Eric stands with Firefly

Two Players, Dragonfly and Firefly, now guard America from the circling wolves.

Behold, the battle lines are drawn. Lucifer-Man has chosen to set his Pawns to rise in nations in opposition to the United States, for he has acknowledged that he cannot defeat America while two Players are united there against him and his powers.

So, O’ Lord, I take it that the Trump/Pence ticket will soundly defeat the Biden/Harris ticket? Yes, and that pick of Kamala Harris will seal the doom of Joe Biden’s bid for the White House. For Kamala Harris will be that exact angry Black woman that everyone hates and doesn’t ever want to see as their President should the elected President die. Kamala Harris is the hypocrite writ large. And what better way to defeat this sexual predator of women than by having an angry Black woman on his ticket as his running mate who has already severely criticized Joe Biden when running against him in the primaries. The Truths that she argued against his candidacy shall then come to light again, going against anything she says now as his running mate. She will thus be portrayed as inconsistent, and as a woman who does not stand by her own word.

Furthermore, Joe Biden has leveled some serious charges against Kamala Harris during the primary battles. These include Kamala Harris’ endorsement of prison labor which targets Black people, when she served as prosecutor and attorney general in California. It was Kamala Harris who pushed back against a federal order to expand an early parole program, arguing that it would deplete their stock of prison labor, especially inmates who fight wildfires. In other words, as a service to her country, Kamala Harris has been tough on Black people, not on crime. And when it was clear that a certain Black inmate, Kevin Cooper, who was on death row, was proven to be innocent by DNA testing, Kamala Harris continued to insist that he die, until a New York Times article exposed the case. Hence, Kamala Harris is just that kind of evil, treacherous woman that matches well with the sex predator Joe Biden. Let them both get onto the same disgusting Democratic ticket and be defeated together, with plenty of smelly mud slapped onto both of their slimy faces in this year’s very turbulent election campaign process. They will go down like the devil and his she-devil that they are. Amen.

Lord, will Joe Biden choose Kamala Harris as his running mate? I tell you truthfully, the woman he ultimately chooses will doom his ticket. Amen. For Joe Biden did not do himself any political favors by promising to women that his running mate would be a woman. Consider how it would have looked had a leading candidate made the promise that his running mate would be Black. Hence, it never makes sense to promise that the running mate you will elect to run with you will belong to a particular race, color, gender, or religion. It just doesn’t lend credibility to you as a strategic thinker. Rather, the correctly thinking man first seeks the most ideal candidate who adds the greatest value to his ticket. Then, secondly, he considers that candidate’s race, color, gender, and religion. Joe Biden has done the reverse. He has ruled out all qualified men. Hence, in the process, he has doomed his ticket. For if the voters wanted a woman, they would have elected one in the primaries. They only wanted someone who could beat Trump. And that someone they had believed would have the necessary capability of taking on Trump seemed in their minds to be a man with a male running mate. Also having a female on the ticket is historically a bad move to make for anyone seeking the Presidency. It so far has never worked, but has doomed otherwise good candidates, like war hero John McCain running against an inexperienced Barack Obama. John McCain lost for this reason only: He chose Sarah Palin as his running mate. Many, I tell you, who would have voted for John McCain didn’t do so because they did not want to risk a future with Sarah Palin as the President should John McCain have died in office. And whatever woman Joe Biden chooses, she too, the voters won’t want to see in office as President.

But what if Joe Biden chooses one of the former Democratic First Ladies, like Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton? As we have seen time and time again, Hillary is not Bill Clinton and lacks his magic. Likewise so also is Michelle Obama not Barack Obama, and she too, lacks his magic. Neither of them will add to the ticket. And both of them carry with them bad baggage that would turn off plenty of voters. Amen.

