Eric marches on

I Am Coming soon, and when I do, all things end. There is no Millennial age to come, as some believe, where men can enter into Life who fail to enter in by the time I Come. Amen.

Eric shall neither marry nor become a priest. For the sign that was to be given by which he was to know that he was to become a Religious priest has not occurred. Nor will Eric marry or return to the married vocation. For Eric now has his vocation. And that vocation is to remain a celibate, virgin layman. Amen.

Now, let us address the allegations made by Tara Reade against Joe Biden that he sexually assaulted her and then had her fired when she complained. Many, I tell you, have come forward to corroborate this story. And the audio tape recording of her late mother calling into Larry King Live to ask for advice on her daughter having been assaulted by a Senator has been recovered and validated. Even a pro-Biden supporter has corroborated Tara Reade’s story and that she told her about the assault back then, and she is convinced that it happened. Hence, what do we see now? We see a sexual predator, who covers up his crimes by firing the women he exploits, seeking the highest office in the land. Does he deserve this position. No, he must be rejected by the voters. Sexual predators like Joe Biden don’t belong in public office. They belong behind bars. And all who cover up for him are accomplices to his crimes. And Joe Biden’s crimes are not just against women. He also committed that crime against all decent men who look for a wife and want one unspoiled. Sex predators like Joe Biden ruin women for possible marriages. They destroy their psychology. They make them feel bad about themselves. And that kind of crime has a terrible affect on the whole community. Joe Biden does not deserve to hold any public office. He should be in jail. And Joe Biden’s denial of this makes him a liar, and he then intends to put his filthy hand on a Holy Bible and swear an oath to God? This man is wicked.

And now let us contrast this with the accuser who brought uncorroborated charges against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. That accuser was a sole witness with only her own testimony and no corroborating evidence. And yet, the filthy Democratic leadership, who also advocate killing unborn children and for homosexuals committing sodomy to be called married, were all jumping up and down eager to destroy this innocent man’s reputation in his confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court, without any shred of evidence that would stand up in a court of law. And yet now they turn the table and back Joe Biden, who is now a proven sex offender by the clear evidence against him, in their utter hypocrisy. What will they say when the FBI prove that the voice on the audio tape from Larry King Live about the Senator who had assaulted her daughter really is indeed the voice of the late mother of Tara Reade, Joe Biden’s accuser? Will the Democratic Senators and Congressmen continue to stand by this proven sex criminal and predator, Joe Biden, heading into their elections? Perhaps the people, when given the choice of voting for a Democrat incumbent Senator or Congressman who is an accessory to sex predation, or whether to choose a new Republican candidate, one whose only crime is that he just wants to save the life of an innocent unborn child, that the mature voter will make the correct choice for Life and for God and for righteousness and vote Republican for this 117th congressional election. I, Eric Robert Dunstan, shall vote Republican. Amen.

Okay, O’ Lord. Prophecy time! Let me hear Your prophecies. What shall You tell me? What shall be? Now, I shall speak. Eric, it is as I told you. You cannot fall to impurity anymore. For the passion can no longer overpower you. But for many men, such as Joe Biden, the urge to have sex overcomes their sense of respect for their fellow men and women, and they let devil lead them to murder other souls. For sexually assaulting someone is not simply committing adultery. Joe Biden also committed the murder of a woman’s soul by doing his ugly deed. An assaulted woman is severely harmed emotionally when a person she greatly respected, like Joe Biden, turns out to be an ugly monster inside, capable of the great evil that he did. And that he fired her after the assault shows that he was impenitent. Sexual assault kills souls. And that makes Joe Biden not only a serial sex abuser, but also a spiritual murderer of many. This man cannot be allowed to stand. He must be brought down.

Okay, O’ Lord, what are we seeing at the Republican Convention? Who do the Republicans put on their ticket for President? What is the fate of President Trump? Let me hear the Truth. For I can take the Truth, O’ Lord. I can handle it. Very well, O’ Eric. You shall have it. President Trump remains the President, and is reelected this November 3rd, 2020. You, O’ Eric, are not a Player nor a Ruler. You do not have any power to rule nor to decree. All you can do is to listen and to prophesy. And when We cure you, you shall continue to listen and to prophesy. And your virgin state will never be taken away from you, for if it ever were, your power to prophesy would cease. Now you know the Truth.

