I Am placing Eric into the Fortress of Ireland to remain until I Come.

To the Fortress in Ireland Am I taking Larimar, and there he shall wed Hyacinth. Amen.

Behold, Eric has merited to not be taken from this world at the time when his 1260 days expire from the point at which he was anointed as My Prophet on Sunday, July 23, 2017. For he has shown mercy to My servant Hyacinth. And he has resisted all attempts by Satan to get him to accept marriage to a girl. Hence, I have decided to place Eric in a fortress, together with Caesar Sandra Nikee, whom We call Cassandra, and to whom Eric has given the name, Hyacinth, and who to Eric has given the name, Heavensent. And there they will live as brother and sister, and as two unmarried monarchs serving Me, until I come. And there they will reign together over the earth, conquering the wicked and defending the good.

And now, since Hyacinth is restored to Eric’s friendship, what becomes of her Kingdom of Ireland? She is established forever as one of the Monarchs who rule their Kingdom under King Eric as a subkingdom of the Kingdom of Larimar. Hence, let us now fully define the Kingdom of Larimar and all its subkingdoms so far defined, along with various known changes to the other Kingdoms. Amen.

(1) Kingdom of Larimar, ruled by King Eric. And his Kingdom is composed of the following lands and territories upon the earth:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. the Contiguous United States of America
  4. Belize
  5. the Dominican Republic
  6. the Bahamas
  7. Turks and Caicos Islands
  8. Bermuda
  9. Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  10. the Republic of Ireland
  11. Northern Ireland
  12. the Isle of Man

And the official set of languages for this Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French

Subkingdoms of the Kingdom of Larimar:

1: Kingdom of Tekakwitha, ruled by Queen Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, Lily of the Mohawks. And her subkingdom includes the following lands:

  1. Quebec, Province of Canada
  2. Ontario, Province of Canada

And the official languages of this subkingdom include:

  1. French
  2. English
  3. Cree
  4. Ojibway
  5. Oji‑Cree
  6. Montagnais (Innu)
  7. Atikamekw
  8. Inuktitut
  9. Mohawk

2: Kingdom of Ireland, ruled by Queen Hyacinth. And her subkingdom includes the following lands:

  1. the Republic of Ireland
  2. Northern Ireland
  3. the Isle of Man

And her list of official languages for her subkingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Irish Gaelic
  3. Manx

3: Kingdom of the Dominican Republic, ruled by Queen Elin. And her subkingdom includes the following lands:

  1. the Dominican Republic

And her list of official languages for her subkingdom include:

  1. Spanish

4: Kingdom of American Aztlan, ruled by Queen Ester. And her subkingdom under King Eric includes the following lands:

  1. California
  2. Arizona
  3. New Mexico
  4. Texas
  5. Colorado
  6. Nevada
  7. Utah
  8. Oregon
  9. southern Washington State

And her list of official languages for her subkingdom includes:

  1. Spanish
  2. English
  3. Nahuatl

Queen Ester also rules as sovereign Queen over the Kingdom of Aztlan, as detailed below:

(2) Kingdom of Aztlan, ruled by Queen Ester. And her Kingdom includes the following lands:

  1. Mexico (excluding the Yucatan Peninsula)

And her list of official languages includes:

  1. Spanish
  2. English
  3. Nahuatl

Queen Ester also rules a large territory of lands in a subkingdom of Larimar, called the Kingdom of American Aztlan. Amen.

(3) Kingdom of Central America, ruled by King Jadeite. And his eternal lands include:

  1. the Yucatan Peninsula (from Mexico)
  2. Guatamala
  3. El Salvador
  4. Honduras
  5. Nicaragua
  6. Costa Rica

And his list of official languages in his eternal kingdom include:

  1. Spanish.

SubKingdoms of the Kingdom of Central America:

1: Kingdom of Yucatan Mexico, ruled by Queen Alexandria. And her eternal lands of her subkingdom include:

  1. the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico

And her list of official languages of her subkingdom include:

  1. Spanish

(12) Kingdom of West Africa, ruled by King Congo. And his eternal kingdom includes the following lands:

  1. Senegal
  2. Guinea Bissau
  3. Guinea
  4. Sierra Leone
  5. Liberia
  6. Cote D’Ivoire
  7. Burkina Faso
  8. Ghana
  9. Togo
  10. Benin
  11. Nigeria
  12. Central African Republic
  13. Cameroon
  14. Equatorial Guinea
  15. Sao Toma and Principe
  16. Gabon
  17. Congo
  18. The Democratic Republic of Congo

And the official languages of his kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Hausa
  4. Yoruba
  5. Igbo
  6. Fulani
  7. Swahili

Subkingdoms of the Kingdom of West Africa:

