Eric is set for battle

Did you know Eric also had a name as an Aircraft Carrier? It is the Kaliscarsis.

I Who Am AM pleased with Eric, My servant. Behold, Joe Biden is preparing to make the greatest decision, and the most profound error, of his candidacy. And that will be his choice for Vice President. He has already shot himself in the foot by promising to his constituencies that it would be a woman. That in itself already gives Joe Biden a weakened hand in his attempt to go against Trump. For Trump knows how to get women to do and say stupid things that will damage their bid for the Presidency. Trump knows how to get a woman off balance, and that is key in any power struggle.

Remember how Trump, together with the Russians, got Hillary Clinton to look like a total incompetent fool? And do not raise objections to Russian interference, without first practicing what you preach. Just look at all the efforts the then sitting President Barack Hussein Obama put into interfering in Israeli elections, and in trying to topple Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Obama is a man who simply cannot practice what he preaches.

Note this important point. Yitzhak Rabin was a Pawn of Emerald. Ehud Barak was a Pawn of Vesper. And Ariel Sharon was a Pawn of Twilight. But when Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated in the year 1995, some months after Eric’s Martyrdom Breakdown, Eric had the power to decide who would be the successor in the elections that were then called. He could have chosen for it to be Shimon Peres, who would have continued in the path of Rabin’s peace process and accelerated it, or he could have chosen for Benjamin Netanyahu to be chosen, who was more conservative and pro-Israel in the eyes of Christians. Instead, Eric wanted out, for Eric had gained wisdom. And so he leaned in neither candidate’s direction, with the intention of having the people decide who they would choose to lead Israel. Hence, he favored neither side and let it be that Israel would choose who would run her and take the responsibility for that choice and for that Ruler’s actions. And thus by the slimmest margins of any modern election, the people chose Benjamin Netanyahu. Hence, regard Netanyahu as not a Pawn of any Player, but the Israeli people’s choice. Is not this the case, O’ Lord? Answer Me, O’ Living Lord.

Eric, it is true that you did not choose the successor of Yitzhak Rabin, but decided to let the choice be made by the Israeli people. And that is how you exited Israeli politics without condemnation. But I tell you this Truth. There is a power behind Benjamin Netanyahu of which you know not. And it was the same power that had you convert to Christianity on the night you called for the Shas Party to join the coalition of Yitzhak Rabin, giving him a majority in the Knesset. Who is this power, O’ Lord and God? I Am Am that power, O’ Lord of North America. And hence, you now know by what power it was that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel defeated the sitting President Barack Hussein Obama of the United States. I Who Am defeated that Black ignoble prince. And all those many wicked people who continue to stand for and support that wicked one, the former President Obama, I Am going to floor.

Now I shall speak. Lord Larimar, what is your opinion? Is Caesar Sandra Nikee what she claims to be? Or is she a con-woman, seeking to milk you of your generosity, but is not really doing any of the good deeds she is claiming to be doing with the money you have sent her? I am doubting her stories, O’ Lord. And you know my only motivation for giving to her was that she was doing good deeds in her Catholic Church. Precisely, Lord Larimar. And yet, you know that she both deceives and lies. And you have said, O’ Larimar, that you could trust her enough to show charity to her, but not enough to marry her. That is correct, O’ Lord. I could never marry her. Good. But We have other plans for you that are better than any marriage could ever be. We will tell you of that later in this post.

For now, I Who Am Am giving you this order to test you. Do not give to Sandra. If you obey Us in this, then We, the elect in heaven, shall reveal your new destiny. Lord, is this command in effect forever or only for today? Did I insert any conditional to My commands, O’ Larimar? No. I issued My command as such: Thou shalt not give to Sandra. Just like the commands, Thou shalt not kill; Thou shalt not steal; Thou shalt not commit adultery; the commands I make are eternal, unless I specifically add a conditional to My Commands, such as in My command, forgive your brother not seven times, but seven times seventy, but My conditional to this is: You must purge the evil one from your midst. Hence, when I say, Forgive those who sin against you, I am not saying, let sinners commit sin and destroy society. Rather, I call you to judge and to cast out from your midst all that wicked rot that if allowed to remain in your Church or in your house would result in the whole barrel of apples becoming rotten.

