Eric sent to Judge America

For forty years shall Eric reign as Great Monarch, a firm possession of Jesus and Mary.

I Who Am do now send My servant, Eric, to judge all of America. For he is now found worthy to sit in Judgement of that great nation.

Lord, a certain man, called Timothy, has asked why, if Protestants are on the pathway to hell, why do You have it so that many of them seem to continue to live, thrive, and exist? What sayest Thou to that, O’ Lord?

I Who Am Am glad to clear up your misunderstandings and erroneous beliefs, Timothy. And perhaps if you listen to My Words and put them to heart, you might obtain salvation in My Catholic Church.

That the wicked live, thrive, and exist, as Timothy notices, is a mystery that is explored in My Biblical Book of Job. I recommend all who wish to understand this issue to read that book. But in a nutshell, the answer is that you on earth simply cannot know nor comprehend why. It is a mystery of life.

However, that someone exists or thrives in this world should not be confused with My acceptance of him in the next world. Prosperity here is not necessarily a sign that one is saved. For many, I tell you, are the possible reasons behind one’s prosperity.

Some people do gain prosperity because I Am pleased with them and wish to increase or change the fruit that I have them produce. But other people gain prosperity because they neglect Me to serve Satan. And in such cases, their prosperity becomes a curse. Hence, do not draw the conclusion that this certain man’s prosperity is a sign that he saved or condemned, for you simply cannot know. Amen.

As for Eric making contact with you, realize that this shall never happen, Timothy. Hence, accept that Eric responds to your questions only here. Such is the extent that you will ever know My servant Eric. He will never make contact with you. Amen.

Now, Lord Larimar, go and eat some dark chocolate, for you are better now, and you may eat thereof. Then, I will prophesy on a great many things to come. Yes, I will then explain fully the issues with Trump, your role as Dragonfly, of the Player Firefly, and who shall win the November 3, 2020, elections. Amen.

I have eaten, O’ my Lord. Now, do please explain and discourse on all the many things that You wish to tell me, O’ Lord. Very well, Lord Larimar. Now I shall speak.

You were given the name of Dragonfly as the codename that referred to you in your standing with Firefly and with her Pawn, United States President Donald John Trump. And as Dragonfly, you were to destroy Trump’s enemies and render them defeated by election time. Well, where do We stand now on these issues, you ask? I will now tell thee.

Trump cannot be defeated by Joe Biden. Another candidate, possibly, but not by Joe Biden. Hence, it is in the interests of the Senate, controlled by the Republicans, that they do not delay the elections due to the Coronavirus pandemic. For if they do delay the elections too far, then Nancy Pelosi takes over as President when Trump’s term expires at noon, January 20, 2020, as the Constitution mandates.

And though the deaths from the coronavirus might be horrific and unimaginable, the elections can still take place. And holding the elections under such terrible times will actually prove to be advantageous to Conservatives, as they tend to have superior voting facilities than do the poor Black communities who more historically vote for Democrats.

Lord, what do You require that I do to ensure a Trump victory at these elections of November 3, 2020? Do not deviate from the course We have put you on, Lord Larimar. And that course is to become a priest in My Catholic Church. You will enter the Seminary this summer. Amen.

As for Trump and his election prospects, he will soundly defeat Joe Biden. Joe Biden will be put into the defensive, and he will be responding to the attacks lobbed at him by Trump, who shall be controlling the dialog and the debate. By Trump’s mastery of the discussion, he will undermine the Joe Biden camp and render him as like a castrated male. Joe Biden will simply not have the ability to play the hardball that Trump will be playing. Hence, the Democrats will have proven that they chose a loser in their attempt to dislodge Trump.

Hence, expect Trump to win the elections. But everything must still go according to plans. You cannot deviate from this path, Lord Larimar, for you are to become a priest in My Catholic Church. This is a nonnegotiable fate for you. You must agree to do as We direct you in your pathway to Our Priesthood.

Lord, I choose to comply with all that you say. I accept my calling to the priesthood. And I will obey Your command that I wait until I am cured before I approach any priest to tell them of my calling. When do You plan to cure me, O’ Lord? For it is true as You say. I am no longer a masturbator. I was once an impure man, but the impurities I have now mastered. And I am no longer under the power of the spirits of impurity. Amen.

Lord Larimar, good, you have accepted My mandate. As to the timing of your cures, let it be known that they will accompany this sign to take place in this world. I will utter My Word through Eric before Mankind, and by that Word, all specimens and strains of the Coronavirus will vanish. No vaccine will have been made. I do this through Eric because it is My will that Eric is to be feared.

