Eric’s vocation is to be a priest

I Who Am shall cure Eric today and reveal to him his ultimate destiny. Amen.

Behold, I Who Am declare that I will enact in My Church the ordination of Eric as My priest. Any doors that bar his entry I will unbar. And any people who stand in his way, I will visit them and order them to relent and to yield. I, the Lord, shall hence, force My servant Eric through the seminary and make him My priest. Amen. For it is in My divine will that Eric serve Me as an ordained priest during the thirty-three years he is to reign on the earth after his ordination. Amen. Lord, does that mean, then, that Eric becomes ordained a priest some eleven years from now? Yes, Lord Larimar. And tell Me how does that square with your research into it?

With my Bachelor’s of Arts degree in biology from Whittier College in 1993, I believe that I would only need to complete two years of pre-theology, such as with philosophy and religion and Latin classes at the undergraduate level, and then proceed to four years of theology at the graduate level, followed by one pastoral year, and then I am ordained. It should, hence, take no more than eight years to complete, O’ Lord. Why do you give me eleven? It is because, Lord Larimar, We plan to drag out Our servants’ evaluation of you for a longer time, so that all can see the good fruits of your works and know that you are a good tree. For the good tree produces good fruit, whereas the bad tree produces bad fruit. Amen. Furthermore, there will be various events happening while you are in the seminary, various storms and plagues hitting the earth, and no seminary candidate will be able to sail through the seminary at the estimated minimum number of years necessary anymore. For such will become the way of life that classes and courses in colleges and universities get disrupted. And many will be the delays and cancelled classes due to unforeseen events that happen against the people of My Church.

Lord, Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus, ardently wished that she, too, could be admitted to the priesthood, but was disappointed that the priesthood was open only to men. What is the theological reason behind the rejection of all women from the priesthood, O’ Lord and God? It is this, Lord Larimar. The psychology of a woman makes her unfit to evaluate and serve as confessor to hear the confessions of men. But a well qualified man may adequately hear and give appropriate advice to both women and men who come to him in the confessional. And We cannot make someone a priest who cannot hear confessions. Amen.

Lord, is Eric’s Kingdom now exactly as it is currently defined? Or do the final definitions result in further additions or subtractions of lands, such as the lands in the West Indies or elsewhere? Now that you can no longer marry, you know that your Kingdom may never be united with another Kingdom by marriage. Furthermore, you know that your authority over your Kingdom is not passed on to any heir, for you are an eternal virgin king over your Kingdom. But what do We say about the final definitions of your Kingdom, you ask? I will now define them as such. Listen to Me.

(1) The Kingdom of Larimar, ruled by King Eric, consists of the following North American lands and no others:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. the Contiguous United States of America
  4. Belize
  5. the Dominican Republic
  6. Bermuda
  7. the Bahamas
  8. Turks and Caicos Islands
  9. Saint Pierre and Miquelon

And the list of official languages instituted in your Kingdom include these three:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French

Such definitively defines your entire Kingdom, O’ Larimar King, as it was originally intended and as its eternal state, going forward. Amen.

Lord, these new developments take away lands from King Charles of Great Britain, Queen Jemima of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, and King Chrism of Europa. That is correct, Lord Larimar. But these lands taken from them are lands outside their narrowed sphere of influence. Amen. And Lord, this act removes the last bit of land owned by France in North America. Correct, Lord Larimar, for these definitions are of the eternal phase. And that means that many past claims made by worldly powers have now been nullified. Amen.

Hence, with the exception of Puerto Rico, which is under Queen Isabela’s Kingdom of the United States West Indies, Eric now controls most of the Bermuda Triangle and the lands within. What saith Thou to that? You cannot control the southern vertex of that triangle as it is Our will that it belongs to the Sovereign Queen whose Kingdom is not part of your own. This is similar to Our ruling that Hawaii belongs to Queen Jasmine of the Philippines rather than to you, even though in this world, Hawaii is a member state of the United States of America. For the lands and ownerships of lands in the eternal phase do not exactly correspond to how things are set and defined here and now in this current world. Amen.

Now, speak, Lord Larimar. Why do We give so vast a Kingdom with so many lands to you, but give so small and modest such lands and kingdoms in comparison to certain other Kings and Queens, such as the possessions of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands making up the Kingdom of Queen Jemima, and the possessions of Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands making up the Kingdom of Queen Isabela? One thing, O’ Lord, that I have learned in following You is the vital importance of never comparing one’s lot with the lot of one’s neighbor. For that the grass appears greener on the other side of the fence is a common ploy that Satan uses to get people to covet the possessions of their neighbor and give way to hatred and to thereby lose their salvation. Good, Lord Larimar. And realize that the lands in this game that you play do not truly reflect the full and true rewards that I have in store for all My servants who love Me.

Lord, what happened with Sandra? Why did she fall away? It is because she would not tread water to stay with Me. Instead, she chose to die or commit suicide, and then to try and repent that act after its commission. Had she listened to Me through you, I would have saved her soul. But as it is, no woman on earth believes that you are from Me. The woman who cannot be taught by you, neither can she be saved. For I have set you up as the one through whom I have elected to teach all the world. Men can and have listened to you. But never a woman. Amen.

