My son, Eric, I shall ordain as My priest in My Catholic Church.

Eric I have prepared for rulership. He shall reign as Great Monarch for forty years to come.

Behold, the Blessed Virgin Mary has revealed that Eric is to become a Roman Catholic priest. He is to enter the Seminary this Summer. Oracle of the Lord! Why are abortion centers and marijuana distributors considered essential services but not My Houses of Worship? Why, not, Governor Gavin Newsom? Do you have an answer? Or do I have to provide an answer through you? Is the heart that pumps the blood in your arteries to your brain an essential service, Governor Gavin Newsom? My Houses of Worship are more essential to Me in My sight than is your heart. Given that, and given that I have absolute power over all things, what do you think I will do when I will for My Catholic Churches to reopen? Simple. I will silence nonconforming hearts and the hearts of those who oppose Me. Problem solved.

For no one, no matter how clever they think they are, can defy Me or prevail against My Catholic Church. I will make My Catholic Church find a way. Lord, what about the Coronavirus? This disease will not last, for I have decided for it to be a paper tiger. Sure, it cannot be controlled by Man. But all things are under My control. Also the fickle finger of death is not fickle. Each and every person who dies I choose to take his life from him and then call him to stand before Me for judgement. Hence, there is no randomness in the deaths that are playing out upon the earth. Every death I cause. And every recovery I cause. Whoever is to die shall die. And whoever is to live shall live. And whoever is to recover I shall make recover.

Now, let us discourse on the makeup of the Supreme Court. Basically there are about five good, decent Justices on it, and four wicked, sinister Justices. It is those wicked sinister Justices that I have decided to remove and to replace. Now, let us talk about the good, decent Justices.

  1. Clarence Thomas is a good decent Justice. He had a controversial confirmation process to get onto the Supreme Court. A Black woman, Anita Hill, who formerly worked under him, protested his confirmation on the grounds that he sexually harassed her in the place of work. This complaint did not surface until the hearings. Hence, it was tainted with political motivation. But Eric the Emerald, who was the power ruling through George H. W. Bush, made the decision, after hearing the testimonies of both, that because Anita Hill was a single witness to the charges brought against this man’s good name, that these allegations did not meet the Biblical requirement in the Book of Moses which says, “One witness alone shall not take the stand against a man in regard to any crime or any offense of which he may be guilty; a judicial fact shall be established only on the testimony of two or three witnesses.” (Deuteronomy 19:15). Furthermore, careful analysis of Anita Hill’s testimony indicated that there may have been both misunderstanding and miscommunication between the two parties in their place of work. The “pubic hair on the coke can,” comment could be interpreted in many different ways, some of them innocent. Hence, Anita Hill’s charges lacked both substance and corroborating witnesses to be allowed to affect Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings. Hence, the Emerald ordered for the outcome of the hearing to be such that would have occurred had Anita Hill never testified. Amen.
  2. John Roberts was nominated by George W. Bush. Harriet Ellan Miers was a nominee made by George W. Bush that was unacceptable for the Supreme Court. Emerald had her rejected due to her lack of qualifications and her quite apparent inherit inability to perform the duties required for that position. With Miers rejected, Emerald immediately approved John Roberts, due to his reputed qualifications. Emerald did not want George W. Bush to think about it too much and choose another loser, like Miers.
  3. Samuel Elito was nominated by George W. Bush. And Emerald allowed him to pass without any objections, for he saw his conservative qualifications.
  4. Neil Gorsuch was nominated by Trump. It was Emerald who seeded the idea to the Senate to delay the confirmation hearings for Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court until after the elections, trusting in a Hail Mary pass that the victor who won the Presidential election would be a Republican, and would thereby nominate a conservative nominee, and Obama’s nominee could be then thrown out. It worked, but Eric did not know who would win, for he was not in control. Rather, another power was at work Who knew all things, the power of God. And Firefly was also the power of incoming Trump. Eric was not sure whether Firefly would triumph.
  5. Brett Kavanaugh was nominated by Trump. Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings were marred by a campaign of smear testimony without any substantial or corroborating evidence to back it up. The Democrats danced with this lie in the hopes that it would topple Kavanaugh, but Eric could not accept for an innocent man’s name to be destroyed by allegations that had no verifiable or corroborating evidence. Therefore, Eric appealed to the Virgin Mary and to Jesus, praying both Divine Mercy chaplets and Rosaries to defeat the liars who were defaming this good man’s name.

