The final hour approaches

I will briefly reopen My Catholic Churches this summer. And it will be the last chance for My people to receive their sacraments. And then, this coming winter, the doors shall be locked again. Amen.

I Who Am do now prophesy through Eric again. Amen. Note that this is the 149th extent surviving post on And 149 is the 35th prime number. Amen. In this pivotal post here on, I will reveal through Eric the destiny and fates of many in this world. Amen.

First, how certain is it that Eric is to be taken away very soon, O’ Lord? I Who Am shall give you this sign that will indicate Eric’s imminent departure from these shores. And it is this: The leader who is to come shall set up in the temple wing that thing known as the Abomination that causes desolation, standing where it does not belong. Amen. When you see that sign, and know that its appearance is imminent, then you shall know that Eric and Hyacinth and the rest of My elect to be raptured will have been raptured. Amen.

Lord, that is great! I am looking forward to leaving this world and entering into heaven. And what becomes of the things I have in this world? Do they all get left behind, such as my stocks that I have strategically accumulated? For you, Lord Larimar, I have a different path. For I have made a drastic decision. I will take Hyacinth and those whom I have elected to rupture up away in My imminent Rapture. But as for you, Lord Larimar, I have another usage of you to remain where you are. I will cure you and make you a married man. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Lord, I accept such a fate as marriage, but I require that any such girl I enter into marriage with, that she must be from You and of Your elect. Good, Lord Larimar, for your fate is to definitely marry. Amen. And, O’ Lord, does Eric marry during the coming Tribulation, when the Abomination is set up for all the world to worship or die? No, Lord Larimar. For We, the elect in heaven, are postponing that coming judgement by forty four years. Hence, you will reign on earth as Larimar King for the next forty four years, and then you shall be taken to your place in My Kingdom. Amen.

That will be in the year 2064, O’ Lord, when I am 94 going on 95? That is correct, Lord Larimar. For time here never comes to an end. It continues indefinitely. My Second Coming is an event, rather, that occurs outside time, for all those who exit this world and enter into their eternity. Amen.

Now, tell me, O’ Sovereign Lord, if I am to have children, will these children to come be honorable and holy? Or will they be dishonorable and unholy? For your prophet Samuel, though he himself was very holy, he had sons who were very unholy. And your servant King David, through he did your will and obeyed your commandments and repented his great sins, the line of kings that issued from him had many very unholy kings, and that lineage eventually failed completely to maintain its reign over Israel and Judah. Thus, how are Eric’s children to be that are to come by Eric’s future marriage, O’ Lord? I will now tell thee, O’ Larimar King.

As you have struggled in Me and have found Me, so also do I guarantee that your descendants, going down through a long lineage stemming from you, shall also find Me. Hence, your family and house will be solidly built upon the Rock. And it will not fall. And legendary will become the House of Dunstan for generations to come. Amen. Lord, then this means that the Catholic Churches must now come back online? Or when do all the Catholic Churches reopen? I will now tell thee, O’ Lord Larimar.

With social distancing in full force, and every other row in the pews closed, I will bring all My Catholic Churches back online on Wednesday June 24, 2020, on your fiftieth birthday, and the celebrated feast day for the nativity of John the Baptist. Amen. That’s wonderful, O’ Lord! Let it be done exactly as you say! Now, let Us proceed to weightier matters. I Who Am have this to say regarding you, O’ Larimar King. You can no longer fall to impurity. It is no longer part of your nature. Hence, the prophesied time in which you were to receive the girlfriend has come. You can no longer avoid your fate with the prophesied girl.

But Lord, when this girl comes and I am cured, will this website then go dark? Will I then no longer write here Your Word? Lord Larimar, a good instructor focuses on teaching his apprentice exclusively. And that is why you may no longer write here when I give you the girl. For you will then be instructing her. And she is to advance to become your level of Master within one year’s time of her coming to know you. But this rapid progress would not be possible if you were to continue to devote your time writing here on this website. Hence, consider your imminent meeting of the girl We are giving you to as meaning the end of your posting here and the beginning of your instructions to your new apprentice. Amen.

Lord, what becomes of my brother Mark? Will he be permanently locked into the food delivery business? No, Lord Larimar. For new technologically advanced developments in autonomous cars and robots and electric vehicles will transform the food delivery business into one in which robots pick up the ordered food in food storage facilities made for robots, and place the packages into autonomous vehicles, which drive automatically to the local residential areas for drop off to the waiting customers. No tips will be necessary, for these robots and technologies run without needing to eat, sleep, or take time off. Only the electric batteries will need to be periodically recharged and for the cars and robots to be periodically serviced and inspected. Amen.

