Eric Judges America

No one may ever hit, judge, or sue My priests. And no priest of Mine may ever violate the seal of the confessional. These two rules are inviolable. Whoever breaks them dies. Amen.

Behold, I Who Am do now present Eric, Judge of America. Now, Eric, render your judgements.

I, Eric Robert Dunstan, do now rule on the case currently being deliberated by the Supreme Court on whether employees of religious organizations that serve as ministers can sue the religious organization for alleged employment discrimination.

If a worker is not a minister, but he does something offensive to that religious group, such as if a neo-Nazi maintenance worker, hired to work at a Jewish Synagogue, were to paint a swastika on the synagogue wall, whether while on duty or off duty, I believe that the Jewish Synagogue would have the right to fire that worker, even though he is not a minister, but is a maintenance worker, on the simple grounds that the worker did something offensive to that religious group.

Hence, a religious group has a right to hire and fire in accordance to their religious beliefs. The issue of whether the offense, such as a swastika painted on the synagogue wall, rises to the level justifying termination of employment should not be for the courts to decide. How would it look for a Jewish Rabbi attempting to defend his decision for firing the maintenance worker who painted the swastika on his building to a judge or a jury who see nothing wrong with swastikas. Rather, each religious group has the right and freedom to determine for itself and for its own religion what is offensive and what is not. Let the Hitler worshipping religious groups hire and fire according to their religious beliefs. If they see nothing wrong with swastikas painted on their walls, then let them retain their workers who express themselves in such manner that offends them not. And let the Jewish religious groups hire and fire according to their own religious beliefs. No one should be forced to defend in a court of law their religious beliefs to justify why they find swastikas offensive, or any other symbol or act of a religious nature.

With that said, then let us consider those workers who are defined as ministers of that religious group. Do or should these workers have the right to sue for employment discrimination? If a religion has religious grounds for terminating any minister, its decisions to terminate that minister must not be made subject to the secular courts of law. Remember the separation of church and state ideal of governing law. The government is and should only be involved in the hiring and firing of employees and workers of secular organizations and those who are hired and fired by the government. But religions are separate from the state. An invisible line is drawn around all religious grounds. Whoever enters the property belonging to a religion enters under the rules and requirements of that religion. And if they find those rules objectionable, they have only these two choices available to them:

  1. They may raise their objections up the chain of command in that religion and submit to the decisions handed down. And the only recourse they may do is what is provided by that religion, such as appealing to the bishop or the pope in a Catholic Church. But they may not bring in secular powers to judge a case between them and their fellow member of their religion. The separation of church and state means that the state does not cross that invisible line drawn around that religious property, except in the case of enforcing state or federal laws against serious crimes, such a murder, robbery, or rape, or while in pursuit of a suspected felon.
  2. Or, they may choose to go worship, apply for work, or spend their time in a different place, religion, or organization. People in this country have the right to freedom of religion. But they do not have the right to change other people’s religions against their will. If a Christian doesn’t like the way his church is run, and they reject his suggested changes, then he has these three choices: (1) He can submit to them and their rules and authority, (2) He can leave them and go and join a different church or religion, or (3) He can create his own religion to believe and profess exactly as he so pleases. But no one has the right to use the secular courts to interfere in the beliefs and practices of any religion nor to force a change in any particular religion.

Now, O’ Lord, let us discuss the many lawsuits brought against the Catholic Church by former parishioners who allege mistreatment of a sexual nature by priests of the past. What sayest Thou to such actions, which do great damage to your Church?

I Who AM shall now speak and answer Eric’s question. No Catholic who brings secular courts into My Catholic Church to make judgements against any of My priests will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. For I do not allow anyone to judge My priests other than their superiors in My Catholic Church. For it is written in canon law in the Catholic Church that whoever hits a priest is automatically excommunicated. And as French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte found out the hard way, whoever hits the pope dies. For My priesthood are a sacred body of consecrated men. Their hands have the living body and blood of Jesus on them. In their hands, bread and wine become God made flesh and blood. Therefore, whoever touches one of them dies the spiritual death. And whoever seeks their harm brings great condemnations and chastisement down from heaven upon himself.