In the same way, O’ Larimar King, you are holy. I do not permit people having unholy relations to live in the same house as you. Hence, your brother Mark and his wife can never stay in your house, for his marriage is not recognized by Me. Mark and his wife are, hence, unholy, and great evils are brought down upon the house that gives them shelter. Likewise a homosexual couple is just about as unholy as you can get. And hence, whoever allows a homosexual couple to live with them, that man who allows such evil will be as cursed as Joe Biden is, whose head is thrust deep into the burning pits of hell where untold agonies in the fires there are his eternal lot.

Yes, Joe Biden is a lover of homosexuals and of the homosexual way. He loves that evil and filth and he hates Me, Who Am God, with a passion. Don’t be fooled by the piety of the false Catholics. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is such a false Catholic that the Bishop has declared him to be excommunicated and that he should not present himself to the Church to receive communion. His brother, CNN’s Chris Cuomo, another false Catholic, drew a distinction between the Arizona law [that would have protected religious freedom] and Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic Church, who has refused to judge gays. “He’s saying forgive and he’s saying include.” Lord, what sayest Thou to these erroneous words uttered by a fallen leader?

I Who Am shall now judge and declare the Truth as it is really taught. The teaching by My Vicar, Pope Francis, that one must forgive sinners and include them, sins and all, is an abomination of the correct way to interpret My scriptures. I, the Lord, never taught that one must let the sinner sin. I do not call loving the sinner with his sins as loving God, but as loving Satan. Sin is evil and must be purged from your midst. This is a constant teaching throughout the Bible, from its beginning to its end. Nowhere in the scriptures do I condone sin or allow the toleration of it in the act of forgiving anyone. Even with the adulteress who was brought before Me for stoning, and I said of her, ‘Let he who is without sin cast the first stone,’ and after all the hypocrites had left, I did not say her, ‘Go now and sin all you want,’ but rather, ‘Go now and sin no more.’ (John 8:11).

It is, therefore, grossly Satanic to twist My mercy into a permission for men to commit sin. ‘Marriage is about love,’ insists false Catholic CNN’s Chris Cuomo. But this Chris Cuomo, as a false Catholic, has rejected love of God. Therefore, whatever this Chris Cuomo says about love, he is speaking of a concept that is foreign to him. In Chris Cuomo’s world, the love of God constitutes hate crimes, while the love of evil and filth are acts of true love in his eroded mentality. Just so you know, when you see Chris Cuomo with ashes on his forehead for Ash Wednesday, do not take that as a sign of a good and faithful Catholic, but rather, as an act of sacrilege done by a perverted and false Catholic who knows nothing about the correct practice of My religion, Catholicism. Ash Wednesday is for correctly practicing Catholics only. If you do not correctly follow Me, then do not partake in My sacraments and services, or else seek My priests to explain to you how to correctly follow Me. The man who is pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, or pro-artificial birth control is not correctly following Me and must not go up to receive communion or else he is consuming his own damnation. Amen. And any such Catholic who has a voice in this world to speak to the many, and he preaches in favor of abortions, or gay marriages, or artificial birth control, this man is not My Catholic, but Satan’s Catholic, and he must be purged from your midst. Amen.

Now, why can the Catholic Church never recognize a gay marriage, you ask? It is because of the core requirement that a marriage must be consummated to be validated sacramentally. And what is this consummation requirement? How is it fulfilled? Consummation of marriage requires vaginal intercourse. If a newlywed Catholic couple engage in oral sex, but not vaginal sex, their marriage is not yet consummated. And if they never engage in actual vaginal intercourse, but do everything else, either of the couple can ask the Church at any time to annul the marriage and they are given an automatic annulment. The Church declares that their marriage never happened. This annulment is not a divorce, but a declaration that the couple never did that legal requirement necessary to seal the marriage, which is vaginal intercourse.

