Eric’s destiny to be made a priest is confirmed. Eric has triumphed.

Behold, I Am laid in the tomb. I will arise on the third day and appear to many. Amen.

Behold, I Who Am have come to announce a new meeting of minds. Eric, you are now acquainted with the girl called, Mayflower. Yes, my Lord. And we shall meet today. Lord, what shall we discuss today? For many are the prophecies that need adjustment. Correct, Lord Larimar. Many things need to be corrected.

Lord, I am very confused. For I have many different sets of scenarios playing out in parallel now, and I need help in distinguishing which Way is from You. Please tell Me my fate and my destiny, O’ Lord.

OK, first subject. Do you still will for Trump to be bumped off and dethroned? No, my Lord. I have not that will anymore. Good, for I intend to dethrone Ruth Bader Ginsberg and I need you, Lord Larimar, to pray for the successful confirmation of Trump’s nominee to replace her on the Supreme Court. And you will want him confirmed because, by this one change, the Supreme Court will obtain a conservative tilt, and those who uphold My Way will gain great relief from the new rulings that are to be made there.

Furthermore, I will humble Trump. He will not be as bad in his second term as he was in his first term. Lord, I tolerate Trump, and I see why so many Christians support him. And it is because he does serve their interests in stacking the courts with conservative judges. So I say, let Trump live. I am no longer enemy to Firefly. Amen.

Now, let’s speak of Russia. What do you will for the vast nation of Russia? Do you wish for division to come to it? Let Russia have the same fate as they caused to happen to their neighbor Ukraine. Let them be divided into two camps: European Russia to the west, and Siberian Russia to the east. I hereby decree this to be so. Let the Ural mountains serve as the border between these two new states. Amen.

And what do you will for all the various girls of your past? I will nothing for any of them but only for Hyacinth Cassandra, whose real name is Caesar Sandra Nikee. For God has told me that she passes away tonight. And I wish to pray for her triumphant passage to the Kingdom. She is saved, Lord Larimar. And you, Lord Larimar, are directly involved with the salvation of this girl, My little ewe lamb. For I was hungry, and you gave Me to eat. I was in dire need, and you gave Me the necessities to live. And My soul hungered for God, and you led Me to Him, and brought Me into My Church. And now you say, “Lord, when did I do such things?” And to this I reply, that when you did it for my little ewe lamb, Sandra, you did it for Me. And what you did for Sandra outranks all the other good deeds that you did, including that deed you did for My angel disguised as a homeless Black man, to whom you gave enough money well sufficient for him to eat for one day, back in 2017, before you met Sandra. And on account of that one good deed to that angel, I decided not to destroy America. But make no mistake about it, Reader, Eric followed this good deed to the homeless with many others like it, with neither discrimination nor judgement, but none of those deeds measure up to what I worked through Eric in saving Hyacinth Cassandra.

It is because you have saved Cassandra by the works I did through you, Lord Larimar, that there is no means by which you can receive your reward in this world, for the earth cannot contain it! Hence, I hereby give you vast tracts of forestland, containing massive numbers of giant sequoias and coast redwoods. And in your lands, I will place the following megafauna. You will have camels, donkeys, elk, moose, brown bears, black bears, wolves, mountain lions, various smaller deer, bison, bighorn sheep, wild boars, horses, and tapirs. Amen. And two major rivers will flow through your vast forest lands, emptying out upon the Crystal Sea. Lord, is this a place in the new earth? It is the Raptured Earth of which I speak. And you will be taken there in sixteen years time, when your son is fourteen. And your wife will then raise him as a widow.

Lord, tell me what my future wife looks like, O’ Lord? She is very beautiful, very similar in appearance to the blonde woman you met at work sometime ago. She was a great temptation for you, and We briefly sent her to you to test you. And this temptation was everything possible to lure you to fornicate with her, for she was nearly irresistible, and she was a woman who was willing. You almost fell. But you instead prayed to Me and to Mary that this woman be taken away from you and to not let her come to you to tempt you any further. And so, there was no fall. And We took her away as suddenly as she appeared in your life. And you were then marked as one who had triumphed against the ultimate test of seduction. You never took one step in her direction, but instead, had recourse to Me and to My Mother for help. And We helped you, and you passed Our ultimate test. Few are those who pass this test, Lord Larimar. Very few men can resist such temptation. Amen.