Good, Eric, you have accepted your status. And now We shall give you a new name. No longer shall We call you Emerald, for that is the name of a former Player and Ruler that you no longer are. Larimar, though, will remain the name that you are called in heaven, for it means that you belong to Mary and were saved by her intercession. Hence, We shall continue to refer to you as the Larimar King and Lord Larimar, and your Kingdom in heaven you may continue to call your Larimar Kingdom, though its true definition cannot be defined by the things in this world. For the true size of your Kingdom relative to the rest of My Kingdom is much more modest than the size of North America is in comparison to the rest of this world. Hence, the immense size of your North American Kingdom among all the lands of the earth is sheer fantasy on your part, O’ Larimar King. Now, We, the elect in heaven, opt to give you a new name, one that means who you really are to Us. And one of the things you are to Us is as a Savior to a lone ewe lamb whom you have truly saved. You have kept faith with the one We put under your power. And yet, you sought nothing back in exchange, not marriage, nor sex, nor anything in return. Rather, you have taught this virgin the value of her virginity and to keep it for either heaven or for her future husband. And this virgin has vowed to Us that if she cannot marry you, that she will remain celibate and virgin forever for heaven. Hence, you have reproduced yourself spiritually. You have made this girl a person like yourself. And We shall take both you and her together to heaven at the appointed time. More about this We shall discuss later in this post. But for now, We shall discuss your new name.

We, the elect in heaven, have chosen to call you, Dragonfly. But Lord, isn’t that a bad name, because it has the word, “Dragon”, in it? Just as there are both good witches and bad witches, there are also good dragons and bad dragons. You are a good dragon, one that has been captured and tamed by God. And hence, you are to have the word, “Dragon”, in your name indicating who you are. But that you belong to Us, We indicate this by you also having the ability to fly in your name. And hence, you are Dragonfly, and not Dragon Serpent, nor Dragon Lizard, nor Komodo Dragon. Instead, you are a flying Dragon that actually exists. Hence, you are Dragonfly. The largest insects that ever flew were dragonflies, measuring some thirty inches in wingspan, as recorded in the fossil record. Now I shall speak.

I, the Lord God, do now institute Dragonfly as friend and companion to Firefly. You will serve as prophet and guide to Firefly as she reigns as the fifth Player in American politics. These are the Five Players that have reigned so far in America:

  1. Emerald, ruled through Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush.
  2. Vesper, set up William Jefferson Clinton (666 in both Hebrew and Greek).
  3. Twilight, set up George W. Bush.
  4. Pyrite, set up Barack Hussein Obama.
  5. Firefly, set up Donald John Trump.

But, O’ Lord, you do not make Dragonfly a sixth Player, but instead, appoint him to assist Firefly? That is correct, O’ Eric. Dragonfly will serve as auxiliary to Firefly. He will not reign as a Player, for his reigning days have ended. In the distant past, he was Emerald, but Emerald he is no more.

Very well, O’ Lord, I will do as you command. What dost thou commandest of me? I order you to make friends with Firefly. And this is how you shall do it. You will destroy the infernal Democrats who oppose Trump, but leave the Republicans who oppose Trump alone, for they are seeking to act out in their good faith and are serving their consciences and are seeking to do that which is good.

Lord, by doing this, I risk alienating many Black peoples. Good. Alienate them. It is the Hispanic vote, not the Black vote, that must be courted. For the Hispanic voters now outnumber the Black voters starting for the first time in this year’s elections, in this year of 2020. And this trend will only continue to widen, leading the Hispanics to eventually dominate America. It is not something that one can stop, but something one must embrace. Lord, Trump does not seem to comprehend these things. Educate him then, O’ Dragonfly. How, O’ Lord? Speak on this website. His people read this, you know.

