You have passed the test, Lord Larimar. You shall make an excellent priest in My Church.

Do My Divine Mercy Novena faithfully, and you will see My Church reopen on Divine Mercy Sunday. Amen.

Behold, I Who Am have judged My servant, Eric. And I have found him pleasing. He shall make an excellent priest in My Roman Catholic Church. Now tell us, Lord Larimar, are you the owner of all those forest lands, containing the biggest and tallest and among the oldest of trees in California? Yes, My Lord, I do possess them in the Age to come. Is this not so, O’ Lord? Now I shall tell you the plain Truth, O’ Larimar King.

I elect to make you a shepherd a human souls, not of trees. You will be made a pastor over many sheep. And I will guide you in the salvation of many. It is as You say. The greatest act of mercy a priest can merit to do upon the earth is to hear the confession of a penitent soul. You will hear the confessions of many. And in the confessional, you will guide many correctly back to a state of grace in My flock.

You will not be like that priest who condemned you when you confessed to impurity in the many times you confessed that sin during the age in which you struggled with that sin. For I do not tolerate any priest who disparages my penitent souls who come to them seeking pardon for their sins through the sacrament of reconciliation. For remember that it is not by the power inherit in the priest by which the penitent is forgiven, but by the power that I have invested into the priest through the sacrament of Holy Orders. And all sins are offenses against Me, not against the priest. Hence the priest must never sit on his high horse casting judgement on the penitent as though he himself is never in the position of the penitent seeking mercy.

Woe to that priest who thinks that he is the source of the power through any sacrament that I administer through him. I Who Am Am the sole power from which all the sacraments flow. Hence, Woe to that priest who looks down upon the sheep of his flock. For he sins, he truly sins, that he thinks of himself as better than them.

And definitely woe to that priest who dares to break the seal of the confessional in the sacrament of confession. Whatever priest ever does that, he will be burdened with lifelong condemnation. And should he be saved, he will remain in purgatory until the Second Coming of the Christ. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Now, tell Us, Eric, has any priest ever broken that seal of the confessional. Answer Me! A Black priest at Saint Mary of the Assumption, who no longer serves there, heard my confession of impurity, and then spoke in his homily condemning impurity while looking directly at me in front of all the people in the pews. And do you have any motive as to why he would do such a deed? He seems to have been reading my facebook posts at the time, and he seems to have been racially offended by some of the things I had written there. And in the following Mass in the next day that he did the Mass, what did you observe? The same Black priest apologized to the whole assembly, without naming the sin he was sorry for, nor the one he sinned against. Good, Lord Larimar, you have answered Our question. And now We shall proceed to tell you Our judgement on that priest.

That priest, whose name was Father Marcel, I have condemned. He will never enter into My rest. But as for you, though you are guiltless in his condemnation, you are nevertheless guilty of writing things that judged Black people harshly, and these writings that you posted were not in full accord with My commandment of loving one’s neighbor as oneself. But you have since repented. And I have forgiven you of your entire offenses against Me and against My Black brethren. But as for this priest who has so sinned, he will never be forgiven, neither in this world, nor in the next. I have spoken. For no matter what a man does, I never allow My priests to violate the seal of the confessional. It is an absolute order. And those who disobey I reject. Amen.

Now, Eric, how long shall it be until you are taken away from this world? Answer Me! I have to live for 42 months from a secret time that I was anointed to be Your Prophet, which took place sometime shortly after I began receiving messages on Saturday, July 22, 2017. Correct, Lord Larimar. And how much time exactly did I say that you have left. You said I have about one year left. And then I shall be taken. And you also said that my girlfriend Hyacinth Cassandra will be taken away at roughly the same time. And You said we both pass through purgatory and then meet together in heaven. Those are the prophecies I received on my way home from work today. Am I correct, O’ Lord? What saith Thou? Have I heard rightly?

