What is love?

Eric has realized that he has not loved all his neighbors as God expects of him. Now he repents and seeks to correctly love all Mankind upon the earth. Amen.

I Who Am shall now address this question of King Larimar. What is love? To love is to be neighbor to your enemies. To love is to not seek revenge against those who wrong you. To love is to go two miles with the one who forces you to go one mile with him. To love is to not strike back at the one who strikes you. To love is to neither seek wealth nor material things, nor pleasures or possessions belonging to this world. To love is to elect not to marry, when given the choice, for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven. To love is to let the wicked take your wealth and goods, regarding them as burdens lifted off your shoulders. Now I shall speak.

Is Eric a good man or a bad man? If Eric is a good man in the eyes of one people, but a bad man in the eyes of another people, perhaps he is in reality a bad man. For the truly good are good to all. A truly good man does not favor one people over another. A good man does not seek for one people to be made extinct, or for one people to drive another people to extinction. A good man is good for all. A bad man is good only for some.

Very few sins there are in the Catholic Church that cause the doer to be automatically excommunicated. One of those deeds is to be an accomplice in a committed abortion. And another of those deeds is to partake in the war crime of genocide. We must all get past seeing other peoples as evil, and to see the human nature in all peoples. For in any given people, race, color, tribe, or clan, there are both good people and bad people. There is no race or religion or group without its share of both good and bad. Even in those religions that lead directly to hell, there are people who inwardly follow God and do right. And in Catholicism from the monk to the pope, there are both people who do right and people who do wrong. There are Catholics who correctly worship God and who generously love their neighbor, and there are Catholics who are Catholic in name only, and who do nothing Christian or for God.

There is no way to the end of a time of trial or tribulation if you are being driven by an inner hatred of your neighbor or neighbors. Only by seeing the good in your adversary, and by acknowledging that the faults you see in others are also found in yourself, will you make it through the time of darkness and enter into the Light.

What is Eric, you ask? Eric is My celibate servant. He can serve Me as prophet for only so long as he remains a virgin. Should that ever be taken from him, My Word would cease to be proclaimed through him. And his reign on earth would end.

But Lord, you said in the previous post that Eric was neither Ruler nor Player. How does he then reign? By your office as My prophet, you reign as My prophet. And whoever receives you shall receive a prophet’s reward. (Matthew 10:41). Lord, is there a chance, however slim, that Eric could lose his virginity to a seductress sent by Satan to destroy this Oracle of the Lord? No. But only if Eric opens his door to sin and willingly lets it in can he ever be overthrown. Hence, always keep on guard against sin, Lord Larimar. Always be aware of the seductive power of women. And do not let your eyes rest upon the beauty of any woman, lest by those open windows of your eyes, evil spirits enter into your soul and cause lust to work in your members.

Lord, I repent doing this, and I will no longer let women capture my gaze. Good. We will see to it that you keep your Word. But now, I shall proclaim your station in this world. Who are you to the people of this planet? Who are you, Lord Larimar? I am Your voice, or I am meant to be Your voice, crying out in the desert, “Make straight the pathway of the Lord!” Yes, you are that one. But you are more. You are one of My two olive trees and two lampstands that stand before the Lord of the Earth (Revelation 11:4). You are one who will never fail and who cannot fail. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, it must therefore be the case that I prophesy in sackcloth for 1260 days. You are doing just that, O’ Larimar King. And when did these 1260 days begin, O’ Lord? the number of days, 1260, is a figure of poetry. There is no set number of days given to Mankind by which they can count down to the end of your office as My prophet and know beforehand when your time will come to an end. Then, O’ Lord, am I to be put to death by the Beast when my time of prophesying does come to an end. Yes, for the Beast craves to kill you, but he cannot touch or stop you until My Word has been fully proclaimed through you. Only then will he be granted to slay you dead. And your corpses will lie in the street, clearly dead, for a short time. But no one will dare to desecrate them nor touch them, not even the flies or maggots. And then I will raise you up again, and the people will be speechless, and you will ascend to heaven in a cloud as your enemies look on. Many will then perish from all classes in the City of the ungodly and My people who survive that devastating earthquake that follows your assumption to heaven will give glory to the God of Heaven correctly. (Revelation 11:13).

Lord, if this is so, and my time of prophesying has begun, where is the other olive tree? Where is the other lampstand? Where is the other Witness? One is sufficient for My people in English America. The other is stationed in Hebrew Israel. Is this the one who was given the codename, Lazurite (לזוריט)? Yes, Lord Larimar. That is the codename that refers to this Prophet King. And are all his prophecies composed in Hebrew, O’ Lord? Either Hebrew or Aramaic, O’ Larimar King. He can read and write proficiently in both languages. Amen.

Lord, what of the prophecy that said that Sandra (Hyacinth) is to be taken to heaven soon? Does she get taken there before Eric and Lazurite ascend? Though Eric was never married, it will be regarded in heaven that Hyacinth served as your wife, O’ Larimar King. She will be taken to heaven with her virginity intact. And I, the Lord, will decide on the time to take her. Realize that armies of angels are camped around her. No one can touch her and live.