Then in that case, he needs to be seen doing good deeds for the Hispanic peoples. I recommend that he serve to restore the Puerto Rican economy, so that when this Caribbean United States territory becomes the fifty-first state in the USA, which they will become – it is only a matter of time, it would be ideal that they would remember good things done by Trump for them, and his kindness and thoughtfulness to their people, so that they will vote Republican. For the experts are often mistaken in their predictions as to which way a state will go once it enters the Union. For it was thought that Alaska would vote Democratic, but instead, they turned out Republican. And it was thought that Hawaii would vote Republican, but instead they turned out Democratic. Hence, it is hard to tell which way a people will vote before they enter into the Union. But Puerto Rico is a strongly Catholic United States territory, speaking in both English and Spanish, and they have been seeking for a long time to become a state. And Catholicism lines up very well with Republican issues and values. If Trump were to give this gift to them and makes their economy good again, he would be seen as a hero, and the addition of the state of Puerto Rico would bring in two new Republican Senators to the Senate. Should they have good feelings toward Trump, those two new Senators produced by the addition of this new state to the Union would be Republican. Amen. And it only takes a few inexpensive financial levers in Washington policies, just a few tweaks to the system, to restore the fortunes of Puerto Rico. Do this, and you add two Republican Senators to the Senate for the longterm. Amen. And realize the ease by which Puerto Rico’s fortune can be restored and they be made prosperous. Just a few changes to government policy made them prosperous in the past. They lost that prosperity when that policy was undone. Restore the policy that made them prosperous and you gain two new Republican Senators when Puerto Rico becomes a state, if these acts are done under a Republican President. Amen.

Now, what of the border wall? Just as the Great Wall of China looks great, but failed to keep the Mongolians out, border walls are not all that effective. And you also know, from your own hiring of undocumented Mexicans to serve in your golf courses, that the underpaid Mexican labor market in America does serve a real need in the United States. Black slaves used to fulfill that need until the Emancipation Proclamation removed that cheap labor supply by freeing the Black slaves. But the need for cheap slave labor continues to exists and never went away. And hence, some of that need for cheap labor is served by prison inmates, who are specially incarcerated just for this need, often targeting the Black poor in order to recruit such needed new prison inmates to put boots on the ground in the various prison sweat shops of America. These Black poor are typically taken from their Ghettos, whether guilty or not, having either committed real crimes or broken bogus laws designed to recruit inmates from those communities for prison labor. It does not matter whether they did any wrong to get there, for the ends justifies the means to the governmental policy makers whose job duties are to see to it that the needs of the various prison labor outfits are sufficiently supplied with prisoners to work their shops.

But agriculture in the United States of America is also served massively by illegal aliens. Those are desperate peoples from south of the border who seek any hard, back breaking work and low paying jobs that they can get, just so that they can send funds back to their cash starved families back home south of the border. These people work as hard as slaves, and are paid barely anything. But if they could get citizenship, they would seek a better, higher paying job. But African Americans, who are citizens by being born here, prefer rather to wonder the streets as unemployed hoodlums than to work as hard as the illegal aliens do in the agricultural sector. Hence, it is because of the willingness of the Hispanics to work harder than the Blacks, and at a lower pay rate than what the Blacks are willing to accept, that the Hispanics are actually driving out the Blacks from many of their traditional niches in society. That, and the much higher mortality rate among African Americans, mean that the African American people are destined to retreat into slum pockets, while all around them become Hispanic dominated territories. When this happens, Ebonics will truly become regionalized into many different dialects that will not be mutually intelligible. And so, for example, an Ebonics speaker from the slums of Chicago will not be able to understand the Ebonics of a brother from the slums of New York. Therefore, reliable translators of the various forms of Ebonics to English and vice versa will be a most valuable asset to have for Ebonics speaking Black entrepreneurs of the future, such as the wealthy Black narcotics tradesmen and grand theft auto Black business salesmen, in plying their trades across America.

And Lord, given this, will Eric ever master the various dialects of Ebonics and translate the Holy Scriptures to any of them? No, Dragonfly, for even if you invested the great effort to master one of the Ebonics dialects, you would find that the Black man’s vocabulary in his native slum language is far too limited and shallow to express the complex Biblical concepts in or to convey the full spiritual meanings of any Biblical books of the Holy Scriptures. And even if you could translate such a work into any particular flavor of Ebonics, you would find, to your horror, that none of the Black men who speak that dialect, even in those slums where that form of Ebonics is spoken, can read it, due to the fact that Black Ebonics speaking people tend to be totally illiterate. And neither they do not maintain nor keep straight any particular or standardized spelling or grammar rules in their languages of Ebonics. Amen. Hence what is called Ebonics last year is not longer what Ebonics is this year.