Now, what shall become of all this money taken away from My Catholic Church? I tell you truthfully, that money is blood money. Whatever is bought with it is condemned. Whatever account in the bank holds that money is accursed. Should that money be used for any endeavor, that endeavor is doomed to fail. And while that money is in that person’s possession, he is under great condemnation. It is impossible for such a person to make a true act of contrition, unless he makes the firm amendment to give all that money back, down to the last cent, plus interest, including full compensation for all the court and legal fees incurred by the Church from that lawsuit. Whoever took such money from My Church and makes no such amendment to give it back, neither will I restore to that individual his state of grace. Amen.

But Lord, what about priests who do commit terrible crimes, where the guilt is clear and established? You speak of those cases where certain homosexuals among My priesthood molested young boys. Yes, it is in human nature that there are a certain percentage of men in every group of people who do horrible crimes. These people, when found in whatever area of employment, must be rooted out and purged from your midst. A priest who molests a child must be defrocked and removed from all his duties and handed over to secular authorities as demanded by secular laws. His crimes may never be hidden or hushed up. But that these crimes were hidden and hushed up in previous generations does not speak about any peculiar guilt of the Catholic Church, but rather, speaks of the norms and ways practiced by society as a whole back then. It is not permissible to judge the actions of a people in a previous generation through the lens and hindsight of a later generation. For the people of each generation live in their own world. Each generation is a different world. And how people are judged in this generation cannot be applied justly to those who lived in past generations.

Consider the African American peoples. These people many generations ago in America were called Negro slaves. Now, were they all slaves? No. Many Negroes had freedom, and some of them were also themselves slave owners. There were Negroes who owned plantations and who worked other Negroes as their slaves on their plantations, and they also had them whipped for insubordination and for falling short in their labors. In fact, some of these Negro masters of slaves were deemed to be harsher and crueler than the Whites.

Now, given this, by what basis can, generations later, a judgement be made on the possibility of reparations for the slavery of that bygone era? Who can know who had guilt? Certainly there were good and bad among both Blacks and Whites. Who is to be the judge? We cannot make a binary decision and say a person’s race or color determines whether or what reparations should be paid to someone. For it is not all Black and White. There was good and bad on both sides of the color line.

Then, does this mean that Blacks get nothing in compensation for their ancestors having been brought from Africa and made slaves without them having committed a crime to justify their enslavement? For the United States Constitution says slavery may only be imposed on a person as a punishment for a crime. And clearly the Black peoples in Africa were not sold into slavery because of any crime they committed. Rather, their Black brethren in Africa sold their brothers into slavery in exchange for some good tasting rum. Yes, it was a triangle of trade. Rum was traded in Africa for slaves. Slaves were traded in the American colonies for gold. And gold was used in Europe to buy more rum.

The question then is this: Are the people to be punished for slavery to be limited to White people? Or should the Black nations descended from the Black people who sold their brothers into slavery for rum also be punished? You see, you cannot blame White people for all the problems of society. Neither can you blame Black people for all the problems. And the only way to heal is to stop the blaming. Instead of seeking who to point the finger of accusation against, the way to find healing is to see those three fingers in your hand pointing back at yourself. There is no healing achieved by winning a lawsuit against someone who did or allegedly did you wrong. No. Healing is only achieved by choosing to let bygones be bygones, and to forgive past wrongs.

The reason why Blacks cannot get jobs is not because they are being discriminated against because of their race or color, but because they are too combative and prone to suing everyone who gives them the least slight. Take for example the school teacher who makes a written playful remark of “monkey see, monkey do” on a slideshow from pictures taken from a field trip to a zoo. But because one or more of the students in that picture are identified as Black, the Black parents immediately sue the school for six million dollars in damages and demand for that teacher to lose his job. That, my friends, is why Blacks are not getting ahead in America. It has nothing to do with their race or color. But it has everything to do with their attitude towards other people. If you are doing that to your neighbor, then no wonder why you are in the hole that you are in.

If, therefore, you wish to find healing, forgive. Learn to forgive others. Forgive all others. Make no exceptions. Do not say, this person I can forgive, but not that person. Because then there is no healing. Healing comes when you forgive everyone.

And one of the most difficult things needed for total healing is to forgive the one who molested you as a child. Now, I cannot speak with experience, for I was never molested. But I am aware of situations in my childhood where I could have been molested, had I not been careful or fortunate. But I am telling you this Truth. If you have some huge burden you are carrying because of some crime someone committed against you long ago, you just have to let it go. You just have to forgive that person and let that crime go.

