Joe Biden loses the Black vote

I have arranged for My son, Eric, to enter the marriage with the girl I will show him. Amen.

Folks, one thing you cannot say to Black people, as a White politician, is that if they don’t support you or vote for you, then that they are just not Black. If the Black man considers himself to be a Black, then in his mind he is a Black, and he is not going to give honor to some rich White fool man who takes for granted his vote and judges whether Blacks are Black by how well they support him. Joe Biden’s actual comment as quoted: “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black,” spells utter ruin for Biden’s chances for the Presidency. And Joe Biden can apologize for this all he wants, but that statement that he said he said. It is out there. It is recorded. And it is not going away.

And the more this statement is analyzed and thought through, the more Black people are going to wake up and say, “Who the hell (and WTF) are we voting in for ourselves? Do we want to wake up and see some rich old White man in the Oval Office who so takes our votes for granted such that if we don’t give him our votes and our undying support, then we just ain’t Black to him anymore in his logic and in his mind? He expects our vote. And if we don’t vote for him, then we just failed in his test of our Blackness. We are just not considered Black to him by his twisted definition and sense of entitlement if we wish to consider voting for another party. Why do White people get to vote for whoever they want and their Whiteness is not questioned? But if We Black folk even just consider voting for someone else, suddenly we ain’t Black no more? I don’t buy that bull from Biden. Biden is pretty full of bull.” And note carefully how Joe Biden never tells the White people what they must do to remain White. Biden never says to White people that they are not White if they don’t vote a certain way. In Joe Biden’s mind, Blacks are just his slaves and his property and ought to act like it, as he sees it. And thus that Black man studying the articles and deciding who he wants to vote for is breaking from the norm. According to Biden, such Black men are seriously wasting their time and ought to just blindly vote for Biden because that is how Blacks are expected to vote. And if he fails to vote for Joe Biden, he has just failed in his membership with the Black community. Blacks don’t think. Biden does their thinking for them. Blacks are to do as Biden says. Such is Biden philosophy 101.

In Joe Biden’s mind, Blacks don’t really have suffrage or the right to vote. Rather, they are given who to vote for by their Democratic Party, and if they get out of line, they will be slapped down and told, “Your just a Black man. And all Blacks vote Democratic. And if you’re not voting Democratic, then you are just not being Black.”

In Joe Biden’s mind, Blacks cannot think independently and also remain Black. You cannot even wrestle with the choice in your mind and remain Black, according to Joe Biden’s definitions of Blackness. For Joe Biden, you have to be 100% on board with him or you have just failed in your Being Black 101 Course, as instructed by expert on Blackness, Joe Biden.

Joe Biden’s definition of a Black man is a man who votes exactly in accordance to how the Black voting block leadership dictates, that is, how their Democratic leadership has instructed them to vote. And if the NAACP has endorsed a certain candidate, then, according to Joe Biden’s law of Blackness, the Black man is then obligated to vote according to the NAACP’s recommendations to retain his standing as a Black man in the Black community. A Black man’s membership in the Black community is now dependent on which party he votes for. Unlike how it is for White people, who can freely choose to be registered in and vote for any Party’s candidates as they so please, and keep their Whiteness intact, the Black man is required to vote exactly according to a certain way, as Joe Biden expects of him, to retain his Blackness. A Black man who doesn’t vote for Joe Biden is just simply not Black. So then what are they then, you ask? Perhaps they become the invisible people, people who no one sees anymore, nor helps, nor cares about? Certainly the Democratic Party doesn’t see such people as even existing.

Lord, how does this affect Joe Biden’s chances to win the election? It kills his chances, Lord Larimar. Blacks were already getting uneasy with Biden’s cavalier attitude toward them in taking them for granted. And what did he say to that Black person who asked why Biden was not currently considering any Black VP candidates for his running mate? He said the classic Biden lie to the Black buffoons who lap up the Kool-Aid of the Democratic leadership, saying, “I guarantee you there are multiple black women being considered. Multiple.” Does that mean at least 2? No, it means zero, but Biden believes Blacks can’t count because they never passed third grade math. So Biden believes he can pass a zero as a multiple number and get away with it. For who would ever know the Truth and reveal it to them? What Biden’s encoded words actually mean is, “a multiple of zero,” and that is zero.

Lord, tell me my fate now. And tell me Hyacinth’s fate. For I truly fear for her. And I do not know what shall happen. And My Dad is now in a bad way. What shall now take place, O’ Lord. Do please tell me. And I am sorry to all those Black people I have offended with my previous rant in the previous post. There just was a lot I had to get off my chest. And now that is out there. Black people, do not be afraid of becoming Republicans. And do not be afraid of the Catholic Church. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is a practicing Black Republican Catholic. Hence there are good role models out there for Black people to follow. You just have to seek and you shall find. Amen. So, speak to me, O’ Lord. Is Sandra Okay? Or is she destroyed?

