I Who Am define the Emerald Reign; Churches reopen 4-19-2020

The Churches here in Los Angeles Archdiocese will reopen on Divine Mercy Sunday, 2020.

Behold, I Who Am have now come to speak. Lord, what shall become of America, of the COVID-19 Pandemic, and of President Donald John Trump? Speak, O’ Lord, for your servant is listening.

I Who Am shall now speak of certain things that matter most. America the Great has become blinded by her sins. She no longer follows Me. And hence, I have set up rulers over her who lead her to her destruction. Those four Presidents, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump, have been sent to lead America to her destruction. And the blind Americans have followed them into the pit. And this COVID-19 is so bad because the leaders of your nation are so corrupt. When you put devils and idiots in charge, you get messy and bad results. Amen. America is being led to her destruction and she cannot see it because I the Lord have blinded her due to her sins.

Also, there is a divine purpose behind the worldwide pandemic, COVID-19, and that is to shut down all Catholic Churches throughout the whole world. I Who Am have decided to do this because salvation has been taken away from the Gentiles and is now to return to the Jews. Hence, in the recovery to the world, should it come, there will be no Catholic Churches standing. Only for My Jewish people will I send My Catholic priests to to provide Masses for and to restore the Catholic Church for. For My book of salvation is complete, as regards the Gentiles. But as for My people the Jews, it has now just opened. Amen.

Hence, Lord Larimar, you are like My prophet Elijah serving the Kingdom of Israel, which was separated from My chosen people, the Jews of the Kingdom of Judah. And eventually, the Kingdom of Israel was completely destroyed by Assyria. The Kingdom of Judah continued for some several generations more before being itself destroyed by Babylon. America is like the wayward Kingdom of Israel to be destroyed first. And the nation of Israel in the Middle East is like the Kingdom of Judah that will continue on for some time still to come before it, too, is destroyed. Amen.

As for the prophet Nathanael, the Lazurite King, one of the Two Witnesses, the one who is to preach to My people the Jews, who is he like among Old Testament saints, do you think? I will now tell thee. Lazurite is like Moses. And he shall lead My people out of Egypt across the Red Sea and into the Catholic religion by which they will be saved through Jesus, the One Who was the Prophet like Moses Who was to come. But like John the Baptist, Lazurite will declare and profess that he is unworthy to even untie the sandal straps of Jesus’ sandals. (John 1:27). For Jesus is of two natures, human and divine, whereas all other men have only one nature, a human nature.

And Mary, the Mother of God, was she the mother of only Jesus’ human nature and not of His divine nature, as some Protestant theologians argue? Jesus’ human nature was never separated from his divine nature. Hence, it is impossible for Mary to be Mother of one of His natures and not of the other. See it this Way. When God came into the world as the God incarnate, Jesus Christ, He chose to have a Mother. If He had not wanted a Mother, he would have come already a man, by an easy miracle of God. But God wanted His Son to experience every part of being human, from conception to death, but without sin, and that includes being born from a Mother and being raised by a Mother as other children are. So God willed to give His Son a Mother. And since God’s Son is God the Son, His chosen Mother is the Mother of God.

The Protestant religions are a lost cause. They have abandoned God in a great many ways. And all of them are separated from Him. It is not possible to be a Protestant and also to be united with God. Every Protestant is cut off from the vine through which Communion flows to nourish God’s people.

But Lord, there are no more Catholic Masses for the people. The Catholic people are starving for the sacraments. Will you deny the people the blessed sacrament forever, O’ Lord and Savior? Yes, Lord Larimar. For Catholicism has ended in this world for the Gentiles. Only for the Jews shall it be restored. And when will this restoration take place, O’ Lord? Will it be by this Easter Sunday? Or will it be by Divine Mercy Sunday? Or will it be by Pentecost? When, O’ Lord, do you restore the Catholic Church unto Your Jewish peoples, O’ Lord?

