I decree that Trump shall win.

Three Rings of Elven Kings under the Sky.

I Who Am have now decided who shall be My chosen ruler for the next four years over the United States of America. But the Blacks will object and riot in the streets, O’ Lord and Savior? They will claim the elections were rigged and refuse to accept the outcome. When you were Emerald, O’ Larimar King, you helped the Blacks and did them favors. But now that you are of wisdom and learning, and no longer called by the name of Emerald, but of Larimar, which reflects that you are now a firm possession of My Virgin Mother Mary, you now see the high hypocrisy found in many who identify themselves as “Black”. I Who Am have rejected the Black race, for they have abandoned My Ways and followed the devil who dressed up in Black skin and told them to abominate with him, that figure called Obama. That the Black filth continue to revere that ugly grotesque monster called Barack Hussein Obama, I will give to the Black race no more concessions. They are a totally rejected people for this generation. Perhaps the next generation will be wiser? If not, they will be rendered extinct in America in a few more generations from now to come. Amen.

As for the Hispanic race, I have this to say. The Hispanics have this good thing going for them. They maintain strong family ties. It is common for Hispanic children to be born to families consisting of both a father and a mother, often married to each other. Because they maintain their familial ties, they have the advantage of strength, which is the secret behind why and how they are driving out the Blacks and taking over what were once historically Black neighborhoods. Already, for the first time in history, the Hispanic voter block will outnumber the Black voter block. It makes sense, then, for the Republicans to court Hispanic voters. But they must do so without compromising Republican principles and values, which means standing for strong married families, composed of validly married heterosexual couples, and no killing of the unborn, for that is the sacrifice of infants to Baal. Hence, the Republicans must seek in earnest to get the Hispanic vote to survive as a viable party in this new twenty-first century with the White voter block dwindling in leverage and size. But the Republicans must not become Democrats to do this. Republicans must continue to stand for Republican values and principles.

Now, the Democrats have done a huge favor to President Donald John Trump by choosing a senile old White man to run against him, and one who himself cannot keep his hands off of women. Tara Reade’s credible and corroborated allegations of sexual assault committed by Joe Biden, along with many other credible women also coming forward to testify about Joe Biden’s unwanted sexual advances, effectively neuters the efforts of many Democratic progressive women’s groups from throwing their full support behind the Democratic candidate. Democratic women will feel embarrassed to be seen advocating or supporting or even casting a vote for the sexual predator now representing their party in the Presidential elections. Now will the Blacks feel energized in voting for Joe Biden? And even if Joe Biden chooses a Black woman to run alongside him, the Black voters will say he chose the wrong Black. Black men want to see a woman with large breasts on the ticket running as Biden’s VP pick. They will be motivated to vote if they see large breasts. For that is how you motivate Black men.

Joe Biden has already received his first rejection for a VP pick. New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen has rejected the offer to be considered as VP running mate to Joe Biden. For I tell you truthfully, whatever woman becomes Joe Biden’s running mate throws away her career. For how can a politically active woman who stands for women having a voice and a right to be heard advocate that woman who are sexually assaulted be heard and taken seriously, and then turn around and say for us not to hear or listen to Tara Reade’s sexual assault charges against Joe Biden? It would be different if they were false, but they are true. The preponderance of the evidence clearly backs up Tara Reade’s claims.

Now, Joe Biden is actively vetting Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota as his potential VP running mate. And so, the question becomes, if Senator Amy Klobuchar becomes Joe Biden’s running mate, how does she dialog with Tara Reade? How does she address Tara Reade’s claims? She will be forced to address them, and perilous will it be for her, and her career will be short lived, if she denies these true and verifiable allegations against her running mate, Joe Biden. If she stands with her running mate against a woman who has truly and verifiably been assaulted by a sex predator, she will go down with Biden in flames.

Now, doesn’t Trump have some skeletons in his closet, someone asks? Yes, but Trump has a man as his running mate. And a man doesn’t have to answer for his running mate’s dirty laundry, but a woman does. Lord, I notice that Biden doesn’t seem to be seeking a Black woman as his running mate. What gives? Biden believes he has the Black vote in his bag, for who else are they going to vote for? Just like Obama, Biden doesn’t have to give the Blacks anything to get their vote. And so he won’t, also like Obama. Democratic candidates can afford to slap Black people in their faces and get away with it. And that is because of the nature of the Black voter block. They vote as a block and they vote exactly as their Black spokesman tells them to. If their Black spokesman told them to kiss Obama’s shoes after he had stepped into some dog feces, they would not only lick those shoes clean but also consume the dog feces as well.