You have heard rightly, O’ Larimar King. And now I shall fill in the details of your prophecy. I Am taking you within one year’s time. And it will be 1260 days after I anointed you My prophet. The exact date I keep hidden, and do not have you recall it, for it is not My will for you to be counting down the days. But it was in the year 2017, after you began receiving revelations from Me on July 22, 2017. Amen.

As for Caesar Sandra Nikee, I understand why you hesitate to trust her. And yet you continue to help her as she needs it. Because you continue to do so, you shall never know want. Now, is she untrustworthy? Or is she trustworthy? What do I Who Am say, you ask? I will now tell thee. She is trustworthy enough to be your mate, O’ Larimar King. And I will command her captives to release her and allow her to come to you if you command Me to marry her to you. Would You, O’ Lord, approve this marriage? Or would you condemn me to enter into it, O’ Lord? Lord, I believe that this may be a Satanic trap to get me to walk one step in the direction of a girl, and thereby be defeated by Satan. Good, Lord Larimar. You shall become My priest instead. Amen.

Now, your father is having difficulty in doing his taxes. And though you help him, he seems to be running into errors. But fortunately, O’ Lord, my father has plenty of time. And I will help him fix his errors, no problem, O’ Lord. We will ensure that his taxes contain no errors. And we have three months still to do it in. Amen. Lord, I have a question. I know you do. But ask and state your question for all to hear.

Lord, there is this contradiction: I cannot both die within one year’s time and also become ordained a Roman Catholic priest. What saith Thou to that? One of those statements, if not both, has to be false and from the evil one. So, what saith Thou? Answer Me, O’ Infallible One. The revelation that you depart in one year is from the evil one. I Am not taking you away until I have completed My purpose in you. And that will not be for some time to come. How long does it take to become a priest, with you already with a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology received from Whittier College in 1993? Do the research and answer Me. It would take some four years, if everything worked out perfectly. Good, Lord Larimar. And to what time does that bring us? It brings us to 2024. Good, Lord Larimar, and how long do you wish to reign as a priest? For the same length of time that King Solomon reigned as King, O’ Lord and Mighty One. Very well, Eric, son of David, you shall receive your forty year reign as a priest. I give you to reign until 2067, when you will be 97 years old, at which point I will take your life and bring you to your eternal reward. Amen. Hence you now know that you die in the year 2067 after you reach your birthday on June 24, 2067, while you are 97 years old. Hence, you know that you will reign for some 47 more years to come, and then you will go to your heavenly abode. Amen.

Also know this, Lord Larimar, for your curiosity’s sake. 47 is the 15th prime number, and 97 is the 25th prime number. Amen. That’s great, O’ Lord! Lord, I have fully accepted my path to the priesthood. I am not going to enter into any romance with any girl. Now then, does Hyacinth Cassandra remain as a lamb that I help periodically? Or do you take her to Your Kingdom sometime soon? She will remain as she is, Lord Larimar. For she does good with the provisions that you give her. She also does good works at her Catholic Church and for the children there. Therefore, I Am leaving her in her place. I Am not taking her away from there. For that is the place where she came to be Mine. And you led her to Me while she lived there. Her purpose in life is to do My works and to pray for you, which she does. And you have fully fulfilled the meaning of the name she gave to you, which is HeavenSent.

You have obeyed Us in small matters. Hence, We, the elect in heaven shall give you great responsibilities. Today is Good Friday. It is a day of both fasting and of abstaining from red meat. And it is also the last such day of Lent where you are called to fast or abstain on. Now today, I want you and all who read these words to begin the Divine Mercy Novena. You will pray and recite for each of these nine days a short passage revealed by Jesus to Saint Faustina as to whom the Divine Mercy Chaplet is directed to. And then you will pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet on each of the nine days. Instructions on how to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet are here. And for instructions on the Novena, go here. And for today’s first reading, which is directed for all mankind, especially for all sinners, go here. It is My wish that all My faithful Catholics pray this Novena, starting today, Good Friday. All you need is a a set of rosary beads, called a “rosary”, which is easy to make or buy if you do not already have one. All the rosary beads do is to help you keep track of the number of prayers you have said and at what point you are in while praying. And the purpose of the rosary beads is to free your mind from the effort of keeping track mentally where you are in your prayers so that you can meditate on higher things while you say the prayers, and thereby gain greater merits. Amen.

