Eric rejects any further giving to Hyacinth. It is over and done.

Eric is now inwardly free and detached from all things. He has escaped the power of Hyacinth, the Blue Enchantress, and will give to her no more. Amen.

Eric is celibate and virgin forever. He cannot take any wife, for all of that is now firmly behind him. And yet, it is recognized in heaven that Hyacinth is somehow Eric’s girlfriend. Doesn’t that make Eric weak, someone asks? Will that not provide a weak spot for an enemy to exploit, someone asks? What sayest Thou to that question, O’ Lord? I, the Lord, shall now speak.

Love is only a weakness if it is self serving or self centered. There is no weakness in selfless love, and that is all the love Eric has for Hyacinth. To Eric, Hyacinth is but an ewe lamb that he saved and led to Mary and Jesus in the Catholic Church. And to Hyacinth, Eric is her Heavensent, which is the name she gave him. They cannot marry, for Eric has renounced marriage for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven. Hence, Eric and Hyacinth are recognized as a pair bonded celibate couple.

A man in a previous comment asked Eric to write back to him. And Eric blessed him and said these words: “May God lead you to find your salvation before you die.” But now I reveal this solemn truth: No homosexual has ever entered into My Keep. No homosexual can ever be saved. Lord, explain this teaching. I will do so now.

The homosexual is an aberration from the natural law. And I Am very picky and choosey as to whom I admit into My company. No homosexual has ever entered into My communion in a state of grace. The very act of sexual fantasy that is of man with another man disqualifies a homosexual from being in a state of grace. Such are how grave the sins of homosexuality are.

Lord, does the same also apply with lesbians? No, for I do not condemn the sexually disordered female, but only the sexually disordered male. Is there a reason for this discrepancy, O’ Lord, that you can explain to intellectual men on the earth? The reason is this. A man, not a woman, has the power to ejaculate seed. And the sin of sexual abominations comes from the misuses of that power. A woman, therefore, can only sin mortally if she is with a man who is not her husband. She cannot sin mortally with another woman, for between the two there is no ejaculation of seed.

A man, on the other hand, has the power to ejaculate seed in many different ways and settings. And that is why far fewer men than women are seen in Catholic Churches. It is because the men have committed unholy ejaculations and are too ashamed to confess their sins to a priest to be forgiven. But as for women, these never have to confess such sins unless they partook in an unclean act with a man. It is the preference to obtain sexual release through ejaculation than to keep to the requirements of continence for the unmarried man that leads so many men to leave the Catholic Church in search of a way that allows them to do as they please.

Eric had the same struggle, but by his persistence, he finally passed that test of continence that is expected of all celibate and single men. Some might say, Eric is now nearly fifty years old. Of course he now passes that test, because he is now middle aged. What sayest Thou to that, O’ Lord? It is better late than never. That is all I can say. While Eric struggled with impurity, he never gave up the quest. Neither should anyone else who wishes to walk with Christ. Remember that God never commands the impossible.

But do not resort to mutilation or flailing yourself with a whip to discipline yourself. Such is not how Eric defeated the devil of impurity. Rather, Eric defeated it by humble subjection of himself to frequent confession to a priest, and the frequent reception of the eucharist, always while in a state of grace. And how, O’ Lord, is one to infallibly discern whether one is in a state of grace? You will know whether you are by the peace of your spirit. A soul in a state of grace has a background of peace. But a soul in a state of mortal sin is heavily burdened by a guilty conscience, or a feeling of dread or anxiety. If your conscience accuses you, then you must confess your sins to a priest.

The main sins most men sin are related to their sexuality. For women, it is different. Women sin in things like gossiping, invading the privacy of others, getting into the businesses of others, and of impatience or of holding grudges or of speaking cruel or insensitive words. Hence, a woman’s sins are always more complicated than men’s sins. but Men’s sins can be very deadly and very embarrassing for them to reveal them to a priest. But I tell you this truth. The sign that a man is on the path of salvation is that he seeks to honestly confess all his mortal sins to a priest. And the sign that a man is reprobated is his reluctance to confess all his mortal sins to a priest. But for women, the picture is different. The sign that a woman is on the road to heaven is that she freely confesses all her sins in the confessional. And the sign that a woman is not on the road to salvation is that her confessions to a priest resemble the ordeal of a dentist pulling teeth. Confession should not be a painful process, but an act of humility and hope with the willingness to do right, and the sign that is was complete is the feeling of relief and peace at its conclusion. The one who exits the confessional just as guilty as he entered it or guiltier has not confessed his sins. Perhaps, he held back and did not reveal certain shameful deeds, because that would embarrass him.

