I, Jesus, Am bringing judgment to the whole world. Amen

Behold, the time prophesied in Luke 21:24, called the times of the Gentiles, is now fulfilled. Amen.

Behold, I, Jesus, the Lamb of God and Savior to My people throughout the whole world, do now close the door on that time of salvific history. It is over. The history of My Church is complete. From now on, men must obey their Masters, whoever I set in power over them. And I will set up My elect of the First Resurrection as rulers and kings and priests over all the vast peoples who never entered My Catholic Church and who remain upon the earth.

The men of this world will be obedient to them as sheep are to obey their shepherd. And My glorified elect whom I will set over them will reign with Me as My royal priesthood for a thousand years. And is it possible for the mortal men of the Millennial Age to obtain salvation in the next life, O’ Lord? Yes, Lord Larimar, but they must be ruled over with an iron rod and shattered like pottery. For only by stiffly punishing offenders and through corporeally disciplining those who violate My laws and decrees can those who are chosen come to know the Way to salvation.

But Lord, that seems to me to harken back to the times of institution of Negro slavery in the Americas, where the White slave masters would regularly beat their Black slaves to maintain discipline and order and to motivate them to perform work. And that time of slavery has been roundly condemned. And there are many Black people today who still think they are entitled to some form of reparations due to all the abuses Whites of the past did to the Black slaves of the past. Are you saying that the future Millennial Reign will be like a vast global slave state, where the elect rule over the mortals and whip them and beat them regularly to keep the in line? And will it resemble the American slavery of the past where the Whites owned Black slaves and beat them to make them work?

Eric, you know My scriptures, do you not, where I said, “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and the great ones make their authority over them felt. But it shall not be so among you. Rather, whoever wishes to great among you shall be your servant; whoever wishes to be first among you shall be your slave. Just so, the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give His life as a ransom for many.” (Matthew 20:25-28). Therefore, the rod of iron and the shattering like pottery are to serve for the development of My mortal subjects. Also, they are to be led by example. Hence, if the people appear as slaves, all the more shall My elect who shepherd them serve them as slaves, setting the example of how to behave, to obey, and to serve. And the higher you rank, the more of a servant to all shall you be.

Lord, then how will power be structured in the Millennial Reign? Will You rule from Your white throne? And will there be servants immediately beneath You, who shall themselves be as mighty Kings and Queens. And beneath these mighty Kings and Queens will there be further levels of rule, descending all the way down to the mortal men who are basically like the serfs or the peasants or the slaves, and who may be beaten or corporeally punished from time to time as needed to keep them on the path that leads to salvation? For that is the classic way power is structured on the earth. But how shall it be so structured in Your Millennial Kingdom, O’ Lord and Master?

Yes, Lord Larimar, it is as you say, with this exception. My greater ones do not lord it over those beneath them, but rather, they are servants to them. Amen. Consider the shepherd who guides his sheep. Do the sheep serve the shepherd? Is it not rather that the shepherd serves his sheep? For if he did not, his sheep would perish. The shepherd guides his sheep to green pastures and he leads them to water. And the sheep eat and drink what the shepherd provides them. And each year, the shepherd harvests from each sheep its yield of wool. But the sheep serve in this capacity by nature. And so also shall each member in My Kingdom serve in the capacity of his position by nature, using and putting to work the spiritual gifts I give them. And if they do so faithfully, they grew spiritual wool by nature, which I harvest each month spiritually for My Kingdom. (Revelation 22:2).

Now, be aware of this distinction. Those who shall reign in the Millennial Reign do not need to eat. For they are immortal. And neither do they need shelter, for they are imperishable. And they receive their clothing from Me, and it shall be eternal, never wearing out. Hence, these elect of My First Resurrection who are to reign in that Age do not need any service that could possibly be provided by the mortals over which they are set to govern. Rather, their purpose as rulers is to be as shepherds, guiding their flocks as I command them to. And all of these immortal rulers will obey in totality in all that I command them to do. For they are no longer in a state of probation, nor are they being tested anymore, for they are in reality enjoying their eternal reward and living in their eternal Kingdom while reigning upon the earth as My eternal servants. And hence, those of the First Resurrection who serve Me on the earth do so as My angels serve Me in heaven. Amen.

