you do. No one else in the English speaking world has learned to obey Me as you do, O’ Larimar King.

(5) And now, what of My anointing of other such prophets in other languages, such as in the Spanish speaking world, you ask? I have one other prophet that I have raised up who is like you. And he is the one you have called Lazurite. And he is anointed to serve Me in the Hebrew speaking world. He is a Jew and a Catholic at the same time. And he will preach to My Jewish people that they must come back to Me, and recognize that Jesus is Messiah and that no other Messiah will ever be sent to them from God.

This Lazurite serves Me as the other one of My Two witnesses of Revelation, chapter 11. And his name in Hebrew is: לזוריט. Together, Lord Larimar and Lord Lazurite will be known as the Two Blue Wizards, those two olive trees and two lampstands who were sent to convert the world back to Me just before the Second Coming of Messiah to usher in the Parousia and the End of Time.

(6) If this is so, then, O’ Lord, how does it not follow that Your Second Coming is to be predicted to follow soon after the completion of the prophetic mission of these two Blue Wizards, known as the Lords Larimar and Lazurite, whom You, O’ Lord, have sent into this world to prophesy and to convert the many to Your religion?

It is because My Second Coming is beyond time and outside of the timeline of history in which occur all the events that happen with men in time. My Second Coming is not an event that can be waited for. And no one can reach My Second Coming by waiting down time or by counting down any number of days or years. Let, therefore, no one seek My Second Coming as an event to take place in time. Rather, My Second Coming can only be witnessed by those who exit this dimension of time and enter into their eternity, such as occurs when a man dies and enters into the Kingdom. Now, Lord Larimar, ask your final question for this post. And I shall then order you to publish it. Amen.

(7) When exactly is that prophesied event in time at which point salvation becomes set to return to the Jews, O’ Lord? And what will be the implications that these events will have upon the Gentile Catholics of the world, O’ Lord and God? And how does this affect the possibility of salvation for both Gentiles and Jews in entering into Your Catholic Church and in their reception of the sacraments in order to be saved, O’ Lord and God?

No one outside My Church will be able to enter into My Church from this point onward unless he is of the Jewish religion. Oracle of the Lord! For I Who Am have decided that on this day onward, from this Pentecost Sunday, that salvation is hereby rendered to be redirected to be solely for the Jews to enter in and be saved, and for no others to be converted from the pagan religions to fill My Church from this point onward. And in a little bit, you will hear of the rise of My servant Lazurite. He will appear in Israel shortly. And he will be a man following after the pattern of John the Baptist, who subsisted on locusts and wild honey, and who lived out in the desert, where God spoke to him and gave him his mission. And his mission is to bring My people back to Me to acknowledge that I Who Am have sent them their Messiah, and that He is Christ the Lord Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords. And this baptized Jew will preach of the new sign by which men are now numbered as Mine, and that has replaced circumcision since the time of the ultimate sacrifice of Christ on the Cross, and that this sign is baptism. Whoever is baptized and believes will be saved. (Mark 16:16). And whoever eats of His body and drinks of His blood has everlasting Life, and I will raise him on the Last Day. (John 6:47-58). Amen.

Now, Lord Larimar, I have spoken at length. You are to publish what I have written through you. And now you wish to know when you are to write again? You will write again always as you are commanded to do so, regardless of what happens or does not happen in your life, whether it was prefigured in prophecy to come to pass or not. Now, reread the questions you have asked and the answers I have given and then publish this, for it is meant for all nations to read. And all nations will read your words, while the Hebrews alone will read the works of Lazurite, your brother prophet whom I have anointed to speak to the Jews in the language that they understand. Amen.

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