But what would stop the Black voter block from jumping off a cliff if their Black spokesman told them to? Nothing. And that is exactly what has happened. All Satan had to do to get the Blacks to support gay marriage was to send them a homosexual with Black skin to lead them, namely, Barack Hussein Obama. Lord, what is the future of the Black race both in the Americas and throughout the whole world? For I notice that even though Blacks have had their freedom from slavery for well over a hundred years now throughout the whole world, there is not one Black nation with an advanced technology sector. They are still totally primitive. All they know how to do is to use technology, never to make it. And this is after more than a century with total freedom.

But if we look at the Asians, we see advanced technology sectors throughout India and the Orient. It seems that every Asian nation is developing high technologies. And then you have White nations where technology is what dominates economies. So, what sayest Thou on the Black races. And by “Black”, note that I am referring to those of African descent. So tell me, O’ Lord? Is this people seriously going extinct, or what?

They are, Lord Larimar. And that is why they are so aggravated and uptight. That is why the N-word so negatively affects this people. Something must be terribly wrong with a people for a simple word that simply means a color to get so under their skin that they literally freak out when they hear someone of another race utter it. They are headed for extinction, Lord Larimar, and they will not go out quietly, but banging and screaming all the way down the toilet.

The Black people claim they want to talk about race, but they cannot handle the discussion when it comes. Eric, you have rightful anger to hold against the Black race, due to the fact that you did them favors when you were the Emerald King, and they did not reciprocate. You set up Frederick de Klerk in South Africa and you truly ended South African Apartheid, exactly as the Black man Ebony asked you to do when he came to you in spirit seeking your help. But the Blacks were not content with their new freedoms. They wanted the White Man’s wealth also, and they felt entitled to it. And they betrayed the White South Africans who had voted to free them and to give them their rights. And when the White people came under attack, not one Black person who witnessed the many brutal attacks lifted a finger to help the Whites nor to stop their fellow Black countrymen from raping and murdering and robbing the Whites. Eric saw all of this, and he gained wisdom and understanding, and realized he was greatly mistaken to put his faith in Black people. That the Blacks would stab the Whites in the back once they had gained the power to do so, even if they were granted this power by the Whites themselves in their mercy and compassion, was now seen as evidential fact. And the only way left to deal with such a people is to shatter them like pottery. (Revelation 2:27).

Instead of working to build their own wealth and playing by the rules, the Blacks of South Africa used their new powers to rule over South Africa to steal the White Man’s wealth and lands from him, and to deny him government jobs. And they forced Affirmative Action everywhere. The Blacks in power destroyed the South African economy, and they ruined the South African farmlands that they robbed from the White Man, and they decriminalized the murders and rapes done by the Black wicked against innocent Whites. Lord, the Player Ebony betrayed the Player Emerald. And Emerald did exactly his part to bring peace to that nation and full rights to the Blacks. But Eric made this mistake. He thought that the Black majority in the new democracy would choose to do the right thing. Eric trusted democracy back then for all the people. Eric believed that once the Blacks had the right to vote that they would vote in good leaders who would do right and heal their nation. Eric believed that the Blacks would work hard, that they would rise up lawfully, and that they would respect and be grateful to White people, the vast majority of whom had voted in the referendum to set them free and to give them their rights. Instead, the Blacks started raping, pillaging, and murdering White people on day one. And not one Black person was heard condemning it. Not a single Black voice made a peep against it.

Eric is now Larimar. And Larimar is not a Player. Larimar doesn’t get to set up Pawns anymore. He must sit and watch and record and prophesy. But what is the fate of South Africa, O’ Lord? For the White Man did right there but was betrayed by an ungrateful people. He is due to receive recompense for his good deeds done in trust and faith in goodness, and to see the retribution by God against the impious Blacks, who have broken all the moral laws that they had accused the Whites of committing when the Whites ruled over them, and they have gone far further than the Whites had done in their utter evils and outrages.

Eric, no one who commits sin ever gets away with it. I will not wipe out the Black people on the basis of their Black skin, or the way they look or appear. Rather, I will wipe out all those who do evil and who do not repent. South Africa will survive. And the government will eventually recognize the right of the Afrikaner people to have their own homeland and to live in separation from the rest of South Africa. And a Kingdom will be set up for the Whites, to be called Volkstaat. It will be headquartered in the west and resemble a patchwork quilt in the land throughout South Africa that will be claimed by this nation. But once established, they will be a force to be reckoned with, possessing their own standing armies and the rights to travel across any part of South Africa to reach all their claimed lands. And the wealth of South Africa will pour into Volkstaat. And Volkstaat’s economy will come to rival that of South Africa and begin to surpass it.

