The Great Apocalyptic Fate of the Black Race

The Black man who resists his cross will forever be at war and never know peace. Amen.

I Who Am do now reveal My Master Plan for the African American peoples of the United States of America. Black people of African descent are to be driven to extinction.

Then why, O’ Lord, has Eric done so many great and charitable acts of mercy and kindness to Black people? Why has Eric done good to that people if they are to be destroyed, O’ Lord and Master?

Though the Blacks are going down with a fight, they are nevertheless going down, Lord Larimar. I commissioned you to show those acts of mercy to My Black people that you have done. But nevertheless, My Black people have failed Me.

As the Black people have looted, plundered, and destroyed their neighbors’ businesses and public buildings in their brutish, senseless wrath, I have rendered My judgement against them. All of those guilty of such wickedness are to witness their own possessions and properties entirely razed to the ground. If they own houses, they are to see them burn. If they have possessions, they are to see them looted, stolen, or destroyed. Such is My judgement against all such Blacks who partake in the riots. The consequences to their actions and decisions are to be dire.

But Lord, if the world ends around the year 2033, then we do not have enough time left for the Black race to suffer extinction, or do we? How then can You say that the Black people of African descent are destined for extinction? For if the End of the World is just 13 years away, how can a people currently so numerous as today’s Blacks are go extinct in so short a time?

Lord Larimar, the judgement by God has been made. The Black race is designated to be driven to extinction. And they will be fighting and screaming as they die out as a race. For extinction events are a terror and a horror to behold. Amen. And as for there just being 13 years left, never trust any spirit, even if he seems to speak and sound with an authoritative voice like Mine, who tells you even a remote idea as to when I shall return. The sign of Jonah mentioned by Me of My return cannot be used to prove My return in the third millennium. For too many assumptions have to be made to arrive at that conclusion that are not provable. In the end, when I Come, no man and no angel can know of it in advance, nor can any man or angel reliably calculate it either.

But, O’ Lord, then that means that though You may truly designate King Larimar and King Lazurite as Your Two Witnesses, this sign may be repeated again with another two prophets some centuries to come in the future? For such is the recurring way of the prophecies throughout the Church Age. And when the next centuries come, the memories of the previous prophets will have become hidden and lost in the historical records and forgotten in the mainstream minds. Is this to be the fate of Larimar and Lazurite? Yes, Lord Larimar. Never think that because you know you are a fulfillment of Biblical prophecies that you are therefore the main fulfillment or even the last fulfillment of that prophecy. Nor should such any interpretation of scripture lead anyone to conclude that I Am sure to come again within his lifetime. No prophecy ever works that way. Remember even the Words ascribed to Me in My generation, “This generation will surely not pass away until all these things have come to pass,” (Matthew 24:34 & Mark 13:30 & Luke 21:32) plays into that belief that I Am about to come and that the End is about to happen. No one can know this. Not even I, but only the Father in Heaven, Who is the First Divine Person of the Trinity, that Triune God composed of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Hence, such Words, even when coming from My mouth, cannot be used to know ahead of time when I shall come again. For how can they if I ,the Speaker of them, acknowledge, even in the Scriptures, that this I do not know? (Matthew 24:36 & Mark 13:32) Amen.

As for the mystery of the Coming of the Kingdom of Heaven, meditate, rather, on My answer to the Pharisees as to when the Kingdom of God would come. (Luke 17:20-21). I answered them with these Words: “The Coming of the Kingdom of God cannot be observed, and no one will announce, ‘Look, here it is,’ or, ‘There is is.’ For behold, the Kingdom of God is among you.” Therefore, it is never the teaching of Christ for a man to seek the physical coming of My Kingdom, but rather, to realize its spiritual presence already here in this world among you. The Kingdom of Heaven is found by the life decisions My subjects make in seeking Me.