Instead, learn Nahuatl. Classical Nahuatl has a standardized vocabulary, spelling rules, and grammar. And more works of literature from Ancient America have been committed to this language than have been committed to ancient Greek. Hence, learning Nahuatl has a return on its investment. And all the modern forms of Nahuatl are derived or somehow related to classical Nahuatl, just as the many European languages trace their roots to Latin. Amen. I will have you learn and master Nahuatl, if there is time, in addition to Latin and Koine Greek. Amen.

Now, the Black man complains about inequality. He says that the percentage of poor people and COVID-19 deaths are higher in his race than it is in other races such as the Whites. Is this acceptable, O’ Lord? Well, O’ Larimar King, what would be considered acceptable? Would an equal poverty rate and kill rate of all diseases in all demographics be a mission accomplished? Would it be called equality to have the same percentage of super rich and super poor found throughout all demographics? Does it help the poor man’s ego to know that more are added to his number, just so as to equalize the percentage of poor throughout all demographics? No, Lord Larimar, there is no true equality unless everyone is paid the same salary across the board. But socialist countries show that doing this does not work. For if everyone is guaranteed to be supported and given an equal salary, whether he works or not, whether he succeeds or not, then there is no more motivation to work or to succeed, or to outperform and excel in any of the work one does. Therefore, it is written: If anyone is unwilling to work, then neither is he to eat. (2 Thessalonians 3:10). Hence, the statements that all people should be paid a set equal allowance, whether they work or not, whether they succeed or not, or that everyone should be paid the same regardless of what they do, or the same amount for the same job description, regardless of the measure of their success, or that the percentages of rich to poor should be made identical across all demographics, or that the kill rates of all diseases should be enforced to have the same death toll across all races are absurd Satanic teachings that should be dismissed as utter nonsense by all thinking men. Black people, there is no such thing as equality in this world. Get over it and go and seek to obtain what you wish to have by lawful and honest work, and seek to play by the same rules as everyone else. Amen.

Lord, will the Catholic Churches reopen soon? Or do I get brought to heaven soon? Or what happens soon? For the current situation of COVID-19 and the shutdown of America is unsustainable. I Am bringing you and Sandra to heaven soon. For both of you have merited to be brought out of this mess called the earth. You do not remain here much longer, Lord Larimar. Are we talking a matter of days, weeks, months, or years, O’ Master? Months, Lord Larimar. You have but months left to remain here. And that you will remain single, virgin, and celibate is a certain fact now. And in these remaining months, do not the Catholic Churches reopen? Briefly, Lord Larimar. Ever so briefly. And then you are taken out of the Way, and I then smash this world and punish the people for their unfaithfulness.

You have seen how the people are historically unfaithful, even in ancient times. You are currently reading the Book of Judges in your 1953 Catholic Holy Bible. You have so far read, Job, Song of Songs, 1 Kings, 2 Kings, 3 Kings, 4 Kings, and Ruth. After you have read Judges, you will then proceed to read Genesis, then Exodus, and then Joshua. And then I will tell you where to read from there. And you will accomplish your mission to read the entire Holy Bible before I take you and Sandra up in a cloud. Amen. Now, Lord Larimar, ask one final question for this post, and then We shall have it submitted. Amen.

Is the First Resurrection for a future age upon the earth, called the Millennial Reign, or is that belief a form of the heresy of Millenarianism? It is Millenarianism, and a bad way to interpret the Holy Scriptures. Realize that I Am coming soon, and that when I do Come, Mankind has no more chances to be saved. I do not come again to start a whole new age where men live and die and seek to be saved. Everything ends when I come. And the only new beginning is for people like you and Sandra who I rapture up and bring to heaven. There are no second chances for those who fail to enter in before the door finally shuts at My Second Coming. Hence, dismiss all forms of Millenarianism as heresies thought up by people not properly guided by My Magisterium, which I set up to guide all Mankind in correctly interpreting the Holy Scriptures that I gave men to read. Now you have your answer. And now you know that both My Second Coming and the End of the World are the same event and that they are very soon. Amen.

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