I Who Am clarify the perceived prophecy paradox

Behold, the Castle in Ireland that Eric is to be taken to this Divine Mercy Sunday turns out to actually be somewhere in Ireland after all. Those who are ready will enter in with the Bridegroom into the Wedding Banquet. And then the doors shall be locked. Amen.

Behold, I Who Am shall now clarify Eric’s previous two posts, for they, together, contained a perceived prophecy paradox that needs clarification. I Who Am have ordered Eric to write again. Eric is not here writing on his own. Amen.

First, let us now specify all possible future paths that Eric may elect to follow:

  1. He may remain a virgin, celibate layman.
  2. He may marry a girl whom We give him, should We do so.
  3. He may enter the priesthood, should We enable it.
  4. He may enter Religious life as a monk, should We enable it.

It is arguable that, should Eric wish to go to heaven and commit no serious sin in his future path, that his life path going forward must match one of these four possible paths. It is by logic, and not by decree, that the above is accepted as fact.

And which of these paths do You, O’ Lord, prefer for Eric to follow? Which path would be most pleasing to the Kingdom for Eric to walk upon, O’ Lord?

Two posts ago, it was written that Eric was called to the married path and that, should he wish to avoid the coming spiritual drought, he must agree to marry a girl We give him who shall have darker skin than his and speak in less skilled English than his own, as English will be as a second language to her. Do you agree to this path, O’ Eric? I agree, Lord. If you give Me the girl and she is from God, I agree to it. Amen.

Then, Lord Larimar, you are not celibate. And We do not elect to keep you on the celibate paths. Hence, really you now have just these two possible fates as We speak:

  1. You will remain unmarried and virgin until or unless you receive a girl from God.
  2. You will marry a girl should she be from God.

And what of the command, O’ Lord, from the previous post that told me to no longer respond to that Caesar Sandra Nikee girl? It was in fact greed that you saw from that source that made you realize the malicious nature of that entity. Do not respond to her, Lord Larimar, and I guarantee a golden future for you. Amen.

Lord, I agree to no longer communicate with her. For I have now passed beyond requiring justification to abandon her. For now I see why she is called the Blue Enchantress. For she is definitely an enchantress that puts unwary men under her spell. But by the greed that has come from her it has been revealed her true nature. And that nature is not a nature found in those who belong to God. Hence, I now leave her and will never return to her.

Lord Larimar, it is important to obey Us in this. And this obedience requires that you communicate with her no more. Understood? Yes, My Master. And realize this fact. She could be just a bunch of Negroes in Nigeria impersonating a needy White woman. Acknowledged, My Lord. And You know, O’ Lord, I only gave to her because I thought I was helping a true Catholic follow You. Yes, Lord Larimar, for these romance scammers are so desperate that some of them will even use My Church and its sanctity to get those who love Me to give to them out of that love, when in reality, they are deceivers, thieves, and liars.

Lord what is Your Judgement on such Nigerian romance scammers? Make your decree and your curse against them, Lord Larimar, and then I shall utter Mine.

Let it be, O’ Lord and Living God, that all those who, in stealing to make a living, cross that line where one effectively is robbing God or the Church, or indirectly doing so by deceiving one who gives to God that they are of God or that they are of the Church, but who are not, or are liars, let it be that they now be crushed and let them be forced to give back what they took fourfold, and let them give it back in their shed blood and by torture if they cannot pay in money, and do not let them out of their pit of their torture until they have paid back the last penny, in accordance to how God determines payback. Amen.

I Who Am will put to effect your exact words, O’ Larimar King. But as for all the money you have sent to this entity, thinking that you were sending to a fellow Catholic in need, I have this to say. You will receive the equivalent in blessings and graces back into your life for the good you thought you were doing for My sake and the sake of My Church in all the money you sent her. But as for the figure, fourfold, that penalty shall be inflicted from now on upon all romance scammers who cross that line and use My Church as a means of extracting money from their victims. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Lord, in the previous post, you said that any decrees that I make from now on shall be heard and obeyed? Is this true, O’ Lord? And if so, can I now make a decree regarding Divine Mercy Sunday and receiving communion on that day, O’ Lord? You may, Lord Larimar. And yes, I have granted you the right to make decrees. So, speak, Lord Larimar, and issue your decrees.

