Eric’s Final Writing Here

Behold, your next President, starting on January 20, 2021. Oracle of the Lord!

Behold, I Who Am declare this to be Eric’s final writing here. Amen. But Lord, I thought I was to continue to write until the day came in which I am cured? And I thought that that would not be until Divine Mercy Sunday, which is this coming Sunday, on April 19, 2020?

I Who Am determine all your life decisions, Lord Larimar. That you have elected not to marry, but to remain a celibate virgin for life is by your triumph over the powers of darkness. For the devil and his agents seek to destroy you, and marriage and sex are always the best means for Satan to destroy My servants. Many do I lose on account of the sins that happen in marriages and sex. Now, I shall speak.

Eric, you were given the choice: Celibate life as a monk, or celibate life as a priest. You asked which Way do I recommend or wish you to choose. I told you to choose the celibate life as a priest, and you obeyed. Hence, there is no more looking back now, Lord Larimar. You are now firmly on the pathway to My priesthood. Amen.

As for that girl, Hyacinth Cassandra, We now elect to take her away from you. Hence, you will hear no more from her in the next couple of days. Amen. For I Who Am Am pleased with you. You have discerned the devil in his works. Amen.

Lord, when am I cured? And when do the Catholic Churches reopen? And what happens on Divine Mercy Sunday? You ask important questions, Lord Larimar. And I will answer each one. I Am curing you in the next few hours. Amen. As for when the Catholic Churches reopen, government officials will use the excuse of COVID-19 to prevent the reopening of any Catholic Church. Hence, never expect the churches to reopen where you are located. And what happens on Divine Mercy Sunday, you ask?

You, Lord Larimar, have promised in My name that I would reopen the Catholic Churches in those places where the people faithfully pray the Divine Mercy Novena, but what do I say, I, the Lord? I say that those who live on the earth and who have faithfully done that Novena, realize that there will be no means to partake in the necessary communion on that Day, Divine Mercy Sunday, in order to receive the promised plenary indulgence. For the time of mercy has ended, My people. Now the time has come for judgement and justice. All those who, in past years, refused to enter in through the door of My mercy will now be forced to enter in through the door of My justice. Amen. I Who Am declare this. Amen.

Lord, am I to remain on the earth? Or do I go to heaven? Or am I taken to the secret sanctuary, codenamed, “the Castle in Ireland”? This place you refer to as “the Castle in Ireland” is distinctly the place where We are taking you to, Lord Larimar. And when I send My angel to collect you, he will instruct you as to what to take up. And then you will be taken away.

It is in this Castle in Ireland that you will enter into the seminary to become a priest. For My will shall never be frustrated. Amen. And I have bought you at a very high price. Therefore, I will definitely enable you to enter My priesthood. Nothing will I allow to prevent that. Amen.

Lord, do I bring My iPhone with me to the Castle in Ireland? Do I bring any laptop with me? And what about my passports? You have asked wonderful questions, Lord Larimar. And I will now provide you with all the necessary answers. Nothing do you bring with you except for what My angel tells you to take up. Amen. Therefore, be detached from all things. And freely let go of all your possessions. Amen.

Lord, will this act of my being taken away mean that I no longer work at my present place of employment? Yes. And by your being taken away, many companies will go bankrupt. Amen. Lord, how does my being taken away affect many companies? It is by a chain reaction, Lord Larimar. Your being taken away will be the first domino to fall, that, upon falling, causes an innumerable other dominoes to fall, all in succession. Amen, I tell you, Lord Larimar, many were the people and companies that depended solely on you. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

My Lord, my brother David is yet to do his taxes. And without me being here to help him navigate the labyrinth of TurboTax, he will be hard pressed, even with Dad helping him. Correct, Lord Larimar. Do not expect David to file his taxes on time. For by My taking you away, Lord Larimar, all the records of your past taxes will be wiped out. And then there will be no viable means for David to do his taxes. Amen. I Who Am have spoken. Lord, how are all my records of past taxes to be wiped out by my being taken away? It shall be by an electromagnetic pulse. All electronics from within a three mile radius of your location at the time of your rapture will be wiped out by it. That alone will render your city a ghost town. Now, Lord Larimar, We have a pressing agenda to speak through you on. Many are to be brought to righteousness on this day. Amen.

