The Future is Bright for America

Due to Trump’s Decree that Church is Essential, all Catholic Churches open on Pentecost.

Behold, I Who Am said to Abraham regarding Sodom and Gomorrah, that if I were to just find ten righteous people who stand by Me in that city, that I would resolve not to destroy it, but would spare the whole city. (Genesis 18:32). I now solemnly declare unto thee this. The allotted number of upstanding Christian and Catholic people who stand with Me on My issues necessary for Me to spare America has been met. Hence, America has another forty years to reign in peace. It will not be destroyed for these next forty years. Amen.

Furthermore, America will return to having the power to launch astronauts into space, starting with the official NASA certification of the two spaceships created by the two competitors, SpaceX and Boeing, as early as 2021. American spacefaring companies have ditched the Space Shuttle designs, which were overly costly to maintain, and have returned to the basic models that have worked since the time Kennedy put a man on the moon, the Space Capsules. The Space Capsule is a far simpler design that has proven to work, and it is employed by the Russian Soyuz technologies, which Russia, despite her recession, is still able to maintain, due to the simplicity of the design. Boeing and SpaceX have taken the basic Space Capsule design and added great modernizing features to it, making their CST-100 Starliner and the Dragon 2, their respective spacecrafts, fully modern and future upgradeable, so as to be furnished with up-to-date technologies of the third decade of the twenty-first century.

Now is a great time to own American stocks. For the stock market is down. But realize that it will be shooting back up again. I have two winner suggestions, both of which Eric has long positions in, as a disclosure. And he plans no adjustments to his portfolio in the next 72 hours. General Motors is an excellent stock looking forward, for they are ahead of the curve. And being ahead of the curve in the automotive industry means that you are actively developing electric vehicles. This does not mean an end of fossil fuel consumption, but rather a switch of that fossil fuel consumption from the car engine to the power plants, where electricity is generated much more efficiently and carbon emissions can be much more easily captured, resulting in great energy savings for the same amount of fossil fuels burned. Less energy wasted in cars means more energy available for other needs, such as for air conditioning and for running factories and for making manufacturing of products in America cheaper to make here. Hence, Eric is long GM. Also, once the general public see the success of Boeing as a successful spacefaring company with their Starliner, which, by the way, will be deemed to be safer for humans to use than SpaceX’s Dragon 2, BA, Boeing stock, will become like the new Apple. Everyone will want a piece of it. And Eric is long BA. Amen. But remember this important disclaimer: Stock investing is a long term strategy for getting rich. It rarely happens overnight. And you need to do your own research and verify for yourself by your own research that what is written here is true before you invest your own money into stocks. And for those who wish to invest in stocks without going through a broker who advises you and charges you fees for each buy or sell you make, go for Robinhood Brokerage. They have a wonderful App that allows you to buy and sell stocks directly on your phone. And they never charge a cent. But do your own research into any of the things that I suggest. Stock investing has great rewards to it, but you must put in the time and effort to conduct your own research and to discern for yourself what investments you are willing to make with whatever resources you have. But I recommend the Warren Buffet strategy of focusing on strong, reputable companies that pay good dividends. For the passive method of making money on the stock market requires long term investments in good solid stocks that pay good reliable dividends. But always do the necessary research for yourself, rather than take Eric’s word alone, for anyone can be mistaken. Amen.

Now, O’ Lord, I take it that, with President Donald John Trump’s decree that all Church services are essential, and that Churches must be allowed to reopen this weekend, that the Catholic Churches are really about to reopen, O’ Lord? And what about Pope Francis? When does he get replaced by that good and holy pope you promised was to come, O’ Lord and Master? Lord Larimar, America now becomes the new Rivendell. It becomes the new Kingdom of Larimar for the next forty years. And throughout those forty years, O’ Larimar King, you will serve Me as Prophet and Judge. And by your taking your stand with Firefly, I will ensure the success of America and the triumph of Trump and the Republicans this fall in the November elections. Amen.

Also, Christoph Maria Michael Hugo Damian Peter Adalbert Graf von Schönborn, who is the Cardinal anointed as such by Pope John Paul II, does in fact have the name of Peter in his long name. Hence, he fulfills the prophecy of Peter the Roman in the Malachy prophecy of the popes. Disciples of the Malachy prophecy of the popes will also notice that Pope Francis’ papacy will have ended with the death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, meaning, had Benedict XVI never resigned, there would never have been a Pope Francis, and that the Peter the Roman prophecy would be fulfilled by Cardinal Schönborn, who is to be called Pope John XXIV. And they will also conclude that all this time that we have had Pope Francis as pope, that he really was never the actual pope after all, due to the coercion by the gay lobby of pressuring Pope Benedict XVI to resign, making that resignation invalid and not recognized by God.