Lord, I did not know that all homosexual men go to hell. I thought that it was possible for a homosexual to repent. What about those homosexuals who do repent and who attempt to live straight, who honestly attempt to do it? Do you reject that homosexual who turns away from his homosexuality and seeks the virgin, celibate pathway to God and heaven, O’ Lord and God? Lord Larimar, the one who turns away from his filth and from his homosexuality, and seeks to follow Me, I do not reject and will not reject. But the homosexual man who remains in his homosexual fantasies and impurities, I cannot accept into My Kingdom.

Then, how, O’ Lord, do you say, “No homosexual has ever entered into My Keep,”? It is because no homosexual has ever done as you say. No man who is a homosexual has ever fully turned away from his homosexuality to follow Me. Always there is the fallback into old habits. Always there is failure to persevere. Just as the fat person who seeks to become thin can never truly stop thinking about food, so also does the gay man who seeks to become straight constantly think about unlawful homosexual fantasies or thoughts deliberately.

My Catholic Church teaches correctly that the homosexual who repents and seeks to live correctly can be saved. But in practice, this is never found satisfactory to Me in order to spare that soul from damnation.

Okay, O’ Lord, am I listening to the I Am, or am I listening to Satan? All these things you have just been told about Me not forgiving sinners who repent are from Satan. Now, I, the living Lord, the I AM shall correct you in all your past misunderstandings.

I, the Lord Jesus Christ, can save and do wish to save the soul of Timothy, that man mentioned earlier in this post. And there is no sin, other than the repudiation of the Holy Spirit, that cannot be forgiven. I can and do forgive many who are gay. All who are weak sexually must not shun My confessional as a place of fear or reproach, but must see it as a place that I urgently wish you to pass through so that I can pour out upon your soul mercy and graces.

Now, whatever you ask for in My name, and believe in your heart that you shall receive it, I shall grant it to you. For remember, this is a dream world. Nothing here is real. Hence, a rule like this should be seen as not only likely and justifiable, for nothing here but other souls has any real existence. It is therefore possible to do anything one can dream to do here, since all of this is but a dream. But also carefully remember this: When Satan took Jesus up to the temple and told him to cast himself down, because the angels would catch him and protect him, Jesus did not do it, but said, “It is written, thou shall not tempt the Lord thine God.” So do not throw yourself in front of trains or buses to test that this is but a dream. Do not obey any such voices that tell you to do such risky behaviors, for Satan also speaks, and he is always plotting your destruction. Rather, obey the laws of the land, the laws of God, and do what is right and prudent. Do not put the Lord to the test, except in this way: Bring to the Lord your full tithe and I see that I shall open the floodgates of heaven and pour out more blessings upon you than you can hold. (Malachi 3:10).

Lord, then there are in fact homosexual men who have entered Your Kingdom of Heaven? Only the penitent and contrite homosexual can make it into My Kingdom. Has any ever done it, O’ Lord and God, King Jesus the Almighty I Am? Just as no Antichrist can enter My Kingdom, except for an Antichrist that ceases to be an Antichrist to become a saint, as the Emerald King become the Larimar King, so also can no homosexual enter My Kingdom, except for the homosexual who ceases to be a homosexual and makes himself pure.

Now, someone asks, Was Eric ever a homosexual? No. Eric was never gay. Eric was never a homosexual. Regard homosexuality as a sexual disorder. It is not acceptable to be gay. Then what was Eric? Why did he never lie with a woman? It is because Eric was set apart from the beginning to serve as an extension of the Ark of the Covenant, which he became by his humble acceptance of Mary putting her foot on his head to drive out the proud devils at her visitation of him in early December, 1996, just before the FaithFinder Breakdown. Amen.

Few, very few, I tell you, exist that have been touched by the Holy Virgin Mary. For Mary is the essence of purity. And only the most pure beings can ever come in contact with her. But Eric was a dirty, impure unicorn at the time. But he was, nevertheless, a unicorn. And unicorns are attracted only to virgin maidens. Now, Mary is the Madonna, a married woman, but she is also a Holy Virgin. Hence, when the Virgin Mary came to put her foot on Eric’s head in the midst of his boasting to the spirits that the girl he was to marry would be the most beautiful woman of all Creation, what the Virgin Mary was really doing was laying a claim on the soul of Emerald. Remember that this event was just a little over a year after the Martyrdom Breakdown. And the total number of Breakdowns in Eric’s history are four:

  1. The Devastation Breakdown of the Spring of 1989.
  2. The Martyrdom Breakdown of June 1-2, 1995.
  3. The Martyrdom Breakdown of June 24-25, 1995.
  4. The FaithFinder Breakdown of late December, 1996.

