Eric’s love is pure and holy

I Who Am have assigned My servant to help and to accompany My son, whom I love.

Behold, I Who Am, the Righteous and Holy One of Israel do now speak of My eternal servant, Eric the Larimar King. Eric once ruled Israel through his fourth called forth Pawn, Yitzhak Rabin. And it was at the exact moment between the election victory of Yitzhak Rabin and the acquisition of the Shas Party into Rabin’s coalition, giving him a ruling majority in the Knesset, between those two events, that night in California, that Eric converted to My religion and became an unchurched Christian. Ten years later, he would be Catholic in full communion with the pope in Rome. Those ten years are known as the Watered Down Emerald Reign, a reign where the Emerald King lost all his power as he progressed further and further into Christianity. Hence, for ten years, the waters of the Holy Spirit were poured out upon the white hot pride of Antichrist par Excellence, the Emerald King, also known as the Emerald Armored Dragon. And Eric gave up all likenesses to the Dragon. Eric ceased to be a Dragon and became a saint. It was by a test that Eric’s love for Me was proven. It was by his honesty in putting to practice My teachings that this one learned to walk on water.

Now, I shall speak. Eric, what purpose do you serve for Me, the Lord your God? I am your prophet and scribe, O’ Lord. I write whatever You command me to. That is correct, Lord Larimar. And what is the content of the Words that I give you to write? They concern conversations between Eric and God, and a few where Satan fools Eric into thinking that he is God. These Words you write here are God breathed. I do not permit Satan to teach error through you without later giving a correction to your words in a later post. Now I shall preach unto you the reason as to why I Am speaking through you.

And it is this. I have sent you to speak against all the rulers of the Great City of the Gentiles, Babylon the Great, which is collectively the United States of America and all the Ten Kingdoms, those ten horns, who are said to reign with the Beast for forty-four years. Amen. But Lord, that passage in the scriptures say the ten horns reign with the Beast for but one hour. (Revelation 17:12). Lord Larimar, if one day to Me is as a thousand years for you, then what is one hour? One hour must be roughly forty or so years. Forty-four is what I give to the horns to reign. And a similar time span do I give to you to reign. But Lord, how can I have that reign if I am a saint and no longer am the Beast nor the Antichrist? It is because you cannot escape your destiny in this world to rule the kingdoms you are destined to rule, though you have escaped that fate you would have had in the next world had you never loved Me. You loved Me, O’ Larimar King. For I was hungry, and you gave Me to eat. Did anyone else give Me to eat? No, I sat there starving and a stranger until you passed Me by and had mercy upon Me, the least brother of the Lord. And that you gave to such as Me in the appearance of My humble, poor, and destitute, you gave also to Me, the Lord your God Almighty. I tell you truthfully, you shall never lose your reward of eternal life. For I, the Awesome Lord God Almighty, was hungry! And only you, alone among the people who passed Me by on the street, gave Me to eat. I Was Hungry! And you gave Me to eat. Therefore, I utter this oath in My name and in the name of God My Father Almighty, and you know this oath is true, for you have witnessed it take place: Whosoever threatens Eric the Larimar King, he shall no longer stand before Me. Instead, he shall collapse. And I shall command My angels to slay him. Amen.

Do not think that you can have an army behind you and that you can overpower the Larimar King with it. I tell you truthfully, I will send My angel into your camp and slay all your fighting men. And you shall awaken to find them all dead and dying upon the ground. Amen. (2 Kings 19:35, or in Bibles with four books of Kings: 4 Kings 19:35). And whosoever elects to put this to the test, after hearing or reading these Words, let him know that I will snuff him out in the night as he sleeps. And he will wake up in My wrathful hands. And he will wish that he was never born. Whosoever threatens the Larimar King I will mark that one for death. And he shall be put to death by my armies of angels. And he will wish that he had been aborted by his mother in the womb and had gone to hell by that means without any personal sin. For the punishment I will do against him will cancel out every joy he had ever experienced in his entire life.