So what is Joe Biden to do, O’ Lord? He is to face his defeat. The Player Dragonfly will help bring this about, and also ensure the ruin of Joe Biden’s bid for the Presidency. For Dragonfly is a most potent weapon to wield. It was he, through his prayers to the Virgin Mary, who got Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmed to the Supreme Court. And it was by his election that Anita Hill’s testimony not be used to reject Clarence Thomas’ confirmation to the Supreme Court on the Biblical grounds that two witnesses, not just one by herself, are necessary to bring charges against a man’s good name. Clarence Thomas was confirmed to the Supreme Court under the reign of Emerald, the primary Player of the game called, Earth. Emerald later converted to Christianity in July of 1992, and then entered into full communion in the Catholic Church on March 30, 2002, and has been thus in communion with the Catholic Church for 18 years. Emerald’s real name is Eric Robert Dunstan. The name of Emerald, Eric gave to himself. The name of Larimar, God gave to Eric. And the name of Dragonfly is given to Eric in his alliance with Firefly, the power behind Donald John Trump. Amen. Hence, let us state all the Players who have reigned so far in the game called Earth:

  1. Emerald, set up Gorbachev in USSR; reigned through Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush in USA, set up de Klerk in South Africa, set up Yeltsin in Russia and strategically ended the Soviet Empire, set up Rabin in Israel and, while in the completion of that very act, converted to Christianity, and then his powers began to rapidly dissipate. He rode the White Horse. After he became Catholic, his name was changed by God to Larimar.
  2. Crimson, started long lasting wars in triangle around Israel: In the Caucasus, in the Horn of Africa, and in the Balkans. He rode the Red Horse.
  3. Vesper, set up Bill Clinton in USA, set up Ehud Barak in Israel, and set up other rulers. She rode the Black Horse. After Eric lost his power, Vesper took over Yeltsin in Russia and set up Putin to replace Yeltsin in Russia. Eric had no part in the choice of Putin to rule Russia. She was the first female Player.
  4. African Death Grip, a Black Player who came to Emerald seeking power to unite all of Africa under himself as his empire. But Eric did not give him any, for he did not trust him. Hence, instead of a united empire, Africa became a bloody war zone and death zone for a generation. He rode the Pale Horse.
  5. Ebony, set up Nelson Mandela in South Africa. Before Eric set up de Klerk, this Black Player came to Eric in spirit and petitioned for Eric to do something about ending South African Apartheid. Frederick de Klerk was set up by Eric to do that. Eric and Ebony worked together for the gradual democratization of South Africa to include suffrage all the people of that nation. Ebony then instituted gay marriage into South African law after his Pawn took over, and proceeded to stab the White man in the back after the Blacks had gained the power over the nation. He is now believed to have been a homosexual.
  6. Twilight, set up George W. Bush in USA, set up Ariel Sharon in Israel, and set up other rulers. Twilight at first tried to outdo Emerald. But with the walls of defeat closing in, Eric prayed for the salvation of Twilight and his Pawn in the USA using Divine Mercy chaplets and the Rosary and by making the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. George W. Bush was ultimately converted to Catholicism after his term ended, and Twilight was saved sometime later.
  7. Pyrite, set up Barack Hussein Obama in USA, and maybe others. He was the second homosexual Player, after Ebony, for both of them enacted pro homosexual legislation and served to established the institution of gay marriage in their respective nations.
  8. Mercury, he was behind the failed Arab Spring. He overthrew many Islamic dictatorships, His revolutionary powers were fiery but short-lived. And he is the power behind the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).
  9. Firefly, set up Sarah Palin who failed in USA, and later set up Donald John Trump in USA, set up Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, set up Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom, and set up others. She is the second female Player. And she is the power behind the Tea Party.
  10. Lucifer-Man, a coming Player, seen as the power behind any Democrat re-takeover of America, and whose Pawns are expected to be seen rising throughout the world. He is seen as the first Player to come to power during Satan’s release from the abyss.
  11. Dragonfly, the Player Emerald rebooted, and sent to stand with Firefly, who is the last reigning Player on the side of good. He is also of the name, Larimar, a saint who converted to Christianity and Catholicism. He is yet to set up any new Pawns since Yitzhak Rabin, the fourth called forth Emerald Pawn, whom he finished setting up at the moment of his conversion to Christianity while he was the Emerald, the primary Player of the game called Earth.

Lord, this makes the total number of Players of the game called Earth eleven. And it makes Eric the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, in this game. What does that mean spiritually? And what does it mean as to who is saved or damned? Eric reiterate that list of Players with their names only and their eternal fates.

