To Eric I shall give a Jewish bride

The Sun now rises in Israel in the skies over Jerusalem. Amen.

Behold, I Who Am have decreed that I will have Eric receive as his bride one from among of My people, the Jews. And she will know Eric sufficiently to bear him a son, who shall be called holy and be Mine. And where in the scriptures, stories, fables, or movies has this narrative been seen before, O’ Lord and Majestic One? The girl I Am giving you, this daughter of Jerusalem, has been prefigured by My provision of Isaac with a wife from among the daughters of his father’s kinsmen. This Rebecca is the symbol of the girl who Eric is to marry, O’ Lord? Precisely, Lord Larimar. And what becomes of Hyacinth, O’ Lord, for she has been talking with me this morning? And she is in need of my mercy. What sayest Thou regarding her, O’ Lord and Master? For surely I cannot have two girls. Before your Jewish bride enters your life, O’ Larimar King, We shall show you the vision of Cassandra being taken to heaven, and you will know that she is no more upon the earth. Now rapidly prepare for work, Lord Larimar, for you are working today. We will continue writing this post at a later time. Amen.

Lord, I am at work. And the work day has not yet begun. And I have a question. Ask, Lord Larimar. By what sign can I know that this prophecy is about to fulfill, that of the coming of the Jewish bride, and of the taking of Hyacinth to heaven, O’ Lord and Wise One? What sign do you give me to tell me that it is about to happen, O’ Lord and King? This is the sign, O’ Larimar King. Your work schedule at your place of employment shall become full and you shall begin to be working full time for your employer. And he will arrange for a new payment agreement with you, one that is based on a salary and a steady income. By that sign, when you see it, know that these other events of which were spoken to you shall also come to be fulfilled. Amen.

Lord, it is written that I am to be cured when I am with the girl, in ancient prophecies received back soon after I first received the prophecy that I would marry and have sons on September 2, 2000. But you say I am to have just one son, O’ Lord? One son is of the promise, O’ Larimar King. Should other sons come to be born to you, that will be by your decision to continue to know your wife. But We recommend that you stop knowing your wife after the first son is born. For higher and holier is the pathway that does not indulge in sex. Therefore, know your wife only until the first son is born, and you will remain in the Lord’s good pleasure.

Lord, since I am to have a son, do I remain in this life to see him grow to manhood? While your son is not yet an adult, I Am Coming again. There is no more time left, Lord Larimar, to plan long term into future things on the planet. I Am Coming soon. And My Coming is quite imminent. Then this son I am to have, is he to be about the age that Jesus was when he was found in the Temple speaking with the elders and the teachers of the law and asking them questions, and amazing them with the profound understanding that he had as a child, when You Come again, O’ Lord and Deliverer? Yes, Lord Larimar, your son will be of similar age when I Am to Come again. Amen. Then, O’ Lord, it is with consistency in my understanding that You are to return on or shortly after the 2000 year anniversary of Your death on the cross. You have answered with wisdom, O’ Larimar King. And now I shall speak.

It was written that I would provide as My sign the sign of Jonah, that of My being three days and three nights in the belly of a fish. This sign is coming to fruition. For I Come immediately on the arrival of the third day of My death, where each day is numbered as being composed of a thousand years. Amen. But remember My warning. No man and no angel can calculate the exact day and hour at which I shall arrive. And if the angels, who know all the dates of all events, cannot come to the correct calculation, how could any man hope to do so, for the records of all such dates in the possession of Mankind are both vastly incomplete and full of errors.

Your son, O’ Larimar King, shall never succeed you on your throne of the Larimar Kingdom, for you remain here unto the end. You will not be taken until hours of My Coming again. Amen. And that taking of you away will constitute the rapture of the saints. Amen. Lord, is not it the fate of Larimar to die at the hands of the beast as it is written of the Two Witnesses in Revelation, chapter 11? That fate is not yours, O’ Larimar King. For how the prophecies of Revelation match with real figures and real events is not to be expected to have a complete one to one matching agreement. For the prophetic message given to John at Patmos was deliberately obscured and made confusing to the reader and to those who would seek to discern its meaning. Hence, there is no way to truly match anything you read in Revelation with the events you see playing out upon the earth. Amen.