Given this, then Mark’s livelihood in the food delivery business is not going to last. That is correct, Lord Larimar. And when Mark loses his job there, due to the automation of it being done by robots and autonomous electric vehicles, realize that the hand writing is on the wall for virtually all those who make a living driving or delivering goods by actually driving a vehicle themselves. Rather, the money will be in the technologies of those companies, like General Motors, who are actively developing such new technologies of electric vehicles and autonomous driving for their future lineup of cars and trucks. And when the technologies are developed in these new fields, such as in solid state batteries and reliable robotic vehicle navigation, those companies actively developing products to use them will profit handsomely, due to the great demand to phase out human drivers and replace them with robots, saving much money in both wages and auto insurance. In fact, a whole new line of autonomous car insurance companies will come into existence, and they, not the car owners nor the car manufacturers, will handle all accident claims and all issues regarding the driving of such vehicles. As a disclosure, Eric is long GM and plans to increase his long position in that company’s stock within the next 72 hours. Amen.

Now, let us discuss David, Eric’s older brother. What is his fate, you ask? I will now tell thee. David is like Ebenezer Scrooge. So concerned is David about conserving his riches that he never turns on the heat in his apartment in sub zero temperatures out there in the desert, despite his pay being in the six figures. And that is because he is a scrooge! Rather, he tries to save each nickel and dime that he can. And he laments that he pays over $2500 in taxes every month in his government job. But I have this to say regarding him, O’ Larimar King. He will be given great expenses now, due to the health problems I will allow him to suffer. And these health issues will be quite debilitating. He will not pay Me My ten percent. Hence, I will now take fourfold what he owes Me, but without granting him any blessings. For such is My absolute decree. If you will refuse to give to Me My ten percent, My full tithe, from the fruits of your labors, I will not let it go at that. Instead, I will exact a toll of forty percent from all the fruits of your labors. But no blessings will come of it, for it is the penalty for not doing My will and pleasing Me. Therefore, he who is wise, always gives Me his full ten percent from all the income he gains from wages from labor. Other forms of income, such as from cash prizes or an inheritance, I do not say that you are to tithe from, but only from the fruits of your labor.

Now, what becomes of Eric’s job, O’ Lord? Eric is the middle brother of the three brothers, all one year apart. I Who Am say this regarding Eric and his job. Eric’s job will persist and survive. And Eric will go on to work full time soon in his current employment. But Lord, what about Eric’s very low wages there? He cannot support himself on such low wages. Your wages do not need to change, Lord Larimar, at this time. But We will increase the amount of work that you do. For you are now managing hundreds of commercial websites. And this number is only growing. And you have become a master of setting them up and of managing the databases and all the products. Now, listen to Me, O’ Larimar King. For I have this to say.

I Am giving you a new romantic interest to your life. And Sandra is about to be taken away from these shores. She will go to heaven, and you will witness her passing from the spirit world. I Who Am have spoken. And this girl to come, I suppose that we will marry in either her parish or mine, O’ Lord? Either of those will do, but I also allow you to marry in a destination wedding. I do not advocate that you marry somewhere far away and costly, as Mark married in Hawaii, and eventually went bankrupt due to all the money he squandered there and in other things. But I do grant you the possibility of marrying in Avalon, the port city of Santa Catalina Island, which is within the range of visiting and returning home within the same day, for those of your family and local friends who would wish to attend the wedding there. The Catholic Church there is Saint Catherine of Alexandria Catholic Church, within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and the approval of your pastor or the bishop is all that you would need to marry there instead of at your own parish. Good, my Lord. When I meet the girl I am to marry, we will then consider all our possibilities for marriage. But I like the idea of marrying in Avalon. Amen.

Now, Lord Larimar, you now know when the Churches reopen. And you have an idea as to when you will receive the girl you are to marry. Now, we shall speak of other things. Let us consider President Donald John Trump. This man is wrecking the United States of America like a wild bull in a china shop. What can be done to rectify this situation? Well, My Lord, I have this suggestion. Remove the aggressor from his leadership position and replace him with someone who has competence, like Mitt Romney. I want a Mitt Romney/Jeb Bush Republican ticket for President/Vice President for these coming November elections of 2020. Will this be done, O’ Lord? It shall, Lord Larimar. I will see to it that it is done. This wrecking ball, called Trump, will have collapsed and self destructed by the time of the Republican Conventions this August 24-27, 2020. Amen. And I will personally see to it that Trump has met his waterloo and been dethroned by that time. Amen. For it is to you, O’ Larimar King, that I have granted the power to make decrees. Amen.