  1. Emerald – Saved
  2. Crimson – Damned
  3. Vesper – Damned
  4. African Death Grip – Damned
  5. Ebony – Damned
  6. Twilight – Saved
  7. Pyrite – Damned
  8. Mercury – Damned
  9. Firefly – to be Saved
  10. Lucifer-Man – Damned
  11. Dragonfly – Saved

Now list the damned Players.

  1. Crimson – Damned
  2. Vesper – Damned
  3. African Death Grip – Damned
  4. Ebony – Damned
  5. Pyrite – Damned
  6. Mercury – Damned
  7. Lucifer-Man – Damned

Now, Lord Larimar, you have the list of the seven heads that make up the seven headed beast. Now, list the three Players who shall live in My Kingdom.

  1. Emerald, later called by the names of Dragonfly and Larimar.
  2. Twilight
  3. Firefly

To these three Players are bestowed the Three Rings of Elven Kings.

  1. Emerald, who is now called Larimar, bears Vilya (the Ring of Air, the Blue Ring), which is the mightiest of the Three. It is made of gold and set with a Sapphire. Larimar is a blue gemstone with etymology linking it to the sea and to the Virgin Mary.
  2. Twilight bears Narya (the Ring of Fire, the Red Ring), which is set with a ruby. For the eyes of Twilight burned with red fire during the heat of his reign.
  3. And Firefly bears Nenya (the Ring of Water, the White Ring, the Ring of Adamant) which is the chief of the Three. It is made of mithril silver and set with a “shimmering white stone”.

Now I shall speak. I have watched as the events have unfolded, and I am well pleased with you, Lord Larimar. And thus, I now bestow upon you this gift. I make you the Ruler of the Kingdom of the Morning Star. And from the previous post, you know that I Am speaking of the planet Venus, where you shall reign together with Hyacinth, your eternal consort, for all eternity.

Lord, I saw that Eric is to marry Hyacinth, and yet it is written of Eric that he is eternally celibate and virgin. How, then, does he have descendants on the planet Venus? Is it not rather that all Eric’s offspring are to have a spiritual, not a physical, descent from Eric? And is it not by that mechanism that it comes to be said that the descendants of Eric will outnumber the descendants of Abraham? For is not Eric’s virginity inviolable, for he was touched by the Virgin Mary’s foot on his head, and by that touch, Eric has been cleansed from the head down? Correct, Lord Larimar. You will have offspring by only spiritual means. I will see to it that in eons to come, there will be colonies set up on the planet Venus. And these colonies will be based on a form of terraforming done to that planet. It will be rendered partially inhabitable, but never as a replica of the earth. There will never again be oceans on Venus, as there were in its ancient past.

But Lord, by what branch of history does this become possible if Jesus is returning in a matter of years and not centuries? Does not history in this universe come to a complete halt when Jesus, our Lord and Savior, Comes again? Remember what you have been taught. The Second Coming and the End of the World are events that happen beyond time, in the realm of eternity. No one can reach those events who dwells only in time. Hence, you will not see the Second Coming until you pass from this life to enter into your eternity, as is and will be the case for all Mankind until this earth ends and the moon is no more.

Then, does Mankind on earth continue to live in an endless state of waiting for an event that simply does not occur for them until they have passed beyond the point of no return in their lives upon this earth? That is correct, Lord Larimar. My Second Coming is not an event that happens in time, but rather, is a realization that is found only in the eternity that is beyond this world and this life. I do not Come again in time, but rather, I Am Come and Am already here in eternity.

Then what are we to make of Your Words, O’ Lord, where you said that the shutting down of all the Churches is a sign that indicates that we are in that short time that comes at the end of the Millennium of Revelation, chapter 20? You have a mind that does not forget past statements and is always thinking, ever resolving new facts with previously received facts and discerning whether there is agreement or disagreement between newly received facts and those previously received. Now I shall speak.

Lord Larimar, you will neither marry nor have sex. That girl Hyacinth shall remain as your sister and come no closer to you than that. That I Am about to return is very true. And My return is in fact the final event in history. It is, in fact, that event that ends history. And yes, the planet Venus is a reward that cannot be explained in terms of this life, for this life is but a dream compared to the reality into which you shall awaken to at your death.