For example, a Black priest committed a slight offense against Me. But I did not let it fester in me. Rather I prayed for that Black priest. And when he did the next Mass, he made his apology to all the people of the congregation, without singling anyone out. I forgave that Black priest of his offense against me. And I understood where he was coming from. And yet, Lord, You have something to say?

Yes, Lord Larimar. I Who Am have much to say regarding this Black priest, whose country of origin is Nigeria, and who is a religious priest of the Redemptorists religious order, and who once served at Saint Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church in Whittier, where you occasionally attend, or attended, as there are currently no masses anywhere to attend. We shall also identify him by his full name so that there is no ambiguity, for his sins are serious and there must be no mistake in his identity. He is called Father Marcel Okwara.

The crime committed by Father Marcel Okwara was the act of using something told to him in the confessional against that person in the congregation during a homily at the Mass. What Father Marcel was told in the confessional was the confession of an act of impurity in the form of masturbation. And he clearly saw and knew who it was who confessed it. He also knew this person online. And he disagreed with some of his comments made online.

Well, in his anger over these comments, Father Marcel Okwara used his homily in the Mass to condemn masturbation while looking directly at the man who had made the confession of it to him, who was sitting only a few rows from the front of the Church.

This, My friends, was a violation of the seal of the confessional. Priests do not get to do this. And even though Eric, who was that man, has forgiven him, he cannot be so easily forgiven of this transgression by Me, the Lord his God. Instead, his only recourse is to confess the crime in full to his superiors and to his bishop. This is written in canon law. It is a violation that serious.

Now, it is true that Father Marcel Okwara deeply regretted doing this deed, after he had realized the full evil of the deed he had done. For that is why he confessed to having greatly sinned, without naming the deed nor the victim, during the homily in the following Mass that he did the next day. He apologized to the entire congregation and showed true sorrow for his deed. And Eric fully forgave him. But for Me, the Lord Jesus, in order for Me to have mercy on his soul, he must confess this in full to his superiors in his order and to his bishop. Failure to do this requirement will result in his damnation. Such is My standard. For I do not tolerate My priests not keeping the seal of the confessional. It must never be broken. And the priest who does this foul deed proves himself unworthy to be called My priest. Amen.

It does not matter how you feel about one another. A priest may never be hit, judged, or sued. And a priest may never violate the confessional. Consider those two rules inviolable. And whoever violates them will be severely punished. Amen. Also, only a priest’s superiors are in the position of passing judgement on any priest. Amen.

As for Eric apparently not being embarrassed about his masturbation being made public knowledge, consider this fact. Eric confesses all his sins in this website. Nothing does he hold back or hide here. Also, Eric is a humble man. He lets all slights and all insults roll off him like water over a duck’s back. Let this piece of wisdom be understood: The one who insults his neighbor is a prisoner. But the one who does not insult him back in return is a free person. The one who attacks his neighbor is enslaved. But the one who responds without hatred or anger is free.

Now, let us consider Hyacinth. Where is this girl, Eric asks? For Eric has not heard from her since her last comment to him at 6:15 AM, Californian time, on Thursday, which was two days ago. Where is this girl? Is she playing a disappearing act? No, that is most unlike Sandra. And Sandra had all the money she needed to do what she intended to do. So, O’ Lord, where is she? What has happened to her? Will you tell me now in this Website as I ask thee this question, O’ Lord? Will you reveal to me what has happened to her, O’ Lord? For I have received no vision nor any revelation about her. I know absolutely nothing, but can only guess.

For those who wonder, Caesar Sandra Nikee was a sort of romance scammer turned Catholic convert living in Nigeria. Eric only gave to her to support her in your Catholic ministries at her Church, where she taught the young women there the book of Tobit, and bought them Catholic Bibles so that they could follow along. Eric long ago decided not to marry her. But he continued to give to her as she needed. To no other person, other than to actual charities, or to homeless people that Eric passes in the streets, or to needy people who cross Eric’s path, has Eric ever given money to.

And God gave her the name of Cassandra, while Eric gave her the name of Hyacinth. And to Eric, she gave the name, Heavensent. Eric loved her as a shepherd loves his ewe lamb. But Eric also has been wary of her, for he finds that he cannot completely trust in her, due to her past proven deceptions. Now, Eric was told that Hyacinth would be taken away prior to the time he was to enter on the path of the priesthood. Is Eric about to enter that path, O’ Sovereign Lord?

