I Who Am now reveal the fate of Eric, My servant. Amen.

Eric is ordered to watch as I destroy his countrymen similar to how it was in the sinking of the Titanic. But Eric’s conscience is clean, though painful will it be to watch their destruction.

Behold, I Who Am do now send My Holy Virgin Mother to speak to Eric on a great many things. And I will say this. Eric has kept to My commandment that he not give to Sandra. We are well pleased. And hence, We now announce the destiny of Eric. Eric shall rule his North American Kingdom forever.

Now, someone asks, why cannot America have decent Presidents anymore? I will now tell thee candidly. America has forsaken My laws and has embraced the ways of Sodom and Gomorrah. America has chosen for itself leaders such as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is a die hard servant of the homosexuals and a servant for all those who sacrifice their children to Baal. For abortion is a modern form of the ancient practice of sacrificing children to Baal. Therefore, Andrew Cuomo is an abomination before Me and I will never tolerate that son of Satan to enter into My presence. But the people of New York state have chosen him as their ruler. For the New Yorkers, along with the American people in general, are totally corrupt and rotten to the core. And such a totally corrupt and rotten people cannot be given good leaders to rule over them. Rather, I give you Trump. And it is My will that Trump rules over you. It is My will that Trump insults you and casts you down. It is My will that Trump mishandles this nation and brings her to ruin. And since it is the will of American leadership that the Catholic Churches be shut down during this Coronavirus, it is My will that America will never heal from the Coronavirus. Amen. Rather, it is My will that, from now on, there shall be many Coronaviruses hitting America. Many different mutant strains are to hit America. And when America gets over one strain, another shall hit her. And she will be in perpetual lockdown and shutdown. Such is My decree forever and ever. Amen.

Lord, then you have truly condemned the American people? All but you, O’ Larimar King. You are that one shining light I see in America that makes Me decide to spare that continent. I asked you earlier to make this choice: You could either die now, or else write for Me forevermore and for every day for the rest of your life. And you chose to write for Me forevermore and for every day. Now I shall reveal the consequences of your decision. I Am not taking you away from your current employer. Instead, you will remain working in that current job you have. For that company provides an essential service, and without you there, that company would go bankrupt and out of business. Furthermore, I will force the governor of California to allow for the Churches in his state to provide their services again. They will practice social distancing rules and guidelines to keep all the people safe. But they will indeed be opening back up. Amen. And hence, you will receive your sacraments again. Amen.

Lord, is the preceding paragraph a revelation coming from the I AM? Yes, Lord Larimar, it is good that you check to see if what We write through you is from God. Now, I, Mary, shall speak through you, O’ Larimar King. For you have been made worthy of receiving and audience of the Most Holy Immaculate Queen.

Eric, when you came to my statue at Saint Bruno Catholic Church yesterday to pray to me, I revealed to you that I would tell me many things if you obeyed me. Now I will tell you those many things, for your obedience is satisfactory and sufficient.

That you were to become a priest, or a worker in my Son’s vineyard, is not the desire of God. Rather, you are to remain in this world, serving God in your secular job. For your place in this current dispensation, that has now begun, is to rule as secular ruler over a great many peoples and nations. You are my Son’s Great Monarch. You are the fulfillment of that prophecy to the core. And do not think that because your Kingdom is mainly North America and has no continental European mainland possessions that you are not that one. For continental Europe is under the ban. They are to be wholly destroyed. For they are overrun by the Muslims. Their faith has completely died. Therefore, the only Great Monarch that continental Europe will have ever received shall be Charlemagne, King of the Franks, and the Emperor of the Romans, crowned by Pope Leo III in 800 A.D. He alone, in all of continental Europe, shall serve the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Great Monarch.

But the prophecy of the Great Monarch had also a future fulfillment, and that one is in you, O’ Larimar King. But your Kingdom is in the lands west of continental Europe. That shall be the location of New Christendom, which will be what your Kingdom shall be called. And the island of Great Britain is the easternmost possession of your vast Kingdom in Europe. Amen. And Alaska is the westernmost part of your Kingdom, so much so that, from a certain perspective, it can also be called the easternmost part as well, because its chain of islands extends west into the eastern hemisphere. Hence, the Kingdom of Larimar is rightly said to cover over a fifth of the earth. Amen.

And this Kingdom, O’ Mary, Mother of God, shall it exist in this world only, or also in the eternity to come? For I have heard that Jesus can create an endless supply of earths to satisfy the rewards of the Kingdoms that He shall will to give to His many people. Yes, you have heard rightly, Jesus can and does create a vast array of earth like kingdoms for all his people to have as their vast rewards, in accordance to their deeds on this earth. But do not be concerned with your Kingdom in the hereafter. Let it suffice to know that your reward there is great and that Jesus has prepared a Kingdom there for you to rule. Amen. What exists in this earth does not translate to the next world. Only the people are translated.