But as for you, Lord Larimar, you are set to receive a wife. And she is to bear you but one son. And you are to call him John. Furthermore, he is to be the Second King in your Two-King Dynasty, which is to rule over the vast North American Kingdom of Larimar. Amen. And you now know its irrevocable definitions, as recorded here:

Kingdom of Larimar, ruled by King Eric and Queen Jennifer. And the lands of their Kingdom include the following:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. the Contiguous United States of America
  4. Hawaii
  5. Mexico
  6. Belize
  7. Cuba
  8. the Cayman Islands
  9. Jamaica
  10. Hispaniola
  11. Puerto Rico 
  12. the Virgin Islands (both the U.S. and the British)
  13. the Lucayan Archipelago
  14. Bermuda
  15. Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  16. Greenland
  17. Iceland

And there shall be eight official languages in your Kingdom, O’ Larimar King. And these are:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Greenlandic
  5. Icelandic
  6. Hawaiian
  7. Haitian Creole
  8. Nahuatl

Lord, explain who this Queen Jennifer is. Jennifer is like who Queen Guinevere was to King Arthur. But Lord, Queen Guinevere fell to adultery with King Arthur’s champion Knight, Lancelot, resulting in the collapse and end of the Kingdom. I, the Lord, do not say that Jennifer will fall as Guinevere did, but only that she will be as the faithful wife to you as Queen Guinevere ought to have been to that legendary king. And furthermore, We in heaven prophesy that she will be an ideal such wife that had Queen Guinevere been the same to King Arthur their story would have been holy and glorious, rather than tragic.

But Lord, Queen Guinevere was barren, while Jennifer is to bear me one son. Is not this the case, O’ Lord and God? Jennifer will in fact bear you this son, but shortly after you see your son, you shall be taken to the Kingdom, and Jennifer will be on her own raising her one son by herself. And no, Lord Larimar, Jennifer will not marry again, nor fall to the sins of adultery or fornication. Amen.

Lord, then what am I? And what is Truth? If none of the prophecies of future events are to be believed such that they serve to constrict behavior nor to define a man’s destiny, what am I to believe about myself? What is my fate, O’ Lord?

Lord, a man only lives so long. Most men die under a century in age. One way or another I must eventually pass away. And I do not know if I will be martyred like Paul or die of old age like Your Apostle John. I suppose nothing of the future is knowable. Is this the case, O’ Lord?

In the End, I know nothing unless I am told. And so, O’ Lord, what have I been told? Is it gospel that I marry? Or is that prophecy also possibly a tainted prophecy? Perhaps it is a I heard Mary say to me that she offered me eternal virgin celibacy. I accepted it and chose it. And if I were offered it again by Mary, I would choose it again.

Go, Lord Larimar, and eat some dark chocolate. And then We in heaven shall tell you everything. Amen.

I have eaten some dark chocolate, O’ Lord. Now, please tell me as You have said. Tell me everything, O’ Lord and God, and also, O’ Mary Mother of God.

I, Mary, your Virgin Holy Queen, shall speak. To you are offered this fork in the road. The path you choose will determine everything else that happens to you. Choose now. You may come with me, your Holy Virgin Mother, and you will walk the path of perpetual virginity and chastity, as Joseph walked with me in that long ago age. Do this, and you will ensure your place in My Court, your equality to Saint Bernadette, your position of command within the male chain of command under Saint John the Apostle, and your place as a member of the 144,000 Virgin First Fruits will be secure forever.

Or you may choose for yourself a girl to wed, or to receive a girl from this world with whom you will live and who will be your wife here on earth. Choose this path and you may or may not have descendants. Your lineage may or may not triumph. Your son may or may not be holy. And your Kingdom of Larimar will itself dissipate like the morning mists as you settle down and attempt to raise a family in the realities of this physical world and under its many crosses. Choose your path, O’ Eric. I will not offer this choice again. Amen.

I choose the path of perpetual virginity and chastity, as Joseph had walked in his age, and to walk with you and to go your way, O’ Virgin and Fairest of Mothers, O’ Holy Mother of God. Amen.

