California Governor Newsom ensures he gets his pay raise.

Eric is the goose that lays the golden eggs. And he is about to die. Amen.

It doesn’t matter that California is facing a 54 billion dollar budget deficit this year, due to the manufactured crisis orchestrated by Governor Gavin Newsom to destroy Christian churches and to blame it on a virus from China that has killed just 0.007 % of the people of California since the pandemic started. That is 7 fatalities for every one hundred thousand people living in California since the time the pandemic began until now. With a yearly natural growth rate in California’s population at 1.1%, that doesn’t even make a slight dent. It wouldn’t be noticed by the casual observer.

But despite all the financial woes facing California, that didn’t stop Governor Gavin Newsom from putting in own hand into the coffers and getting for himself a 4% raise, along with his cronies and those who defecate in the state congress and call it legislation. Gavin Newsom’s salary has now, since this past December, been raised from a yearly salary of $202,000 to a yearly salary of $210,000. And at the same time the state is facing fiscally disastrous widespread program cuts. K-12 schools and community colleges stand to lose $18 billion alone. Hence, why is this bastard Gavin Newsom taking a pay raise while everyone else in the state is taking a pay cut? If he won’t take a pay cut willingly, it should be taken from him forcibly. The bastard should be made to feel the pain of the average citizen. What gives him the right to be paid higher than his boss, the tax payer? Tax payers, not these defecations for brains politicians, should be the ones who set pay rates for those who are elected to office to serve them. They were elected to their positions serve the people, not to make themselves a king over them.

Lord, what is to be said about Gavin Newsom? What fate do you have for this bastard son of a whore dog? I Who Am shall now speak. It is true that Gavin Newsom’s intentions are to destroy My Catholic Church. And because of this, I will exact a terrible price upon not only him but also on his descendants. His line shall be cursed among all the beasts of the earth. His lineage will crawl on their bellies and eat dust all the days of their lives. I will put enmity between his seed and My Seed. His seed will strike at My heel, and My Seed will strike at their head. (Genesis 3:14-15). He will not receive a happily ever after ending to his life, Lord Larimar. For no one ever escapes My Justice. No one!

For I AM the God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth! And I see much filth in this world. And I see Gavin Newsom thinking that he has discovered a way to destroy My Catholic Church. No, he will not destroy My Catholic Church. Rather for the sword he thrusts deep into the back of My Church he will find four similar sized swords also thrust deeply into his own back. And from the dagger he backstabs My Church with he will find four equally piercing daggers thrust into his own back. For whatever a man seeks to do to My Church, I avenge her fourfold. If a man causes ten of My innocent priests to be taken down by false sexual assault charges, I take down forty of that man’s family and descendants and inflict them with incurable diseases.

For whoever does to Me a transgression and fails to repent, I will repay him fourfold. Amen. Therefore, repent! Repent! Repent! Or if you do not, you will find yourself one day in My hands, and woe unto you then! Terrible, most terrible is it to find oneself in the hands of a most wrathful God! None can rescue you from there. And if you thought pain in this world was unbearable, you will realize a whole new definition of what unbearable truly means as you are tortured by Me in your place in the pit of hell for all eternity. Do I enjoy torturing the damned, someone asks? If I did, I would be evil like you, O’ worthless evildoer. No, I detest punishing the evildoer, but I Am forced to punish evildoers to satisfy My demand for Justice. For someone has to pay for the crimes committed by men. Jesus paid for those who come to belong to Him. As for everyone else, they themselves, that individual, shall pay the terrible price for all his own transgressions against Me and those he caused to happen in others.

Did you cheat a holy man? If you did, that is a terrible transgression to pay for in the next world. It is akin to cheating Me! For whatever you did to the least of My brethren you have done the same to Me! And I exact a high price for those who are not covered by the blood of Jesus. Whoever is not protected and defended by My Son Jesus is going to have a truly horrific day on Judgement Day. For whosoever did not come under the protection of Jesus before I shut that door, that person will be forced to pay the terrible price of having no one defending him as his accuser, the devil, accuses him of all his crimes he has committed before Me. And the books will be opened. And I will show in vivid detail every part of that person’s life before all of humanity. His very sins will condemn him. And he will then be escorted to the lake of fire, which is the second death, where he will be cast in. I truly lament such a passage of a soul. It is truly a waste of heavenly graces to have a soul that goes to hell. The mother who bore such a son and gave birth to him truly went through a terrible ordeal all in vain. And even that son, in hell, will wish he had died in the womb. He will envy the damned unborn in the limbo of hell, who suffer only for the transgression of Adam and Eve, the Original Sin, and for nothing else. But even they, in their their knowledge of their condemnation, are endlessly mourning for having never been given the chance to have lived and been saved. For the universal loss of never beholding the Beatific Vision, suffered by all in hell, is so profound an eternal privation that it in itself ranks as the most lamentable of punishments among all the damned.