You are, Lord Larimar. And you have given an excellent treatise of Sandra. Now I shall discuss with you her fate. It would not make sense for her to cut off all communication with you unless she cannot communicate with you. And yet her phone is not dead. For you text her, and it shows that her phone receives the text. It is that she doesn’t read it. But someone is accessing her phone, for it is periodically saying that she is online, but that he or she is simply not opening that texting app or logging into it.

Mysterious. Right, Lord Larimar? And yet, We in heaven elect not to keep you in suspense. Was she killed, or mugged and left for dead? Or was she in an accident, O’ Lord? Lord Larimar, let us speak of who shall be the next pope. And when We have concluded with that discussion, We shall address the ultimate fate of your extraordinary girlfriend Sandra.

First, retell Us, Lord Larimar, of your four classic guesses as to who shall become the next pope. Lord, I have predicted the following four Cardinals among the possible candidates to become the next pope, as you see below:

  1. Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who would become Pope Benedict XVII
  2. Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley, who would become Pope John XXIV
  3. Cardinal Pietro Parolin, who would become Pope John Paul III
  4. Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, who would become Pope John XXIV

But only one of them, if any of them, can be the correct answer. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord? Is it one of these four, or should I seek for a fifth option, O’ Lord?

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn shall be the next pope, Lord Larimar. Such is My decree. And I have decided this from the moment of his birth. Amen. Cardinal Christoph Schönborn has good assets that I highly value in a pope in this day and age. For in the Age in which you are to reign as Great Monarch, salvation is to return to the Jews. And the Jews must be made welcome to reenter My fold. And this man, Christoph Schönborn, is My choice cardinal to be made pope to do it. For of all the leading contenders to the papacy, this man, more than any other, is fully reconciliatory to the Jews and he fully supports the Biblical justification of the Jewish claims to the holy lands. He is like you in this regard. For whoever has studied the writings of Eric at length will come to the firm conclusion that Eric is an unwavering ally to Israel. And furthermore, with the exception of the Emerald Pawn, Yitzhak Rabin, Eric elects to never meddle in Israeli affairs. Rather, Eric lets the Israelis rule Israel as they so decide themselves. And he has done that since the election of Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel after the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin.

For those who are unfamiliar with Israeli politics, there have been a serious of Players who had power over Israel. Well, only three of them managed to install a leader over Israel. Such leaders installed by Players are called Pawns. Well the three Pawns installed in Israel were:

  1. Yitzhak Rabin, installed by Emerald
  2. Ehud Barak, installed by Vesper
  3. Ariel Sharon, installed by Twilight

But what about Benjamin Netanyahu, someone asks? He is the leader who has ruled Israel while no Player has had control over her. The super close election of Netanyahu that followed Yitzhak Rabin’s death was the result of Eric not leaning in either direction of the two main political parties and their chosen candidates, but rather, was seeking for the people to choose their own leader themselves and then to take responsibility for the decisions of the one they choose. For Eric wanted out. Eric was wise. For it is written, “I will make Jerusalem a weighty stone for all peoples. All who attempt to lift it shall injure themselves badly, and all the nations of the earth shall be gathered against her.” (Zechariah 12:3). But though Eric got out of the dangerous job of ruling over Israel, he did not become neutral on issues regarding Israel. Rather, Eric remained strongly pro-Israel. Thus, Eric can aptly be described as a very strong ally to Israel, but also one who has a hands off approach to Israel’s internal affairs. Eric, rather, stands by the Biblical claims that Israel owns the Levant from the Wadi of Egypt to the Euphrates. But Eric has resolved to let Israel deal with the realization of all of its Biblical claims to the Levant. But woe unto any ruler, whether inside or outside of Israel, who advocates for the two-state solution.