Let Me reiterate this most important point. No woman accepts My testimony through you, for no woman believes that I Am in you. But there are men who can and who do believe. Lord, are you now going to take Sandra away from me? Yes. Her death is imminent. It is only the manner of how she dies that will determine her salvation or damnation. If she seeks early release by poisoning herself, for she works in a hospital, I will not be there to meet her on the other side with good news for her. But if she were to put her trust in the Words I have said to her through you, that would be enough to save her soul. Either she will listen to you or to Satan. No other will come to her until her final moments, when she sees Me, and then her eternal fate will be decided forever. Amen.

Lord, California has been starting to gradually open the beaches, while maintaining social distancing. Does this mean that the Catholic Churches are about to reopen? Lord Larimar, I have a terrible judgement coming to America regarding the Catholic Churches in her. I will indeed reopen the Catholic Churches, briefly. And woe to those who do not enter into My Catholic Churches in the short time that they reopen. For the second time they shutdown they will not reopen again, but rather, they will go bankrupt. And then, with the Catholic Churches effectively removed from the land, I will proceed to pound and smash all of America. Roofs will be torn off restaurants and houses. Apartment buildings will collapse like a stack of pancakes. And I will proceed to destroy this nation and its people.

But Lord, what about the promise that You made that You would not destroy the lands of my Kingdom during my generation? Lord Larimar, Remember My Words through My prophet Ezekiel: If a land sins against Me by breaking faith, even if I find these men in it: Noah, Daniel, and Job, or even you, Eric, neither you nor they will cause those lands to be spared, but rather only you yourselves shall be saved by your own virtues and righteousness. Neither your presence nor their presence in the land can stop My wrath against it. (Ezekiel 14:12-20). And remember how King Josiah was the greatest King of Judah since King David, and how he removed all the idolatry and worship of false gods from the lands. (2 Kings 23:24-27, or in Bibles with 4 books of Kings: 4 Kings 23:24-27). And yet, I did not relent in My decision to utterly destroy the Kingdom of Judah, as I destroyed Israel generations before. (2 Kings 22:14-20, or in Bibles with 4 books of Kings: 4 Kings 22:14-20). All I promised to King Josiah was to take him away to the next world before I unleashed My ultimate wrath against My people. So also will it be with you, Lord Larimar. I Am going to rapture you up before I unleash My terrible wrath against all the wicked in this generation. Amen.

So then, O’ Lord, will I become a priest, or will I be raptured away during the process of becoming one? Or can I know this? I may choose to rapture you away before you can become a priest in this world. For the true nature of the priesthood of which I spoke is that of the First Resurrection (Revelation 20:6), and not only of the ordained kind of priesthood in the Catholic Church. And the rapture of the saints of which I speak is coming rapidly. You will not be waiting for it for very much longer. Amen.

Lord, Sandra is asking me for mercy. And I told her I would consult with You. What do I tell her, O’ Lord? Do You show mercy to her through me or by some other means? I will show her mercy, O’ Eric, most merciful one. For I have seen your mercy, O’ Eric. And you are most merciful among My servants. When I had that woman who lost her house, and she and her daughter were banging on the rectory door crying for help, and you were passing by, leaving Church, you spoke with them, and you helped them greatly. You both gave them significant amounts of money from your wallet, and then you led them to the Church office, showed them how to get in, so that they could speak to someone there. And you saw how they asked to see a person representing the charity, Saint Vincent de Paul. And then, you remained with them, waiting there in the courtyard with them, until this person came to see them who was to minister to their needs. That, My friends, was an act of a merciful man.

Now as for Sandra, tell this girl this. I have excluded you from giving to her anymore. She shall receive mercy, but she will not receive it through you. For you are to become My ordained priest. And as a man entering the seminary, you may not have any romantic attachments to any girl. Amen. Tell her these words exactly. Amen.

I have now told her those exact words, O’ Lord. And thus, O’ Lord, is it then decided and true that I am to become your ordained priest, that I am truly to enter into the seminary, O’ Lord? Eric, the ordination of which I speak is the spiritual kind, that which you shall receive through the First Resurrection. And the seminary of which I speak is the classroom of this world. Just do not clarify this understanding you now have of this with Sandra. Rather, let Sandra believe the literal meaning of the Words I have spoken through you. Amen.

For I am taking you up in the whirlwind very soon. You do not have much time remaining here. And with you shall rise up all the rest of My elect whom I have found ready, as you are, to enter My wedding banquet. Now, go and eat some dark chocolate and then come back, Lord Larimar. And yes, I will send you out to walk to the store to buy more of this chocolate this very morning. Amen.

Okay, O’ Lord, I have eaten. Now do I remain, therefore, in my current job after I am cured? Or do my cures correspond to my being raptured up? It is true that I will cure you, O’ Larimar King, but whether I will do so in the presence of any priest I do not reveal. But I do reveal that I will not do so in the presence of any girl such that you would be commanded to marry her. Rather, I guarantee you that I will cure you in the spiritual presence of Me, the Lord thine God. And these are the Words you are to say unto Me then: Lord, what is Thine bidding of me, Thy servant, O’ Master? And I shall then tell you then what you are to do. Oracle of the Lord! Good, Lord Larimar, you are now ready to receive your cures. And I will cure you now, and some passage of time later I will rapture you up. Hence, you will serve Me for some time or period of time in this world as a cured servant before the hour of your departure from this world comes and you are taken away. Amen.

