Eric confesses his faults and failings

Emerald Order under the Sun, Sparkling Reign and Spectacular Run;
How soon the Age of Man is now Done. In the End we finally have Won!

Behold, I am Eric, servant of God. And I wish to confess something so that all may know and believe. Maybe a person of my nature could survive and prosper as a single, celibate layman, but I have a serious handicap that prevents me from serving as both priest and family man. And that is manic depression. I have bi-polar disorder. That is the real reason why I could never be a priest nor enter successfully into any marriage. Now you know. And should any wonder about it, let them wonder no more. Now, I know there are always exceptions to rules. But I have now come to grips with what God showed me today with the signs that He bound Himself to.

And how do you know it was from God? Suppose it was from a deceiving spirit? Let us ask that question to God right now. Lord, were any of the revelations from the signs I received today not from You? Or did the signs correctly reveal your will that say My vocation is to remain in the state I am in, and become neither a priest nor get married? Speak, O’ Lord, for your servant is listening.

Both signs are correct, Lord Larimar. I truly call you to perpetual virgin celibacy and to remain a layman in My Church. And you are correct. You are not fit, and never were fit, to take care of and raise a family. Nor are you fit, nor ever were, to shepherd My flock as their priest. Amen.

Also, do not seek greatness in My Church. Do not seek to make a name for yourself here. And I Who see your humility on earth will give you a name in heaven. All sin, O’ Larimar King, stems from the inordinate desire to choose to enjoy some form of pleasure unlawfully. Amen.

You have been given a rare gift, Lord Larimar. For you have been given the gift of seeing the devil in his deceptions to you. Imagine the folly that vast billions of people in the world find they had fallen to when they die and realize that they were in the wrong religion all this time. To spend one’s entire life in the wrong religion is a true failure for a soul. But you, O’ Larimar King, have served Me in Catholicism for 18 years. And I have crushed the many deceptions from Satan that you fell to from time to time. But realize that even vast numbers of Catholics are gravely deceived by Satanic deceptions, such as Medjugorje. How many Catholics did you know who suffer from such deceptions? Many, my Lord. They are countless. And all those souls go to the next world having been in the right religion, but were followers of Satan rather than followers of God. What a truly colossal failure of a soul it is to be just this close to salvation, but to totally fail to see the Truth and go to hell anyways.

Lord, it is now dawn, Saturday, April 18, 2020, and I have now awakened and completed the Novena of Divine Mercy. Tomorrow is Divine Mercy Sunday. What saith Thou? Do I receive communion on that day, O’ Living Lord? Will you restore the sacraments to the people tomorrow, O’ Lord and God? No, Lord Larimar. The sacraments will not be restored then, nor anytime soon. Realize that you are now in the spiritual drought. And that access to the sacraments will not be provided by Me except to a very select few, and for them, only sparingly. Amen.

But Lord Larimar, reflect on yourself. Are you starving for the Eucharist? Rather, is it not the case that you have within you an everlasting spring of life giving waters? Is it not the case that you are never spiritually hungry or thirsty? I will tell you why. By your daily reception of the sacrament for the vast majority of your eighteen years as My faithful Catholic, up until your last Mass in the morning of March 17, 2020, at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church, you now have an everlasting source of spiritual life within you. And that source will never run dry, O’ Larimar King.

That is why, O’ Larimar King, you shall survive the spiritual drought that virtually everyone else you know will die from. For few, I tell you, have been receiving Me worthily. And unworthy reception of the sacrament is sacrilegious, and is like eating poisoned food rather than nourishing food. Therefore, all the sacrilegious, those who received Me unworthily, shall perish. But not You, O’ Larimar King. For there never was any day in which you went up to receive Me in a state where you could not.

Hence, the world is now fully in its spiritual drought. And what becomes of all the Catholic Churches for lack of funds, due to all the Parishioners remaining home and no longer being permitted to go to Church? I will now tell thee, O’ Larimar King. Right now, the Catholic Churches still have some money. But in a short while from now, all of them shall be hurting. And then, one by one, they will begin to drop like flies. Church properties will be sold, and Churches will be consolidated. But in the end, My Catholic Churches will completely vanish from the land. Oracle of the Lord!