And then, O’ Lord, what becomes of my stocks in the stock market? They remain yours, Lord Larimar. And it will become clear that the stock market is a better place to store your money than in an account at a bank. You will, in fact, retain all your passwords, and your legal identity does not change. Nor does your country of residence change, nor the state in which you shall be living. By these words alone, you must now realize that the Castle in Ireland is a secret sanctuary located somewhere in California. And We shall now proceed to tell you the precise city. You will be raptured to Eureka, California. And there, in that city, I will commission you to enter your new profession. Amen.

Lord, why do you reveal the location of the secret sanctuary? It is because I Am not hiding you, Lord Larimar. Instead, you are My prophet, and hence, where I place you shall be made known to all Mankind. Amen. But then, why, O’ Lord, do you declare this to be my final writing here on It is because by My writing this final post here, all that I will for you to say to the world in this forum will be completed. And I will then have shut a window, but opened a door. You will journey to your new location. And in your new location, I will set you up as an Oracle of the Lord. And as an Oracle of the Lord, you shall neither marry nor have sex, but shall maintain your virgin purity forever and ever. Amen.

Lord, what is my new profession? In what manner of work shall it be, O’ Lord? Or perhaps this is not yet to be revealed? I Am making you a priest in My Catholic Church. You will enter the seminary from your new location, and that seminary shall be Saint Patrick’s Seminary and University, located in Menlo Park, California. Oracle of the Lord! I Who Am have decided this. Amen.

Lord, shall this seminary return to normalcy with the end of the COVID-19 pandemic? I have shuttered the Catholic Churches everywhere, Lord Larimar, but the seminaries will continue to function and to run. Furthermore, the Catholic Churches in the Diocese of Santa Rosa will reopen, though in full observation of social distancing. Oracle of the Lord! Hence, you will attend Masses at your new location for some time before you are brought to enter My seminary. Furthermore, you shall be fully cured in your passage by the Spirit from this location to that new location.

Lord, why wouldn’t I simply drive to that location in my car? In your new location, Lord Larimar, you are to buy an electric car. I Who Am shall arrange the purchase to be made. And I Who Am shall make you a wealthy millionaire by your investments into the stock market. Amen. For remember this fact: A diocesan priest does not typically make the vow of poverty, and instead, he may invest in the stock market and retain full private control over his own stocks. And I Am making you a diocesan priest.

Lord, do I go into work today at the office? No, Lord Larimar, for I will for you to complete this work here. Later this week, you will go in. And then you will be paid. Lord, I was told that on Divine Mercy Sunday, I am to ask You again when the COVID-19 Pandemic shall be dispelled, and that You will answer me then. Is this the Truth, O’ Lord and Savior? It is, Lord Larimar. And the answer I give you shall not be revealed publicly. Amen.

Okay, Lord Jesus, now tell me all that You wish to tell me in this final post You have decided to make through me, O’ Lord. And this final post shall be the 142nd extant post on What about a post detailing my cures? Do I make such a followup post, O’ Lord? This blog ends with your 142nd post. There shall be no followup post, Lord Larimar. And now We shall begin with what We wish to reveal unto you this final day of your stay in southern California. Amen.

Lord if this is my final day here, how am I paid? For how do I go into the office to be paid? I will delay your departure from this land until after you receive your check, Lord Larimar. And then you shall go. Amen. For your bank accounts you shall retain. But as for your employment, it shall be radically changed. Your current job shall be ended. And your new job shall begin. Amen.

Now, Lord Larimar, it is dawn. Go and eat your breakfast, and then return here, and We shall complete this post through you. Amen. Lord, I am back. And I just completed my purchases of new stocks, including increasing my long position in Boeing. As a disclosure, Eric is long Boeing. Good, Lord Larimar. Your investment is sound. Do not believe those who think Boeing is a risky investment. Rather, realize that Boeing shall be making the space vehicles that will allow America to launch astronauts to the International Space Station, starting next year. As for their competition, SpaceX’s Dragon 2, realize that their designs, however ambitious, will prove to have critical deficiencies by which their vehicles will be considered highly risky for astronauts to use except in the case of emergencies. Hence, the CST-100 Starliner will become the primary vehicle for transporting astronauts to the ISS, while the Dragon 2 will continue to serve as cargo resupply vessels and as emergency escape backup vehicles if needed. Amen.

