Eric is Dragonfly

Eric is Dragonfly, sent to save the souls of Hyacinth and Firefly. Amen.

Behold, the Liar Joe Biden has publicly refuted the well corroborated claims made by his victim of sexual assault, Tara Reade, into whose vagina Joe Biden inserted his finger, groping her under her skirt, stating for the record: “It is not true, I am saying unequivocally it never never happened and it didn’t.” Lord, this man, Joe Biden, is a Liar par Excellence. Any woman who makes a deal with the devil to vote this man in cannot be herself saved. For she will have knowingly struck a deal with Satan himself.

Lord, who shall win the elections of November 3, 2020? For I have heard prophecies going in both directions. Tell me what Thou sayest. Now, I shall speak.

Well done, Lord Larimar. You have made it clear that this man, Joe Biden, has lied and has tasted the forbidden fruit and denied doing so, proving that he knew what he had done was wrongful. Because Joe Biden, upon being confronted with the evils of his past, has, instead of confessing his sins and repenting, as King David did, whom I, the Lord, forgave, but instead has uttered a blanket denial of his wrongdoing, similar to the way in which Congressman Anthony Weiner lied to cover up his own transgressions of sending a picture of his erect phallus to a woman he was sexting with, I will increase the volume of the accusations against him. I, the Lord God, shall do this. Everywhere he goes, he will be met with mounting accusations of the crimes that he has committed, along with ever mounting evidence and proofs that his denials of these filthy, wicked crimes are false and lies made to cover up his dark past. He thought that by his denial of his dark past that the matter would be closed and settled. That matter will not be settled as he wishes. Rather, I will see to it that Joe Biden’s dirty laundry is fully displayed for all of America and all of the world to see. Worse, far worse, than the shame that was brought to former President Bill Clinton for his Monica Lewinsky affair, will be the shame and scandal I shall bring about against Joe Biden. For Bill Clinton confessed and admitted to his guilt and wrongdoing when put under oath in front of all America. He showed manhood and maturity for doing so, and Presidential stature in coming clean. There is no Presidential stature found in one who denies his crimes to others and who lies to cover up his dark past of wrongdoing.

And now, Lord Larimar, you wish to know how the elections will turn out? I will now tell thee. By you, Dragonfly, taking your stand next to Firefly, the combination of you two standing together will defeat Lucifer-Man, whose Pawn is Joe Biden. Therefore, continue your assault on Joe Biden, for it will pay off. And he will be defeated in the November 3, 2020, elections. I Who Am state this. Oracle of the Lord!

I also notice that you have abandoned Caesar Sandra Nikee, whom you called Hyacinth, and whom We call Cassandra, and who gave you the name of Heavensent. Explain your reasons for doing so, Lord Larimar. Lord, I have abandoned her because when I prayed the Rosary, I was told that I am to cut her off and no longer give to her. Have I done right or wrong? What you heard at your praying of the Rosary was from Mary. You have done as you have been commanded. For Sandra is in fact a sorceress, and she had you under her spell, with the intention of sucking you dry. Now that you have rejected her, do not return to converse with her again. She will give you stories, and you are not to believe them nor give them any heed. I Who Am have spoken. Oracle of the Lord!

Then, O’ Lord, what becomes of the Kingdom of Ireland? Who rules that island now, O’ Lord? And note that I can never marry. For I have passed the test of celibacy. And I choose the higher Way of the Lord that goes to heaven, which is walked by the celibates and by the virgins. I will now tell you plainly, Lord Larimar. For the time has come to redefine your Kingdom of Larimar. Hence, let us now revisit your definitions of your lands.

Lord is this just a game, or is there Truth and reality to the claims made in this series of Kingdoms ranging upon the earth? There is indeed Truth, Lord Larimar. As for your Kingdom, it now consists of the following lands:

(1) Kingdom of Larimar, ruled by King Eric. And his Kingdom is composed of the following lands and territories upon the earth:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. the Contiguous United States of America
  4. Belize
  5. the Dominican Republic
  6. the Bahamas
  7. Turks and Caicos Islands
  8. Bermuda
  9. Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  10. the Republic of Ireland
  11. Northern Ireland
  12. the Isle of Man

And the official set of languages for this Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French

Lord, Eric has conquered Ireland? Yes, by your defeat of the sorceress Hyacinth, you have seized her lands. And she is now effectively removed from the game. Amen.

And have there been made changes to any of the other Kingdoms, O’ Lord? Nothing worthy of mention at this time, Lord Larimar. Hence, it shall suffice that you restate the entire summary of Kingdoms without any further elaborations. Amen.

