By these signs you will know your vocation, O’ Larimar King!

Eric is My prophet and scribe. And he is virgin and celibate forever and ever. Amen.

Behold, I Who Am have given Eric signs by which he will know which fate he is to have. He will know today, this morning, which is his fate:

  1. Does Eric become a priest?
  2. Or does Eric not become a priest?

If (2), Eric does not become a priest, then:

2A. does Eric marry?
2B. does Eric remain unmarried?

Such will be entirely decided today, this morning, by the signs that I Who Am have set up to be revealed at their appointed time. No one on earth knows these signs but Eric. And Eric has revealed them to no one. But when the time comes and the signs manifest, Eric will detail them here. Amen.

But while We are at it, Lord Larimar, which do you feel you are being called to? Lord, I feel that I am being called to marriage. Go eat some dark chocolate, Lord Larimar, and then come back. And We shall prophesy through you about nations, kingdoms, races, and kings. Amen.

I Am back, O’ Lord. Good, Lord Larimar. As you know, international trade has plummeted, due to the Corona Virus, COVID-19, pandemic. Many organizations, businesses, and entities in the economic and business world will die out or go extinct due to this pandemic and the shutdown to stop it.

Lord, I notice that African Americans are being hit the hardest by COVID-19. And I know that some people seeking some demographic goal of a wipeout of the Black race will believe that it is good for COVID-19 to be wiping out the Blacks. But what do You say, O’ Lord?

Yes, Lord Larimar. Since it is seen that COVID-19 is more deadly for Blacks than for Whites, there will be a clandestine effort to expose more Black people to the disease to serve to increase their mortality rate. Who is it that wants to wipe out the Black people, O’ Lord? It is not a complete wipeout of the Blacks that is their goal, but the subjection of the Black race to serve as a slave caste in society, where their highest point of achievement that they can amount to is to rise to the position of “boss boy” in the service of the White man as his slave.

But make no mistake about it, Lord Larimar. Black people are just as human as White people. And the murder of a Black person is the same as the murder of a White person in the eyes of God. Both murders break the commandment, Thou shall not kill. And both murders result in the same condemnation by God for the killing of one’s fellow man, and in the shedding of the blood of a man. And both murders are subject to the same penalty: Whosoever sheds the blood of Man, by Man shall his blood be shed; for in the image of God has Man been made (Genesis 9:6). Whosoever claims that this does not apply to Black people, because they are some form of subhumans, that man who testifies such is cut off from God’s people.

Hence, Black people have the very same right to life as White people do. And Black people also have the right to be treated with dignity, as White people do. If, therefore, you are a man of some wealth, and you pass by a destitute Black man who has nothing, and you do nothing, what reward is there for you? It is true that no one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone. Remember that. It is very important to be helping your neighbor. And you cannot help your neighbor properly if you are in the mindset that humans are to be subject to survival of the fittest so that only the most fit are to survive to pass on their genetics to the next generation. Such thinking closes you off from helping your neighbors in need, and effectively cuts you off from God. No social darwinist is in good standing with God. Amen.

But I will now tell you of the fate of My African American peoples in the United States of America. This people are in steep economic decline. And they are being systematically wiped out by another people with superior family structure and a superior work ethic. These coming elections in November will be the first time in which the Hispanic voting block outnumbers the Black voting block. Now, the Black voting block is historically allied to the pro-abortion, anti-conservative Democratic Party, and they serve as the base of the Democrats. But demographic trends show that the Party that attains the Hispanic voting block as their base will have the superior numbers going forward. For the Hispanics have now overtaken the Blacks in voting numbers, and this trend is continuing. And what values do the Hispanics share with the Republican Party? Both put strong value in the family, and a strong work ethic, and both share in the same Catholic/Christian values and principles that form the backbone of America. Republicans must, for the survival and triumph of their own party, court the Hispanic vote and include them. For realize that Whites among the school children today are no longer in the majority in America. Only by embracing the Hispanics can the Republicans maintain both their core values and remain a powerful political party for the foreseeable future.