But as for your current job, and the stocks you have in the stock market, regard all such worldly goods as things belonging to this world, and that are fading with it, and that will eventually pass away as I usher you into the world that is to come. Amen. Hence, do not become possessed by such things belonging to this world, but remain detached from them, so that you will remain properly prepared for My taking of you away, which is coming soon. Amen.

Lord, is the rapture many years away, or only a short time away? Or can you reveal this? It is to be some passage of time before I come and take you to your promised land. Amen. But you shall be taken. This I guarantee. And hence, now you know that there is to pass some time yet to come before the Rapture of the Church takes place. Then, O’ Lord, why not have me start the process of going through the seminary to become ordained a priest? You must have dedication to that path should I give it to you. Are you willing to endure My trials and My sufferings in order to walk the path of a priest? Yes, O’ Lord, I am willing to endure them. Then follow Me. And I shall ordain you as My priest if given the time. Oracle of the Lord!

Okay, O’ Lord, let me follow You. To where do You lead me, O’ Living Lord? I will show you, O’ Servant of the One True King. For I Am curing you today. And when I take You to Myself this very day, I shall anoint you on this path to entering into My priesthood. Amen. So take it, therefore, as the sign that you are anointed to enter into My priesthood when you see the cures I have elected to grant you today, and that they are given to you this very day in which I speak. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, do I also go to the Catholic Church today? Do I pray there, before the statue of Mary in the courtyard there? Yes, and you shall walk, not drive, to get there. I Who Am have spoken. Amen. Many things have now been decided in your favor, O’ Larimar King. And you have been selected for the priesthood. Amen. I am well satisfied with you.

Now, let us proceed with the words from My Virgin Mother, Mary, for it is given to her to command you from now on. For you are the Unicorn that she has captured, and you are now her eternal possession to command and to care for.

I am Mary, the Virgin Mother of God. And I am well pleased with you, my servant. For you have agreed to the dedication necessary to walk the path of the priesthood of my Son, Jesus. It is a very hard road, but we shall make it work for you. And this is the promise I make to you this very day. When you come before me in the courtyard to pray before my statue at Church, I will speak to you. And these words shall announce my reception of you into the vineyard where you shall labor from now on in the service of my Son. And there is no going back to the world at this point, for you now belong wholly to me and to my Son. From now on, you are on the pathway to becoming a priest. Amen.

And will the Catholic Churches survive here or go under, O’ Mary, Mother of God? Where you are, I will have the churches survive. Hence, the Catholic Churches of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and of the Diocese of Orange shall not fail. But as for all the Churches elsewhere, such are subject to the judgements of my Son, and He will decide based on the presence people of faith in those communities. Amen. But your triumph alone is sufficient for the Catholic Churches in these dioceses, where you attend, to survive. Amen.

Now, as to COVID-19, my Son has a plan for dealing with this sickness. Social distancing and the careful washing of hands, giving communion only in the hand, and only under the species of bread, will be the new normal for how our Churches will function. And doing such will suffice for the Churches to be brought back into operation. But as to whether the Catholic Churches are to be shut down again this winter or autumn, when COVID-19 returns in greater fury than it had earlier this year, realize that I will not have My Churches shut down again except in those places where My people failed to keep to all My statutes and decrees. I the Lord God Almighty do make this promise and decree. Amen.

But you have passed My test. When I reopen the Catholic Churches, I instruct You to do this: Assemble all the tithes that you have accumulated for all the weeks that you have not gone to Church, and divide them evenly among the three Catholic Churches that you normally attend. These are Saint Bruno, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and Saint Mary of the Assumption. And when you have paid your portion of the tithe for each Church, I will bless you abundantly. And your sacrifice I will find pleasing, as I found that of Abel, who gave Me the best firstlings of his flock (Genesis 4:4).

Now, I have spoken sufficiently through you. And you are ready to do My bidding. Reread this post. And when you are done, I will have you submit it, eat your breakfast, and then walk to Church to pray before the statue of Mary. Amen.

And now I see you have fully reread this post. Well done, Lord Larimar. And hear my final instructions for you in this post. Do not look at the ladies, especially those who are temptations to you, and you shall pass My test. Amen. Furthermore, do not go to any store until you first go to My Catholic Church to pray before My statue of Mary. Doing so will guarantee that you will be completely free to do My will and what I shall command you to do through the mouth of My mother, Mary. Amen. And finally, realize that even if you become a priest, you will not have much time left. For I do not promise you a long life remaining in this world, but only that you will live with Me forever in heaven. Amen. Keep to these instructions and harken to My Word to you, and I shall give to you all that I have promised. Amen. Now, go and eat. You will then be sent to Church shortly. And then you will know your fate. Amen.

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