Then make this promise and vow this unto me, your Blessed Mother. You are to vow to marry no one and to never have sex with anyone nor to do anything sexual in nature ever again. You are to become Immaculate, like me. Are you ready for this? And do you vow it?

I promise and vow unto you, O’ Virgin Mary, Mother of God, along with to You also, the Holy Spirit, the Divine Spouse of Mary, that I will never marry and never have sex, nor masturbate nor do anything of any kind of a sexual nature ever again. Amen. I am ready for this, and I have now vowed to it to you, O’ Mary, Mother of God, and also to your Divine Spouse, the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Good, then now We, the elect in heaven, shall detail your future and your fate. For you have chosen the path that leads to everlasting life. Amen. Your brother Mark, who is in an unlawful marriage, chose the path that leads to condemnation. But your brother David, who is single and without a romantic love interest, I, the Lord, can work with to bring him to Myself in good time. Hence, David I can save, but Mark’s heart is in Satan’s hands.

Now I shall speak. First, let us redefine the Larimar Kingdom. Does it have a Queen called Jennifer co-ruling it with Lord Larimar, also called King Eric? No. Rather, the Larimar Kingdom is, henceforth, to be known as ruled by a One-King Dynasty. King Eric is that eternal and only ruler of the Larimar Kingdom. And he will rule his Kingdom forever. Amen.

Furthermore, what lands are possessed by King Larimar? Does he own all seventeen of those territories as specified in the previous definitions? Let us consult with the Lord. Lord, please tell us and inform us as to the extent and full definitions of the territory of King Eric’s Larimar Kingdom. Amen.

Behold, I Who AM shall now define your Kingdom of Larimar, O’ King Eric, the Larimar Lord. For you are found worthy of this Kingdom. Were you to have chosen the married route, this Kingdom that you are now to be granted would have vanished as a dream in the morning mists as you became imprisoned in the bonds of the flesh in this world. But that you have chosen the virgin and celibate route, the Kingdom and all the promises made by Mary and John, My Apostle, to you are now revalidated for you before all of the Kingdom of Heaven forever and ever. Amen. Note that it is always Satan and only Satan who ever prophesies or says or suggests that you are to marry any girl. Amen.

Now, let Us redefine the Larimar Kingdom as it actually is. Amen. These are the full and true details of the Larimar Kingdom in accordance to the lands as they exist in this world. Amen:

Kingdom of Larimar, ruled by King Eric, First and Only Larimar King. And his Larimar Kingdom includes the following lands:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. the Contiguous United States of America
  4. Hawaii
  5. Belize
  6. Jamaica
  7. the Cayman Islands
  8. Cuba
  9. Hispaniola
  10. the Lucayan Archipelago
  11. Puerto Rico
  12. the Virgin Islands (including both the U.S. and the British)
  13. Bermuda
  14. Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  15. Greenland
  16. Iceland
  17. the British Isles Archipelago

Lord, I notice that Mexico has been removed from the earlier list. And the British Isles Archipelago was added in, consisting of Ireland, Great Britain, the Isle of Man, the Orkney Islands, the Shetland Islands, the Hebrides, the Channel Islands, and the Scilly Islands, thereby thus maintaining a total of seventeen as the total number of territories making up the Larimar Kingdom. Amen. And Yes, Lord Larimar, that is correct. For Mexico has a different culture than that of your Kingdom. Belize, though deep into Central America, has been retained in your Kingdom due to its status of English as its official language. And since you now possess some islands of Europe, We have permitted you to possess all the island states of Europe in the North Atlantic that you wish to possess. Amen. And now this definition is permanent. Amen. King Eric can now neither gain nor lose any more lands. Amen.