Now, let us proceed to speak about Hyacinth. You continue to show mercy to her, Lord Larimar. For your heart is made of gold and untold treasures does it hold. I will greatly honor you by the mercy you continue to show to her. But realize this most important fact. When We start you on the path to the priesthood, when you are cured, We will take Caesar Sandra Nikee to heaven. You call her Hyacinth. We call her Cassandra. And she calls you Heavensent. For it is not Our will that she remain in this world as your girlfriend when you enter the path of the priesthood. Amen. You start on that path very soon. You have weeks left, but not months, before We cure you and set you on that path. Amen.

And Lord, do I remain an Oracle of the Lord and a Prophet when I am cured? And do I continue to post here on this website: Yes to both questions. For you cannot escape your destiny that you serve Me. And when the time comes that you enter the path of the priesthood, many, I tell you, shall be following you here. Many more shall follow you here than who follow Trump on Twitter. For My Word through you is superior to the words of a man. And it is My Word, not anything you make up yourself, that is written in these posts. You can only write here what I allow and command. Amen.

Now, O’ Lord, what becomes of the war in Ukraine? How is that resolved? And does Russia really split apart into two nations? Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin shall make the gamble that if he holds onto Crimea, that it will eventually become accepted that Russia owns that territory. And thus will the war in Ukraine enter a form of stalemate, where both sides are in perpetual opposition to each other but with relatively few casualties lost on either side. But Russia’s quest for Crimea to be recognized as her possession will elude her. And the sanctions against Russia will become an accepted way of life. Russia will become progressively poorer due to the sanctions, and the slow bleed of Russia’s resources in maintaining Crimea will eventually make Russia vulnerable to attack, due to her weakened defenses.

Furthermore, the Russian language shall be abandoned by the people of eastern Europe, as they seek to distance themselves from the Russia next door. Hence, what We are seeing here is the decline of the House of Russia. Russia’s hegemony will decline and other powers will ascend to prominence. And one such power shall be Poland, where My priests and My Church have remained faithful to Me.

Lord, what is the fate of the European Union? What becomes of Queen Elizabeth of England? Queen Elizabeth will step down, and her son, Prince Charles of Wales, shall ascend the throne, becoming King Philip of England. Yes, he will take the regnal name of Philip in his ascendancy to the throne. And he will rule in this figurehead position for many years to come. Amen.

The United Kingdom, as you now know, has left the European Union. And this shall be their fate. Northern Ireland will seek to become a separate country within the Commonwealth of Nations, and with the British Monarch remaining her nominal head of state. By this move, Northern Ireland will reenter the European Union, making the island of Ireland having two English speaking states on the same island, with both as full member states in the European Union: Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Scotland, on the other hand, will remain in their close association with England and Wales on the island of Great Britain, and will not put up any hard borders in trade between themselves and the other countries on that island. But they will, nevertheless, exit the United Kingdom like Northern Ireland will, while retaining their membership in the Commonwealth of Nations, along with retaining the British Monarch as their nominal head of state. But they will carefully negotiate to have both close ties to the United Kingdom of England and Wales, and at the same time, become a full member of the European Union. Amen.

Hence, the final status agreements of the Brexit will result in the British Isles as having five separate independent nation states:

  1. The Republic of Ireland
  2. Northern Ireland
  3. Scotland
  4. The United Kingdom of England and Wales
  5. The Isle of Man

Such is seen as fitting to Me, and it is thus in the decree of the Lord. Amen. As for the fate of the European Union, that union shall be reformed and remade into a federal union. The departure of the United Kingdom from the EU will allow for true federalization of the EU to come to pass. And they will enact that each member state can have up to two or three official languages, along with many regionally recognized languages, and not just one official language per member state, as was previously allowed. And the European Union will become a federal union with these three primary operational official languages: English, French, and German.

Now, Lord Larimar, you may ask Me questions.

(1) Lord, how did birds evolve the ability to fly? Flying birds evolved from bipedal dinosaurs that ran on two legs and used their two upper arms for balancing and for stabilizing themselves. Smaller, lighter specimens gradually gained the power to fly as their arms used in balancing themselves gradually evolved long feathers and gained the ability to give them lift as they ran forward. And the final step in the evolutionary achievement of flight in birds was the ability to obtain thrust by flapping their wings, so that their wings provided both forward thrust and lift, making them truly flying creatures.

(2) Lord, how did bats evolve the ability to fly? The ability to fly in mammals evolved along the similar pattern as that found in flying squirrels. At first the ancestors of bats were mammals that jumped from tree branch to tree branch in the darkness, telling the distance by using echolocation. Then, they gained the ability to glide from tree to tree. And finally, they gained true flight. Were flying squirrels to be allowed to have millions of years more to evolve, they, too, would become another mammalian species to evolve the ability to truly fly.