Now, Lord Larimar, We elect to speak of who you are to Me. Who do you make yourself out to be, O’ Larimar King? I Am a Bride to the Lamb, even though I am male and a heterosexual. Good, Lord Larimar. You have touched a concept difficult for many men to appreciate. But all My elect of the First Resurrection are called My Brides, both the men and the women. And you are correct. You are My Bride. And I have a special place for you to reign, a special throne where you shall rule higher and greater than the all the rest of My elect. But how can I reign higher and greater when there are members of Your Bride who outrank me in the Kingdom? Lord Larimar, you are an intelligent intellectual. And you have merited, in your short eighteen years in communion with My pope in Rome, to be ranked as highest King of My Kingdom. For so great were your acts of charity that you would even put money into the hands of My sleeping poor you found on the road, without waking them. When they did awaken, where did they think that money came from that they found in their hands, but from Me, their Lord and God! I tell you Truthfully, you took the Book of Tobit and lived its lessons literally. (Tobit is a book is found in Catholic Bibles and also in those Bibles with the Apocrypha. It is part of the Septuagint, that ancient translation of the Old Testament to Greek from which all New Testament writers quoted.)

Yes, Lord Larimar has done My will perfectly. He has passed My tests. And he is ready to receive his reward. And what shall be Eric’s reward, O’ Lord? I, the Lord, give you one final chance to choose your eternal fate. After you make this choice, I will eternally respect your decisions and shall not ask you again. Which do you choose of these options below:

  1. Do you choose the Celibate, Virgin life?
  2. Do you choose the Married Life with Children?

Lord, I irrevocably choose to be celibate and virgin for life. And now, respect my decision, O’ Lord. Let me remain in this status and position forever. For I covet the crown of virginity, and the spiritual interior of a holy virgin, over all the joys and pleasures that can be found in marriage, sex, and by having and raising children. Amen.

Whether my destiny is now to be a celibate, virgin layman, an ordained priest, or a Religious, such as a monk or a hermit, I leave it up for You, O’ Lord, to decide. Amen. But You must keep Your Word and not take me from the celibate, virgin path ever again.

You, O’ Larimar King, shall indeed remain celibate and virgin for life. And now, We, the elect in heaven, shall reveal unto you your destiny. Let the Revelation You are about to reveal to me be the Truth, and, once uttered from You, let it never change again, except to be further refined. Amen.

I shall not make you My priest, O’ Larimar King. For I have better use for you as My Prophet and Oracle upon the earth. Amen. Remain in your job, O’ Larimar King. And continue to invest in the stock market as you are doing. For I shall make it rebound this coming June. By these instructions, you know your fate is not to make the vow of poverty nor to join a Religious Order.

Lord, what of the reports that COVID-19 will return in even greater severity in the autumn of this year? Do not mind those predictions. The people will rebel and get back to going about their business. And though many, I tell you, shall become sickened, and the healthcare providers shall be overwhelmed, it shall be by Trump’s rejection of the advice of the doctors and the experts that the economy shall be brought back to life. But at what cost? A million Americans will perish by the time the disease is finally brought under control. But if it is a question of whether to keep a million souls from dying or having a good, strong economy, then you know which of those options the President will prefer and choose. And the statistics that Blacks disproportionately represent the dead of COVID-19 will further motivate Trump to end the shutdown. For this is just one more way to get rid of troublemaking Negroes in the mind of Trump. For it is not just that African Americans have more health problems than Whites. They also have genetic vulnerabilities to COVID-19 that are found to a lesser degree in White people’s genomes. Remember that the races are in fact far more different genetically than just the genes that cause different skin colors. For all the races carry genetic legacies by which they have evolved to have different phenotypes and gained a unique look and appearance that defines who that people are. Amen. Maybe what is White or Black or Red cannot be authoritatively defined with infallible distinctions, but it remains a fact that most people, with the possible exceptions of hybrids, such as Mulattos, Mestizos, or Zambos, can be readily identified as belonging to specific races by their superficial appearances alone.

