Eric, Victor and Conqueror

Eric, the Larimar King, is Dragonfly, sent to destroy the Democratic enemies of Trump.

Behold, I Who Am declare Eric victorious in the test of Life. Lord, what is the definition of the Kingdom of Larimar, and who shall reign over it? I will now define it for you, O’ Larimar King. And then I shall detail the Dynasty that is to rule it.

Kingdom of Larimar, ruled by Eric, First Larimar King. And the lands of his Kingdom include the following:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. the Contiguous United States of America
  4. Hawaii
  5. Cuba
  6. Hispaniola
  7. Puerto Rico
  8. the Lucayan Archipelago
  9. Bermuda
  10. Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  11. Greenland
  12. Iceland

Lord, the Larimar Kingdom has grown significantly since it was last defined. Is this by the conquests of Eric? Or is it by the divinely appointed assignments of God? I Who Am have made these distinctions. And now I shall have you list all seven official languages I will have this Kingdom recognize.

The list of official languages of the Kingdom of Larimar include these seven:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Hawaiian
  5. Greenlandic
  6. Icelandic
  7. Haitian Creole

Lord, I notice that you have omitted Mandarin Chinese, whose numbers of speakers in Eric’s Kingdom are greater in number than every one of those latter four official languages on that list. Why is Mandarin Chinese not included, O’ Lord? Although there are many speakers of Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, and Arabic in Eric’s Kingdom, their languages are not official due to their not having an official status in any of the twelve regions that now make up the Kingdom of Larimar. Amen.

For understand this, O’ Lord Larimar. It is not the numbers of speakers alone that determine what languages are official. Rather, it is also by the internal decisions of that country of what languages to recognize and support as official that determine such things. Amen.

And Lord, how is it that Eric now possesses Hawaii in his Kingdom? I thought You had ruled that it was to belong to another Monarch? I, the Lord, have taken Hawaii from the Queen of the Philippines and given it back to you, Lord Larimar. You will now possess all fifty states of the United States of America in your Kingdom. In addition, you will oversee the addition of these three new states to enter into the United States of America in the next few years, by their own election: Greenland, Puerto Rico, and Iceland, and in that order. Amen.

Now, We shall speak of President Donald John Trump. I would not change horses, as some have suggested, by switching VPs in 2020. While Nikki Haley might be able to win in 2024, let her run on her own platform then. Do not mix her platform with Trump’s or else you will see a replay of the John McCain ticket that crashed and burned because of the decision to select Sarah Palin as VP. Instead, let Trump keep Mike Pence as VP. He may not add much anymore, but neither does he subtract. Rather, Mike Pence is like a background decoration to Trump’s campaign that does not take attention away from Trump or his campaign messages. Keep it that way. Let the focus remain on Trump.

Joe Biden has already shot himself in the foot by promising to choose a woman as his VP. That gives him a distinct disadvantage in the race. Do not level the playing field by having Trump also take a woman as his VP. For a woman as a man’s VP is forced to answer for all her running mate’s dirty laundry. But a man as VP is not expected nor asked by anyone about such matters. Therefore, keep Mike Pence as VP, and you will notice that all the dirty laundry questions will be directed to Joe Biden’s VP about her running mate, but no such dirty laundry questions will be directed to Mike Pence concerning Trump. It is just the nature of gender dynamics. Thus keep the Pence-Trump ticket an all male ticket, and you will handily defeat the Biden with the woman ticket due to the problems of having a ticket with mixed genders in it.

For it may seem like a novel idea of having a woman on one’s ticket, but it proves to be ever illusive to produce an advantage by it. But what it does accomplish is to seriously distract the public from the Presidential candidate’s message. Every woman VP candidate on a Presidential ticket has doomed that ticket. For in order to win in a Presidential election, you need to focus the attention on the main Presidential candidate. Woman VPs always take away that attention. And you will see that play out once Joe Biden finalizes his VP pick. It will prove disastrous. A woman VP brings in too much negatively viewed personality to the picture, and she ruins the message that the Presidential candidate attempts to make. The Democrats would have won in the 2016 elections had they chosen any of their men to run. Instead they chose a woman, who lost. She couldn’t defend herself regarding her email server being hacked. She, as a woman, showed herself to be just too incompetent to win. Any man running on the Democratic ticket against Trump would have won the election.

And now we have round two. And Joe Biden has made the classic error to promise to put a woman on his ticket. He made the promise and cannot rescind it. And this woman will doom the ticket. Whatever woman he chooses, once announced, will immediately begin the process of eroding the support that Joe Biden has among voters. Immediately, that woman will begin to be picked apart. Everything she has, and how she dresses will be analyzed and judged. No one looks at nor analyzes how men dress, other than a quick mention of tie color chosen. But women are analyzed in totality in each detail of clothing that they wear. And she will be judged on how she raised her children. And her sexual past will be much more scrutinized and analyzed than that of her male running mate. Was she a slut or a whore in her early years? A man can get by with a sexually promiscuous past, but not a woman. Remember the first Black Miss America, Vanessa Williams? She lost her title when her nude pictures from her past were printed in Penthouse, a men’s magazine. These things are important in how they concern women, but are regarded as irrelevant when about men. Men do not typically concern themselves with sexual pasts of other men, but everyone looks at the woman, and judges everything about her.