I hereby decree that, during this COVID-19 Pandemic, that starting with Divine Mercy Sunday, that all the Catholic Churches and Catholic Dioceses that wish to participate, may enact drive through communions such that people may come to communion by car and effectively enter into a form of assembly line in the parking lot, remaining in their cars, and keeping their windows rolled up until they come to the two stops. At the first stop, an usher approaches them, and they give their tithe, through the window, to the usher, who is wearing gloves and a face mask. This will keep the Churches solvent and paid for. This collection of checks and cash would be later disinfected before being handled. Then they roll their window back up and proceed to the next stop. At the next stop, they roll down their window and a eucharistic minister is there to say the words of giving out the Eucharist and then she opens containers containing the eucharist. (The priest is the one who put the eucharist into these containers after consecrating them in a privately held Mass prior to this event.) And the people in the car help themselves to the eucharist. One container per eucharist. One eucharist per person. And it is permissible to give out the containers as well, to prevent the risks of COVID-19 in the attempt to wash the containers for resuse later. In this scenario, the containers chosen would be sterile throwaway containers, such as those used in hospitals for giving patients medicine. In the event that the containers are throwaway containers, then a third stop would be in place where a trash container is placed, or a person holding a trash receptacle, for the passengers in the car to throw the empty containers they have after consuming the eucharist. Amen. Note that everyone in this assembly line is wearing gloves and a face mask. And police may be present to enforce compliance with the rules. Amen.

For people who do not have cars, the deacons and their delegates can take the Eucharist directly to people’s houses, where they can meet outside in the driveway and, maintaining social distancing, the person receives communion, taking the eucharist from an open container. This eucharist, as was detailed above, was placed in that container by the priest after consecration in a privately held Mass prior to this event. The deacon or his delegate also collects the tithe or contribution checks at the same time. This helps keep the Catholic Churches solvent and funded. Amen.

Let these two things be enforced, and made an acceptable form of receiving the sacraments, O’ Lord and Savior. What saith Thou to my decrees, O’ Lord?

Lord Larimar, as We told you previously, COVID-19 is not going to disappear until We order you to decree it ended. It will not end because you decide for it to end, but only when We decree it through you to end. And so that decree you made several weeks ago for it to end, We do not obey it, for you were not authorized to decree it ended. Amen. Your power to issue decrees We gave you yesterday, but you must obey Us in what you decree. Now, We, the elect in heaven, shall answer you on your current decrees.

You, Lord Larimar, have devised a clever way for the sacraments to be granted. And it was not you who devised this method. No, Lord Larimar. We gave you this idea into your head so that you would decree it. And you have already submitted it to your pastor who has brought it to the attention to your Archbishop, Gomez, of the Los Angeles Diocese.

Here is Our arrangement with you, O’ Lord Larimar. We will enact this decree you have made in a sparingly fashion. Only some of the Catholic Churches will be permitted to enact this plan, starting with your Church. And if all goes well, the plan will be expanded to other Catholic Churches over time. Now obey this command, and We guarantee to you that We will provide you with communion this Divine Mercy Sunday.

Speak, O’ Lord, so that I know Your command. Read the entire Holy Bible as I have commanded you, continuing where you left off, which for you is in the fourth Book of Kings in your 1953 Catholic Holy Bible, reading about one or two or more chapters a day. And read the books in the order We command you to read them in, and by this method, you will complete your reading of the entire Bible in just a few years time, perhaps less. Do you agree with these terms, O’ Larimar King? I do, O’ Living Lord. Good. Then We are agreed. Amen.

Lord, You have commanded me to do something ordinary, not something extraordinary. But I have read what You told Naaman through Elisha the Prophet, that is, to wash himself seven times in the Jordan to be cured. (see 4 Kings 5:1-27, or in Bibles with two books of Samuel, it is 2 Kings 5:1-27). And I know from that story not to doubt Your promise because the thing You tell me to do seems trivial and ordinary rather than something extraordinary. Hence, I will right away resume my Bible reading right after I finish this post. And I promise to read at least one chapter a day in it until my reading of it is complete. Amen.

Then, Lord Larimar, We the elect in heaven, will provide for you communion for the rest of your life, every Sunday and every Holy Day of obligation. Amen. Now, Lord Larimar, what do you wish for Us to do with your future marriage? Do you still wish to marry, or do you rather choose to walk the celibate Way?