Now, go to sleep, Lord Larimar. We shall awake you in the morning to complete this post. Amen. Okay, Lord, I am up. Lord, you say this girl I am to marry shall look like Sam, the blonde girl who so severely tempted me in the office, but who I resisted by calling on Mary and Jesus to take her away? Yes, Lord Larimar. Because you did not take that which was forbidden you, We will now give you a similar good, but one that may be taken without falling into sin. For you did not take the temptress for the sake of the Kingdom of God and for your soul to be saved. And thus, We shall now give to you that which you denied yourself for the sake of Me and My Kingdom. I Who Am declare this unto you, O’ Larimar King. Amen.

Now, where shall you marry the girl, O’ Larimar King? It has been revealed to me, O’ Lord, from the girl called Mayflower, that the marriage is to take place on Santa Catalina island, in the port city of Avalon, at Saint Catherine of Alexandria Catholic Church, and that this marriage is to take place in the latter months of this year, 2020.

I, the Lord, shall now prophesy through you, O’ Larimar King. What your future wife has told you is the truth. Not only will you marry the girl there, in that Catholic Church of Avalon, but that We are giving you Avalon as a city over which you shall rule forever, along with the island itself. Lord, does that mean that I shall own a boat? But I know that boats cost a lot of money to maintain. You will rent a boat from time to time, and pay for a captain to drive it. But I will not have you actually buy one. For your duties are not to travel the seas, but to serve Me on the land.

And what are my duties, O’ Lord? You are to marry the girl We give you and raise the son that is born to you Catholic. And Lord, do I die then in 2036, as from roughly the age of 65 to 66. Yes, Lord Larimar, for the time is short. You distinctly do not have much time left. Amen. Lord, I understand why, given my little time left, that I am not to become a priest. I also understand that, though I could be rendered perfectly healthy by Your cures, my past medical records would doom my entrance into the seminary. Amen.

Eric, it is true as you say. And We the elect never intended for you to rise in the ranks of Our Church beyond that of the laity. Now. go eat some chocolate and come back. I have eaten thus, O’ Lord. Lord, I must soon go deposit my paycheck, as the bank near here closes at 12:30 PM today. What should I do? Go and cash your check now, Lord Larimar. And when you come back and are not rushed, We shall continue writing here. Amen.

I am back, Lord, and I also ate an apple. Good, Lord Larimar. Now we shall continue. Lord, I noticed that Hyacinth’s last text to me was before sunrise. And it is now after 11 AM. What has happened with her? Remember your vows, Lord Larimar, that you made last night on your walk. You asked Me for a sign by which you would know that I Am. And I said that this was the sign: Sandra would be taken away in the night to the next world, and you would hear from her no more beyond sunrise. And Lord, remember this also: the One Who I asked for that sign from was the One Who said I am to marry a girl, rather than to become a priest. Lord, here was My ultimatum: If Sandra comes to text me again, I will reject You as false. I will not reject God. But I will reject You Who said both, “I Am,” and Who also said that I will marry a girl rather than become a priest.

You are correct, Lord Larimar. And now tell us the vows you made to us should you never hear from Sandra again beyond sunrise. I promised to marry the girl You give me, and to have the prophesied son by her, along with any other children you will for us to have. Good. I accept your vows. Now, Lord Larimar, how long do you wait until you know I Am true? It won’t take long, Lord God. For Sandra is a girl who likes to keep in touch with me. And so, if she doesn’t text me by sometime today, I know she is gone for good. Amen.