President Donald John Trump, if you are reading this, now is the time to listen. These words directly apply to you. Whatsoever leader partakes in an action that results in Israel losing her lands to her Arab, Muslim neighbors, that leader will be sunk. It happened to Yitzhak Rabin. It happened to Ariel Sharon. And it has happened to numerous people who have done this to Israel. I repeat. Whatsoever leader causes Israel to lose a part of her Biblically given lands to her enemies, whether as part of a peace deal, or as a unilateral action, that leaders is sunk. Your only way out, Trump, is to hand over all responsibilities and decision making processes regarding your extensive peace plan over to Israel and let her decide what to do regarding it, and whether or not or by how much to implement any part of it. Take a back seat in this peace process, Trump, and you will avoid injury. Do not force Israel in any way. Do not coerce her to implement any part of it. Let all decisions be handled by Israel from now on regarding Jerusalem, and all the occupied territories. Consider the peace process in Israel as an entirely internal affair of Israel, and do not get involved in their internal affairs, for they are an independent sovereign state. Be, therefore, like Pilate when he washed his hands of any blood guilt that the Jews took on in the execution of God Jesus. You, too, must wash your hands of anything the Jews decide to do. Remain their ally, but give them no orders regarding their internal affairs. Such is the only way to survive and triumph and to make America great again.

Yes, Eric is known for being a powerful ally to Israel. And this stance goes back to his conversion to Christianity in July of 1992, when in that night he confessed to being Antichrist. And right after his conversion, I, his Lord Jesus, demanded that he finish the job he started of setting up Yitzhak Rabin to be Prime Minister of Israel. And so, Eric ordered for the Shas Party to join Rabin’s coalition, which was all he needed to secure a majority in the Knesset. After Eric’s conversion to Christianity, the form of Christianity that he was taught by the Christians he came to associate with was heavily of the persuasion that whoever blesses Israel will be blessed, and whoever curses Israel will be cursed. (Numbers 24:9). Hence, Eric naturally become very pro-Israel.

Now, was Eric ever against Israel, prior to the Watered Down Emerald Reign, which began with Eric’s confession to being Antichrist along with his resolution to follow Me as a new Christian, coinciding with Yitzhak Rabin acquiring the Shas Party into his coalition, as Eric the Emerald requested?

Before Eric become a Christian, he saw things in a different light and from a different perspective than he did as a Christian. So, Lord, what was Eric’s stance towards Israel during those years, known as the Greater Emerald Reign? That era lasted from February 2. 1989 to his conversion in July of 1992. Eric was a fool in his thoughts that he could bring peace to the entire earth. Eric’s goals, though, were not about people or religions, but in the preservation of the earth’s biodiversity and natural habitats. And the root of his motivation for bringing about peace throughout the whole world was not to serve Man, but to serve for the maintaining of the rich natural heritage of all the many wild lands and wildlife on the planet. Eric was very much concerned with saving the rainforests, the whales, the elephants, the rhinos, and other key species and habitats.

As for the political aspects of the particular nation of Israel, Eric had neither any position in favor nor against her, nor much clear knowledge on any of the issues affecting relations between Israel and her neighbors. The purpose of the Persian Gulf War was to put all those issues regarding Israel and her neighbors into the newspapers so that Eric could read them there and learn about what the problems, issues, and disputes were all about, and thereby render a workable solution to the problem. And the purpose of the solution of bringing peace between Israel and her neighbors was to serve for this one thing: That the biodiversity and habitats of the earth would be saved. For Eric considered that this was not possible while the people were focused on war and petty conflicts.

Hence the name of Emerald truly represents this former Antichrist. For emeralds are the color of green plants, and this Antichrist, called Emerald, was wholly consumed with the saving of the earth, the blue green planet. And he believed firmly that it was his destiny to restore Eden to the earth.

Hence, it can never be stated that Eric was ever an enemy to Israel. And as he grew in spiritual knowledge, his pathway become solidified as a true ally to Israel. Now, this lengthy discussion on Israel emerged as we discussed the future papacy of Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, who shall take the papal name of John, and be called Pope John XXIV. Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, too, is an ally to Israel, with a very much similar attitude toward Israel as Eric has. And now you know why. We are in the End Times. The Reign of the Great Monarch corresponds with the salvation offered by Christ Jesus returning to the Jews.

Now, We told you that We will now deal with your face to face realization of the eventual departure of your quasi girlfriend, Sandra, from this world. She is now well prepared to meet Me as her final hour comes to its inevitable conclusion. Yes, Sandra is passing away soon. She exists still in this world, but not for long. As to whether she will go directly to heaven or first go to purgatory and later ascend to heaven, all I will say unto you is that you have the power to help her ascend out of purgatory, should she be detained there. Amen. Therefore, when I reveal her demise to you, in all your daily rosaries from that point now onward, you are ordered to reserve one decade of the rosary for Sandra’s ascension from purgatory into heaven.