Lord, is it true that African Americans are unreasonably harassed by the police on account of their race or black skin? It is as you say. But it is also a sad fact that so many African Americans give up and do not take the talents and gifts I have given them to produce good fruit for My Kingdom. To him who is given much, much will be expected of him. And to him who is given less, less will be expected of him. But it is never the case that nothing will be expected of My servants. For to each person who can be judged, because he has reached the age of reason, that person has been given gifts by Me and I will expect a return on My investment in them when I call them back to Me. And woe to that one who did nothing. If the Black man wishes to receive more, then let him produce fruit with the treasures that he has already been given. For to he who produces good fruit, more will be given to him so that he can produce more. But from he who produces nothing, even that which he has been given will be taken away and given to someone else who produces a proper yield.

Lord, since I am now eternally virgin and celibate, what fate do I have? And is my reign here to be called the Eternal Virgin Emerald Reign, a reign that lasts for EVER and EVER? Lord Larimar, it is good that you have elected to take the higher path that leads to the Kingdom as a virgin. For I already have plenty of married souls and souls who have had sex. But very short supplied am I with virgin souls. It just takes one virgin soul in a city who does My will for that city to be spared My wrath. But you, O’ Larimar King, are the virgin soul I have designated to represent all of North America, more specifically, the nations of the continental United States of America and Canada, and certain other nations of the Caribbean that I have designated as part of your Kingdom. And because you have prevailed, I will not destroy those nations in your generation. Amen. It is because you have elected to remain a virgin, and this decision is now final, that I will bless, not curse, North America and its nations.

For the presence of virgin souls is pleasing to Me and I provide great blessings to such souls, should they do My will. But you, O’ Larimar King, are also a Prophet and an Oracle of the Lord. Do My will, O’ Larimar King, and keep all My statutes and decrees, and I will make your Kingdom firm forever. And though you will have no descendants, for you are eternally My virgin, I will have your throne set in My Kingdom of Heaven forever. And from your throne you will never be cast down. Amen. Now, as to the name of your reign and as to your regnal name, I command these to be called as such: The name of your eternal reign and kingdom within My Kingdom of Heaven shall henceforth to be known as: Mary’s Eternal Possession of the Unicorn and his Reign under her Possession. And your regnal name, O’ Larimar King, in Mary’s eternal possession of you, shall be henceforth called: Zha Zha Vron Immaculate. Really, O’ Lord? Yes, Lord Larimar. And for those who do not know, Zha Zha Vron was the name Eric gave to himself as a Dragon. It was Eric’s name as a Dragon. And it simply means: “Zenith of Zenith coming from a Dragon”. But Eric banished that name long ago when he repented of being Antichrist. How is it that now Mary calls that name back into play? It is because, O’ Larimar King, that you have truly come from the ranks of Satan and are now made an Immaculate Possession of Mary’s. You can never become impure again. Hence, O’ Larimar King, your regnal name is now and forever: Zha Zha Vron Immaculate, and its full meaning is now: “Zenith of Zenith that was once of Dragon Kind but was transformed into the Immaculate Possession of Mary”. Amen.

Hence, Zha Zha Vron Immaculate, what are your orders? What do you seek? I seek to remove Rulers from the world who are contrary to what is right and good. And I wish to replace them with Rulers who shall do the will of God and what is right. Good, Lord Larimar. Do as you wish. Make your decrees now.

(1) I decree that President Donald John Trump be dislodged from his position and cast down, such that Mike Pence will be the serving United States President by the time of the Republican Convention on August 24 through 27 of the year 2020. And then let the Republicans elect to put Mitt Romney on the ticket for President, due to his courage in taking a stand by himself against a wicked bully, knowing that he put his life and career in danger for making such a move against Trump. And let the Republicans choose Jeb Bush as Vice President, for doing such will bring in the Hispanic vote while maintaining the White conservative vote. For the Hispanic vote must now be sought to win the elections from now on. For starting with the elections of 2020, the Hispanic voters now outnumber the African American voting block, and this trend will only continue to advance in years to come. And let the Mitt Romney/Jeb Bush ticket defeat the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris ticket in the coming elections of November 2020. Amen. I will see to it that Mitt Romney defeats Joe Biden. It shall be done, O’ Larimar King, you whose name is declared to be Zha Zha Vron Immaculate.