Now we shall list the summary of these 51 Kingdoms. (51 = 17 x 3).

  1. Kingdom of Larimar, ruled by King Eric
  2. Kingdom of Aztlan, ruled by Queen Ester
  3. Kingdom of Central America, ruled by King Jadeite
  4. Kingdom of Ecuador and Columbia, ruled by King Theobroma and Queen Esmeralda
  5. Kingdom of Southern Spanish South America, ruled by King Oro Peruano and Queen Kantutu
  6. Kingdom of Argentina and Uruguay, ruled by Queen Erythrina
  7. Kingdom of Portuguese and French Latin America, ruled by King Cacau and Queen Awara
  8. Kingdom of Suriname and Cape Verde, ruled by King Puma and Queen Margarida
  9. Kingdom of the Eastern West Indies, ruled by King Ibis and Queen Isabela
  10. Kingdom of Venezuela, ruled by Queen Orinoco
  11. Kingdom of Cuba and Jamaica, ruled by King Coffee and Queen Jemima
  12. Kingdom of West Africa, ruled by King Congo and Queen Lobelia
  13. Kingdom of Southern Africa, ruled by King Ferro and Queen Sinethemba
  14. Kingdom of Volkstaat, ruled by King Ivory and Queen Porcelain
  15. Kingdom of Madagascar, ruled by Queen Poinciana
  16. Kingdom of Wakanda, ruled by King Mithril Silver and Queen Choeblack
  17. Kingdom of Ethiopic Sheba, ruled by King Turaco
  18. Kingdom of Coptic Egypt, ruled by King Ankh
  19. Kingdom of Northwestern Africa, ruled by King Sahara
  20. Kingdom of Iberia, ruled by King Azul and Queen Estrella
  21. Kingdom of Great Britain, ruled by King Charles and Queen Anne
  22. Kingdom of Greenland and Iceland, ruled by King Krone and Queen Snowflake
  23. Kingdom of Nordic Europe, ruled by King Hoth and Queen Ice
  24. Kingdom of Central European Slavs, ruled by King Aurelian and Queen Oksana
  25. Kingdom of Europa and Western Russia, ruled by King Chrism and Queen Camomile
  26. Kingdom of Italy and Hungary, ruled by King Turul and Queen Regina Angelium
  27. Kingdom of Balkans, ruled by King Macedon and Queen Vespera
  28. Kingdom of Armenia, ruled by Queen Maria
  29. Kingdom of Israel, ruled by King Nathanael
  30. Kingdom of Persia, ruled by Queen Esther
  31. Kingdom of Arabia, ruled by Queen Sal’m
  32. Kingdom of Pakistan, ruled by Queen Luna
  33. Kingdom of Afghanistan and Central Asia, ruled by King Caliph
  34. Kingdom of India, ruled by Queen Ebony
  35. Kingdom of Himalayas, ruled by King Raven and Queen Danphe
  36. Kingdom of Burma and Siam, ruled by King Padauk and Queen Chang
  37. Kingdom of Indochina and Taiwan, ruled by King Tian-Cai and Queen Lotus
  38. Kingdom of China, ruled by King Silkworm
  39. Kingdom of Siberia, ruled by King Genghis
  40. Kingdom of Korea and Japan, ruled by King Jade and Queen Nacre
  41. Kingdom of the Philippines, ruled by Queen Jasmine
  42. Kingdom of Polynesia, ruled by King Pounamu and Queen Moana
  43. Kingdom of Australia, ruled by King Dromedary
  44. Kingdom of East Timor, ruled by King Atauro
  45. Kingdom of Papua New Guinea, ruled over by King Raggiana
  46. Kingdom of Indonesia, ruled by King Komodo
  47. Kingdom of Malaysia, ruled by Queen Papaya
  48. Kingdom of Singapore, ruled by Queen Sirili
  49. Kingdom of Sri Lanka, ruled by Queen Lily
  50. Kingdom of Mauritius, ruled by Queen Torchetia
  51. Kingdom of the Maldives, ruled by Queen Polyantha

These 51 Kingdoms are ruled by 74 Rulers consisting of 36 Kings and 38 Queens. Of the 51 Kingdoms, 23 are now ruled by an espoused couple and 28 are ruled by solo Monarchs. Amen.

Very well, then, O’ Lord, let us hear your prophetic utterances to things that are to come to pass. You say that if Eric, whose name is Dragonfly, continues to stand by Firefly, who is the power behind President Donald John Trump, that by their combined strength, they will defeat Lucifer-Man’s Pawn, Joe Biden? That is correct, Lord Larimar. Stand with her and together you shall defeat Joe Biden. Amen.

