Eric not called to the priesthood.

Today, through SpaceX, America regains the ability to send men into space. Amen.

Behold, I Who Am do now declare, by the signs I have shown to Eric, that he is simply not called by Me to serve as a priest in My priesthood. Amen. However, that Eric will not be a priest does not reopen up the possibility of marriage for Eric. For Eric has firmly and permanently vowed and made the oath to God of his decision to never marry and to never have sex. Hence, Eric is in a permanent state of virgin celibacy, but will serve out this vocation as a layman, and not as a priest nor as a Religious. Amen.

Lord, how do You will that I serve You in Your Catholic Church? Remain as you are and where I have planted you. You will be cured soon. And I will see to it that a thousand dollars is given to you, for you faithfully kept your part of the pact. And now I shall keep Mine. And do not be downcast that you do not serve Me as My priest. For who I call for that role is for Me to decide. No one else decides who shall become My priests but Me alone, and those whom I have invested the authority to decide such matters.

Also, regarding the launch of the Dragon 2 by SpaceX today, note that I will ensure its success, for America, on this day forward, is to be known, once again, as a spacefaring nation. And furthermore, it shall be recorded in the annals of history that it was during the Trump Administration that America finally regained the ability to send men back into space and to the International Space Station since the dismantling of the Space Shuttle program in 2011. That will be an indisputable detail. It will be an indisputable fact, and a matter of commendation to President Trump.

O’ Mary, Mother of God, and my Lord Jesus Christ, let the SpaceX mission of launching the Dragon 2 spacecraft, made by SpaceX and containing a crew of just two astronauts for this test flight today, with its destination as the International Space Station, succeed and go perfectly according to plan, O’ Mary, Mother of God and my Lord Jesus Christ. Lord Larimar, by your success today of doing your Master’s will and in complying with Our directives, this mission of SpaceX will succeed. Oracle of the Lord!

For you and the land are one. While you succeed and triumph, so also does the land. But should you fail, so also shall fail the land and those endeavors by men in it. Amen. However, today you have triumphed. And your glorification is confirmed. Now, Lord Larimar, how strongly are you committed to live a celibate life?

I Am firmly committed to it, O’ Lord. And should any voice say I am to marry, I shall denounce that voice as Satanic, in accordance to what I have been instructed, and in accordance to the Council of Trent, which declares the virgin, celibate path is holier and higher than that of the married life and the marital embrace. I irrevocably have chosen the higher and holier path. Therefore, whoever tells me to take the lower path I know to be Satan, and him and all such voices I now and firmly reject as Satanic.

Excellent, Lord Larimar. I hereby declare you eternally clean. You will not become My priest. Nor will you receive any form of Holy Orders. And yet, you serve Me as My prophet. And the office of prophet will not be taken away from you. Amen.

Lord Larimar, I now give you this command. And I know you shall obey Me. Remain in your current job and your current place of employment even after you are cured and are fully capable of getting a better job or better employment. For you are to serve My purpose in that place where you now currently work.

Do I go into the office today again, O’ Lord? No, Lord Larimar. You remain here where you are at your home. And I will give you My own assignments for you to do today. It is my will that you will learn the following languages in addition to your native English. I will for you to learn Koine Greek, Classical Latin, and Spanish, all fluently and in perfection. You will restart your training in all three of these languages today. Amen. And I will provide for you reading materials for you to practice reading in all three languages that you are to master and gain fluency in.

Lord Larimar, We have elected to cure you at a time of Our own choosing. You cannot know ahead of time when that shall be. Just know that We will not call you to the priesthood. Amen. And hence, you are due to receive that thousand dollars that We have promised you.

Note also that the Catholic Churches do in fact reopen where you live this Pentecost Sunday. You shall then attend Mass and give your accumulated tithe, containing all the tithes you have not been able to give since the shutdown of the Churches began on March 17, 2020.

Lord, we are in the twilight before dawn. Lord Larimar, We are well pleased with you and with your service to Us. Now We wish to make this prophecy unto you. President Donald John Trump will defeat Joe Biden in the November 3, 2020, Presidential elections. And the Republicans will hold onto the Senate and gain seats in the House. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His servant.

Joe Biden’s greatest and most profound mistake will be seen, in hind sight, as the decision to promise to choose a woman for his running mate, rather than to simply seek the best possible candidate in order to win. It will be that Affirmative Action style of approach to his campaign and in its imposed limits for choosing his running mate that will doom his bid for the White House.

Now as for that incident in Minneapolis with the police killing of a Black man, I have this to say. Let a just decision be rendered. Let those tasked with judging and prosecuting this case render a just decision. Those who have done wrong, let them receive their due punishment, as defined by law. And let those who are innocent of wrongdoing, let them be exonerated. I, myself, will not research the case, nor decide myself who is guilty or who is innocent. Rather, I leave that to those who try the case and who hear the evidence. But what I do say is this. Let those tasked with deciding this case render a just decision and a just judgement on it. And those who are found guilty are to be prosecuted and punished accordingly. The Larimar King has spoken. Amen.

It is now morning. And the sun has risen. Lord, do you will for me to state anything further for this post? Or should I publish it as is? Since I am to be one of your Two Witnesses, O’ Lord, do I have a long time to reign, some forty-seven years, as was previously written? Or is my time here short, more akin to the 1260 days as recorded in Revelation 11:3? Your time, Lord Larimar, consists of three and a half years, starting from Monday, May 18, 2020, that date I told you your service as one of My Two Witnesses began. And when those days expire, which is not exactly 1260 days, but only symbolized by that figure, I will have completed My testimony through you, and you will be martyred and then raised up and assumed into heaven, as all your enemies look on. And the same events shall befall your brother prophet in Israel as well. Amen.

Lord, that does not give us much time. The Great Monarch, does he have a long reign or a short reign? You, Lord Larimar, have served Me as My great monarch since your conversion to Christianity in July of 1992. Hence, you have served as Great Monarch for nearly 28 years. Should you be granted exactly 3 and a half more years, your service to Me shall consist of over 31 years. But I do not give you an exact definition as to how long the symbolic figure of the forty-two months of the prophetic time of your witnessing is to truly last. Rather, your mission is to follow Me and to do My will. Amen.

Lord, do you, therefore, return in all your glory around the two thousandth anniversary of Your death upon the cross and Your founding of the Catholic Church on Peter, the Rock? Yes, Lord Larimar. I state it explicitly and clearly. I Am Coming again soon after the third millennium of the Catholic Church has begun. Amen. Now reread everything you have written and then publish this post. And then go to work, Lord Larimar. For you are working again today. Amen.

And know that the mission by SpaceX will succeed today. It will successfully launch and reach the International Space Station, and it will successfully connect to the ISS, and the success will continue to the point that the spacecraft successfully returns to the earth after its rendezvous and stay at the ISS. And it will safely land on its return voyage with the astronauts safely returned to the earth. Amen. And thus will America, on this very day, be recorded to have regained the ability to once again send men into space. Amen.

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