When I Am laid into the tomb, and Am resting, there on Holy Saturday, I shall bring My Church back to My lost sheep, and they will see Me and become saved. So then, O’ Lord, you say that by this Easter Sunday, You will have restored Your Church to Your people Israel? Yes, Lord Larimar, and actually, it will be by the day before, which is the Jewish Sabbath. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, what becomes of me, O’ Living Lord and God? For I have not tasted your flesh nor drunk your blood since my last Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church at the morning Mass of Tuesday, March 17, 2020, which was Saint Patrick’s Day, a total of 22 days ago. You will be brought to your new location in the Castle in Ireland, and there you will partake in the sacrament of My One body and blood. And I Am taking you to the Castle in Ireland very soon. And there you will serve Me as a monk, doing the work I give you to do, and the work I give you to do will never end. Amen.

Lord, when I am taken, do I continue to prophesy here? Or will my prophesying days here be ended? This post is the final post I will write through you here, O’ Larimar King. Lord, this will be the 138th extant post on Emeralogy.com. Are you sure that this is the final post I will write here, O’ Lord? Your final post written here, you will write in your own words, testifying to the cures I will have wrought in you, due to you having ended all impurity forever. That final post you will write tomorrow. It will be the 139th post, and 139 is the 34th prime number. Amen.

Lord, today is Wednesday of Holy Week, April 8, 2020. Tomorrow is Holy Thursday, the celebration of the Last Supper, April 9, 2020. And the day after that is Good Friday, April 10, 2020. And after that comes Holy Saturday, April 11, 2020. And this coming Sunday is Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020. Since you say I will be cured sometime today or tomorrow, will I then be taken sometime Thursday night or by sometime on Good Friday, morning, afternoon, evening, or in the night? On Good Friday, in the evening, I shall visit the earth. And then you shall be taken away. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. And will that be my evening, in California, or will that be evening in Ireland, or will that be evening in Jerusalem? I speak of time as it occurs in Jerusalem, which is the new center of the earth. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. Jerusalem is 10 hours ahead of California time as it is configured now. Hence, 3 PM in Jerusalem is 5 AM California time, as the clock is configured in this time of the year. Hence, I believe that at or after 5 AM in the morning on Good Friday in California, that I will be taken. Am I correct, O’ Lord and God? You now know the day, but the hour will be hidden from you until it comes. Amen.

Lord, will I ever go online again, onto the world wide web, after I am taken to the Castle in Ireland? Or am I to remain hidden there, and for no one to be able to track me there? You will be hidden, Lord Larimar. And you will make your appearance under a new pseudonym. And no one will be able to match your pseudonym to who you were previously known as. Furthermore, your entire makeover by which you are cured will render you unrecognizable to those who knew you before. Amen. Only an animal with a keen sense of smell will be able to tell that you are the same Eric. And those who take your fingerprints or test your DNA will also be able to positively identify you as Eric Robert Dunstan, for those details can never change. But your current appearance will be totally changed. Amen. Thus, facial recognition software will fail to match you to your previous identity.

Now I shall speak about your brothers. Do you will for either of your two brothers to be saved, Lord Larimar. And speak truthfully. No, Lord. I do not will it for either one, for I cannot see either of them willingly conforming to abide by your religion and doing what is necessary to attain salvation. Correct, Lord Larimar. Neither will I save either of your brothers. For neither belong to Me.

Now, let us look at your parents. I do not ask you about your mother, for you know she has committed the unpardonable sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. But what about your father? Do you will for him to be saved. I do, Lord, I do. But he does not willingly do what is necessary to be in a state of grace. But all he would need to do to be restored to You would be to make a valid confession to a Catholic priest. Is this correct, O’ Lord? It is, Lord Larimar. And yet, I do not hold this hope out to him. For he has not merited that I do this for him. Hence, when I take you away from this land, know that your entire house that you leave behind shall collapse, and all your family that you leave behind shall be crushed. Amen.