And I will allow Volkstaat to rule themselves as a White only ruled dynastic and constitutional oligarchy. They will possess the wealth of that region. And those who live within their borders will have their needs met. But those who live in South Africa outside of the borders of Volkstaat will be subject to dire poverty, for they will have been rejected by Me, their Lord, to the end of the Age. Amen. For the Blacks of South Africa had cried out to Me, and I heard them and allowed their representative to petition the most powerful of all Players, Emerald, on their behalf. And I allowed Emerald to listen to them and to show compassion and mercy for their cause. Emerald fulfilled what he was asked to do. But that goodness was betrayed by the Blacks once they took power over South Africa. Little do the Blacks realize that it was I, the Lord God, Who gave Emerald his power. And when Emerald converted to My religion, I took his power away from him, for he relinquished his power to obtain salvation. And that is why I have saved him and why he will never lose that salvation. That he gave up his power to be Mine, and for no other reason, does he stand here today without the Antichrist power he once had. Eric gave up his powers to follow Me and to find My Way to heaven. And I Who Am Am One who repays people for both their good and their bad. Eric did good. He must now be repaid for his good. Ebony betrayed that good and did bad. He must now be repaid for his wickedness. Hence, this is what I shall do.

Lord Larimar, the elected head-of-state of South Africa will become a mere figurehead, drained of all true power. True power will be delegated to the oligarchy that will have power over Volkstaat. The Blacks will be striped of their privileges and rights and be rendered to be as serfs and peasants under their White controlled overseers who will own all the lands. And with this system set in place, never again will the aspirations of the Black people be listened to nor heeded ever again. For I once heard and listened to the Black man. And now I realize he is condemned by an all-just God. Amen.

Now, someone cries out, “Eric is racist!” But I counter that and say, “Eric has given, but the ones he gave to did not reciprocate. Hence, Eric is justified to reject the Black race and heed their cries no more.” This is My final statement on the Blacks: I Who Am now speak. The Blacks who do good, who work to build their own wealth, and who play by the rules, will prosper. Eric will do nothing to them, but will respect them and let them pass in peace. But the Blacks who break the laws, who riot and complain, Eric will crush these rebels and listen to their cries no more. Hence, it is the Emerald Decree that all Affirmative Action policies be now suspended and discarded throughout the whole world. An ungrateful race is not entitled to special preferences and benefits on account of their race. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Now, Lord Larimar, reread this entire post. When you have fully read it, you may ask your questions. Amen.

(1) Lord, I believe, from the revelations I have received today, that You have decided My vocation. Please clarify it to Me here once and for all. Amen. Or else state that you have not decided it, or have not decided to reveal it just yet. I do reveal your vocation, Lord Larimar. And it is this: You will marry the girl We have elected to give you and have by her the one son of prophecy. Amen.

(2) And is this girl Jewish, O’ Lord and Master? It is the case, Lord Larimar. And her Jewish family will be pleased to know that their daughter shall marry a circumcised man. For although the Apostle Paul, directly guided by the Holy Spirit in his authoritative writings in the New Testament, removed the need for the token outward sign of circumcision in order to mark and set apart the spiritual group of people who were to belong to God, which God had used to form His covenant with Abraham and his descendants (Genesis 17:13), many Catholics and Christians have elected to retain circumcision as a customary tradition for their children to undergo as infants, due to both its prevalence in the Old Testament scriptures and to the noted greater healthiness found in the circumcised. But, unlike the Jews, no Christian Church that considers the Bible as authoritative believes circumcision to be necessary for salvation, for the Apostle Paul clearly said it was not. Hence, no one is circumcised when he joins a Church. Instead, he receives sacraments to join. And it is baptism, which imparts a spiritual mark upon the one who receives it, that has replaced circumcision as that mark that distinguishes the people of God from the rest of the world. And just as circumcision is done only once, so also is the valid baptism only to be done once in one’s life. Amen. Hence it is a valid baptism that now marks who are the people of God in the current dispensation that began with the Great Commission that Christ gave to His Church at its founding. Amen.

Nevertheless, Eric and his two brothers and his father, and, as far as he knows, all the males of both sides of his family and relatives, are circumcised. And a circumcision is a permanent change to one’s flesh.

