Eric’s accepts the married vocation

Eric will become a Religious Priest, vowing chastity, poverty, and obedience. Amen.

Lord, I am no longer of the celibate, virgin vocation, but am to marry. What saith Thou? It is written, “It is better to marry than to burn.” (1 Corinthians 7:9). You are doing what you are called to do. And you are not of the calling to be celibate. But Lord, the loss of my virginity, what shall it do for me as a prophet? What shall it do for the special blessings that you shower this nation and city with? And what descendants shall come of it?

Now I shall speak. Eric, who is My servant, is to marry the girl he has been involved with since they met online back on Saturday October 7, 2017. Lord, is this a wise or an unwise move? It is a matter of your fate, O’ Larimar King. Now, do We, the elect in heaven, arrange for this marriage to take place anytime soon, you should ask? And if so, how will we plan to handle the logistics? In what realm or dimension shall this marriage take place? And if on this real earth, will it be recognized by the actual Catholic Church headed by the pope in Rome?

I will now tell thee candidly, O’ Larimar King. Wild is your imagination, and hence, wilder still shall be the Way We intend to fulfill your promises to marry Caesar Sandra Nikee, whose name in Our Kingdom is Cassandra, and to whom you gave the name, Hyacinth, and who gave you the name, Heavensent.

Basically, for a marriage to be valid in the Catholic Church, there needs to be two witnesses who know you both. This requirement will be satisfied by Jesus Christ Himself and His Virgin Mother Mary. For We know both of you very well, and both of you know us very well. Hence, We, Jesus and Mary, shall sign the marriage certificates as the two witnesses to validate the marriage.

There will be no need for wedding bans to be proclaimed, for it is well known to Me that there are no impediments nor obstacles preventing either of you from validly contracting marriage to the other. And this brings us to the cleric who is to officiate at your wedding. Who shall that be, you wonder?

It was a vow made by you in your process of assimilating into My Catholic Church that you vowed that you would be married by no less than a priest. At the time you did not know that a deacon, which is less than a priest, can also validly officiate at Catholic weddings. But We will honor your vow. And thus, We need a Catholic priest to do this. But who would have the authority and the jurisdiction to marry you two together, especially considering who are to be the guests and witnesses to the wedding? I have the solution, O’ Larimar King. I will marry you. For Am I not Myself also a valid priest? In fact, I Am the high priest. I am the priest who founded the entire priesthood of the Catholic Church on Peter. For I Am the Christ. Hence Christ Jesus shall be the presiding priest at your wedding. Amen.

Now, let us arrange for the location as to where you are to marry. What Church would you be married in? What thinkest thou, O’ Eric? Ok, O’ Lord, I have the solution. Let me and Hyacinth be married in a botanical garden transformed into an outdoor Catholic Church just for this occasion of our marriage, O’ Lord. Will you do it this way, O’ Living Lord? Very well, O’ Larimar King, but really, you should select an actual Church from among the Catholic Churches that you know or know of. And then We, the elect in heaven, shall render Our judgement and Our decisions. Then, O’ Lord, let us be married in Avalon of Santa Catalina Island, in the Catholic Church there called Saint Catherine of Alexandria. What saith Thou to that request?

Your request is logical and sound. And it shall be done, but not with Sandra. All that We spoke to you earlier, discard it as fantasy. For it is not possible for acceptance in the Catholic Church for the witnesses to a sacramental marriage to be people who are in heaven, even inhabitants who are bodily there. We will arrange for the marriage as you have requested in the Church you have specified, but the girl you are to marry shall be someone else, one whom We are yet to show unto you. You have been a loyal boyfriend to Sandra, but now We plan to take her to the Kingdom. And yes, by your love for Sandra, We, the elect in heaven, have saved her soul. She will not go to hell. Amen.

Lord, will Sandra depart from this world in peace, O’ Lord? And will her departure be soon or at some time yet to come in the future? She will not be taken by Us to heaven until We are ready to present to you your bride. Amen. And this presentation of my bride shall take place, O’ Lord, at some upcoming time or season? Yes, Lord Larimar, and submit to it that this information you cannot know until the appointed time. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, what is your command for me? Since I am not to be a priest or a monk, do I do any form of translation work in the scriptures? And do I cease to be a prophet at some point, O’ Lord and God? That you will marry and have a son does not remove the spirit of prophecy from your soul, but only if you were to defile yourself with a woman. Hence, keep to the rules that We have instructed you in, and you will remain undefiled. And yes, you will become an expert in Latin and Koine Greek, from which you will translate a great many books to the English Language and to others.