And do not think that you have to be a terrible sinner to go to purgatory. Rather, you need to be a perfect saint to bypass purgatory. And even most perfected saints often must still spend some time in purgatory to be made spiritually presentable to the Father in Heaven. Lord, I have heard that the average time spent in purgatory is a period that coincides with about forty years passing on the earth, though the pains in purgatory are so severe that even just one week spent there feels like ten years of solid torture on the earth. The vast majority of people in purgatory spend roughly forty years there. You, too, were you to die with Sandra, would also have to spend some roughly forty years suffering in that burning torment of purgatory. Instead, you shall expiate all of your purgatory here on earth, gaining much merit in the process. And when your allotted forty years or so comes to an end here in this world, you will pass away and meet your friend that you saved, Cassandra Hyacinth, in heaven. For she will be there then, waiting for you to arrive. Amen.

Now, let us speak of Our plans to make you a priest. We cannot make you a priest unless We fundamentally change who you are. For by the very nature of your flesh and physiology, your hands often sweat uncontrollably. This makes you unsuitable for the priesthood, especially in this age where good hygiene and cleanliness are expected and demanded for all Church clerics that give out communion to the people. Thus, your sweaty hands, which is part of your natural state, which We cannot change unless We change who you fundamentally are, disqualifies you from the position of the Eucharistic minister, from the priesthood, and from the diaconate, all of which are positions having as a primary duty, the handing out of communion. You are, thus, simply unfit to be a priest, a deacon, or even a Eucharistic minister.

But O’ Lord, Mary said that I enter the seminary this summer. And in the previous post it is written as nonnegotiable that I am to become a priest. By what sign can I know which is true? It is this, Lord Larimar. I Am curing you soon. When you are cured, look around. If there is a priest of Mine within your line of vision, I have called you to enter My priesthood. All the necessary cures you will have received. Go, therefore, and do as I direct you, and you cannot fail. And you will be accepted into My priesthood with no problems. Amen.

If, on the other hand, when I cure you, and you look around, and you see no priest, realize that I have a different celibate, virgin fate for you. You will retain your celibacy and your virginity, but you will not enter the path to become My priest.

Now, I wish to make a bet with you, O’ Larimar King. And I bet this. If I call you to My priesthood, you will write a thousand dollar check to the Church of the priest who I assign you to go to to tell of your vocation to the priesthood to. On the other hand, if I do not call you to enter My priesthood, by curing you with none of My priests present, you will find a thousand dollars given to you out of the blue. Amen. Do you accept these terms, O’ Larimar King. I do, Lord and Savior. Amen.

Lord, will this thousand dollar check be in place for my accumulated unpaid tithes, due to no Masses being available for the past 60 days? Yes, Lord Larimar, you may count this toward your unpaid tithes. No further revelations do I wish to reveal unto you at this time. Go now, Lord Larimar. Reread this entire post and correct all errors within it. Amen.

Lord, Hyacinth still lives. She has contacted me. Apparently she has been having difficulty setting up her new phone. What sayest Thou to that? When We do take Sandra away from you, you will be given interior knowledge of it via a vision. We do not reveal when this will be. But, O’ Lord, it is written that I enter the seminary this summer. Do you stand by that deadline, O’ Lord? For by standing by that deadline You make a countdown as to the latest I must be cured by. Good, Lord Larimar. But you do not yet know which is to be your path: that of the priesthood, or that of the celibate laity. Go your way, Lord Larimar, for your fate has been determined. It shall be revealed to you in the next few weeks. And then you will know your vocation definitively. Amen.

If I am made a priest, you say I must be fundamentally changed. Are those words indicating that you shall elect to do so or elect not to do so? You shall see the answers to all these questions when you are cured. But this one thing I will say unto thee. No one gets out of here alive. Hence, however I cure you, you shall still die of some cause or another that happens in the future. Some part in you will wear out, and you shall pass away. Hence the cures I will give you shall diminish in age. For nothing here lasts forever. Now, go, Lord Larimar, and eat your breakfast. This morning, you shall cash your check, and then go and venerate at My Church before the statue of Mary. She, there, shall reveal what you are to firmly know. And I AM with you unto the End of the Age. Amen.

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