But Lord, is it not a grave crime for men to have sex with women not their wives? How are there then not divine punishments against such men, but only against the women? Speak, O’ Lord, for Your servant is listening. A man who is unclean does not belong to My Kingdom. But he can still function in society, for a man compartmentalizes his sexual sins from his other duties to society. And thus, We saw this in President William Jefferson Clinton, whose name does in fact add up to 666 in both Hebrew and Greek, and who was a Pawn of the Player Vesper. Notice how he was able carry out the normal duties of his office, make trade deals with other nations, and negotiate agreements with Congress, and get the work done as the normal duties of his office, despite also engaging in an immoral sexual relationship of oral sex with a White House intern, whose name was Monica Lewinsky, both a clear act of adultery and the crime of taking advantage of a much younger female’s psychology. Now, this President Bill Clinton, as he was known, did in fact confess to his crimes rather than commit perjury. Note that it was Emerald who advised and urged Vesper, who was an ally to him at that time, to have her Pawn confess to the charges against him, rather than lie under oath, and that if she had it done that way, that he would not lose the Presidency nor be charged with any felonies after his term was finished. Emerald was also the one who urged for Vesper to have her Pawn invade Haiti to restore democracy there, along with restoring the democratically elected President Aristide to power. This served to end the crisis of the coup in Haiti and put an end to the many Haitian refugees seeking asylum in the USA.

Now, contrast this with a woman. A woman does not compartmentalize her sex life from the rest of her life. What she does sexually is apparent to all. Such is why a whore is found disrespectable in society, while a man’s sexual sins can remain hidden. But no one’s sins are hidden from Me. Thus, many men come to the next world in a state of being guilty of mortal sexual sins, and are surprised to find out that they matter to Me. Sexual sins do matter, but for those who do not clean themselves, they must find out the hard way that their sexual past was wrong and should have been repented and dealt with accordingly. And to deal with mortal sexual sins correctly and wisely, one must confess one’s sins to one of My priests and then receive communion in My Church in a state of grace. Such are the only ways filth can be cleansed from society.

Just understand this point. The sin of adultery is committed equally by both the man and the woman who partake in it, and both are in mortal sin by that act. And whoever comes to Me having died in such a state, unforgiven of his sins, he or she cannot ask Me then for forgiveness, for then it is too late. For whosoever dies guilty of mortal sins goes to hell. The definition of a person who goes to hell is a someone who either dies in a state of mortal sin, or who dies in a state where Original Sin has not yet been washed away by a valid baptism.

But, O’ Lord, explain the mysteries of both the Limbo of the Fathers, and the Limbo of the Infants. Despite Pope Francis’ rejection of the Limbo of the Infants, it does exist, and it is a part of hell where babies and infants go who die unbaptized Catholic. And also, all the unborn who die in the womb also go there. For no one still under the stain of Original Sin at the point of death is admittable to the Kingdom of Heaven. But for those who did My will on earth, and who obeyed My universal laws of love, these I admitted to heaven when My Son died on the cross. People of such a nature who passed away prior to the Crucifixion and death of Christ on the cross were those who dwelt in the Limbo of the Fathers. But admittance to this Limbo of the Fathers was limited to only those who, by an act of love, could make up for the stain of Original Sin in My Book of Debt to Sin. They did not pay their way into My Kingdom by their acts of love. Rather, by their acts of love for God and neighbor, they made the first steps toward My Kingdom, and then by the shed blood of Christ on the Cross, the expiation for sins done by the Christ made up for all the rest of the Way. But once My Son had died on the Cross, the Limbo of the Fathers came to an end. And from that point onward, men were judged at death and sent either to heaven, hell, or purgatory. And no one could enter My Kingdom unless they partook in the sacramental life of My Catholic Church.

But Lord, what about those people who, like the native Americans, lived during the Age of the Church, but who had no possibility of entering Your Church as Your religion had not yet been preached to their lands? Until a people have been exposed to My religion, they remain as Adam and Eve were after their expulsion from the Garden of Eden. They are in a state of Original Sin. But if they do a selfless act of love for Me and their neighbors, that could represent their first steps toward My Church. And to such people I come and visit at their dying hour to offer them the possibility of salvation. Should they accept, then they immediately go with Me to some place in the world where a Mass is happening, and then they receive their necessary communion spiritually, and thereby they are eligible, in a spiritual sense, to enter into My Kingdom, going happily to the bottom of purgatory. Hence, what I say remains factual. Since the new dispensation of Christianity began with My Death on the cross, no one can enter My Kingdom unless they have partaken in the sacramental life of My Catholic Church. And if this sacramental life does not take place, whether in actuality or spiritually by the time of their death, then that person once dead can never enter into eternal life. Rather, the lot of such souls is eternal damnation. And the sacramental life begins at baptism for members of My Catholic Church. But for those who are not members, they must be of sufficient age to be able to discern My offer of salvation and to have the ability to choose between good and evil. And if they are not so well endowed in their facilities to make such a choice, I send them to the Limbo of the Infants, where they exist forever in the state deep, perpetual, and extreme sense of the loss of one’s salvation, but without the eternal punishments that are due to those who actually rejected Me or My religion, or who committed a mortal sin and died in that state. Hence, they do exist in hell, for the Limbo of the infants is a part of hell, but they do not experience the condemnation for having directly sinned against Me.