Do not think that COVID-19 is going away. No, Lord Larimar, it is just getting started. And it is a complex disease. One vaccine will not do it. Rather a cocktail of vaccines will eventually be required to have some sort of manageable control over the disease. But in the meantime, no Catholic Churches will be able to reopen. And the people will never be Catholic again. For how can Catholicism survive without the Mass and the sacraments? Without the sacraments, the Catholic Church ceases to exist. And without administering the sacraments to the flock, the flock dissipates.

Realize the suddenness of the COVID-19 virus and of My closing of all My Catholic Churches. Lord, many, I tell you, were preparing in the Lent that has now passed to enter into full communion with the Catholic Church and receive the sacraments of confirmation and first holy communion, on Easter Vigil, as I did back in Saturday, March 30, 2002, some 18 years ago. Is not that unmerciful to take away their chance of receiving the Eucharist, right when they were about to receive it and enter into Your Church and become saved? Is not that unmerciful to snatch their passage to salvation from those people when they had finally found the True religion and had done the right thing and finally sought to join it? Why then did you not wait until after Easter Sunday had passed before you shutdown all the Churches? Why did you not show mercy to these lambs seeking to join the flock and who were proceeding to enter in through the Door, as You instructed them, only to find it suddenly locked and barred? Why have you taken away your mercy from Your people, O’ Lord?

Now, I shall speak. Lord Larimar, did you believe that My mercy was limitless and unending? Did you believe that when I opened My Door for My people to enter in, that it would never be shut? Did you believe that My offer to My people of salvation would never end? No, Lord Larimar, for there is an end to every generous man’s offer to reconcile with his enemies. I have reconciled with those who chose to enter in. And I even, through Pope Francis, enacted My Year of Mercy, an extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, from December 8, 2015 to November 20, 2016. Anyone, during that year, had the power to be forgiven of all his sins and all punishment for sins by merely walking through certain designated doors, which were set up in every diocese throughout the whole world. I went out of My Way to bring My mercy to all who wanted it. I did everything that could be thought up to bring My people back to Me. And even after that extraordinary year of Mercy, I went on to grant to the whole world four more Christmases and three more Easters, in which many, I tell you, entered into My Catholic Church correctly and received Me. But those who delayed their conversion, after witnessing My Year of Mercy, now must see the error in their ways. They waited too long to do My Will and what I commanded of them. And that is why they now find themselves locked outside. It is, rather, as you have said before. My time of mercy has ended. And My time of Judgement and Justice has now come. Amen.

Lord, without the sacraments restored, the people cannot even get married in the Catholic Church. Correct, Lord Larimar. And I don’t want My people marrying at this time. For We are in the End Times. Did I not say, “Woe unto pregnant women and to those nursing little children,”? I want My people, during this hour of trial, neither having sex, nor entering into marriage. For We are now in the final Age. And in this final Age, I will pour out My Judgement upon all Mankind. Amen. For why conceive and bring forth a child who cannot receive the sacraments in the Catholic Church?

Why do you believe I have everyone sitting at home now? It is to have them reflect on their life and to make their peace with Me, while they still have time. The sacraments are now denied them, but I Am now giving forgiveness for sins through direct acts of contrition to Me. Whoever wishes to be forgiven of his past, let him now repent to Me in sorrow and great humility. And I will hear his repentance. Amen. For I Am a God who wishes for My people to come back to Me even now, now that the sacraments are no longer available to help My people be saved.

Even your sins, O’ Larimar King, I have forgiven you. You, too, have sinned, but not mortally. But normally such sins are washed away by the Eucharist, and mortal sins through confession, but I have now washed away your sins by My extraordinary offer, through the bishops, of a general absolution that you may receive by merely making your act of contrition to Me. Amen. You are forgiven, Lord Larimar. And let no soul think that his sins are too great for Me to forgive through this general absolution granted by the bishops. Whosoever repents in these last days, I will hear him. And though I will not provide a resumption of the sacraments yet, I will nevertheless provide graces and protections from future sins to all who seek to do My will from now on. Amen. Remember the thief on the cross next to Jesus. What sacraments did he receive? None, but the Lord still saved him.