In early January, 1997, Eric received a dream of Jesus, and his faith was sealed permanently. And he never fell again into any breakdown. The Devastation Breakdown occurred in Eric’s senior spring semester of High School. Eric went on to Whittier College the following fall of 1989, by finishing his missing high school requirements in the summer of 1989. And in the Spring of 1993, Eric graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology, the study of life. It was in the Devastation Breakdown of 1989 that Eric was first diagnosed as having bi-polar disorder, which Eric was treated for at UCLA with Lithium Carbonate.

In passing a critical test of faithfulness from God, Eric converted to Christianity in early July of 1992, as a senior in college. In the years between that date in early July of 1992 and March 30, 2002, Eric developed as an unchurched Christian, and then began attending a Quaker Church in the latter part of 1995, followed some time later by full membership in a Hope Lutheran Church, until later on Sunday, May 21, 2000, Eric began attending Saint Bruno Catholic Church with his father, who attended Church with him only so that Eric would attend a Catholic Church rather than a Protestant Church. Some time later, Eric decided to join the Catholic Church in order to receive communion. And, at the conclusion of the program of RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults), Eric received all his necessary sacraments of Confirmation and First Holy Communion on Saturday, Easter Vigil, March 30, 2002. And from that point onward, Eric was a full member of the Roman Catholic Church and in full communion with the pope in Rome.

Now, speak, O’ Lord, for Your servant is listening. What do You command me to do? Go to bed, Lord Larimar. In the morning We shall conclude this post. Amen. I am back, O’ Lord. And I have made a decision. I want out of any further relationship with Hyacinth. Good, Lord Larimar. I grant you the right, the freedom and the command to never give to her again. Then it is done. Amen. I hereby cut myself off from Caesar Sandra Nikee. And I no longer feel obligated to help her. It is over and it is done.

And O’ Lord, I also know that I am not going to another girl. Isn’t that a fact, O’ Lord? Good, Lord Larimar. Do not involve yourself with women, for that path leads one into bondage and makes one trapped. Rather remain inwardly free and detached from all relations with anyone. And you may now, at your discretion, elect to block Sandra from contacting you anymore. I, the Lord God, declare you fit for My priesthood. I declare you ready for it. And now I shall make it happen. I Am soon reopening the Churches, disregarding the stay at home orders. Amen. And I will work your cures when you are in the presence of my faithful priest. When you witness all these things, go to the nearest priest and tell them of your vocation using the words I will give you right there and then.

Now, you may publish this post, for it is complete. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

One thought on “Eric rejects any further giving to Hyacinth. It is over and done.”

  1. Dear Eric, Here is my test to see if the LORD GOD Jesus Christ has actually spoken these words to me, Timothy in your last post. If it IS Jesus and not Eric who is giving Eric this information, then may Jesus Christ reveal to Eric Robert Dunstan my home telephone number so that Eric may call me directly and leave me a message. If I actually talk to Eric, rather than he avoiding words altogether with me, then will I believe his claim that he speaks, as a prophet/servant for Jesus. Otherwise, I must conclude that Eric is only seeking the attention of others in a very desperate and needy attempt to be someone special and unique. Why do you continue to insist that a “Confessional” in a Roman Catholic Church is the only way to legitimately confess your sins to God? Did not those in both the Old and New Testament “confess” to God without the need for the construction of a “Confessional booth” to step inside? And didn’t people “confess” to Jesus Christ without the need for a “Confessional booth”? Whether or not I am saved in God’s eyes or condemned, Eric has no right to say he DEFINITELY KNOWS me when he knows only the information that God or I myself give to him! I still did not get the answer previously from God or Eric either about why then does the LORD GOD, if Protestant Christians are all going to Hell, are unsaved, and eternally condemned… WHY THEN DO THEY CONTINUE TO LIVE, THRIVE, AND EXIST? Perhaps God does have a purpose for them being that He chooses NOT to tell Eric? I don’t wish to be on the “bad side” of Almighty God. But then either I am ALLOWED/PERMITTED to be a Protestant Christian by Him, or Eric has it all wrong about most things that he insists he is right about. I do not wish to convert to your Roman Catholic Religion and the Lord God Jesus Christ honors, YES HONORS that decision of mine. God bless you Eric Robert Dunstan despite your thinking the worst about me. Timothy


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