And what becomes of Mark, my brother, who got involved with this romance early on and tried to end it. He does not know that it never ended. The poverty that was the lot of Sandra I have now given to Mark. And the wealth I had for many years showered upon Mark I have elected to shower upon Hyacinth through you. Neither you nor she will ever know want. But Mark will know want and suffer confusion for the remainder of his days. And the man who attributes his chastisement to Satan rather than from Me will never again be blessed. For I control all things. And Satan is completely My subject. The evil that Satan does do are limited to only the things I allow to punish the people for their sins. No chastisement that ever happens upon the earth is an accident. Amen.

Lord, is it true that Eric was once Antichrist? Emerald was Antichrist. Larimar is a servant to Jesus and Mary. And Eric, you were once Emerald, and now you are Larimar. So, yes, your past self was once Antichrist. But your present self is now truly that of a saint.

But, O’ Lord, was Eric predestined from all eternity to enter into the glory he has now attained and will attain? You, Lord Larimar, were given the choice: Either to serve Me or to serve some other god. You made your choice by a truly free will I gave you. No one is predestined to go one way or another in this freely made choice. Rather, predestination refers to My foreknowing you prior to you choosing your fate. I knew you when you were a child visiting Ireland, and while you earnestly prayed to me that you would never lose your eyesight. It was I who had you scarred in your right eyebrow from a fall into a ditch there on that farm of a relative of your mother. I scarred you on your right eyebrow, but did not take out your eye, to show to both spirits and people who were to behold you, that you were to narrowly be saved and to be made My servant. I had decided that I could work with you and make you Mine. I gave you what you asked for. And I led you in baby steps to the point that you sacrificed everything for My sake in the Martyrdom Breakdown on your 25th birthday, on Saturday, June 24, 1995. Such was your greatest and most glorious day in your life. For on that day, you truly walked on water. On that day, you put everything into complete and total confidence in Me. On that day you saw that I Am Who Am. And on that day, you clashed with Cain and lived. And what became of Cain, O’ Lord? You speak of the policeman who said to you, “I am God!” and who tackled you to the ground and who locked you in the dark room until midnight? I showed him Who I Am through you. And he acknowledged this in the police report he wrote. Amen. I tell you truthfully, he looked over his back from that point onward, fearing Me and My coming and inevitable chastisement that befalls all men who make the claim that they are God to My servants. But what became of him, you ask? Perhaps he converted to My religion and became zealous for the Lord, for all you know. For how could you know, unless it were revealed? Just realize that he looked into your eyes and saw God looking back at him. It is deadly frightful to have as one’s prisoner an embodiment of God, and then to realize this after one has abused him.

Now, O’ Lord, that event is now nearly 25 years into the past. That is correct. You are nearly double the age that you were back then. You have gained greatly in wisdom and in knowledge. But your physique and strength have declined by much since those years of your mighty manhood. Back then you were very strong. You could do many pull ups. Now you are weak. You cannot do even one. And yet, it is not your physical strength that protects you, but My army of angels whom I have stationed to make their camp around you. Anyone who, therefore, seeks to harm you shall be slain by My Word that shall proceed from your mouth. Therefore, that you are a weak old man is most deceptive. Amen. Lord, does something happen this Wednesday, June 24, 2020. For my birthday this year falls on the same day of the week in which I was born, a Wednesday. I will be 50 years old then.

On that date, O’ Larimar King, you shall bring down Goliath. And who is Goliath? Cain was the policeman who said to me that he was God, and he was then stricken with holy terror. But who is this Goliath? Note that my job is to merely listen and to prophesy. I do not have the power to decree or to rule. Is not that the case, O’ Lord?

Goliath is not Trump, Lord Larimar. For you are ordered to enter into alliance with Firefly, the Player behind Trump. And your new name as her friend is Dragonfly. Now, who is left to be Goliath, O’ Larimar King? Is Goliath Joe Biden, O’ Lord? Correct, Lord Larimar, Your first guess, and you nailed it! You are like a very large lone wolf sent by a higher power to take down a very massive animal. And you will attack with ferocious fury, intent on striking the central pillar of the structure, taking it out and knocking the whole edifice to the ground, for your pattern is to always go for the central pillar, the central figure, and the central organ. I Who Am have spoken fully in this post what I wished to say. Go, Lord Larimar, and pray your rosary. When you have completed it, you may ask Me whatever questions you may have. Amen.

(1) Lord, what is the correct way I am to address Black people, and their plight in America, and their evident slide to extinction, as they are outcompeted by the Hispanics now pouring in through the borders? Realize, O’ Larimar King, that the Black people in America, called the African Americans, should be regarded not as a people of pure Black African stock, but rather, as a Mulatto people, a Black people with much White ancestry, which they received during the age of slavery when the White men often had relations with the slaves. Hence, they must be recognized as a Mulatto people and not as purely Black. And 38% of African American men have direct unbroken male lineage going back to European Whites.