As for the Castle in Ireland, regard this prophecy as to mean that I Am about to snatch you out of the country in which you now live before I destroy it by fire. And I will not snatch you out in a way by which people observe your move and have warning by it. Rather, you will be taken away by My angels moments before I rain down fire upon this land in which you now live.

As a word of advice for those who read these words, I recommend that you remain alert and watching for that sign, the abomination that causes desolation standing where it does not belong. When you see that sign, leave everything and flee. You do not have the luxury of time to return to your houses to get anything out of there. Instead, go and do not look back, and you will not be caught. But for all who look back, these will all enter into captivity and will die, either in a spiritual death by which they are damned or in the flesh by which they are martyred. And whosoever returns to his house for any reason, after seeing that sign, will be caught by the beast. Amen.

And Lord, am I taken to heaven then, or to some place where I live out my days upon the earth? I Am taking you to heaven, O’ Larimar King. For your time here has come to an end. You do not have much time left here. And am I taken this month, or am I taken sometime around January 3, 2021, which is 1260 days after My anointing as Your prophet? Tonight you shall be taken, O’ Larimar King. Your life here, hence, comes to its end at the sound of a trumpet. Amen.

Lord, if I am to be taken away tonight, what sign will You give to me by which I may know that this revelation is from God? If you are cured, then you will know I Am. So the cures precede my being taken away? You will be cured one hour before I take you. And then I am to go to heaven in a cured state, similar to how Saint Kateri Tekakwitha was cured as she died? Yes. You will be cured and then pass onto your Kingdom. You do not remain here in this world. You do not go to a castle in Ireland in this world. All the things of this world you shall leave behind.

The event of your being taken away shall be known as the Rapture of the Saints. And many, I tell you, who were convinced that they would be raptured up will find themselves left behind. After I take you and certain other saints away, I will then punish all of America. Amen.

Lord, Hyacinth believes in the prophecy that we are both taken to the Fortress in Ireland this month and married there. And she is convinced that Mary has confirmed this prophecy to her. But what do You say, O’ True and Infallible God? It will happen as she has heard, but not as she imagines. The castle in Ireland that you both will be taken to is a part of your eternal Kingdom in the infinite Age to come. You are going there tonight. Make out your invoice to your employer. You will not be paid, for you will not be here to receive payment, but the inheritors of your estate can demand payment from your employer of the amount owed to you to be made out to your estate, as long as you write out the invoice and carbon copy it to all your emails when you send this invoice to your boss. Okay, O’ Lord, I shall do it right now.

Okay, I have made out my invoice and submitted it to my employer, carbon copying it to all my other emails. So, O’ Lord, if nothing happens, and I find myself still here tomorrow, what will that mean regarding all these prophecies uttered to me today? It will mean that you will be taken away at a later time. It will mean that by your anxious hope, you heard a prophecy that said what you wanted to hear, but that did not come from God. Do not, therefore, believe that your escape from this life is soon, but realize that many more miles must you walk before you enter into your eternal rest. And do not seek to end that walk prematurely.

Okay, O’ Lord, the End is not right now, but the end is not far away. We live, therefore, in a time where I cannot predict the future, because there are way too many unknowns. Lord, give me a Word of prophecy that I know is from You, and I will write it here, elaborate on it, and then post it exactly as you instruct me, O’ Lord.

Okay, O’ Larimar Lord. I shall now speak. Tonight you shall hear a Word of the Lord that you know is from God. And you shall then know what it is that you must do. And tomorrow you will have direction and purpose, given to you by your Lord your God. Amen.

Very well, then, O’ Lord. Let it happen exactly as you say. Nothing more will I therefore write here until I hear that Word of God and am instructed on what it is that I must do. Do you have anything else you wish me to write here before I publish this post, O’ Lord.

Only this, Lord Larimar. To people reading this post, do not think that Eric is a fool. Rather, realize that Eric has uncovered many Satanic deceptions. And tomorrow, when Eric writes again, you will know that Eric has truly heard his Lord. Now, go and publish this post, O’ Larimar King. It is now time for you to walk your dog and read your Bible. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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