Lord, what are the rules that you instruct me on to avoid defilement with a woman? These are the three rules. Follow them religiously:

  1. The position of sex is very important. It can only be lawfully done where the couple are facing each other, the woman is on her back, and the man is above her, facing down.
  2. The sex act may only be performed in the nocturnal hours of the day, that is, between sunset and sunrise.
  3. The sex act may only be performed in the designated private sleeping quarters of either the husband or the wife.

Stray not from these rules, and your offspring will be holy. Those who stray from these rules shall produce perverse children. Amen.

Lord, is it revealed by you the race or ethnicity of the one I am to marry? No, Lord Larimar, I have revealed neither her race nor her ethnicity to you. Discard all that you heard before regarding this, for all of it was from the evil one. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, tell me what I can know about her. What do you reveal? What will you reveal about the girl who is to be sent to me? The one We plan to give to thee shall be holy and intelligent. She will be capable and willing to learn everything you are commanded to teach her. And when she is given and you are cured by being in her presence, I will cease to speak through you for public consumption. From that point onward, all that I prophetically speak through you will be for her ears alone. Amen.

Boy, and we can call one another, “boy”, without causing offense, for you are White, and the White man has no banned racist words that, if said by the wrong person, instigate terrible crimes and severely wound bruised egos. Black people, on the other hand, have a limitless supply of banned words and innuendos that, if said by a person not of their race or skin darkness, result in major indignation and scandalizing personal offenses taken. And such completely offended peoples are not unknown for seeking legal action against the offender and his organization, and of seeking damages equivalent to the prize of winning a lottery.

As we were saying, boy. I intend to put you into a place where you can serve My causes unrestrained by those who currently rule over you. I intend to liberate you. And I intend to make you powerful and triumphant. You shall marry the girl We give you and raise a family in a home that you, yourself, own. We will give you both sons and daughters. And your wife will bear you many children, all of whom shall survive to adulthood, raised correctly in the Catholic Church. Amen.

And Lord, will I have unusually good health, that I, a forty-nine year old man, will start a family at my age and have many children by my wife? Indeed, Lord Larimar. Remember the cures We have promised you? The cures will cure everything regarding you and your health and all your conditions. This woman to come must be of some significant years younger than me to be able to bear many children. Indeed, Lord Larimar, she will be someone who has recently gotten her college or university degree or degrees and will be intent on getting her Mrs. degree. And what is the Mrs. degree, O’ Lord? It is that title that many women covet to add to their name, often with a change in their last name, by which they become officially known as a married lady and no longer as an unmarried maid. She will be such a woman who puts aside her desire for children to pursue her education, and now with it achieved, will be seeking someone stable to settle down with and start a family.

But, O’ Lord, I am poor. I have little to offer such a woman. Those who are truly rich do not get that way by working high paying jobs, O’ Larimar King, but by making shrewd investments with the treasures they are given. And it is better to give alms than it is to gather up gold. (Tobit 12:8 – This book is found in Catholic Bibles and in Bibles with the Apocrypha). Hence, you are rich, Lord Larimar, though you may seem poor. I will give this girl eyes to see your riches through your poverty, and she will prefer you to those who have abundance in their wickedness. Amen. Hence, I am giving you a girl who manages money well, whether in abundance or in scarcity. Amen.

Lord Larimar, I will now tell you your fate. You have been watched closely as you delved into the vocation of married life. But do We really agree to this vocation for you? Or do We rather that you come back to walk the celibate, virgin path? What saith thou? Do you believe that you are bound to walk the married life? Or do you think that the virgin, celibate life really is the better path to walk, now that the fire that was burning in you has been doused? What is to stop this fire from coming back, O’ Lord? And if it does come back, do I douse it again? The fire will not return to you, O’ Larimar King. This, I solemnly tell you. For you are beyond it. Therefore, if it is a matter of burning that you elect to marry, you have no reason left to choose that vocation. Nor has the girl you would marry been presented to you. You may choose celibacy and virginity again, Lord Larimar. And if you do so, We shall tell you your new fate. Amen.