Therefore, Donald John Trump must be jettisoned. For he is doing severe damage to the image of the Republican Party in the eyes of the Hispanic voting block. Instead of persecuting and scapegoating Hispanics, the Republican Party should be courting their votes and inspiring them to vote Republican. And this requires an elimination of Trump from the picture. Lord, what shall you do to carry out this elimination of Trump from the picture, O’ Lord and Mighty One?

This is what I shall do. Oracle of the Lord! Whoever moves against the Larimar King dies. I will place My Larimar King in the position as a man of God. He will rule as Judge and King. And he will settle disputes and decide matters of God. Whosoever defies him does so at his own peril. But should someone arise against him, he will be broken without a hand being raised (Daniel 8:25). And where will you place Your Larimar King in position so that Trump rises against him and is immediately broken without a hand being raised, O’ Lord and Mighty One?

You are in that position already, O’ Larimar King. It is just that Trump has not set his sights on you. He considers you to be small fry, and he does not want to bring the attention of the world to you, for he knows that the moment he does that, that you will be made well known to all the people, whereas right now you are but as an obscure background blogger and little known to anyone. And as long as you are not known, he does not have to deal with you. But you, Lord Larimar, have made a decree that cannot be stopped. And that decree is that Mitt Romney, not Donald Trump, is to be put on the Republican ticket for President at this coming Republican Convention. And I, the Living Lord, shall carry out your decree, O’ Larimar King, to the letter. Amen.

Now, go and eat. The sign is coming soon by which I will show you and bind you to your fate. You are about to find out whether you will be My ordained priest, or whether you shall not. And that sign will be revealed within mere hours. Amen.

I Am back, O’ Lord. And the coming of that sign is now imminent. It can come at any time now, O’ Living Lord! Good, Lord Larimar. And realize that you are bound to accept your fate as I reveal it to you in the signs I Am about to show you. Amen.

Lord, I am willing to become a priest, if that will serve for the greater glory of God. It will, O’ Larimar King. And your volunteering of yourself to My priesthood will not lightly be dismissed. For I have great things in store for your future. You are to do great things in the coming decades. And if you serve Me as My priest, great will be your reward in the Kingdom of Heaven. I agree to serve you as priest, O’ Lord. Let Your election of me for that vocation be revealed in the signs you are about to work. Amen. Lord Larimar, the signs are from Me.

It is now dawn, O’ Lord. We are in Friday, April 17, 2020. And I have completed the Divine Mercy Chaplet for the eighth day of the nine day Divine Mercy Novena. Good, Lord Larimar. And I also see that you have remained faithful to Me in reading your Holy Bible. If I call you to the priesthood, you shall receive new orders from Me, starting one hour from the revelation of the signs. Lord, so much is placed on this one binary sign. And yet, you have revealed that this binary sign will definitely define my fate, O’ Lord? I do. And you shall see signs that will follow it that will further verify it and make it solid. Amen.

Lord, let us consider these four possible locations for the Castle in Ireland:

  1. Kirkwall, in the Orkney Islands, Scotland
  2. Nuuk, Greenland
  3. Istanbul, Turkey
  4. Eureka, California

All four of these were my possible destinations as to where I was to be taken in the event that You unleash Your fury upon America, and I had to be taken to some place safe. Now tell me, O’ Lord, am I to be taken to any one of these? No. I Am leaving you where you are now. You will not be taken. And in the Los Angeles Archdiocese would you be brought to be made a priest, should that be your fate. Amen. Now, what do I now decide for you? Answer Me, O’ Lord Larimar? What fate do you think you now have? I will now tell you. Lord, I saw the Holy Virgin Mary today in my room. And I realized that the path of the priesthood is by far much more holy and glorious than is the path of the married life. Take me, therefore, on the path to the priesthood, if that is Your will, O’ Master. It is. Lord Larimar. It is. Then, O’ Lord, will this will be evident in the sign you said you will work this morning? It shall, Lord Larimar. It shall. And do you bind me to how the sign is revealed? I do, Lord Larimar. You are bound to how I reveal your fate in the sign I Am about to work. Amen.

