Joe Biden’s Campaign to Implode with VP Pick

Here we have a picture of Joe Biden with the woman, Tara Reade, who alleges he sexually assaulted her. Look at his sinister, shifty eyes, and look at Tara’s innocent expression, full of hope. She does not yet know, in this picture, what this man will do to her when alone.

I Who Am do now speak through Eric, My servant. Given his sexual predatory history, Joe Biden’s strategic mistake was to promise that he would choose a woman as his running mate. For any woman chosen for this task will now be thus forced to drink from the poisoned chalice of both standing for women to be heard who have been sexually assaulted, and then, at the same time, standing for this woman not to be heard. And what is important is that this woman’s charges are both credible and gaining more and more corroborating evidence daily. Even David Axelrod, chief strategist for Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns, has said, “Had any credible issue [such as the allegations from Tara Reade] been raised, you can be sure Biden would not have been the nominee. Obama would not have tolerated it, even if he and Biden were close then, which they were not.” Hence, by this statement, David Axelrod already indicates that he would have found Joe Biden unsuitable for high office, such as the Presidency or Vice Presidency, given these credible allegations that have now come to light against the former Vice President of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and that are continuing to mount and gain in both credibility and corroborating evidence each day.

We saw a similar thing back in the day when Bill Cosby was a popular and famous stand-up comedian and the star of the Cosby Show. He was highly admired and one of those rare good seeming role models for young black men. And yet, he had a dark past of sexual assault that finally came to light against him when his many women victims finally came forward with numerous claims of drug-facilitated sexual assaults. Despite the statute of limitations applying to most of the charges, Bill Crosby was nevertheless convicted as a sex offender and is now serving time in a state prison. Furthermore, he was forced to settle out of court for defamation charges filed by seven women whom he had accused of lying against him in their allegations against him. But Bill Cosby, like Joe Biden, continues to maintain his innocence, but does anyone really believe either of them? I, Eric, actually personally met Bill Cosby while jogging in the track at UCLA in the spring of 1989, and we shook hands. Back then, I also believed he was a great guy. I, too, was profoundly disappointed when these allegations first came to light against Bill Cosby decades later, and at first I, too, believed Bill Cosby’s denial of the whole affair. And while there was only one woman accusing him, I believed she must be lying. But then when the accusations started to mount from many women with credible reputations coming out against Bill Cosby, I had to deeply think about, what if they are true? Was that very pleasant seeming man I shook hands with back in 1989 really an insidious rapist inside? Or was Bill Cosby being framed by some diabolic organization seeking to swat him down? But as I looked at the women bringing charges against him, and I closely analyzed these women’s reputations and histories and all the evidence assembled against him, I realized that this was not part of some sinister dark plot designed to take down this Black man, but rather that Bill Cosby must have done the crimes. The preponderance of the evidence was against him.

Let’s just face it. Some people are just bad seeds. And some of these bad seeds are very good at hiding their great evil. Just as Bill Cosby’s evil should not reflect on all Black men, neither should Joe Biden’s evil reflect against all men in general. But to fight this evil, it must be harshly confronted whenever and wherever it is found. We cannot hide the evil, or not talk about it, and think that by doing that, that it will go away. Such was the grave mistake made by the former leadership of the Catholic Church bishops, and they are still paying the price for it today. Lord, what sayest Thou regarding all the charges of sex abuse that were leveled, many very justified, against many Catholic priests, who have since been removed from their positions under a new zero tolerance policy for sexual abuse?

I, the Lord God, shall now speak. Yes, many were those pedophile priests who hid behind the cloth and who partook in the homosexual molestation of young boys. The vast majority of the offenses were done by homosexual men who should never have been allowed to become priests. For My priesthood is not a vocation for sexually disordered men. And homosexuality is a severe sexual disorder that predisposes certain men to commit crimes against young boys. Rather, My priesthood is to be a vocation for superiorly disciplined men, men who have full sexual control over their bodies and who are successful at practicing total sexual continence. If a man cannot control himself sexually, if he is a man who is prone to masturbation, then that is the clear indication that he is just not cut out for the priesthood. Do not think that by never having married or by never having had sex with a woman that that in itself qualifies you for the priesthood. If a man burns for sex, he cannot be My priest. If a man has homosexual desires, then the priesthood is not for him. That is why the bishops gravely sinned by allowing all that homosexuality that they did to enter into the seminaries back then. A man of high moral principles would have weeded out all such men with such sexual disorders when found in any part of the process of the formation of My priests. Also, the culture of not talking about sex and its disorders was the prime reason why these sexual sins remained hidden for so long. In today’s culture, these things do not remain hidden anymore but are talked about. Such sins are no longer kept hidden. They come out, and lawsuits are filed. And the only defense My Catholic Churches have now are that they do the right thing the moment any such allegation comes to light. A zero tolerance policy is now in effect.