I prefer the celibate path over the married path, O’ Lord. If We put in your presence a girl who fulfilled all the requirements We told you that must be there for you to accept her as a woman from God, would you accept this woman as your wife from Us? Yes, I would accept her, O’ Lord. I would marry her if You put her there as You had prophesied You would. Then We shall not lead you on the celibate path, O’ Larimar King. You are destined for marriage. We will provide you with the girl you are to marry soon.

And furthermore, you shall have a son who shall inherit your throne and be the second King in your Larimar Dynasty, which may also be called the Emerald Dynasty. Amen. Any further generations beyond those of your son, you cannot know. For We cannot reveal the future beyond the son that is to be born to you.

But realize this fact: The girl We are giving to you is Hispanic, has darker olive skin than you, and speaks English as a second language. The offspring you have by her shall be called, Brown, not White. Amen. I Who Am have spoken.

I accept this graciously, O’ Lord. I have no misgivings about marrying a dark girl or having dark descendants. In fact, there was a dark skinned Hispanic woman, called Elda, at My Church, whom I found very attractive, but I could have nothing to do with her because I saw that she wore a ring on her wedding finger. And I never entertain adulterous intentions for any woman. This Elda of whom you speak is indeed a married woman with children. Hence you are wise, Lord Larimar, to never get involved with any woman you see wearing such a ring. But keep to Our commandments and go to no girl until We clearly tell you unmistakably that she is the one. If you must question whether We have really told you she is the one then she is not the one. For the revelation We give you will be unambiguous and unmistakable. Amen. Only go to the girl when the Revelation that she is the one is unmistakably from God. Amen.

Lord, there was a girl who appeared back in the year 2002, shortly after I began receiving communion, but I rejected her for I did not believe that she was the one. Then, by the commands above, you know she was definitely not the one. Amen. Only if it is clearly communicated to you that she is the one is she the one. If there is any doubt or ambiguity, then she is not the one. Do not even look at her any further. I Who Am have issued this command. Amen.

Lord, since You have broken Your promise that the previous post would be the final post you write through me here, what saith Thou to any future posts that You might have me write here? Lord Larimar, you must obey Us in anything that We command you to do. Now, will We post further posts here through you, you might ask? Yes, We will continue to post here through you until you have received your cures. And then, you shall document how you were cured in full detail here. And that will be the very last post you will make here in this website, emeralogy.com. Amen.

Lord, why do you permit an insane man to rule the vast and mighty United States of America, an insane man who refuses to listen to logic or reason, but who serves only to glorify himself and to create his own truths, however false, and to cast real Truths to the ground? Lord Larimar, read Daniel 8:9-12.

Daniel, chapter 8: (9) Out of one of them came a little horn which kept growing toward the south, the east, and the glorious country. (10) Its power extended to the host of heaven, so that it cast down to earth some of the host and some of the stars and trampled on them. (11) It boasted even against the prince of the host, from whom it removed the daily sacrifice, and whose sanctuary it cast down, (12) as well as the host, while sin replaced the daily sacrifice. It cast truth to the ground, and was succeeding in its undertaking. (Daniel 8:9-12).

Lord, President Donald John Trump fully fits into this prophecy. Is this the case, O’ Lord? Indeed, Lord Larimar. Now read what We shall do to him. Read Daniel 8:13-14.

Daniel, chapter 8: (13) I heard a holy one speaking, and another said to whichever one it was that spoke, “How long shall the events of this vision last concerning the daily sacrifice, the desolating sin which is placed there, the sanctuary, and the trampled host?” (14) He answered him, “For two thousand three hundred evenings and mornings; then the sanctuary shall be purified.”

It is recommended reading for the reader to read the entire chapter 8 of the Book of Daniel to completely familiarize yourself with this discussion.

Lord, do those 2,300 evenings and mornings mean that we are stuck with Trump for 2,300 days? 2300 days / 365.25 days per year = 6.3 years. Precisely, Lord Larimar. Then why did You say at the end of the last post that Mitt Romney will replace President Trump on the Republican ticket for President at the Republican Convention? It is because you have decreed this to take place. And We are under orders by God to obey and enforce your decrees, regardless of what the prophecies say. Amen. For We are more powerful than the prophecies. And you have been given the power of God to make decrees again. Then I decree this, O’ Lord and Master. Speak, O’ Larimar King, and We shall enforce your will.