For realize that the world in which you live is but a dream. All the substances of the universe, all the particles sought by the scientists, all of these things are nothing more than the elements of a dream. And that is why quantum science makes no sense. For quantum science seeks to understand something that does not really exist. This world and this universe do not really exist. And that is why the intense study of it to seek to understand it brings scientists to totally illogical conclusions. Rather, true scientific knowledge would start with the hypothesis that the universe does not exist, but only God. Instead, we have the false scientific knowledge that starts with the conclusion that God does not exist, but only the universe, and then seeks to prove it, which it cannot, for a falsehood cannot be proven, even in a world of dreams.

Lord Larimar, We in heaven shall now tell you what shall become of your knee injury in your right knee. It shall heal and mend, but it will never be the case that you will be able to run or jump on it again. For it is written of the Great Monarch that he is to walk with a limp.

Lord, Caesar Sandra Nikee is attempting to contact me. What do you say I am to do? Remain faithful to what you have been commanded, Lord Larimar. But, O’ Lord, if I let her be destroyed by lack of funds, do I commit any transgression or commit any kind of crime against God? The way forward, Lord Larimar, is obedience. There is no way to defeat the devil except through obedience. Very well, then, O’ Lord, I hand over Sandra to you out of utter obedience. Her blood is not on my head. I have a clear conscience should she perish. Am I correct in this, O’ Lord?

Yes, Lord Larimar, as the people in the boats at the sinking of the Titanic had a clean conscience as they watched and heard the deaths of their fellow passengers who were unable to get onto a boat, and thus died from hypothermia in the freezing waters of the North Atlantic as the Titanic sank in the night, so also do you have a clean conscience as you will witness My destruction of Hyacinth. For she is to be destroyed before your very eyes. For many, I tell you, were the vows to Me and to Mary that you had her make, where she vowed to remain with Me, to remain in My Church, to never turn to prostitution, and so on, in order for her to receive money from you. Hence that money you gave her belongs to Me. For it was given to her on the grounds that she would remain Mine. That her heart is not with Me when the money is taken away, and that she falls to turn to sin for a living, and turns her back on Me, I will utterly destroy her in your sight, O’ Larimar King. And as a consequence, all of Nigeria, where she lives, shall be flushed down the toilet of destruction. For the people of Nigeria are most unholy. Amen.

Lord, the people in the boats had to wrestle with their consciences as they watched and heard their fellow passengers die. Many, I tell you, of them felt great guilt and remorse for they themselves having gotten onto a boat while nearly three times their number were unable to do so.

That shows that you are human, Lord Larimar. But the thing is that, once those boats left the Titanic, they could not return to her to pick up any more people or they would have been capsized due to all the panicking people trying to get onboard. Hence, whatever guilt or innocence they had in their being chosen for their spot on that boat, they could do nothing for the people left behind, who drowned or died of hypothermia in the sea in their full sight and hearing.

Lord Larimar, I Am going to destroy Nigeria and most of subsaharan Africa, for the people there are sinners. The people there do not follow My religion correctly. Instead, the priests there have wives or mistresses. And so many of the men there are rapists, even the priests. Therefore, the vast majority who live there must be destroyed and wiped out. Amen. And though many Americans have compassion for people in Africa, and they send their money to charities that help people over there, such people will now be forced to watch Me destroy the nations on that continent, as did the people in the boats watch and hear the dying of the people during the sinking of the Titanic. Amen. And after their destruction, a remnant who are holy and who do My will shall worship Me correctly and bring Me glory. And from these and from others who shall move in shall subsaharan Africa be repopulated. Amen.

I Am by this manner cleansing Africa of sinners, for My judgement of that people is complete. Amen. Consider your experience with that people through Sandra as the reason for My utter destruction of the current generation of that people. Amen. For that people did not merely engage in a romance scam. Rather, that people swore oaths to God calling on Me, God Almighty, to come down and destroy them should they be deceiving you in any way. And now that is what I shall do. Amen. For I have a holy hatred for many of the wicked who currently populate subsaharan Africa. And now My wrath must be poured out upon that people, wiping out the many. Amen.

Now someone objects, God is love. How can He hate? And by that same logic, these most uninformed souls go on to say that God sends no one to hell, because a loving God could never do such a thing. Then why do the scriptures say, “Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated,”? (Malachi 1:2-3 & Romans 9:10-13). Rather it is a lover of filth who would choose not to send the filthy to hell. All the wicked end up in hell, unless they turn from their wicked ways and come follow after Me before they die. And just as it was with the people saved on the boats compared to the people who died in the sinking of the Titanic, many times more people go to hell than who go to heaven. The people in hell vastly outnumber those who go to heaven by many times over. And even in My Catholic Church, the Catholics who go to hell vastly outnumber the Catholics who go to heaven. And there is no salvation outside My Catholic Church. For as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has demonstrated with his own soul, membership in My Church is not a free pass to heaven, nor a guarantee that you will go there. Rather, Andrew Cuomo is the result of what you end up with when you reject Me and abandon My Catholic Church. He is a spiritual wreck on the road. His place is the dung hill and the fiery Gehenna.