1: Kingdom of Nigeria, ruled by Queen Lobelia. And her eternal lands of her subkingdom include the following:

  1. Nigeria

And her list of official languages in her subkingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Yoruba
  3. Igbo
  4. Hausa

(21) Kingdom of Great Britain, ruled by King Charles. And his lands of his eternal Kingdom include:

  1. England
  2. Scotland
  3. Wales
  4. the Outer Hebrides
  5. the Orkney Islands
  6. the Shetland Islands
  7. the Channel Islands
  8. the Scilly Islands
  9. Ascension Island
  10. Saint Helena
  11. Tristan da Cunha
  12. South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands

And the official languages of his Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Welsh
  3. Scottish Gaelic

SubKingdoms of the Kingdom of Great Britain:

1: Kingdom of Scotland, ruled by Queen Anne. And the eternal lands of her subkingdom include the following:

  1. Scotland
  2. the Outer Hebrides
  3. the Orkney Islands
  4. the Shetland Islands

And her list of official languages of her subkingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Scottish Gaelic
  3. Scots

Such now suffices to detail all the major changes to the Kingdoms as have been made known to the Larimar King. Hence, the full details to all the unchanged Kingdoms shall not be reiterated here at this time. Now we shall list the entire summary of all 51 of these Sovereign Kingdoms together with all their known subkingdoms.

There are now a total of 51 Sovereign Kingdoms. (51 = 17 x 3):

  1. Kingdom of Larimar, ruled by King Eric
    1: Kingdom of Tekakwitha, ruled by Queen Saint Kateri Tekakwitha
    2: Kingdom of Ireland, ruled by Queen Hyacinth
    3: Kingdom of the Dominican Republic, ruled by Queen Elin
    4: Kingdom of American Aztlan, ruled by Queen Ester
  2. Kingdom of Aztlan, ruled by Queen Ester
  3. Kingdom of Central America, ruled by King Jadeite
    1: Kingdom of Yucatan Mexico, ruled by Queen Alexandria
  4. Kingdom of Ecuador and Columbia, ruled by King Theobroma and Queen Esmeralda
  5. Kingdom of Southern Spanish South America, ruled by King Oro Peruano and Queen Kantutu
  6. Kingdom of Argentina and Uruguay, ruled by Queen Erythrina
  7. Kingdom of Portuguese and French Latin America, ruled by King Cacau and Queen Awara
  8. Kingdom of Suriname and Cape Verde, ruled by King Puma and Queen Margarida
  9. Kingdom of the Eastern West Indies, ruled by King Ibis and Queen Isabela
  10. Kingdom of Venezuela, ruled by Queen Orinoco
  11. Kingdom of Cuba and Jamaica, ruled by King Coffee and Queen Jemima
  12. Kingdom of West Africa, ruled by King Congo
    1: Kingdom of Nigeria, ruled by Queen Lobelia
  13. Kingdom of Southern Africa, ruled by King Ferro and Queen Sinethemba
  14. Kingdom of Volkstaat, ruled by King Ivory and Queen Porcelain
  15. Kingdom of Madagascar, ruled by Queen Poinciana
  16. Kingdom of Wakanda, ruled by King Mithril Silver and Queen Choeblack
  17. Kingdom of Ethiopic Sheba, ruled by King Turaco
  18. Kingdom of Coptic Egypt, ruled by King Ankh
  19. Kingdom of Northwestern Africa, ruled by King Sahara
  20. Kingdom of Iberia, ruled by King Azul and Queen Estrella
  21. Kingdom of Great Britain, ruled by King Charles
    1: Kingdom of Scotland, ruled by Queen Anne
  22. Kingdom of Greenland and Iceland, ruled by King Krone and Queen Snowflake
  23. Kingdom of Nordic Europe, ruled by King Hoth and Queen Ice
  24. Kingdom of Central European Slavs, ruled by King Aurelian and Queen Oksana
  25. Kingdom of Europa and Western Russia, ruled by King Chrism and Queen Camomile
  26. Kingdom of Italy and Hungary, ruled by King Turul and Queen Regina Angelium
  27. Kingdom of Balkans, ruled by King Macedon and Queen Vespera
  28. Kingdom of Armenia, ruled by Queen Maria
  29. Kingdom of Israel, ruled by King Nathanael
  30. Kingdom of Persia, ruled by Queen Esther
  31. Kingdom of Arabia, ruled by Queen Sal’m
  32. Kingdom of Pakistan, ruled by Queen Luna
  33. Kingdom of Afghanistan and Central Asia, ruled by King Caliph
  34. Kingdom of India, ruled by Queen Ebony
  35. Kingdom of Himalayas, ruled by King Raven and Queen Danphe
  36. Kingdom of Burma and Siam, ruled by King Padauk and Queen Chang
  37. Kingdom of Indochina and Taiwan, ruled by King Tian-Cai and Queen Lotus
  38. Kingdom of China, ruled by King Silkworm
  39. Kingdom of Siberia, ruled by King Genghis
  40. Kingdom of Korea and Japan, ruled by King Jade and Queen Nacre
  41. Kingdom of the Philippines, ruled by Queen Jasmine
  42. Kingdom of Polynesia, ruled by King Pounamu and Queen Moana
  43. Kingdom of Australia, ruled by King Dromedary
  44. Kingdom of East Timor, ruled by King Atauro
  45. Kingdom of Papua New Guinea, ruled over by King Raggiana
  46. Kingdom of Indonesia, ruled by King Komodo
  47. Kingdom of Malaysia, ruled by Queen Papaya
  48. Kingdom of Singapore, ruled by Queen Sirili
  49. Kingdom of Sri Lanka, ruled by Queen Lily
  50. Kingdom of Mauritius, ruled by Queen Torchetia
  51. Kingdom of the Maldives, ruled by Queen Polyantha