Lord, shouldn’t I be careful of prophetic messages that tell me even the general time in which to expect the Second Coming, especially those that give a very specific deadline, such as your prophecy that says My future and only son will not reach the age of adulthood before You Come again? Yes, Lord Larimar, be very leery of such prophecies. And yet, these are the times of the advent to the Second Coming. For I have anointed you to serve Me as one of My Two Witnesses. And you know that you are now in that time known as the short time of Satan’s release. And should not the short time be in fact short? Hence, it should be expected, and not a surprise, that you are given the general time in which I will come again. Remember that My prophetic Word says no one may know ahead of time the day or the hour, but I did not say that one could not become aware of the general time of My Second Coming as it comes into proximity and rapidly approaches the present day. And that is why I commanded My people to stay awake and watch. They are not commanded to watch for what they cannot see, but for the Coming of that event, of whose arrival they will receive forewarnings, if they remain awake and alert. Amen. Hence, that you receive prior knowledge and advance warning is not to be unexpected, but to be in line with My designation that you are one of My Two Witnesses, and My End Times Prophet. Amen.

Lord, if the Book of Revelation does not match perfectly with the events that happen in the real world, for what purpose was that prophecy book written and given to us, O’ Lord and Master? The prophecy Book of Revelation has everything written in code. It was meant for My people to be able to discuss eschatology without alerting the enemy in the state, such as the rulers of the Roman Empire, that they were talking about forbidden topics. The words were designed to speak to all generations, and not to specifically focus on any particular time in the long expanse of centuries known as the Church Age. Therefore, you cannot know nor figure out when I shall come again by reading and analyzing that book. It simply doesn’t have that message, neither encoded nor specifically stated. And everything that mentions a reference of you in that book is not to be taken literally. Nor are the passages that you have fulfilled, such as Revelation 6:2, only to have just one fulfillment or to be fulfilled at only one time or in only one event in history. Rather, the vast majority of the prophecies of Revelation have many fulfillments that recur over and over again and throughout the apocalyptic age known as the Church Age, which is that span of time from the crucifixion to the Second Coming. Amen.

Let us now discuss the true nature of the Two Witnesses, Lord Larimar. First, what are they? What do you think, Lord Larimar? They are the embodiment of oblation and lamentation, O’ Lord and Savior? Correct, Lord Larimar. And you are that embodiment of oblation, appearing in the Great City of Mankind, Babylon the Great of America, where you reigned for over 17 years in communion with the pope in Rome. And Nathanael, the Lazurite King, is the embodiment of lamentation, appearing in the City of Jerusalem, whose people, the Jews, are yet to say to their Christ, the Words, “Blessed is He Who Comes in the name of the Lord.” Amen.

Lord, it is now evening, and I was unable to show mercy to Hyacinth, for it is as you have said, I have suddenly received a full schedule of work. What now becomes of her, O’ Lord? I take her away from you, O’ Larimar King. Expect to see her appear to you before she ascends to My Kingdom of Heaven. And now I shall speak.

Lord Larimar, you have a heart of gold, and untold treasures does it hold. But it is not for you to remain in this relationship with this woman. We have elected to take her away. And she is aware of her impending departure from this world. But it is also not our intention that you go though this life alone. You will have as your wife and companion a Jewish and Catholic girl of My election. She will appear to you shortly. Amen.

Be aware, O’ Larimar King, of your duties to your superiors. Do you mean my superiors here in this world, or my superiors in the next? You have a duty to obey Us in all things, Lord Larimar. And what orders have you commanded me to do, O’ Lord? These are your instructions. Remain where We plant you and stay there, doing what We give you to do. If We cure you in the presence of a priest, then you are to become a priest, regardless of any girl who may or may not have entered your life. But realize that this realization is coming soon. For there is a deadline you must meet if you are to enter the seminary this summer. And realize that the priesthood is greater than any marriage or other career could ever be.