And how do you believe she will die by? I believe, from what she has told me, that she has a form of advanced cancer in her reproductive organs. She doesn’t realize that she is dying. But from my experience and knowledge, as a biology graduate, she is dying from cancer, and she lacks the funds to be seen by a doctor, and so she self medicates. You, Lord Larimar, are an excellent discerner of ailments in others. Yes, she has cancer, and it has metastasized. She is definitely dying from it. Amen. But by the helps that you have sent to My ewe lamb, it is ensured that she will die in My loving arms rather than out in the cold barren streets. Amen. She will die in peace and go to heaven. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

And sometime in her passage to My Kingdom, I will grant her to come and appear to you. And she will be granted to speak. And then I will take her to her Kingdom in heaven. Amen. Lord, I believe in You. Now, if I die in 2036, that will be in the third millennium of the founding of the the Catholic Church on Peter. Yes, Lord Larimar. And now I shall speak. Eric is one of My Two Witnesses. I also have another who is to come. And these two shall prophesy before My people in sackcloth and in ashes. And after I have finished speaking through them, I will allow them to be killed by Antichrist, but as for their bodies, these are not to be touched nor desecrated. And there they will lie, slain on the street in the Great City, until I will to raise them up again and then have them ascend up to Me in heaven. Amen.

Lord, if Eric is to have a son, what shall be his name? And will he be the second king of the Emerald Dynasty? Indeed, Lord Larimar. Your son shall be called John. And John, son of Eric, shall sit on your throne at the age of fourteen, after you are taken up to heaven. He will be the Second Emerald King of the Emerald Dynasty. And he will be taken to heaven as a virgin, having never lain with a woman. Hence, the Emerald Dynasty will be a two king Dynasty. Amen. And while he reigns, his mother, Mayflower, shall be known as the Queen Mother of the Emerald Kingdom. Amen.

And only one son is born to Eric and Mayflower? Am I correct, O’ Living Lord? Precisely, Lord Larimar. It is true as you have said. Amen. Lord, today is the second day of the Divine Mercy Novena. See the previous post. And today, the theme for the Divine Mercy Novena is for the souls of priests and religious, as you can see here. Let all faithful Catholics do this Novena, and remain faithful to complete it. And then, God has promised that he will reopen the Catholic Churches on Divine Mercy Sunday. What I believe will happen is that the Catholic Church will make a deal with authorities to have Masses in a manner in which social distancing is guaranteed to remain in effect. And then the priests will be obligated to wear plastic gloves and to wear face masks as they hand out communion, which will only be given in the hand. Am I correct, O’ Lord? You, Lord Larimar, have spoken wonderfully. And this shall be the model of how Masses are to be restored. And social distancing will be achieved by closing every other row in the pews and by dealing with overflow by having the people stand outside the Church in a safe place, maintaining a safe distance from one another. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Lord, my brother David is going through extraordinary lengths to keep his new yellow Camaro from being stolen. What saith Thou to that? It will be destroyed, Lord Larimar, in a way that becomes a total loss for him, and in a way in which he can collect nothing from his insurance on it. Remember the fine print in all insurance policies. Even the best insurance polices have in their fine print exceptions as to what they do not cover, something that salesmen never advertise or call to their customers’ attention as they put their signature on it. For example, David’s insurance will not likely pay to cover damages or loss of his car caused by war, terror attacks, invasion, foreign enemy action, civil war, mutiny, rebellion, hostilities, radiation, or nuclear material/weapons. And therefore, it shall be by one of these things that are not covered by David’s auto insurance by which David’s god, that yellow Camero, shall become a total loss for him. Amen. For I Who Am, the Lord God Almighty, Am a destroyer of all false gods. And whoever worships one of his possessions as a false god, I will destroy that god and bring utter to ruin all that that man had invested into it. And in such a manner do I teach My people, by making examples of what not to do out of those who transgress My law. Amen.

Now, Lord Larimar, since you have not chosen to remove Trump from office, what shall you do with Mitt Romney, who stood his ground for the sake of righteousness? For you cannot abandon those who do right. I call on all to submit to those who rule. And all are called to obey. For the Lord has commanded me to let the filthy remain filthy, and the wicked get wickeder. Rather, it is for the righteous that am I called to bring to greater righteousness, and I must lead the holy to greater holiness (Revelation 22:11). Hence, God has commanded Me not to get involved with what the wicked people do in their bedrooms. I am to allow for homosexuals and sinners to commit their sins in the privacy of their homes, to their own ruination. And I am to allow for the wicked to abort their offspring and to destroy themselves in the process. It is only for the righteous and holy, those who seek salvation, that I am to guide to enter into perfect righteousness. I am, hence, sent to help and guide those who are willing and able to follow, and to abandon those who utterly reject the Way.