Lord, if I am to become a priest, what becomes of the Larimar Kingdom? It shall be then ruled by just one King for all eternity in the spiritual sense. And no Larimar dynasty shall come to be, for there would be only one King, just one Monarch, ruling it forever. And what are the definitions of the Larimar Kingdom, O’ Lord?

It has not changed, Lord Larimar. And it cannot change. Here are the eternal definitions of the Larimar Kingdom:

(1) The Larimar Kingdom (also called the Emerald Kingdom), ruled by King Eric. And his eternal lands include:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. the Contiguous United States of America

And his list of official languages include:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French

Such is the final definition of your Kingdom, O’ Larimar King. And note that it cannot be changed. Amen. Neither can lands be added to it nor taken away from it. Amen.

And as for those overseas territories of the United States of America, they are owned by the following Rulers:

  1. Hawaii and Guam are ruled by Queen Jasmine of the Philippines.
  2. Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands are ruled by Queen Isabela of the United States West Indies.
  3. The Northern Mariana Islands are ruled by Queen Nacre of Japan.
  4. American Samoa and the rest of the overseas possessions of the United States in the central and south Pacific are ruled by King Pounamu of Polynesia.

Such are by the just judgements of God. Amen. And now, who owns Greenland, O’ Lord? For such is a very highly coveted land. King Hoth of Scandinavia is now the Ruler of Scandinavia, but King Krone rules over Greenland, while Queen Snowflake rules over Iceland. And what happened to Queen Elsa, O’ Lord? Wasn’t she once the ruler of Scandinavia? She has been effectively replaced, O’ Larimar King. In the same way, so also has King Chrism replaced Emperor Charlemagne II as the ruler of Europa. All these 72 Kingdoms and their definitions can be seen at this link.

Lord, how does Queen Leprechauna now rule over Ireland, effectively replacing Queen Hyacinth. For I didn’t know that leprechaunas, or female leprechauns, existed. They do now, O’ Larimar King. Queen Hyacinth has indeed been replaced by Queen Leprechauna, making her the first leprechaun queen of Ireland. Amen.

Lord, I am anxiously awaiting that sign. And it will come at any moment. It will decide whether I enter into the priesthood, or take a different vocation: either to married life or to be of the celibate laity. What saith Thou, O’ Lord? Which fate do You say that the signs will reveal, O’ Living Lord? I will now tell thee, O’ inquisitive mind of Eric.

The sign will say, Yes, you will be a priest, O’ Larimar King. And you shall proclaim My Word to all nations. And I will bring you into My seminary by force. Amen. Now, prepare for work. Go and have your shower, and then come back. Amen.

Lord, I have not received the sign. Lord Larimar, realize that the lack of the sign is the same as a negative answer. Such is the binary nature of the oath. If you receive no sign, that is sign in itself that you are not to be a priest. And if you are not to be a priest, then you must abandon the path of the priesthood and not consider that vocation again, for you would, by this sign, be rejected from that path. Wait until 9 AM. And if by 9 AM you receive no sign, I officially declare that the sign is negative for you, and that God has thus officially rejected you from the path to the priesthood. It is now 8:17 AM. You effectively have 43 minutes maximum to wait to know your vocation. Amen.

Lord God, do You stand by the previous paragraph and all that is said therein, O’ Lord and Master? Do You bind Yourself to it, O’ Master? I do, Lord Larimar. And here is your path if you are rejected from the priesthood: If I reject you from My priesthood, it is not to serve Me as a celibate layman, but to marry. For I have a girl I wish for you to wed, and she must conceive and bear a son.