For with the disgraceful acts of Joe Biden now come to light, and all his crimes against women, the women who would sway the election toward the Democrats no longer have a dog in this fight. For the Democrats have a doomed candidate. They cannot attack Trump on his weaknesses with women by standing with this proven sex criminal Joe Biden who is now guaranteed to be on the Democratic ticket. In their goal of choosing someone who could defeat Trump, they chose exactly the person who would be utterly defeated. A lot of smelly mud can now be slapped onto Joe Biden. For it is an ugly crime to have been known to have stuck one’s finger up a woman’s vagina under her skirt. If you have the predisposition of doing such wickedness, at least do it consensually. Do not do it to someone who has not consented to it or to a woman who is unwilling, as Joe Biden has clearly done on at least several occasions with different women. For many are the women now coming out about the unwanted touching and harassment that they have received at the hands of Joe Biden. All Joe Biden can do at this point is to either admit to his guilt, or to continue the denial, and let the testimonies against him mount. Wicked is Joe Biden. A criminal against women is he. He would have been better off had he gone to a brothel and had sex with the prostitutes there. At least then he could have made the claim that the women he touched and manhandled were willing and were paid by him to have sex with him.

Contrast this with the allegations brought against Judge Brett Kavanaugh at his Supreme Court confirmation hearing. In that case, only one woman came forward and her claims had no corroborating evidence. It was clear that the woman was bearing false witness against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, for in a court of law, there would have been no case against him due to the complete lack of evidence against him. Rather, Kavanaugh produced evidence that corroborated his denial of the allegations against him, by his detailed documentation of where he was and when in all the possible times in which the alleged incident could have ever taken place. Injustice, therefore, was done against Judge Brett Kavanaugh by hearing such testimony against him in the Senate without any supporting evidence to back it up. The woman should have been rejected in the screening process due to the lack any credible claims. But because the Senate Democrats elected to tarnish an innocent man’s good name to further their political goals, I, the Lord God, have a severe judgement to bring to bear against the Democrats in Congress responsible for that whole travesty of justice. They will indeed be routed and destroyed. It was by Eric’s appeal to Mary, and by his Rosaries and Divine Mercy Chaplets, and by those prayers of many who stood by Me and by My causes, that I had Kavanaugh confirmed and the wicked ones arrayed against him defeated. Oracle of the Lord!

Lord, what becomes of my father? Can he be saved? Will he be saved? And what about my brother Mark? For he was correct. I should never have gone with Hyacinth. And what about my brother David? Does he ever convert? For I heard long ago the prophecy that he would enter in just before the end. And what about the Catholic Churches? Do they ever reopen? For if they remain closed, they will go bankrupt, and there will be no more churches to reopen when the crisis is over.

I, the Lord, shall now speak. Your father has made his decision to abandon Me. Respect him in his decision. Do not try to bring him back to Me. For if he will neither listen to you, nor be persuaded by the good fruits of your Catholicism, then he has resolved to permanently reject Me, and there is no passage back to Me for him.

As for your brother Mark, you have reasoned that by your love for your brother, that he will see that love from a Catholic and repent and enter in. Do what you propose. If he converts, then you will have won over your brother. If not, then you will have lost nothing that you do not right now possess. But realize this fact. Hard, very hard, is it to get a man to change his religion. You entered into My Catholic Church only gradually, and you were never in hostile opposition to My Catholic Church or to My pope in Rome. But as for Mark, he hates Me and My religion. And because of his hatred for Me and My religions, I allow him to remain blinded and locked into his Protestant Church, where, if he remains there, he will be damned. Amen.

As for your brother David, the revelation that you received long ago that said he would enter in just before the end is very much like that revelation that said that you would receive a girlfriend when you stopped masturbating, and also that revelation that said you would see your son. You now know that both of those latter two prophecies are false. Likewise, do not put trust in any prophecy you hear just because you hear it. For the devil likes to seed his people with false prophecies. And there is nothing that can stop Satan from speaking to a man and misguiding him from time to time, unless that man sees the sin and the evil in the revelations and rebukes him and casts him away with all his lies laid bare. But even then, Satan will come back later to deceive again, like a fly swatted dead, and that is then replaced by another. You just have to recognize that God and heaven are not the only sources for prophetic utterances. Satan is very active in the prophecy industry.