(2) I decree for Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin to be slain by the military junta and that the military generals split into two camps, one in the east and one in the west. And let them divide up the Russian Federation between them. Let the eastern portion be called the State of Siberia. And let the western portion retain the name of Russia. But let it be a condition of the United Nations that Russia accept the independence of Siberia in exchange for the recognition that the veto holding permanent seat of Russia in the United Nations is passed on to that state that keeps Moscow as its capital. And let it be that the western division of Russia will retain the name of Russia and continue to be called the Russian Federation. And let the military generals of the new, much smaller, Russian state in the west give to the peoples a freedom of religion and a freedom of religious practice, and certain voting rights for a limited form of self rule. Since I have no authority in the east, I cannot make any decrees for the new Siberian state to be formed there. And let the military generals ruling Russia make a peace deal with Ukraine to return to her the occupied portions of eastern Ukraine and to rescind their annexation of Crimea in return for a guaranteed permanent lease on the military port of Sevastopol along with a guarantee that supplies will never again be cut to that city or port.

And let the European Union and NATO thus begin the formal process of admitting this much smaller Russia to become of member state of their respective organizations. And let both Russia and Siberia retain their possessions of nuclear weapons, but not pose a nuclear threat or danger to the world. Rather, let a peaceful stalemate develop between these two independent states descended from the former Russia. And let Siberia be the larger of the two states, retaining its status as the largest country on the earth. Amen.

Your decree, O’ Zha Zha Vron Immaculate, shall be done as thou hast commanded Me. I will hereby divide Russia up, between east and west. And the borders between the two nations will be decided to be along the Ural Mountains. And there will remain an uneasy peace between these two nuclear powers. They will not enter into a hot war with one another, nor with any other nation, for they are nuclear powers. And yes, western Russia will make peace with Ukraine and then be admitted into a favorable trading relationship with the European Union. And freedom of movement will gradually be permitted between western Russia and Europe. Amen.

(3) Let the United Kingdom enter into a favorable trade agreement with USMCA (United States Mexico Canada Agreement). And let Northern Ireland elect to leave the United Kingdom and rejoin the European Union in a similar fashion as the Republic of Ireland is a member state of the EU. Amen.

This proposal is found acceptable to Us, O’ Larimar King. Hence, there shall come to be two English speaking member states of the European Union on the island of Ireland. Amen. And what of Scotland, O’ Zha Zha Vron Immaculate? What is thine bidding for that country? Let it be that the final status agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union is that the three countries on the island of Great Britain, namely, England, Scotland, and Wales, have one relationship with the European Union as a single nation, and that Northern Ireland be recognized as a separate, distinct nation, having its own separate relationship with the European Union as a distinct state from the United Kingdom. And let it be that Northern Ireland be its own nation on the island of Ireland, becoming a new English speaking member state of the European Union. But let Scotland remain a part of the United Kingdom. It will be done as thou hast commanded of me, O’ Zha Zha Vron Immaculate. Amen. But I ask thee another question: Will Northern Ireland remain a country in the British Commonwealth, and a nation recognizing the British Monarch as its ceremonial head of state? Yes, O’ Lord, let Northern Ireland, in its independence from the United Kingdom, come to be called the seventeenth Realm of the Commonwealth of Nations, recognizing as its reigning constitutional monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, and those who succeed her on the throne of England as is ceremonial heads of state. Amen. It shall be done as you have decreed, Lord Larimar. Amen. Hence, Northern Ireland will retain its titles of nobility in the system of British peerage. Amen.

Good, Lord Larimar. And yet, Lord Almighty, Sandra says she is not happy. Hyacinth is unhappy, even though she is given so much? Yes, Lord. What shall be done with her? For I am to never marry and never enter into any form of romance again with any woman. Do nothing, Lord Larimar. For your duties regarding that woman are effectively ended. Let her alone. And realize that you could not effectively help her again even if you had the inclination. But you know her deceptions, and you know that she cannot be wholly trusted. Promise Me this, Lord Larimar, and then We shall continue this post. Yes, My Lord? Promise Me that any help you do for her or for any other person from now on, you shall submit it to My approval, that is the approval from heaven, and that without such approval, you will send no aid. I promise this, O’ Lord. Good. You are now bound to it. Let us now continue with this post.