Let President Donald John Trump be rendered unable to perform his duties as President. Let this rendering be clear and unambiguous and permanent. Let then Mike Pence assume command of the Administration for the remainder of this term. Let these events take place before the Republican Convention. Let the Republican leadership choose to put Mitt Romney on the ticket, due to his courage for being man enough to stand up to a bully and a criminal ruling the White House. Let Mitt Romney then run against Joe Biden in the November elections of 2020 and win the election and assume command of the Presidency on January 20, 2021. Amen. This I decree, O’ Lord and Master. Amen.

Your decrees are Law, O’ Larimar King! It shall be done as you say. No detail in your plans will be left out. Amen. Now the reason why you have the power to decree again is because the Unicorn Horn is reforged and was never shattered (Daniel 8:8). For you converted to Our Religion and Our Church. You broke out of the mold of prophecy and became Ours. Hence, We, the elect in heaven, are compelled to obey all that you command and decree.

Hence, with these decrees that you have now made, the Larimar Reign is declared as having begun. And it shall last for forty years. At the end of those forty years, you shall abdicate the throne and your son shall begin his reign as the second Larimar King of the Larimar Dynasty. Amen.

But Lord, when I am cured, am I to keep all my decrees secret from that point onward? Yes, Lord Larimar. For the people are not to witness miraculous events. They are not to know that you have this power. Just as you were silent when you reigned as Emerald King in the Greater Emerald Reign, making decrees and setting up Pawns, so also shall there be a complete silence from you to the people once We cure you of all your illnesses.

Now, the previous post says that I am to be made an Oracle of the Lord. And that people may come to me to speak to God and get answers. Will this be the case, O’ Lord? It shall, but under this one condition: You must take absolutely no payment from the people who come to you for aid, help, advice, or miracles (4 Kings 5:16, or in Bibles with two books of Samuel, 2 Kings 5:16). I Who Am also say this. I know your heart, O’ Larimar King, and I know you will completely obey Me in this, and I know that you were never of the mind to capitalize on My Word and power through you. For why else are there no ads on this website, emeralogy.com? It is because you have obeyed Me and chosen not to capitalize on My Word through you. That is how I know that you will continue to obey Me in this when I set you up as an Oracle of the Lord. Now where do you believe that We shall set you up as an Oracle of the Lord? Will this be in Eureka of California, you should ask? Will it, O’ Lord? Since you are not leaving your current employment, no, that is not where you shall be taken. Instead, you will remain where you are now.

I will remain in this very same house, O’ Lord? Precisely, Lord Larimar. And in your current house, you will raise the son I will have be born to you and your wife. Before you marry, it shall be arranged that you will own the house when your father dies. But he will not die yet, but will live for many years to come. Your mother, on the other hand, is to die rather soon, for she has transgressed against My Holy Spirit and is already irrevocably dead to Me. We are taking away your mother at an appointed time by complications of old age. And hence, when she is gone, you and your wife may elect to move back into your father’s house should there be room. Note that you will only have sex with your wife in the early part of your marriage, just to have the son who is prophesied. Once he is born, you will sleep no more with your wife and in separate bedrooms will you both sleep.

Since you shall own the house, in your father’s will, you will have it so that your brother’s room goes to your son, and that your brother will sleep on the couch in the den or the living room when he wishes to visit and stay overnight from that point onward. Your brother has his own living arrangements elsewhere where he lives and commutes to his work in a city some ninety miles away. As for your younger brother, who is about to lose his own house, your father has already given him his inheritance in full, and he has swallowed it up through his bad marriage to a woman who spends all that he makes. Let that brother slip into his poverty. For though you have also helped him also, by giving him computers he needs that you no longer use, his heart has now become hardened against entering My Catholic Church. He is inextricably lost. And he is blind and deaf to the Truth that Protestantism is false. Many, I tell you, are under the blindness of a false religion. And it is not something you can escape from because you are smart. Just look at Asia. In Asia there are so many very smart people, and yet, Asia is the least Catholic and least Christian continent on the earth. Amen.

Then, what is it that decides whether a man will see the falsehoods of his own deceptive religion and convert to the True Religion of Catholicism? I will only grant the blindness to be taken away and the True Religion to be seen if a person does My will and serves Me. Those who earnestly seek to put to practice all My laws and decrees, I will remove My blindness from, and I will bring him into My Catholic Church. But as for the one who does evil, I will allow him to die in his sins. Amen. All the struggles of Mankind can be summed up as this: Man is in reality struggling with the decision as to whether to do My will or to leave Me. The former will struggle their way into My Kingdom. The latter will struggle the easier way to hell, and be damned.