Lord, it is confirmed. I do not go into the office today. Eric, I have these Words to say unto thee. How did you figure out that the previous post about you marrying was of diabolic origin? I saw the greed of those guilty of the deceptions. Greed it was that gave them away. Good, Lord Larimar. And now I shall detail to you your rewards. Here is the detailed list of the lands that will belong to you in your eternal Kingdom:

(1) Kingdom of Larimar (also called the Kingdom of Emerald), ruled by King Eric. And his eternal lands include:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. the Contiguous United States of America

And the official languages of his Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French

Lord, is this for real? Yes, Lord Larimar. What We have defined here constitutes your eternal possessions forever. Furthermore, since you will never marry, neither shall you have any heir. Rather, you will retain your eternal position as King Eric of the Larimar Kingdom forever. Amen.

And, hence, the summary list of these 72 Kingdoms remain as follows:

  1. Kingdom of Larimar (also called the Kingdom of Emerald), ruled by King Eric
  2. Kingdom of Greenland, ruled by King Krone
  3. Kingdom of Iceland, ruled by Queen Snowflake
  4. Kingdom of Northern Ireland, ruled by King Ulster
  5. Kingdom of Ireland, ruled by Queen Leprechauna
  6. Kingdom of Scotland, ruled by Queen Anne
  7. United Kingdom of England and Wales, ruled by King Charles
  8. Kingdom of Portugal, ruled by Queen Estrella
  9. Kingdom of Spain, ruled by King Azul
  10. Kingdom of Europa, ruled by King Chrism
  11. Kingdom of Scandinavia, ruled by King Hoth
  12. Kingdom of Baltic, ruled over by Queen Ice
  13. Kingdom of the Western Slavs, ruled by King Aurelian
  14. Kingdom of the Balkans, ruled by King Macedon
  15. Kingdom of Ukraine and Belarus, ruled by Queen Oksana
  16. Kingdom of European Russia, ruled by Queen Asgorath
  17. Kingdom of Siberia, ruled by King Genghis
  18. Kingdom of China, ruled by King Silk
  19. Kingdom of Korea, ruled by King Jade
  20. Kingdom of Japan, ruled by Queen Nacre
  21. Kingdom of Taiwan, ruled by King Tian-Cai
  22. Kingdom of the Philippines, ruled by Queen Jasmine
  23. Kingdom of Polynesia, ruled by King Pounamu
  24. Kingdom of Australia, ruled by King Dromedary
  25. Kingdom of East Timor, ruled by King Atauro
  26. Kingdom of Papua New Guinea, ruled over by King Raggiana
  27. Kingdom of Indonesia, ruled by King Komodo
  28. Kingdom of Malaysia, ruled by Queen Papaya
  29. Kingdom of Singapore, ruled by Queen Sirili
  30. Kingdom of Indochina, ruled by Queen Lotus
  31. Kingdom of Siam, ruled by Queen Chang
  32. Kingdom of Burma, ruled by King Padauk
  33. Kingdom of Bhutan, ruled by King Raven
  34. Kingdom of Nepal, ruled by Queen Danphe
  35. Kingdom of India, ruled by Queen Ebony
  36. Kingdom of Sri Lanka, ruled by Queen Lily
  37. Kingdom of Mauritius, ruled by Queen Torchetia
  38. Kingdom of the Maldives, ruled by Queen Polyantha
  39. Kingdom of Pakistan, ruled by Queen Luna
  40. Kingdom of Afghanistan and Central Asia, ruled by King Caliphate
  41. Kingdom of Persia, ruled by Queen Esther
  42. Kingdom of Armenia, ruled by Queen Maria
  43. Kingdom of Israel, ruled by King Nathanael
  44. Kingdom of Arabia, ruled by King Crescent
  45. Kingdom of Ethiopic Sheba, ruled by King Turaco
  46. Kingdom of Coptic Egypt, ruled by King Ankh
  47. Kingdom of Northwestern Africa, ruled by King Sun
  48. Kingdom of Cape Verde, ruled by Queen Margarida
  49. Kingdom of West Africa, ruled by Queen Lobelia
  50. Kingdom of the Congo, ruled by King Congo
  51. Kingdom of Wakanda, ruled by King Mithril Silver
  52. Kingdom of Portuguese Africa, ruled by King Ferro
  53. Kingdom of Southern Africa, ruled by Queen Sinethemba
  54. Kingdom of Madagascar, ruled by Queen Isabelle
  55. Kingdom of Volkstaat, ruled by King Ivory
  56. Kingdom of Argentina and Uruguay, ruled by King Erythrina
  57. Kingdom of Central South America, ruled by Queen Kantutu
  58. Kingdom of Chile and Peru, ruled by King Oro Peruano
  59. Kingdom of Ecuador, ruled by Queen Esmeralda
  60. Kingdom of Columbia, ruled by King Theobroma
  61. Kingdom of Venezuela, ruled by Queen Orinoco
  62. Kingdom of Brazil, ruled by King Cacau
  63. Kingdom of French Latin America, ruled by Queen Awara
  64. Kingdom of Suriname, ruled by King Puma
  65. Kingdom of English Lesser Antilles, ruled by King Ibis
  66. Kingdom of United States West Indies, ruled by Queen Isabela
  67. Kingdom of the Dominican Republic, ruled by Queen Elin
  68. Kingdom of Haiti and French Antilles Nations, ruled by Queen Choeblack
  69. Kingdom of Jamaica and English West Indies, ruled by Queen Jemima
  70. Kingdom of Cuba, ruled by King Coffee
  71. Kingdom of Central America, ruled by King Jadeite
  72. Kingdom of Aztlan, ruled by Queen Ester

