Eric’s Decree of the end of COVID-19 is being fulfilled

Eric is celibate and virgin, and yet he is to marry a mystery girl in perpetual virginity.

Eric’s decree that COVID-19 be dispelled is coming to pass. He issued the decree three weeks in advance of the peak in infections and deaths that took place late last week. And how does Eric have this power to decree, you ask? Tell me, O’ Lord, from whence comes this power that has been granted to Eric, O’ Lord?

I will now tell thee, O’ Larimar King. And Lord, a part of Eric’s decree was that the Catholic Churches reopen for business by Good Friday. The first part of Eric’s decree has been fulfilled. What about the second part? For I have heard You say that the Catholic Church has been permanently shutdown. What saith Thou, O’ Lord?

Will Eric’s decree be fulfilled in completion, O’ Lord? And if so, then the Catholic Churches must open back up by this Good Friday. Am I correct, O’ Lord? It is as you say, Lord Larimar. And hence, this day forth, you shall be called a Prophet of the Lord. Then, O’ Lord, the sacraments will be restored to the people? Yes, for I have chosen to have mercy on My people in this world. Hence, I will reopen all the Catholic Churches in time for the Easter celebrations, exactly as President Trump originally predicted. Amen.

But Lord, that perceived prophetic accuracy would guarantee election victory for Trump in the November elections of 2020. That is correct, Lord Larimar. President Trump will have a second four year term. I Who Am have decided this to serve My purposes in America.

And what about Ruth Bader Ginsberg, O’ Lord? She will bite the dust and President Trump will then have the opportunity to nominate and get confirmed a third Supreme Court Justice to serve on the Supreme Court. Amen.

Lord, I never sold any of my stocks. And I know that had I sold them at a timely manner, I could have made a killing by buying very low now. But what do you say now, O’ Lord? The stock market will begin to rapidly rise again, Lord Larimar. Pay attention to Boeing. For their stock will skyrocket once their CST-100 Starliner has been approved by NASA.

For a disclosure, Eric, the Larimar King, is long Boeing and he never sold his position during the stock market crash. Rather, Eric plans to add to his position in Boeing in the next 72 hours.

Now, will this turnaround make Trump a hero? Yes, and Trump will trumpet it forth for all to hear. He will not stop talking about how right he was and how wrong everyone else was. Amen.

And that will ruin the reputation of CNN Anchor, Don Lemon. Is not this the case, O’ Lord? Don Lemon will be forced to eat crow, Lord Larimar. For Don Lemon will have been so wrong. And what do we know about Don Lemon? Two key things of interest to some is that he is Black, and that he is actively gay. Hence, he is not a good, moral role model for young black men, unless you want your young black men screwing other young black men. Maybe if you want to control the population of Black people, you would advocate homosexuality for young Black men and abortion on demand for young Black women. And such are the exact principles that Black god, Barack Hussein Obama stands for. Yes Obama is the Black god that some Black people worship so much so that when when they see Obama step out of his limousine and they see him about to step in some poop on the ground, these Black worshipers will fling themselves to the feet of Obama to cover that poop with their bodies so that Obama can step on them and not get his polished shoes dirty.

And what about that most coveted job that so many unemployed Black men seek? Yes, that job is to be Obama’s shoe shine boy. Aren’t these very bad jokes, someone asks? And if Obama chose to open a position for Groom of the Stool, to serve him in his defecation works, how long a line do you suppose would be those Black applicants who would be lining up to interview for this position? I would say that it would rival the numbers recorded at the Million Man March. To just be able to touch that poo coming out of their god would be an unforgettable experience for them. Amen.

Now, Eric, let us set you straight. Black people are not inferior to White people. But currently, because Blacks have less than Whites, and because this is found throughout modern history, many Black men have developed an inferiority complex, which is why they are so hypersensitive to racial attacks and racial slurs. However, those Black men who dedicate themselves to Jesus, the True God, and who keep out of the mistake of comparing themselves to their White neighbors, these men do not have inferiority complexes, and they don’t immediately jump into hyper spasms when they see a White teacher playfully write the innocent words, “Monkey see, monkey do.” on a picture with some Black students in it at a zoo exhibit, on what was a fun field trip for all, demanding six million dollars from the high school for damages to their super ego. I mean, you think Trump is bad? Think about what would happen to this country if one of those nutty quack Black parents involved in that lawsuit were made President? Trump is bad, do not mistake it. But he is not that bad. Remember that there are a lot of worse people who could be right now sitting in the oval office. And Joe Biden is one of them.

And this leads to the next question, O’ Lord. What about Joe Biden? Isn’t Lucifer-Man behind him, O’ Lord? And will Lucifer-Man get his man into office now, O’ Lord? No, Lord Larimar. For I give America another four years. Lucifer-Man will have to wait for for more years before he can try again. Joe Biden’s hot air balloon, though it will win the Democratic nomination, it will lose steam come the election. For Joe Biden is just not Black enough to energize the Black vote. The brother wants some color, and he isn’t seeing that in Joe Biden sufficiently to get him to stop playing on his Xbox and get out and vote.

But what if Joe Biden puts on his ticket as Vice President Kamala Harris? Then he will be following the unbroken pattern that is exhibited in all United States Presidential elections that says a woman on a ticket inevitably dooms that ticket. As for Kamala Harris, she cannot see anything beyond the two dimensions of Black and White. Kamala Harris would do for Joe Biden what Sarah Palin did for John McCain. The American people would ultimately reject that ticket and choose to stay with Trump rather than put that Black trash in a major leadership position. The thought of Kamala Harris becoming President at Joe Biden’s untimely death would be an even greater disaster in Americans’ minds than a Hillary Clinton Presidency. Amen. So if Kamala Harris goes on Joe Biden’s ticket, expect there to be a lot of negative talk about race, and then watch Joe Biden lose the election because of her. Amen.

Lord, what now becomes of Your prophet Nathanael, the Lazurite King? For if the Churches reopen, then the Church Age is not over. And if the Church Age is not over, then how can salvation return to the Jews? And if salvation does not return to the Jews in my time, then how can I be one of the Two Witnesses? Perhaps I saw a prophecy mistakenly?

Eric, answer Me this one question. Ask, My Lord. What girl would you choose to marry if you were granted to marry one girl? Well, O’ Lord, I would not base it on the looks of the girl. Instead, I would base it on the inner spirit. Only a girl who I was assured of that she is to be saved would I accept as my wife. But Lord, if given the choice, I would choose not to marry. For I prefer the celibate route. And I intend to never lose my virginity, for the crown of virginity is one of the most glorious crowns to be worn by Your elect.

You are to marry the girl I have chosen for you, but you will not have sex, for your state of virginity is sealed in Me. But I require you to enter marriage to the girl I give you, for you and her are to serve Me together as a couple, married together in a sacramental Josephite marriage. I will send you this girl at around the time I restore the Catholic Churches to all the lands.

And as for the one called Hyacinth Cassandra, do nothing regarding her. We will take care of that issue in your life very soon. She is not an issue you need to be concerned about. That you help her is a matter of charity, not romance. And this arrangement I am about to end. Now, go to bed, Lord Larimar. And dream the dreams We give you. For you are to dream great things in your sleep tonight. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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