And as for your list of official languages, We now designate the following twelve languages as your official languages in your Kingdom, O Larimar King:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Hawaiian
  5. Navajo
  6. Haitian Creole
  7. Greenlandic
  8. Danish
  9. Icelandic
  10. Irish Gaelic
  11. Scottish Gaelic
  12. Welsh

Lord, the language of Nahuatl is removed from the list. And the three main Celtic languages of the British Isles have now been added in. Amen. Yes, Lord Larimar. With the removal of Mexico from your Kingdom, there was no further justification for Nahuatl to remain as an official language in your Kingdom. And the prominence of the Celtic languages in the British Isles justified their presence as official languages in your Kingdom, O’ Larimar.

But Lord, what about Mandarin Chinese? For many are those who speak Mandarin Chinese and other Chinese dialects who live in the Kingdom of Larimar. And yet, Lord Larimar, you know that none of your seventeen territories have any Asian languages recognized as official. Just because many speak a certain language doesn’t mean that a certain language must have official recognized status in a Kingdom.

And what of the many official languages in Alaska, O’ Lord? Most speakers of Alaska are English speakers. And of the many native languages now declared as official, the one with the most speakers, Yup’ik has only ten thousand speakers. The Hawaiian language in Hawaii has 24,000 speakers, and, together with English, are the only official languages of that state. Hence, in proportion to the size and populations of that territory, Hawaiian is rightly made an official language of the Kingdom of Larimar, but not so, Yup’ik.

Navajo has now been given official status because it is recognized as the most spoken native American language in the United States of America, and the complete Holy Bible has been successfully translated into it, making it an eternal language.

Danish has been added due to its historical former official status in Greenland and the fact that all Greenlanders are citizens of Denmark. And Danish is one of the native languages of European Christendom.

Lord, I have decided to see for myself the video of the Black CNN reporter arrested by the Minneapolis police, and I noticed that it was not just the Black CNN reporter who was arrested but the entire CNN Camera crew with him, which included White people and other races. Hence, the arrest cannot be proven to have been racially motivated. We cannot categorically denounce all Minneapolis police as racist by the decision to arrest that entire CNN reporting body and crew. Rather, I believe that the focus on the Black race of the reporter as the one source for the motivation for his arrest is an act of not looking at all the evidence and of jumping to conclusions.

Rather, I believe that many Black people are itching to start a race war and are using any excuse possible to initiate one. And these Black people are hammering away on their universal dogmas of the perpetual and endless state of prejudice against Black people, and of their never ending conflict with the authorities.

Hence, it is wrong to immediately condemn and blame the police for all the tragic events that are happening. Rather, it is the rebellion found in Black people that is the true cause of the problem. Hence, I order that no special considerations be made for Black people in the legal proceedings that are to come to pass. Rather, I order that the judge, prosecutor, and jury render just and righteous judgements on all those who are to be tried for possible crimes and injustices. I, myself, do not issue any judgement other than to say this. It is written that if man sheds the blood of man, that by man shall his blood be shed. (Genesis 9:6). And yet is it also written that men must obey the authorities that God has placed over them.

And so, the question is, did this Black man die by unreasonable police brutality? Or were there other things going on that mitigated the guilt of the police officers in whose hands this Black man was killed? Perhaps the Black man had a weaker constitution than what the policemen believed he had. But even in such a case, it is important that law enforcers not use unnecessary lethal force. And they should always be aware that in their superior strength that there aways exists the distinct possibility that they can cause unintentional deaths in the act of overpowering and subduing a suspect. If this is the case, that the deaths were unintentional and in the line of duty, then the charges against the officers should be manslaughter, and not first degree murder. But whatever the Truth, I am not in the position to judge, having not seen any of the evidence. But I am not researching into it, nor would I have access to the all the relevant and necessary evidence to make any sort of valid judgement suitable for a court of law. In order to obtain such evidence, a fair observer would need to closely follow all the court proceedings, which is out of my league. Rather, this is my statement. The good cop is defined as the one who enforces the law and who does not seek to deal out his own punishments to those he suspects of wrongdoing in the community. Rather, he arrests those he is sent to arrest. And he apprehends those he judges are breaking the law, but lets the courts decide what punishments, if any, that those he brings to justice are to suffer.