Now, let us speak of your cousins that you know. Let us consider that religious Protestant, former Catholic, cousin Romey, named after your mother. Do you will for her to convert back to My religion and to be saved? I do, Lord, I do. But I won’t accept her back, for she has turned her heel against Me. And what about Pauline, your other cousin, her sister, who married someone outside the Catholic Church, and who never really followed Me? Do you will for her to be saved? I do, Lord, for she kissed me three times on the cheek on three different occasions when she came to visit us with her family. I see, Lord Larimar. Because she did this, I will allow her to read your works and to return to her former faith. But should she be saved, it will be without the sacraments, for the sacraments have ended for the Gentile nations. Amen.

No one else among your relatives and family will I consider for possible conversions back to My religion. I Who Am have spoken. Amen. Now, let us speak of other matters. I have anointed you to rule as Emerald King, as you once were before you converted to My religion, willingly relinquishing all your power and throne to Me and to do My will. Hence, you are now Emerald King again. But you will reign from your Castle in Ireland. And what nation or land is this Castle in Ireland located, O’ Lord? Is it literally in Ireland? Or is it a secret bunker or fortress in Jerusalem? Or is is a secret cave somewhere in the United State of America? I, the Lord, will now tell you of the location of your Castle in Ireland. No longer will I hide from you or the world the place where I Am taking Eric away to in the next forty-eight hours. I Am taking you to Istanbul. In classical times, this city was known as Constantinople. And in ancient times, it was called Byzantium. It was the capital of the Byzantine Empire. And it was the eastern capital of the Roman Empire, from which the Byzantine Empire was derived. Now, you know that the final Byzantine Emperor, Constantine XI Dragases Palaiologos, entered back into communion with the pope in Rome just before he died in Constantinople, as it fell to the Ottoman Turks. You will be taken to that city to preach to My people the Greek Orthodox, to convert them to Catholicism. And while you are there, you will learn and master Latin, Greek, and Turkish. Amen.

But Lord, how do I convert Gentile nations back to Catholicism with all the Catholic Churches shutdown and all the sacraments ended for the Gentiles? Remember what I told you, Lord Larimar. I Am making you an ordained Catholic priest. And where I place you, the sacraments will be restored. I Who Am have spoken. Then, O’ Lord, that is great! I love it! Can’t wait to go! But how will I learn Greek and Latin and Turkish so fast? Will it be because you will have so cured me that my mind will be very receptive to massive amounts of new learning? Correct, Lord Larimar. We are curing every part of you. You will be as healthy as a twenty-year old, though this year in June 24, 2020, you turn 50 years old. And your mind will be as sharp as a twenty-year old mind, but as wise as an ancient of days.

Now, as for President Trump, what fate do you think I have in store for him? And you may decree whatever you wish concerning him, and I shall make it happen. For I have commanded my angels to obey all your commands and decrees. And even the serpents and demons are require to obey you. Now, prophesy, Eric, and decree. What do you will for Trump? Tell Me now. I will for the White House to be swallowed up in a sinkhole with him in it, and that he and all those who support him to be dragged down with him into the bowls of the earth, never to be seen by living men again.

It shall be done as you say, in a figurative way. And thus will Trump be removed from the White house, carried out within a casket. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen. And now, prophesy unto us! Who do you will to replace Trump in the White House in 2021? And who do you will to replace Trump on the Republican Presidential ticket, O’ Larimar King? I select for Senator Mitt Romney of Utah to be elected as the next President to take office on January 20, 2021. For Mitt Romney has shown to have the required courage to take a stand by himself against a bully and a criminal in power, when no one else measures up to have similar courage to stand with him. Amen. I, hence, find Mitt Romney as worthy Presidential material. Amen.

Good, Lord Larimar. Since you are the Emerald King, whose throne is restored, I hereby decree to My angels in power: Take heed of Eric’s selection for President, and see to it that this one, Senator Mitt Romney of Utah, is put on the Republican ticket for President at the Republican Convention. And ensure that he wins the election. Amen. As for Trump, let him burn forever in hell.