Also, the addition of Jeb Bush to the Mitt Romney ticket was so chosen because of its duality in appealing to both the conservative White base and to the rising Hispanic minority, which has now surpassed the Black race for these coming 2020 elections for the first time. It is the Hispanics who must be embraced by the Republican Party if this party is to survive and prosper in the 21st century. For the Hispanics, due to their strong Catholic background and their commitment to family values and marriage, share in many of the cornerstone values and principles upon which the Republican Party is based. But Trump has done so much to damage that image in the eyes of the Hispanics. This is neither good for the Republican Party nor for this country. Instead, I advocate for Trump’s removal immediately. And when can we expect this removal to take place, O’ Lord? I Who Am shall now tell thee. Trump came to power on January 20, 2017. His reign is set to last for 1260 days, and then he will be defeated. And those 1260 days expire on July 3, 2020. Hence, the next day, on the Fourth of July, 2020, many Americans will finally have something to celebrate and to look forward to. Amen.

Good, Lord Larimar. You have done Our will for you. Now, We shall speak. Yes, We, too, have grown tired of this proud and boastful imp running the White House and playing, “Leader”, in his own mind. He has done great damage and destruction. And people have died because of his decisions as President. Now, I shall issue My decree for you to know. For I, the Lord God, have My Own decree as to what shall become of this worthless man in the White House, this man who wishes to be called the best and greatest that ever was and ever shall be. I Who Am do now speak. And this is what I say. Listen well, all ye Americans, and fear Me! Trump will not die. Instead, he will be disfigured. I will render him a broken and defeated alpha male. Just like the wolf at the top of the hill is defeated and scarred and crippled by the succeeding wolf who conquers the hill and takes his place, so also shall I have Trump so rendered. He will be broken and floored. And he will no longer have the strength to stand on two feet. I will conquer him and defeat him, but he will not die. Rather, he will relinquish control of the White House due to dire medical impairments to his rule. And he will exit his place from the White House without the opportunity to pardon the many criminals and organized crime pals that he intended to pardon to do work with and make underhanded deals with after his Presidency was to end. Amen.

And who is the alpha male to replace him and to defeat him, you ask? My Larimar King shall call forth a Pawn to come forth and take his place. Oracle of the Lord. For I have set My Larimar King as a powerful force in this world. And he will take Firefly’s place as the new Player of Power to rule North America and Russia with this new beginning into the third decade of the third millennium of the Lord. Eric will topple and replace with his own Pawns the leaders of both the USA and Russia. And what about Israel, O’ Lord? Eric is now too wise to enter into Israel or to set up any ruler there. For Eric has learned his lesson from his fourth called forth Emerald Pawn, Yitzhak Rabin. And that lesson is to not interfere with Israeli politics, but to remain a strong and permanent ally to Israel no matter what they do. Amen.

Hence, Eric sets up no leaders in Israel for this second Reign, the Larimar Reign. Amen. Lord, tell us what happens with Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin? I destroy him, O’ Larimar King. He will be rendered as food for maggots. And then Russia will be divided into an eastern half and a western half, two new nuclear states run by generals in two separate juntas. I Who Am have spoken. Amen. It is the European half, not the Asian half, that you, O’ Larimar King, shall rule over and set up leaders in. And in order to be recognized as the heir to the permanent seat in the United Nations, the European Russia, still based in Moscow, will be forced to grant recognition to the new state of Siberia, which will be derived from the Asian half of Russia. Amen. And Siberia will still remain the largest state in the world. Amen.

You, O’ Larimar King, shall rule over European Russia. And you will lead her to make peace with Ukraine, agreeing to restore to her all the lands she took from her in exchange for a permanent lease of the Black Sea port of Sevastopol on the Crimean Peninsula. Amen. And Russia will be glad to give up Crimea back to Ukraine for that deal, for the annexation of Crimea has proven to be a major net money loss and a major money drain for the finances and economy of Russia. Amen.

And with peace restored between Ukraine and a much smaller state of European Russia, the European Union and NATO will begin a formal process of granting membership to that new state, which will still be called the Russian Federation, but will be composed of only the western half of that former empire. And elections will be held in the Russian Federation, but remain under the rule and control of the military junta, which will exercise all the real power of that nation for many years to come. Amen. And the people in Russia will gain the right of freedom of worship and of religion. Amen. However, short lived shall be the freedom granted to the people to become Catholic.

Lord, I have heard that COVID-19 will be back in force this autumn? Will that result in a second closure of all the Catholic Churches, O’ Lord? Yes, Lord Larimar. Hence, those who are wise will act quickly, and come clean and make their peace with Me in the brief window of this summer that the sacraments are restored. For when winter comes, all My Catholic Churches will be locked back down again. Amen. And when My Churches are locked down again, do not expect a reopening for years to come. However, essential sacraments, such as marriages and last rites will be allowed for the Catholic Churches to conduct. It is just Masses and lineups for confessions that will be permanently banned. Amen.