Then, O’ Lord, will the next pope declare Pope Francis to have been an anti-pope? Yes, Lord Larimar. And it will be recognized by Catholic circles of intellectuals that Pope Francis was not operating as a pope under the constraints of papal infallibility nor under the constraints that Jesus binds upon all valid Roman Pontiffs. Rather, it will be recognized that Pope Benedict XVI never actually ceased to be pope until his death, which will occur right after I claim the life of Pope Francis. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is to live to see the gathering of the conclave to choose the next pope before I take his life from him. Amen. Now I shall speak.

Lord Larimar, you have asked yourself today, whether I will require you to become a priest if, when you are cured of all your afflictions this May 31, 2020, that you see that sign I told you about, that of seeing any of My priests within your range of vision at the moment that you are cured? And if you see thus, does this mean that you are called to My priesthood, and therefore, that the Jewish bride you were to receive becomes no more than just a friend, and not your future bride? I have this to say unto you. I do not call you to My priesthood. I do not take away the uncontrollable tendency of your hands to sweat. And that affliction alone disqualifies you from handling the holy foods of the Eucharist. For My priests must have good hygiene to prepare the Eucharist and to hand it out. Hence, you cannot receive Holy Orders on those grounds alone. Nor can you be made an Eucharistic minister.

Realize, O’ Eric, your place in My Catholic Church. I do not make you a leader of any group or order or ministry among the workers of My vineyard. Rather, your role is to serve Me as My prophet and scribe. And now someone points out, the Age of Public Prophecy ended with the death of the last Apostle. But you know that I do not cease to choose people to serve Me as prophets though the deposit of faith has been sealed. Consider Saint Catherine of Siena. Very similar to her works are the works I write through you. And that your works are correctly understood to be private revelations, and not public revelations, this does not mean that they are not from Me. For I Who Am do directly speak through you. It is just that I Am not speaking anything new. Private revelations thus differ from public revelations in that their purpose is to serve to refine truth and to lead to the further definitions of already given truths, but they do not reveal anything new. Nor is it authoritative, as public prophecies are. So humble thyself, but realize that I Am speaking through you.

What then, O’ Lord, are these Words You speak about events in this day and age. How do You prophesy about them without speaking of things that are new? When I have you speak of things that are known only in this time, and not to the universal Church that spans all time, realize that you are speaking of temporal things, rather than of eternal things. It is of eternal things of which private Revelation is limited from speaking of things that are new. But of temporal things, things that are here today and gone tomorrow, I can speak of these things however I so will, for they have nothing to do with eternity. Amen. Hence, realize this most important fact. To be a public revelation, it needs to have been spoken during the Age of Public Prophecy, and its subject matter needs to have concerned something that is of an eternal nature. Amen. And also, the speaker needs to have been anointed to speak by Me.

Now, Lord Larimar, I see Hyacinth has contacted you. You are to do that act of mercy you promised her. Do so now. Okay, O’ Lord, that act of mercy is now in the works. Tell me, O’ Lord, do I ever marry Hyacinth, or do I marry a Jewish girl who is yet to come instead? Hyacinth will be taken by Us shortly to heaven. She does not have much time left. But she is to be shown mercy by Me through you. For through you have I brought salvation to her. And through you I have led her to sainthood. Now, does that mean you are her boyfriend, lover, partner, or fiance, you wonder? No, rather, you are more akin to be seen as her shepherd, and she is to you as an ewe lamb that you have saved for Me and for My Kingdom. Other shepherds have vast flocks and are leaders of millions. You are the shepherd of this one ewe lamb. But I tell you this Truth. That you have saved for My Kingdom this one ewe lamb means more to Me than the vast amounts of fish caught in the nets of My fishers of men.

And when I take away Hyacinth, for her time of departure is rapidly approaching, I Am then going to give you your bride. All that you know about her is that she has been taken from the Jewish people and culture and made a Catholic in My Church. These are past events. You do not convert her as you did Hyacinth. Nor is your relationship with this girl to be on an unequal basis, as it was for Hyacinth. Instead, you and your Jewish bride will equally invest into your relationship together. And now you wish to know a name by which We may refer to this girl in these writings rather than by repeatably employing the reference of “the Jewish bride”? I will now tell you her name quite candidly. Her name shall be known to you in these works as Estee, which is a Jewish form of the name, Esther. I Who Am have now spoken.

