Eric appeals to the Virgin Mary

Eric is one of the two witnesses. And the time of their prophesying begins today. Amen.

O’ Holy Virgin Mary, Immaculate Queen and Mother of God, please guide me to Truth. And please correct me where I have gone wrong. For when I went to see you at Church, twice in a row, you said my vocation was to become an ordained priest in your Catholic Church, and that I was to enter the seminary this summer. And yet, yesterday I received from a source speaking through me, saying that I was to marry Hyacinth instead and that We were to marry and live in England until the Second Coming. And the marriage with Hyacinth was to be without sex. Please correct me and clarify all where I have gone wrong, O’ Queen of Angels and Mediatrix of all graces. Amen.

And O’ Lord Jesus Christ, You, too, please correct me in all my errors. Do not let me to fall into error. Let me speak and write exactly what is from You and not what is not from You. So, speak O’ Living God, Son of the Most High, from Whom comes all Truth. Amen. Speak, O’ Lord, for Your servant is listening.

Is it from You, O’ Lord, that I am to flee to England the moment I am cured? Is it from You that I am to go to England? And is it from You that I am to marry Hyacinth? Do you reveal whether I am to marry or become a priest? Or am I rather to remain a celibate, unmarried, virgin layman? Please answer Me, O’ Lord and God. Amen.

Lord Larimar, your fate as to whether you are to become My priest, ordained in My Catholic Church through the sacrament of Holy Orders, or whether you remain an unmarried, celibate, virgin layman, shall be revealed at the time you are fully cured of all your ailments. And the sign We agreed to indicate to you that your fate was the priesthood was that you would see a priest in your line of vision when you looked around from where you are when you are cured. And if you see a priest, you will obey Us and go to him and speak the Words We give you, saying you are to be a priest. But if, on looking around after you find yourself fully cured, you see no priest, your vocation is decided by God not to be for the priesthood, and instead you are to remain a celibate and virgin layman.

Hence, the prophecy that you are to then flee to England and marry Hyacinth there in Dunstan Catholic Church is not from Us. Amen. You are to neither marry nor to have sex. Nor is it Our will that you leave America. As for Hyacinth, let her continue to pray for you from her place in Nigeria. Do not consider marriage to her. For We will never make that possible. Now, Lord Larimar, tell us of your decision. Do you decide to remain faithful with Us that you will neither marry nor have sex? I agree to it, O’ Lord. And note that I have no desire to break from this path. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, if Eric remains in America, what becomes of the Catholic Churches here? And is it a false prophecy that America becomes a prison under Trump, that it falls into decline, and that the Pax Americana ends under his watch, O’ Lord and God? Lord, I want to go to Catholic Church! When do I get to go again? When do I get to go to Mass again?

Lord Larimar, it was a grave injustice done by the governors who decided that Catholic Masses were not essential services. For they are essential services. For without the Catholic Churches operating, only curses, no more blessings, will I bestow upon the land.

But you are not harmed, O’ Larimar King. Nor is any Catholic harmed by there being no masses made possible. Rather it is My will that My Catholic Churches be shuttered now so that Mankind will see that with the shuttering of all My Churches that no more graces will be flowing out of them to the states. It is My will for the secular powers to see that with the shuttering of My Catholic Churches that all graces are shut off to them as well, and that their own finances shall then perish. Amen. As the secular powers force My Catholic Churches to starve, I am forcing the entire economy to be wholly starved and eaten out through and through so that there is nothing left to make the economy work when the stay at home order is lifted. Amen.

I Am doing irreparable harm to the Californian economy on account of Governor Gavin Newsom’s draconian stay at home orders. And he will find that all the businesses that the economy relied on will have vanished when he ends his stay at home order. And he will be voted out of office for his handling of the corona virus, Lord Larimar. Amen.

Now, I shall speak. Lord Larimar, you will neither marry nor have sex. As for whether you are to become a priest, as you received from Mary, consider this as Truth. I have a need for good men to serve Me in My priesthood. Though you now live in the world and somehow you survive, I can produce greater things from you in My priesthood. Therefore, it is My will to make you My priest. Do you wish to cooperate with My will, O’ Larimar King?

I do, O’ Lord and Savior. Then go and eat some dark chocolate. When you come back, I will then detail your fate and reveal to you who you are to Me. Amen.

I have eaten some, O’ Lord. Now tell me all that You promised, O’ Lord and God. I will cure you soon, O’ Larimar King. And I will tell you where to go when the time comes for you to be cured. And when I cure you, and you see a priest in your line of vision, realize that you are called to enter My priesthood by that sign. Amen. But if you see no priest around wherever you look from that spot you find yourself in when you realize yourself to be cured, realize that I do not call you to My priesthood, and so do not even try to enter into it, in that case. Amen.