The bad cop, on the other hand, is no different to the criminals he is sent to enforce the law against. Rather, the bad cop is a merely a criminal who wears a badge. And the bad cop uses his position to do evil and get away with it. And the good citizen is one who obeys and cooperates with law enforcement. And the bad citizen is one who does evil in the neighborhood, such as looting, robbing, and rioting. Hence, while it is not clear or proven that we are dealing with bad cops yet, it is a matter of clearly established fact that there are definitely many bad citizens involved in this incident. For the burning of buildings of private businesses and police stations and of looting and robbing retail stores by the rioters are definitely the acts of bad citizens. And if you are a bad citizen, how do you expect there to be good cops? Rather, first become yourself a good citizen, and then, as a good citizen, seek to make the rest of society good. But society is never going to be made good by your efforts if you yourself are a bad person. Clean yourself up first before you preach to others that they must also be made clean.

Hence, the accused police, if they really killed a Black man with unnecessary force, they must be held accountable. But when this accountability is being demanded by from lawbreakers who are rioting and looting in the neighborhood, that call to action is coming from citizens who themselves have highly questionable behavior. Why seek justice in favor for the unjust man? Therefore, Black people, realize why you are no longer listened to. It is because you cry out about the crimes being committed against you while you are in the very act of committing heinous crimes yourselves. But let us let God speak and say His statement on this matter.

Lord, what is your statement on the issues? I am right now hearing Blacks rioting live on the TV in the other room. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord? Eric, you know from earlier in this post that the Black man stands condemned. And he is now destined for extinction. And to answer your question, as to how I can render a people to go extinct if it is unknown how many years remain in the world before the Second Coming? I will now answer you on this.

Certain Black African peoples I have decided will go extinct. It is a certain fact. Already in Africa, the Afro-Blacks are being replaced by the Indo-Blacks from India and the Indochinese and the Chinese from the Orient who are moving in to take over certain eastern regions of the African continent south of the Sahara. And in America, the Hispanics are moving in and driving out and replacing the Ebonics speaking Blacks. Notice how I do not include the Haitian Creole speaking Blacks or the Blacks of other Caribbean nations in this group headed for extinction. For the Haitian and other Caribbean Blacks are more motivated to work hard to get ahead and have learned to comply correctly with authority and to obey laws. So I make a distinction between Ebonics speaking Blacks from Haitian Creole and other Caribbean speaking Blacks. It is primarily the Ebonics speaking Blacks in America that I have decreed are to be rendered extinct in the next several generations. Amen.

And as for a race war, the Ebonics speaking Blacks do not seem to realize it, but in their rioting in this current conflict or race war that they are instigating, they are eliminating many of their own voting members from among their own ranks from being eligible to vote in elections due to the results of felony convictions and incarcerations and imprisonments that directly follow from the many felony crimes they are now committing with abandon in the riots. But the Afro-Blacks were never known for strategic planning nor deeply thought out strategies, but behave and perform rather like the brute beasts of the field that can be controlled and subdued by men with higher intellects and greater discipline. Amen.

And remember that the vast majority of Afro-Blacks still do not comprehend and fail to grasp that concept that Barack Hussein Obama, to whom they support with near unanimity, is a terrible evil doer and a grave sinner, equal in evil to, if not surpassing the evil of, Adolf Hitler. You rightly say Adolf Hitler was a mass murderer. But so also is Obama. The mass murders committed by the mutilating and ripping of millions of babies out of their mother’s wombs, followed by denying them their right to life if by some miracle the babies survive those gruesome attempts on their lives when outside their mother’s womb, is what Obama stood for, stands for, advocated, advocates, and has in his government policies forced upon all of America. Such mass murders of the unborn make Obama a clear rival of Adolf Hitler in notoriety, if not exceeding Hitler in utter evil by the fact that Obama’s victims never had any chance to make any moral decisions nor to even see the light of day before they were killed by the abortion doctors’ butcher knives. And Black people still support that most evil of men with near unanimity? Since this is so, no wonder why so many curses and no blessings at all from God have fallen upon all these gravely guilty supporters of Obama. It is defined as a grave crime against humanity and against God to be in support of Obama. The very act of casting a vote for Obama constitutes a hate crime against the Lord God Almighty and against the Religion He founded on Peter, the first Pope. So also is a vote cast for Joe Biden of similar evil and notoriety akin to voting for Adolf Hitler.