(3) But Lord, at in the perfection of the Resurrection, do men who have been circumcised have more glorified bodies than those who were not? Neither circumcision nor any other change a man can do to his flesh in this world survives to the Resurrection and glorification that is to come. But didn’t the sacred wounds that the Lord had suffered remain a part of His resurrected body, as Jesus showed to the doubting Apostle Thomas? What sayest Thou to that? A man is resurrected according to his last state. But if that state is juvenile, I progress it to adulthood at the Resurrection. All wounds a man suffers in life are removed at the moment of his Resurrection. But the wounds of martyrdom remain as evidence on the resurrected flesh to distinguish that soul as a martyr. For the crowns of martyrdom and virginity are the two main crowns that distinguish men in My Kingdom.

(4) But Eric has no wounds to show for his spiritual martyrdom that he underwent on June 1-2, 1995 and on June 24-25, 1995. Precisely, Lord Larimar. Hence, the spiritual designation of you being My martyr will consist of the crown you shall wear. And your crown of martyrdom is a crown that will indicate that you became Mine through your great obedience to Me even in the heights of your insanity. Amen. And your reward in My Kingdom is based on that obedience you exhibited in whatever I commanded you to do. For obedience, not sacrifice, together with righteousness, are what matters to Me most. And almsgiving washes away a vast multitude of sins.

(5) Then, O’ Lord, is it Your will that men in Your Church be involved with its sacred ministries? Do you will for Catholic men to participate in the ministerial services as part of their duties to God and His Church? Certain men I call for such participation. But only certain men, as I will it. You, Eric, are not called to partake in any leadership position in My Church. Rather, your assignment is to read My Word, watch and listen to Me speak to you, and write all that I command you to say. Hence, your position in My Church is that of Prophet. But only I choose men and women to be made My Prophets. No one can choose this anointing for themselves.

(6) Who will win the Presidential elections in the United States of America this November 3, 2020, O’ Lord? And which Parties will have control of which houses of Congress, O’ Lord? Firefly, bearer of the Elven Ring, Nenya, is destined to continue her reign over the world. Hence, expect her Pawn, President Donald John Trump, to win the coming elections. And Republicans will both keep possession of the Senate and gain seats in the House. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His servant. Amen.

(7) Who are the three bearers of the three Elven Rings? These are the three Players who stood for Me in American and worldly politics. Hence, let us list all three such Players, so that you know of whom We speak.

  1. Emerald, now called Larimar, possesses the Vilya, the blue ring, the ring of the air. It is made of gold and set with a sapphire, which is a blue gemstone, and blue is the color of Mary. Hence, this ring is the mightiest of the three Elven Rings. Also, Eric’s Kingdom is associated with the Kingdom of Rivendell, which is a codename of the Kingdom of Eric. And Lord Elrond is a codename for Lord Larimar. Amen.
  2. Twilight, the one behind George W. Bush and Ariel Sharon, was saved by the prayers of Eric, who prayed many Divine Mercy Chaplets on his soul. Evidence to this conversion is seen in the conversion of his Pawn, George W. Bush, to Catholicism after his term ended. Twilight possesses Narya, the red ring, the ring of fire, set with a ruby, for the eyes of Twilight blazed with a holy fire as he was converted to enter into his sanctification. Also, Twilight is represented by Gandalf the Grey and Gandalf the White in the legends of Middle Earth, as seen in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.
  3. Firefly, who first made her appearance on the world stage as the power behind Sarah Palin, and then in the power behind the Tea Party, and now as the power behind Presidents Donald John Trump of the USA, Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, and of Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom, is the one who possesses Nenya, the white ring, the ring of water. It is made of mithril and set with a stone of adamant. This ring is chief among the three, and Firefly is now the last remaining Player of Power who is good. The other two Players still live, but have been both stripped of their powers and are no longer are reigning. Firefly is represented in Middle Earth by Lady Galadriel, Ruler of the Mallorn forests of Lothlorien. She is also called, the Lady of the Woods. Amen.

Hence, now you know who are the three bearers of the Three Elven Rings. Whoever is called to serve as a Player in the game called earth becomes a bearer of one of the Rings of power. But only three of the Players served the side of good. And these were Emerald, who is called Larimar, and the Player Twilight, and the Player Firefly. All the other Players, who are wicked, will be bearers of the other rings, like the ten given to mortal men doomed to die, or the seven for the dwarf lords in their halls of stone, or the one given to the Dark Lord on his dark throne. Now, I have spoken at length. And I have answered all the questions you have asked, Lord Larimar.