And in hell, there are both many levels and many different degrees of punishment. It was said that Judas Iscariot is at the lowest part of hell. But I tell you Truthfully, lower than Judas Iscariot in hell are all those who knowing Me and My religion, and having tasted My heavenly fruit, reject Me and walk away from My religion. For such people I have a greater punishment reserved than for the one who betrayed Me to the Jews. Adolf Hitler was a terrible sinner. But worse than he are those who, knowing My religion and My commandments, choose not to obey, but to live in sacrilegious communion, and those who elect to stop coming to My Catholic Church.

Whoever I call to enter My Catholic Church and who refuses that calling brings down deep and deadly condemnations upon himself and in his life. Should he repent and seek Me, I may give him another chance to enter in. But if he continues to reject Me and all My offers to save him, then I will reject him before My Father in heaven. Let no one be fooled. There is no way into the Kingdom of Heaven except through membership in My Catholic Church and by a valid participation in the sacraments therein. Whosoever refuses to enter in when the door is opened to him, he shall be rejected for all eternity in the pits of hell. For I Am not a beggar but a chooser. And I do not beg My Bride to marry Me. Either she will accept or reject. And whosoever rejects Me rejects Me. And whosoever accepts Me and also makes herself acceptable to Me, I will save. But those who I call but who elect to remain filthy will be ultimately rejected by Me. Hence, unlike the folly found in the teachings of C. S. Lewis, the Truth is that sexual purity is in fact central to My religion and central for one’s acceptance by Me into My Kingdom. For what man marries a whore? And Am I not the Bridegroom and you the Bride? The man who presents himself to Me in a filthy state at the end of his life is like the bride who comes to the wedding ceremony dressed as a whore. Am I so desperate for a Bride that I would marry a whore? Rather, let the one who is currently unclean come to My sacrament of confession, so as to wash his robes white in the blood of the Lamb, and then come to receive Me in the Mass, so as to heal spiritually from his wounds through the nourishment of the Eucharist. For those who are prostitutes and the men who visit them are condemned, but for those who repent their filth and come clean and enter correctly into My Catholic Church, receiving the sacraments correctly, before their time ends in this world, these will be saved. Amen.

Now, Eric, I shall speak unto you. This is My personal message directed at just to you. So listen carefully. I have watched your ways closely. And I have found a man who does My will as He is told it. And you have both peace of mind and control over your members. But this I have also found in you. You are often tempted to look at the woman. Therefore, I command you this, knowing your obedience. You will from now on avoid the temptation to look at the woman, whether you see her on the street, or you see her in close quarters. Look not at her. Gaze not into her eyes. And you shall be found pleasing to Me. Lord, I shall obey you. But what of the woman you say is to be my wife? Do I marry, or do I remain as I am, a single virgin layman?

If We gave you the chance to reclaim your virgin celibacy, what would you do, Lord Larimar? I would accept it and take it. Done. Congratulations, Lord Larimar. You have conquered Satan in his tracks. You are declared a victor and a conqueror of this world and its evil beings. I will now prepare My plan for you to become My priest. For a man such as you must not be wasted. You are definitely priestly material.

Therefore, let it be known that King Eric is the only one who shall sit on the Throne of Larimar. And he shall sit on it forever. Thus the Larimar Kingdom, like the Kingdom of Israel, is eternally to be ruled by a One-King Dynasty. Amen.. Furthermore, End Times eschatology is now hereby changed. Does Eric still reign for forty-seven years over the North American Kingdom of Larimar, O’ Savior and Lord Divine? Yes, but after those forty-seven years expire, I do not take you from this earth. Instead, you remain and you persist. And you will last until I Come. As I said of John My Apostle, so now do I say unto you. “What if I want you to remain until I Come?” (John 21:21-23). But unlike what I said of John, I now explicitly declare unto thee, that is is My will that you shall remain until I Come. Amen.