So, when I was to marry an Hispanic woman, her name was to be called Ester, a Spanish form of Esther. But now that I am to marry a Jewish woman, she is called Estee, which is a Jewish form of that name. Is there a Biblical reason behind this name being chosen that has something to do with the Book of Esther in the Old Testament? For I have read that book several times. It is about a Jewish woman during the exile who was renown for her beauty such that she was taken to the King, along with other beautiful maids in the Kingdom for him to select among these virgins who would replace the wife he had rejected as his Queen, due to her rebellion. Esther was chosen. And she had a male relative who was very likely an eunuch, due to his close association with the harem and the other eunuchs. Well, he reported two eunuchs to the King for attempting to assassinate him. His report was investigated and verified, and the conspirators were executed. This act of righteousness was crucial to him receiving a reward for it much later in the story. Then there was an ambitious man seeking power in the Kingdom and who rose up and sought to wipe out the Jews. And he also sought to do evil to Ester’s relative. But by her brave intercession to the King, that ambitious man’s plans were foiled and the execution he intended to do against Esther’s relative was done instead to himself. Thus, the Book of Esther is both a love story and a fascinating fable with a powerful moral lesson demonstrating that God’s justice and mercy really does comes to you, but you must remain doing the will of God no matter how hard or terribly dangerous it may seem. He who perseveres in God’s grace to the end will triumph. Amen.

So what sayest Thou, O’ Lord? Estee was chosen for you, O’ Larimar King, not because you are a high and noble person, but for the sake of the one who is to be conceived in her womb. For We in heaven choose who are to be the mothers and fathers of all who are to be born. Now, We do not bring about rape. We do not condone fornication or adultery. But whatever child is conceived, We elected for that child to come to be, and he can never be terminated in the womb as an intentional act done by any man or woman. For once that child is conceived, he is a child of God and must be respected as such. And remember what Jesus said of those who do something against His little ones. It would be better for them if a millstone were around their necks and they were thrown into the sea than what God will do unto them at their Judgement.

I will now tell you of My will for you, Lord Larimar. Yes, you are to marry and have relations by which a son shall be conceived and born to you. And you are to name this son, John. He will be thus known as John, son of Eric, son of Robert, son of Harry, son of John Dunstan, who came to America from Cornwall, England. Amen. Thus shall he be the of the fifth generation of the House of Dunstan in America. Amen. And although it may seem like the world is ending, that is always the sign that it is just beginning. Hence, your son, John, shall reach manhood. He will also, like you, marry and have children. But whereas you are to have but one son, he is to have many. Amen.

Lord, then what becomes of the Larimar Kingdom? Does John inherit that Kingdom? Or is Eric to remain its eternal King? It is in the spiritual realm that this Kingdom exists, Lord Larimar. And your Kingdom is very vast. But yes, it gets handed to the next male in the line of succession, in accordance to the common rules of succession for dynastic Kingdoms. John will serve as the Second King in the Royal House of Dunstan and be called the second Larimar King. And the Patron Saint of the Larimar Kingdom shall be universally recognized as the Holy Virgin Mary. Amen. And during the life of your future son John, I shall bring Greenland and Puerto Rico into the United States of America to make the total number of states in the Union as fifty-two.

So, Greenland will finally opt to ditch Denmark and join the United States of America? Yes, and just like Hawaii with their Hawaiian language as one of their official languages, Greenland will choose to have three official languages: Greenlandic, English, and Danish. And also, Puerto Rico will join as well. And a deal will be made between the Republicans and the Democrats in Congress to agree to both of these two states entering into the United States of America at the same time, for it will be expected that one might be Republican and the other Democratic, and thus balance will be maintained between the parties in the Senate. And it will be seen to be advantageous to allow for this expansion of the United States of America to take place, just as it was of huge strategic value that the USA possessed both Alaska and Hawaii during World War II and the Cold War. Amen.

And what about Iceland, O’ Lord and Savior? Would Iceland ever opt to depart from Europe and join the star spangled banner as the fifty-third star on that flag? If We agree to let Iceland join your Kingdom, O’ Larimar King, will you then do something for Us? Yes, O’ Lord. What dost Thou seekest. And what have I in my possession that I can give You that You could possibly want, O’ Lord and Majestic One? You will make a pilgrimage to Rome and to Israel. Do this, and you will have paid Me back for My gift of Iceland into your Kingdom, O’ Larimar King! Lord, I had made a promise to Our Lady of Lourdes that, should I be made able to do so, that I would make a pilgrimage to Lourdes to drink of the miraculous waters there, and then to visit Nevers to gaze upon the incorrupt body of Saint Bernadette. Carry out all four pledges now, O’ Larimar King. When We enable you to go, you are to go. Your fiancee will go with you. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. I will do as you say, I firmly commit and promise You, O’ Living Lord and God.