These 51 Sovereign Kingdoms are ruled by 72 Sovereign Rulers consisting of 36 Kings and 36 Queens. Of the 51 Kingdoms, 21 are now ruled by an espoused couple and 30 are ruled by solo Monarchs. And 4 of the Kingdoms show the presence of subkingdoms, ruled over by a total of zero Kings and 7 Queens over the various subkingdoms. Counted fully together, there are now total of 78 listed Rulers. (Note that Queen Ester is both a Sovereign Queen and the Queen of a subkingdom) Amen.

Lord, King Eric’s Kingdom is vastly greater in size than all the other Kingdoms of the Earth. Is this due to the fact that it is through Eric that we obtain knowledge of the Kingdoms? Rather, it is because I found pleasure in Eric because he gave to My angel disguised as a homeless Black man back in the year 2017 when I sent my angel to test the generosity of the Americans to obtain cause to destroy that nation. It is because of that deed, followed by many afterwards, that I elected to place Eric as King over all of the North American lands of the United States and Canada. But I stop there. I do not place Eric as ruler over all the world, nor over the entire continent. He was given more lands in various places, but his main holdings are the continental United States of America and Canada. And although United States President Trump wants to take possession Greenland, America will not obtain it, for it is firmly in the possession of Europe, and they well know its future value. Amen.

Now, O’ Lord, this game now reflects the future division of the Russian Federation along the Ural Mountains, with the eastern portion becoming the State of Siberia, and exiting Eric’s sphere of influence. And the western portion will retain the name of Russia, and its capital in Moscow, and their Veto wielding Seat in the United Nations, providing that they agree to the recognition of the full statehood of Siberia. Note that western Russia, or European Russia, will be much smaller in size than its neighbor state of Siberia. And by its small relative size, the European Union will become open to this smaller, western Russia to joining their trade bloc. And so also will NATO form a new inclusive relationship with the new western Russia into its military alliance. This smaller western Russia will also in fact elect to retain the names of both Russia and the Russian Federation as its official names.

In this new smaller western Russia, the military junta who shall rule this new Russian state will seek to make peace with Ukraine, giving back everything in exchange for a permanent lease to the military port of Sevastopol, with guarantees that supplies will never again be cut to that port city. And a battle weary Ukraine, weighing its options, will elect to permanently lease away that military port in exchange for getting back all of Crimea, all of eastern Ukraine, and a steady, guaranteed supply of cheap gas as payment for its permanent lease of Sevastopol to Russia.

Now, let’s speak of the Islamification of Europe. Europe is dying from Islamic invasions. But Lord, with the Catholic Churches in permanent shutdown, how can anyone remedy this situation? Did I not say, O’ Larimar King, that the gates of the Netherworld will never prevail against the Church I have founded on Peter, My first pope? (Matthew 16:18). And have I not told you that you are to be taken, together with your permanent celibate friend, Hyacinth, to dwell together as brother and sister in a fortress I will place you in, where you shall reign and rule as King and Queen until I Come again? Yes, Lord. Do please elaborate. For I am most intrigued. And I believe all that You say, O’ Sovereign Lord. Good, Lord Larimar. And now I shall tell you your fate. The fortress of which I speak is located in Ireland. In previous posts it was called the Castle in Ireland. You thought then that it was a coded secret message referring to a secret location I was not yet revealing. Now I reveal that this fortress is indeed located in Ireland. Amen. Both you and Hyacinth shall indeed be taken there by angel flight, not by airplane. And there the two of you shall dwell and reign together, both maintaining perfect virgin celibacy, until I Come again.