Lord, I am still helping Hyacinth from time to time, like that last time you commanded me to show mercy to her. But what is to come of this now, O’ Living Lord? I told you I would take her away from you before I gave you Estee. But now that there will be no Estee, nor an Ester, nor an Ariel Sarah, nor an Elizabeth, and so on, what becomes of Hyacinth, you should now wonder? Tell me what you would have Me do with her by your own judgement, O’ Larimar King, and then I will reveal unto you and render Mine. You know her merits and her good fruits far better than I can ever do, O’ Lord and Master. But I say this. If she truly and greatly benefits the Catholic Church and would greatly produce eternal treasures for You were she to be granted to continue to live on the earth, I would have her remain where You have planted her. Let her grow into a great tree, where the birds of the air will go and dwell and build their nests in. Perhaps she will save others as I have saved her? Well said, O’ Larimar King. But her time has truly come. And she has greatly merited in Our Kingdom. She will serve as one of My saints who shall pray earnestly for you from heaven. She is going to heaven within hours from now. The only change now in My plans is that when she does go, there will be no new girl coming to you who would enter into your life as a future love interest. For a man chosen to enter into the seminary must not to be distracted by any girls or relationships with them. Amen.

Lord, it is written that, because of My sweaty hands, and due to the uncontrollable nature of their sweating, that this medical condition permanently disqualifies me from the handling the holy foods of the eucharist, both in the act of their consecration and in their distribution to the people. So, O’ Lord, You are going to cure that? I tell you what, Lord Larimar. You wait, you watch, and you record down all that you witness. And here on this website you will testify of every one of the cures that you will have received, down to the most infinitesimal detail that you are aware of or notice. Do you agree to this, O’ Larimar King? I do and swear under oath to God that I shall carry it out exactly as You have said. Amen. Then We have a pact, Lord Larimar. And this I will tell you beforehand. After you are cured, your qualifications for entering the priesthood will be made complete and permanent and in every way imaginable.

Lord, I believe that June will be a most active month for me, for by July 1, the full application to the priesthood must be submitted. I will see to it, Lord Larimar, that every closed door will be opened, every bar will be lifted. Lord, I pledge Myself to believe and to obey. I will not be like Moses who was reluctant to do his Master’s will. This shall be what you will say to your current employer upon reception of the cures and when your pastor has elected to sponsor you, and you must meet that requirement that you obtain letters of recommendation from your current employer.

Dear [your boss’s name], I request that I might obtain letters of recommendation from you for my formal application to enter the Seminary to become a priest. For I have discerned the calling to become a priest. And all my handicaps and debilitating conditions have been wiped away. I hope to continue, as time permits me, to provide you my services up to either that point I enter the seminary or until you find suitable applicants to replace me here in the work I currently provide for you. Note also that though you may pay me to train my replacements, I make no guarantee that they will succeed, that they won’t destroy or damage the servers and websites I have built for you, or that they will even, after I have trained them, be capable or competent enough to carry out the duties I once did for you. Nor do I offer to look for anyone capable of doing the work I did for you myself. As I am not bound by any written contract with you, there is no violation in the law made by my leaving your employment at any time I so choose. And as I am hired by you at will, that I give ample days notice before my departure is a courtesy I give you that I am not required by any state or federal law to give. Please give me good recommendations so that our business relationship and our friendship will never end. I enjoyed working for you. And note that if I am accepted into the seminary, I would not enter into it before September. Hence, before that date, I have given you plenty of time to find a suitable replacement of me, if possible. And if not possible, then you have sufficient time to consider all your other options for moving forward, such as selling the business to another company or closing up shop and liquidating all company assets. Whatever you decide are your best options, I have given ample forewarning. And my fate has been set by God. I am moving on to a different line of business altogether. All the cures I have received are testimony from God that this calling is from Him and that He wills it and that it must be obeyed. May our paths diverge in peace and everlasting friendship. Amen.

Lord Larimar, that is an excellent letter you have written. For your writing is exquisite and profound. Now, I shall speak. Let us look now at what this new development means for your relationship with Trump and the Trump Administration. Do you serve as Dragonfly, that Player who stands with Firefly against all her enemies to ensure her triumph in the November 3, 2020, Presidential and Congressional elections? You are Dragonfly. And you are truly powerful to behold. By the fire that comes out of your mouth, the enemies of Trump will be engulfed in flames. But remember, Lord Larimar, only attack Trump’s enemies in the Democratic Party. Leave his opponents in the Republican Party at peace. Amen.

Now I shall speak of other things. You know that Hyacinth’s departure from this world is imminent. Where do you think she is going, Lord Larimar? I will tell thee. She is going to her wedding ceremony with Me. For she is going as a virgin in a bright, clean linen garment, washed clean and white in the blood of the Lamb. She has been perfected, Lord Larimar. She is the testimony of what happens to those who remain in your company and who heed you and learn from what I teach through you. Note that this will never be repeated. For you can have no more relations with women. But great condemnation will now fall upon all those who were once in your company and who shunned your friendship. Amen.

Now, someone asks, what of that claim that Eric owned the lands of the Coastal Redwoods and of the Giant Sequoias? And that he also owned the island of Santa Catalina, especially, that port city of Avalon there? Did these claims have any factual or spiritual basis, O’ Lord and Savior?