Also, who are you to Me, you may wonder? I have indeed a plan for you to have a son if I do not have you be made My priest. For is it My will that there be an heir to the Kingdom of Larimar. There should be a dynasty of at least two kings that are to rule that great and mighty Kingdom. And who do you think would be your wife if We were to have you have this son, do you wonder, Lord Larimar?

Not Hyacinth, O’ Lord? Hyacinth is to serve Our purposes of praying for you, O’ Larimar King. But We have elected to bring someone else into your life. We intend for you to marry into the Hispanic culture and to take an Hispanic wife.

Lord, I do not believe that I am to marry or have sex. Hence, I do not believe that these words saying that I am to marry an Hispanic woman are from God. Speak, O’ Lord, for Your servant is listening.

For this is the Truth. Either I will become a priest or I will remain a layman. But whatever my fate, I do not leave my status as a virgin, celibate man. And no power from God will ever argue otherwise. Amen. So speak, O’ Lord, for Your servant is listening. Amen.

In fact, I do hereby now swear under oath to God that no matter My fate, I will remain a celibate and virgin man. And I will know My fate by the sign of the presence or lack of presence of a priest, validly ordained in Your Church, O’ Living God, in my line of sight at the time and place of My being 100% cured of all things. Amen.

Now, speak, O’ Lord, for Your servant is listening. And let Satan not speak. And let Satan speak here no more. Amen.

We will now reveal your fate, O’ Larimar King. You will know whether you are called to enter My ordained priesthood by June. For It is written that you were to enter the Seminary this summer. And that requires that you start on that path no later than by this June. Amen. And if you do not enter the Seminary by this summer, then the vocation of the priesthood becomes very unlikely for you, for you will then be beyond the maximum usual age by which men are deemed suitable for entering into the priesthood. And Mary said it would be this summer. Hence, your fate you will know within weeks, not months. Amen.

But I will tell you this. I do not plan to bring you into My priesthood. Nor is it My will that you marry and have sex. Good, Lord Larimar. Your discipline and steadfast faith in Me is durable and strong. I can use you now for a great many things. Do not mind your brother David anymore. I will deal with him in My own time. He is not your concern anymore. Amen. Your brother Mark, though, I will have you continue to help from time to time. For Mark I have known partially, but David I have never known.

Your father is permanently separated from Me. And your mother is already damned alive. But I do not take either away from this life, for both of them serve My purpose to provide you with a place to stay while you earn so little. And I Am soon changing your fortunes. You will be made an officer at the company in which you now work. And by that change, your pay will be substantially increased. Amen.

And now, We will for Mary, your Mother through Jesus, to directly speak through you for the benefit of all people who read these writings. Amen.

Eric, I am Mary, your mother through my Son Jesus. What you are now told is true. Your path is the celibate, virgin path of a layman in the Catholic Church. When you shall be cured, be patient. For the cures are coming. And also realize this Truth. At anytime in your life, you are always given all that you need to do the Father’s will. As for Cassandra, we will be taking her to heaven soon. But you will remain on the earth. You are not in a dyad with her, as the concept was first introduced by the movie, Star Wars, the Rise of Skywalker. Instead, you are servant to me and to my Son, Jesus, and there is no other woman than me that you are to serve. Amen. I will tell you of what you must do and when. Also, the mandate from Mary that you take an apprentice is false. You will neither have an apprentice nor an heir. Instead, you will teach millions, but only through your writings, and never via one on one in-person training. Amen. For your power is by the pen. It is in writing that you are most adept. Amen.

Now, O’ Mary, please answer me on this question. What is the fate of the shutdown of the Catholic Churches, and of the coronavirus, called COVID-19? I will reopen my Catholic Churches on account of people like you who remain faithful to me and to my Son Jesus. But as for COVID-19, that disease will never go away. It will linger on indefinitely, always lurking in the background to take people down. And no cure or vaccine will ever succeed against it. Nor will medicine ever keep up with its pace of dealing with all the mutations of the virus into new strains of infections. Mankind will find itself mastered by COVID-19 and will never be made master over it. And why do you think this is, O’ Larimar? It is because sinners, who are in charge, have used COVID-19 as a weapon for shutting down my Catholic Church. And because of that, the sword of COVID-19 will never depart from the nations where My churches have been shut down. Amen. I will reopen my Churches for the sake of my faithful ones, but the sword of COVID-19 will remain and never be taken away. Amen.