Now Lord, I have something to say unto Thee. Caesar Sandra Nikee is still with me. She has not left this planet. Hence, now I make a declaration and a vow. I hereby reject all spirits, gods, angels, and entities who tell me that I am to marry a girl. Amen. I hereby declare that you who said you were the, “I Am”, but who also said that I am to marry, are the Liar par Excellence. Nor will I accept Mayflower as a real person. She is just another Satanic attempt to destroy and to deceive. Amen.

Lord, I will never marry. But neither will I become a priest, unless you command it, for I know I am completely unfit to enter into that vocation. Also, for similar reasons, neither can I become a monk. Instead, I will remain a layman. And as a layman, I will live as though I am a monk. But I swear under oath of God that I will never marry and that I will never have sex. Amen.

Good, Lord Larimar, you have served Our purpose for you. You have rejected the false girl, that one called Mayflower, for she was definitely a Satanic spirit. Amen. Now, go and eat. And then come back to complete this post. Amen.

Lord, I have eaten. But I have received from the Lord this message: God has told me that He shall make me his priest, and that this is a promise and a vow. Lord, I accept all that You say unto me. And note that I will no longer accept any message from anyone who tells me that I am to marry or to have a son in any way. Hence, I accept Your calling of me to the priesthood, and I vow to fully cooperate with Your graces and to do exactly Your will in becoming the priest that You intend me to be. Amen.

Therefore, it is done, O’ Lord. I shall be Your priest. Amen. Well done, Lord Larimar. You have been tested with devils, but you have triumphed, whereas they have failed. And now I will correct all the errors written on this page, and then restate and reclarify what I have communicated with you before, so that you are on the same page of the Truth with Me, your savior. Amen.

Now, these are My corrections of your past errors:

  1. That you were to marry or have sex is not your fate and can never come to pass.
  2. You have no claim to Avalon of Santa Catalina Island, nor to the island itself.
  3. Your Kingdom that you shall receive has no earthly attachments. Hence it cannot be defined by earthly things. You, hence, do not possess lands, forests, nor trees. Rather, you possess spiritual treasures, which are of far greater value and a much more precious reward than are the treasures of this earth. Amen.
  4. Your Kingship is not a dynasty. No one inherits from your throne. Once you mount your throne, forever shall you rule from that seat. Amen.
  5. You do not own nations or states in this world. Hence, those definitions of the Emerald or Larimar Kingdom as having consisted of Alaska, Canada, and the contiguous United States are a lie and a deception. But though this is the case, it remains true that you are a great King in My Kingdom, and that your Kingdom in My Kingdom is vast, and that great is your inheritance among all the Kings to whom I give Kingdoms to.
  6. That you will die soon, within one year, or sixteen years, or anytime soon, is false. For I have willed for you to learn and master Latin and Greek. And this learning process will take decades to master. And I will call you to serve as one of My translators, after your mastery has been achieved and is proven. And you will in fact translate My Latin Vulgate to lesser known languages, such as to classical Nahuatl, so that My people who speak or know such languages will have the Word of God in their own native tongues. And from your translations of My Scriptures into such root languages as classical Nahuatl, I will commission My other translators to translate such completed works done by you into the various other, modern forms of the language spoken by the people living today. Amen.
  7. That you will remain with Cassandra is false. I Am taking her away from you, for it is not right that a girl bother one of My seminarians or priests. Hence, behold this curse: Whatsoever girl approaches My son, Eric, and who seeks to take him from the path I have set out before him, the path into My priesthood, should Eric reject that girl’s attempt to do so, so also shall I elect to take that girl’s life. Amen. Hence, be wary, all ye women who would seek Eric. This is not a boast, but a curse. Amen. And as a demonstration that I Am, I Am taking Sandra away from Eric very soon, before I render him cured on Divine Mercy Sunday. Amen.