That you were to be a tree herder like Treebeard, leader of the Ents in Fangorn Forest, as written in The Lord of the Rings, is not factual but fanciful. Thus, there is no further point in you possessing groves of such trees in the coming age of eternity. But I do put you in charge of many cities and give you huge responsibilities in My Kingdom. For you have been faithful to Me in these little things you have done. Hence, I can faithfully put you in charge of whole Kingdoms under My Reign in Heaven. And that is precisely what I shall do. But do not limit yourself to the confines of this earth for defining your eternal glory. For My Kingdom is a Kingdom without end and without borders. Amen. Yet, I will say this. Just as the earth’s foundations were measured up and laid out with set dimensions by an all knowing God, so also is My reward and recompense measured completely out to its infinite dimension and detail such that what I give to each of My servants is the full knowledge of their complete and entire reward upon their passing from this world and entering into the next. No one’s reward increases in heaven. For what you have earned by the time of your death is eternally your lot and nothing further shall be granted to you, besides the rewards common to all saints, such eternal life and the Beatific Vision. Amen.

Yes, in heaven, as on the earth, you have the very rich and the very poor and all those in-between. But unlike as it is on earth, no one changes their state of wealth for all eternity. And no one’s wealth is taken from him and given to another. Nor can anyone who has give what he has to another. Wealth in heaven is not transferable. What you have received as your eternal reward is eternally fixed. You cannot give it to another, even if you vow to do so while on the earth.

Many people can be said to have helped Me save someone else. And many people can be said to have been instrumental in the salvation of others. And there are those who led the many to victory. But few, very few, I tell you, are those who acquired another person for My Kingdom and remained with that one to save her for purely selfless reasons. For such people, I have a special reward and a special crown. And that crown is to be numbered in My Mother’s Court. For only through the power that flows through the Virgin Mary do such miraculous deeds come to be worked.

Therefore, Lord Larimar, you are a subject to Mary’s Court. And there you will remain forever, serving her as her subject. Only males who are true spiritual eunuchs are admitted to this eternal glory. And there is one other male that I wish for you to meet who shall accompany you for the remainder of your days upon the earth. He, like you, has been received into Mary’s Court. But his rank there is higher than yours. And who is he, you wonder? He is My Apostle John, the Apostle who passed away by old age, and by whose death the Deposit of Faith was sealed for all eternity, and the Age of Public Prophecy came to its ultimate end. You shall meet him soon. He will come to you to complete your training in Me and in the discipline of serving Me through Mary. And you shall obey him as your superior commander in My armed forces, Commander Eric.

And what is the nature of this title of “Commander Eric”, you ask? You are incorporated into My armed forces now, Lord Larimar. You will do as you are told by your superiors, and you shall command fleets of angels in battle, as directed by Me. No longer are you to be numbered as a lone wolf anymore. Instead, you are under My command, and My Apostle John shall give you your directions and orders. Obey him and do as he says. Also, you will also continue to hear from Me as well.

Now, listen to Me! The Apostle John is the first and highest male virgin in the Courts of Mary. You cannot outrank him nor overtake him in either glory or rank. He will always be ranked as greater than you. This is an eternal judgement. Obey, therefore, what comes from him, as you obey Me. For the man who is outside My armed forces knows only to obey Me. But once a man is incorporated into My armed forces, he is given his eternal command and his eternal position, from which he cannot ascend nor descend. And he exists in a chain of command which he must fully respect and abide by in complete obedience. Amen.

And what of the Apostle Paul, O’ Lord? Where is he? Is not he also a virgin ranked within your armed forces and in the Court of Mary? You will meet him too. He was an Oracle through whom I wrote many books now found in the Holy Bible. But his hands before his conversion had blood on them. Therefore, he could not be admitted to the Holy Virgin’s Court, to which are only admitted the most pure of saints. No one who has killed a man can be there.

Now, John, your superior commander, shall speak unto you. I, John, writer of the Book of Revelation, and principle source of the writings of the Gospel of John, and inspirational sources of the letters attributed to John, do now come unto thee to command thee, My beloved brother Eric. Eric, I have most eagerly awaited to welcome you into the eternal virgin ranks of heaven. And now that you are so incorporated, I am permitted reveal to you great secrets of the mysteries of God and of the Church.

First, I will reveal to you that though men dominate the Catholic Church on earth and women are subservient to them, in heaven both men and women are of an equal status. And it is written that more women enter the pearly gates than men. For is it not observed, Lord Larimar, that most of the people you see in Church are of the female gender? The most common demographic in Church are elderly women. The most common worshipers found in the Catholic Church are elderly women. Such was why Viking King Eric the Red described Christianity a “woman’s religion”.

Women, therefore, dominate the Church Triumphant. And in heaven, there are no distinctions made in the appointments of positions, ranks, glory, or power given in accordance to gender. There are no sexual discriminating polices in the Kingdom of Heaven. Gender is something that belongs to the earth, not to heaven. And there are never paired lovers in heaven. All are purely celibate here, like the angels.