Now as for two homosexual men, what can they do together? They can do oral sex, anal sex, and masturbation. So also are heterosexual couples capable of doing the same exact filth, but none of this qualifies for the requirement of vaginal intercourse to consummate a marriage. And without vaginal intercourse being done, the sacrament cannot be sealed. And if it is known that any couple is incapable of vaginal intercourse, then that couple can never validly marry. And Pope Francis can talk of mercy all he wants, but he can never get around that requirement that the Catholic Church requires absolutely that no marriage can be considered consummated without vaginal intercourse having been done in it.

Now, what does one need for a vaginal intercourse? A couple needs to have functional sexual organs of the opposite gender. Fake sexual organs by transgender operations make for fake vaginal intercourse, and fakes don’t meet the requirement. A fake sexual union, as in transgender unions, also results in a fake consummation and a fake marriage. If you wish for the marriage to be really recognized, you need a real man joined to real woman with both capable of real sex with one another.

Now, for the Supreme Court to argue that homosexuals have the right to marry and to have their marriages recognized by people providing services to heterosexual couples is a violation of common sense and a violation of the natural law. The Supreme Court is so wrong here that it is now permissible to reject the Supreme Court and the Judiciary of this nation as a body of lawlessness. It is permitted to violate United States law now because United States law violates God’s law. It is also permissible to violate the rulings of the Supreme Court and the Judiciary of this nation in recognition of their Satanic character. Hence, the requirement made by the House of Representatives that Trump obey laws and rules is outdated. The laws and the interpretations of the laws in the bodies of the courts are today Satanic, and therefore, there is no further requirement that they be obeyed.

That is why I allow President Donald John Trump to defiantly violate all laws, rules, statutes, and decrees of United States law and order. I allow for this to slap the Americans in the face. For all of you Americans who supported Obama, or gay marriage, or the killing unborn babies, all of you have defiantly violated My laws! And now you are angry when I set in place a President who violates your laws? You are outrageous. But just so that you will be rebuffed, I have sent My servant, Dragonfly, to destroy the political enemies of Trump, ensuring his victory in the November 3, 2020, elections. I know full well that Trump is a gross violator of law. I have put him in charge here so that you Americans see how I see your sins. How Trump appears to you, so also do you Americans appear to Me.

Be careful of this revelation. For I judge a man based on the same standard that he uses to judge others. That you condemn Trump, so also do I condemn you, by the same form of logic. Now, the sun is setting soon, and Eric must publish this by sunset.

Eric, there are important revelations that I must give you. You are not to marry. You know that now. But I have reserved for you a place to enter into My priesthood in the Catholic Church. Yes, you will be cured in all necessary things. But I will not remove that injury to your right knee, for it has been written that the Great Monarch will walk with a limp. Yes, you are that one.

As for your lack of French ancestry, realize that the original prophecy used the word ‘gaulish’, which was later translated to mean ‘French’. But the original meaning of ‘gaulish’ was ‘celtic’, which you have ample ancestry of. Your mother was born in Ireland, and her father was very Irish. It is by your mother’s Irish birth that you have an Irish Passport, and are a dual citizen of both Ireland and the United States. Regarding dual citizenship, Ted Cruz was a fool to give up his dual citizenship with Canada in his run for President. He should have waited until the primaries were settled. Lesson learned: Never let someone else dictate to you what moves you are to make. For whoever lets that happen is soundly defeated in all battles.