Therefore, let one understand the Millennial Reign as a Union of heaven and earth, where a whole new class of beings come to exist, those of the First Resurrection, who serve My Kingdom in the manner of human angels. Amen. And like the angels, these human angels, all those of the First Millennium, are in the perpetual ecstasy of beholding the Beatific Vision. They look upon Me, Who Am God, and they can no more commit sin nor gain merit.

But as for the mortal human beings, their lot is to learn My Ways and to obey whomsoever I place over them as their authority. And if they obey sufficiently, and come to find eternal life, when they die, they shall go to their reward in the Kingdom of Heaven. And in the final Age, that of eternity, I will make no distinction then of who among My elect were of the First Resurrection and who entered into My Kingdom during the Millennial Reign. All who were of My communion shall receive the same reward of eternal life. And even those who came before My communion was made possible, these too, who I elected to save, shall also receive the reward of eternal life. However, the souls who received communion will always contain the eternal glory of every communion they received in a state of grace. Hence, I will forever distinguish those who received Me over those who never received Me in life.

But Lord, why then do you say that the salvific history of Your Catholic Church is complete? For must not the Catholic Church come back if people are to receive communion and be saved, both in the Age when salvation returns to the Jews, and in the Age that follows, called the Millennial Reign? What saith Thou to that? My door is merely shut to the Gentile nations, Lord Larimar. As for the Jews, it shall reopen for them, but not for the rest of the world. Amen. And hence, you now know that there shall be a new pope, the Archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn, who shall lead My Catholic Church in this final Age when salvation is restored to the Jews. He shall be called Pope John XXIV. As for Pope Francis, he shall be forced to resign due to physical complications, but he will live for a time as Pope Emeritus Francis, where he may reflect over his past as pope and do penance for past offenses.

But as for the Millennial Reign, in that Age, there shall be a whole new order established. In that age, My royal priesthood will be reigning, and no longer shall there be mortal priests, bishops, nor popes. And Apostolic Succession will not exist there. Rather, I will directly anoint all who are to serve Me as My priests saying the Masses throughout the whole earth. Amen. And this anointing shall be done once, at the beginning of the Millennial Reign. For no one I anoint shall ever die. Nor shall there ever be a shortage among those so anointed. And I shall appoint some to serve as shepherds of My sheep, some to serve as priests to say the Mass, and others shall be appointed to serve in the many various other aspects and roles of My Millennial Kingdom. Amen.

Now, speak, Lord Larimar, and tell Me what role you believe that you shall receive in My Age that is now come, the Age where salvation has been restored to the Jews? My role shall be that of a prophet who writes whatever he is given to by His Lord. And I am to obey everything you say. And Mary has given me authority to command even the devils and demons, and I shall thus enter into fortresses and strongholds and defeat nations, kingdoms, princes, and kings. Such is my understanding O’ Lord. You are correct, Lord Larimar. For you are to Me as similar to the fiction of a Terminator reprogrammed to serve Me and the side that is good. For very powerful have I made you and have you become. And absolutely trustworthy have I found you to be.

For the title of Protector of Ewe Lambs is not a title lightly given to a man. Mary has given you this title because you are that and more. You are very much like My servant John, who served Me on the island of Patmos and who wrote whatever I commanded him to. And now I shall give to you your eternal assignment. This is the role that you shall serve in the capacity of My Church and in My Kingdom forever. I Am making you an Official Scribe, Translator of My Word, and Teacher of My Law to all the inhabitants of the Earth. Amen. And this is My first assignment to you. Learn and master the two ancient languages of Koine Greek and Classical Latin. Amen. Then I will set you to the task of translating My Word to all the languages of humanity where such translations are lacking. And your sources from which you shall translate from shall be the Latin Vulgate, with help from the Septuagint and the Greek New Testament. Now you have been given your eternal assignment. Amen.