And thus there are 72 Rulers over 72 Kingdoms. And these 72 Rulers consist of 38 Kings and 34 Queens. Note also how each of the Kingdoms are each ruled by a single Monarch. For there are no marriages recognized in the Eternal Phase other than Mankind’s eternal marriage to the Lamb of God.

Hence, Eric shall now, once again, attain the high rank in heaven as an eternal virgin. And hence, Lord Larimar, you will receive the crown of virginity and be very highly ranked in My Kingdom. Amen. Furthermore, Eric is one of the 72 Monarchs of the Kingdom of the New Earth, as defined above in details belonging to this Earth.

Lord, do the details of this Earth get translated to the New Earth at the moment of the Rapture? Yes, Lord Larimar. You shall go up in that Rapture of the Saints, and then be placed into your eternal Kingdom, where you shall reign forever and ever.

Now, Lord, how is the rapture of me to Eureka, California to be compared to the Rapture of the Saints? No one knows when the Rapture of the saints shall occur. But I will give you this hint. When the time comes for you to leave this world, I will show the following signs. There shall be an abominable horror placed in a high place for all the lands of the world to worship. And then it will be made illegal to worship anyone hanging from a cross. Amen. When you see these signs take place, ready yourselves to be Raptured.

And O’ Lord, will the Catholic Churches have been restored in various places when these signs are made manifest? Yes, Lord Larimar. For COVID-19 will have fully passed by then and all My Catholic Churches will be operational, all that is, that have My priests to operate them. Amen.

Lord, will the pope at that time be Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, who would then be serving as Pope John XXIV? Yes, Lord Larimar. He will be the final pope. Amen. For when you see the signs above, followed by the Rapture of the Saints, realize that it is over. Only a short time of Tribulation follows this, and then I shall Come again. Amen.