Now I shall speak. Mark, your brother, is now trying to get into the smartphone app making business. Do not follow him there, Lord Larimar. And do not agree to do any work for him. For he will never pay you. And his business ideas will be a flop. As for your current employment, realize that this is just a temporary job. I Am bringing you into the priesthood. And you will announce to your employer your termination some thirty days before you enter into My seminary. This is by order of God, so that no one can accuse the Catholic Church of stealing employees. For I more highly value your mind if it is put to work in My vineyard than for it to remain working to keep that business that barely pays you afloat. I have now fully spoken. You may ask your questions, and ask them fast, for the sun is nearly setting. Amen.

(1) Lord, do I remain a prophet and an oracle after I have received the cures? And do I remain such after I enter the Seminary? Or do I stop writing here at some point, as past prophecies have indicated? You are always under My strict obedience. If the Church orders you to stop writing here, then so also will I obey her and cease to call you to write here. In Religious Life, obedience is very important. And even diocesan priests are required to make the vow of obedience. And I tell you knowingly, you will be commanded to stop writing here at the moment you are sent to the priests to tell them of your vocation to be a priest. This I know and accept. Hence, it is true as you have said. I will cure you in the presence of at least one of My priests. And when that happens, you will no longer write here. Oracle of the Lord!

(2) Lord, will I be a rebel priest or a model, obedient priest, in the seminary and in my formation as a priest? The one who rebels commits the sin of pride. He has no place in My priesthood. His place is like where Andrew Cuomo is, outside My Church and headed for hell. As for you, Lord Larimar, I know that you are very obedient. You only rebel against something where the cause justifies the rebellion. In The Avengers, End Game, you would not have rebelled as Captain America did, who in the end, abandoned his calling to be a superhero in order to marry a girl. Instead, you keep to your calling and you serve Me.

Therefore, I now declare this. Eric will keep all the lands that were defined as his three posts ago. For he is declared as worthy. Hence, Eric is King of the following lands:

Kingdom of the Larimar, ruled by King Eric. And his lands include:

  1. the Contiguous United States of America
  2. Alaska
  3. Hawaii
  4. Canada
  5. Great Britain
  6. The Isle of Man
  7. Ireland
  8. the Shetland Islands
  9. the Orkney Islands
  10. the Outer Hebrides
  11. the Scilly Islands
  12. the Channel Islands
  13. Iceland
  14. Greenland
  15. Cuba
  16. Hispaniola
  17. Puerto Rico
  18. the United States Virgin Islands
  19. the British Virgin Islands
  20. Anguilla
  21. Montserrat
  22. Mexico
  23. Belize
  24. Jamaica
  25. the Cayman Islands
  26. the Lucayan Archipelago
  27. Bermuda
  28. Saint Pierre and Miquelon

And the official languages of this vast Kingdom shall include these seven:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Nahuatl
  5. Chinese (including Mandarin and Cantonese)
  6. Tagalog (including Filipino)
  7. Vietnamese

And all the lands thus declared as yours are now defined in an eternally established record. Amen. This list is now final. It can neither be added to nor taken away from. They are your eternal dominion, O’ Larimar King, O’ Honorable, Eternal Ruler over North America. Amen.

(3) Lord, does Eric live for many years to come, or does he go to the next world rather soon? The answer to that question cannot be answered without knowledge of the timing of the Second Coming being granted to you, which may never be revealed until I Come. But I promise you this. I will bring you through the process of becoming My priest. And you shall triumph and never be defeated, for you have Mary at your side always, and so also Me. Now I shall speak one last prophecy, and then this post will be concluded, for the sun has now set. Amen.

Eric, you cannot die until right before Antichrist is to come. And he is not the one you call Lucifer-Man. No, a much more deadly leader is to rise to power. But before he does, you will reign on this earth as the Great Monarch. And I will set into the Seat of Peter a holy pope. Also, let no girl ever seek marriage to My son, Eric. For Eric is inviolable. He cannot be touched by anyone with any sexual or romantic intention, for anyone who does so shall die. I have now fully spoken. This post is concluded. Amen.

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