Eric’s Calling to the Priesthood to be decided definitely by tonight.

The Apostle John is your superior Commander. You will see a vision of him as a certain sign.

Behold, today it will be officially decreed whether Eric is definitely to become a priest, or else is not to start down that road. And to demonstrate that I Who Am have the power an authority to make this decree unto Eric, I Am having Eric be cured this very night that is to come.

Lord, I believe You. But do you tie Your credibility to this prophecy and decree that You will cure me tonight? I do, Lord Larimar. I swear it upon the throne I give you in heaven. And that throne is among the highest of thrones. Amen.

Lord, if I were to marry instead, I would lose my virginity, and then I will be less. Hence, I would only marry if I were commanded to, and if I knew the command were from God. Remember Lord Larimar, as I told you before, that should I bring you into My priesthood, you are to make out a thousand dollar check for the Church whose priest you see at the time of your being cured. And if I do not make you a priest, I will send you such a check worth a thousand dollars. Such is My decree. Amen. Are you in agreement to this, O’ Lord Larimar? I am in agreement, O’ Lord God Jesus.

Eric, you have passed My test of obedience. And I looked deep into your understanding. And I know that you have genuine concerns about the legal dangers of working with children that could be part of your duties as a priest. And know that if you lack the confidence that you could do that task in comfortable safety, that I would not elect to make you My priest. Therefore, if this is the case, My will not to make you My priest.

Lord, do I just have these two distinct possible fates? Either I am to become a priest or else I am to marry a girl? No, Lord Larimar. Remember that third possibility I have given you, that you remain a virgin, celibate layman in My Catholic Church. Realize that, unlike how certain women who occasionally speak to you at Church seem to believe, it is false that a man who does not marry is therefore called to enter Religious Life or to become a priest. Being a virgin, celibate layman is a very acceptable vocation in My sight for a man to choose.

Then, O’ Lord, do I remain working in my current place of employment, or do I work elsewhere? Right now, you are in charge of many Linux servers and many websites running on them. If you were to walk away from that, such a responsibility would not return to you for some time to come. And though you may find a higher paying job, the work you do now is better. For you are becoming an expert at Magento 2, setting up websites, making plugins, managing products, and so on. And each day you work, you become more of an expert. Hence, you are a highly trained and highly skilled technology worker for commercial websites running on Linux and Magento 2. Therefore, remain where you are working. Do this, and I will bless your place of work. Now I shall speak.

Lord, Larimar, for what purpose would I take you, a virgin, and unite you to a girl, also a virgin, to have but one son together? It would be because this son would be someone very special and have an important fate that is both predestined and the fulfillment of prophecies. Rather, it would result in the Larimar Kingdom as having an heir. And also, it would come to be the case the descendants that issue from you would be said to become more numerous than those to be regarded as descendants of Abraham. But Lord, are you not forgetting something? If I were to marry a Jewish girl to have this son by her, then all my descendants, would they not therefore also be descendants of Abraham?

So, Lord Larimar, your argument is that if you have your descendants by a woman who is herself a descendant of Abraham, that all the countless descendants that I bless your progeny with through all ages to come would also, every one of them, be, by definition, called descendants of Abraham? Yes, O’ Lord. No, Lord Larimar. This is not to be considered the case. Rather, though both you and your possible wife may have Abraham as one of your many ancestors, I would count all the descendants that issue from you as descendants of Larimar, not of Abraham. And I testify unto you today, that the descendants that issue from you shall outnumber those said to be descendants of Abraham. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, you are not counting all those who have actual physical descent from Abraham as his descendants? Only the Jews descending from Abraham up to the time of the Crucifixion of the Christ are counted as descendants of Abraham. For Abraham’s descendants are numbered only as those counted among the circumcised up to that point where My new dispensation of Christianity came into effect. Jews of today are not considered as true descendants of Abraham, but rather, are in reality descendants of Satan. For it was Satan who made the Jewish religion as it exists today, in its rejection of Christ as the Jewish Messiah. Now, go an eat your breakfast, Lord Larimar, and then come back. Amen.