Cassandra, whose name in this world is Caesar Sandra Nikee, will be joining us in heaven soon. This one you called Hyacinth is now departing from these shores. Expect to see her go any moment now. For We are in the process of removing her from the world. Amen. She was never truly your lover, but rather, We likened her to your ewe lamb, whom you brought from a fallen Church into Our Catholic Church, taught her to pray to Mary and not just to Me, the Lord Jesus, and led her through the formal process of entering into communion with My Catholic Church. We are well pleased with you. In Middle Earth terminology, We find this Cassandra to be a type of Lady Arwen, daughter of Elrond, whom you have prepared for marriage to the King, Who is Jesus. Well done, Lord Larimar. Well done. Your rewards shall be very rich indeed. I will now shower great riches upon you. For the gift you have given Me is a gift of infinite value. And let it be known that Eric not only led a virgin to Me, but led her to keep and value her virginity. And many were the times when she felt the temptation to turn to prostitution but did not do so because Eric remained with her, giving her all that she needed. Let it be a known and understood fact. Eric brought a virgin into My Kingdom from an utterly lost state of Protestantism. He met her on Saturday, October 7, 2017. It has not yet been three years since they they first met, and she has been made worthy of My Kingdom of Heaven and brought into communion with My pope in Rome.

As for your father, he is like an old man whom rip-off artists find easy to scam and to fleece out from him his money. And his hearing is now in rapid decline. He is now almost stone deaf. Next Friday he will go to the doctor to check up on his cancer status. And you will not be working on that day, but at home. Perhaps you will do any necessary work for your job at home. Lord Larimar, I will now tell you the fate of your father, your mother, and your two brothers. For you are entitled to know.

Eric, your father has been completely consumed by Satan. There is no hope that he can come out of his trap and return to My Catholic Church. But, should he request a priest on his deathbed, I order you to comply and quickly fetch a priest. For only by a deathbed conversion could your father ever be able to find Me again.

As for your brother David, you received an ancient prophecy long ago that said David would enter in just before the end. David has gathered up much gold for himself in this world. He has set much money away for his future retirement. And he has secured for himself a good and dependable pension. But it is harder for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven than it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle. Also, I do not give a long life to the one who secures great riches up for himself in this world but who is not rich in what matters to Me. David has laid plans for his golden years of retirement. But I have other plans for him. For a famous playwright once wrote, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.” Expect, therefore, Lord Larimar, for some event to happen to ruin these magnificent and elaborate plans David has carefully made for himself. And when he sees his plans utterly ruined, then, either he will give Me the glory or he will go to hell. Oracle of the Lord! Foolish is the man who thinks he can gather up wealth in this world and not give to Me the glory. For I will take what is Mine. I will take it back. And then he will find himself penniless and broke, his pension plan a total loss, and his plans to buy a house shattered, like a mirror hit by a large rock. Amen.

As for your mother, she is damned alive. There is no possible way for her to come back to Me. For blasphemy of the Holy Spirit truly is unpardonable. There is such sin that can never be forgiven, neither in this age nor in the next. Your mother was supposedly the closest woman to you. But the Virgin Mary has taken that place of the True Mother in your life. That is how you are able to relate to women okay, despite having as your natural mother in your life someone who is eternally separated from God. And I will provide for you with a Jewish wife. She will serve to provide you with the comfort you will now have need for, and also for a physical woman to be in your life, after I have taken your mother away from you. (Genesis 24:67).

So, O’ Lord, I am not completely a machine like the Terminator? And I am not completely celibate or eternally virgin, O’ Lord? No, Lord Larimar, you are very much a human being. You are not like Superman, that bullets would bounce off your chest if fired upon you. You are very much a human being. And you can die.

And do I die, O’ Lord? Will bullets ever be fired upon me? Will anyone ever seek to take my life? For am I not a target? Would there not be a bounty put on my head? Have I not offended the Muslims, who are known for targeting those who offend them or their religious beliefs for termination?

I tell you what, Lord Larimar. Let us put it to the test. Let those who wish to assassinate you come forward and do so. And let us see if My Word to you shall come to pass. For you are testing My Word, are you not, that I have designated you as one of My Two Witnesses? So far, no one has attempted to kill you. Let us put it to the test. Let someone who wishes to see if Eric is My Witness come forward and seek to lay their hands on him. And then let Us observe the result.