So, O’ Lord, my being taken to Eureka, California, is not the Rapture of the Saints? Am I correct, O’ Lord? That is correct, Lord Larimar. That is the pre-Rapture. It takes place as a forewarning to the people of the Coming Rapture by which I remove My elect from the earth. That you are taken in both Raptures is noteworthy. When I rapture you to Eureka, California, there, where I plant you, shall you begin, once again, working in My vineyard, but this time as a seminarian, and then as a priest. After you will have served My Roman Catholic Church as an ordained priest for one seven, I shall take you to your place of final contemplation. And there, in your eternal Kingdom, you shall enter into your eternity. Amen. Hence, O’ Lord, if it takes seven years for me to become a priest, followed by seven years serving as a priest, then the period between the two Raptures is approximately fourteen years. Am I correct, O’ Lord? My Rapture of My saints occurs within about a fortnight of years. Yes, Lord Larimar, it is true as you have spoken. Amen. So, We are looking at around the year 2034 as roughly the year of the Rapture, O’ Lord? You have spoken with wisdom, though the exact day and hour can never be known until the time comes. And now, I shall utter My final Word and Testament through you, O’ Larimar King. And when this post is published, no further shall you be called to write here. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

I, the Lord Jesus Christ, do sit on the glorious throne of God, the Maker of Heaven and Earth. And behold, I make all things new. (Revelation 21:5). Whoever desires to drink of My stream of life-giving water, let him make himself fit for the Kingdom of Heaven. Drink, therefore, of this stream (Revelation 21:6), for whosoever drinks of My waters of life, and remains in Me, he shall inherit the Kingdom. But as for those who defile themselves with immorality and who profane My Kingdom and do not repent, these shall never taste My blessed supper. Amen. Now, one last Word I will say to you, Lord Larimar, and it is this. I have given you the largest Kingdom among the 72 Kingdoms on the Earth. And you will rule this Kingdom forever. Furthermore, there shall not come anymore rulers to rule these lands and Kingdoms, for all those who were set to rule have now been anointed. And Catholicism has now officially become a relic of the past.

I do not restore My Catholic Church in this age nor in the age to come. It is over and done with. As to your entrance into My seminary, realize that these works are of the final times, those times in which the New Jerusalem is under siege. And the wicked of Satan are arrayed like the sand of the sea against My servants. (Revelation 20:7-9). It is of an underground Catholic Church that you will train to be My Catholic priest. And you will be ordained a priest in a matter of seven years from the moment you are transported to Eureka.

Lord, do I enter into the seminary in stealth and secrecy? Yes, Lord Larimar. For Catholic practice in public shall be frowned upon. And the requirement of attending Mass as a Sunday obligation will have become a thing of the past. How, then, am I to serve You and Your Catholic Church as priest if there is no one practicing Catholicism? In an underground Church will you conduct the Masses that I will order you to conduct in your final seven years in this world serving Me as My priest. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, why do you say that the Catholic Churches in the Diocese of Santa Rosa will reopen? Briefly, Lord Larimar, very briefly and sporadically shall the Churches reopen to conduct Masses. But at the moment of My Rapture of My saints, all My Catholic Churches in the world that have Catholic priests still running them will be celebrating Masses. And then, when I give the signal, the sign I warned about will be seen by all nations, and My Catholic Church will be raptured. Amen.

And where do they get Raptured to, O’ Lord? To the New Earth, O’ Larimar King, the Earth that has no sea (Revelation 21:1). Are there no fish that swim the oceans in the New Earth, O’ Lord? The Sea is a reference to reproduction, Lord Larimar. There is no more reproduction in My New Earth. Amen. But I will reveal this, Lord Larimar. Everything in Your Kingdom of Larimar is of an eternal nature. There is no decay nor death found in it ever again. No more do things rise up in it to die. But vast is your Kingdom, O’ Larimar King. And one final note as to your rank therein.

You are ranked as one of My 144,000 chosen first fruits. And as one of My chosen first fruits, you will sing the song of the Lamb, which no one will be able to sing but the 144,000. (Revelation 14:1-3). Amen. Furthermore, as one of My eternal virgins, you will be ranked equal in position and stature to My highest Apostles in My eternal Kingdom. Amen. Now, Go, Lord Larimar, and publish this post. And when you reread this post in full, you may ask a few more questions, and then, this post must be published. For it is My final will and testament on this website before you are taken to your new location. And no further shall I speak here after this post is sealed and published. Amen.

(1) Lord, 2034 is shortly after the 2000 year anniversary of your death. Hence, the Second Coming truly then takes place in the third day of your death, where each day is a thousand years. Is this correct, O’ Lord? Yes. And now I shall declare this fact also. The generation that witnessed the founding of Israel in May 14, 1948, will not all pass away before I return in all My glory and power. And when I return, all shall be resurrected, and I shall come to judge the living and the dead. And thrones will be setup and those entrusted with judgement will be seated upon them. Amen.