Now someone asks, why O’ Lord, since everything was possible in the beginning, that you made Man such that he fails so easily and that so many of them end up in hell? The same question can be asked of the potter, why he wastes so much clay while in the making of a fine piece of pottery? Some clay just becomes too bad to work with, and just has to be thrown out.

Then the next question is, if God is like the potter, does He make mistakes in His pottery making as the potter does? And if so, how can He be infallible? Lord Larimar, I have chosen to make Creation in a way where My holy hands are unseen and undetected. That requires things to seem to come to be by natural means. And since it is by natural means, much wastage in the process is inevitable. But My hands are actually infallible in this sense. Whatever I intend to do will be accomplished, despite all the failures and wreckages in the process. And thus, answer Me this. What does it matter that there is so much wastage and so many wreckages in the processes in this life if all that exists here in this world is nothing more than a dream, one that disappears entirely at the end of the world? If the real world one enters only at death, what does it matter that things get messed up here in this world? For nothing here lasts forever because nothing here really exists. Only human beings here have any eternal reality that persists into the next world. That is why I said, “Whoever sheds the blood of Man, by Man shall his blood be shed, for in the image of God has Man been made.” (Genesis 9:6).

Lord, what is the fate of Hyacinth and me? For You commanded that I show mercy on her, and so I have. I Who Am Am taking both of you from this world the moment she gives the two Bibles she will have purchased to her students. Both of you shall then ascend to My Kingdom of Heaven. Amen. Eric, you chose wisely. And now, with the love and faith restored in your relationship and in Me, now is a most opportune time for Me to take My cut from the pie of this world and to distribute it among My servants. Amen.

Lord, I wish to go to heaven, rather than to remain here in this world. Amen. And so you shall, Lord Larimar. So you shall. As for Me never permitting you to die, now I permit your life to come to an end, and for you to now enter into your heavenly rest. Go eat some dark chocolate, Lord Larimar and come back. And then We shall conclude this post. Amen.

I have eaten some, My Lord. Now, how do You conclude this post, O’ Lord? I Am taking you away tonight. And you are being brought to the next world. There is no more time for you to labor here in My vineyard. From now on, your labor is complete. Amen. This is the 163rd surviving extant post on (163 is the 38th prime number.) You have passed the test. And you have saved someone. And she will have saved others as well. Amen. And she, too, is going up with you to heaven this very night. Amen.

Also, you are no longer a masturbator. And hence, when those filthy boys asked you whether you masturbated, back in the year 1995, and you answered, “No,” you did not lie, but were merely referring to your ultimate self that was to develop some 25 years later, into the future. Also, I wish to apologize to Black people. There really is no defendable justification as to why the Black man had to serve the White man as his slave. But do not worry about getting revenge. Let vengeance belong to God. Trust God to take care of vengeance, whether He will in this world or the next. Don’t you go up yourself to take up arms against your neighbor. I have finished speaking here. Eric, prepare to die. And when you hear the sound of the trumpet, you will shed your body as a garment. And by what avenue do I take your life, you ask? I merely silence your heart, which I have full power and capability of doing, without using any foreign vector.

The government’s autopsy report will say that Eric’s death could have been avoided with better health care. Eric could not afford better healthcare because he was paid too low. Eric’s boss chose to pay Eric that low because he sought to limit his expenses. With Eric gone, Eric’s boss will calculate and find out that he could have afforded to pay Eric the decent, living wage that was justified by the high tech work he did for him. But because he chose to get by cheap, Eric died of multiple health complications that he couldn’t afford to have treated. Moral of the story: Pay your valuable workers enough to keep them healthy, for the unfed horse will continue to run as his rider directs him until he collapses and dies. And then it is too late to feed him properly, for he has died. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

2 thoughts on “California Governor Newsom ensures he gets his pay raise.”

  1. Dear Eric, I just wanted to say that I hope, if God is willing to take you home to Heaven tonight, that you remember all the souls you left behind that you and the Lord God could not save. I was always waiting for some justification from God for my life and for why Protestant Christians were even allowed to continue to live, thrive, or exist. I have tried very hard to deal with everything Life has brought my way. God has done well for you Eric. For me as well. But much in this life is not perfect and cannot be changed. I have often wanted to just leave here, give up the ghost, and die. However, I never have yet and I’m 61 years old. I have far outlived Eric in some ways here on Earth (if you can call those moments truly living). I HAVE prayed for you. I HAVE wished for your success. I HAVE asked for your forgiveness when I have wronged you by the things I have thought and said. I ask, even now, to be forgiven if I haven’t proven myself to be a person who cares about Eric. Anyhow, please write back to me before you leave. I know that I may never be all that Eric wants me to be, but hopefully I am loved by God enough and His Son Jesus Christ to be all of what He wants me to be. Thank you for taking your time to truly care about everyone here on Be happy Eric, Timothy Baugh.


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