Now, will this people go extinct? Are there not enclaves of African Americans who belong to My Catholic Church? In such Catholic neighborhoods, where the people do My will, I will not break their staff of bread. And such people, be they Black, White, or Mulatto, will not go extinct. It is, rather, those people who refuse to enter into My Catholic Church who shall be scattered to the four winds and lost. Hence, the incoming Hispanics, who are Catholic, are driving out not only the non-Catholic Blacks, but also the non-Catholic Whites. Amen. And if it is the goal to become more Catholic, then the Latinification of America should be seen as a good thing. Amen.

But as to how you are to address My Black brethren, address them exactly as you would wish to be addressed yourself, should you find yourself in similar shoes. Have you been unemployed and unable to get a job in the past? If so, then you know how that feels, and therefore, never say such insensitive comments to such a person, saying, “Get a job.” And your final guide in doing anything for anyone of your neighbors is this: Love your neighbor as you love yourself, and do unto others as you would have others do unto you. But remember also to always put God first. And you will not sin against another people. Amen.

(2) Lord, I was told in the previous post that I have just months, not years, remaining in my life before I am taken up to heaven. Is this the Truth, O’ Lord? When did the Age of Mary begin and you become instituted as a prophet, O’ Larimar King? On Sunday, July 23, 2017. And from that date forward 1260 days leads to what date, O’ Larimar King? It leads to Sunday, January 3, 2021, O’ Lord. And in what unit of measure would you count in units of time from now to that future date? Days, weeks, months, or years? In months now, O’ Lord. Then know ye that you are to be taken to heaven soon. But the exact date cannot be known. Just know that the figure of 1260 days is a rough approximation of the time extending from when you were instituted as My prophet to the when I will elect to cease to prophesy through you. Amen.

(3) And Lord, this cessation of Your prophesying through me, does it involve my martyrdom? Or does it involve my marriage and loss of virginity to a girl? Or do You simply cease to speak through me, and I remain as I am, a holy, celibate, and virgin man to whom many may come to seek advice, insight, and wise counsel? Go eat some dark chocolate and come back, and I will have your answer, O’ Larimar King.

Okay, I am back, O’ Lord. Now, what saith Thou, O’ Lord? You are My prophet and are sacred. Hence, you cannot be handed over to a woman to be defiled. Nor is it your fate to live out your years as a holy man on the mountain, to whom the many might flock to to receive your sage advice. People will realize your wisdom and holiness, but only after you have died as I have detailed above, and after they have seen the signs.

Hence, your remaining path here is rather short and limited, and your remaining time here is counted in months, not years. Your life comes to an end roughly 1260 days from the day I instituted you as My prophet, which comes to exactly January 3, 2021. But I say it is a rough estimate, for no one can calculate the timing of the End Times and of its events. And you will pass into My Kingdom via a death caused by My enemies, who are all biding their time until My testimony through you is completed. Amen. Now, ask one more question, Lord Larimar, and We shall conclude this post. Amen.

(4) Does the Beast begin his reign immediately after I am taken from this world? And if so, then does that mean that Antichrist comes to power over America in January 20, 2021? And if so, does that mean that Antichrist wins the November 3, 2020, Presidential elections, O’ Lord? And is this one to win to be Joe Biden? It is as thou hast foreseen. Despite your alliance with Firefly, and your furious attacks on Joe Biden, the power behind him is called Lucifer-Man, and he cannot be defeated until his reign has run its course. And he is the Beast who will attack you, overpower you, and kill you once I have withdrawn My protection from you when My prophesying through you has been completed. Hence, reveal the Six Players of America:

  1. Emerald, ruled through Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush
  2. Vesper, set up William Jefferson Clinton (666 in both Hebrew and Greek)
  3. Twilight, set up George W. Bush
  4. Pyrite, set up Barack Hussein Obama
  5. Firefly, set up Donald John Trump
  6. Lucifer-Man, to set up Joe Biden

Then, why, O’ Lord, do you order me to ally myself with Firefly? You are sent to save her soul, just as you saved the soul of Twilight by praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet for him and for his Pawn, George W. Bush, who converted to Catholicism after his second term ended. And you remember that recent dream you had in which former President George W. Bush shook your hand? That is the sign by which I reveal that Twilight has been saved. Amen.

Now, one thing that I wish to tell you is this. You have very little time left. And therefore, make no longterm plans. Do not put aside huge amounts of money for the future, for you will simply not be here to enjoy it. Rather, use the means that I give you to show mercy to your neighbor. And one last thing I wish to say is this. Lucifer-Man is reading these Words you are writing. He knows who you are. But he cannot touch a hair upon your head until I withdraw My protection from you. And I will only withdraw it when My prophesying through you has been completed. Amen.

I will continue to write through you for the remainder of your days. But your days are now few. It is now Friday, May 1, 2020, 5:19 AM. You have about eight months and a couple days left. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

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