Then, why did Jesus institute His Church on earth to be so different to His Church in heaven, O’ John, Apostle to the Lord? Jesus did this because in this world, the two genders are different and their distinction truly does matter here on this earth. And furthermore, the genders on earth should not be mixed outside of marriage, to prevent the temptations to commit sexual sins. That you are to enter the priesthood of the Catholic Church and become a worker in Christ’s Vineyard means so much to me and to all of us in Heaven.

John, I believe you. But given all that must be done to get my application made and for all the requirements to be met before the deadline, do I work for my employer at all in June? Or do I totally devote myself to this endeavor this coming June? For I believe since I am to be cured on May 31, 2020, that my entrance into the priesthood does not begin in earnest and officially get started until that Pentecost Sunday. And with me having to do so much, I do believe that I will simply not have much time to continue to work for my current employer. I am not doubting anything you say. All I am asking is, do I continue to work for my current employer very much at all in June, after I am cured?

After you are cured, Lord Larimar, there will be no more need for you to labor in that job you are presently laboring in. For I will give you other employment that will give you a proper form of payment. So, do not worry about the current job you are working at. He will give you your essential and positive letters of recommendation. And after you are accepted into the seminary, I will make him suddenly realize the irreplaceability that you were to his company. He will find out then that there is no viable way to replace you. Of course, if he were to pay enough he could find someone who could do the same work, but doing such would destroy the profitability of his business model. It was all based on super cheap labor that you were giving him for services that cannot normally be acquired at such cheap rates. Even in India, a person of your quality and skill at your pay level could never be found. Amen. He has not yet done the math at calculating your replacement should you choose to leave. For as he acquired you so easily, he will believe he can acquire a replacement just as easily. The concept that you could be a one-of-a-kind technical person has not yet entered his mind. The crushing reality that this was in fact the case will come crashing down on him shortly after your acceptance into the seminary. Amen.

John, what is my rank in relation to yours in God’s armed forces? And tell me exactly how this ranking system works and its significance in heaven.

You, Lord Larimar, are ranked right below Me. My rank is that of Supreme Commander General. And your rank is that of Lieutenant Commander General. You are ranked immediately below Me. And every order that issues in the chain of command must be obeyed absolutely by all powers subject to that commander. And above me, there is no created being given a greater or higher rank over me other than the Holy Virgin Mary, the Immaculate Queen of Heaven, and above her there exist only the Divine Three Persons of God, which includes Jesus, God the Son, Who is King of kings and Lord of lords.

And what about Saint Joseph, foster father of Jesus, the one who served as virgin spouse of Mary. Is not he ranked as the highest male in the Kingdom under the Christ? For I heard that it was written that the three greatest saints in heaven were Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, in that order.

Eric, my foster father through Jesus, who is Saint Joseph, is in fact given an honorable place in the Kingdom of Heaven, but like the Steward to the Kingdom, his place is not in the chain of command but alongside it. He is one of those who entered into heaven by passing through the Limbo of the Fathers. Much more blessed are those who enter heaven through the actual reception of the sacraments of the Catholic Church, and most especially the reception of the body and blood of Jesus incorporated into their own flesh as eaten food, rather than merely having received the blessed sacrament spiritually. And the rewards of being given a position in the chain of command are reserved for only those of perfected obedience who are in communion with the pope in Rome.

And what of Saint John of the Cross, who I also considered holier and more sanctified than me? And what of the various women ranked above me? For I swore under oath that I would forever recognize Saint Bernadette as superior to me. And then there are other holy virgin saints, including Catherine of Siena, and Faustina of Divine Mercy Sunday, and that Doctor of the Church, Theresa of Lisieux, and the Lily of the Mohawks, Kateri Tekakwitha. Where do they rank in relation to you and to me, O’ John, high servant to Mary?

I will now answer you in completion. Saint John of the Cross was a saint who perfected himself by ever choosing the harder path and through voluntarily subjecting himself to great austerity and suffering for the sake of the Kingdom of God. You chose the easier way, that of being perfected by handing everything eternally into the hands of Mary, the Holy Virgin Mother of God. Now we witness the wisdom of seeking salvation by making oneself subject and eternal slave to Mary. It leads to a far higher and loftier station in the next world and provides a much easier and rapid road to perfection.

Hence, Saint John of the Cross is here in heaven, but he belongs to a lower court than that distinction known as the Court of Mary, which is a most exclusive place, and few are there who are chosen for it.

But of all five women you have mentioned, only one of them is here with you in the Court of Mary. And that one is in fact the one you vowed to recognize as your superior. You did her great honor by making that vow. She is Saint Bernadette, and you have also obligated yourself to make a pilgrimage to her shrines in Nevers and in Lourdes and to drink the miraculous waters of her spring when God gives you the command to do so.