Lord Larimar, you have in the past believed that you were a Baron in My Kingdom. And then you rose in rank to Count and then to Duke. But all of that was but a fantasy. For there are no such ranks in My Celestial Kingdom. But you do now have a certain high rank in My Kingdom. And I will now reveal it to you. Tell me, O’ Lord, of my new high rank in Your Kingdom. Is it a rank I have by my eternal virginity and celibacy, O’ Lord and Mighty One? Yes, Lord Larimar. And I shall now tell it to you.

You, Lord Larimar, are of the rank of Mary’s Special Helpers. Only virgins are admitted to this rank. And this rank is a rank of those who are saved by Mary’s intercession and made direct servants to her. As a Special Helper of Mary, you shall be sent by her to do her bidding in this world. Hence, you are directly under her control and her command. She is your Sovereign Queen now. And you are expected to obey her in all things.

As for that command that you obey Jesus only and no longer Mary, realize that such commands were only for you as long as you entertained the possibility of marriage to a girl, and of having children. But now that your celibacy and virginity are irrevocably resolved to be retained, and that it is by Mary’s intercession that you have taken this higher path, it is recognized that you are a Unicorn captured by the Virgin Mary, and you must obey her now in all that she commands of you. Amen.

I agree, O’ Lord. And I see that the title of Mary’s Special Helper is not such a title that would give rise to a sense of pride. And yet, with the exception of the virgin espousal of Saint Joseph to Mary, the title of Mary’s Special Helper is the highest title under Mary in the Kingdom. Amen. And above Mary, there is no one reigning but God, the Triune God, consisting of the Trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

But surely, O’ Lord, there are ranking saints above me in Mary’s hierarchy of helpers? No, Lord Larimar, no one ranks above you but Saint Joseph in the Kingdom of Heaven, under me, the Most Holy Virgin Mary. But then where does Saint Bernadette of Lourdes rank, whom I have vowed to forever recognize as my superior in heaven? She, too, is one of my Special Helpers in my Virgin Dominion. You are now admitted to be equal to her in rank because you have now become immaculately clean and have retained your virginity. We would not have been able to grant you this reward if we did not test you with that woman called Sam at your place of work. She was allowed to test you, and you would have fallen to the temptation had you not cried out to Jesus and to me, your most holy Virgin Mother, to take that temptation away from you and to not allow you to fall. And you took not one step in her direction. Thus, you passed that test, and We removed Sam from your place of work. Amen.

And what of the Apostles John and Paul? Where do they rank in relation to me, O’ Fairest Virgin Mother? John, too, is here in Our Kingdom of Heaven, but by his ambition to be seated at the right hand or left hand of Jesus, together with his brother James, We, the elect in heaven, have placed him in a rank reflecting our rebuke to his quest for self glorification in Our Kingdom. (Mark 10:35-40). As for Our servant Paul, he too is seated with us in heaven, but his seat is lower than yours, for he came from a much more terrible criminal past than you did. For by his hands, many of Our servants were martyred. But in your hands, there was never any blood found, nor any guilt of any sin that you committed against any of Our servants. Amen. Hence, these two saints are glorified in Our Kingdom, but neither are stationed among the high ranks of Mary’s Special Helpers. Amen.

And what of Saint Therese of the child Jesus? And what of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, native of the French possessions in North America. And what of Saint Faustina of Divine Mercy Sunday? Where do these rank among the ranks of your Virgin Dominion? For I know they are all virgins, and all of them did deeds at least as great as mine, if not greater. Let us proceed through your list in the order you mentioned them.