Lord, you say I am such a royal Translator forever? Does not the Millennial Kingdom come to an end in time? And who needs a Translator in the eternity to come? The Millennial Reign does have an end, and then eternity is to follow. But your place in that eternity to follow cannot be revealed to you while you are yet in mortal flesh. But remember that whatever role you are serving in at the time I rapture My saints becomes an eternal role for them. Amen. That is why I say your role as Official Scribe, Translator of My Word, and Teacher of My Law is eternal. It is assigned to you now. And it will never be taken away from you.

And one last thing I will say in this post, O’ Larimar King, is this. The time of your being taken away has come. I have need of you in the place I have willed to take you to. There you shall have your cell, as in a monastery. And I shall have you then master all the skills you are to master in order to perform the duties that I have now assigned to you forever. Now, Lord Larimar, go and eat breakfast. When you come back from breakfast, We shall finish and publish this post. Amen.

Lord, I have returned, and I have eaten my breakfast. What saith Thou to me now, O’ Lord and Mighty One? The girl Hyacinth Cassandra, who is she to you, O’ Larimar King? She is the one ewe lamb placed in my care, and who I have brought into Your Kingdom. Correct, Lord Larimar. And now I shall place another ewe lamb into your care. And this ewe lamb that is to come shall serve Me as your virgin spouse. Into a Josephite marriage shall you enter into with this girl. And without sex shall you love her and serve her all the days of your life. For it is not good for the man to be alone (Genesis 2:18).

Lord, I accept this fate graciously. And I will await your further instructions and commands. Amen. Good, Lord Larimar. And now I shall tell you detailed facts on the ewe lamb We shall have you marry in a state of perpetual chaste virginity. She, like you, is Catholic and virgin. And she, like you, is gifted with prophetic knowledge and discernment and the ability to know My Way. You will complete her training to be like you. She is the one whom Mary mandated that you take as your apprentice in July 23, 2017. And as your apprentice shall she be known for all eternity. Amen.

And shall this girl conceive any offspring, or shall she be one of those of whom Jesus said, “Blessed are the wombs that never bore and the breasts that never sucked.”? (Luke 23:29). Lord Larimar, your wife shall never have sex, and as a virgin who never has sex, neither shall she conceive nor bear any offspring. For to only one who is Virgin has the gift been granted to bear the God Man, He Whose direct father can only be God.

Now, as for her appearance, she will appear as one who is modestly dressed and who keeps the commandments of the Lord. And now I shall tell you of her race and ethnicity, since that is the question on your mind. For though you are to have no descendants together, it is important to know from what racial stock the one We are uniting you to is in these marital bonds. For the marriage you enter into with her will indeed be sacramental in nature, but just one in which there shall be no consummation. She will be ethnically a Jew. And her skin color shall be olive.

And when does this girl come and enter into my life, O’ Lord and savior? You shall not receive her until first We show you the departure of the one currently in your care to heaven. When We show you that she has been taken, then realize that your duties and commitment to her will have been fulfilled and that your new assignment is about to come. Amen. Now, come, Lord Larimar. What name shall we use to refer to this new ewe lamb who shall be put into your care? Shall we tell you, O’ Mirek, O’ Emerald King? Yes, tell me, O’ Lord and Savior. Her name shall be Ariel Sarah. Amen.

And now your knowledge is complete. Go and meditate on these Words, and prepare for work today. For as an IT worker, your job is granted an exemption from the shutdown of the state. For you manage many servers that serve many websites, providing a valuable service to the people of this nation. And as for COVID-19, what is to come of this disease, O’ Lord? You shall neither contract it nor be a carrier of it. But of those who contract it, some shall come down sick, some shall die, and many shall gain a form of immunity from it. But like all diseases, this also shall pass. But the difference this time is that when the disease is over and passed, My Catholic Church will have vanished from the Gentile world, and will be found then only among My Jewish communities, for salvation now belongs to the Jews. Amen.

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