But there is an inherit danger in the zero tolerance policy in that the assumption may be that the accuser is telling the truth before the evidence is gathered and analyzed. Such was how the sexual assault allegation against Judge Brett Kavanaugh was handled. It seemed that many women assumed that the accuser was telling the truth solely on the basis that the accuser was a woman bringing forth charges of sexual assault. That is not good enough. I expect better of women put in high places for making judgements. You never assume guilt when charges are first filed! First you look at the evidence, and see what the evidence suggests. In the case of the lone accuser against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, there was no corroborating evidence, only her word, which is, by itself, insufficient evidence. Judging whether someone is telling the truth or not has nothing to do with your feelings or emotions about that person. There is no such thing as an infallible human lie detector. So don’t claim to be one. Feelings and emotions do not belong in a determination of the validity or invalidity of testimony. Instead, you look at the claims made in the testimony and see if they match with any corroborating evidence. What you do is you take sworn testimonies and you cross examine them to seek for either inconsistencies or validations of fact. If a falsehood is determined in the testimony of any witness, that is a very powerful reason to throw out that witness’ entire testimony as untrustworthy. It is not about whether or not you like the testifier as a person, or that he or she seems to be lovable or admirable. If the words of the testifier contradict known facts, that testimony is tainted with falsehood and is probably therefore useless. A person caught telling lies in her accusation of sexual assault is also probably lying about the assault as well. And liars can be both very lovable and very deceptive. Just look at Bill Cosby. He fooled millions of people, and he was revered as one of the great Black icons of society. Now he is a sex offender doing time in prison. Therefore, the women were very wrong to assume the accuser against Judge Brett Kavanaugh was telling the truth. Instead the evidenced that was accumulated supported the conclusion that Judge Brett Kavanaugh was wrongfully accused. There was no corroborating evidence whatsoever that justified the accuser’s claim. You cannot judge a book by its cover. I saw this clearly and such was the root of my decision to not let this man’s confirmation to the Supreme Court be rejected because of the false testimony brought against him. So I prayed rosaries to the Virgin Mary for her to let him be confirmed. And the Virgin Mary, who is a woman, sided with Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

So, O’ Lord, what judgement do you have for the women who automatically believe the accuser of sexual offenses without first acquiring circumstantial evidence? That Tara Reade was relieved of her duties after she complained is such circumstantial evidence that backs up her claim. This is corroborated by several witnesses who worked with her and who knew her back then and who witnessed her sudden removal from her position. Also, when a woman is abused, she usually confides these things with other women who are close to her. And thus, we have many women who Tara Reade did confide the assault to coming forth to validate her claims, even women who currently support Joe Biden and who still plan to vote for him, though not without severely conflicted consciences. Even her late mother’s voice is on record as to having called into Larry King Live to ask for advice for what to do about an alleged assault that a senator did to her daughter, and that she was fired when she complained. It is only a matter of time before the FBI prove that the voice on that recording really is that of Tara Reade’s mother. Therefore, these accusations are not something that were fabricated in the past few months by the Trump campaign to spring out against Joe Biden and slap mud on him. No, these are allegations that have roots and evidence going back decades. The mud now being slapped onto Joe Biden is justified and supported by a large and growing body of corroborating evidence.

What is sick about all of this is Joe Biden’s direct and knowing lie that he didn’t do it. When you lie and you are caught lying, your political career is over. If you cannot be trusted by the people to tell them the truth, then they cannot trust in you and vote to make you their President. Joe Biden’s mistake was to flat out deny the allegations, because they were true. Perhaps he thought that it would only be a matter of her words against his words. He didn’t count on all the other evidence coming out. And Tara Reade is not the only woman who is accusing Joe Biden of unwanted sexual advances and sexual harassment. Many are accusing the former Vice President of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, of unwanted touching.

Lord, I believe that this is an issue that is only magnified by Joe Biden’s outright denial that it happened. For when a man starts down the road of lying to get out of a fix, that lie only grows and grows until it is as plain as the nose on his face. Joe Biden will be oozing with black tar all over him come election day. He will have a collapsed and ruined campaign, which will basically go by this argument: “Vote for this liar and sexual predator because I will give you what you want: abortions on demand, handouts to Black people, a Black liberal woman on the Supreme Court. Obamacare rebooted, homosexual rights over heterosexuals. What do you have to lose?”

Lord, what are your orders for me? What do you command me to do? Will you show me a vision of the girl I am to marry, O’ Lord? For how else can I truly know what she looks like before I meet her? Eric, tell Me this. It is your preference to serve Me as a priest in My priesthood, or to marry a girl, settle down, and raise a family? Since You, O’ Lord have asked for my preference, I will plainly give it. I would very much like to become a priest. I know I am disqualified. My sweaty hands alone disqualify me. But I also know all my disqualifications you can heal and cure. And if I couldn’t become a priest, I would still prefer the celibate, virgin life over the married life. And it is not just because it is the easier and higher road. It is because I belong to that road now. I cannot go back to the married path. There is no path for me to take a wife. I am celibate, O’ Lord. That is who I am. Any romance I could enter into would be forced. And I would not be in it, but rather, as just a spectator of that life. I cannot marry, O’ Lord. But what do you say? For I am a man bound to do as you command of me.