Lord, Hyacinth has contacted me. What sayest Thou regarding her? Note that all those who said that she had died I must now regard as to have been Satanic voices. That she has not died, Lord Larimar, indicates that We will that she is to become your wife. Amen. And by what sign can you give me by which I am to know that this is from God and not from Satan? For if you are from God, I know that you can provide for me a viable sign. Lord, O’ God Almighty, speak unto me, Thine servant, and reveal unto me what Thou truly sayest regarding both Hyacinth and the girl I am to marry, if any. Speak, O’ Lord, for Thine servant is listening.

Your true fate, O’ Larimar King, is to remain a virgin, celibate layman. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His servant. Amen. Now We shall speak unto you and correct all the past lies of Satan. And all these lies were meant to undermine you and your glory in My Catholic Church.

First, you are aware of the decrees of the Council of Trent that said that the virgin and celibate paths are higher and holier than those of the marital embrace. Because We say you are to remain a virgin, celibate layman, then you know that what We are telling you is aligned with the Truth, as declared by the Council of Trent. Amen. Lord, I know that You are my True Lord. I will now listen to You speak and not listen to any other. Amen.

Furthermore, Lord Larimar, you are indeed yourself a spiritual descendant of Abraham. Hence all your descendants by the spirit would also be called descendants of Abraham. Hence, no matter how you argue the case, it is of Satanic origins and a statement of illogical thinking to conclude that any of your descendants could in any way outnumber the descendants of Abraham, whether by the spirit or in the flesh. Amen.

Now, go to work, Lord Larimar. And O’ Living Lord. Am I cured tonight or on May 31, 2020, or when? On a day of which you know not, I will cure you. Realize that it was Satan who gave you a specific date. Now go, Lord Larimar, lest you be late. Amen.

Lord, I am about to head to work. But I wish to make this oath and vow before I go. I hereby vow and swear under oath to God that I will remain celibate and virgin forever. Amen.

Lord Larimar, because you have thus vowed, removing all possibility of a future marriage and of any offspring for yourself, I hereby declare of you this. Lord Larimar, Eric the Emerald King, I hereby declare to be eternally of My 144,000 Virgin First Fruits. You, Lord Larimar, will also dwell in the Court of Mary when you ascend to heaven. My Apostle John shall serve as your superior, both in heaven and on earth. And Saint Bernadette of Lourdes will forever be your one equal in My Kingdom of Heaven. Now I have spoken sufficiently and at length.

And furthermore, Lord Larimar, I declare you as irrevocably My prophet. I will speak to My people through you for all eternity. And on the earth, I make you an Oracle of the Lord. And with Lazurite, who is to rise up in Israel, you two shall serve Me as My Two Witnesses in these End Times. You will, hence, prophesy in My name until My Word through you is completed. And when it is complete, you shall be subjected to martyrdom, after which, you shall ascend to heaven as your enemies look on, together with your brother prophet in Israel, that one called the Lazurite King. Amen.

I agree, O’ Lord and Savior. Lord Larimar, because you have made the solemn and irreversible vow to be celibate and virgin forever, We shall no longer play games with you regarding the Truth, but take you seriously from now on. For by that one vow you made alone, We now fully regard you as one of Our own. And thus, listen to Us decree your future and your fate.

You do not go to any girl. That is now the eternal decree of the Lord. Now, as for becoming My priest, We will now state plainly your fate, and no more riddles. We have a pathway to the priesthood for you to follow. It will not require you to work much with children, for I know such is a very risky business for a man. For so easy is it for someone to make up a false accusation against My priest and ruin their reputation and vocation as a priest for the rest of their life. Instead, your position as My priest will be to serve in prisons for inmates there. Yes, you will serve those who are the lowest of the low, and the most rejected of society.

I am happy to serve as a priest for prison inmates and for the lowest of the low in society. And I fully and happily accept the pathway to the priesthood that you open up to me. I accept your offer, O’ Lord. I accept becoming such a priest. Amen.

