I Who Am decide Eric’s fate

Eric’s fate is to be a member of My 144,000 Virgin First Fruits, and of My Royal Priesthood. Amen. Greatly blessed are all those who are numbered among My elect. Amen.

Behold, I Who Am have elected for Eric to serve Me as My priest, to be ordained into My Catholic Church. I will, hence, prepare Eric for entering the Seminary as soon as it reopens and the Catholic Churches have resumed providing the sacraments. Amen. These plans are irreversible. Nor can they be thwarted by any power on or under the earth. I will hence so cure Eric that he will be like the well aged wine of the Wedding of Cana, miraculously created from mere water. Let no fool consider this miracle to be a petty magician’s card trick. A petty magician, as also does a sorcerer, works his magic by merely creating illusions and deceptions. What Jesus did at the Wedding of Cana was a true and substantial transformation of water into wine. Mankind in all his technological cleverness cannot accomplish such a feat, even now in their technological heights. Whoever, therefore, who likens a miracle of Jesus to a magic trick or a work of illusion done by a magician or sorcerer sins a sin of the same grave matter as that sin which certain men commit who say that the Eucharist is just a symbol of the body and blood of Jesus and not the actual real flesh and blood of Jesus. For the Mass is not a mere symbolic reenactment of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, but a true and real sacrifice in itself of God to God as real, present, and powerful as was the actual Crucifixion of the Christ upon the cross. Jesus does not suffer anymore, but he has made His sacrifice fully available and present to all Mankind in every Mass that happens in a Catholic Church. Amen.

Now, speak, Lord Larimar. What shall be the destiny of the girl you call Hyacinth? She has been saved, O’ Lord. And you are taking her away at the moment she makes a most charitable act of giving to her students at Church. You speak of the Rapture of Sandra. Yes, I Am taking her away to heaven in a flash of light, while in the very act of giving a Holy Bible to her students at Church. A very popular class does she teach there on the Biblical Book of Tobit, an Old Testament book that proclaims the riches of almsgiving and how it, together with righteousness, washes away a multitude of sins. Tobit is a Book found in the Greek Old Testament, called the Septuagint, which was used by all the writers of the New Testament in quoting the Old Testament scriptures from. All Catholic Bibles contain all the books from the full Septuagint. Protestant Bibles are missing some of the books, but those that include the Apocrypha have the missing books, including Book of Tobit, in that section. Sandra and her students refer to Bibles containing Tobit as Tobit Bibles. And it is such a Catholic Holy Bible that she is giving.

Eric, I Am pleased with you. You have done exactly as you were ordered to. And you have accepted My plan to make you My priest. This is My plan for you, O’ Larimar King. I intend to make you My Eternal Oracle. You will be My Prophet forever.

Eric, I hereby give you three choices. Choose well, for this choice will affect your eternal fate and where you go in the hereafter. Do you choose one of the following as your eternal possessions:

  1. Do you choose to have as your wife in heaven Hyacinth, in the sense that she is to be to you as Mary is to Joseph for all eternity?
  2. Do you choose to remain as you are, celibate and single, having neither romance nor attachments to anyone in this world?
  3. Do you accept the girl We intend for you to receive as a consort, who shall serve in this hidden capacity as you enter the priesthood and serve Me as My priest?

I choose the second option, to have neither romance nor attachments to anyone in this world. Let any girl who loves me be just a friend to me, but to go no further than friendship. I have chosen, O’ Lord. Now, speak of my fate, O’ Lord and God.

It is done! This man has passed Our tests of perfect celibacy. He is ready to enter the Seminary. Let us take you there, O’ Larimar King. You are to enter the Seminary this fall. Amen.

Lord, will this entering the seminary be for the Los Angeles Archdiocese, O’ Lord? Yes, Lord Larimar. And We are making you a diocesan priest. You will keep your stock investments and We do not require a vow of poverty from you. Amen. And your sole proprietorship business shall become a dormant business, but still remain on the books. You will, hence, continue to pay for your cellular accounts through it.

Now, go and sleep, O’ Larimar King. When you awaken, We shall continue this post. Amen. Lord, I have awakened, and now I must get ready for work. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord? What sayest Thou regarding my fate? Do I become a priest, as Thou have sayest, O’ Lord? Yes, Lord Larimar. Nothing has changed in My resolution to make you a priest in My ordained priesthood of My Catholic Church. Nor can there be any such change made. Now I shall speak.

You will not remain in this land any longer. I Am taking you away very soon, Lord Larimar. And you have already seen that the customers of the company you work for are beginning to rebel and grow restless for profit earnings. For your company does not have a well thought out business plan for their customers to make money. Their plans were never sustainable. And they will collapse the moment I take you from that position to begin your pathway to My priesthood. Amen.