And so, where does Saint Bernadette rank in the Court of Mary, you ask? I will now tell you what is secret knowledge. But since it is appearing as the Words of Eric, it can be revealed, for the one who is writing them is honorable. Saint Bernadette is your one equal in the Kingdom of Heaven. And you are linked to her by the common peculiarity that you have with her by what Mary said to you. Saint Bernadette asked the beautiful Lady who appeared to her who she was, and she answered, on a different appearance, that she was the Immaculate Conception. The issue of such a statement is so very rare an occurrence in the Kingdom of the Church on earth. And yet, you as a Protestant, at Mary’s visitation of you with her foot on your head to humble your Antichrist pride, as she appeared to you that night in early December of 1996, you dared to ask the Mother of God, who did not identify herself, these words: “Were you born by Immaculate Conception?” The question in itself indicated your election by God, for you were acknowledging knowledge you were not told, that you knew who she was, but did not know exactly what was the Truth about her. Your question was asked in order to settle, from the mouth of the very person in question, which was the truth about her? Was it as the Catholic Church taught or as the Protestants say? But you wrapped all those questions into that one question: “Were you born by Immaculate Conception?” And after a long period of silence, all while standing before her and in her presence, she answered you with these exact words in English: “Yes, by Immaculate Conception, but do not ask me any more personal questions.”

That answer eternally links you in status to Saint Bernadette in the Court of Mary. And you two are of equal rank in the Kingdom of Heaven. All the other women you mentioned are of various ranks and positions outside the Court of Mary. For few there are who enter this most holy and lofty of courts. And only virgins are eligible to enter in. And even if they died as virgins, but were open to the sexual married life, they cannot enter into this most highest and excellent of courts. And Mary chooses who, among all those who might qualify, are to be made qualified and members of her Court.

So, O’ John, forgive me for this petty curiosity, but since Saint Bernadette is my equal in Mary’s Court, is she, too, a Lieutenant Commander General as I am? And is she below you also in the chain of command? Forgive me if this is too much prying into the secrets of Mary’s Court.

Saint Bernadette is in a female only chain of command. Realize that even though there are no eternal distinctions made according to genders in the Kingdom of Heaven, as they relate to the Church Militant, the distinctions remain. And this status will continue to exist also in the Church Triumphant, for they flow together. Therefore, the genders remain separate and in separate chains of command due to the legacy of gender rather than a real imposed distinction, and this exists throughout the entire Kingdom except at the highest levels of command. Amen. Consider it like nouns in Spanish, which are all divided up between two separate genders, though for no real reason other than due to the legacy of that language.

Now, Eric, I have this question for you. That man you knew once as a friend who became a priest, why did he suddenly abandon his friendship with you? I had touched his clothing in innocence, and he suddenly came to the conclusion that I was gay, and completely avoided me from that point onward. Say his name. His first name was Ernie, and he chose the name of Vianney when he became a priest, and is thus called Father Vianney. Eric, realize that you were a light in this man’s life, but he preferred the darkness of his Satanic deceptions, such as the false apparitions found in Medjugorje. His family, especially his mother, is very much deceived by these and other false Marian Apparitions. And when he rejected you, he was rejecting Jesus.

Then why was he approved to become a priest? Why were his Satanic deceptions not discerned in the formation process of his becoming a priest, O’ John, Most high Apostle? He can function as a priest in Christ’s Catholic Church. Perfection is not required to pass through the seminary. And he was taught how to correctly recognize homosexuality. He would not have the same reaction today as he did back then by a guy touching his clothing as you did. Greater knowledge on homosexuals does he now possess. And he now knows better how to discern them.

Likewise, do not expect of yourself perfection in order to pass or be found acceptable to enter the seminary. You are not expected to be perfect. And perfection is not expected of you. So do not punish yourself if you fail to impress or be found perfectly suitable for becoming a priest. Jesus will cure you of all things, and by your obedience to your superiors in the chain of command, you will be found acceptable to pass as a priest and sufficiently qualified to serve Christ as a worker in His vineyard.

Now, Eric, my commander, Mary, the Mother of God, wishes to speak with you. And this will be the last words she will say to you on this forum before you enter into your path to the priesthood. Let me hear and obey, whatever she says unto me, O’ John, Servant of Jesus and Mary. It is as you say, Commander Eric. I serve both Jesus and Mary, and you will obey her in whatever she commands you.

Mary, O’ Mother of God, speak unto me, for your servant is listening. And I will obey whatever you command of me.

I, Mary, the Mother of God, do wish to instruct you before you enter your path to the priesthood. You cannot enter into it until first you are cured, as you have been commanded to wait for this by God. This is the sign that you will see by which you will know these events are about to take place. I will appear to you. And you will see my holy face. I will not speak, but only guide you to where you are to go. And I will guide you to the correct disposition to enter into to adequately be receptive to all the cures that Christ Jesus intends to inflict upon your flesh. For you require a perfect disposition to receive the entire cures you require to be made acceptable and suitable to be made a priest in My Son’s ordained priesthood in His Catholic Church.