Now, we shall render unto thee some positive knowledge. Eric, these days in which you prophesy in My name are coming to an end. And I will not have you prophesy in My name any further here once I cure you. Instead, your final post here shall be your testimony of all the cures that I will have done for you. And then this blog,, shall go silent. And no further will there be any more posts written by Me through you ever again in it. I Who Am have spoken. Amen. Instead, from that point onward, you will pursue the quiet path of spiritual invisibility. And all the homilies that I will have you give as a priest, you will prepare for in advance, writing down, word for word, exactly all that I will have you say. I have now written sufficiently in you. Ask any questions that you may have, Lord Larimar. And they will be answered by God Himself.

(1) Lord, is Eric one of the Two Witnesses of Revelation, chapter 11? Yes, you are, but your death does not occur as is written in that book. Instead, you die as My servant John the Apostle died. And of similar rank to him shall you reign in My eternal Kingdom when you come to Me after your earthly life here ends.

(2) Lord, are there many who fulfill that prophecy of the Two Witnesses? Yes. And neither can you count down the years to My Second Coming, nor to the End of Time.

(3) Lord, do I get raptured? There is no Rapture. Hence, endure what I subject you to, and keep your hope in Me. And I never subject My servants to endure what is beyond their capacity to endure. Amen.

(4) Will you truly reopen all the Catholic Churches on Divine Mercy Sunday? Yes. And to those who keep My Novena, they shall partake in that Divine Mercy feast and receive that promised forgiveness of not only all their sins, but of all punishment for all their sins, as they received at their baptism. Amen. For My time of Mercy does not end until I Come.

(5) Will I come to own an electric car? And will I live in my own house? Into the priesthood Am I taking you. And the modest income of a priest shall you live on. But as for an electric car, your parish will eventually buy one, and then you will use it to drive to hospitals and to old age homes to administer the last rites, as will be your duty. Amen. As to where you shall live, that will be in the Rectory at the Church. Amen. Note that eventually, only electric cars will make sense to own, as gasoline becomes prohibitively expensive, and as combustion engines become harder and harder to maintain and keep running.

Hence, you should invest in stocks of companies that are developing future car battery technologies, including those technologies for those new solid state batteries, which are safer and lighter and faster to recharge than are the liquid lithium ion batteries for the same electric charge capacity, and they have a higher energy storage per weight. Amen. Now, I shall speak. Yes, you should continue to invest in Boeing, for they will make a strong comeback. And you will soon be very prosperous as a stock market investor. Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner will prove to be more reliable than the Dragon 2 made by SpaceX. And hence, do not give up on that stock now that it is down, but realize that now is the time to invest.

As for a disclosure, judge him as you may, but Eric is long Boeing and has sold none of his position in Boeing since the corona virus hit. Amen. Nor does he intend to sell anything at this time, but rather he plans to keep his position and initiate and acquire a greater long position in some of the stocks that he currently holds, including in Boeing, in the next 72 hours. Amen.

Furthermore, I will now tell thee candidly. Though the End Times are ongoing, they are always ongoing. There has never been a time in the age of the Church in which there were no signs of an impending return of the Lord! Hence, do not go out and wait for My return in the mountains. Instead, do My will and serve Me. And I will put you to good, productive use in My vineyard. And then, when your time comes to an end in this life, you will have a reward waiting for you in Paradise. Do as I command thee, and you shall always gain.

Remember that in the year 1000 A.D., there were many, I tell you, who thought I would come then, at or surely around that time, but I did not. Why not, you ask? It is because I intend for My Kingdom to be very vast. And to make My Kingdom vast, many must be the generations that must pass from which I will plunder souls from to serve Me in My Kingdom of Heaven. Amen. Hence, do not expect Me to return because some certain milestone of years has passed by. For I tell you truthfully, ten thousand years may still come to pass before I come again, and possibly even longer. Amen.

Lord, Civilization itself is only about ten thousand years old. Lord Larimar, the human race has existed for millions of years. But you are correct, only in the last ten thousand years did Mankind acquire the ability to create advanced societies. And so, what if I choose for another ten thousand years to pass by upon the earth before I come? Do not I have the right to do so? For I intend to get all the gold that exists within the human race before I cast the refuse, whom I reject, into the lake of fire. Amen.