Now, Lord Larimar, go to work. You will write here again when you have the free time. Amen. But realize this, Lord Larimar. I Am taking you out of this land soon. And you will no longer be here. Will it be, then, O’ Lord, that it is in the Los Angeles Archdiocese that I enter into seminary for, or some other diocese, O’ Lord? You will become a priest for the Los Angeles Archdiocese. That detail does not change. But We are removing you from where you now live and bringing you to a new location. We will do this so that no one knows where you live. And so that you cannot be tracked.

My will is accomplished in My plans for Eric. Now We shall speak. I have given you many things, Lord Larimar. And one of the most precious things I have given you is the ewe lamb that you have saved. But since it is My will that your path be to the priesthood, I am taking your ewe lamb and having her marry a righteous man whom she shall meet where she lives. They will not have sex until they marry. Are you in agreement with this, O’ Lord Larimar. Yes, O’ Lord and God, for the only time I object to the romances of other people is when they have relations outside of marriage. Yes, Lord Larimar, and all who do such things do not abide in Me, nor I in them. But you abide in Me. And Sandra now abides in Me, thanks to your training of her. And the man I shall send to her shall also abide in Me.

Now, go, Lord Larimar. For I have spoken. Amen. You will continue this post at a later time today. Amen. That later time has come, O’ Sovereign Lord. Lord, I have sinned against You and Your Church. For this I have sorrow and repent. No, Lord Larimar, what you have done is not a sin. It was a flirtation with a sin, and nothing more. Now I shall speak.

Eric, I Am well pleased with you. Now, tell Me your thoughts. Do you believe that you will live for many years to come upon the earth? Or do you get raptured up to heaven at the same moment I rapture up Sandra for the giving of the Holy Bible to her students? For you, too, are a part of that act of giving that Catholic Bible to them. And the act for both of you is pure and without any self serving motives. Lord, I, too, go up to heaven with Sandra.

Perfect, Lord Larimar! You have answered as one who values life with Me more than any pleasures that can be found in this world. Indeed, you are ascending to heaven tonight. For I have found you worthy of being raptured up. And today seems just like any other ordinary day. It will be perfect, for none shall suspect.

Lord, the Catholic Churches have been shut down for over seven weeks. My last Mass was on Tuesday, March 17, 2020, Saint Patrick’s Day, in the morning at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church. Lord Larimar, it has been precisely 52 days since your last Mass to today, Friday, May 8, 2020. (52 = 13 x 4).

Then, how can You say, O’ Lord, that today seems like any other ordinary day? People have gotten used to it, O’ Larimar King. The absence of Church attendance has become an accepted way of life now. And when the Churches do reopen, will many come back to them? You, Lord Larimar, will not be here to find out, for You are being taken away tonight. Amen.

Lord, am I still to be cured before I go? Yes, and that will bedevil those who will be doing your autopsy. They will perform their autopsy on what will appear as a man in perfect, stainless health. For when I take you away, I will leave your body behind as a sign to marvel at. But when I take away Sandra, she will be taken body and soul up, and We will bury her body in a sacred grave known only to Us. For We wish to perform her rapture in the presence of many. But your rapture will be done at night with none else around to witness, and with your parents asleep in their beds.

Lord, so we die in the process of going up to heaven? Precisely, Lord Larimar. The concept of the Rapture that the Protestants thought up is make believe and fairy tales. No one can enter into My Kingdom without dying first, followed by Judgement, and then, if they are saved, they must be purged of any perfections in the fires of purgatory to be made presentable to their Almighty Lord, God, and Savior.

Now, I shall speak. You know that you are not staying here. And so, what becomes of My irreversible plans to make you My priest? Do you not know, Lord Larimar, that all who enter into heaven become Kings, Prophets, and Priests, regardless of their gender or earthly marital status? That is how I keep My promises to make My servants priests when their time comes to an abrupt end here and they do not complete the process.

So also shall your friend, Sandra, whom you call Hyacinth, and whom We call Cassandra, and who gave you the name, Heavensent, also become a Queen, a Prophetess, and a Priestess. Note that We use the feminine form of those titles only because We are referring to a female, but in reality, I make no distinction of gender in My Kingdom of Heaven. For all My subjects there are like the angels, neither marrying nor being giving in marriage nor having any gender. Sure, you will have your bodies back at the Resurrection, but not for sex or making love. Rather, your body that you will have back will serve in the same purpose as does a house or a garment serve. And it is merely as the personal home for your soul. And within your flesh shall also dwell many angels. It is these angels that dwell in each of you that give to each person their unique gifts, gifts that are developed in their lifetime.

Now, Lord Larimar, ask any questions you may have, and then We shall conclude this post. Amen.