Those are the good Supreme Court Justices. And just like the wicked in hell, the wicked Supreme Court Justices’s names will not be mentioned. But one name I will mention, for she is about to pass to the next world. And when Ruth Bader Ginsburg does in fact keel over, I wish for the President at that time to be a Republican who can nominate her successor. And unlike Joe Biden in his VP pick, the Republican President should make no promises that Ginsburg’s replacement would be of any particular gender or race or color. Just let a winner be chosen. Now, what do You say, O’ Lord?

Try as she may, Ruth Bader Ginsburg cannot extend her own life. I will snap the cord that connects her soul to her body, and she will find herself dead and buried and burning. Amen. But when, O’ Lord? Will it be before the elections, after the elections, or when? And who shall be President at the time? For hasn’t Dragonfly been standing with Firefly correctly, Firefly being the power behind Trump? Will not Dragonfly’s attacks on Trump’s opponents ensure Trump’s victory, O’ Lord?

It is not that, Lord Larimar. Rather, people have come to expect your prophecies to fail. Hence, when you say Trump will win, they expect him now to lose. For there is dark magic at work attempting to paint you as a reliably false prophet. What you prophesy is seen as reliably not going to come to pass. You are seen as like Brainy Smurf, allegedly well informed, but characteristically always mistaken. It is in your character to not only be wrong, but decidedly wrong.

That is what the people believe. I understand them and allow for their misjudgments. But what do You say, O’ Lord? Am I always decidedly wrong, except on those rare occasions, like a stopped clock that is right twice a day? Or what sayest Thou regarding My prophetic track record, O’ Lord?

I will now speak to you, O’ Larimar King. You are now not wrong that you are to be made a priest, and that you will enter the Seminary this summer. But then, how, you ask, does this take place with all the Catholic Churches in perpetual lockdown? The Churches do not remain in perpetual lockdown. They open back up. And I will command you to utter the Word that ends the Coronavirus. That one Word from you will immediately end the disease. And its vanishing act will be more mysterious than its appearance. So mysterious will it be that no vaccines will ever be successfully made, as there will be no patients to examine or perform the experiments on. Rather, great fear will befall all who know that you were the one who ended the coronavirus by a single Word. Their fear of you shall be legendary, like how the people feared Moses after he had come down from the mountain after he had seen God. (Exodus 34:29-35), and had to veil his face when he appeared before the people so that they would not be afraid of his radiance.

The people will fear you, O’ Larimar King. And Antichrist will seek to be like you, but will fail. Now I must let My Virgin Mother Mary speak, O’ Larimar. For her Word must now be heard. Listen to her!

Eric, well did you choose to leave the company of Sandra. She will be taken away soon, for it is not the will of God that a woman bother a candidate called to the priesthood. Hence, your words to her are correct. We are taking her soon to receive her reward in the afterlife. And yes, she has been saved. Amen.

But we have more that we intend for you to save than just her. Consider her but a test we had to see how you would care for our little lambs. You cared for her well. And you saw to her spiritual needs. And you were never possessive or her. She was never a prisoner to you. And you never demanded anything from her, but rather, got her to make vows that would help her come back to us and remain with us in heaven and in the Church and to be saved.

Now, let us address the question as to whether you are married to her. Are you married to Caesar Sandra Nikee? Did you and her make any irrevocable vows to one another that bind you to each other for life? Well, answer me, Eric? Yes, but I believe the Catholic Church would not agree that we are sacramentally married unless we went through with the actual sacrament of matrimony, following all the rules and decrees of the Catholic Church. Amen. No, Eric, your marriage to Sandra is incomplete. It lacks knowledge for the vows you made to one another to have been made validly and hold up in a marriage tribunal. Now, though it is true that the sacrament of marriage is performed only by the two parties who marry, and not by the priest, the priest is necessary in the Catholic Church to officiate it and make it recognized and validated in the Catholic Church. Furthermore, it is possible for two to marry by making such vows to one another, but for such to be valid, there must be nothing hidden by either party from the other. But even in such a case, the sacrament is still not official until it is officiated by a priest. And when I say, priest, I do not exclude the validity of marriages officiated by a deacon. For deacons can also validly officiate at weddings, for they are also true clerics. They have received a form of Holy Orders, giving them the status of a cleric. The three classes of Holy Orders produce the three classes of clerics: deacons, priests, and bishops, all of whom can officiate at weddings. Amen.