For We are in the End Times. And a man only has the life inside him that he received in past communions he partook in in a state of grace. For those who received Me, the communions they received serve as a continual source of eternal life forever upwelling new living waters to water their garden and to quench their spiritual thirst. But as for those who never received Me, or who received Me unworthily, these are as in a parched desert with no water to quench their thirst. All of those will die in the desert. But, O’ Lord Larimar, I will not completely cut off the sacraments from you. A priest will be sent to your Parish where your Fortress in Ireland is located. And he will periodically hear confessions and provide a Mass with communion. But no one who is outside the Catholic Church will find a way to enter in at this time.

That is why you are so blessed, O’ Larimar King. For it was you, and no other, who led Hyacinth to enter into My Catholic Church. Originally the motivation was for a possible future marriage, but We knew your real intentions. You sought for this friend of yours to be saved. That is why you spent money to buy her a dress to go to receive her sacraments in. For she was ashamed to go in her rags. And you so valued her salvation, that you did what was necessary so that she would not feel ashamed to go and be initiated into My Catholic Church. So fancy was the dress that she wore there that the other parishioners wondered from what rich income does this girl have that she can afford to dress so finely? This is comparable to the wine produced at the Wedding of Cana. The people at the wedding wondered from what rich income does this couple have that they can purchase a wine so fine as this that they were now drinking. Good, Lord Larimar. You did what you had to do to ensure the salvation of this girl. Little did you realize that within three years time, all the Catholic Churches would be shuttered and all entrances would be barred. Blessed, therefore, were those who entered in before the doors were shut. And most blessed are those who led them there and who brought them into My Catholic Church while the doors were open. For I declare this, I, the Lord God: Whosoever brought a lamb, either from the ewes or the rams, into My Catholic Church successfully before the doors of the Church were shut, and that soul was saved, that one who led that soul to salvation will not fail to receive the Crown of a Judge in My Kingdom and be seated with Me on his or her own throne judging the twelve tribes of Israel and all those who were born and died within the Catholic Church. Amen. Now, Lord Larimar, take your seat at My right hand, for you are found worthy to judge. For today, you gave mercy to Hyacinth. She is now assured of her salvation because you continued to care for her. So judge the following issues:

Case 1: Barack Hussein Obama is still idolized by many of the African America race, even by those who consider themselves worshipers and followers of Me, the Lord Jesus Christ. If they are against abortion, they refuse to see Obama’s support of abortion as a mark against him, but continue to revere him as one of their own, the first brother to become President of the United States of America. What should I do with this people, O’ Larimar, King? For I am now preparing to slaughter their fathers, to have their mothers raped, to enslave their children, and to let their infants and babies die, starving on the streets. But what sayest thou, O’ Judge Eric. For I shall now listen to you and obey your judgement. Do I strike this people, or do I spare them? Judge now. Everyone of them who knowingly supports Obama, knowing of or having heard of his transgressions, let them be struck as You have judged, O’ Lord and God. But as for those Blacks who unlawfully supported Obama in pure ignorance to his crimes, let them be given knowledge of his crimes first, before they are destroyed, lest an innocent Black man be included with the guilty parties that are condemned. And if such an innocent Black man reconsiders his past support of Obama upon gaining such knowledge, and he rejects Obama because of the evil of Obama he has now become aware of, let that Black man be spared. Let not even the hair on his head be touched by Your blade of judgement, O’ Lord and Judge of all Mankind. Amen.

Lord Larimar, your judgement is sound and good. I will proceed to slaughter the African American race right after I remove you and Hyacinth from your places in this world to bring you to the Fortress in Ireland. Amen. Then I will proceed to execute the plan I have told you about against all the African American people, with the exceptions that you have judged that I should spare. Oracle of the Lord. Amen.

Case 2: The Chinese people are being blamed by many for the COVID-19 virus having originated in China, and having been possibly a virus created in a laboratory that got out of control, either by negligence, or by an act of malevolent biological warfare. And thus, much hatred is now being directed against innocent Chinese nationals in the United States of America, as though culpability for the virus and its affects is shared among all the people from the country of origin. I Am about to do to those who make such hypocritical and unjust judgements exactly what they intended to be done against My innocent Chinese people whom they have wrongfully blamed for what they had no responsibility for. I do not ask you, Lord Larimar, whether I should spare or strike this unjust people who have made such hypocritical judgements, but only in regards to the depth of the punishment that I shall inflict. And note that the judgements you are about to make will inflict more damage on Trump’s supporters than upon Trump himself, for it is the people, not their King, who I elect destroy for the crimes of their King. (2 Samuel 24:17, or in Bibles with four books of Kings, 2 Kings 24:17). So tell Me, O’ Larimar King, I shall strike these hypocritical Americans who persecute the innocent Chinese in which of the following ways? Choose which of these three options you elect for Me to carry out, and I shall accomplish it as you have so judged. Amen.