So, will I only have one son by this woman I am to marry, O’ Lord? Yes, if you wish to obey Me and receive My blessings. For the sex life is not conducive to spiritual life. It is not advantageous for advancing in spiritual life to also be having sex. Hence, only have sex with your wife to have the prophesied son. And after he is born, cease all sexual activity with your wife. I Who Am have decreed this for you. Amen. However, should your son choose to marry or remain celibate when he comes of age, that will be a decision belonging to him alone and not of your business. Your son’s life vocation shall be a matter between him and Me to decide. Do not interfere with My decision process as to what vocation I elect to lead your son to follow. I, the Lord, reserve it to Me as to who shall marry and who shall remain in celibate life. I Am the Lord. And let no one try to decide this for Me. But what I do order you to do is to prevent immorality in your son as you raise him to have a well formed conscience. Do not let the immoral public school system teach their abominable immorality to your son. Such is why school vouchers are so important. For I will require that you send your son to a private Catholic school. Amen.

Eric, it was because your younger brother got involved with your marriage decisions, no matter the wisdom or lack of wisdom in his unwanted advice, that was the reason why I took away from him his job and livelihood and caste him in his dire straits where he is now on course to losing his house. For I never permit anyone to get involved with someone else’s marriage decisions, whether they are family or friends. And whosoever does so gets smashed by My swift hammer of rebuke. Mark has now been smashed. And he will remain smashed. He is not going to get a job that can pay enough for him to keep his house. Therefore, fear Me and obey. Only have that one son, and then have no more sex. And when he grows up, let him decide his own vocation. Do not presume to tell him what you think it is. Keep to all that I have commanded of you and decreed, and you shall prosper. Amen.

Now, the question some people have who err is, what if Eric’s wife conceives a daughter instead of a son? And my answer is this: You shall welcome all the children I give to you in your marriage to your wife, whether they are sons or daughters. But when your firstborn son comes along, no more will you have sex with your wife. But what saith Thou, O’ Lord? Do I have any daughters? Were I to answer you on this, it could determine whether a child conceived by your wife is wanted or unwanted, and no child that I give you is to be unwanted. Therefore, obey Me only in this: Continue to have relations with your wife until a son is born to you. Your firstborn son shall be the one to serve My prophetic purposes. And he will sit on your throne, succeeding you as the second King of your dynasty. Amen. And then, after he is born, have no more children beyond the end of that pregnancy.

Now another question some have is this: What if the firstborn son has a twin brother? I say this in that case: Keep track of who is the firstborn son. For he shall be the heir to your Kingdom. As for the second born son, and all other children you may come to have, welcome them into your family. But realize that only one son is of the promise. You do not sin by having further children with your wife, but you will forfeit My graces and blessings should you violate My commands. And the graces and blessings of which I speak are attributable only to the man who abstains from sex, though he is married. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His servant. Amen. Thus, after your firstborn son is born, you must not have sex with your wife anymore, but instead, remain celibate from that point onward, and great blessings will I pour out upon your marriage from heaven. And then you will be found pleasing to Me. And you will remain an Oracle of the Lord for as long as you live. Amen. Now go and eat your dinner, O’ Larimar King. And then come back and We shall conclude this post. Amen.

Lord Larimar, We the elect have chosen to place you in charge of all things in this world for one hour. What do We mean by one hour? Since We mean a thousand years by one day, it should translate to you that We mean forty years when We say “one hour”. For one hour you shall reign as Absolute Monarch, as Emerald King, over your vast Kingdom. Amen. And what is the scope of your vast Kingdom, you ask? It is all of North America and all of Europe. Amen. And what of Russia, you ask? Russia is going to divide by a civil war. And there will be an Eastern Russia, called the nation of Siberia. And there is going to be a Western Russia, which will be called the nation of European Russia. It is that European Russia, that new state, that will come under your rule and control. And what about the rest of the Americas, that region called Latin America, and the region called the West Indies? They will be in your sphere of influence, but your rule will be limited to the United States of America and Canada and Europe. You will decide who shall rule only within these regions of direct rule: North America and Europe.

By your decree that Russia be split up along the borders of the Ural Mountains, We, the elect in heaven, shall comply with and fulfill. Amen. And what becomes of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, O’ Lord? He is a King who will be toppled by you, O’ Larimar King. You will topple him and then divide Russia in half. You have decreed that as Russia has done to Ukraine, the same must now be done to Russia, by divine Justice. We, the elect in heaven, agree, and We shall implement your decrees as you have commanded us. So, issue your decree now, Lord Larimar. And We shall render to you Our Judgement.