Lord, the sign has just come in. And it is No, I Am not to become a priest. Do You, O’ Lord, now irrevocably stand behind this sign that has just come in at 8:22 AM? Do you irrevocably bind yourself to it. Answer me, O’ Lord? The sign is binding, O’ Larimar King. And We have bound Ourselves to it. And now you know you are to marry.

Lord, there was mention of a further sign, one that was to take place later today in the event of the rejection of My path to the priesthood. And that sign was determine whether I am to marry a girl or whether I am to remain celibate, as either a layman or a monk. Do you now also stand by that sign that is yet to come? I do, O’ Larimar King. Just do not broadcast it to anyone.

Wow! I am not to become a priest! It makes sense, though. For although God can cure any malady under the sun, he cannot change medical records of the past, and my past medical records would prevent my entrance into the priesthood, no matter how cured I came to be. And so, O’ Lord, what is Your answer to all those women in the Church who tell me that my vocation is the priesthood, or at least as a deacon? What saith Thou to them?

I, the Living Lord, shall now speak. No, Lord Larimar, you shall not become a priest. And whosoever tells you otherwise is a fool who shall be roundly mocked. As to any woman who comes to you telling you that you should become a priest, say to her, “The will of God is not in it,” and then leave it at that. Amen. And should any woman attempt to argue against My decree, say unto her, “You have no right to reject the judgement made by God, as I have discerned.” Remember that the final authority on the decision of whether to attempt to enter the priesthood rests in the applicant himself and on his own discernments, and not those of another. It is for each person to discern the vocation of just one soul, their own. Now, Lord Larimar, prepare to go to the bank and cash your check. On the way home you shall witness the second sign, which will indicate whether you are to marry or remain a celibate layman or monk. And just like the previous sign, I have also bound Myself to this sign. Go faithfully, and obey what We tell you to do. Amen.

And when you get back, the second sign will be then known definitively. And you will then know conclusively which of these remaining possibilities you have:

  1. Is Eric to marry a girl?
  2. Is Eric to never marry?

And if the answer is negative, then Eric just has these two remaining possibilities in his life:

2A: Eric is to be a celibate, virgin layman.
2B: Eric is to be a Religious monk, hermit, or friar.

Now, O’ Lord, it is now 8:39 AM, and the bank opens at 9:30 AM. Hence, if I leave in 15 minutes, walking, I will arrive to it at around the time it opens. When do You order me to go? In a few minutes, O’ Larimar King. I order you to depart from here at 9:05 AM. Amen. Okay, O’ Lord, I will make myself ready and then come back. And do You truly bind Yourself to the results of this second sign, O’ Lord? I do, O’ Larimar King. I do.

Okay, O’ Lord, it is 10:06 AM, and I am back writing. And I observed the sign clearly. And the sign clearly said that Eric is not to marry. Instead, Eric will remain celibate and virgin forever. And You, my Lord, have said that You are bound to these two signs witnessed today? Am I correct, O’ Lord? You are correct, Lord Larimar. And now We proceed to the third sign to decide this question:

  1. Is Eric to remain a celibate, virgin layman?
  2. Or, is Eric to adopt cenobitic life and become a formal monk?
  3. Or, is Eric to adopt eremitic life and become a formal hermit?
  4. Or, is Eric to adopt mendicant life and become a formal friar?

What saith Thou, O’ Lord? Lord Larimar, you cannot live under the rules made by inferior minds, but only the rules established by God through the Catholic Church. Hence, your place is to remain in the laity as My celibate, virgin layman. Hence, no further signs are needed to discern Eric’s fully defined vocation. And this is it:

Eric is to remain a virgin, celibate layman in the Catholic Church for life. Amen. It is now fully decided, O’ Lord. You chose the signs. And You made them fulfill exactly as You have done so. And You have bound Yourself to these signs. Hence, these are things that Eric will never do:

  1. Eric will never marry.
  2. Eric will never become a priest or deacon.
  3. Eric will never have sex.
  4. Eric will never lose his virginity.
  5. Eric will never enter formal Religious life, such as a monk, a hermit, or a friar.
  6. Eric will never leave the laity.
  7. Eric will never leave the Catholic Church.