(2) Lord, will there be a period of a time, that time called the thousand years, to occur between Your return, in all Your glory and power, and the time of the Judgment before the Great White Throne (Revelation 20:11-15) where all who are rejected are thrown into the fiery lake, which is the Second Death? As the Catholic Church teaches and professes, so do I now also confirm unto you, O’ Larimar King, that the Millennial Age of Revelation, chapter 20, refers to the Age of the Church, the Age in which you have been living. And the short time of Satan’s release is the time in which you now live, which began when I anointed you to serve Me as My prophet, shortly after you began receiving My messages on Saturday, July 22, 2017. Amen.

(3) Am I to serve You as one of Your two Witnesses, as in Revelation, chapter 11? Or does that passage better describe someone else, one of some other two prophets? It is as you say, O’ Larimar King. You fulfill that passage, but there are others who fulfill it more completely. Hence, prophecy is funny in that sense. Millions of fulfillments can be seen in many of My prophetic utterances down through all the ages. Amen. But Your fate is not like that of the Two Witnesses regarding how they die. Instead, your death will be more like how I had My Apostle John die. Amen.

(4) Do I have a title of nobility in the Kingdom of Heaven, O’ Lord? And if so, what are all the titles you have set up for the Kingdom of Heaven? Yes, you have a rank and a title in My eternal Kingdom. And as this is the last day in which I shall prophesy through you to the people, I will gladly detail to you My list of ranks. So here it is:

  1. Monarch: I Who Am alone Am of this rank in My Kingdom.
  2. Queen Mother: My Mother, the Virgin Mary, alone sits in this throne.
  3. Superior Judge: All who are to sit with Me in Judging the nations sit here.
  4. Divine Witness: All who testified on My behalf in their life sit here.
  5. Builders of the Kingdom: All who served Me in My vineyard sit here.
  6. Those Snatched from the Fire: All saved on their deathbeds sit here.
  7. Those Baptized who died too young to fail: All baptized babies who died sit here.

You, Lord Larimar, will sit with Me in Judging the nations. And to this rank belong all who survive the time of the great distress in communion with Me and with My pope in Rome. For all who endure in Me to the End are entitled to sit with Me on My throne judging all the nations. Amen.

Hence, Lord Larimar, you have the title of Judge in My Kingdom. This title is identical in meaning to that given My people in the Book of Judges. Remember that in that time there was no King, and so all people did as they thought best. (Judges 21:25). And as you know, it was when My people had no King that they pleased Me most. For I alone Am King. And I tolerate no other to be made King. Amen.

(5) Then what about the 72 defined Monarchs and their Kingdoms on the Eternal Earth? Are they real Kings? Or what ranks are they? Lord Larimar, I also have a royal priesthood. And in My royal priesthood, I share with My disciples My authority to rule as Kings, Prophets, Priests, and Judges. Everyone who serves as a King in My Kingdom is really merely sharing with Me in My own Kingship. They are never Kings independent from Me. All such Kings in My Kingdom are directly subject to Me forever. Amen.

(6) How are people to come to be saved now, in this age and in the age or ages to come, O’ Lord? Will it still be only by entering the Catholic Church that men may be saved? Lord Larimar, there has always only been but one path to salvation, and that path has always been the path of My Catholic Church. But now with all the Catholic Churches shuttered, how are men to be saved? Lord Larimar, My Book of Life is nearly complete. In these final years upon the earth, only those who find My Catholic Church and validly enter in will be those eternally added to the number of My elect. But how to find My Catholic Church will be most difficult indeed. However, there will be underground Catholic churches. And you, Lord Larimar, will serve one of these underground churches as a priest after you are validly ordained some seven years into the future. Amen. But remember that outside My Catholic Church there is no salvation. And outside those who receive My body and blood, no one may enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.