Saint Therese of Lisieux, also called, Saint Theresa of the child Jesus, is a most holy saint. And she is made a doctor of the Catholic Church. It was her teaching that everyone in heaven is of perfect happiness, even though not everyone has the same measure, for just as different sized vessels hold different measures of water, all are nevertheless filled to the brim. She is ranked as the saint Eric chose to marry, when he was asked which girl in all of history he would elect to marry, if he were forced to choose. And by that choice, she is assigned to accompany you in the Kingdom when you arrive here, and to go with you wherever you are sent. Amen. Hence she is to be to you as a wife for you in heaven that you never had on earth, for by your election to give up marriage for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven, it is a decree of the Lord that you receive back all that you gave up and more in the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen. And thus shall We in heaven fulfill the girlfriend prophecy you received long ago with this girl. As to her rank in heaven, realize that it is somewhere among the many hidden roles and positions in which We in heaven place all the servants of God.

As for Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, this saint is ranked as one of our great ones, one of great merit. She is the Lily of the Mohawk people. And she advanced greatly in Our Kingdom under the guidance of the French Jesuit missionaries that led her in what was then called New France. Later, the lands of New France became parts of the Canada and United States by subsequent conquests and by the Louisiana Purchase. Amen. In Our Kingdom, Saint Kateri is seated on her own throne and given a vast kingdom to rule over. And she is an eternal Queen of her dominion. Amen. Lord, answer me this. Is Queen Kateri Tekakwitha a Sovereign Queen over her vast Kingdom similar to how Eric is called a Sovereign King over the Larimar Kingdom? And do their Kingdoms intersect, overlap, or are they separate through a different dimension? And please define the Kingdom of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, if possible, O’ Lord and Master, and O’ Mary, Mother of God? I will do precisely as you say, O’ Larimar King.

The Kingdom of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha is a Kingdom wholly contained within King Eric’s North American Kingdom of Larimar. And now I shall proceed to tell you of all the lands it contains. She is Queen of the lands in which she advanced to sainthood and died in, which are now contained in the Canadian Province of Quebec. Hence, Quebec is this native American’s eternal Kingdom, and it is one rank beneath the Larimar Kingdom, to which it belongs as a constituent Kingdom. Amen. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His servants. Amen. And what about the eastern parts of what is now the state of New York, where she grew up in, O’ Lord and Master? Lord Larimar, it is not where you are born, but where you master My Kingdom and where you come to perfection and where you die that determines the lands in your Kingdom.

But Lord, I have been to Hawaii and Australia and England and Ireland, and yet I do not possess these lands. And though I have been to Canada and around the United States, I have never been to Alaska, nor to Florida, and yet I possess all of those. And I have never been to Belize or the Dominican Republic, and yet I possess those lands. But of Baja California, where I have been to, I possess not. Why is this, O’ Lord? Not all of the lands that We award Our subjects do they need to have actually visited to receive. And by visiting a land you do not necessarily make it yours. Now, you ask, why is Belize and the Dominican Republic chosen to be yours, but none of the rest of the Caribbean? It is because the people of those nations have merited to have as their Ruler the Virgin Unicorn King whose merits have saved his lands from the imminent destructive wrath of God. And Belize speaks your language of English among the Central American nations. And within the Dominican Republic is the only naturally occurring quarry for the rare semiprecious gemstone called larimar, from which you have your name, O’ Larimar King. Amen.

So, Queen Kateri rules over the Kingdom of Quebec? What is her rank within the Virgin Dominion of Mary, O’ Mother of God? She is one of my servants, O’ Larimar King, but she is not of the heights that you have achieved. For she had only five years to advance in serving My Kingdom, whereas you have been given eighteen years in a state of communion with the pope in Rome. Amen. And whereas she had her limited means of knowing My Word, you have had great a wealth in literature and in reading material, and you have consumed the writings of many theologians and many theological works. Hence, it is unfair for you to compare your merits with hers. For the talents and gifts given to you were vastly greater than those given to her. And that is why vastly greater were the demands We made on your produce compared with what We demanded from hers. And yet, you have yielded the proper fruit one could expect from the talents given to you. You did not put to use every talent you received. Nor did you perform every meritorious act that was expected of you. And yet, We are satisfied with the yield We have received in our investment of the many things We have invested into you. Amen. And the greatest prize that We have obtained from our investment into you is this: We have obtained a Ruler from the ranks of Satan before he could be touched and tainted with the permanent sins of belonging to the ranks of Satan. It was as though, Lord Larimar, you were a formidable Terminator that We captured from the enemy and reprogrammed to serve Us before you could commit and do any evil deed by which you would have contracted the blood of another on your hands. Hence, the movies that best describe you, O’ Larimar King, are those of Terminator II, Judgement Day, and Terminator Dark Fate. In both of those movies, there is a Terminator that was changed to serve the cause of good. Hence, a Terminator, a machine, was the character used to depict you in the movies. For each significant Player in this world is depicted in the movies by some character in some fantasy by which his true underlying nature can be more fully studied and understood.