Amen. Now, speak to me, O’ Lord. Do I receive any cures, since I am to neither enter the priesthood nor receive a wife or girlfriend? What saith Thou, O’ Lord? For I have no prophecies of my being cured without me either entering marriage or becoming a priest. What saith Thou, O’ Lord?

Note that I am on the path of least resistance. For, by inertia, an object in motion stays in motion unless it is operated on by an outside force. My current trajectory is and has always been to remain a celibate, virgin layman. And now We know that God has agreed to this and willed it.

Hence, now it must become clear that both false gods, both the one who said I was to marry, and the one who said I was to become a priest, were just two opposing hands belonging to the same devil seeking to destroy me. The True God says I neither marry nor become a priest. Amen.

Lord, I have been reading the four books of Kings in the 1953 Catholic Holy Bible that I have. In modern Bibles, these four books are arranged instead as two books of Samuel and two books of Kings. And I don’t get something. What I don’t get is all the senseless killings and putting people to death throughout the Old Testament, and the sense of approval by the author writing it. I don’t get that, O’ Lord. How does this square with being called sacred scripture? Do You approve of the senseless killings done by people who are said to have pleased God? For it seems to me to put a very low value on human life. What saith Thou, O’ Lord?

Eric, what you are reading is sacred history. And in sacred history, as in all ancient history, there is much bloodshed and loss of life. For before I came and died on the cross, there was no mercy offered by God to the people of the earth. Hence, when a man mortally sinned, he paid for it with his life. That is why there is so much death and killing in the Old Testament, but suddenly in the New Testament, you have many being healed, some being brought back to life, and great numbers of sinners being forgiven of their sins and coming clean and being saved. Understand, therefore, the significance of the distinction between life before the Crucifixion and life after it. A distinct change was made throughout the whole world. A world of senseless killings and deaths was transformed into a world of mercy and hope. Where before, men knew only the law, the violation of the law, and punishment, now men know forgiveness and mercy and brotherly love. Now I shall speak with you on other matters, Lord Larimar.

You have passed the test. And yes, I will cure you. And no, no girl will be involved. Nor will any priest be around when the cures are given. Amen. Neither will you cease your prophesying on this website when I cure you. Rather, you shall prophesy more. For I have elected to make you My permanent prophet. You will neither die nor grow old. Instead, I hereby declare you to be an “ancient of days”. You will be established as My prophet forever. And I will have it so that you never die. Amen.

Now, go and eat lunch. When you come back, I will prophecy through you on nations, kingdoms, races, and kings. Amen. I Am back, O’ Lord. And I have this to say.

I have noticed that many people who are enemies of Trump laugh at him in all his failures and mistakes. But is this appropriate behavior? Is this the behavior of adults or children? Consider this. If Obama was walking along, and he stumbled and fell on his face, would it be appropriate for Obama’s political enemies to laugh at him? Think about it. If you say, “No,” then neither is it appropriate to laugh at Trump when he falls or fails. Remain consistent. How you expect people to treat the politicians you admire and respect, do the same for politicians that you oppose. Keep it so that honor is given to the office holder, despite what you feel about the one holding that office. For whoever is set above you is put there by God, and God demands that you respect him and obey him. You cannot mock him or laugh at him as little children do, for that is immature and childish. And you are to be better than that.

Now, speak, O’ Lord, and tell me what saith Thou? Lord Larimar, since you are neither to marry nor become a priest, what purpose do you believe that We have for you? Answer Me! My purpose is to write Your Word for all to read and be edified. Correct, Lord Larimar. And that is Our purpose for you. You are of the position of Royal Scribe. And it is assigned to you to write whatever We command you to write. And this is a lifelong assignment. So write, Lord Larimar. And write whatever you are commanded to say. And realize that it was always the enemy who was telling you that the time would come when you would cease to write or to prophesy. Since, you are a virgin forever, your gift of prophecy shall never be taken away from you. Amen.