If We elect to make you a priest, you will inform your employer precisely thirty days prior to that date in which you are scheduled to enter into My seminary. And O’ Lord, what of my history of manic depression. Cures can erase all sicknesses, but not the records of past sicknesses. That is a good point you brought up. Normally, you would be rejected with your history, but We can coerce the bishop to give you a chance, and that is precisely what We shall do.

Then, that I become a priest is likely true, O’ Lord? Do not jump the gun, Lord Larimar. Wait until you are cured, and then look around. If you see one of My priests, then the priesthood is chosen for you. Enter in, for the Way will be unbarred for you. But if you see no priest anywhere, then do not try to enter, for We have not chosen you for that path.

Lord, when does all this take place? For there are just 41 days left before the end of June. And You said I would know by June. Within these remaining 41 days, everything regarding your fate will be made known to your, whether it is marriage to a Jewish girl, or entrance into the priesthood. Now, go home, O’ Larimar King. For you are wanted there. And you may publish this post now, for it is worthy of reading. Amen.

Lord, I have one quick question. Ask, My servant. Are the Catholic Churches to reopen in America? And is so, is that reopening to be permanent or fleeting? And how would My entrance into the Seminary take place unless they are reopened permanently? When you are cured, if I Am pleased with your performance as My faithful Catholic, all the Churches in California will be opened and remain open for many years to come. And this is what shall please Me, O’ Larimar King. I will be pleased if you accept that you are to leave this world soon, that you do not have a long life left to live here. I do accept such, O’ Lord, and if that removes my chances of becoming a priest, I accept that too. Then We are in agreement, Lord Larimar. Your death is in a matter of months, not years. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, My 1260 days as Your Witness did not begin on Monday, May 18, 2020, but rather, on Sunday, July 23, 2017, when the Age of Mary began and I was anointed as Your prophet? You have understood Me correctly, Lord Larimar. Accept it that you die soon, and everything will become easier for you, and all things will fall into their correct perspective. 1260 days from Sunday, July 23, 2017 brings us to Sunday, January 3, 2021. Good, Lord Larimar. Remain aware of that looming date, for when it comes, We take you away from this world. Amen. Accept that you do not have much time left here, O’ Larimar King, and you will be found most pleasing to Us. Amen.

And one last question, O’ Lord. Does it matter that in these remaining months, that I do not complete your assignment to Me that I read the entire Catholic Holy Bible, as I am reading just one or two or three chapters a day, going through the books in the order that you have assigned? For I have now read in My 1957 Catholic Bible, the Books of Job, Song of Songs, the four books of Kings, Ruth, Judges, and now I am in the middle of Genesis. After Genesis, I will read Exodus and then Joshua. And from there where do I go next, O’ Lord? No one is prevented from dying because they have not yet read fully all the Scriptures that they intended to read. What matters is that you be found doing your work that We assigned to you when I come upon you, not that you manage to complete it before I come. After Genesis, Exodus, and Joshua, I will have you read Hebrews in the New Testament, and then James, followed by Revelation. Amen. Now I have a question for you, O’ Larimar King. Ask, my Lord.

Which do you prefer, to go out of this world having never known the pleasures of women, but with the crown of virginity securely yours, or to have had at least one act of sex and a son by that act conceived? I choose to remain a virgin, O’ Lord and Master. Then you are a True Man, O’ Larimar King. And I now hereby add new lands to your Larimar Kingdom, on account of your perfection in choosing the holiest of paths. So, read the new description of your Larimar Kingdom, for new lands have been added to what was your Core Kingdom:

Kingdom of Larimar, ruled by King Eric. And his lands include:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. the Contiguous United States of America
  4. Greenland
  5. Puerto Rico

And of this Kingdom, there are now four languages that serve as official languages:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Greenlandic

Furthermore, both of these two new additions to your Kingdom shall become states added to the United States of America. Amen.

Now, I shall say one last thing before closing this post. Lord Larimar is a King of a One King Dynasty, He has neither ancestors nor descendants, Hence, he is called a King in the order of Melchizedek, This post has now come to an end. Eric will resume his writing and start writing a new post tonight. Amen.

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