Lord, will there be a pope to follow Pope Francis? Or is the Malachy Prophecy of the popes true after all? The Malachy Prophecy of the popes is false, as false as the prophecies of Nostradamus, and of similar sources. No, Lord Larimar, do not dabble with witchcraft, sorcery, necromancy, or divination. For from such sources come powerful lies that serve to blind My servants and to keep them from coming to Me. There will indeed be future popes to come after Pope Francis. Indeed, the Age of the Church does not end with Pope Francis. For I do not return and end time until I have thoroughly mined all the people of the earth of all the gold that remains in them.

Hence, do not think that the world will end just yet. I Am Coming soon. But before I do come, I will provide a Renaissance of My Catholic Church. I Am restoring My Catholic Church in those places where My people never gave up on Me. And in this Great Restoration to come, a new pope will be anointed to lead My people. And he will be Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, who shall be called Pope John XXIV. He will be anointed soon to take over from Pope Francis, whom I will force into early retirement. And hence, Pope Francis will become Pope Emeritus Francis, and he will be granted time to reflect on the many errors of his ways. Amen.

So, O’ Lord, tell me of this Recovery of the Catholic Church of which You speak. When will it take place, O’ Lord of Hosts? Go, Lord Larimar, and eat some dark chocolate. and then come back, and everything shall be revealed to you. Oracle of the Lord!

I have eaten, O’ Lord. Now speak unto me, for Your servant is listening. I Am making you an Oracle of the Lord in this time of drought. Through you shall My Word come to My people. But Lord, I am neither a priest nor a deacon. A Prophet of the Lord does not need such authority to speak. Rather, a prophet speaks because I speak through him, and it is the authority in the Word that I speak through him that suffices. Remember that you are not preaching your own homilies. Rather, the Word you speak is what I give you to say. And no prophet can rest unless he speaks what I command him to say.

Therefore, listen to Me! You will be an Oracle of the Lord in this time of drought. And how long does this spiritual drought last, O’ Lord? It is written, “For two thousand three hundred evenings and mornings, and then the sanctuary will be purified.” (Daniel 8:14). And remember the scriptures, when explained, go on to say, “The vision of the evenings and mornings is true as spoken.” (Daniel 8:26). 2300 evenings and mornings is approximately 6.3 years. And when did these 6.3 years begin, O’ Living Lord? They began with the removal of the daily sacrifice, which for you, Lord Larimar, was after your last Mass on the morning of Tuesday, March 17, 2020, for the evening Mass on that date was canceled. And 2300 evenings and mornings, or days, from that date forward bring us to Independence Day, Saturday, July 4, 2026, as you can see here. Thus, you now realize and now know that I will restore My Catholic Church on the Fourth of July in the year 2026, which is over 6 years away. Amen. In the meantime, My people must learn to live without the graces and helps that come from the sacraments. For you are in a spiritual drought now. And I do this so that My people can be tested and tried, like gold refined in the fire, and so that I can see who are truly Mine.

But Lord, by that time, will there be any priests left? Many will be those of My priesthood who shall be slaughtered during this Age of Darkness that has now come. But, like all bad things, this age shall pass, and those who successfully endure through it shall spring forth like young shoots after the forest fire wiped out all the trees, and the rains have finally come and watered the earth. You, Lord Larimar, shall serve Me as My prophet during all this time. For you are proven to be worthy to receive prophecies. For you write whatever you are commanded to. And you keep yourself holy and Mine.

No, Lord Larimar, I neither make you My priest, nor shall I lead you into marriage. Rather, you shall remain as you are, a celibate, virgin layman. And woe to any girl who seeks to take away the virginity of My prophet. For she will find cancers developing in her reproductive organs. And Eric, My servant, shall never pray for them to be cured. For the very act of touching My servant with sexual intent suffices to suffer being bitten on the foot by My serpent. And that bite wound shall never heal. Oracle of the Lord! Whosoever, Oracle of the Lord, touches My servant seeking sex, that one shall perish, and I will never listen to that one’s repentance to the end of his or her days. Amen. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Now, O’ Lord, shall Eric be granted companionship in a woman? Or is Eric to remain as he is, seeking consolation only in his spiritual interior, and reaching his spiritual heights by internal means only? You, Lord Larimar, speak of the prophecy of the girlfriend. You are correct, quite correct, to recall that prophecy I gave you back in the Watered Down Emerald Reign, during those years when you were unchurched, between the time of your conversion in July, 1992, and the time of your Martyrdom Breakdowns in June of 1995. It was in those years, when you were very impure, and when you saw no sins in masturbation, that I uttered to you this prophecy: When you stop masturbating, you shall receive a girlfriend. And why did you see no sins in masturbation, O’ Larimar King? It is because your parents raised you outside the Catholic Church, and you were taught the natural way of life, rather than the spiritual Way of Life. But now you know the spiritual Way of Life, and you have repented your natural sins. And I have forgiven you of all your past transgressions.