But I wish to clarify your vocation. I do not make you My priest. No, Lord Larimar, your place in My Church is served as My Prophet. Let the priesthood be given to other men, those whom I have called to serve Me in that capacity. You already serve Me as My prophet. And I do not elect to take you away from that capacity. Even when you have married and have had lawful sex with your wife within the bonds of holy matrimony, you will continue to serve Me as My prophet. This relationship between you and Me will not be taken away from you. For obedience is greater than sacrifice. Amen.

Furthermore, I Am curing you at the end of this month. And you are scheduled to come in contact with the girl I have singled out to be your wife and the bearer of the prophesied son very soon. Now, go, Lord Larimar, for your fate is sealed. And you have passed My test of obedience. The Second Death has no power over you. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

3 thoughts on “I decree that Trump shall win.”

  1. The 31st sugia of our Av Mishna קידושין causes me to feel tremendous awe. This Gemara addresses the Mishnaic language of בחליצה. The G-d of Israel alone causes life or death; ruling the oath sworn lands or enduring tremendous oppression in g’lut. No other God controls the destiny and fate of the Jewish people. No other God judges Israel. All good or evil comes from the justice administered by our G-d. Our G-d judges all nations who presume that they possess the power to judge the Cohen nation.

    The question stands: just how does HaShem stand alone as G-d? Bunk on the monotheism theological model of narishkeit. The brit faith teaches that just as HaShem alone redeemed Israel out of the g’lut of Egypt, so too and how much more so HaShem alone caused Israel to go unto g’lut; which includes the g’lut of the kingdom of Israel, the g’lut of the kingdom of David, and the g’lut of Judea. G’lut – HaShem hides his face, meaning his Name and tohor middot from the hearts of Yidden. The survivors words ring in my ears: “I was in Auschwitz, where was God?”

    Some authorities among the Goyim historians argue that Yehoshua could have never established the 1st brit Republic, had not prevailed favorable political conditions – a vacuum in Egypt. They conveniently ignore the consequences of Par’o losing his entire army at the Sea of Reeds. B. Otzen, “Israel under the Assyrians” suggests that political autonomy of both Israel and Yechuda could endure only during times of political chaos in Egypt, Assyria, and Babylon. This narrative stands in stark contrast to the Nach prophets. No surprise here, because modern historians view the Nach as quaint mythology. The success of g’lut Jewry to maintain our Yiddishkeit, such ‘professors’, like these, they never once smack their heads in awe.

    Otzen’s history of ancient Israel, so cut and dry. This alien outsider attempt to explain Jewish history, it totally fails to address the internal decay and political chaos that prevailed in both kingdoms of way back long ago, prior to their defeat by foreign armies. This shallow empirical attempt at history make simple declarations of events, but utterly fails to address the leadership decisions made by the kings of either Israel or Yechuda; the political decisions those kings made, which brought ruin to both kingdoms. Such a pathetically shallow understanding of history. Dr. Dunning, my Russian history professor at Texas A&M, would never have permitted this dubious research; juvenile/scornful portrayals of history based upon cliff notes and padded bibliographies did not impress him in the least.

    Dr. Dunning held that understanding history required looking at known recorded historical events as the medium by which the historian seeks to duplicate the leaders thought processes wherein national leaders formulated their policies of State, as recorded by history. By general admission this methodology bases itself upon speculation. Modern governments conceal a lot of government activities; it assumes therefore, that all governments throughout history attempt to narrate and edit the wars fought by kings. Obama, for example, his spying on the Trump campaign, his attempts to malign the newly elected Administration as a puppet of Vladimir Putin. This illegal spying resulted in a Democratic smear campaign which attempted to overthrow a legally elected President from Office.

    The metaphor “Obamagate” fails to communicate the treason of the Obama Administration. But Obama and his sycophant minions – the Obama heads of the CIA, FBI, NSA, and other flatulence for brains, like the main stream media noise makers – once exposed, these fools only now realize that their criminality has forever destroyed their reputations.

    The opening Av Mishna of ברכות centers upon acceptance of the yoke of ‘fear of heaven’. Striving throughout ones’ life to build a good name. The kings of both Israel and Yechuda whose decisions and policies caused our people to descend unto g’lut; the legacy of their names – Jews throughout history hold them in derision and utter scorn. Its not the policies of State that shape and determine the legacy of public officialdom. Rather its the efforts these leaders make to guide their nation to develop a love and respect for justice based upon the כלל–אדם מועד לעולם.