Let As Russia has done to Ukraine now be done to Russia. Let her be divided east against west. Let the Ural Mountains be the new border between these two new independent states to form from the dissolution of the current entity called the Russian Federation. Let the eastern half of Russia come to be called the State of Siberia. And let the western half of Russia retain the current name of Russia and become the new definition of the Russian Federation. Let the permanent seat of Russia in the United Nations continue to be held by the state whose capital is Moscow. Hence the European state of Russia will continue to hold that seat. But let the recognition in the United Nations that that seat goes to European Russia be dependent on Russia recognizing the independence and statehood of Siberia. And let both European Russia and Siberia remain nuclear powers, and thus prevent ongoing war between themselves by the threat of mutual annihilation should any possible nuclear war occur. And let stability come back to both Russias, but never reunification. Amen.

It shall be done exactly as you say, O’ Larimar King. Russia will indeed be dissolved. But realize that state of Eastern Russia, called Siberia, consisting of 77% of the total landmass of what is currently called Russia, will inherit the status of being called the largest country in the world. Amen. As for European Russia, the European Union will be open to allowing her to join into their union and become the largest member state by land in it. This will be after Russia and Ukraine have resolved their disputes over Crimea and the fate of Sevastopol. And how shall this dispute be resolved, O’ Lord?

I will now tell thee, O’ Lord Larimar. Ukraine will agree to allow Russia to permanently lease Sevastopol in return for all her lands back, including Crimea. Russia will see that the advantages of making peace with Ukraine will outweigh all the gains they would receive by continuing to occupy the lands of Ukraine. As long as they gain permanent rights to lease Sevastopol, their reasons and justification for hostilities or war against Ukraine and the occupation of eastern Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea will dissipate and be abandoned in favor of making peace with Ukraine and entering into good relations with the EU. They will prefer the permanent lease to Sevastopol to anything else that they could gain by waging further war with Ukraine or by maintaining their costly occupation of eastern Ukraine and their unrecognized annexation of Crimea. Amen. And part of the conditions of being a member of the EU is that all member states must recognize and respect the established state borders of their neighboring states. Russia, once a member of the EU, will not be permitted to seize Crimea again, or else they will be expelled from the Union of Europe.

So, Lord, now that the United Kingdom is independent from the European Union, what follows this? For I was against the UK leaving the EU. But Firefly worked against me and brought about the UK to leave the EU. Lord Larimar, because Firefly did that, in her pride, she shall now die.

Lord, Archbishop Gomez has responded to my pastor saying that he will follow the orders from the State of California that require the people to stay at home until May 15th. My pastor believes that this status, though, could change and be adjusted as early as next week, as there are early signs that the U.S. case and death rate may be leveling off. I suppose that Archbishop Gomez is highly concerned with possible lawsuits that could be leveled against the Church should he disobey the “Stay at Home” orders and people die because of that decision.

What saith Thou, O’ Lord? For if those are the orders from the State of California, the same orders would also be in effect in Eureka, California. You are correct, O’ Larimar King. Now you have spoken Truthfully. So then, O’ Lord, how do I receive communion from the Catholic Church? Do I wait for the COVID-19 Pandemic to ease and for the Stay at Home orders to end? For, O’ Lord, COVID-19 is already starting to end. And if you say through me that COVID-19 is to end when it is already ending, how can that be a miraculous decree by me?

Lord Larimar, I will phase out COVID-19 soon. By May 15, 2020, you will be receiving communion again in your Catholic Church. Oracle of the Lord! As for your part in this deal, you are to continue your study of the Holy Bible, and your dedication to reading in full the entire 1953 Catholic Holy Bible that you have, reading at least one chapter a day each day until you have read every book in it. Amen. So far in that Bible, you have read Job, Song of Songs, 1 Kings, 2 Kings, 3, Kings, and are currently at 4 Kings. After you complete 4 Kings, you will switch to read Ruth and then Judges and then Genesis and then Exodus. After that, I will determine your next books you are to read. Amen.

Lord, an ancient Emerald Era prophecy said that I would see my son. Was this prophecy, therefore, of divine origin, since it is now your decree that I have a son? What you heard was a Truth that had divine origins. Yes, Lord Larimar. For Satan is incapable of Truth. And if you ever hear a Truth, you first hearing of it always is of divine origins.