Very well, O’ Larimar King. And now what do you will for President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil? Lord, this man of sin is doing great damage to the largest carbon sink on the planet, the Amazon Rainforest. Is there hope to save that rainforest, or is it destined to become like the African Savanah? It is destined to become as the African Savanah, Lord Larimar. And many will be the creatures rendered extinct, many that have never yet been discovered or documented by science. But I have this future for South America, Lord Larimar. Let the people of South America do their destruction. And let them render their continent as a desert wasteland. For the people of South America are not worthy of their natural heritage. Hence, I allow for it all to be taken away from them. Hence there will be very few rainforests left on the earth come seven years from this year now. But Lord, that spells the extinction for many lifeforms throughout the whole world! Exactly, Lord Larimar. I will for these many lifeforms to go extinct. But you and your lands will not be destroyed. I Who Am have spoken.

Then, I say this, let President Jair Bolsonaro’s health decline visibly with the rainforests of his nation. I have this decreed. Thus shall it be, Lord Larimar. As the rainforests are destroyed, so also shall I destroy President Jair Bolsonaro, and all his family and descendants. I Who Am have decreed that this shall be. Amen. And President Jair Bolsonaro will die very soon. Oracle of the Lord! For the destruction of the Player Firefly requires that all three of her Pawns be slain. Amen.

And thus, Boris Johnson, Firefly Pawn of the United Kingdom, do you will for him to recover or to perish as he battles with COVID-19? Let him perish, O’ Lord, for he has served his purpose of bringing the United Kingdom to exit the European Union. And he is now no longer necessary. Thus, like the other Firefly Pawns, he may be put to death. And no one but his fleas will miss him. Very well, Lord Larimar, Boris Johnson shall perish very soon. Amen.

Now, tell us what you will for Russia, O’ Larimar King? As Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has done to Ukraine, let the same be done with Russia. Hence, let division come to Russia, and let her be torn in half. Amen. Let Eastern Russia, or Siberia, be at war with Western, or European, Russia. It will be done as you say, Lord Larimar. I will bring this about when Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin casts his gaze into a toilet. It is then that he will see his destiny and his ultimate destructive fate. And it is then that I will reveal to him his imminent death and when it shall be. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His servants. Amen.

Now prophesy to the people of Russia these words: Russia, you will be converted to the Religion of Catholicism, whose pope is in Rome. But do not tarry on the road to your conversion. For short lived, very short lived shall be your freedom between the time that Putin is dead and the time that the iron curtain is once again raised up in Russia. Amen. And then your nation will be torn apart into civl war. But unlike the Civil War in America, your nation will never be reunited. And millions of Russians will die in the War. It will be like a replay of World War II, where you suffered heavy casualties in your battle against the Nazis. But this time, it will be Russians of the West fighting Russians of the East. And you will be killing one another as your commanding officers order you to. And whosoever refuses to fight will be shot. Amen.

Now, what do you order for China, O’ Larimar King? Is COVID-19 a biological weapon strategically released to weaken America to prepare her for invasion, you ask? If it is, it is a plan well executed. But should China then take the next step to attack America, she will suffer a similar fate as Japan did in World War II. For the plight of the Asian is to think he is smarter than he is. China will not invade. But if COVID-19 is from them, then it is true that they got their revenge that they said they would get. But this is My statement for China. Let the Chinese government be utterly broken, so that your people, O’ Lord, can come to You and be saved. I will briefly allow this, O’ Larimar King. But after a short time of freedom, in the pattern of Boris Yeltsin in Russia, followed by Putin, the freedom will be short-lived and tyranny will be restored. And many will be those who will rise and fall in China. Amen.