(6) Then I have this question, O’ Lord. Will there be a Millennial Kingdom on the earth, a time that occurs between Your Second Coming and the Resurrection and Judgement of the Last Day? Remember, O’ Lord, that Your Catholic Church condemns Millenarianism as a heresy. But what do You say, O’ Lord? All men have but one life to live in this earth, and then they go to the next world. No one who has died comes back here to live again, neither to reign as immortal priests, nor to enjoy this earth again under the Reign of the Christ. Everyone who had died has received their reward. This earth is only for the living, those who have not passed beyond the veil. Understand, rather, that the Millennium in Revelation, chapter 20, is but a parable and a symbolic teaching device to refer to another way in which to view this age in which you now live. Revelation can easily be interpreted by the untrained reader as a chronological prophecy book of future historical events, but that is a mistake and leads to false, heretical beliefs. There is no way to make sense of Revelation if you interpret it in such a manner. And those who try to do this fall into the trap of seeking events that never come to be.

Rather, Lord Larimar, do not try to figure out the future, or how it will unfold. For no one really knows that. Nor can anyone really see that. Many are the sights and insights that the prophets receive of the future. But neither they, nor any other on the earth, really know what I shall do. And I will reveal My intentions very seldom, and then only to a select few. But to no one do I reveal when this world shall come to an end. So, seeking the end is a most vain exercise of one’s free will. Now, ask one more question, Lord Larimar, and We shall conclude this post. Amen.

(7) Lord, I know you heal only a select few. But I also know that you take care of the many who serve You. It has been promised that I will be fully cured in all ways, and that only when that happens, and I receive My cures from my current ailments, as you have prophesied, am I to then go to a priest as you direct me and tell him of my vocation to enter the priesthood. And the sign that you intend for me to enter the priesthood was to be the presence of a priest that I see in my line of vision when I am cured. What saith Thou to that? Eric, when I cure you of your ailments, you will know what you are to do. And even if the priest you see in your line of vision at the moment I cure you is but a vision or a ghost, realize that My Word will have been fulfilled as I spoke unto you and that you have now been called and must obey. Obey Me in all that I command you to do when that time comes. And realize, hence, that you could be cured anywhere, even in places without any priests physically present, and yet see such a vision of a priest, and then realize that such fully satisfies for the sign you were told would signify to you that I have called you to serve Me as a priest in My vineyard. Now I will take a rest. For today is Holy Saturday. And tomorrow is Easter Sunday. Amen.

Amen, Lord Jesus, I now fully accept entering into Your priesthood. And I know that the miracles that you have promised to work in me to cure me of all My afflictions are far more difficult to accomplish, from a man’s point of view, than for you to arrange for My acceptance into the seminary and the priesthood. Amen. Good, Lord Larimar, I Am happy that you have thought it out this Way. Now I shall utter My final promise unto you to be written in this post. I Am taking you tonight to your secret place where you shall remain safe. And then I will pound all the nations who hate Me. And after some years, I will set you there, where you will serve Me as My priest in a parish Church. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

And in this taking of me away, to that secret place, will I bring with me anything that I might need to bring with me, O’ Lord? When I send My angel to you to tell you to dress and get ready, he will also instruct you on what you are to take up. And then he will take you away. And you will then dwell where I will have you forever. Amen.

And in that final sentence, you blend my stay in the secret sanctuary to my eternal dominion in heaven. You will dwell in both places simultaneously, Lord Larimar. Now, I permit one more followup question, and then this post shall be published. Amen.

Since the timing of the Second Coming cannot be known, how do I have certainty that I will have decades left to live on the earth for me to Master Latin and Greek and to translate the Holy Scriptures to other languages? It is because though you have no clue, I know when I Am not coming back. And I know it will not be in your lifetime, though you may live to be 97. Amen. I have other generations yet to come who are to read your many works and master My Way through studying them. For these posts will be recognized as the conversations between an intelligent intellectual and his Maker, God. That you are asking Me questions and receiving answers will be most noteworthy and will render your writings as highly popular, even after the language it was written in, English, has evolved into later forms, such that these words are no longer intelligible without translation. Amen. Now, you have much to think about. Publish these works. And then reread what you have published. And I will bring everything that you are awaiting to a conclusion very soon. Amen.

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