Then, what of the prophecy that states this: “When you stop masturbating, you shall receive a girlfriend.”? And then what about the prophecy I received with the prophecy of the cures, that I received on September 2, 2000, saying these words: “When you are with the girl [you shall receive the cures].”? Those both also are from God, O’ Larimar King. Then, O’ Lord, do I need to achieve perfect purity to receive this girl and be cured? I will tell you shortly. Go and do that which you need to do. And when you come back, you shall receive My Word. Good, Lord Larimar. You have done exactly as We have commanded you to. You will not wait much longer for this girl to come. But to say she will come on a definite date, like Divine Mercy Sunday, is a lie from Satan. Do not, therefore, expect to be cured this Sunday. And do not expect to meet the girl We are giving you then either. Satan gave you those false expectations in order to make you rebel from Us when your hopes become dashed by the failure of Satan’s prophecies, made in My name to you, to come to pass. Understand that that is how Satan works.

And yes, Lord Larimar, it is from Us that you are to respond no more to Caesar Sandra Nikee. For she is a cunning deceiver. And you are easily cheated out of your money by the softness of your heart for this one woman. No other woman has ever had this power over you. So think about that, Lord Larimar. What distinguishes this woman from all other women? Think! This woman is an enchantress. Exactly. You call her the Blue Enchantress, and so she is. And you know that you are not her only prey. She has a power over you, but only by texting with you in conversation can she keep her power over you. Resist the temptation, therefore, to speak to her again, and I promise you a successful year this year, in 2020. Amen. Now reread this post and I will have you post it. And I will grant you to ask Me three questions once you have reread the entire post and corrected all errors that you find. Amen.

Lord, it is now before dawn on Thursday, April 16, 2020. I have been keeping to the Novena of Divine Mercy. I have not missed one day. Tell me this, O’ Living Lord:

(1) What promises do you give to me and to all other faithful who faithfully keep the Novena of Divine Mercy, O’ Lord? For this year, it seems all the Catholic Churches will remain shuttered and no one will be able to receive communion, except those select few who receive communion at the private Masses that continue to be conducted by the priests, Masses I have never been to, nor have ever been invited to attend. What saith Thou?

You, Lord Larimar, will indeed receive communion on that day. For you have remained worthy. But not so shall it be the case for those who were unholy, and for those who belong to this world.

(2) So am I to expect miracles on that day, O’ Lord? Do I get taken somewhere on that day? And if so, to where? And what about the people? Those who faithfully complete the Novena, what do they receive on Divine Mercy Sunday, April 19, 2020?

I will now tell thee, O’ Lord Larimar. Yes, you are to be taken to a secret place where I will put you for the time being. And when you have arrived there, all this world that you know shall be rendered razed to the ground. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. As for the other faithful people, if I find such faithful people, you will see them with you at the secret place I take you to. Amen. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

(3) This secret place is the Castle in Ireland. And so far, this place has shifted from Kirkwall, in the Orkney Islands, to Nuuk, Greenland, to Istanbul, Turkey, to Eureka, California. Everytime I ask for the true location, I get a new destiny. So I ask now, Lord God, tell Me the Truth. Has the true location of the Castle in Ireland ever been really revealed to me?

No, Lord Larimar, for it is a top secret. I cannot tell you where I Am taking you until you are taken away. Amen. As for whether you will need your passports, if you will need anything with you, the angel of the Lord sent to fetch you shall instruct you as to what to take up. And only what you take up, as instructed by the angel, will be taken with you on this angel flight. Amen. Expect to be taken soon after you have cashed your paycheck. Amen.

Lord Larimar, you have now asked the three questions I granted you to ask. But I have now one question I wish to ask you. Ask, my Lord. Tell Me, to what state in this world would you like to be raptured to, should you be given the choice? And it doesn’t need to be confined to a place in your Kingdom or a place under your dominion. To Ireland, O’ Lord. And in that land, you know I have citizenship through the fact that my mother was born there as a citizen. Good, Lord Larimar. You will be living there from now on. And the electric car We told you about, you will purchase while living in that country. For it is there that you will be given work and be paid a living wage. Expect to arrive there by angel flight in this coming rapture. Now, go, Lord Larimar, reread this last section of your post, and then publish it. For it is now complete. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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