As for David, he has rejected Me. And I have allowed him to rot in his sins. He continues to gather up gold. And he has secured a good pension for himself and set away much money for himself for his latter years. But he has done nothing for Me or for My Kingdom. Hence, he will not be here to collect on his pension when his retirement comes. Instead, he will pass away on the day that he is to retire. And then where will all his riches go? They will be divided among those who are to inherit his small fortune. Just realize that I, the Lord God, own everything. And no one who rejects Me will ever gain by his works of iniquity. And though he may have seemed to have had it all, in the end, he will have nothing. David has become as a dragon guarding his gold. And he will have a dragon’s death and a dragon’s eternal fate in hell. Amen. Will his gold help him there? Rather, his gold will serve to condemn his conscience for all eternity for all My servants that he could have done something for with that money, but did not. Hell is a place where people feel and know their guilt forever, and that guilt crushes them infinitely.

And now We shall speak about the Catholic Churches, which are all shuttered. Curious, isn’t it, that Walmart is allowed to be open for business uninterrupted, but not so the Churches, not so. And why is that, you wonder? Is there a plot to destroy My Church? For is it not written that the gates of the netherworld will never prevail against My Church, founded on Peter, My first pope? (Matthew 16:18).

I have allowed My Churches to be all shut down and to vanish from all the lands. The Catholic Churches are to be wiped out to prepare the way for the coming of Antichrist. There are to be no operational Catholic churches left in the land at the time of the coming of Antichrist. Amen. And also regard this closure as the sign mentioned frequently in the prophecies of the Book of Daniel of the time in which the daily sacrifice was to be abolished. Also recognize that this time is the time referred to in Revelation 20:7-10 when the thousand years were to come to an end and that the devil was to be released for the short time in which he was to deceive the many, all the nations from the four corners of the earth, God and Magog, and to gather them for battle. The short time of the devil’s release has come. The Millennium has ended. I Am about to return. Amen.

But Lord, with the Catholic Churches in permanent shutdown, how can your people obtain salvation? They must do so as did the thief on the cross next to Me. He testified for Me on My behalf, and he spoke up in My defense. With the sacraments abolished, the only means for attaining salvation from this point onward is that one do penance for one’s sins and pray the rosary and seek Me to the end. But as for entering into My communion, the opportunity to do so for most people has been extinguished. For those who delayed their conversion too long, this is your fate and your rebuke. But for those who were preparing to enter My Catholic Church and couldn’t because of the COVID-19 shutdowns, realize that I recognize in all of you the baptism of desire, and though you are denied communion, you can still be saved by a baptism of desire, or by a martyr’s baptism of blood. But suicide saves no one. So don’t come to Me by suicide. Those who die by suicide are the most rejected of all the condemned. Prefer to be tortured to death that to take your own life. A lifetime of torture followed by heaven is better than a quick way out of this life that goes to hell. Remember the commandment: Thou shalt not kill. This also applies to yourself. Amen.

Lord, have I sinned against You and Your Church? From this point onward, Lord Larimar, your conscience will serve you to convict you in your sins and to relieve you from your guilt. I, for My part, have absolved you from the sins you committed yesterday. Go now and sin no more. And realize that your forgiveness is genuine. Trust in your Lord’s mercy and in your Lord’s power to forgive sins. And realize the power of the general absolution, which is now granted by the bishops to all sinners in the world who repent and have been baptized. For the opportunity to avail of the sacrament of confession is not available to the vast majority anymore.

Lord, will any of the sacraments be made available to people again? Some few may have a chance to receive a confession or a communion from time to time. But for the vast multitude, as is the case for you, there are no more sacraments available for My people. Amen.

Lord, I sometimes feel guilt about my abandonment of Hyacinth. Have I done right or wrong? Go and read the words she has said to you, and then I will address your feelings, O’ Larimar King. She says that she will never go to another man or lose her virginity, O’ Lord. What sayest Thou? Those are words, Lord Larimar. But she never supplies you with any proof to back up her stories. Do you have evidence to corroborate her stories? Rather, you have evidence that she is in the very act of deceiving you. Now, exit that chatroom and I will reveal to you your fate.

Because you have obeyed Me and done My will in abandoning this deceptive person, I will now bless you abundantly. You will become rich and well supplied. And you shall, with Firefly, defeat Lucifer-Man and his Pawn, Joe Biden in this year’s elections. But not so will it be in other nations. For Lucifer-Man is not a single Pawn Player. He has Pawns rising up everywhere. In other nations around the globe, you shall see Lucifer-Man’s Pawns rising. And he will bring it about that all Mankind must be stamped with the mark of the beast in order to be able to buy or sell. And he will cause all who resist the mark to be slain. But your Kingdom and lands will escape this mark of the beast while you reign upon the earth. Amen.