So, yes, you are to receive this girlfriend of which you speak. Now, how shall I describe her? Do I say that she must be young enough to bear offspring naturally? That would only be necessary should you choose to marry and have offspring. But your fate is to never marry and never have sex. So, Lord Larimar, speak. Does the girl We give to you require the age necessary to viably bear offspring? No, my Lord, for her primary purpose is to provide companionship. There is no need to provide sex or to bear young in the girl I am to receive. What saith Thou, O’ Lord? There may be no such need, Lord Larimar, and yet, the girl I shall give you shall be a girl who is still fertile and able to conceive and bear young. I do not give you a girl whose hope to have a family of her own has been extinguished. For My will for you is to provide to you a girl who is willing to sacrifice her longing for motherhood to serve Me as your companion and celibate apprentice for life. Amen. And she can make no such sacrifice if she is already beyond the usual age required for motherhood. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people.

Lord, I have heard the rumor that this girl you have elected to give me is to be of a darker olive shade of skin color than my own. Is this the Truth, O’ Wise and Mighty One? Or is that just a rumor and suggestion from the babbling spirits? It is I, Lord Larimar, Who had you promise to accept a girl of darker olive skin than your own. And it is also I, Lord Larimar, Who had you promise to accept a girl whose English skills were inferior to your own, one who has learned English as a second language, and whose primary language is one from Latin America. Now, I shall speak.

There shall be no sex between you and the girl I Am giving you. There shall be no union of gametes between you, no combining of genetics to produce any prophesied son. And yet, it is important that you accept this girl into your house as your celibate wife. In a Josephite marriage will I have you enter into with her. And this marriage will take place when I restore My Catholic Churches to all the lands for a time and a spell. So, Lord, are we to marry some 6 years from now? No, Lord Larimar. I will provide a brief restoration of the sacrament of marriage for this to take place at a time I have elected. In that window of restoration, you two shall receive the sacrament of holy matrimony. For sporadic and sparingly shall My Catholic Churches provide the sacraments from time to time during this 6 year shutdown of all the Catholic Churches. Amen. For even in a dead forest will one find green shoots coming forth from time to time, even in the midst of a drought.

Now, one last thing I wish to reveal unto you, O’ Larimar King. Do you wish to know what happened with that married Hispanic woman whom you touched on the forehead so many years ago and thus cured her of demonic possession by that touch? Yes, My Lord. Tell me. She went on to be great in My Kingdom. And she became a servant to My Holy Virgin Mother Mary, for it was by Mary through your touch that she was cured. Remember when Mary put her foot on your head to humble you in her visitation of you in early December, 1996? For it was by your humble acceptance of her touch of her foot on your head, and by your repentance of your sins, for which you were so humbled and chastised, that you were cleansed by that touch from the head down. And, thus, it came to pass that all that you touched from that point onward were also touched by the Virgin Mary, who had touched you on the head with her foot.

It is by this touch of the Virgin Mary on you that marks you as completely different from all other saints. For what saint do you know of, what seer, has ever received physical contact with the Holy Virgin Mary? Is it not rather that whosoever touches the Ark of the Covenant, which was a shadow of the Madonna who was to come, that that one shall die on the spot? And yet, you live, Lord Larimar. You live and are, hence, more blessed than all the saints who have preceded you. Even Saint Bernadette, who you rightfully swore was to be always recognized as your superior, even she was not so blessed to have physical contact with the Holy Virgin Mary. And yet you have been touched by the Queen and live. For I permit the Queen to touch others, but to never be touched by another. Now I shall speak.

You, Lord Larimar, are joined eternally to the Virgin Mary, flesh to flesh. Your virgin flesh, hence, is an extension of the virgin flesh of Mary. Such is a singular privilege never before given to any saint in the Catholic Church. And as it is with the tilma upon which the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was transfigured, so also shall it be for you that you never age and never see decay. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His servant. Amen.