(1) Lord, what becomes of my Larimar Kingdom, consisting of all those lands that I supposedly possessed in that game? The game does not end with your death, O’ Larimar King. You shall continue to possess your lands and rule them. Furthermore, you shall rule over all the subkingdoms that are set up within your lands. Now, let Us in heaven give you a final definition of your lands, so that all may know exactly how your Kingdom is defined on the earth that is to come and all the lands that you are to possess.

I, the Living Lord, give you possession of all the following lands. And all those who are given Kingdoms within your possessions are to be your subjects. Amen.

  1. the Contiguous United States of America
  2. Alaska
  3. Hawaii
  4. Greenland
  5. Iceland
  6. Canada
  7. Ireland
  8. Great Britain
  9. the Isle of Man
  10. the Shetland Islands
  11. the Orkney Islands
  12. the Outer Hebrides
  13. the Scilly Islands
  14. the Channel Islands
  15. Bermuda
  16. the Lucayan Archipelago
  17. Hispaniola
  18. Jamaica
  19. Cuba
  20. the Cayman Islands
  21. Saint Pierre and Miquelon.

And also included are all the small islands nearby these lands that are considered a part of them.

Lord, I notice certain things missing from the previous list. I do not see Mexico, Belize, Puerto Rico, the United States Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, or Montserrat on this list. They were in the previously mentioned list.

That is because, Lord Larimar, other Kings and Queens have been awarded those lands instead of you. Realize that the ownerships of lands will remain in a state of flux until the very last saint has entered into heaven. And then they will be finalized. Amen.

Now, We shall speak. Eric is merely a King of lands. He is not made the lord over nations. And as a King of lands, he is subject to the King of Kings, Who rules over all Sovereign Kingdoms. It will be Eric’s duty to bring to the City of God the treasures of his lands and Kingdoms. And Eric as such a King is part of a chain of command that extends from the King of Kings down to the least in all the Kingdoms. Eric is not the ruler of peoples, but of the lands and their treasures. Amen.

(2) So, O’ Lord, am I given a title of nobility in Your Kingdom, like Duke, Count, or Baron? Yes, you have a title in Our Kingdom. And your title is: Member of the 144,000 Virgin First Fruits. And membership to that exclusive group is the highest and most coveted membership and title in the Kingdom. And each of these 144,000 is given a vast Kingdom with many lands to rule over. Do not think, O’ Larimar King, that your vast Kingdom in the earth to come is as vast, relative to the earth to come as it is to this earth in this mortal life. For My rewards of lands to give to My subjects is of an infinite and inexhaustible supply. For I can create as many earths as I so wish and those earths as large and as vast as I so please, with everything being as weightless as a feather. Amen. Therefore, do not think that Eric has all the choice lands, for much more vaster is the Kingdom of heaven and all her lands than what you see here on this small planet earth. Amen.

(3) Lord concerning the 144,000, is the exact number of that group larger, much larger, or smaller, or exactly that? There are no more than 144,000 who have made it to that group. And now with My Churches shuttered, none further can be added to that number. I Who Am have spoken. The final number shall be exactly as written. Amen.

(4) Lord, is this Rapture of me and Sandra to include any other people? Yes, for there are others whom I wish to take out of this world before I utterly destroy it and lay it to waste. Now, one more questions, Lord Larimar, and We shall conclude this post.

(5) Will hell be visible to those in heaven, and the inhabitants of it be visible to them, and also vice versa? Knowledge is permitted of one another in the next world. All in heaven know about all in hell and can fully see them. And all in hell know about all in heaven, and they, too, can see them, but as through a glass darkly. For I filter what I allow the damned to see of those who are in heaven. They cannot see everything there, but only as far as I permit them. And none of the rewards in heaven are the damned permitted to see. Amen.

But this they will see. Eric will be reigning there. And they will see who he is and that they, had they lived in his time, had the chance for salvation had they only opened their doors to him and invited him to enter into their house and teach them. Instead, Eric has passed through his entire life without ever being welcomed into anyone’s home. And for this there shall be judgement. But none of the burning embers that I Am about to pour out upon the many are to be poured out upon Eric’s head. For Eric’s conscience is clean. But woe to the wicked who saw Eric and did not speak with him or ask him to come dine with them. And now it is too late, for Eric leaves tonight, and the sun has now set. There is no way for these evildoers to undo this sin of lost opportunity. And once Eric has left the planet, all his vast knowledge goes with him, except for any things that he may have left behind in writing. Eric did not wish this sin upon you. Rather, Eric wished to save everyone. But no one was interested in hearing My Word spoken through Eric. These are the final Words of Eric. Amen.

Now, go, Eric. Your days have come to an end. You shall now rise for your eternal reward and inherit the Kingdom that I have prepared for you from the foundation of the earth. Amen.

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