And hence, Saint Kateri Tekakwitha is ranked high in My Kingdom, but you are ranked higher, for you have obtained the greater merit. And it is not because you are better, but because, it is thus written: The first one came forward and said, ‘Sir, your gold coin has earned ten additional ones.’ He replied, ‘Well done, good servant! You have been faithful in this very small matter; take charge of ten cities.’ Then the second came and reported, ‘Your gold coin, Sir, has earned five more.’ And to this servant too he said, ‘You take charge of five cities.’ (Luke 19:16-19). Both of you faithfully produced much from what you received, but one produced more than the other, and that one was also given much more in both time and in talents. Amen.

Now as for Saint Faustina, where do you think she ranks in Our Kingdom, O’ Lord Larimar? Is she greater than you or lesser than you? Had she been granted to live as long as you have, her merit would have surpassed yours. But as it is, she sought to die early, and begged to be given early release from the vineyard into which she was placed to labor in for Our Kingdom. Whereas you have not begged to be released from your prison in this world. Instead, you have fully submitted to the yoke We placed upon you, and you allowed yourself to be molded into the form We desired to make you into. Hence, you have attained perfection in this world. Saint Faustina would have also obtained it and surpassed you in glory had she lived as long as you have. But I do not force My servants to work unwillingly in My vineyard. Those who wish to clock out early and collect their pay when they have obtained their position in My Kingdom, I grant to them an early death. But as for those who willingly go with Me two miles when I demand from them one mile, I will develop them much more and accomplish much greater works in saints such as these. Amen. Therefore, Saint Faustina is greatly honored and is very high in My Kingdom, but you rank higher than her by your willingness to remain in My vineyard working for Me indefinitely. Amen. There is no limit to the glory that I can obtain in My workmanship in you. Amen. And now that it is assured that you are forever a virgin and celibate, We plan to bring you to magnificent heights in Our Kingdom. Amen. For few, very few are those saints willing to work in Our vineyard beyond what is necessary to obtain the wages of salvation. Amen.

Lord, I departed from my house to help Sandra, but I found myself unable to help her. And on the way home, I passed by women scantily clad on skateboards, and I looked at their flesh as I drove by them. And I thought that one of them was very hot, but I continued on. What saith Thou, O’ Lord? For I repent looking at scantily clad women. For that is always a temptation to evil, no matter what vocation one has. Yes, Lord Larimar, you did see a woman who was showing her flesh immodestly. But what do We say about such things? It is good to catch yourself and not give into the temptation to look at women immodestly dressed. But as long as there is reproduction on the earth, there will be women and men who immodestly expose their flesh. For the temptation to commit such sins will inevitably consume various people here and there. That you have repented your transgression shows that you are not consumed by this sin, but rather, that you realize its danger and repent it. It is human to be affected by the sight of the flesh of a woman. But it is divine to control yourself and to continue on, not looking back at what you have seen. Hence, from now on, when you see such women anywhere, do not rest your eyes on them, but just pass them by and pay no heed to them anymore.

Furthermore, you have mentioned your inability to help Sandra anymore. Did We not tell you that you have no more means to do so? It is a fact of the judgement of God that Sandra must do without your help from now on. Amen. For the ability you had to help her I have removed from you. Amen. I have not taken away your money, but only the means by which you were sending her help.

