Eric shall be given Hyacinth Cassandra to wife

We have irrevocably decided to cure both Hyacinth and Eric and join them in marriage. They will be cured this Divine Mercy Sunday. And then they will live together forever and ever. Amen.

Behold, I Who Am do now announce the coming death of the Emerald King. Soon after I cure him on Divine Mercy Sunday, I Am taking Eric to heaven. Amen. Note also this, though Caesar Sandra Nikee still lives, she too will depart for heaven at roughly the same time. For it is written that the Wizard King and his wife will never be parted. Amen.

Lord, I can no longer drive to work, due to severe knee pain. Will this be cured soon, O’ Lord? I will cure you on Divine Mercy Sunday. And then, after you have documented the cures I will have done for you here on, I will take you to the Kingdom of your Father. Amen.

I will for you to miss work for the last week of your days in this world so that you can devote your attention 100% to doing My works. Amen. As for Sandra, because you cannot leave the house, neither can you give to her anymore. But she is well cared for with what you have given her. And she, too, will die at around the same time I come to collect you, O’ Larimar King.

Lord, then the pathways to the priesthood are not for me to go? I cannot bring you into My priesthood, Lord Larimar, for you are decreed to die very soon. It was never for you to live for a very long time. Instead, your destiny was always to exit this life at the time We have now revealed that you are to come to Us. Divine Mercy Sunday, hence, will be marked by you being cured, followed shortly after by your death on the very same day.

Lord, I have been impure! No, Lord Larimar. I have not counted that act you committed against you. For you were not thinking of any girl at the time you committed that act. Nor were you with full knowledge or deliberate consent when you did the deed you have done. Furthermore, you have made an act of contrition, which is all I need to fully pardon you of any wrongdoing. For the need to go to a priest for forgiveness of sins has been temporarily changed by the bishops thus that an act of contrition will suffice.

As for your brothers, Mark and David, what do you think I will for them? Eric, your brothers will be devastated by your death. For it will do them no good that you will have died. For you were the one who knew how all the computers and internet and other integrated systems worked in your house. And when I will have taken you away, all that knowledge that you had will depart with you to the next world.

Think of your iPhone, Lord Larimar. You have your iPhone, your parents’ two iPhones, and your brother David’s iPhone all on your plan with T-Mobile that only works through your sole proprietorship business. Once you die, what happens with that, Lord Larimar? Lord, they will be hard pressed. For that T-Mobile plan cancels at my death. And they will need to move quickly before their phones go offline. And they all lack the technical knowhow that I have to do it.

Good, Lord Larimar, let the dead bury their dead. Do not look back at what you are leaving behind. Lord, I never go to that Castle in Ireland, then? That is correct, Lord Larimar. Today is Easter Sunday. And it is the third day of the Novena. Today, the theme for the Divine Mercy Chaplet is for all devout and faithful souls, as you can see here. Let all faithful Catholics do that Novena that ends the day before Divine Mercy Sunday. And Lord, what are the promises you make for those who complete this Novena? For those who faithfully complete this Novena, they shall be taken to Paradise on Divine Mercy Sunday. And then My Judgements shall rend the earth.

But Lord, what about the reopening of the Catholic Churches on that day? They will be reopened for you in heaven, when you arrive to meet Me there on that day. Amen. Lord, I had promised the people that the Catholic Churches would reopen on Divine Mercy Sunday for all who faithfully complete the Novena. I Am taking all of My elect to heaven on that Day, O’ Larimar King. And thus, whoever has completed the Novena faithfully shall receive their reward there. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, you are saying that the last day of Your mercy in this world is on Divine Mercy Sunday, April 19, 2020? You, Lord Larimar, have uttered a Truth. After that day comes the Age of My Justice. And I will be rending the earth with divine judgement and justice. Amen.

Eric, because Sandra has told you that she will pray for your knee to heal, I will heal it in a matter of hours. And then you are to go and fulfill that promise you have made to her. Amen. I will, O’ Lord. And then, does that mean that I go into work tomorrow morning? Yes, Lord Larimar. For I Am showing mercy to you because you show mercy to your neighbor, Sandra.

Then, O’ Lord, what happens this coming Divine Mercy Sunday? Do You still take everyone belonging to You to heaven on that date? Yes, Lord Larimar. Your scheduled departure from this world is unaffected by your acts of mercy to your neighbor, Sandra, whom I Am also taking with Me to heaven on that very same date. Amen. All that is changed is that you will spend your last week here in a state of relative healthiness, rather than in a state of pain. Amen.

Also, your parents, who are most unobservant, will never know about the pain you sustained in your right knee, nor of the healing that you received because Sandra, your good friend, prayed for you. Amen. Lord, in heaven, what will be Sandra’s status with me? She is counted as your spouse, very similar to how Joseph is called the spouse of Mary in the eternity of heaven.