Know Ye all what Eric is. Eric is as a heavily wounded lion. He is a bearer of huge crosses. When We command him to go when We enable him, in that message is encoded that he is be cured of a great many things. You see, Eric has been commanded to fly, and his wings have been torn. But his wings will now be healed, and he shall fly again. So much pressure has been placed on this lump of coal that it has been transformed into a diamond. For it is written: What does not kill you makes you stronger. And I now say, Whoever I do not destroy I make Immortal. Eric I have refused to destroy. And he has now become Immortal. And why did I refuse to destroy this Lion King? When I was hungry, he gave Me to eat. When I was a stranger, he welcomed Me. When I was naked and homeless he clothed Me and provided Me shelter. Now I say, no one will touch this saint, for he is Mine!

Go, Lord Larimar. Eat some dark chocolate, and then come back. When you come back, We will conclude this post. For it is almost ready to be published. I have eaten, O’ Lord, and I am back. Lord Larimar, from where are you from? I do not know from where I am from, O’ Lord. It is because you have journeyed from a great distance. Know one knows from whence you come but I. Only I know of your origins. Shall I tell them to you? It will be My pleasure. You are the direct spiritual offspring of My Son Jesus. And who was the mother by which this progeny was achieved, O’ Lord? She is the one who spoke to you on Friday, June 2, 1995, at the conclusion of the first of the Two Martyrdom Breakdowns of June of 1995. She was the one behind the voice, that woman’s voice you heard speaking as clear as day, but saw no one there, saying, “Eric, come to me.” And she said it twice. She was your direct spiritual mother. And you know her to be Mary Magdalene. She was the one sent to conclude your test. For you had passed the ordeal of obedience. And now your obedience is perfected. And this sign was a singular event. It occurred only on June 2, 1995. Throughout your life, never before and never since, has a voice spoken to you from heaven as clear as day as did that voice at the conclusion of your great test.

Hence, you now know you are My son, and that I Am your Father. Be patient, therefore, for the events to come to pass as they shall. It was in your destiny that you would not go the celibate, virgin path, but that of the married route. For such were what you were told in the prophecies. Remember, it was said unto you, “You shall see your son.” And again it was said unto you, “When you stop masturbating, you shall receive a girlfriend.” These were Words sent to you from Me. You have now emailed to your pastor, Dave Heney, and he has now emailed you back saying that all 300 Parishes in the Los Angeles Archdiocese will reopen on Pentecost Sunday, May 31, 2020. For by Trump’s orders, Church services are now considered essential throughout the entire United States of America, and any Governor who disagrees will be overridden. And you know you are cured on that date. Hence, you now know you have finally conquered the vice of impurity. Do not credit this to your own strength or to your own self control, though. Rather, realize it is by a grace. And since it is by a grace, realize it was something I gave you and not something that you earned.

Lord, tell me about the next pope! When do we see him ascend the chair of Saint Peter? When I cut down the devil on May 31, 2020, from the grapevines of the Church, Pope Francis will fall to his fiery demise. And then, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn’s time to reign as the holy pope shall come. And you, Lord Larimar, are destined to reign as Larimar King over all of your North American Kingdom for forty-seven years to come. Amen. That brings us to the year, 2067, when I will be 96 turning 97 on June 24, 2067. Amen. You are correct, Lord Larimar. I take you then, at a time in that year. And you shall come to Me by a fiery chariot, just as I took Enoch and Elijah before you. For honorable shall be your ascent from this earth to heaven. And what of your Jewish Witness, Nathanael, also called the Lazurite King? Since he is called the other of the Two Witnesses, how does he ascend, O’ Lord? When I take you up, so also shall he be taken as well. And both of you shall rise up in the full sight of men. Amen. Oracle of the Lord.

Lord, I will have therefore reigned for 65 years a Catholic in communion with the pope in Rome. You, O’ Larimar King, will judge America for 47 years to come and then you will be taken away. And when you are taken, what then, you should ask? As it was written in the Book of Judges, so also shall it be played out in America. The Americans have no King. Therefore, everyone does as he sees best. And that is how I prefer it. When the need arises again, a King like you shall arise again. And another Judge like you shall judge all of America. For time has no end, Lord Larimar. There is no ending to this story on the earth. It continues for ages and ages, and eternity until eternity. That there had to be an end because there was a beginning comes from Mankind’s limited mindset. For what I have created, I have created to last forever.

Do you mean, O’ Lord, that this mortal earth eventually morphs into the new and eternal earth to come as the universe ultimately dies, for science says that the stars do not last forever. They run out of fuel to burn and die. Lord Larimar, understand physics even better. I Am going to enact a phase transition to the entire universe. All the laws of nature shall be changed. One moment Man will be in this universe. And then suddenly, this universe will be changed into the next. And one of the signs that you will see that will say you are in the universe to come is the absence of the sea. (Revelation 21:1).

And until you enter into the universe to come, it will alway seem to be the case that this world is ending, only to see it again begin anew. Therefore, seek not the End of Time. Rather, seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and My righteousness, and all that you need will be provided for you besides. This post now comes to its end. Amen.

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