Lord, if Eric is living in Istanbul, what is to stop the Muslim people there from stoning Eric to death for insulting their prophet, Muhammed? I Who Am Am the One who will prevent that. And all the Muslims in the world can come to wage war against Eric, and they will find themselves marching over the dead bodies of those who went before them. Like stars falling into a Black Hole will be the Muslims who attack Eric in massive armies of legions. And will Eric elect to insult their prophet? Eric will fail to give the honor and respect to their prophet that their religion demands from the people of the book to be left in peace. Rather, Eric will demonstrate to the Muslims themselves that their prophet’s Koran was not from the Judeo-Christian God. Rather, Eric will show to the Muslims that they follow a path that leads to hell. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Lord, will not all the Muslims therefore declare a holy Jihad against Eric? Will not a bounty be placed upon his head? Yes, Lord Larimar. And the hands that place that bounty on Eric’s head and the hands that post this bounty in a place for all to see will fall off that man who does those deeds. And the man who calls for men to take up arms against Eric will lose his own. I Who Am have spoken. Neither will any man who seeks to harm Eric receive any healing when he sees his arms having fallen off and lying upon the ground. Amen. Hence, the Muslims who wage war against Eric who are not outright killed will return from the battle without their arms attached, O’ Lord? That is correct, Lord Larimar. And that will make it difficult for such Muslims to read their Korans anymore. They will lack the ability to turn the pages. And it will become a common sight in this coming Emerald Reign to see armless Muslims.

Lord, there were several Emerald Reigns. These are as follows:

  1. The Infancy Emerald Reign (Eric sets up Gorbachev, Calls forth AIDS to reduce populations but be hard to be spread.)
  2. The Vanity Emerald Reign (Eric flirted with many girls in his childhood, but became involved with none of them.)
  3. The Greater Emerald Reign (From February 2, 1989 to July 1992. Eric sets up 3 more Emerald Pawns, rules the world through them.)
  4. The Watered Down Emerald Reign (From July, 1992 to March 30, 2002. Eric’s Christian Era, passing from unchurched to Quaker, to Lutheran, to Catholic.)
  5. The Eternal Emerald Reign (From March 30, 2002 to July 23, 2017, Eric practices Catholicism while hidden from the world.)
  6. The Prophesier Emerald Reign (From July 23, 2017 to the Rapture of Eric. Eric masters the Way of Jesus, is anointed as a Prophet to the Lord.)
  7. The Post Rapture Emerald Reign (From the Rapture to the Second Coming. Eric will serve as one of the Two Witnesses in his new location, after he is raptured there.)

Lord, when does this Rapture of Eric to his new location take place? Is it on an undesignated hour of Good Friday in California time, O’ Lord? It is, Lord Larimar. And now I will issue a prophecy. Tonight you will know your fate, whether you are to be made a priest, or whether you are to be made a monk. But one of those is your fate, O’ Larimar Saint. I Who Am have spoken. Long live the Larimar King. Amen.

And Lord, this taking of me to Istanbul, followed by the virtual wipeout of Islam in that Islamic state, Turkey, where do I go from there, O’ Lord? You will strike your staff into the Bosporus straits and claim Anatolia for Christendom. Amen. And you will proceed to overthrow mosques and Islamic governments, and decimate whole towns and villages with the wrath of God. Every mosque in the nation of Turkey will either be converted to a Catholic Church or be razed to the ground. Blood on the streets will be more common than paint. And there will be difficulties for those tasked with burying the dead as to where to bury them.

Lord, this seems to be an abuse of power by a supreme being. Is it a matter of pride that would be going on in this Terminator’s mind? Eric is no Terminator. Instead, he is a Queen on My Chessboard. And I am placing My Queen in a choice spot, a place where he can do the most damage to the infernal enemy, and bring conversion to those Christians who are historically lost. Remember what is said of the Two Witnesses: “If anyone wants to harm them, fire comes out of their mouths and devours their enemies. In this way, anyone wanting to harm them is sure to be slain.” (Revelation 11:5). Let’s put this to the test in a place where it does not matter that multitudes may be slain and populations may be decimated. But also a place where I wish for My Christendom to be restored, but that is currently dead. Yes, I give to Eric hopeless souls so that nothing is risked to be lost that is not already lost should he fail. For Eric is a Queen captured from the enemy’s side and made to work for Us. Therefore, We place this Queen chess piece in a place where it can inflict great damage, but that will not mess up Our plans should he die or be defeated. For Eric is a wildcard in the deck. He is unexpectedly Ours. That is why he shall be placed on the frontlines in a place where it will not matter should the entire place where he is put becomes annihilated.