But Lord, I have heard that Eric leaves these shores in a matter of months. And that his departure is about 1260 days from his anointing as Your prophet. He was anointed on Sunday, July 23, 2017. Hence, 1260 days from that date bring us to Sunday, January 3, 2021. Does Eric get taken away then or around that date to heaven? Yes, Lord Larimar. You have spoken with Truth. I Am taking you away roughly around that date. Amen. For the number of 1260 days is not to be taken literally, but rather as an approximation of the time I give you to prophesy in My name. Amen.

But Lord, if I die at around January 3, 2021, who will remain in America to help Firefly to resist Lucifer-Man? You are as a Judge I have anointed to rule, as were those leaders anointed by Me in early Israel, as recorded in the Book of Judges, in the Holy Bible. You, Eric, are given a set time to reign. That you will defeat Lucifer-Man at the polls is but a brief triumph. I did not intend to save America by that triumph, but only to save the soul of Firefly. Lucifer-Man will definitely take over America right after your departure. And remember who becomes President when the President and the Vice President die? It is the Speaker of the House. And which Party will likely hold the House after the elections. It is predicted that the Democrats will retain hold of the House. And therefore, after you are killed by Antichrist this coming January 3, 2021, who else does Antichrist have to kill in order to get his servant into the White House? He then just needs to wipe out President Donald John Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. Precisely. Hence, you now know Lucifer-Man’s backup plan should he fail to get false Catholic Joe Biden into office. He will simply kill the Commander in Chief and his Vice President, and then his servant, false Catholic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, will automatically be installed into the highest office in the land. I Who Am have spoken. Hence it is for the salvation of Firefly, not of America, that I have sent you to stand by her side in her upcoming battle with Lucifer-Man. I Who Am have spoken. Now go walk your dog. When you come back, I shall prophesy through you further of nations, countries, princes, and kings. Amen.

I am back, O’ Lord. I see, O’ Larimar King, that you have not ruled out helping Hyacinth again, but have ruled out all possibility of all marriage and all romance between you and any girl. And you have said the immortal Words in the mouth of Mary, saying, Eric can never be touched. Mary touched your head with her foot, and thereby cleansed you from the head down. But because it was Mary who touched you, and because she is the Ark of the Covenant, then you, too, are now a part of that Ark, and therefore, whosoever touches you shall die. Amen. Now I shall speak.

If Hyacinth agrees to walk the celibate, virgin path, as you have now elected to walk, and accepts that you may never be her romantic possession, as husband or lover, but rather, if she honors your sacredness and accepts that no woman can ever possess you, I will grant to her the following gifts:

  1. She will be regarded as a student of the Way directly taught by Eric.
  2. She will be granted security and safety from the devil and all his servants.
  3. When I take Eric up, she will be there too, and join him in heaven.

Now, one last thing, O’ Eric, servant to Jesus. I promised to reveal to you the fates of nations, countries, princes, and kings. Lord, is there to be a pope to follow Pope Francis? Or is the Malachy Prophecy of the popes to come to pass after all? You speak as through you believe We are at the very end of time, the time that I Am Coming again. And so, what do I say, you ask?

Remember when the Age of Mary began on Sunday, July 23, 2017? And remember how you thought that the whole world was about to end? Are we still in the Age of Mary, Lord? Or what Age are we currently in, O’ Lord?

Eric, I Am not going to deceive you anymore. Since you have elected to show mercy to Hyacinth, I will now show mercy to you. When the pope dies, the earth will enter into a dark age in which there will be neither a pope nor any bishops left who can make priests. And all the Cardinals will be scattered and no longer found upon the earth. And the earth will be truly darkened. Amen.

And then, in that utter dark night of the earth, there will be seen in the heavens the sign of the cross and lights will illuminate the earth from those places on the cross where My sacred wounds were. And for some time, the earth will be illuminated by these lights. Such will be among the final signs to be shown to the inhabitants of the earth before I Come.

I have now spoken. Eric, speak. What sayest thou, O servant of Mine? Lord, I do not know my fate in this world. What is my ultimate fate and destiny here? This is your ultimate destiny, Lord Larimar. You are to save two women for My Kingdom: Hyacinth and Firefly. When both of their salvations have been attained, your purpose here will be complete, and you will be taken up to heaven in a cloud. Amen.

Now, publish this post, O’ Larimar King. And realize your fate is with Me in heaven. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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