Do this Novena prayer faithfully, and I, the Lord God, do make this solemn promise. Whoever keeps to this Novena and prays the Chaplet each day for all nine days of this Novena, directing their prayers to each of the nine groups, according to how the the Novena directs for each day, and who makes himself ready for communion through the form of confession provided by the Catholic Church, for that soul, I will reopen My Catholic Church for him on Divine Mercy Sunday. And he is then ordered to attend Mass, and receive communion according to his state of grace, and to complete this act with a prayer for the intentions of the holy father, the pope, which normally consists of one Our Father and one Hail Mary. And do all this with the knowledge and intention of receiving Your plenary indulgence on Divine Mercy Sunday.

For whoever is faithful to Me on this matter, I will reopen My Catholic Church for him on Divine Mercy Sunday, and never close it again. Amen. Now, Lord Larimar, it is almost 6:00 AM. At 6:00 AM, I will command that you start the Novena. As for you who read this, make sure you remember to say the Chaplet each day. And the ideal time is at 3 PM, but as for Eric, he works. And thus, We order him to do it earlier. Amen.

Okay, O’ Lord, I have completed My Divine Mercy chaplet for this day. Help me to remember and keep faithful in doing this Novena and to faithfully pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet each day yet to come for this Novena. I the Lord do hereby grant you this grace. And now hear Me, O’ Larimar King. What orders do you believe you are bound to in becoming My priest?

I believe that I am commanded to learn Latin and Greek. Good, Lord Larimar. And so you are. Master Classical Latin and Koine Greek. And I will make you an expert authority on the Holy Scriptures. And you will be made a Bible translator of My Latin Vulgate to other languages where there is a need for good translations. And you will serve My people in the Los Angeles Archdiocese. And because of this, and that Spanish is the most spoken language second to English there, I also command you to keep improving your Spanish. Hence, regularly read writings in Spanish, both biblical writings and other works of literature. But realize that your place in My Church will be in the service of an English speaking flock. Hence, I do not require you to attain fluency in Spanish.

Now, let us speak about the groves of sequoias in California, and the lands in northern California where coast redwoods grow. It was said of you that you would own certain lands containing such trees. What saith thou, O’ Larimar King? Do you continue to own such lands? Yes, Lord, in the Transfigured Earth to which I will be brought to in the world to come, such lands as promised will be given into my eternal possession. And I will then become a herder of these big trees for all eternity.

Now, I, the Lord, shall reveal to you this Truth: I do make you a master over such trees. But they will be grown in the plot of land that I give to you for your inheritance. And this plot of land shall be your eternal possession in the Kingdom of Heaven. And each soul who does My will as I command him shall also receive as part of his inheritance a plot of land, in which he can plant in and put to use as he sees fit. Amen.

Now as to the size and scale of each person’s reward in lands, this is all directly proportional to the treasures in heaven that you will have achieved for Me using what I gave you. And all these plots of land will be arrayed throughout My vast Kingdom of Heaven. Many will receive much. And I will also grant you this. Each person’s plot of land shall be structured as a private garden. And no one will be able to enter into another person’s garden without first obtaining permission from the one to whom it belongs. And all the gardens will be watered by the river of life, which will flow from its source at the throne of God and of the Lamb (Revelation 22:1) in the New Jerusalem, the Bride of the Lamb. Now I have spoken sufficiently. And you now know many things. You will indeed see your reward, Lord Larimar, but this earth does not pass onto the next world. Everything here perishes except for the souls that I shall save. Amen. Go, therefore, and remember that today is a day of fasting and abstinence from red meat. Amen.

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