As for your identity as Dragonfly, did this name and mission come from heaven, you should ask? Did it, O’ Mary, Mother of God? No it did not. You are not required to defend Trump against his enemies. Nor are you assigned to stand with Firefly. Instead, Trump is scheduled to be defeated by Joe Biden in the coming elections. And then that Player, whom you have called, Lucifer-Man, shall rise up. His Pawn, Joe Biden, shall be a two-term President. And much legislation shall be passed in his Administration by Congress. He will not, though, bring back Obamacare. Instead, he will introduce Bidencare, which will be drastically scaled back, but involve input from both major parties in Congress.

Under Joe Biden, America will completely depart from the wisdom of the Catholic Church, and become a rogue nation. And when Joe Biden attempts to force concessions from Israel to her Arab, Muslim enemies, his last surviving son shall die. Amen.

And now I, the Lord God Jesus Christ, shall speak. Yes, Lord Larimar, the quest for Trump to win in the November 3, 2020, elections is a lost cause. He will fail in his quest to defeat Joe Biden. And so, what shall be the legacy of the United States of America under Donald John Trump, you should ask? Similar to the United Kingdom under Queen Mary I of England, also known as, “Bloody Mary,” the people of America will come out decidedly against all forms of religious practice in their rejection of Trump. And America will become a decidedly pagan nation from that point onward. Amen.

Lord, will Lucifer-Man attempt to take down the Larimar King? He will not care about you, O’ Larimar King. Rather, his mission is to destroy the faith of the United States of America. And he will succeed in that undertaking, regardless of your prophesying in a website few know about or read. It is not Lucifer-Man who shall seek to destroy you, O’ Larimar King. Rather, I have a different fate for you that you do not yet realize.

It was said in the past that you were one of My two witnesses, as detailed in Revelation, chapter 11. But is this true? What do you think, O’ Larimar King? I do not believe it, for I have never prophesied in sackcloth, and there is no second prophet with me. You do not need to be literally in sackcloth to fulfill that prophecy, Lord Larimar. And as for the other prophet, We will have him rise up in Israel. Consider your time of prophesying with him in sackcloth as beginning today, Monday, May 18, 2020. And it will continue for many years to come. The 1260 days are symbolic. And now I will give you My first prophecy that I will have you utter here as one of My two witnesses. Pay attention to these Words, for they are true.

Fallen, fallen is America the Great! For she has become the haunt of demons and of every unclean bird and beast. Your staff of bread, O’ America, is hereby broken. That your dollar was the world’s reserve currency is now hereby taken away from you. You shall be, henceforth, rendered to be among the poorest and most destitute of nations on the planet. Whoever is rich in you shall grow poor. And that you once had the ability to send men into space will be a glory you will never know again. Amen.

Lord, does this mean that Boeing never complete’s her CST-100 Starliner to service the International Space Station? Man’s progress in space technologies is no longer a concern for you to be focused on, Lord Larimar. From now on, you will deal with moral issues, and with the issues that I will have you deal in. Boeing will complete her CST-100 Starliner, but the future of Man in space is coming to an end. Amen. And all the technological aspirations of men for space travel will prove to be a pipe dream, and nothing more. Amen.

As for you becoming a translator of My Holy Bible, that, too, is a dream I do not expect you to fulfill. Rather, your task is to read My Holy Scriptures in English, and to write My Word I give you, also in English. I do not command you to learn other languages, beyond the casual dabbling you do in those fields. Amen.

Now I shall speak of your Kingdom. For it was written that you were a ruler over a vast Kingdom in My eternal earth. But what do I say about this teaching? I, the Lord God, shall now set the record straight. All 144,000 of those who are to be known as My First Fruits are given great and vast Kingdoms in My eternal dominion to come. But these Kingdoms are not defined in terms of earthly lands in this world. Neither is it for you to be defined as a ruler over any lands here in this world. Hence, the Larimar Kingdom is a false concept. There is no such Larimar Kingdom defined in terms of lands in this world or on this earth. Nor are any Kings or Queens united in marriage in My Kingdom to come, not even in espousals such as are Mary and Joseph frequently referred to as in. For Mary and Joseph are not married in My Kingdom. Their espousal existed only on the earth. Amen.

Now, go to work, Lord Larimar, for you are working today. Quickly reread this post, and then go. Lord, I have fully reread the post, and I have this question. Ask, My son. Now that I am one of Your two witnesses in Revelation, chapter 11, does fire come out of my mouth to devour all who would come to seek my harm, as it is written in the scriptures, O’ Lord and God? I hereby make this oath and decree: Whosoever seeks to touch Eric with any sexual or malicious intent, he or she will die on the spot. And his or her condemnation will be heard coming from the mouth or read from the written word of the Larimar King prior to that one’s destruction. Oracle of the Lord! Now, go to work, Lord Larimar. And you will be provided with ample provisions for all your endeavors, including your quest to obtain a Real ID from the DVM in the next few months. Amen.

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