Now go, Eric. Enter into your room and study the works we give you to study. In studying these works, you will adequately prepare yourself for the obedience and purity that will be essential both in your reception of the cures and in your entire passage into and your vocation of the priesthood. Now go, Eric, and obey me. First reread these words. Read and correct what you have miswritten. And then, when all is read, I will still be here to answer your last questions. I am Mary, your Mother through Christ. Amen.

(1) Mary, I have sinned against you and your Church. Am I still found worthy of entrance to the priesthood of your Divine Son, Jesus Christ, O’ Mary Mother of God? Yes, Lord Larimar. Your purity remains as it was. You only flirted with disaster. You did not fall. Realize, though, that God requires all of his priests to perfectly practice continence to be acceptable men of the cloth. For how can a man be found acceptable to hear confessions if he, too, is in a frequent state of mortal sin. Hence, impurity is not tolerated in the priesthood of My Son. And for those who cannot maintain it, these are recommended to marry, rather than to burn. And the married path does not lead to the priesthood.

It is a good question that you have asked, and I, the Virgin Mary, will now elaborate on it. The question is how does one discern whether one has fallen to impurity or whether one has not fallen to that sin, since the sin and its effects come in many different shades and degrees of sin? Impurity, in order to be a mortal sin, it must involve either an unholy ejaculation or an attempt to commit an unholy ejaculation. An unholy ejaculation is any ejaculation committed outside the conjugal act between husband and wife. In the Catholic Church, the sins of unholy ejaculations among practicing Catholics are most frequently seen committed by adolescent boys. As a man matures in the faith, he is expected to gain control over his members. For impurity is not compatible with sacramental Catholic life.

Only in the bonds of Holy Matrimony is it allowed for a man and a woman to engage in sexual activity. It is not allowed for a man by himself, nor for a man with another man, nor for a heterosexual couple not yet validly married, to engage in activity that belongs to the conjugal act between husbands and wives. Great punishments fall upon those who violate these laws. All such violators are rendered spiritually blind, the degree and lengthiness of their blindness being subject to the gravity of their offense. And the effects of their spiritual blindness is that they cannot see the Door nor the Way into the Kingdom. (Genesis 19:11).

But I shall reveal to you this secret. The antidote to impurity is obedience to your superiors. By this means, We know that you are most suitable for priestly life. Now, ask any other questions you my have, my son through Jesus.

(2) What is the True nature of the Larimar Kingdom? Is it a real place, or is it the product of fanciful imagination, O’ Mary, Mother of God? The Larimar Kingdom as defined in this post exists, and you are its first King. And you shall reign over your Larimar Kingdom until an angel is sent to collect you for heaven at the End of Time. Amen.

And as for any successors, realize the nature of the concept called the One-King Dynasty. Only rulers of eternal virgin natures can ascend to the throne of a Kingdom to form a One-King Dynasty. Now, as for the Dynasty of Saul, though that had one King, it failed, and thus is called a Failed Dynasty. The term One-King Dynasty implies in its title that that one King eternally rules his Kingdom. Amen.

(3) Do Eric the Emerald, the Player Twilight, and the Player Firefly form a trio similar to the Three Kings who bore the Elven Rings, as written in The Lord of the Rings? You three Players are linked in such a common bond. And this union was hard to forge. But the Three Rings of Elven Kings aptly symbolizes you three Players. Now, ask your fourth and final question for this post, Lord Larimar.

(4) Lord, I see revolutionary change coming to My life starting at Pentecost. Does everything get totally changed then? And do I continue to write here upon my reception of the cures, O’ Lord and Majestic One? You will be seen as a living saint then, one glowing with the Spirit of God. Do, therefore, exactly as you are commanded. And everything will fall into place and work out for you. But I Am permitted to make this prophecy to you, O’ King Eric, O’ Larimar King. You shall succeed in your endeavor. Go now, therefore, and read the books We command you to read. And now you have reread this entire post, and it is the next day, Monday morning at 10:52 AM, May 25, 2020. Amen. I Who Am Am pleased with all that you have done in the time that you were given. Amen.

One last prophecy I will utter through you in this post is this. Trump cannot defeat his enemies without Emerald standing beside Firefly, destroying all her enemies. This Emerald, known as Dragonfly, will prove to be a most formidable opponent to both Joe Biden and to the militant Black movements aligned to the liberal left. Whosoever tries to touch a hair upon My servant Eric’s head will die. And you will also see one like Eric rising in Israel, to reign as Holy Witness to Me at approximately the same time. These two servants of Mine serve as the two olive trees and the two lampstands that stand before the Lord of the Earth. (Revelation 11:4). Amen. Such is all I will say for now. Go, Eric, and publish this, for it is complete. Amen.

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  1. May I simply say what a relief to uncover an individual who truly knows what they are talking about on the internet. You certainly know how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More people must check this out and understand this side of your story. It’s surprising you aren’t more popular given that you most certainly have the gift.


  2. Howdy just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same outcome.


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