Then it is clear, O’ Larimar King, that you are meant for the celibate and virgin vocations. We do not require you to become a priest. Nor do We require you to enter into any form of Religious Life. Instead, you may remain in your current employment.

Very well, O’ Lord. Now what becomes of Hyacinth? For that is a girl who seeks marriage with me and believes that You are going to arrange it. But I now know this can never happen. But what becomes of her, O’ Lord?

She dies, O’ Larimar King. We have need of her in heaven. But you will remain on the earth, for through you We have much work that We wish to do.

But Lord, Hyacinth did serve a purpose, and that was to pray for me. Who will pray for me when she is taken away?

Good, Lord Larimar. You have recognized a Truth. No one gets into My Kingdom on their own. Everyone who wishes to be saved needs the prayers of another to get himself into My Kingdom. No one is saved by themselves. By your mutual love and prayers for each other, you and Hyacinth advanced greatly and brought salvation to one another in the process.

I will give you another soul to pray for you and for you to do good works for. This shall be the one of whom it was spoken: The Wizard King and his wife shall never be parted. Amen. You will marry her in Avalon, on Santa Catalina Island, in a sacramental marriage, but one in which the intention is to remain as Joseph and Mary were, never consummating the marriage. Saint Therese of Lisieux’s parents tried to live this virgin ideal in their marriage, but they were not sufficiently developed to maintain their pure state, and so their priest advised them to have sex rather than to burn. You and your wife will successfully maintain the pure state. Hence, you shall marry her, but never know lust or sexual desire ever again. In the past you had such emotions, but the touch of Mary’s foot on your head in early December, 1996, has served to cleanse you from the head down. Mary could only have touched someone if they were destined to become perfectly purified and joined to a spouse in perfect eternal virginity, as she was joined to Saint Joseph. Amen. Hence, you are now a spiritual descendant of Mary by her touch of her foot on your head, and by the spiritual, cleansing affect that had on your soul.

Now, one last thing I wish to say to you. You are now the prophesied son that you were to sire. All the prophecies that were meant to be fulfilled by your prophesied son will now be fulfilled in you. And this is the mandate that I now lay upon your shoulders. You must not let the City of God in your nation fall.

Lord, does that mean that I stand with Firefly against Joe Biden and any other Pawn that is sent by Lucifer-Man? Joe Biden is a defused threat. He is like a Mastodon sinking in the tar pit and covered with saber-toothed cats digging their teeth deep into his flesh and drawing out blood, tearing up his flesh, and eating him alive. He is now being disposed of by his dirty past having caught up with him. His campaign is now in tatters. The Democrats have no hope in defeating Trump unless they can get Joe Biden to agree to step down and let someone else have a shot at the Democratic Convention. But Joe Biden, being Joe Biden, will not step down, for this is now his whole career at stake. If he resigns now, that means to everyone that he is acknowledging his guilt in the shameful crime, and making himself out to be the liar. How does he then face his wife and kids? No, he will prefer to deny this to the end and be defeated at the elections than to admit his sexual sins and face a world of ridicule. Also, he will likely try to pull a Donald Trump act in this, but that tactic will also fail him. Biden is not going to fall on his sword for the sake of the Democratic Party.

How then do you command me to keep the City of God in my nation from falling, O’ Lord? You are to be America’s spiritual leader and backbone. Eric will be put into his Castle in Ireland at the appointed time. You will dwell there spiritually while you continue to live where you live now. And therefore, if you prove meritorious and keep yourself virgin and pure, as you are now, and this state proves stable and permanent, I will bless America in your name. The following lands belonging to your Kingdom shall be blessed with success and good times to come because of your triumph and perseverance into perfect and unbreakable purity:

Kingdom of the Larimar, ruled by King Eric. And his lands include:

  1. the Contiguous United States of America
  2. Alaska
  3. Hawaii
  4. Canada
  5. the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  6. The Isle of Man
  7. the Republic of Ireland
  8. Iceland
  9. Greenland
  10. Cuba
  11. Haiti, of Hispaniola
  12. the Dominican Republic, of Hispaniola
  13. Puerto Rico
  14. the United States Virgin Islands
  15. the British Virgin Islands
  16. Anguilla
  17. Montserrat
  18. Mexico
  19. Belize
  20. Jamaica
  21. the Cayman Islands
  22. the Bahamas
  23. Turks and Caicos Islands
  24. Bermuda
  25. Saint Pierre and Miquelon

That is great, O’ Lord! And what about the Roman Catholic Church, O’ Lord? I have chosen Cardinal Christoph Schönborn to be the one to succeed Pope Francis. He will take the papal name of Pope John XXIV. And he shall lead My people back into correct conformance to My will in all that My Church requires for man to be saved.

Now, Go, Lord Larimar, and publish this post. Then eat your breakfast and go to work. And know that you shall receive spiritually the one We have elected to become your wife in perfect perpetual and eternal virginity, on this Mother’s Day. Amen. Whosoever hears these Words, let this be the sign that they are from God. I will reopen My Catholic Churches this May 15th, 2020. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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