(3) Lord, what becomes of Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner? Do they successfully complete it and begin sending men to the International Space Station starting next year? It is good to have Boeing stock, and to buy it now while the price is low. For once their spacecraft receives approval from NASA, it will be in high demand, and NASA will not be their only customers. And once the common people are aware of the success of the Starliner, many will seek to buy shares of Boeing, and the price of their stock will shoot up. Boeing also has a competitor, SpaceX, who is in the process of certifying their Dragon 2 space vehicle, which serves for the same purpose. Both of these vehicles will pass their certification requirements, but the instability the Dragon 2’s launching process will ultimately make NASA choose to use Boeing’s Starliner exclusively for sending astronauts to the ISS, and to retain SpaceX’s Dragon 2 for cargo resupply and emergency escape backup for astronauts on the ISS.

As a disclosure, let it be known that Eric is long Boeing. And he may elect to increase his long position in Boeing in the next 72 hours. Amen.

(4) Lord, will the prophecies of Our Lady of Akita come to pass soon upon the earth? Or have they been delayed? I delay them, O’ Larimar King. For you are found worthy of Me. Instead, I will speak through you a Word that will dispel the coronavirus. When you see that sign, realize that the visions of Our Lady of Akita have now been delayed for some forty years. Amen.

And by what reasons have you chosen to delay them, O’ Lord? By your merits, and by the good that has come from your meritorious deeds, Lord Larimar. Also, certain others have also merited. And thus, I found that necessary minimum number of people for Me to avoid destroying the city of this world. (Genesis 18:32). Amen. Hence, the earth shall continue in your generation undestroyed.

(5) And so, O’ Lord, the Catholic Churches will reopen? And will they regain their lost income that they suffered from the shutdown? All the Catholic Churches will reopen when I give the command through you, Lord Larimar. And I shall give this command soon. It will coincide with My Word through you that dispels the coronavirus. And many, I tell you, shall fear you on that day. And many shall then flock to enter and become members of My Catholic Church. And much will be the money that will flow into the coffers of the Catholic Church, exceeding the amount that they will know what to do with. But the Catholic Churches will elect to use their excess money to renovate their churches, provide better facilities, and to hire more staff. Hence, the money given to them will continue to circulate in the economy and do it good.

Now, Lord Larimar, I wish to say these Words to you. You are still assigned to stand with Firefly and to destroy the political enemies of Trump in the Democratic Party. But you are to do nothing to his opponents in the Republican Party. And this is the sign by which you will know that what you have done is good. The economy and the stock market will roar. Now, reread this post in full, Lord Larimar. For it is ready to post. If you have any further questions or concerns after rereading and correcting all errors, you may ask them here, before you publish this post. Amen.

Lord, I have now fully reread this entire post and I have this question. Do I receive forty more years to live on the planet and to serve You as both Great Monarch and as a priest in Your priesthood? Yes, O’ Larimar King. I do grant you a forty year reign. And those forty years are now begun, as of this year, 2020. But do not expect to receive exactly forty years to rule. It could be sightly more, even by a few or several years. Hence, these next forty years shall be called the Golden Age of New Christendom. And New Christendom shall be the name of Your Larimar Kingdom, consisting of the following lands:

Kingdom of the Larimar, ruled by King Eric. And his lands include:

  1. the Contiguous United States of America
  2. Alaska
  3. Hawaii
  4. Canada
  5. Great Britain
  6. The Isle of Man
  7. Ireland
  8. the Shetland Islands
  9. the Orkney Islands
  10. the Outer Hebrides
  11. the Scilly Islands
  12. the Channel Islands
  13. Iceland
  14. Greenland
  15. Cuba
  16. Hispaniola
  17. Puerto Rico
  18. the United States Virgin Islands
  19. the British Virgin Islands
  20. Anguilla
  21. Montserrat
  22. Mexico
  23. Belize
  24. Jamaica
  25. the Cayman Islands
  26. the Lucayan Archipelago
  27. Bermuda
  28. Saint Pierre and Miquelon

And the official languages of this vast Kingdom shall include these seven:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Nahuatl
  5. Chinese (including Mandarin and Cantonese)
  6. Tagalog (including Filipino)
  7. Vietnamese

Such are the eternally defined lands of your Kingdom, also to be called, New Christendom. Now, I have spoken fully. Publish this post, Lord Larimar, for the Words in them are to remain unsealed to the end of time. Amen.

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