Now, let us analyze Our statements to you. You have the regnal name, Zha Zha Vron Immaculate, and you are of the high rank of Mary’s Special Helper in her Kingdom. And you know that within your Larimar Kingdom of North America is the Kingdom of Quebec ruled by Saint Queen Kateri Tekakwitha. Amen. Do you wish to know of any others who may have Kingdoms within your North American Kingdom? Yes, O’ Lord, do please tell me. These will be revealed to you in the course of your reign. As for now, only Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, among saints, do We say rules a Kingdom within yours. Amen.

Lord, Saint Francis of Assisi tried to help a Church he thought God told him to help, and so he stole cloth from his father and sold it to give the money to the Church. But the priest there refused to accept the unlawfully gained money. And with that, Saint Francis hurled the money to the ground in the Church, similar to how Judas Iscariot hurled the blood money back into the temple. What saith Thou to that? My saints have often been great sinners. And My saints had to learn by their failures and by their mistakes what was right and what was wrong. Remember this teaching, Eric. Failure is the greatest teacher. Now, go and meditate on what you have learned.

Lord, I am willing to go up in the Rapture of the saints. But I am also willing to remain here for the forty-four year reign I am said to be sent to serve. What is my fate, O’ Lord? Yes, Lord Larimar, now that you are freed from women and the desire to take a wife and raise a family, there is no further need in you to remain here in this world. But I am willing to remain here in this world for years to come in order to serve for the sanctification of my soul. Amen. Lord, I seek to renounce all my possessions and to serve You alone. Lead me and I will obey. This is My only command, O’ Larimar King. Prepare to enter My priesthood, for to it I shall be calling you. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His servant. Amen. Now, Lord Larimar, reread this entire post. Correct all errors therein. And realize why We give you the vocation of priest. It is because you have surrendered to Us all your worldly goods. Amen.

Good, you have now reread this entire post. And you are ready to submit it. Consider these instructions carefully, O’ Eric, servant to Jesus and Mary. When you submit this post, your destiny will become fixed and known to all who monitor your writings. I Am taking Sandra away from you now. For no girl do I permit to bother a son of Jesus contemplating My calling of him to My priesthood. Hence, Sandra I now effectively take away from you. Nor will any girl enter into your future. Instead, realize your celibacy is now eternal.

Furthermore, realize that I now place upon your shoulders the weight of the Catholic Church. You will be a pillar holding it up. And you will enter My priesthood as I command the doors to open for you. Continue in the job you have now until the time comes when I cure you in the presence of a priest. Those cures, when you realize you have received them, will cut you from the bonds that currently bind you and that imprison you in the place where you now live. Realize that I will have freed you so that you can enter the bondage of the priesthood and become My slave working directly for Me and for My Church in My vineyard as a man of the cloth. Hence, you will pass from worldly bondage into heavenly bondage.

Now, I shall make My closing statements. The Virgin Mary is very proud of you. For you are as a son to her. And she is as the Mother in the Church that you never had. Note that this is the final post where you question your vocation, and where you speak of not knowing it. Also, realize this, regarding COVID-19. It shall end when I, through you, give the command that it vanish from the whole world. And this is My command for you right now. Go and do the work you have been given to do by your boss. And then, go to your room, pray the Rosary and read your Bible. In the night I will reveal secrets of the Kingdom. Amen.

And one last thought I will give you to think, O’ Eric, servant to Jesus and Mary. You are not really here in this world. Rather, you are now with Us. Therefore, no one can harm you or do any form of evil to you. For We are in control. And nothing happens to you unless We allow it. And everything that We will to happen to you happens. For you are with Us and under Our direct power. Therefore, seek Our instructions and obey Our commands. All that you are given to do will succeed. And your departure from the company you work for you will give ample time in advance for them to make suitable arrangements to find your replacement. Amen.

As for the mention of Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus as being as a wife to you in hereafter, how is that theologically defended, you ask? Realize the true nature of a wife is simply a suitable helper assigned by God to the man so that he is not alone. Understood this way, and without any formal bonds or vows, you will see that what We revealed to you regarding this one in heaven is defendable and justified. All My subjects are as the angels in heaven, but some of My servants are assigned to help others and to serve as eternal companions there. Amen. Now go, Lord Larimar, for this post has been completed, and you may submit it at will. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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