And what of My new apprentice, this girl that you shall have me receive into my house and marry as my celibate wife? Will she age, O’ Lord? No, Lord Larimar. Neither shall she age, for by her place in the sanctity of your house, and by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit there, Who shall pervade every room of the house in which you shall dwell, no one who lives in a state of grace there with you in your house shall ever grow old. Amen. You and your celibate wife shall live to see the Second Coming of the Christ. And there will be no end to the blessings of the Lord that you will be able to bestow upon all who come to you, seeking help and aid in the name of the Lord. Now one last thing I wish to communicate with you, O’ Larimar King. And it is this:

There is no end to time. The Second Coming does not happen in time but in eternity. Hence, the Age of Mankind never ends. Instead, it will continue on indefinitely. And you and your chaste wife shall endure all ages to come on the earth as a holy, imperishable, virgin and chaste couple. As Mary and Joseph were in the age of the First Coming, so also shall you and your wife be in the Second Coming. But this Second Coming does not occur in time but in eternity. Hence, now you know your fate, O’ Larimar King. Welcome to the Millennial Age. And welcome to the First Resurrection. The second death has no power over you. You are a royal priest and My prophet forever and ever. Amen.

Lord, does this mean that there is an endless succession of popes to come? And an endless succession of ages upon the earth? This is the Emerald Age. And the Emerald Age has now begun. The Age of Emerald thus begins today, on this Saturday Vigil before Divine Mercy Sunday of 2020, which is Sunday, April 19, 2020. Amen. Welcome to the Age of Emerald. And note that the Age of Emerald lasts for eons to come. Not until the race of Mankind is fully expired shall this Age come to a close, and the earth itself dissipate, and dissolve, leaving only the eternal earth left, that earth where all Mankind who belong to Me shall call their home forever. Amen.

I Who Am have elected to make you My prophet here, Lord Larimar. And I elect to establish you as eternal King. Now, what shall We call your wife, who shall serve as your eternal Apprentice? She shall serve as your Queen Consort. And her place will be forever as your Apprentice, and this status shall never end. Amen. And now I shall speak of all the lands to be under your dominion in the Eternal Phase of the Earth. You are Ruler of all of North America, excluding Greenland, Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies, which are to make up the dominions of other Kings and Queens. And My Kingdoms shall be established throughout the whole earth. But as for you, your Kingdom is continental North America, and the islands that immediately belong to your lands. Hence, the eternal definition of your lands are:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. the Contiguous United States of America

And will there be any spoken languages that are to be made official in Eric’s Kingdom? No, Lord Larimar. For languages come and go, like the people. Just as you learned computer languages in your career as a programmer, and you saw the rise and obsolescence of various computer languages, whose popularity rose and fell. So also shall the same be for human spoken languages.

You shall always know your native English, and you shall learn and master classical Latin and Koine Greek, and your Spanish will greatly improve, but like all things upon the earth, languages will continue to evolve and give way to new languages. And the old ways of speaking and of spelling shall be forgotten. Amen.

And so also shall you see the evolution of the human species. But just as evolution is progressive, but not necessarily to become better or greater, but merely to become more adapted and fit for their environment, you will see the human species continue to evolve. But they will not become more advanced, smarter, or better, but rather, they will become more specialized and speciated to fit the niches into which they will have evolved to fit. Hence, the future of humanity is to have an abundance of biodiversity derived from Homo sapiens into a vast variety of human species and subspecies. Some will be black skinned. Some will be white skinned. And many will be the various different shades of their skin. And various will be the the colors of hair and eyes among them. Some will be slender and tall. Other will be bulky and stocky. And others will be small and tiny. A world with many different kinds will be the future earth upon which the Emerald King and his Queen Consort shall live forever and ever. Amen.

And now, Lord Larimar, ask one last question, and then this post shall be concluded. Lord, shall Pope John XXIV, who shall be Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, become the pope that marks the beginning of this new Emerald Reign? And what name do you call this new Emerald Reign, O’ Lord? The new pope shall ascend the throne once the Churches are restored. Until then, you are under the dominion of Pope Francis. Amen. But yes, his ascendancy will be the sign of your Eternal Emerald Reign. And the name of this new Eternal Emerald Reign shall be the Eternal Virgin Emerald Reign, and it shall be called for EVER. Amen. Behold, We now live in the Age of for EVER. Amen.

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