    The definition of poor leadership skills, idiots who make personal attacks upon their elected leaders. Speaker Pelosi calling the President “morbidly obese”. Apparently this woman who publicly tore up the State of the Union address, her obtuse behavior brings up questions about her mental health – poor darling. The Democrat resistance, it appears to this commentator, has crossed the line of loyal opposition, they perpetuate the guilt which they publicly accused the President, the whole of his first Administration.

    The rise and fall of any Jewish state, the preconditions set within the Torah determines the destiny of the Cohen nation; ברכות HaShem make war upon the Gods worshiped by Goyim enemies, Israel defeats giants. קללות HaShem turns away from our nation because we abandoned the preconditions of the oath sworn brit alliance, by which HaShem established the Cohen nation. The dream follows after its interpretation. This great כלל located in the closing פרק of ברכות, this teaching presumes that the Torah vision exists as the “dream” of the Yidden throughout history. Adam, Noach, Avram’s seed, one and all descended unto g’lut. This theme defines the destiny of the Yidden forever.

    Based upon this basis, the premise of קידושין stands as a mitzva. Can the papa pass on the inheritance of tohor avodat HaShem unto his children? Such a simple question totally defines the k’vanna of this most essential mitzva. When a Yesheva bucher goes on shidduchim, have his rabbis planted the seeds of this Torah priority into his mind? This Gemara, its a Yeshivish Gemara, yet virtually all bucherim who I personally have met, they do not have the slightest clue how the Torah defines the meaning of this mitzva. A disgrace on par with the kings of both Yechuda and Israel, whose gross incompetent policies of state caused my people to descend unto g’lut.

    ברך עלינו ה’ אלהינו את השנה הזאת ואת כל מיני תבואתה לטובה ותן ברכה על פני האדמה ושבענו מטובה וברך שנתנו כשנים הטובות. ברוך אתה ה’, מברך השנים.

    This blessing recalls to our memory the britot sworn by the Avot and by our forefathers at Sinai. It remembers the blessing which Yitzak gave to our father Yaacov. The sworn britot cut by the Avot: Avram: if you give life to my seed to all eternity, then this Cohen seed shall dauven to You within our hearts and not to You in the heavens. Yitzak at the Akada: if you save both me and my O’lam ha’bah seed, this destiny by which You swore unto my father Avraham, then by this sign I shall know that You remember the oath sworn unto my father … that You save my Cohen seed from Shoah. Yaacov upon receiving the blessing of Yitzak: If you bless me the inheritance, causing me to inherit the oath Avot britot, together with all their preconditions and obligations, then by Your mussar instruction shall I command my children the brit faith: to dedicate to your G-d, the G-d of Avraham, of blessing through the avodah which the Siddur establishes. Before traveling to L’van, Yaacov learned together with Melchizedek how to dauven.

    The forefathers at Sinai by their נעשה ונשמע oath swore to accept the revelation of Your Name together with the compound revelation to work and employ Your tohor logic middot – alone – to interpret the k’vanna of Your Written Torah throughout all generations that the Cohen people live on this earth. Tthis oath determines the judgment of all the blessings or curses from the Torah. The faith: The revelation of the Name alone either pours blessings upon the Cohen nation or Your anger rains down a deluge of curses which bring Shoah upon my people who have assimilated unto foreign cultures and customs and abandoned the Cohen national identity.

    These britot define the destiny path walk of all generations of the Cohen people to all eternity in time. Attempts to relegate Torah to “the Law”, mindless of the oath brit alliance faith, constitute as the father of death, tuma avoda zara. No avoda zara compares to the depravity abomination of tuma, as attempts to reference the Torah as “the law”. The crux of Torah centers upon the obligation placed upon lateral common law courts to uphold and maintain righteous justice based upon the general principle: אדם מועד לעולם. Based upon the 5th Book of the Torah, all the Great Sanhedrin lateral Court inherits the mandate of ‘Legislative Review’ based upon דברים possessing the name: משנה תורה.

    דף יד. לכדתני רב שמואל בר יהודה: בישראל, בב”ד של ישראל ולא בבית דין של עובדי כוכבים. דתנן פרק שנים עשר יבמות: מצות חליצה בשלשה דיינין ופילו שלשתן הדיוטות.
    The chiddush of our Gemara, הדיוטות אבל לא גרים. This Gemara teaches that only ישראל ולא גרים sit as judges upon the Sanhedrin courts.

    This concludes the 31st sugia of our Av Mishna קידושין.


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