For let this curse be made well known to all Mankind. Whosoever seeks to touch My servant, whether out of sexual or malicious intent, he or she will die on the spot. And before that death takes place, it will be either heard from Eric’s mouth or written through Eric’s hand My Word condemning that person to death. This curse is now in affect, as of Monday, May 18, 2020. Amen. Whoever refuses to believe this curse, if he is willing to risk his life in testing his theory, let him come forth, in the interest of serving scientific curiosity, and see if there actually is a Lord and a God ruling the universe. Amen.

As for Mark, Eric’s other brother, I will let this man live. He hates Eric, but I allow for that due to the massive deceptions that he is suffering from. Mark is in fact the only member of Eric’s family actively seeking to live a Christian life, other than himself. But Mark is still lost because he is Protestant rather than Catholic. But Protestants I can still work with. I can lead them toward Me, because they do want to follow Me in theory. Some of those in the Protestant faith I can and do eventually lead into My Catholic Church. I did this with Eric. And I did with with Cassandra. And I might do this with Mark. We shall see. Mark will either rise or fall before Me. And I alone know his fate. And I never reveal someone’s eternally resolved fate until it has become irreversible. Amen. For free will is a reality. And anyone with free will can freely choose among the fatal choices that I give him in life. Just do not think all hope is lost until I command you to stop praying for someone. Amen. For that is My sign that that one has passed the point where his salvation is no longer possible. For My Holy Spirit prohibits any prayers for the damned. Amen.

By these revelations, realize that We have yet to finish writing the life stories of your two brothers. Eternal Life is still a possibility for either of them, though in different ways. Hence, neither of them will die yet. But I will shake them hard and hopefully wake them up from their profound slumber. For they are asleep in their boats and drifting into hell. And only if they are made awake can they see their peril.

But as for your parents, know that both of them are as animals now, already loaded up on the truck and headed for the slaughterhouse. Neither of them can be saved at this stage. But if your father asks for a priest on his deathbed, a miracle will have taken place. But do not force this on him. For no one is forced into My Kingdom. No one. Amen.

Lord, if my parents die, the house I live in and the dismal family wealth will be divided up between me and my two brothers. And then, where shall I live? I will now tell thee, Lord Larimar. Only your mother have I elected to take away. Your father shall continue to live for some years to come. Hence, there will be no immediate division of the inheritance among you three sons. For your father does not die at this time. And his hearing will slightly improve and recover. We will provide this partial healing to your father for your sake, O’ Larimar King. Now, let it be understood what is about to happen. I am about to remove from Eric’s family the one woman in it, and this one woman is the one person in Eric’s family who has blasphemed the Holy Spirit and become damned alive. She will be immediately replaced in Eric’s life by the woman We are giving him to be his wife. Now, We have spoken sufficiently. Ask any questions you may have. And reread this entire post to correct any errors you may find. Amen.

(1) Lord, will everything be turned back to normal, with all the Catholic Churches reopened? For Eric in the past testified that We were in that short time prophesied to come in which Satan had been freed. And are you, Lord Larimar? You should have inner knowledge telling you that something is just not quite right. Eric, let’s face it. You cannot map the prophecies in Revelation to the realities in this world. There just is no match up. Prophecies in the scriptures cannot be used to predict anything that is to happen on this earth. For none of the events in Revelation will ever literally play out upon this earth. Amen.

(2) Lord, will I die soon? Or do I have miles yet to go before I sleep? Always when you pass the turn around the bend, you will see the road in fact continues on. There is no end in sight, O’ Lord Larimar. And now I shall allow you to pray. Pray for anyone you wish to do, O’ Larimar King, that I heal them. And I will tell you of their fate. Amen.

Lord, help my father come back in and be saved. And help my brother David come back and find salvation. And let my brother Mark find the Way to Your Church, O’ Lord and Savior. What sayest Thou to that? Your brother David, only, among the three will I save. But he is the one most like an enemy to me! Surely you will quote to me this parable: Love thine enemies and do good to those who do evil to you, and you will save a multitude of souls. Amen. Now, I have spoken sufficiently. And you now have been granted knowledge as to who in your family I shall save. Amen.

(3) Lord, how does the girl who is to come enter into my life? Do not approach any girl you see in this world. For all of them are traps and deceits. We will give you inner knowledge when you see the girl who is to be yours, and We shall reveal her to you. Only when you receive this inner knowledge from your Lord are you to accept this girl to enter into your life. You will not pursue her. Rather, We will arrange for you and her to enter into an equal relationship with one another. It will involve both of you entering equally into this union. It will not be one sided or of one person footing all the bills. Now, We have spoken at length, Lord Larimar. You may now publish this post, for it is now ready to be read. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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