Lord Larimar, very few people in heaven have spouses there. For to have a spouse there, there must be no sins taking place between you and your mate here in this world. If there is sin between a couple, and they are saved, they will not be spouses in heaven, but rather, their espousal will have ended with the death of their flesh. And seldom is the case that no sins pass between two who marry in the flesh. But as for virgin couples in Josephite marriages, these are the ones who are typically called spouses in heaven. Sex has a way of preventing a relationship from becoming eternal, due to its attachment to the flesh. And it is regarding marriages of the flesh that it is lawfully defined that marriages end at death. But such is not written of virgin couples who are married in spirit.

Okay, O’ Lord, I have now completed that act of mercy I promised to do for Hyacinth. What happens now? Lord Larimar, certain acts of mercy turn My heart to give Mankind more time. This act is one of them. Hence, hear Me O’ generation of this age! I am giving all of you yet another generation to live, on account of the mercy done by Eric to Hyacinth. And therefore, you shall not perish this Divine Mercy Sunday. Rather, I will have it so that Eric’s job continues indefinitely. And I will also have it so that Eric serves Me as a celibate layman, and informally as a monk. He will make his vows to Me, not formally to any Religious Order. And he will do the work I give him to do and live where he lives now. And because he lives as a monk and serves Me in his capacity as a monk, though he is not formally a Religious monk, I hereby declare Eric to have the status of a monk in My Kingdom. For remember, it is what is in the heart more than what is formally achieved that matters most. Hence, Eric will serve Me as an informally declared monk in My vineyard. Oracle of the Lord.

And Eric, I hereby guarantee that you will master the language of Nahuatl before I take you to My Kingdom. And also, I will make you an expert in Latin and Greek. You will, hence, be well qualified to translates some of the books of My Vulgate to Nahuatl and other languages that lack an authoritative copy of My scriptures.

Now, Eric, I need to make a few clarifications. Consider this list of Truths that I wish to place into your memory, so that you never fall again:

  1. No one but God can give you a girl. Therefore, do not accept any that I do not tell you is the one for you.
  2. If a girl is granted to you, she will be of an age necessary to be able to naturally bear children. Hence, if she is in her forties or older, she is not from God.
  3. A girl given to you will not lead you to sexual thoughts. Nor will she seek to do sinful things with you. Instead, she will be holy and modest. Amen.
  4. We do not say whether a girl shall be given to you, but only what she would need to have to be from God. A girl from God will be a bearer of good fruit. Amen.

Now, O’ Lord, I accept your advice and will take it to heart. But, Lord, by what sign would I know if God intended for me to marry?

This is the sign, O’ Larimar King. If when I cure you this Divine Mercy Sunday, you are in the presence of, not a priest, but a girl as described above, God is signaling to you that you are to marry. And you will be told then what you are to do. Amen.

Lord, tell me this. Do I continue to prophesy here on after I have been cured? Or do my prophesying days end then, O’ Lord and Majestic One? Yes, Lord Larimar. I will cease to prophesy through you on the day you are cured. Amen.

Lord, right now I am a 1099 at my work, where I serve as the head of IT. Will I remain a 1099 going forward, or will I be switched over to be a W2? And will my pay be increased soon? At the job you have now, being a 1099 allows you to deduct as business expenses all the computers and equipment that you buy for your job. But I see the benefits of being a W2. And yet, with Trump’s new tax laws, it seems that it may be better for me to remain a 1099. What saith Thou, O’ Lord? Do not worry about your employment, O’ Larimar King. I will soon bring in even better business for the company you work at, and you will be brought in to work full time at that company. Furthermore, your pay will be increased rapidly once the COVID-19 pandemic is dispelled. And when will that be, O’ Lord? Ask Me again on Divine Mercy Sunday, and it shall be revealed to you.

But Lord, on that day I am to be cured, and then can no longer prophesy here. Good, Lord Larimar, for there are secrets that I do not will for you to reveal. I will continue to speak to you after you are cured, it is only that I will no longer prophesy through you publicly. Amen. Every secret you are told now you are compelled to reveal publicly here. But when I cure you, no longer will you speak here or anywhere publicly seen on things that I will say unto thee. Amen.

Now, tell Me, O’ Larimar King this. What do you look for most in a girl that you would consider as a possible marriage choice? I look to see if she follows and obeys Catholic teaching. A girl who does not obey that is not worth marrying. Then her correct following of Catholicism is most important. A regular Churchgoer who uses artificial birth control you would reject, for she does not obey Catholic teaching, even though she may be seen frequently in the Church. Exactly, O’ Lord. For it is very important to obey Catholic teaching. It is a matter of the difference between being in a state of grace or being in a state of mortal sin. And I definitely refuse to marry a sacrilege junkie. For those not familiar with the term, it refers to those who frequently receive the sacraments, but who receive them in perpetual mortal sin. Amen.