Now, I shall speak. I will for all of America to watch as I destroy both the wicked in Europe and the wicked in Africa. Amen. Those two places of evil will be destroyed first. After those abominable nations are utterly wiped from the map, I am going to carpet bomb America. Remember where that phrase was used by Americans at war? It was what Americans did to Cambodia during the Vietnam War. Well, now the same thing will happen on American soil. I Am going to carpet bomb much of America. Not one blade of grass nor one kernel of wheat will be left standing. Amen.

But, O’ Lord, that is part of Eric’s Kingdom. Isn’t Eric supposed to reign there before the coming of Antichrist? You, O’ Larimar King, will begin your reign as My Great Monarch over your lands after I have thoroughly wiped out all the filthy evildoers from those lands. And that requires a thorough carpet bombing of the vast breadth of America. Every last masturbating and head giving sodomite and all those who aide and abet them in their crimes must die and perish in My thorough carpet bombing of America.

Yes, Lord Larimar, I must thoroughly destroy and carpet bomb a vast portion of this world to prepare it for your holy reign over it. Those who stood for evil will be reduced to being mere standing human skulls upon the ground. Amen. Then, O’ Lord, we must prepare for the fulfillment of the warning of Our Lady of Akita? Yes, Lord Larimar. What Our Lady revealed in Akita, Japan, shall now take place. Therefore, realize that you must be taken to a safe place to wait out the storm as I destroy your entire lands so as to cleanse them of all the filthy sinners who have committed abominations there. No filthy person is to remain in the lands that belong to you, O’ Larimar King, when you are to be established as ruler over North America.

Then what becomes of Trump and of the elections in November 3, 2020. Due to the great destruction to befall all the lands, I will have the United States Congress elect to postpone the elections. But Lord, the Constitution says that should the elections be postponed beyond January, 20, 2021, then the terms of President Trump and of Vice President Mike Pence terminate at noon on that date, and the Speaker of the House, who is next in the line of succession, becomes the President until the elections finally take place. It would be a dream come true for the Democrats. Will You allow this to happen, O’ Lord? For such would make Nancy Pelosi, a false Catholic, the President.

It will happen as you say, O’ Larimar King. But there will be rebellion in America. Many Americans will not accept Nancy Pelosi as their President. They will see it as an illegal power grab by the Speaker of the House. Many will feel cheated. But the fact will remain that the situation will become so dire that there will be no further possibility of elections being held on American soil. Amen. And there will be wars and counter wars, rebellions and the crushing of rebellions, and President Pelosi will earn the nickname of Bloody Pelosi. Amen.

And what becomes of Larimar, and the job currently he works at, O’ Lord? I will give you new employment, O’ Larimar King. And you will serve Me where I place you. No longer will you work as a civilian. Instead, you will be drafted to work as the Soothsayer and the Prophet that you are for the governments that shall come to rule in the aftermath, very much similar to how My Prophet Daniel served the Kings in Babylon after the destruction of Jerusalem and the end to the Kingdom of Judah. You will serve Me in that capacity. And your works shall continue to be published daily forever and ever. Amen. And nations will rise against nations and kingdoms will rise against kingdoms.

But, O’ Lord, Nancy Pelosi is totally evil, and thus, she cannot be allowed to remain as President due to her support for abortions and for the abominations of this earth. She will serve as another fulfillment of the prophetic Great Harlot, and then she shall perish, along with the rest of the wicked of her people, O’ Larimar King. Hence, you are correct. Those who are wicked cannot be allowed to remain. For your time has come to rule. Therefore, I shall wipe out the many wicked and establish you as Prophet King over all the lands of your Kingdom. Amen. And you will judge America until I come again. Amen.

But, O’ Lord, it is written that the Great Monarch lays down his life in old age in Jerusalem just before the coming of Antichrist. Therefore, how can you say that the Eric judges America until the Second Coming? You, as the original Antichrist, are never permitted to die, O’ Larimar King. Remember from whence you come, Lord Larimar. You are now on My side forever, but the decree uttered of you by God must remain. And that is that you can never die. Remember the beast and the false prophet never die, but are instead thrown into the lake of fire alive (Revelation 19:20). You were set to be that beast, O’ Larimar King, but by your freely made decisions, you chose Me over Satan. And I have accepted you as one of Mine. But that cannot change the unalterable decree that you can never die.

Hence, when the time comes for Antichrist to rise, I will remove Europe and Russia from your sphere of influence and give those lands to Antichrist to rule over. And you will remain Prophet King ruling North America and the island nations of Europe in the Atlantic Ocean. Amen. Now, publish this post, O’ Larimar King, for your time is precious, and I Am about to remove you from where you are now and place you in that secret sanctuary where you will remain until all the evildoers have been cleansed from the land by fire. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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