(7) Then, O’ Lord, are you saying that baptized babies who die, and those who convert on their deathbed, but who never received communion, and those who sought to enter, but who die with only a baptism of desire, cannot enter into Your Kingdom of Heaven, as they never actually received the body and blood? Lord Larimar, understand that the consecrated bread and wine are the physical species of a spiritual food and drink. And because it is a spiritual food, a valid baptism of water or a baptism of desire suffices to make up for the lack of physical communion for the salvation of a soul in extraordinary circumstances. Note, salvation by this means is not as simple as it sounds. I Who Am see all the thoughts and decisions in each soul upon the earth. Hence, I know Mine and Mine know Me. And if someone truly belongs to My Kingdom, and it is possible for him to enter into My Catholic Church in the flesh, I will enable him to enter therein, and he will then gain the sacramental assurance of his salvation through actually receiving My body and blood. Hence, receiving My body and blood is necessary for salvation, but I offer exceptions in certain extraordinary circumstances. Amen.

(8) Now, what of nations where Christianity has been severely suppressed? Do the people of that nation have better chances of being saved through a baptism of desire? No, Lord Larimar. For without knowledge of My Kingdom, no one may be saved. That a baptized baby can be saved depends on the knowledge and intentions of his parents who have him baptized. And no baptism of desire is recognized without knowledge of My Kingdom. And if all knowledge of My Kingdom is completely suppressed, then it is impossible to be saved in that land. Amen.

(9) When was Eric the Emerald King saved? Was it when he received first holy communion on Easter Vigil, Saturday, March 30, 2002? Yes, Lord Larimar. On that day, you entered fully into My embrace and were saved. But as for all the steps you took before that day, these were all steps that were leading you to My Kingdom, and you were definitely living with a baptism of desire for most of your life before you fully entered into communion in My Catholic Church. And all the steps you took after you had entered into My Catholic Church led you to develop into a deeper and richer experience in My Kingdom. Therefore, salvation is a complex process, but it only has true reality upon receiving and entering into communion with My Catholic Church.

Now I will answer one last question. Ask your final question for this post, O’ Larimar King. And realize that this final answer is My final Word through you to the people, as you write in your office as Prophet here. After I take you away, I will set you up as an Oracle of the Lord, and then you will prophesy in a different situation, and in a different setting, but no longer here. Amen.

(10) Will there be a terrible slaughter of all priests and all Religious in an attempt to snuff out the Catholic Church and to prevent it from coming back into operation once the COVID-19 Pandemic ends and things return to normal? Yes, Lord Larimar. You have a mind that reaches deep into the future and sees Truth. The priests will in fact be slaughtered. And that is one of the reasons why you shall be so rapidly approved to enter the seminary. For priests will in fact be in short supply. I actually Am going to allow many of My priests to die out in places where My people have been unfaithful to Me so that in those places there will be very few priests left who can manage and run a Catholic Church, and hence, when COVID-19 is finally ended, many of the Churches in those lands will remain shuttered for lack of priests. Amen.

For the Catholic Church is being shuttered for a purpose. And that purpose is that My Book of Life is nearly full. Few indeed are left who will find it possible to enter into My Catholic Church before the end. But since few indeed will be the priests left that can serve them, there shall be many who die outside of the sacraments because they chose to enter in too late. Lord Larimar, you have served Me in communion with the pope in Rome for 18 years. And now I shall speak one last warning. Whosoever hits a priest is automatically excommunicated in accordance to canon law. But I also say this: Whosoever hits a priest in this time that has come, with the Catholic Churches shuttered and the priests in distinct short supply, that man who hit the priest will die the same day. Amen. And will this death be physical or spiritual, O’ Lord? It will be a death in the flesh, O’ Larimar King. Now I have spoken fully. Now, reread these final questions that you have asked, and then publish this post, Lord Larimar. You work here on is now complete. Amen.

Lord Larimar, you have now fully reread all your ten questions and My answers. Here are My final written instructions for you prior to your being taken away. Do not respond to that Caesar Sandra Nikee girl anymore. And realize that Mitt Romney shall replace President Trump on the Republican ticket for President at the Republican Convention. Amen. For I have judged your decisions and have made My ruling. The Larimar Reign is about to begin. Whatever you decree from now on shall go into effect. Amen. Let it be as you say, O’ Lord. Amen. It is done. Amen.

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