But Lord, how are these Masses to be permanently banned if Eric the Larimar King is to be the Player who succeeds Firefly in America? Your ascendancy only provides for the temporary recovery of the Catholic Church this summer. But long term, this coming age is the short period of a leader who is to come, and he will make a covenant with many for seven years. Half of that seven, he will abolish the daily sacrifice. Amen. And you are now in the middle of that seven. And that is why the daily sacrifice of the Mass has been abolished. But for the sake of My elect, and for Eric, I will reopen the Churches for the summer, and then shut them down permanently when we head into the winter later this year.

So then, O’ Lord, when does Eric enter into a marriage with the girl he is to marry? I will have the Churches remain operational in being able to conduct marriages to baptized couples and essential services to the sick and dying. And for select groups, there shall be baptisms validly performed by the deacon or the priest. But Holy Communion will be rarely provided to the people. And Masses will be hidden and unseen, except in videos published by various churches, in the hopes of maintaining their flocks. During this summer, I will grant mercy to My people. And those who were denied first holy communion for Easter Vigil will receive their sacraments on a scheduled date in that summer. And all who wished to receive the sacraments will have received them, during that small window of time that I will allow My Churches to operate again. And then, this coming winter, the doors to My Churches will be shut again for a return of COVID-19, this time permanently. And from that point onward, only the sacraments of marriage and of the last rites will be provided to My people. The sacrament of confession will be relegated to a matter of general absolution granted by the bishops. And with the mass abolished, communion will be rarely provided, and very few will ever receive it from that point onward. As for the sacraments of baptism and confirmation, after the second shutdown, there will be no more means provided by the Catholic Church for new members to be admitted to communion. Hence confirmations will not be administered. And baptisms will be recommended only for in cases of emergency, and when there is a danger of dying. For the gates of formal entrance into the Catholic Church will be locked. Amen. And what of the sacrament of Holy Orders, O’ Lord and God? Only in strict secrecy will any men partake in this sacrament. And their places will be in dire poverty, as the Catholic Churches will be starving for funds. But they will make up for this lack of revenue from no more public Masses by collecting fees for their services in administering the sacrament of holy matrimony. And they will also collect a Church tax from the families of those that they perform the last rites to. Amen.

But Lord, with the Masses permanently shutdown, doesn’t that mean that the netherworld will have prevailed against the Church You founded on Peter, something that You said would never and could never happen? There will be still Masses going on, Lord Larimar, but in secret. Now, Lord Larimar, we are approaching the end of this post. Ask whatever questions you wish to receive answers on. And then We will conclude here. Amen.

The ruler who is to come, the one who has abolished the daily sacrifice, when he is ultimately defeated, does the Catholic Church get restored and a new age dawn, or does the Second Coming happen, O’ Lord and Holy One? The Second Coming happens, O’ Larimar King. Amen. Then, what purpose is served by Eric marrying and having children? What purpose is served by having long term plans, O’ Lord? I have elected to bring about your marriage for the sake of the children you are to have. Amen. These children you are to have will be among the children who are to people My Millennial Kingdom during the Thousand Years that Satan and all his demons are to be locked away and unable to tempt My people again until the Thousand Years are complete. Amen. It is during those Thousand Years that My elect of My First Resurrection will serve as priests. But no more Masses will be conducted then. Rather, the people of that age will eat bread and drink wine, the fruits of the earth. But of My holy body and blood, no one will taste again from the conclusion of this current age which ends with My Second Coming and ushers in the Millennial Reign. Hence, the people of the Millennial Reign will be granted only the sacraments of baptism, confirmation, and marriage, but nothing else. Amen.

And why are they denied confession, O’ Lord? Confession is tied with Communion, and was necessary to keep one in a state necessary to receive My body and blood. But without communion, confession serves no permanent purpose. As for the last rites, this sacrament will not be necessary nor effective in that age. And as for Holy Orders, only those elect of My First Resurrection will serve as My priests in the Millennial Age that is to come. Amen.

Now, let us conclude this post with these words. The harvest of souls for My First Resurrection is coming to completion. When complete, My attention will be directed to the second harvest, for those souls who live and die during My Millennial Reign. I Who Am have decided when the cutoff occurs. But when it does, realize that it will be permanent. Also, that Eric is to have children is a matter of fate. For many are to be his descendants in the Millennial Age. And is this Millennial Age exactly one thousand years long, O’ Lord and God? No, Lord Larimar. It, rather, stretches for many tens of thousands of years to come. For when I said I would return soon, I was referring to My Second Coming at the end of this current Church Age, not to the end of the Age that follows My Second Coming, which is to be known as the Millennial Age. This post is now complete, Lord Larimar. Now, go to work, for you are called. Amen.

Lord, one last question: Is this really my final post to be published on this website? No, Lord Larimar. For I continue to write through you here for many years to come. That this was to be your last post would only have been the case were you to be raptured away. Amen. But you will remain here, marry, and have children. This I have irrevocably decreed. Amen. Now, publish this post, Lord Larimar. For it is now complete. Amen.

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