But Lord, what orders do you give to Eric when he is placed there? And what is your mandate for him there? Let Eric speak and say exactly what We give him to say there. And We shall utterly lay to waste all those armies who array against him. Like a Vortex do We place this son of Jesus in the war of the east. Amen. And should he convert the Eastern Orthodox Church to Catholicism, he will receive a reward for his work. And that is his purpose there. Eric is sent to convert the Greek Orthodox to Catholicism. And to do this, he must master both Greek and Latin.

Lord, will Eric serve you similarly to Your Apostle Paul? No, Lord Larimar. You are not converting pagan Gentile Greeks. Instead, you are there to restore Catholicism to the Orthodox who reject submission to the pope. You are to overcome the resistance of the Orthodox Churches to the doctrine of the primacy of the pope. And I will station you in Constantinople. And it is in Constantinople where you shall remain until I come. And it will be by your decree that the city Istanbul is officially renamed back to Constantinople. Amen.

Now, Lord Larimar, I will tell you one last prophecy. I Am making you an authority in My Catholic Church. You will be anointed as a bishop of the Archdiocese of Constantinople in the Roman Catholic Church. Amen. And we have elected to make you a martyr in that City, making it holy. But Lord, you said that Eric could never die. You said that Eric was to live to the very end. How do you now say he is to be a martyr in that City? I have elected to sacrifice you in that City, Constantinople. For by that sacrifice, I will make more converts to My religion than by having you wage war like an indestructible Terminator. Amen. Now, ask Me whatever you wish to ask Me, O’ Larimar King. For this is the final post in which I will to speak through you here.

(1) Will my death in Constantinople be similar to the death of Superman, O’ Lord? Yes, Lord Larimar. Exactly the same, but without any woman love interest involved. So will that be of great significance that I have no love interest? That you are beyond temptation will be an acknowledged fact about you. Both your enemies and your allies will acknowledge it.

(2) Who will be the one to actually pull the trigger that kills the Emerald King, O’ Lord? The murderer who kills you shall be Antichrist as a young man. And he will be famous. But the guilt of having killed the son of Jesus will haunt him and eat at his soul, until he flees into madness and insanity. He will die by suicide, similar to Adolf Hitler and Judas Iscariot. Amen.

(3) Lord, it seems as though there are ages of time that follow the death and martyrdom of the Emerald King. Is this the case? Do multiple generations follow after Eric dies? How long it shall be between the death of Eric and the Second Coming will not be revealed. But realize that you are a sign of My imminent return. Amen.

(4) Will Lazurite also be martyred in Jerusalem at a similar time? No, Lord Larimar. Lazurite does not exist. Instead, you are one of a kind. You are the only Prophet I have set up to speak directly to My people before I come. There will be no second prophet like you to come.

(5) Then things stated in the previous post were not so, O’ Lord? No, Lord Larimar. All that was said in the previous post was true. But the timing of when they all take place is the mystery. For I do not make My prophecies fulfill in obvious Ways, lest the unfaithful see and believe and become saved.

(6) Lord, tonight is Passover. Passover begins this evening, Wednesday, April 8, 2020. And it is now evening in California. It is exactly 7:00 PM here as I type these words. Good, Lord Larimar. It has come to your attention that you are now in the Passover. I Am Coming to Rapture My Saints during this Passover. Expect the destruction that I will wrack against the western world to take place in this Passover. And you will be raptured away to your new location just before it takes place. Amen.

(7) Now, ask your final question, O’ Larimar King. Lord, Mary prophesied in a previous post that I would be made to master Greek and Latin while I am in the whirlwind of the Spirit that transports me from where I am now in California to the new secret place where I am to be taken to. And this learning of Greek and Latin is to be a miraculous acquisition of these languages. Is this the case, O’ Lord? That you will be found to be an expert in Greek and Latin will be taken as proof by those who study you that you cannot be the same man as that Eric Robert Dunstan who will have vanished from his place in Los Angeles County, California, shortly before you appear in your new location. For it will be acknowledged by experts who studied your online activity that there was never any evidence that Eric had ever mastered any foreign language beyond his native English. And the skeptical researchers will not trust the records that say you have the same fingerprints on record as recorded for the Eric in California who will have vanished. Amen. For the lies of the falsifier will be in effect then. And it will be understood that all knowledge and records stored in databases and online will be possibly tainted by hackers and therefore no longer worthy of complete trust in.