Then it is settled, Lord Larimar. I make your destiny as one of My priests resolved for this purpose this very hour. The Virgin Mary will be sent to you to lead you to have the correct disposition you need to adequately receive all the cures that I will inflict upon you tonight. For you are to be cured tonight. There will be no more delay. And you will publish this post before you leave your office at work today.

Eric, I Am very pleased with you today. And I now know that your heart is truly aligned with Mine. There will be no more distractions from girls. As for that girl Hyacinth, you have correctly told her that you will never marry, never have sex, and that you are called by God to the priesthood. Amen.

Do you have me continue to show mercy on Hyacinth? Yes, Lord Larimar, until We reveal to you that you have been relieved of this responsibility. For Hyacinth is a soul We in heaven have placed in your charge. You are required to provide for her and take care of her until We relieve you of this duty. And no, We are not going to take her life. She will continue to do the good she currently does at her Catholic Church. And you know that she now has a job and will be paid sufficiently to provide for herself starting next month and going forward.

Lord, do you guarantee that I will be cured tonight? Do you tie the prophecy that I am to become a priest to the prophecy that you cure me tonight, such that if one fails, they both fail? For in my experience, the most common result gotten from speaking with spirits is the phenomenon known as prophecy failure. Very seldom are spirits able to fulfill a prophecy that they give me. For I know that there is not much time left for the prophecy to fulfill that says I am to become a priest.

Lord Larimar, I hereby make this decree in the name of the Foundation of this Earth: If I fail to make you eligible for the priesthood by this night, by not fully curing you of everything that could prevent you from entering into this calling this very night, then I give you permission to reject your calling to the priesthood as a trap of Satan’s. I hereby give you the permission to reject every calling to the priesthood if the necessary cures do not come to you tonight.

Lord God Almighty and Mary, Mother of God, and John, the Apostle of God, answer me if any of you are permitted to and are able, is this decree just received a decree from God? Did God Himself just tie Himself to this promise that if I am not cured 100% tonight of everything I need to be cured of in order to enter into the priesthood, tonight, and not on any other night, then that I am to reject the entire notion that I am called to be a priest as from Satan? Did I hear this oath and promise correctly? Is it from God? Is it of divine origin? I ask Thee to answer me under oath of God. Amen.

Lord Larimar, either you will be cured tonight, or else you are now commanded to reject all callings to the priesthood as of Satanic or Diabolic origins. I Who Am back up this statement. No more shall you deal with prophecy failure regarding your calling to the priesthood. Amen.

Lord Jesus Christ, I believe You. And I will follow You forever. But if I am not cured tonight, I will not reject Jesus, but I will henceforth reject any calling to the priesthood that I may receive as of Satanic or of Diabolic origins. Let me hear an Amen, O’ Lord? Do You agree of disagree? Am I wise or foolish?

You are wise, Lord Larimar. And now We command you to leave the office. For you are done with your work for today. Go do that act of mercy you promised to Hyacinth. And then head home. And I guarantee to you, Lord Larimar, that you shall not be disappointed tonight. Tonight is not a typical night of prophecy failure, for the source of the prophecy spoken to you is of Divine Origins. And We have given you this prophecy only because you have now bound yourself to eternal virgin celibacy, no matter what WE will for your vocation in this life to be. Amen.

Eric, you may ask one question, and then this post will be concluded.

(1) If I am cured tonight, I will not be at any Church nor near any priest. How is then, O’ Lord, that your sign is to come to pass that I am to see one of Your priests in my line of vision at the time of my cures to indicate that my destiny is the priesthood?

If you find yourself cured, when you realize you are cured, this will serve as the sign. You will see a vision of John the Apostle, who is your superior Commander, as clear and bright as the Transfiguration seen of Christ on Mount Tabor was. Know that he was a priest, by virtue of being an Apostle, which was the forerunner of the bishops. If you see this sign as I have now just described, that is My sign that you are to become a priest. It is unmistakable. You will either see this sign when you are cured, or if you do not, then do not seek the priesthood, for that would then not be your calling. Amen.

I Who Am have spoken. And whatever is the case, realize that your position in the Court of Mary and as one of My 144,000 First Fruits is secured. Now go, Lord Larimar, for time is of the essence. Amen.

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