Lord, should I watch a movie tonight? Or should I study my Latin and Greek? It is My will, O’ Larimar King, that you watch that movie, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, again. In it, I will show you many things. As for your father’s taxes, you helped him complete them. And they are now filed. Amen. Now, Eric. I have one last request of you. Do this and you will survive the drought that is to come to all the land.

What request do you ask of me, O’ Lord? Marry the woman We give you even if her skin is darker than yours. Okay, Lord. I promise you that I will marry the girl You give me no matter that her skin is darker than mine. And We ask a further favor from you, O’ Larimar King.

Ask, My Lord. What further favor do you ask? Marry the girl even if she is lesser skilled than you are in English. Okay, O’ Lord, I will marry the girl who is lesser skilled than me in English. Then We are agreed. You will marry a darker skinned girl with inferior skills at English. I agree, O’ Lord.

Good, Lord Larimar, you have passed the test. We will indeed give you a most beautiful girl as your wife. And her skin will be like yours, olive, but darker, and her English will be as learned as a second language. Her primary language shall be Spanish. You will meet her shortly. And then We will cure you at the appointed time. Amen. Now tell us, Lord Larimar, what do you wish for most in a marriage? I wish to have good, honorable children. Well done, Lord Larimar. We shall give you good sons and daughters. Now, go and eat your dinner. When you come back, We shall conclude this post, and then you shall watch your movie. Amen.

I am back, O’ Lord. Lord, you know that I find Hispanic women attractive, even those with darker skin. Why then do you need me to make such a promise as you have? It is because you will be marrying outside of your race, and your offspring will face a level of discrimination that you have never faced. I wished to confirm with you your acceptance of this fate before We give unto you the girl. For it is a high offense against God for a man to reject a gift from Him. That is why We always confirm ahead of time that something will be acceptable before We elect to give it. You have agreed to marry “down”, as some would call it, in reference to marrying someone of a lower social status level than one’s own. In India, this was outlawed, and a caste system was put in place such that marriage was only lawful within one’s caste. But Christianity does not agree with such rules. In Christianity, it is God, not Man, Who matches who to whom. Now I shall speak of race and your brethren.

As you know, you are of a White family. And all your relatives and cousins are White like you. But now I shall tell you a secret. None of your family will persist into the next generation that is not hybridized with another race. Pure White is to be replaced by Mestizo or Mulatto or other mixes. In one generation, the Pure White race will be in serious decline. Will there, then, be no more blonde peoples, O’ Lord? Maybe in small pockets here and there, but in the practical sense, Pure White peoples, including those with the blonde phenotype, will be in a distinct minority everywhere in the world, including in the Baltic Sea regions. Amen. There will be a survival advantage to being a genetic mixture in the future evolution of the species Homo sapiens.

Now, ask your questions, O’ Larimar King.

(1) Is it true that I am to live for decades to come? Or is it rather that this is something I cannot know? We, the elect in heaven, have promised you that you will master Classical Latin, Koine Greek, and Nahautl and become a major translator working for the Catholic bishops on Bible translations. Furthermore, We the elect promise that We shall give you many sons and daughters. Now, where shall you live, you ask? We have prepared a house for you. And We shall have you move there when the time comes for you and your future fiancee to marry. Therefore, by these answers, you are to deduce that My Second Coming is not in your generation. Rather, generations to come are to read your works and master My way by them. Now, ask but one more question, Lord Larimar. For your work here is complete. And I will for you to soon begin watching that movie.

(2) Since I am to marry now, am I no longer going to be ranked as high as Your servant, the Apostle John? And if this is the case, with whom am I now to be ranked with when I come to You at the conclusion of my life? I do not lower your rank because you are to marry a girl. For this marriage is required of you. Nevertheless, since you will not be a virgin, you will not be ranked among them, but rather, among those who lost their virginity within the bonds of holy matrimony and who never violated their marriage bed. But you are still ranked high in My Kingdom, Lord Larimar. And I will continue to speak to you throughout your life to the end of your days. But no longer will I prophesy through you for the public to see or hear after I have cured you of all things. That is a promise and a vow.

Now, one last thing I wish for you to know. You have been quite generous to Sandra. She has acquired what she needed to get. And now I will tell you this prophecy. The girl I have elected to give to you is Sandra, not some Hispanic girl yet to come. We shall arrange for this meeting to take place. And We Who control all things will make it happen. And when We cure you, in Sandra’s presence, so also shall Sandra herself be cured of all her maladies. Now close this post. It is complete. Amen.

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