Now, Eric, I will tell you about your job, and how it ends. Your current job will collapse once you are removed from your employer. And he will find it impossible to replace you. Furthermore, in the whirlwind by which you are transported to Istanbul, and are made to master Greek and Latin in the process, there are also things that will be virtually wiped from your memory. All the passwords in your head you will forget. Hence, you will have totally left behind your old job with no means of coming back to it. For without your computers and your passwords, there is no way to recover and return to doing the work you once did for your former employer. In addition, the technological knowhow that you gained in your job will have seriously faded in your raptured brain. For that is how human brains work. To make room for vast new amounts of knowledge, vast amounts of previously held knowledge must be discarded by the human brain and forgotten. It has something to do with human creatures being finite beings and not having infinite capacity for gaining new knowledge and understanding. Old knowledge must be forgotten to make room for the new.

But your Biblical knowledge you will never forget. Nor will you forget what you have so far learned in your study of foreign languages, including in Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Spanish, French, Nahuatl, and Portuguese. Now, We in heaven wish to ask you this question: Where do you belong in My Catholic Church? Answer Me. I belong in a Monastery, in my cell there, studying languages and scriptures, and doing Your works that You give me as Your faithful monk.

Well done, Lord Larimar! You have passed the test of humility. Hence, We, the elect in heaven, shall make you a Parish priest here where you live here in Whittier. You are not leaving Whittier. You are remaining here. And here I will make you a priest. It is now firmly decided. And we shall not rapture you away from where you are now. Instead, We shall reopen up the Catholic Church in the Los Angeles Archdiocese by Divine Mercy Sunday. Hence, do the Divine Mercy Novena, which starts this Good Friday, April 10, 2020, and ends on the ninth day of Saturday, April 18, 2020. Divine Mercy Sunday is on April 19, 2020. Keep faithful in doing this Novena, and the Catholic Church shall be back open again for Divine Mercy Sunday in the Los Angeles Archdiocese where you live and belong to. I will cure you on Divine Mercy Sunday. And you will be in the presence of a priest when the hour comes that I cure you. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Now, Eric, reread this post in full before you post it, correcting all its errors. And realize that you will not be removed from your place, you will not be a martyr, you will not serve as one of the two witnesses, and you will not be killing Muslims or starting holy wars in the Middle East. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

I hereby seal this post and order it published. Reread it once, and then release it to the whole world. Amen. Lord Larimar, I see that you have now fully reread this post, and that you are puzzled. I will answer you these questions.

First, you are wondering are you even a Prophet? Did you get it right that you even have a Kingdom, or that you have lands in the eternal hereafter? I will now answer thee this. Your office as Prophet ends soon. For when I start you on the path to the priesthood, you may speak no more here or on any other forum what We say unto you. Oracle of the Lord!

As for your promised lands, realize, no man knows what his rewards are in the eternity to come until he enters therein. Hence, you were deceived in a great many things. And We allowed you to be deceived.

Then, O’ Lord, am I a weak man? Can I be killed just like any other man, by a stray bullet or a mugger’s knife? Yes, Lord Larimar, you can die like any other man. We do not guarantee you immortality. In fact, were you to put it to the test, and dared killers to come and try and kill you, you would be tempting the Lord your God.

Then I am a fool, O’ Lord! I am a big fool! No you are not, Lord Larimar. For We have brought you to eternal celibacy and eternal virginity. Remain faithful from now unto Divine Mercy Sunday, do the Novena, and keep yourself clean, and We will reopen the Catholic Churches in the Los Angeles Archdiocese as We promised.

Furthermore, that you are to become a priest ordained in the sacrament of Holy Orders is true as spoken. Now publish this work. And realize that We will cease to speak through you here when you are cured on Divine Mercy Sunday, and these cures will take place in the presence of My priest. Amen.

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