  1. I will kill all the unborn of these Americans, and those that I do not kill, I will severely mutilate and render deformed. And these Americans’ reproductive systems will only produce deformed offspring from that point onward.
  2. Or will I destroy America’s staff of bread so that America is rendered as a starving, third world nation, similar to how the poor people starve in Africa. And you have seen the swollen bellies of the African children. Do I make the bellies of the American children look similar?
  3. Or do I destroy America’s military defenses and render her weak and vulnerable to any foreign power who would choose to invade. If I do this, then a small nation such as North Korea could successfully invade America and sack Los Angeles City in California, in addition to taking over Hawaii as its naval possession. Amen.

I have now given you three options of punishment for the Americans who did evil to the innocent Chinese in your midst. You must now choose one among these three. I give you no other option. And I give you the power to make this choice, for I have made you Judge, O’ Larimar King.

I choose number 1, O’ Lord. I choose for the unborn of all the Americans who share in this guilt to have dead or deformed offspring from now on, O’ Lord and God. Good, Lord Larimar. By your choice, America will remain the strong nation that she is. And of those Americans who share in this guilt, no longer will they be able to bear viable offspring. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Case 3: Your family and your people still have much wealth to their names. I have this question, Lord Larimar. Do I destroy the wealth of all your family and relatives who have abandoned Me, but let them live in their newfound poverty? Or do I slaughter all your family and transfer what remains of their wealth to you and whatever surviving heirs I will to spare. If you choose that, realize that this wealth that remains will be viable, but small. Or do I selectively kill only those of all your family and people who have been the most guilty and spare only those who I judge still have a chance to come back to Me, should they be allowed to live. Note that by this third choice, My destruction of all properties will be as a random finger of death. By this third choice, I do not guarantee to anyone that his house or vehicles will survive the deadly fire that descends upon all of America.

I choose for the third option, O’ Lord. For I will that You slay only those who are most guilty, but that You let live all those who have a chance to come back to You. And as for the destruction of property, let your random finger of fate destroy all that it will. Amen.

Perfect, Lord Larimar. And now I shall prophesy your fate. For I have a most glorious future in store for you, both here on the earth and in the hereafter. Now, listen to Me!

I Am placing you into the Fortress of Ireland. There you shall remain. And it shall be regarded that the island itself is your Fortress. And within an actual fortress there shall you dwell. You shall have access to the sacraments regularly, about once a week. But I do not guarantee every Sunday, for this is a time of want. And few will be the priests that can go around.

Lord, I am willing to be made a priest. For behold, I am not of the married path, and never will be again. If I am made a priest, I could serve You and make up for the short supply that you will have for priests. Correct, Lord Larimar. For once I cure you, I will have that option, which you have fully given to Me, of calling you into My priesthood. Amen. And since you are an actual passport bearing citizen of Ireland, due to your mother having been born there, there is in fact justification for you to be made a priest serving Me in the diocese where I will station you in Ireland. I like this option, for it gives Me freedom as to where to place you.

Good. I will make My choice and reveal it to you on the night I take you to the fortress in Ireland. Note that the calling of a man to the priesthood is not something for that man to decide, but rather, for him to discern. I Am the decider, not the man. And I will reveal My decisions at the appointed time. Amen. Just note that you are going to be cured of all your ailments and conditions that now disqualify you for My priesthood. So do not think that you would not be qualified for My priesthood, for you shall be cured of all those things. Amen.

Continue to tell me of my glorious fate both here and hereafter, please, O’ Lord. The girl you saved will be a constant supply of glory for you. For you have truly saved a soul for heaven. That is why We do not wish to take you to heaven just yet. We, rather, wish to see the fruits of this tree that you saved as you and her are both planted into the same garden. Realize the significance of that vow you asked her to make, that she vow to be celibate and virgin like you, for you to continue to help her, for you could no longer be as a husband to her. Well, she has vowed this to both Me and to My Mother Mary. And she made this decision a while ago, which she promised to God and to Mary, that if she could not marry you, O’ Larimar King, that she would remain virgin and celibate for heaven. Much fruit is to be borne from this vow and promise. And that is why she and you are to continue to live. You will not be taken to heaven when I destroy America. Rather, you are to be taken to the Fortress of Ireland, together with this girl you have saved. And there you and Hyacinth shall live as a brother and sister until I Come again. And both of you are now set as permanently celibate and virgin souls. And I will protect her virginity and your virginity like the apples of My eyes. Let no one make a mistake. Anyone who messes with either of these two virgins will have hell to pay, literally.