Lord, I know that the spiritual interior is only possible on the celibate, virgin route. And thus, given the choice, I choose that path. Amen. Then, O’ Larimar King, you have conquered Satan, at this hour, on this day. 10:54 PM, Sunday, April 26, 2020, in California. Amen. Breathe the fresh air, O’ Larimar King. You are free at last. Amen.

Lord, I had promised to Hyacinth that I would marry her if You made it possible. What now becomes of that promise, O’ Lord and God? She in not leaving her station. And you are not leaving yours. Hence, it will never be possible, O’ Larimar King. In addition, she serves My purpose for there being a woman who prays for you. And when I cure you, I will also heal her of her infirmities. But I will never allow her to leave her place to come to you. Amen.

Okay, O’ Lord, I am celibate and virgin forever again. What is my vocation? Is it to remain a celibate, virgin layman? Or do I become a priest? Or do I become a Religious, like a monk or a hermit? Promise Me this and I shall tell you. What promise do you seek from me, O’ Lord? Promise Me that the path I tell you you shall go on, that you will not deviate from it in the future, neither to return to the married path, nor to seek some other path on the celibate virgin Way. I promise, O’ Lord, if you show some sign that this request and revelation are of divine origin. The sign will be your cures tonight. In that case, O’ Lord, I definitely promise to never return to the married path nor to deviate one bit from the vocation You tell me is mine. You, O’ Larimar King, shall become a Religious priest. You shall enter the Religious Order I tell you to. And you shall take the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. Amen. I agree to this and bind myself to what You have decreed for me, O’ Lord. And I willingly give up ownership of my stocks and all my wealth to join this community of Religious priests. Amen. I, hence, fully agree to make the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, and I wish to embrace this new form of life. Amen.

Good, Lord Larimar. And now I shall tell you what to do. Go to bed and dream. And in your dreams, I will reveal many things that are about to take place. Just realize that you have won the war for your soul. Now, go to bed. For you do not know yet if you are working tomorrow. And you need your night’s sleep to be fully functional on that day. Amen. But as for your place of work, I will only have you give in your notice that you are quitting when you have been approved to enter the seminary, and are within a month away from entering it. Amen. Now I have spoken My piece. Mary, your Virgin Mother, wishes to say a few words.

I, the Holy Virgin, have this to say, O’ Eric. I am proud of you, my son. And this is the end of the line for this prophecy blog. For once you are cured, all revelations stop flowing through you. And you speak here no more. Amen. I would like to make a special thank you to one particular person who may eventually read this post. And that person is Danielle Marie Tayabas. You never did any sinful deed to Eric, but you abandoned him out of fear. But there is no need to fear Eric, and there never was. If you ever wish to befriend Eric again, he will not reject you or hold any grudges. But should you elect to remain cut off, that is your choice. But in the end, what will matter are friendships, not whether you got this or that as your earthly good or possession. You are welcome to return to Eric’s friendship. He never sought to harm you and he never shall. Also realize this. The fires of his passions are extinguished, and he is a truly celibate man now. If you return to him, he will be your friend. But if not, he will cease to know you as time marches on. Amen.

And this last word of warning I give to all women out there who might by eyeing Eric as possible marriage material. Keep your hands off him. Whosoever touches him will be bitten by the serpent. And whoever seeks to seduce him will be consumed with fire. I have now fully spoken. There is no more to say. Amen.

Lord, what about COVID-19 and the closures of the Catholic Churches? Do they all get reopened? And if so, do they get shutdown again when COVID-19 returns this coming winter? I will have you end COVID-19 with a simple command I will give you. And then everything will come back to life, though some businesses and finances will be more damaged than others. As for the future, realize, O’ Eric, this solemn Truth. You are no longer a part of this world. Hence, what happens here does not really affect you. I Who Am have spoken. Go now and dream, Lord Larimar. And realize nothing here in this world is really your concern anymore. Amen.

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