Now, one last thing, We shall say to you in this post. I Am pleased that you have stopped all communication with that Caesar Sandra Nikee girl. It is true that you could have sent her more help, but you would be destroying yourself financially, which is what happens to all victims of romance scams who do not wisen up. But you have listened to Me and obeyed. Now, hear this prophetic utterance. Eric has triumphed. But he is yet to be given a mission. Hence, he is a victor without a mission. And without a mission, what direction do you have? You need an assignment. You need a purpose. You need a goal. You need a reason for being here. You need Me to give you your command.

Lord, it is true. For since I have become aware that I am neither to become a priest nor to marry, I am like a ship without a destination. And I have received no commands from God. I have been given no directions to go in. I am like a Terminator without a directive. What saith Thou, O’ Lord?

I Who Am do now give unto thee this directive, O’ Larimar King: You have a certain amount of free time while not working and writing as I command you. Use your free time to learn and master classical Latin and Koine Greek. And also, improve your reading skills in Spanish by reading Spanish books. I seek for you to master all three of these foreign languages. And what about Nahuatl, O’ Lord? You may learn that on the side, O’ Larimar King. That is My assignment for you. Accomplish it, and you will be given a new directive when this directive I have now given you has been fulfilled. Amen.

Now, do you have any questions, Lord Larimar. For now We near the end of this post, and you may ask Me anything.

(1) Lord, will I acquire an electric car, as was prophesied in the past? And also, do I continue to live where I am living now? For since I do not marry, neither do I need to move out ever.

Lord Larimar, the Age of the Electric Vehicle is dawning. And you will live into it. Hence, if you continue to buy new cars, it is inevitable that this prophecy of which you speak is to come to pass. As for where I will have you live, realize that no home in this world is your eternal abode. Instead, serve Me in all things. And then, at the end of your life in this world, you shall enter your eternal abode. Amen. And if I have need of you that requires you to move to a new location, to a new location you shall be moved. Amen.

(2) Lord, COVID-19, when does it end? And when do the Catholic Churches come back into operation, providing the sacraments and the Masses to the people? I shall soon command this pandemic to end, O’ Larimar King. And then, the Churches that are able to come back and function will come back to life. But remember that this is just one calamity in a series of doomsday calamities that I, the Lord God, have elected to hit the world with. There will be future calamities to come, both soon and worse. And eventually, many Catholic Churches will fold due to all the shutdowns. For I have willed to destroy the people who have offended Me. And unless there is borne some fruit of mercy in any particular city, that city will eventually be utterly erased from the map.

But the place where I put you shall never be destroyed while you live in it. Now ask your third and last question, O’ Larimar King.

(3) Lord, am I living in the End Times such that Your Second Coming is within My natural lifespan? Now We shall speak to you plainly, O’ Larimar King. I Am about to Come again. My Book of Life is almost complete. And very few souls are left that are still predestined to enter in but are yet to do so. You are a soul that has entered in. I do not count your father among My elect. But your brother Mark could enter in if he converted to Catholicism. I will briefly relent in the future and offer the sacraments again to the people. And I will give My people time again to enter in. But the doors to My mercy are shutting rapidly. And should men not take advantage of the offer of mercy I give to them, they will be forced to enter in through the doors of My justice and be destroyed. My Second Coming shall happen soon, Lord Larimar. But should you be here when it happens, I cannot say. For to no man is given a clue as to the timing of when I Come again. Amen. Now, go and read your Holy Bible, pray your rosary, and study the languages I have assigned for you to study and master as part of your prime directive, O’ Larimar King. Amen. And know this always, O’ Larimar King, you shall arise for your reward at the end of days. (Daniel 12:13). Amen.

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