Hence, you two will live out your lives in relative safety in Ireland. And what about the rest of Europe? And what about North America? Does something bad happen to all those lands? Why else, O’ Larimar King, would I plan to remove you from your land where you have lived for nearly fifty years, unless it is because I plan to destroy it, and I don’t want you destroyed with it? Realize that the lands where you live are about to be destroyed. Everything, except for a few industries and the companies that serve them, will be destroyed. Whole towns will be rendered depopulated. And many will be the poor with no way out. I Am bringing about this chastisement upon this people, the Americans, because they have been unfaithful to Me. They have enshrined homosexual marriages. They have accused those who stand with Me of hate speech and hate crimes. And they have embraced the culture of death, from the womb to the old age home. Now, they shall pay for their sins with fire falling from the sky. And this falling of fire does not come without prior warning and notice. For I revealed all that I was about to do in the Apparition of Our Lady of Akita, which was approved by the Catholic Church.

As Our Lady of Akita warned, the destruction I Am about to do shall be worse than the Great Flood of Noah. But, there will be many who shall survive, but many, I tell you, shall also die, or be put to the sword. And whoever the beast captures who refuses his mark he shall slay. And whoever accepts his mark shall be permanently lost. Amen. Lord, will there by a recovery from the chastisement described by the prophecies of Our Lady of Akita? And if so, will there come to be a new and holy pope upon the Throne of Peter, O’ Lord and God?

Now, I shall speak a prophecy that you have not heard before, but one that will come to pass in your lifetime, and that you shall witness. I Am bringing an end to My Catholic Church. With the exception of a few scattered priests, the Catholic Church will be utterly ruined and laid to waste. Amen. You alone will survive among your family and extended family as a Catholic. But will I restore the Catholic Church after this utter ruin has passed, you ask? Without Apostolic Succession, how can a pope be selected, Lord Larimar? Will there be any bishops or cardinals who shall survive, O’ Lord? I have chosen who shall live and who shall perish. Those who shall live shall muster the authority to declare the next pope, and he will anoint all those to be made bishops and replenish the Catholic Church with her cardinals. And there will be at least one valid Bishop to pass on the authority of Apostolic Succession validly upon this new pope with the laying on of hands. For the gates of the netherworld will never prevail against My Church that I have built upon Peter, My first pope, who laid down his life for Me in Rome, where the Vatican sits, but not on any of the historical seven hills of Rome. (Matthew 16:18). Amen.

Your job, through all of this, O’ Eric, is to write My Word and to record what I command you to say. The stories in newspapers and news websites will perish. But My Word through you shall persist. Amen. And I have made you an Oracle of the Lord for Life. You will serve as Prophet par Excellence both here and hereafter. Amen.

Now, if you are to be snatched away to the Fortress of Ireland, along with Hyacinth as your companion there, what service do I expect from you to serve for the salvation of the soul of Firefly, the Player behind President Donald John Trump, you ask? Under your new name of Dragonfly, you will lay to waste the campaign of Joe Biden, and his bid for the Presidency will become a lost cause. For a man caught putting his finger up a woman’s vagina, with all the world looking at that dirty laundry, cannot win the Presidency in the United States of America. Joe Biden would have been better off to have been seen going to a brothel where he could make the claim that he actually paid the women to allow him to do those filthy acts to them. But now with his complete denial of his wrongdoing, the accusations against him will only grow louder and more intense until his whole Presidential campaign is utterly ruined. Women will feel ashamed to be seen going to the polling place to cast a vote for Joe Biden.

But Lord, since Eric does not die, will he not be left alive to spiritually take his stand with Firefly in opposition to Lucifer-Man? Will they not, by standing together, be able to prevent Lucifer-Man’s take over of the United States and prevent his slaying of Trump and Pence, by which his false Catholic servant, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, would have then taken over the White House, as a matter of Constitutional order of succession? There will be no take over of the White House by the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Rather, Lucifer-Man will fall back and regroup, and seek another avenue to topple the Trump Administration. For Lucifer-Man will know that he cannot defeat the combination of two Players standing against him. So he will bide his time. But throughout the rest of the world, you will witness the rising of the Pawns of Lucifer-Man, replacing many of the current Heads-of-States, for he is the first Player to reign under a Satan freed from the abyss.

Now, We shall speak one last prophecy for this post, O’ Larimar King, that you must know. I Am Coming soon. The world has years, but not centuries left. In the natural lifespan I give to you, O’ Larimar King, so also shall I Come again to usher in My Parousia. I Am coming back while you and Hyacinth live together as brother and sister in the Fortress of Ireland. And this will be the sign of My Coming. The fig tree will be blooming in Israel. I have now said everything that I willed to say in this post. Reread this entire post, Lord Larimar. And if you have any questions after you have read and corrected everything, you may ask them, and I shall answer every one of your questions. Amen. And then you shall submit this post. Amen.