Furthermore, Barack Hussein Obama led Americans and the whole world to accept the sexual deviants who sodomize with other men as lawful members of society, creating the ultimate abominations out of all of his followers. It was the Obama Administration in America that enshrined homosexual marriages, called “gay marriages”, as legally protected abominable unions such that people would lose their jobs in the government sector and in the public services if they did not recognize those sodomizing men as legally married couples. And Catholic owned orphanages were forced to shutter their doors rather than break the law of God by allowing homosexual couples to adopt and destroy the children of God, as mandated by Obama’s policies. And what then became of all those homeless children who had no place to stay or call their home? Such callous heartlessness and utter filth and total evil wickedness is what nearly all of Black America stands for in their continuing, unwavering, and near unanimous support for Obama the Abominable. How American Blacks went from being totally against the acceptance of homosexuals in society to being in full agreement with the homosexual agenda has to do with their reception of Obama as a divine god into their pantheon of Black gods. They let that devil in because he bore the Black passport of having Black skin like themselves. They did not think that one of their own could equal the Whites in evil in their sight. Well Obama surpassed them all in evildoing. When the history books are written, Obama will be recognized for the Black devil incarnate that he was. And it will be also recorded that the Black race went extinct shortly after it put Obama into office.

Now, Eric, I have a question for you. Ask, My Lord. Since you are a One-King Dynasty, of what stake do you have in the evolution of the species of Man? For do you plan to have any descendants to carry on your genes? No, my Lord. I am now eternally virgin and celibate. And no devil will ever get me to change my mind on this matter ever again. So do not even try. So, then what stake do you have in the species, subspecies, and races evolving or going extinct? None whatsoever, O’ Lord and God. Correct, Lord Larimar. Hence, continue to give to and help those people of color that you do help on various occasions, for they are individuals like you. They are not lineages in the game of evolution. Also, it is never good to be a social Darwinist. For such people do not help My servants, and thereby they all end up utterly condemned.

Lord, what is the absolute fate of this current race uprising by Black people? For CNN Host Don Lemon put the feelings of Black American exactly as they feel in these words: He says that it is physically and mentally exhausting to have to continue to monitor himself because of the Black body, or the shell, as he calls his Black physical body, that he lives in. He is utterly sick and tired of being Black in America and having to deal with all the crosses and burdens of life that he must carry.

Lord, it seems that the Black man just does not yet get it that he is the root cause of all his afflictions. He feels he must continue to blame it on White people or on what White people do to him. The Black man is forever pointing the finger of accusation against others and never noticing the three fingers in that same hand that he is pointing back at himself. What hypocrites! When will Blacks ever learn that they are the cause of the evils that happen to them?

The only way to reach inner peace and true contentment in this life is to willingly carry your cross. Only by taking up your cross and following after Jesus can any man come to enter into eternal life. Some Afro-Blacks find this way, but most never do. Amen. There is no way to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven for someone who is unwilling to carry his own cross. And what is the cross, you ask? The cross is the word that symbolizes all your burdens in this life. Realize that God Jesus controls every cross that people bear. And Jesus never requires someone to bear more than they are able to. But for those who rebel against the cross, a heavier cross is then placed upon them. But look at what Jesus says of the Way of following him: “Come to Me, all of you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I Am meek and humble of heart; and you will find rest for yourselves. For My yoke is easy and My burden light.” (Matthew 11:28-30).

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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