Now, Eric, you know the gravity of those who have lied to you. For you have been told many lies. That you were bound to Sandra is a lie. You could have married someone else, had you chosen that fate, had you chosen to remain on the path of marriage. But instead, you have accepted my gift of celibacy and virginity. I gave you this gift by my prediction that you would prevail. For I saw you when you were but a baby. And I chose you when you cared for those unwanted puppies on that farm in Ireland. I knew then that you had the heart to serve the me in the task as shepherd in my Son’s Church. I knew then that you would overcome. But many were the tests you had to pass to reach the state you are now in. Now, listen to me. And I will detail your future. For it is desolate and bleak, due to the depopulation of the world that is about to take place.

What I warned the world about at Akita, Japan, is about to fulfill. The generation back then heard the warning and repented, and the curse was delayed for a generation. But the generation that followed did not hear, but strayed further into sin. They did not listen even to you, though you cried out for them to come to their senses. You were led to salvation. But the many were totally lost. Hence, there shall be a wipeout of many of the populations around the world. And with that wipeout, so also shall foods and resources be decimated. And you will have trouble finding food to eat. For it will be a time of want and of famine.

Six billion souls will perish in the fight for food. Roughly one billion shall remain on the planet to repopulate it. This bottleneck event shall be called the Second Deluge, but it will occur not by the waters of a flood, but by fire falling from the sky and by famine. Amen. If six in every seven people are to die, at what point do I enter the seminary, O’ Mary, fairest of all Queens? I have arranged it that you enter this summer, shortly after my Son Jesus has wiped out all the inhabitants of the cities of the ungodly. Amen. For though the world population will have been thoroughly bottlenecked, there will be many left to repopulate the earth. But one profession that will indeed be in great demand will be for priests. You, Lord Larimar, are to be among the first generation of seminary students that enter into the seminary in what is to be called, the Second Postdiluvian Age. And they will accept many at your age who are called to enter the priesthood in that hour of dire need. Now, go eat some dark chocolate, Lord Larimar, and we shall conclude this post when you return. Amen.

I have eaten, O’ Holy Virgin Mary. Now continue with what you were teaching me, O’ Wondrous and Fairest of all Women. Did you wish to know, Lord Larimar, where the bacterial cultures used in making yogurt from milk were originally derived from? Much breeding and development went into making and perfecting these heirloom bacterial cultures, but all of them were ultimately derived from the vaginas of women. Yes, Man invented yogurt by experimenting with his lover’s vaginal fluids dipped into milk. And once invented, it took off as great invention. For yogurt, a fermented and partially digested food, lasts much longer than milk before going bad. Refrigeration is a thing unique to these past few generations. In ages past, milk was made into yogurt to preserve it and to make it last longer while being stored.

And why, you ask, does the Virgin Mary speak of vaginas and their fluids to you, you ask? No secrets are to be kept from you, Lord Larimar. For you are to know many of the secrets of this world. And so, Lord Larimar, you wish to know when this cataclysmic event shall take place? I will now tell thee. We will take you away on the eve of the summer solstice. Amen. In California, the summer solstice will be at 2:43 PM, on Saturday, June 20, 2020. Amen. Now, you know when you shall be taken away. Today is Wednesday, May 13, 2020, and it is now 1:34 AM. Hence, in these next 38 days I am to be taken away, O’ Mary, Mother of God?

You, Lord Larimar have five and a half weeks. And then you will be ushered into your Noah’s Ark to wait out the storm. And after the many have died, you then be in the New Postdiluvian Age. And you will be given your instructions as to how you are to serve me and my Son’s Church. Now, sleep on these things. When you awaken, We shall publish this work. Amen. Instead, you were disturbed by your dog making noise. Hence, let it be known this: Your lot shall be spared in the coming onslaught. But the lots of many shall be completely ruined. Amen. You shall live, but many shall be the dead. And you shall serve my Son’s Church as a priest until it comes to pass that your Kingdom in Heaven has been prepared. And then Jesus will be sent by the Father to fetch you and bring you to us in heaven. Amen.

This event where you are taken to heaven is in the far future, and you will be then taken to your Kingdom to reign over forever. Your Larimar reign shall be as the Great Monarch and you shall reign for another forty years. Hence you are to be around ninety or in your nineties when we take you up to heaven. Amen. Now, sleep, Lord Larimar. For you are to rise and reread this entire post prior to your publishing it. Amen.

Lord, what shall be Eric’s dominion in this earth and what is his Kingdom here? You shall rule all of North America, along with many islands in the North Atlantic. And when Antichrist comes, you will be taken away to your eternal reward in heaven where eye has not seen, nor has ear heard, nor has it entered into the human heart what I have prepared for those who love Me. (1 Corinthians 2:9).

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