Lord, explain the reward You specify by saying that You will give to the victor the morning star? (Revelation 2:26-28) And later, you specify that You Yourself are the bright morning star (Revelation 22:16). What do you mean by this reward, O’ Lord, for I see that the planet Venus is now prominently in the western sky after sunset.

I Am giving you the planet Venus, Lord Larimar, as your reward for doing My will precisely as I have commanded you. Venus will be terraformed and given a large celestial moon to create around her a protective magnetic field. Then you, together with Hyacinth as your bride, and several other mating pairs of Catholic couples, will serve as the founding colony of humans on that planet. And We will transport those human pairs, whom We have chosen, to go to Venus by an interplanetary angel powered flight in a vessel designed by God for a one-way, one-time interplanetary passage. That is how it will be said of your descendants that they will be more numerous than those of Abraham. Amen.

Lord, what domesticated or wild plants, animals, fungi, and other organisms will Man take with him on this journey to found a whole new founder population of organisms, both wild and tame? For each and every domesticated animal and plant, I will have you arrange for the procurement of seven mating pairs, along with enough food to last them for one year. And what of all the wild species, who are key components of the ecosystems found upon the earth. If Man has failed to domesticate it or to successfully breed it in captivity, you shall leave it behind. Otherwise, you will take seven mating pairs of that species, breed, or kind, along with enough food to feed them for a year. Hence, though the fox is wild and undomesticated, there is a fox of the species Vulpes vulpes that has been bred to behave and look similar to a domesticated dog in Russia as part of a long term experiment in domestication. Seven good mating pairs of that domesticated strain of Silver Fox will be purchased to go on this supernatural expedition to found a colony on the planet Venus. Amen.

Of deer, you shall take seven pairs of reindeer that have been domesticated in Europe. And seven mating pairs of each species of domesticated Camel, both the one humped dromedaries and the two humped bactrians, shall be taken. And seven mating pairs each of the various different but useful kinds and breeds of domesticated cattle will be taken. Of horses, there will be seven pairs of each useful breed taken. And there will be taken seven pairs of each of the various useful kinds and breeds of donkeys. Also, seven pairs of each useful kind and breed of goat and sheep shall be taken. And among cats and dogs, seven pairs of each useful kind or breed among them shall also be taken.

There are several kinds of bats that have been domesticated, and seven pairs from each such species will be taken, along with a years supply of food to feed them. And seven pairs of each species and kind of reptile and amphibian that can be successfully bred in captivity will be taken. However, there shall be no saltwater oceans on Venus, but only narrow rivers and small lakes and ponds. Hence, for water life, We shall limit you to take with you only freshwater species of fish and aquatic lifeforms that can be successfully bred in freshwater aquariums. Amen.

Of birds, I will have you take seven mating pairs of all such species that can be bred in captivity and of all kinds that are domesticated. This includes the Ostrich, the Rhea, the Emu, and the various breeds of turkeys, chickens, geese, ducks, swans, and quails used for food. One species of hummingbird can be bred with some success in captivity, which is called, Amazilia amazilia, and thus seven such breeding pairs of that humming bird species will be taken. And from all kinds and breeds of pet birds that can be successfully bred in captivity, seven mating pairs will be taken, along with one year’s supply of food for them.

Of all kinds of animals called clean foods as described in the Book of Moses, there shall be taken onboard seven mating pairs of each such useful breed for the purpose of producing food on Venus. Furthermore, there shall be an abundance of crickets taken (Leviticus 11:22), which shall be bred in numerous amounts, both on the ship and on Venus, to supply the humans onboard with their needs for protein in the long passage to Venus and during their gradual process of inseminating Venus with living organisms in the attempt to establish life on the planet. Hence, the people headed for Venus will live like John the Baptist, who subsisted on locusts and honey for his food needs. (Matthew 3:4). Hence, you know that honey bees will also be taken, and not just seven hives but many, enough to satisfy the food and pollination needs of many onboard animals that eat honey and the flowering plants that need pollination by bees. So also shall the silkworm be taken, along with a means of growing Mulberry trees to feed them fresh Mulberry leaves. Silkworms, along with crickets, will be bred in abundance on the ship to feed many of the animals onboard that require insects to eat. And the silk produced from their cocoons will be used to make fine clothes and to serve in the many purposes silk is useful for. Also, flies that produce maggots that eat just the dead flesh will be taken to clean up dead carcasses and to serve as an effective cure to gangrene. And ants will be taken to serve as the ultimate cleanup crews for any spilt foods gone to waste.

All plants and fungi that can be grown domestically, and that could serve for a viable purpose for Mankind on Venus, will be taken in both seed or spore form, and also in live form. All kinds of timber trees will be taken in both their young form and as seeds. And all kinds of fruiting and flowering trees and plants that Man can grow will be taken, in both seed form and in live forms. And all forms of edible mushrooms and fungi will be taken, both in their live forms and as dormant spores. And all kinds of ferns, fern trees, mosses, and other lower plants that Man can breed will be taken, both in their live forms and in their dormant spore stage.

Now I have spoken at length. Basically, Eric is like a new Noah, and he will assemble all such creatures into his Ark, one that is built by God, and that will then depart with all the inhabitants onboard to the planet Venus. Of course, Venus will be sufficiently terraformed by God and his angels before Eric sets foot on the Planet. For before Eric can breathe the Venetian air, it must be seeded with green algae and Oxygen producing organisms so that there is Oxygen present in the atmosphere for humans to successfully respire. And water must be made present on Venus enough to effect precipitation. And the content of the air must be changed to remove all poisonous gases that would kill earthly life breathing it. All this will be accomplished on the journey of Eric’s ship to Venus, in accordance to the plans of God.

Now, what human beings will be selected for this great voyage to the bright morning star, the planet Venus, you ask? Only pure mated pairs of human beings will be taken. There will be no attempt to preserve any particular race, ethnic group, or people from the earth, as all the descendants of these founding human couples will interbreed as one gene pool and produce a founder effect on the colonized planet. Hence, there will be no social classes nor any caste system that dictates which person one can marry or which person one cannot. Furthermore, the new pope in Rome, who will arise before this ship departs from the earth, will give the people onboard his special blessing, and allow for this special exemption to exist for all Religious Life on the Planet Venus, and it is this: Those who are to be given the rank of bishop or priest on this voyage and in this tenuous colony, due to the fact that it will be cut off from being reliably resupplied by the earth, and will be in constant dire danger of dying out or experiencing an extinction event at any given moment in the early stages of the colonization, such bishops and priests on Venus will be granted the option to marry once, before they receive the sacrament of Holy Orders, and to have offspring on the planet with their one wife for all their life together. But at the coming of the fiftieth generation of human life on the planet, measured by the average length of age that Venetians are when they have children, after that fiftieth generation comes, all new bishops must take a vow of celibacy and be selected only from the unmarried or widowed men. However, those who are of the rank of priest may be still allowed to marry, in accordance to the choice of discipline enacted by the Venetian Council of Bishops. But any marriage granted to a Religious can only happen once, and must take place before they make they make their vows to enter Religious life or receive the sacrament of Holy Orders. Amen. And all new bishops will be chosen by a council of bishops from a list of candidates that has met the approval of the pope in Rome, in the same way that Eastern Rite Catholic Churches validly anoint new bishops. For the primacy of the pope in Rome will be preserved on the planet Venus. I Who Am have spoken.

Now, Eric, ask one follow up question, and We will call it a night. Amen. What is our stay in the Fortress of Ireland to serve between our being taken there and our departure to Venus, O’ Lord? And around what time or date can I expect to be taken to the Fortress of Ireland? Your purpose of being in the Fortress of Ireland is to prophesy to My people from there and to prepare those who are to enter into this modern Noah’s Ark, and to make them ready for it. I will tell you whom I have chosen when you and Hyacinth arrive at the Fortress in Ireland. And there you will remain until I send My angel to fetch you from there, together with Hyacinth, to board this Ark. Amen.

As for the timing of these two events, I will now detail these to you. Your departure from California to be taken by angel flight to the Fortress in Ireland will take place before this month ends. As to your departure from the Fortress of Ireland to Venus, that will take place some forty years from the date you arrive in Ireland. And yes, you will be thus 89 years old then, going on 90, when you are sent to rule on Venus. And I will tell you a secret. You will not look or feel a day older than how you look and feel now. For one of the cures that I will bless both you and Hyacinth with when I take you from your lands and place you into the Fortress of Ireland is that your bodies will no longer age nor decay. Amen.

And I will elect for you to marry Hyacinth by June of this year. It will be done in heaven and ratified upon the earth in the place where I will you and Hyacinth to live. Amen. Now publish this work, O’ Larimar King. And do you wish to see a sign by which you may know that these Words shall be fulfilled? I shall now give thee this sign. Hyacinth shall be cured of her illness this day. And her Church shall reopen where she is and will not close down again before she is taken from the land. As for the Catholic Church where you are currently living, expect to be taken from this land to your place in Ireland before you see a Mass again. Amen.

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